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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  December 25, 2020 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>>researchers in north carolina state university unveiling some new findings about face masks and just how effective they really are at stopping the virus's spread reporter drew 3 town has those details. >>how well particles are blocked what's to breathe ability and how does it fit that's the main focus of doctor brian orman's mask study so yeah gaps around the bases. >>it's just going to they're just going interrupt their instead of actually being forced through the material to the cells the team programmed an animatronic had policing different masks on it. >>nina king everyday movement. >>they had breathed and breathe out while moving its jaw. >>and not a new 10 so the high protective masks they change
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as we as you move your face as that's it starts to one program to move like a human. >>tests showed the highest protection remain with an n 95, followed by a cloth mask neck gaiter with a filter layer and a neck gaiter without one. this order can change depending on the materials layers in construction since difficult it really because there's just so many different things to look at that's why doctor orman and his team. >>are using this testing to put together a mask standard. >>it would be a guideline for manufactures taking into account breathe ability construction in fits so that we can. >>have something for people turn to as opposed just having this just especially you know what was then called wild west to face mask out there that won't be done until at least spring. >>until then warming says she's a comfortable mask with multiple layers and appropriate for your activity. most of all he recommend social distancing when possible face coverings or
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masks, they're all just one of the tolls and the kind public health tool box. >>that was just for it on a reporting for us tonight. >>the pfizer covid-19 vaccine arrived in italy this christmas day more than 9,000 doses of the pfizer biontech arrived in the country from belgium, the refrigerated truck was given a police escort to rome's infectious disease institute and italy will be vaccinating people on sunday. despite orders and please to stay home for the holidays during a surge in covid-19 infections. americans have travel record amid the pandemic the tsa reports that they screened more than 1 million people in airports nationwide on wednesday. and this is now the second highest number of travelers scream since the pandemic was declared in march. >>in the south bay, san jose officials are asking residents to report the use of illegal fireworks as people get ready to celebrate new year's eve and the lunar new year. according to city officials emergency calls from firework use during the 4th of july holiday outpaced san jose law
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enforcement's capacity to respond. last week, san jose city officials voted to increase fines for illegal fireworks from $500 to a $1000 for a first offense and up to $3,000 for second and 3rd time offenses. a holiday storm passing through the bay area the christmas day rain left some roads that were pretty slick out there for drivers. this is a look at the radar showing on what's been going on where the rain is right now kron 4 meteorologist marisa rodriguez joins us now to look at the forecast risa either yeah, we're tracking some showers off the coast starting to make its way closer to the bay area coastline already impacting. >>most of the north bay out there this evening let struck our radar right now as you head out the door for your friday night we are seeing right now scattered showers making its way through woodside in san mateo drive for downtown san francisco for now, but those showers right off the coast. >>and seeing all of a sudden drier conditions for those of you along the coast. but now
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nevado petaluma and even santa rosa, widespread light steady rain now starting to make its way east into napa pretty dry for east bay, the alleys and for the south bay, but we are expected to get an additional quarter of an inch of rain or less higher amounts for those of you in the north bay from now through your saturday morning, let's take a look at futurecast for because we're tracking another round of wet weather arriving sunday night through the overnight hours early monday morning with some scattered showers lingering through monday afternoon. no word yet on rain totals just yet but much needed rain once again heading our way long as it comes in nice and steady so no mud and debris flow sparked throughout most of our burn scar areas will be okay number going to dry out slight chance for your new year's eve though night so just stay tuned back to you kevin all right. thank you bree sun coming up in tonight's find tales report we return to check in on one of our favorite geysers patches right there. >>we are white patches and some of friends and buddies have to move looking forward
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to that and ahead in sports. the warriors went up against the milwaukee bucks this christmas day. plus san jose state's football team going for perfection next week kate already has that story and much more coming up. >>and a long holiday weekend is in store for a lot of folks we'll share some holiday movie recommendations when we come back.
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>>a team of news tonight. there's a bunch of new movies
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out this christmas weekend a lot to look forward to dean richards has a look at the best options. >>injured in my name is captain jefferson kyle kidd here tonight to read the news from across this great it's hard to imagine that in his vast film history, the tom hanks has never done a western until now his latest is called news of the world, it's based on the popular novel set just after the civil war, captain jefferson kyle kidd now travels from small town to small town and ford i'm will read newspapers for people who have no access or simply cannot read along the trail discovers and demand an orphan girl whose parents were murdered says mission becomes delivery or to surviving relatives 400 miles away. beautifully shot in new mexico in real life, the bigness and beauty of news of the world is counterbalanced by the white knuckling moments of this dangerous journey and also by the intimate performances. thanks. >>a young german actress
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selena single to strangers from different worlds unsure of what the unexpected detour will hold for them. it's also interesting to see how much things haven't changed. >>this what sort of the old west reads news to small-town folks along the way who don't like hearing some of the headlines and react the same way that some do now to today's news readers. it's fashioned western that could have been made in the 1940's and hanks is the perfect western leading man courageous honorable uphold the family responsibility and compassion i give it a dean's list a. >>it's now playing only in theaters where they're open and expected to be on demand in early january. and in what might be the most covid the of the year for a sequel wonder woman 1984 it's also hbo max, has featured since we last saw her in 2017. she is world mourned, but still fighting crime pops up. now in the mid 1980's, a sleazy tv pitch man
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stumbles upon ancient artifact that gives him magic powers to grant the wish of anyone who touches it. allows you to take whatever you want from them. the teams up with a mousy museum assistant played beautifully by kristen way kuz wish is to become a predator again on wonder woman is the nypl wonder woman is the classic good guy bad guy battle with fun interlaced and spectacular action sequences that also works. that. this time. carey mulligan's already winning awards for her performance in the powerful and oddly entertaining promising young woman. >>the old slow leak reveals itself keeping wondering for much of what's going on she goes to night spots that tend to be drunk and out of control
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waiting for predator to take advantage of or until she turns the tables on feeling that she is perfectly in control. and it's a thriller suspense at the ring but also due to his wife common even greater usual and distracted any good doing with serious subject of assault it's a dean's list your loss and is in theaters only on christmas day and video on demand expected january. >>and finally for the whole family, there's the disney-pixar offering soul about 4 middle school band exit minded lee falls into an open manhole and is delivered to what seems to be the waiting area for heaven all on the very day he's about to achieve his life school becoming a professional jazz musician. this great beyond little creatures that look like they're right out of 10 the show behind their jobs or to help find personalities purpose and spirit all done
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with tons of fun and unusual picks or style a story with great lessons for kids and grown-ups it's a really nice christmas gift. a one is a various streaming on disney plus. >>wife and still ahead more people are getting dna test kits as gifts th
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>>dna tests have become a actually a popular gift during the holiday season, but
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sometimes they can reveal information that people didn't necessarily expect sophia rated baa explains. >>dna tests are a great way for people to learn about their ancestry but before you do it a word of caution they think it's going to be fun. they're going to find some information and they don't a lot of people don't think about how that information might affect them and their family members genetic counselor dina goldberg says it's important to know you can learn things you were ready for she seen this happen firsthand closest person to me. >>that had this experience and i think that she is still kind of grappling with this information because it really was such a shock goldberg says there are 4 major risk to taking a dna test one of thinking surprises that might come up and your family so finding out that your father wasn't your father finding out you have a sibling you didn't know about i know you are adopted or your conceived within and a donor egg or sturm others being discovering
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a health risk you were aware of not knowing where your personal data is going and what goldberg said is the most risky the chance of getting a false negative there's actually a lot of people that have mutations that will not get picked up on these health tests because they're mutation or not the points that are being tested in these contests knowing these are a possibility when you take the test is one thing but goldberg says a lot of people don't know what to do after one of these risks become a reality in genetic counselors are there to help and that the health side mostly. there there are people who can also help on that ancestry side there's a lot of resources for people who find things they weren't expecting in their families as well and there's a lot of online support groups. she says it's important to have a plan in someone to talk to you before you testify haha. >>that was the fear rate about reporting for us tonight. >>for sports. >>well a lot of warriors fans must have been on santa's
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naughty list this year start is not really what they asked for golden state had a yuletide showdown with the bucks today and the result kind of like getting lumps of coal in your stocking steph curry and company were hoping to bounce back after that blowout loss to the nets on tuesday, but it was not to be we could get up in the 2nd quarter bucks leading by 10 james wiseman from beyond the arc drops in the tray 18 points for the rookie, not too bad dubs cutting the deficit to 7 then in the 3rd bucks starting to pull away khris middleton from the corner his 3 is good. he led milwaukee with 31 points bucks roll one 38 to 99 out shunned absolute clunker for the dubs they're now headed to chicago to take on the bulls on sunday and hoping for a better result. a little feel-good story for christmas after that one it doesn't get much better. then san jose state football these days, the spartans plan the arizona bowl next week for a chance to complete a perfect season kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills explains how they did it in the words of head
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coach brent brennan take a look. >>fall in training camp in 2019 i was was walking into our team meeting and i was outside having discussion with one of our assistant coaches and and are phonies and guys just started singing lean on me. and then the room exploded into this song. and then every night when we had our nighttime team meeting. it was started by singing lean on me. and just be you know we're coming off a one in 11 year. and we pushed his coach's really because know we have to count on each other they really have to focus on like the process of development hard work the grind of the day today. the stocking those small successes on top of each other trying to build something collectively the going to the struggle those early years and then getting too. first moment that gave them the confidence each other. really i think that was
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maybe the most special moment, i've had in my side of my life really on chance to have an undefeated season. the 1939 was last time and it's just crazy to put that context so for these young men to be like ok we we took care of it and there's a lot of relief moments throughout the got us to this point. but now that it's finished. >>how can you not love this team and finally we have some sad news on this christmas day hall of famer and former, usf hooper casey jones passed away early this morning alongside bill russell jones led the dons to 2 and see a titles. he also won a gold medal with team usa in 1956 and after that don't spent 9 seasons playing for the boston celtics winning 8 championships and then another 4 rings coaching his former team. jones was 88
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years old so we're wishing all the best to his family and friends and that'll do it for sports you know mixed bag of stuff on this christmas day was a state that's something else that so they're playing ball state university next weekend that's new year's eve new year's eve. matchups that going to be a fun one, looking forward to it thank you so much, thanks katie. >>coming up but north bay animal sanctuary asked to pack up and move. >>tonight find tale shows us what's supposed to happen next. >>he and graham. you see was fast approaching and even the pandemic isn't going to stop us from having have fun check out the fireworks and looking ahead to what we have better 2021 that's right. he was spending a lot of time right here on our couch foam and we hope you stay safe at home and join us on new year's eve, starting at 1130.
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>>welcome back a north bay animal sanctuary will have to start off 2021 and a whole new direction. that's because the owner has been given 30 days to move in that it move involves a little goat that you might remember. >>which is the pygmy goat has settled into his new life and wonder farm sanctuary in penn grove in sonoma county is a little chunkier than the last time we parish has gained a little weight catches likes to
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sneak into the alpaca as a source. if i did volunteer reserve watching him, area last time owners had to move in given month. >>now patches will be on the move again. linda be now was given notice last month she had be out of this 5 acre rental property. >>and take patches and dozens of other animals with her. >>the of course is all the chickens a lot to move in a short period of time a whole lot to move in especially during covid. >>the now just moved to the property barely a year ago and found a network of sonoma county volunteers to help with the castaway farm animals and dogs who live here. >>this firm was a gift you know that just fell in our lap year ago and it's changed my and i'm confident that things will work out. >>she says a nearby doctors offered some of his land to
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help i'm really fortunate. because it is in wonderful human being and he loves animals and i know i know they'd be safe. the now is to have to find another place for her and her 3 dogs, but if she's lucky find a house where i can have the dogs and we're going to permit either way she says the work of caring for these wants to collect and animals will continue a lot of people have helped us. >>anomaly grateful. >>well it is going to be lot of trying to move all those animals is on plus there's a huge network of volunteers and supporters to up early take care of those animals even though she may not be able to be on the property like she is now, yeah, i sure hope that this report also help spread the word so thank you so much for bringing light to that and by the way tonight at 9 o'clock we're having a whole hour find tale special right here on kron stories including patches ago, so they weren't looking forward to that too. >>in the meantime we have to
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talked about this rain that we're finally seeing here an end to the dry spell we have kron on meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joining us now with all those details theresa hey there can an l a even with like being out in full force still seeing some scattered showers out there the bay area for your christmas evening. let's take a look at the radar because we're starting to notice those showers off the coast starting to make its way throughout the san francisco peninsula even into hayward mountain view you're going to start to see those showers still dry for those of you in san jose and throughout the northwest portion of the north bay you're starting to dry out but novato and sandra fell starting to see some light steady rain moving through your area as richmond and napa you're going to notice a little bit of a drying trend but more rain heading your way during the overnight hours and overnight lows tonight, thanks to the blanket of storm cloud cover just cooling down into the upper 40's with tomorrow's daytime highs 5 to 10 degrees warmer than today, thanks to that extra sunshine very dry seasonal weather in the upper
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50's to low 60's and we're going to notice a pretty dry outlook for most of our weekend until another round of rain arrives sunday night impacting most of our monday morning and afternoon so plan ahead for that more rain heading our ways but still have to get through this first round through tonight. >>fantastic thank you so much members about us we needed. yeah well that wraps up kron 4 news at 6 we'll see it tonight at 8 o'clock and don't forget the final special at 9 o'clock, yeah and then we're back at 10 o'clock they haven't had enough of us thanks for spending your christmas day with tonight.
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christmas eve... everybody spends the night at the house. i love christmas, i always did. it's loud, it's family being together. a lot of food, music, people, hugs. that's a perfect christmas. ♪
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