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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 25, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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i'm in and show that they keep me a job. >>try to find a way to make ends meet during the holiday season, a san francisco restaurant serving up support for employees. >>plus an alarming explosion in nashville, tennessee sending 3 people to the hospital. why police believe that that blast was intentional. good evening and thank you so much for joining us on this christmas day on the kron 4 news at 8. i'm ella sogomonian pam moore has the night off and i'm ken wayne christmas celebrations cross bay area were met with pleas to avoid holiday gatherings as hospital capacity. >>sends out, but we begin with the holiday storm that's passing through the bay area. yes, our top story tonight, rounds of rain passing through the christmas stay wet weather leaving roads slick for drivers. >>here's a live look san francisco airport right now you it is very wet out there and you can't even see the lights on mount saint bruno behind the control tower there at the airport we have kron 4 team coverage on this soggy holiday weather. we start with
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meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez mabrisa yeah, very slick and dangerous driving for your christmas evening, let's take 2. >>and zoom on in through the radar because we are tracking right now the bulk of the rain making its way into the east bay valleys currently seeing some light to moderate steady rain over lafayette and conquer drying out for the east bay shoreline though scattered showers throughout the san francisco peninsula but we are going to start to see some wet weather starting to make its way into apollo alto in redwood city right now. but for the most part still relatively dry for those of you in the south bay and starting to track that drying trend for those of you in the north bay right now nevada starting to dry out from all the wet weather has is napa but we're going to continue to see those scattered showers making its way east into richmond and the lay hope within just a few minutes, but the bulk of the rain over right now in santa rosa we did see about 3 quarters of an
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inch of rain so far in the last 12 hours. everyone else though about a 10th of an inch of rain or less if we're lucky so it's amazing how this storm just dried out has it shifted south and east and we're going to continue to see that drying trend as the storms start to taper off with those scattered showers drying out by midmorning and then for the bulk of your monday morning commute for your saturday, even as we head into saturday afternoon and saturday evening going to continue that drying trend all the way through the 2nd half of the weekend. but we will have a second round of wet weather arriving by sunday night shortly before midnight going to notice some light bands of rain trying to make its way into the bay area becoming more widespread for your monday morning commute and even for most of your monday afternoon so make sure to plan ahead they're taking a live look outside of downtown san francisco. we're noticing that high and low cloud cover making for poor visibility in addition to that very slick road conditions so make sure
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to head out the door drive safely and cautiously if you do head out for your christmas evening temperatures out there right now on the mild side thanks to that blanket of storm cloud cover widespread mid to upper 50's 53 degrees for downtown san francisco. palo alto at 55 degrees with oakland currently at 57 degrees not the and the also in the mid-fifties in santa rosa. also tracking mild temperatures in the mid 50's but we're going to started drying trend. beginning saturday morning lasting all weekend long with another storm making its way into the bay area sunday night through most of your monday details ahead on that storm coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes allen ken back to you. >>so member isa and our team coverage continues from san francisco. that's where we find kron four's gayle ong she has been tracking the conditions all day so gayle how are things looking out there. >>well the rain was coming down in the last hour but it has since tapered off over all
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we saw a steady rain today. >>it was a wet christmas in the bay area. from oakland to san francisco, a cold front moved through the region producing light to moderate rain. there no resident alec bash was taking a stroll along san francisco's embarcadero and he loves having the streets to himself or for far as we all need to pay for it pandemic so. >>walking outdoors especially when there are not a lot of other people out of perfect time to do >>in the north bay mount help highest so far has received over an inch of rain. the rain came down in mill valley creating puddles and wet roads. >>there are no message to report on shoreline highway an area prone to flooding. well many businesses were closed for the holiday people lined up out the door of shanghai kitchen in mill valley decked down in rain gear. back in san francisco a break in the rain in the evening. the national weather service says another system will move into the region on sunday bringing more rain and breezy southerly winds that will mainly affect
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the santa cruz mountains or think we need on rain we can get feeling the free on parking about 300 people itself or her mind the day. >>and while the roads are wet and actually has a thick dry, but no they're not dry while the roads are wet and empty over the holiday weekend. the chp is asking drivers to continue to slow down. live in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. >>there's so much gayle switching gears more than 18,000 people are now hospitalized. throughout the state of california and many of the states intensive care units are now full. the bay area region's icu capacity is just below 10% northern california has more than 3 times that amount available just above 16% of beds are still available in the greater sacramento region and hospitals in the san joaquin valley and southern california regents are out of available icu beds. in addition to dangerously low hospital capacity. there is now a harsh
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reality that many restaurants in san francisco. that have closed during the pandemic will remain shuttered heading into 2021 and beyond, but today some restaurants still in operation open for takeout and pickup kron and kron four's phillipe djegal stopped by one business hoping to cash in on that holiday spirit. >>a change of pace and ever changing times for black would american type fusion in san francisco, not only christmas heavy years, but this year the triton off and marina district restaurant serving pickup and delivery a holiday meal and gift packs any way to make ends meet when most other restaurants are closed and so appreciate custom made a comment supporters there parklet like all others off limits to seated customers but for loyal patrons, it's about supporting a reality product from and the people make it to the side that plays. >>and they mark the flooding there already good.
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>>at the end of november, the san francisco chamber of commerce estimates more than 80% of the city's restaurants, downtown have closed indefinitely during the public health crisis my homes ripped percent says the future of black lives may depend on when in person dining risen stands mccall the 19 started that is very very tall and then out the daca have all signed i we have lot of feeding out sigh and then yeah i think that is better. >>and then like many months that senate going better and then yeah, right now that does also outside and and yeah, but we still have a lot on the to go and more importantly she and her colleagues are still employed and still like grateful my own now from i mean enjoy that they keep me a job. i appreciate that and old fleet should all kron 4 news. >>a big story that we're following tonight what happens with the 900 billion dollar covid relief package.
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yesterday house republicans met and rejected the president's demand for $2000 direct payments. president trump sending out a tweet today writing that he had a working holiday at trump international in palm beach florida. and he questioned why politicians would not want to give americans $2000 direct payments. the house will ricky reconvene on monday ahead of a potential federal shutdown. >>president elect joe biden and his wife jill delivered a christmas message to americans. >>merry christmas happy holidays, i wish you and your family joy health and happiness this season. we know for so many of you i nation this has been a very difficult and we reminded in this season of home our common humanity. and what we're called to do for one another and many our fellow americans are struggling to find work, i'm only put food the table pay their rent or mortgage. reminder. we're on this earth to care for one another to
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give what we to be a source of help and hope to friend and stranger alike. >>they went on to thank front-line and essential workers who put themselves at risk for all of us. >>room. >>in the east bay, the oakland zoo celebrating christmas with the animals. you heard zoo keeper virginia serenading board hogs with the jingle bells and the man of the hour himself santa claus brought presents for all the animals big and small or hogs love jingle bells coming up on kron 4 news at a bay area first responders spreading cheer to children. >>unable to be with their families this holiday season so cute plus a mysterious monolith discovered in san francisco. >>and this one is very different from others found across the globe. and an early morning blast that authorities say was intentional what happened right before a bomb went off in nashville. >>and take a look at some holiday pictures sent into us from kron 4 viewers.
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>>our 2 kids and it's that time of year again did you see this fast approaching and even the pandemic isn't going stop us from having fun checking out the fireworks and looking ahead to it we have better 2021. that's right. he was spending a lot of time right here on our couch at home and we hope you stay safe at home and join us on new year's eve, starting at 1130.
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>>an explosion rocking downtown nashville this morning at least 3 people were hurt in the blast that also damaged dozens of buildings. authorities say that it came from a parked rv and that it was an intentional act. tonight we're learning that human remains were found near the site janae lewis reports. >>there's still a wide perimeter here set up with several law enforcement agencies that are investigating i spoke with several people who are shaken up at the very thought of what could have been that includes the police officers who were the first to respond to
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morning in fact one officer was knocked off of his feet why are signs that thankfully he's going to be okay, but certainly a very scary morning here in downtown nashville is not the way any of us want to spend our christmas morning. i given 2020, we weren't sure how we wake up on christmas day. but yeah, this is not. >>not the way we thought we'd wake up in a year that's been unpredictable in so many ways this is the last thing people in downtown nashville expected christmas morning. >>sunny forming was one of the dozens of people who sleeping when suddenly felt and heard it at the house national police say an rv exploded downtown around 6.30 this morning initially officers responded to a shots fired call. but say they arrived to find this rv playing a message that a bomb detonating 15 minutes. police quickly jumped into action began knocking on doors making announcements have >>emergency communication communicate with everyone to get people. >>safe we think lives were saved. >>but those officers doing
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just that since then fbi canine dogs checked the area for bombs as a precaution. well, they don't believe there's any current threat those who felt and saw the explosion are still an easy for pretty >>and first we thought maybe it was just some. not case but the scope and the recording that we heard you on the news from the rv it's just seems. a little more sophisticated and that i think is the most concerning part that remain thankful that in a year where this city has been pushed to its limits. >>nashville remains strong tornado covid response of that our police and our first all the folks working on this have always been top notch law enforcement says there are several cameras here in the downtown area. they're currently reviewing that video. >>they've also set up a tip line for anyone with any information that can assist in this investigation. reporting in downtown nashville on june 8 louis back to you.
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>>tonight one driver is lucky to be alive after her car flew over a cliff at fort funston beach. the san francisco fire department responding to the scene this morning officials say the victim is miraculously in stable, but serious condition and we have yet to learn her identity. california highway patrol. >>doing its maximum enforcement period, it's in effect right now it can last through sunday. officers will be out in force over the next few days looking for reckless drivers or possible drivers under the influence kron four's will tran has the details. >>2020 has not been a good year for so many people in you don't want to make it worse by getting a ticket for speeding or even worse than that crashing into somebody and killing them because you're driving under the influence. look at the golden gate bridge right behind me plenty of space between the cars and it's all that has the chp concern which is why they have maximum enforcement that actually started on thursday
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at 6 o'clock at night and we'll go all the way through the christmas holiday weekend because they know people will be coming in going guess we are told to shelter in place, but let's face it there will be cars on the roadway and because of all that open space they are fearful that people will drive above and beyond the speed limit they've already seen it. this year when they ticketed so many people going a 100 miles per hour 90 miles per hour and then you add on top of that dui and that's why they are fearful that that crashes this year could be catastrophic because the speeds are so much faster than previous years mean, let's face it there will be people who will ignore the warnings and we'll be drinking and driving which is why the chp they have all hands on deck just to make sure that they have the eyes the cause on the roadway to slow people down and catch people before they do anything catastrophic. 2020 has been bad just don't make it worse be careful and
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of course you should be staying at home anyway. back to you. >>a reminder in arctic blast, causing temperatures to drop in louisville kentucky today. snow bands moving through the state in the early hours, leaving neighborhoods covered in fresh powder. it's so gorgeous it almost doesn't look real. >>closer to home on the west coast parts of the sierra currently under a winter weather advisory. this is a live look at donner summit which is right about 7200 feet on interstate 80 and you can see the freeways covered with snow. one vehicle on the other side of the road when we're looking at is quiet which is good news mabrisa because those are treacherous driving conditions out there. yeah, we can't even really make out the roads cannon ella just because of all that fresh powder baking the sierra looks like a winter wonderland. >>just in time for your christmas night. so let's take a look at your sierra forecast out there right now we're noticing some much needed
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fresh powder that is really going to help out the sierra snowpack. >>and we're tracking right now snow showers blanketing most of the highest peaks even down into the valleys of south lake tahoe and honor getting some much needed snow but just to the west of it tracking some much needed rain as well to grass valley and plaster ville out there right now so mixture of snow and rain showers right now impacting the sierra. we do have to winter warnings and advisories to warn you about there is a winter weather warning in effect right now for the highest peaks of the sierra in effect right now through saturday in addition to that a winter weather advisory also going to remain in effect through the 1st half of saturday and that's because we could see 3 to 8 inches of fresh powder down at the valleys specifically near and around lake tahoe up to foot of snow up allegations above 7,000 feet and up to 16 inches of snow specifically for the highest peaks and ridges over this year so your forecast for
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tomorrow very chilly, thanks to that cool storm that is starting to make its way into this bringing morning, snow showers through that area but drier conditions by saturday it is going to leave behind though a very cool air mass not just for saturday afternoon but even for your sunday with that sunshine temperatures not going to budge out of the mid to upper 30's all weekend long back dropping to 35 degrees by monday because we're tracking another round of snow showers making its way into this year lasting most of monday as well so make sure to plan ahead there but we're definitely going to also notice some rain of our own making its way into the bay area sunday night through monday or main area of concern will be near santa cruz or the czu am dolan fires burn where the burn scars there could we actually see some possible mud and debris flows with this upcoming storm heading our way grant and al and can we really are rain making its way into that area
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bringing a slight steady showers for us here in the bay rea but we do have to watch out for the burn scars in monterey county can i'm sorry christmas spirit. yesterday and i'm just coming early and on the day because they can ensure full everyone's everywhere else yet. but it's so great to work with a lot of fun look thank you so much for greece and again hopefully the burn scars are untouched by fingers crossed, it's definitely going to have a big bull's eye over that area near the czu fire complex area. so. >>we're definitely going to watch that from the kron 4 weather center okay great thank you so much. now to this fun story take a look at this a mysterious monolith appeared just in time for christmas day in san francisco. and it's made of gingerbread one local says if you saw another over there was confirmed and it was indeed the christmas cookie that held together with frosting its towering over the city from corona heights park, what will people think of next
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the cookie tower is mysterious. and it's really compared to those of metal monoliths that popped up around the world earlier this year, the first over in utah and then across the sea in romania and even one down in southern california. but unlike those can this one is actually lined with gum drops on the side but for covid reasons sand just hygiene altogether people should just resist taking a bite hats off to san franciscans for being created that i'm boring metal. they're making something different. yeah, still ahead at 8 o'clock tonight find tales returns to check in on one of our favorite animals and we learn why patches the goat. >>and others have to move. >>plus proud to serve a diverse community members of the oakland police department wishing a merry christmas in several different languages and take a look at some of our holiday pictures sent to us from viewers for kron 4 everyone getting into the spirit on this christmas night.
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>>is the happy holidays from the oakland police department and have a happy new year. >>the oakland police department releasing this
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holiday message on social media members of the force wishing the community merry christmas in different languages attached to the video message that reads quote we have come police department are proud to serve and be a part of a community. that's rich in culture and diversity. we may say it in different languages, however, the message is the same happy holidays from opd. >>and in san francisco first responders giving kids in the hospital and memorable holiday. those unable to be home with their families got this drive-by visit from santa on christmas eve as well as toys that were delivered following covid safety precautions of course, santa claus waved back from the back of a san francisco police department flatbed truck to the children their families and hospital staff members at ucsf benioff children's hospital and family house last night officers from the sfpd ucsf police and the chp also brought holiday greetings in the motorcade. >>next today meeting in need
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this holiday season, how the salvation army in san francisco changed its normal routine to deliver thousands of meals to families on christmas plus christmas day bringing rounds of
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>>back now to our top story tonight a holiday helping of showers in the bay area, the wet weather making roadways pretty slick out there for drivers. >>and here's what it looks like right now on the bay bridge a couple of cars
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driving through, but you can really see that ground is wet. so hopefully people are driving the speed limit and slowing down when they need to let's check in with the kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez who will let us know how much longer we're going to see the showers either cottonelle again we're not having a white christmas for us here in the bay area, but it is a wet one at that especially in the east bay where we are tracking right now pretty slick and dangerous road conditions, the bulk of the wet weather. >>now making its way into the valleys of the east bay into san ramon hayward and even livermore starting to notice some steady downpours there as our pleasanton and son also please drive safely for your friday night commute starting to notice, drier weather for most of the san francisco peninsula and even those of you in the south bay as well with a drying trend now continuing for the north bay as the storm and the showers begin to taper off. but we do have another storm right behind this one set to arrive shortly before midnight on sunday night into your early
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monday morning. we are going to see some widespread light to moderate downpour steady rain forest in the bay area fortunately, no mud and debris flow concerns for all of the fires that we saw during this fire season, but there is a concern for those of you in monterey county specifically near the santa cruz area near the dolan fire and czu lightning complex fire. so we're going to watch over that because there is that threat of possible mud and debris flows if we do notice some moderate downpours there that are expected to be heavier right along that area, but overnight temperatures tonight. >>they said that blanket of cloud cover for us here in the bay area cooling down into the 40's and 5 to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow compared to today, widespread upper 50's and low 60's drying trend all weekend long until that second round of that long holiday weekend storm arrive sunday night impacting most of your monday morning and monday afternoon. so plan ahead for those commutes but overall drier weather with a slight chance of rain returning for our new year's eve can't
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believe it l and can that in 2021 right around the corner back to you. >>definitely looking forward to it thank you so much mabrisa our team coverage continues from san francisco. now that's where we find kron four's gayle long she's been tracking. the wet weather and the conditions out there how are things looking right now gayle. >>here in san francisco, we're seeing lingering light rain overall we saw steady rain all day and we want to show you video we went to moraine county where matt televised actually received over an inch of rain. now this is in mill valley right out of shoreline highway this area. prone to flooding, but we didn't see and he messes on the roads we just saw some large puddles and wet roads overall and we didn't really see a lot of people out so people our heating, those of those stay at home orders. people are sheltering in place it looked like i saw there few people out walking along the golden gate bridge and here at san francisco along the embarcadero i spoke to one man who's just wanted to get exercise and well so have the
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roots to himself. overall the main concern now will be the wet roads. chp continuing has drivers to slow down. we're live in san francisco, gayle ong kron 4 news scale. thank you for that earlier today the salvation army in san francisco distributed more than 5,000 meals to people in need. >>kron four's reyna harvey was there and has the story. >>that's right at the salvation army community center here in san francisco and this is a tradition that they keep up every year but as you can see right behind me things that change people are social distancing people are wearing mask a lot of other changes that happened this year as well. you have more families that are being fit this year because the need is just that great in addition to that they also changed the way they prepared meals this year. they actually hired a catering company as opposed to all the volunteers putting all the food together in a closed space. but they are very excited about all the families
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and the seniors that they're going to be delivering the boxes of food talk to volunteers. florida's happy they can help out take a listen. >>well, we are all in this together and nobody that while we were this year we're all isolated. and this is a little way of giving back giving a little warmth to them. and this is our way of showing our part. >>yes, and as volunteers continue to pick up those boxes here behind me. the salvation army still could use your help. donations are always welcome if you want any information on how you can donate you can visit our website at kron 4 for now reporting here in san francisco reyna harvey. kron 4 news the second of 2 new housing complexes for people who are homeless are set to open next week in sonoma county. >>the former u.s. basketball in is set to open in sebastopol next week expanding the county supply of long-term
8:35 pm
shelter options. the 31 room housing complex is the second of 2 hotels acquired through the states project home key initiative. the official virtual opening ceremonies next wednesday, the former hotel has opened as supportive housing in santa rosa last week. together the 2 facilities will be able to house about a 100 unsheltered people. >>still ahead at 8 she's by his side the past 30 years now one woman becoming the hero that her husband needed to survive a chronic kidney disease, plus words of warning for parents this holiday season, a potentially dangerous item. >>could be hiding in your child's toys. >>and take a look at this christmas day picture from kron 4 of you are beautiful gingerbread house right there as well as the golden gate bridge. so thank you so much for sending these and we're really enjoying them and we hope that you are enjoying this christmas night.
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>>and it's that time of year again did you see this fast approaching even the pandemic isn't going to stop us from having fun checking out the fireworks and looking ahead to we have better 2021. that's right. he was spending a lot of time right here on our couch at home and we hope you stay safe at home and join us on new year's eve, starting at 1130.
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>>a warning this christmas is children play with their new presidents and open up cards doctors are telling parents to look out for what's known as button batteries while there, the small round batteries that come in different sizes. so reporter gina marina explains how they can pose a threat to young children. >>a doctor at hasbro children's hospital tells me. >>these button batteries can come in several different sizes and says parents need to be vigilant, especially around the holidays. >>can find button batteries in everyday items like musical greeting cards remote controls and around the holidays in lights, some decorations and new toys, although they seem pretty they can actually be
8:40 pm
quite destructive in addition to being a pediatric physician of emergency medicine at hasbro children's hospital. doctor marks on furlough says he studies unintentional injury in children more than 2800 children are treated in emergency departments every year after ingesting a button battery the doctors on furlough says the danger mostly lies when the battery becomes lodged in the esophagus when it is still like that it can cause that chemical reaction caused the erosion. he says within a matter of a few hours. it can result in severe injury. lead to long-term disability or even death. if you suspect that the child has ingested a battery you want to go to the hospital immediately doctors on furlough says prevention is key and suggest parents be aware products in the home that may contain these kinds of batteries keep out of the reach of kids and become a scent of where you put the batteries replacing on items that may be easy for children
8:41 pm
to access these batteries. he suggests to put duct tape on the back as added protection. >>those gina marie reporting for us and again if your child has swallowed a button battery just get them to the hospital as soon as possible. >>coming up next today, north bay animal sanctuary has to pack up and move tonight's fight until shows us what's going to happen next. >>plus next in sports. the warriors went up against the milwaukee bucks this christmas day. san jose state's football day. san jose state's football team going for perfection a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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>>the north bay animal sanctuary will have to start off the new year with the whole new location. that's because the owner has been given 30 days to move that move involves a little goat you might remember. >>which is the pygmy goat has settled into his new life and wonder farm sanctuary in penn grove in sonoma county fair is a the last time we parish has gained a little weight catches likes to sneak into the alpaca as a source. if i did volunteer reserve watching him >>owners had to move in given month. now patches will be on the move again. linda be now was given notice last month she had be out of this 5 acre rental property and take patches and dozens of other
8:45 pm
animals with her. >>the horses all the chickens a lot to move in a short period of time a whole lot to move in especially during covid. >>the now just moved to the property barely a year ago and found a network of sonoma county volunteers to help with the castaway farm animals and dogs who live here. >>this firm was a gift and you know that just fell in our lap a year ago and it's changed my life and i'm confident that. that things will work out. >>she says a nearby doctors offered some of his land to help i'm really fortunate. because it is in wonderful human being and he loves animals and i know i know they'd be safe. the now we'll still have to find another place for her and her 3 dogs, but if she's lucky and find a house where i can have the dogs and we're going to permit either way she says the work of caring for these wants to
8:46 pm
collect and animals will continue a lot of people have helped us. >>anomaly grateful. >>so coming up in about 15 minutes, we have a full hour of flying tails stories from the past year, including the story of how patches ago got from los angeles up to sonoma counties quite the passenger. yes traveled more than most people probably but what can we look forward to a 9 we're also going to dive into the fires and how that affected a lot of people trying to get their animals out of the fire zones, i was a big big concern for a lot of actually the larger animals only rules are changing about that so we're going to get into that to at 9 o'clock fantastic okay. >>that's a story in the south bay, san jose residents are encouraged to report the use of illegal fireworks as people get ready to celebrate new year's eve and the lunar new year according to city officials. emergency calls for firework use during the 4th of
8:47 pm
july holiday. outpace san jose law enforcement capacity to respond. last week san jose city officials voted to increase fines for illegal firework use from $500 to $1000 for a first offense and up to 3,000 for a second and 3rd time offense. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>for years fans wanted for christmas win today against the milwaukee bucks but unfortunately santa must forgotten about golden state because today's game was more like something out of the grinch yeah steph curry and company we're looking to bounce back after that blowout loss to the nets on tuesday, but it was not to be on this christmas we pick it up in the 2nd quarter bucks leading by 10 james wiseman from beyond the arc drop in that tray 18 points for the rookie in the game does cutting the deficit to 7 there but then in the 3rd they were starting to pull away khris middleton from the corner his 3 good and he led
8:48 pm
milwaukee with 31 points as the bucks roll one 38 to 99 ouch just a clunker for the dubs they're now headed to chicago to take on the bulls on sunday, hoping that one goes a little better well have feel-good story for christmas it doesn't get much better than san jose state football these days, the spartans play in the arizona bowl next week for a chance to complete a perfect season. kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills explains how they did it in the words of head coach brent brennan take a look. >>fall in training camp in 2019 i was was walking into our team meeting and i was outside having discussion with our assistant coaches and and are phonies and guys just started singing lean on me. and then the room loaded into this song. and then every night when we had our nighttime team meeting. it was started by singing lean on me. and just be you know we're coming off a one in 11 year.
8:49 pm
and we pushed his coach's really thought like we have to count on each other they really had to focus on like the process of development hard work the grind of the day today. the stocking those small successes on top of each other trying to build something collectively the going to the struggle those early years and then getting too. first moment that gave them the confidence each other. really i think that the most special moment, i've had in my side of my life really on chance to have an undefeated season. the 1939 was last time and it's just crazy to put that for these young men to be like ok we we took care of it and there's a lot of relief moments throughout the got us to this point. but now that it's finished.
8:50 pm
>>pretty exciting for that team, but finally some sad news on this christmas day hall of famer and former, usf hubert casey jones passed away early this morning alongside bill russell jones led the dons to to nc double a titles. he also won a gold medal with team usa in 1956 and then after that john spent 9 seasons playing for the boston celtics winning 8 championships and another 4 rings coaching his former team. jones was 88 years old. one amazing thing to note about him, he's tied for 3rd most nba titles for a player. in the league's history, so certainly one of the best of all time and he will be missed us. >>yeah, a lot of different stories there but i do want to mention for those of you at home who might have missed yesterday. we missed you yesterday, but your report really brought a smile to our faces because it was pretty incredible stuff i blind boy who actually bowls how did you find this kid. >>yeah just heard about him through the grapevine his
8:51 pm
death as well so he did a lot of challenges there for him you can check it out online kron 4 dot com fantastic. thank you katie. >>well coming up called a christmas miracle one north carolina couple learning that they truly are soul mate. our 2 kids and it's that time of year again did you see this fast approaching and even the pandemic isn't going to stop us from having fun checking out the fireworks and looking ahead to hopefully have better 2021. that's right. he was spending a lot of time right here on our couch foam and we hope you'll stay safe at home and join us on new year's eve, starting at 1130.
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no, no no. let's show 'em how it's done, becky g. ♪ it's the brand new chicken dance song uh ♪ ♪ get down heat it up like a sauna ♪
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♪ spin around one time if you wanna ♪ ♪ wings up stretch em out put it on 'em ♪ ♪ get up now ♪ get down uh ♪ cluck cluck when you hear the sound uh ♪ new chicken dance new chicken sandwich my juicy, thickest fillet yet. my cluck sandwich combos. only at jack in the box. >>i call it a christmas miracle the chances are one in a 100,000 of a husband and wife being the perfect. >>kidney match that's incredible but the times we're in one charlotte couples favor this holiday season. lindsay kline the noise of music notes ring xenos family piano inside their home on christmas it's got like a christmas most it really kind of feels that way you see carries a know didn't think her husband mike would be sitting here by her side
8:55 pm
this christmas i said this will be the first christmas in 29 years. >>i haven't been with your dad you see just 8 days ago, mike sando underwent surgery for chronic kidney disease really was a miracle that everything came together. >>in light of the covid situation but the real miracle was in the miraculous discovery that was made when these 2 love birds found out that kerry was mike's perfect kidney match ended being a match for his kidney which just. blue everybody absolutely away so without any hesitation kerry fulfilled a lifelong goal of becoming an organ donor and to make the moment even more magical it was all for her own husband, it's one in 100,000 for non related people to be much cream that's true love right there. >>unconditional i mean there was never a hesitation i in i'd like to think that i would
8:56 pm
do the same thing for as well a story of unconditional love and perfect proof this holiday season that miracles can in fact happen there's a reason that we were put together 30 years ago and there's a reason that hopefully we'll be together in another 30 years. that is an amazing story that was lindsay kline reporting for us tonight that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock but. >>remember we have the fine detail special starting in just a few minutes an hour of phys tale story from last year so highlighting some of the adventures around the state and all those cute animals think and and we'll be back at the kron 4 news at 10 but before we go we do want to leave you with some of those holiday pictures from our viewers.
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