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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 27, 2020 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock i'm justine waldman of jonathan mccall we start to sunday night with big news out of washington dc president trump has finally signed off. >>on that massive covid-19 stimulus package just 5 days after lawmakers and americans wanted it. he was holding off because he wanted the individual payments to americans to be increased from $600 to $2000. >>in the meantime though millions of americans lost their increased unemployment benefits at midnight to you today, he said that he changed his mind after members of both
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chambers agreed to vote on legislation that would increase those payments. >>a measure that has passed the house several times are actually going to vote on it again tomorrow. but right now there's no indication that republicans in the gop controlled senate will change their minds to increasing those payments but getting them to agree on a vote was good enough for president trump senate leader mitch mcconnell tweeted out this statement shortly after the president signed the bill saying quote i applaud the president's decision to get billions of crucial covid-19 relief. >>out the door and into the hands of american families. i'm glad the american people will receive this much needed assistance as our nation continues to battle this pandemic one thing noticeably missing from of the senate majority leader statement is any word on if mcconnell or any other members of once again the republican controlled senate. >>will change their minds now and get behind the president's demand for more money either way with his signature now on the line there will be some changes to unemployment
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programs side for his tale of a sack is spoke to california's former edd director. >>about what this all means for people on unemployment. >>president trump gave in on sunday in signed an end of year covid relief and spending bill after much refusal. part of the bill includes the expansion and extension of unemployment for millions of americans, california's former employment development department edd director michael bernick breaks down the changes to come one. >>it added $300 per week to all kinds of out. >>previously the under the cares act there's $600 dish an that was ended this stimulus at its $300 from december 26. until that basically march 14th, second it extended the pandemic unemployment assistance program that this is a program for independent contractors, 3rd the stimulus extended the time californians
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on unemployment assistance could receive benefits now can be up to 70 weeks. >>well president trump signed the bill on sunday payments and adjustments will likely be delayed for weeks for most recipients and. >>all recipients or w 2 workers that is who are receiving regular u i. the pas means that they won't. until it's resolved receive the extra $300 per week but they will continue to receive benefits for those on pandemic unemployment assistance independent contractors. they will see a. because at least the edd says. >>it can implement the new programs until it receives guidelines from the u.s. department of labor describing how states will be required to follow the law but says it's making preparations now with the information available i'm taylor bisacky reporting kron 4 news. >>another big story we're following tonight as travelers returning home to the bay area
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after holiday visits with their family and friends. here's video now from san francisco's international airport from earlier today health officials had warned against christmas travel, same and gatherings could lead to an increase in new coronavirus cases across the country and a total of 9 million people have now flown since this holiday season began a live look now at sfo right here behind us which is where we find kron four's gayle ong after talking with travelers today. >>tsa says the christmas holiday period has been the busiest since the pandemic began here at sfo travelers say they thought long and hard about whether to visit their loved one over the holiday difficult especially after we saw what happened after thanksgiving. i already have the ticket was non-refundable. so just realizing down a u.s. renee hall, so hug his family good-bye sunday afternoon before flying back home to north carolina where he plans to self quarantine so work from studying right now swim back on sam in my apartment
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the call san heading home to san diego says her whole family tested negative for covid before their christmas gathering in new york and the biggest thing was just the flight so i feel safe on the fly and then i went home, i wasn't really going to. >>interact with anyone else except media family. the cdc has been pleading with people not to travel to see family over the holidays to avoid fueling the raging covid-19 pandemic that has killed more than 330,000 people nationwide. tsa screened 1.1 million passengers through us airports on saturday the day after christmas. that's about 50% down from last year health officials expect the worst to come in the next few weeks after christmas and new year's travelers return home landed says she has taken the proper safety precautions wear a mask wash my hands in. i just wanted to be with my family has a full was quiet sunday airport officials project about 16,000 passengers flying out down from a 74,000 in 2019 reminders of covid-19 safety
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protocols could be seen throughout the airport including the required 10 day quarantine for anyone heading to san francisco and santa clara county. far fewer people are traveling by air but with fewer flights now available. the planes are often full. the cdc said it is difficult to transmit viruses and germs on the airplanes because the air is filtered and circulated. >>but it is the lack of social distancing on board that may increase your risk of getting covid-19 but health experts are more concerned about what people's destinations as private gatherings are causing a surge in covid cases here at sfo gayle ong kron 4 news. >>here in california, the state recorded more than 50,000 new cases of coronavirus in the last 48 hours. this as hospital beds are quickly filling up with covid-19 patients number of people in the hospital is now close to 20,000 here in the bay area roughly 11% of icu beds are available. the state is reporting no icu beds are
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currently available in the san joaquin valley and southern california regions. officials are expected to extend the stay at home orders in those regions ahead of the presumed post holiday search switch gears now to talk a little weather on this final sunday of 2020 2021 here we come and we're going to round out the year with some rain it's raining in some parts of the bay area right now let's find out where with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez either just cnn jonathan yeah, let's zoom on into stormtracker 4 already tracking some light scattered showers making its way through the san francisco peninsula. >>now heading throughout the east bay shoreline. taking a look at our current radar, let's zoom on in to see where it's raining in your neighborhood all the way from downtown san francisco to as far south as san mateo throughout the san francisco peninsula. that's where we're noticing those light showers starting to shift east into the east bay shoreline impacting those of you in oakland and berkeley starting to make its way southward into hayward and inching closer
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towards san ramon out there pretty dry for everyone else but the main front of this storm right now over monterey county where parts of the big sur coastline. >>have already picked up about a 3rd of an inch of rain and also tracking a light dusting of fresh powder over the santa lucy, a mountain so that's going to be our biggest area of concern because that's where the dolan fire burned during a high fire season and there are burn scars there and we could get up to 2 and a half inches with this wet weather because the bulk of the storm is going to be a huge target over that area, including the santa cruz mountains that could see upwards of 3 quarters of an inch of rain or less for us here in the bay area we're going to notice the rain during the overnight hours peaking at around 3 o'clock for your monday morning could pick up about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less specifically along the southern portion of the san francisco peninsula even into the south bay with lesser amounts as you head north maybe not even seeing any rain for those of you in santa rosa, so we are tracking
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that and also more wet weather heading your way closer to new year's eve. more my full forecast in just a few minutes back to you jonathan just seeing thanks so much we're staying on top of a developing story tonight, plenty of new information in that massive christmas day blast in downtown nashville. >>today, authorities have identified the man that they say is responsible for setting off that bomb. but tonight, they're still trying to figure out why he did it. in the meantime local leaders now praising the first officers who were on the scene for making sure that no innocent lives were lost. >>tom negovan brings us the latest. >>i intro of our people are okay and then going from there their voices occasionally cracking with emotion nashville. police officers being hailed as christmas heroes tell their stories biggest. >>the flames i've ever seen the biggest the explosion and i felt felt the heat wave. >>they were first on the scene of what came in as a shots fired call heard a recording
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blaring loudly from inside this old white rv a woman's voice saying there's a large bomb within this vehicle your primary objective is to back to what they rushed to get residents out when the recording suddenly changed to music. this music when you already life is making you lonely you can always >>and then a countdown to the explosion based on the evidence that we've gathered this point we've come to that conclusion then individual named anthony. >>warner. is the bomber. and he was present when the bomb went off. and that he perished in the bombing police confirming today that their investigation has had a singular focus almost from the beginning a 63 year-old resident of this neighborhood a 15 minute drive from the blast site who until recently. >>had a white rv rv would be
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in their backyard, but it was there for a really long time responding officer james wells was walking toward it christmas morning. >>when he says something told him to go back and check on another officer, i'm spirited person he firmly believes it was the voice of god because a few seconds later i'm not going away from that because as say my life. >>that's what got me to see my kids and my wife on christmas. >>incredible stories there tonight that was tom negovan reporting. investigators now looking into a los angeles woman that the bomber scientists home over too. in the 2 weeks leading up to that blast. >>coming up here on kron 4 news at 10 a restaurant facing some serious backlash after a full customers and might hold an in person new year's eve party. critics say it's putting a lot of people in danger while supporters say it they need to do what they can to stay open. the very latest on how hospitals are getting ready for a post holiday surge and how they're dealing with the ever growing number. >>of covid-19 cases.
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>>but first we'll hear from the artists that put up this bust honoring the late briana taylor after someone vandalized it this weekend. and we're promising they are promising to build back stronger than ever will be right back.
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>>tonight the search is on to find whoever officials say destroyed a sculpture honoring
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breonna taylor you may remember she's the kentucky woman who was shot and killed in her home earlier this year by police in louisville the sculpture was put up just 2 weeks ago in downtown oakland and was broken into pieces this weekend. >>kron four's dan thorn talk to the man behind the artwork. >>well this is definitely been upsetting and disappointing for not only the sculptor, but also people who are advocates for the black lives matter movement. this bust was designed to be against injustice and now this sculptor has left having to rebuild it. >>chunks of ceramic chipped away from a bust of brianna taylor the sculpture in the middle of downtown oakland found hacked to pieces just days after christmas. i think it was a an active of racist aggression sculptor leo carson put together this piece to honor the black lives matter movement. the bust serves as a tribute to taylor who was shot and killed by police in louisville kentucky during a botched raid earlier this year. after months of carving and shaping carson's artwork
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was installed in late them square on december 12th. weeks later it looks like this the attack on the sculpture was you know in some ways it felt like a personal attack because i've put so much work and effort and so much of myself into it actually far more important than that is that it was an attack on. >>briana taylor herself and on the black lives matter movement news of the destroyed bust, drew people downtown sunday afternoon. jody enduring says the vandalism is a chilling example of how black women are viewed and treated in america that the tax or >>right not stop and it's up to the community for society's up to us to protect the statute and >>others say this defacement should not be tolerated in oakland, it's really upsetting and it you know try to he come out here and do such a thing like to feel so threatened. >>you know something dedicated to her and i'm really hoping
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that is not somebody that lives here in oakland carson has salvage the broken pieces to use in rebuilding the bust the next step is to make it stronger than before i had just go fund me to cast in bronze to repair and to reinstall it. >>it runs so that this could happen again. >>that go fund me page has a goal of raising $5,000 to re install this bust. any funds that go over the cost carson says will be donated to breonna taylor's family, reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron 4 news. >>we're tracking showers right now on the kron 4 radar yes, meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking the rain that's out there right now hey murray some 8 or just cnn jonathan yes, scattered showers off the coast making its way inland impacting the san francisco peninsula. >>and even mill valley in the north bay now shifting to the east heading towards the east bay shoreline and the inland valleys are so very light showers out there right now let's zoom on in to pinpoint
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exactly words raining in your neighborhood and we are noticing drier conditions for salmon tale but south san francisco still tracking some light showers there as is downtown san francisco. but it's shifting now into richmond and even as far inland into san ramon for your sunday night, but the bulk of the rain still to our south right now impacting monterey county and you could see there is a sell off the coast expected to make its way inland. there where they could see pop-up thunderstorms. gusty winds strong downpours and also possible hail as well taking a live look outside though for half moon bay, we're noticing, mild temperatures there are things that thick blanket of storm cloud cover in the low 50's but mid 50's for those of you in oakland at 53 degrees and 11 degrees cooler for those of you in santa rosa in the low 40's out there right now with overnight temperatures near freezing once again for santa rosa, but everyone else in the bay area warming up into the low to mid 40's. thanks to
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that blanket of storm cloud cover overhead but we are going to wake up to mostly cloudy skies for your monday morning. but then plenty of sunshine by monday afternoon. and very seasonable daytime highs with near average temperatures for downtown san francisco. 56 degrees 57 for those of you in hayward and redwood city, san jose 56 degrees with the widespread 54 degrees for antioch conquered and livermore so very uniform numbers there, but santa rosa flirting with 60's warming up to 59 degrees so we are going to get a break from the wet weather starting monday afternoon. that drying trend is going to continue through tuesday, but then starting wednesday night through thursday morning could see another round of wet weather mainly for those of you in the north bay you could pick up about a quarter of an inch of rain or less with really traces amount for everyone else as that storm shifts from the northeast to the southwest, but we are tracking pretty great start for 2021 on friday, mild temperatures in the upper 50's with our next
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shot of rain arriving about 10 days from now justine and jonathan and i know a lot of us we have our new year's resolutions and we have that new year's eve show coming up where you're actually going to be in studio on thursday night. but jonathan didn't record is new year's eve resolution so jonathan what do you want the viewers to know for 2021, no pressure be happy. >>there you go that's your resolution to be happy to be happy. i mean we've been to a lot wind to i can't give philosophical because you said i couldn't. >>he quit, but happy you know i think we've been through a lot in 2020 be happy except everything that comes in 2021 the opt-in we're so happy that you're here you've been a great addition to 2020. thank you you, i mean what's it been months know who's county. yeah. >>feels like forever that i really has but we still have so much more than i just want to get to the money on thursday. the big show starts 1130 and yes it is inside this year. so i don't to worry
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about the weather. yeah, usually around this time of year you're asking weather looking but now. >>you're set but we'll be happy i like that don't worry be happy. i love it, let's stinks all right we've heard about restaurants here in the bay area getting pushback over planned new year's eve parties despite the growing number of covid-19 cases. now there's a popular spot in beverly hills that's getting mixed reaction to a new year's eve flyer that they sent out. erin myers spoke to people that think it's irresponsible and others think that the restaurants just have to do what they have to do in order to survive. >>scala a well known restaurant in beverly hills is facing backlash after invite cards to a potential new year's eve dinner have allegedly been putting customers takeout orders lauren cohen's family has a net loss column for years and knows they like many others are having a hard time my instinct is that they really are just frustrated it's kind of a it's partially a cry for
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help and. >>yes, it is it's extreme but at the same i'm actually a fan so i actually just wish them well and just feel like everybody's suffering the cards read welcome back to the 20's prohibition and say the restaurant is considering taking reservations for a speakeasy time dinner on new year's eve. >>and says to contact them if you're interested lauren feels for those who work at the restaurant the soaring covid-19 numbers need to be taken into consideration when i read that there 0% icu capacity. i feel like it's frightening for everyone for for everyone, so i just kind of wish for people to be able to the safe beverly hills officials have responded saying we understand this is an incredibly difficult time for all of our businesses. however, the county order does currently prohibit indoor and outdoor dining including in the city of beverly hills and beverly hills police tweeted beverly hills code enforcement is aware and will be handling this matter lauren things having the party would be
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irresponsible. but hopes people will wait to get more information about what happened before jumping to conclusions. i don't know if it was one person's mistake. i just feel like we want to understand what happened before everybody absolutely ruins them when they've been i think they've been around for 50 years. >>in beverly hills, i'm erin myers. ktla, 5 news. >>still to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock doctor deborah birx from the white house coronavirus task force addresses that new mutated strain of covid-19 that is more infectious and potentially more dangerous what she's now saying about it. but first while some folks quickly recover from covid-19 you can actually take others months longer learn tell you about a sacramento firefighters journey as he works to regain with the virus took away from him.
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>>welcome back everyone california fire crews have gone through a plenty and plenty. this year because the record breaking fire season that we saw in 2020. and now is sacramento, firefighters having to push himself even further that he's had to because he's now recovering from covid-19 and to order to be able to get back on the front lines of battling fires. cross paulson go from our sister station in sacramento shares his story. >>we're 3 times a week walking on treadmill with a 50 pound here this is how far criminal
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firefighter, matthew rocky is kind of the game what covid-19 the wait. >>history. conditions just knowing where you where you were and where you are now it's been pretty hard a difficult process. he said it closer to the end than the beginning the sacramento fire fight a contracted the virus back in july i've been sick before, but i've never been this sick. >>and i had never had extreme body aches to where the point i couldn't sleep and just felt like my back and hips for just being kind of mangled around he thought he had a 103 degree fever for a couple of days. >>he had trouble walking and eating while he didn't go to the hospital he did lose 25 pounds in just 2 weeks but had no prior illness says. >>where you lose about 10 pounds or so and a week or 2, but this one has definitely lingered. >>a lot longer
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>>more than 5 months later roddy says he's taking baby steps in his recovery he encourages people to follow the safety guidelines. >>and play it safe, you know if you do get sick take take time to heal. >>and tracking scattered showers making its way towards the san francisco peninsula now heading towards danville in the east 8 details ahead on the overnight showers set to return tonight.
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>>well christmas now over hospitals that are already struggling are getting ready to deal with yet another surge in covid cases nowhere in the state are hospital struggling more than in los angeles county. so officials there are introducing new rules to try and make sure people come home from the holidays and self quarantine carlos saucedo from our sister station in los angeles has the details. >>a potential post-christmas search could worsen the crisis we're seen at hospitals that have already been stretched to the limit. that's according to state health officials who project hospitalizations could double after millions of people ignored warnings to avoid holiday travel and festive gatherings. officials reminding inbound travelers lee county to quarantine for 10 days, the city requiring out of state travelers coming to la to fill out this form acknowledging they understand the state's travel advisory to
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self quarantine failure to do land you a $500 fine in california there were slightly more than 50,000 new cases saturday. the cases reflect today's of data lee county which recently had an internet service interruption causing reporting delays and we might not see the holiday search for the next 2 weeks. this as world leaders continue to grapple with the ramifications of the pandemic it's hard to believe that only a year ago covid-19 was still completely unknown to >>in the past 12 months of wood and has been turned upside down locally in the southern california region icu capacity remains at 0%. some doctors are having to make the difficult decision to delay non urgent surgeries. city leaders worry hospitals may have to ration care because there simply are not enough staff to treat patients. reporting tonight. the united
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states surpassing 19 million coronavirus cases today just 6 days after hitting the 18 million mark. >>case numbers have more than doubled in the last 2 months and more than 50,000 new cases have been reported here in the golden state in just the last 48 hours. tonight there are more than 19,000 californians in hospitals being treated for covid with more than 4,000 of them in icu. >>the centers for disease control has now issued new guidance about covid-19 vaccines for people with underlying health conditions. the agency reports they can receive vaccines as long as they have not had a severe allergic reaction to any of the vaccines ingredients. the cdc also says people with auto immune conditions can receive a vaccine. however there is no data on the safety of the vaccine for them. >>as infectious disease experts here in the u.s. assess the threat of a potentially even more contagious covid-19 strain, we're hearing more from doctor
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deborah birx the coordinator of the white house coronavirus task force said last week that she plans to retire, but is. >>willing to first help president elect joe biden's team has needed. raquel martin spoke to doctor birx about this new strain. >>we could have that same type of escape mute and here doctor deborah birx warns a newly discovered and possibly more contagious strain of the coronavirus could soon make it to the u.s. do americans need to be worried we really need to be vigilant to be watching for this. >>but what we know is we know what we know how we know we can prevent transmission. early research shows the new strain of covid discovered in england spread faster, but there are so far no evidence it's more deadly all the vaccine manufacturing companies are looking very closely to see if this particular strain is still the vaccine is still effective against that for now burk says those who can should get vaccinated immediately these vaccines are going to save so
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many lives to the health and human services secretary alex azar and doctor anthony fauci became the latest official to publicly take a shot in the arm by feel extreme confidence. >>and the safety and the efficacy of this vaccine. >>but michigan democratic senator debbie stabenow says she remains concerned about the vaccine supply in her state in others she hoped billions in new funding from the latest covid relief package will help this is an ongoing effort that needs to be addressed to get the job done that really needs to get to all of our frontline health care providers. burke says the goal remains to have 20 million americans vaccinated by the end of the month, although the most optimistic schedules to predict the most americans will not get their vaccine until the spring or summer in washington raquel martin. 2 nurses at the same hospital received their covid-19 vaccines just hours apart from one another, but they had very different reactions one experience almost no side
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effects. >>the other is dealing with the side effects even a week after getting the vaccine. reporter kim vickers has their story. >>that pick up reaction when i had to write it action happened during or contact number never asked reaction earned her and bang. >>this i think for the most part broncos spasms which i do have on reactive airway disease. specifically as mayor. in been experiencing is random very bringing them as my text duet mccain, he and the lucky should johnson both receive the pfizer covid-19 vaccine on december 18th while mckinney side effects are minor johnson's or not. >>also with her asthma attacks. she also says she has led grade fever, a mild cough and body ache. she says the symptoms are the body's immune response and a sign that the vaccine is i do think may be unique. >>to the vaccine specifically
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because of the severity of a reaction johnson decided not to take the booster shot the candy says she will be taking hers. those woman felt it was important to chronicle their experience with the vaccine on social media because they say they are transparency to the public as frontline health care workers i respect at the during and her country director in directly. >>editor number of backgrounds, hard person not time being are going this new vaccine has sparked a national conversation about the history of why many african americans have a deep mistrust of medicine, i asked both women about their thoughts as it related to the vaccine. >>terrible things were without lack of knowledge of what was being and lack of consent and permission. i think is great to be knowledgeable about the vaccine to be knowledgeable about signs set things that can it will happen and i think
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it's very important. to know before choosing to be the vaccinated. >>current i understand to carmen very 100 american here were either directly indirectly rocket record her care. friend. kirk have been there and turned both say they believe strongly in the science and medicine behind the vaccine and strongly urge everyone who can take it to do so. >>the current next hour and bird around american your community current contract where scooter co-workers going over there. because you don't i know from myself if i could go back to learn now they still would go through the first vaccination. >>coming to a good 8 and i see some pretty ugly things and if
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it's a thing to add an extra layer of protection even it's going it's going make me it's going make this covid would i'll take it. >>that was kim vickers reporting for us tonight in both nurses say they do not regret getting the vaccine and stress the importance of his many people getting as possible in order to beat the virus. >>before you go to bed tonight, some rain is popping up on the radar right now let's take a last look now at our forecast on this last sunday of 2020 with. >>our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez and they're just cnn jonathan yeah, let's zoom on into our radar because we are tracking some scattered showers from the coast. >>starting to make its way throughout the san francisco peninsula even for this southern portion of the north bay and now shifting east into the east bay valleys and this is what is going to happen for most of us in the bay area we're really just tracking scattered showers at best. the storm track going to remain well to our south in monterey
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county. so unfortunately we're not going to get the bulk of this much needed rain into our area but we could pick up about a 3rd of an inch of rain for the south bay and even the southern areas of the san francisco peninsula during the overnight hours and we could even see a fresh dusting of snow throughout mount diablo and even mount hamilton in the south bay, but we are going to notice drier weather by our monday afternoon after a cloudy start downtown san francisco warming up to exactly where we should be for this time of year. 56 degrees widespread mid 50's from daly city to happen they happen they 55 degrees winds will be a little bit breezier in the morning 20 miles per hour less but then cut that in half by the afternoon with calmer conditions millbrae in san bruno 55 degrees 57 for those of you in redwood city and for the south be tracking widespread mid 50's there pretty uniform numbers for everyone in the bay area with san jose 56 degrees but milder
10:41 pm
temperatures for the east bay shoreline with berkeley at 56 degrees oakland, 58 concord and walnut creek 54 degrees for your monday afternoon highs with the widespread mid 50's for those of you in the north bay napa 56 degrees sonoma 57 aunt santa rosa, 59 degrees for your afternoon and taking a look ahead at the next 10 day outlook. we are going to see a drying trend by monday afternoon through tuesday, but then light rain will return wednesday night through thursday, mainly benefiting those of you in the north bay you could pick up about a quarter of an inch of rain or less. >>really traces amount for everyone just cnn jonathan goodbye twenty-twenty i'll see you guys in 2021. thank you so much of a breeze and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news this weekend. >>happy new year and i hope you will join myself and grant on new year's eve, starting 1130 as we kick out 2020 and welcome in 2021. we have a great show planned for you everyone looking forward to that but don't go anywhere
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though something else you looking for tonight sports night live with jason dumas says up next have a great night, everyon
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>>hello welcome to sports night live it has not been an ideal start to the season for the dubs it doesn't help that they started the year on the road against the best teams in
10:45 pm
basketball, but there are no excuses and the association tonight, the warriors were in chicago looking for win number one on the young season dobbs playing at the house that michael jordan bill love that statue united center in chicago late 1st quarter steph curry hits the 3 get this this was his 2005 100th career 3 he's the 3rd player in nba history to reach that milestone joining ray allen and reggie miller, let's go to the 2nd quarter now james wiseman. he's going to knock down the tray right there that's wake sites so many folks about the he currently leads the dubs 3 point percentage more from staff he had a great game, nice acrobatic reverse. the 2nd quarter was the best quarter for the deaths so far this season, they lead by 4 at the half 3rd corey quarter. correa wiseman hooking up on pick and roll the big man. the show what he can do weidman had 7 points. but then the bulls went on a ru


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