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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  December 28, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>>in kron on we'll have more news after the break. >>numbers including those.
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>>this week and next we really start to stack on top of one another. see today. how ways the weekend no one know christmas. the year celebration. in terms of that it's very sober and doing very proactive in and looking to build more capacity more partnerships and delivers existing resources. >>the governor also indicates that it is very likely that those to stay at home orders that will be the first to expire san joaquin valley and the southern california region will be renewed that is almost definitely says in terms of
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the bay area region. he says they're going to take a wait and see approach the bay area regions stay at home order not set to expire until the 7th or 8th, and at that or at least a few days before state officials will decide whether or not that too needs to be extended. that's the latest more coming up tonight at 5 for now live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you for that report, dan and today governor newsom announced that inmates and homeless people in california could be in the next here to get the vaccine. our kron theresa stasi looking into the story and we'll have a full report tonight on kron 4 news at 8. and as the number of coronavirus cases climbs a statewide hospitals here in the bay area are struggling to keep from getting overwhelmed with patients kron four's charles clifford joins us live from contra costa county charles. what is the situation like this afternoon there. >>well you know around the bay area hospitals have seen an increase in coronavirus just since thanksgiving. john muir medical center behind me here
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in walnut creek has seen their number of patients in the icu triple since then and the hospitals are very worried about the coming weeks after christmas and new year's and they are preparing. for january. >>as of monday icu bed availability at hospitals around the bay area is at just 9.5% in response health care providers are making changes to hopefully help with the ongoing surge in covid-19 cases, kaiser permanente has decided to delay elective and non-urgent surgeries through january 4th sutter health which operates 24 hospitals in northern california is also delaying some elective procedures. john muir health in contra costa county says their icu bed availability is between 1015% they are also anticipating more covid cases and making adjustments knowing that we were headed in this direction we direction we stopped adding on additional non urgent or emergent surgeries. >>and then last week we actually pull back completely on anything that's not urgent or emergent are time sensitive we have not even begun to see
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the impact from christmas yet so to bring new year's on you know week later could be really really challenging for hospitals in our area to manage john muir health also says that so far about 70% of their staff has received a coronavirus vaccine but that after months of dealing with a pandemic everyone is tired the hospital is pleading with the public. >>to avoid new year's gatherings and hopefully keep the hospital from getting overwhelmed with new patients please do not gather. >>in large gatherings please do not get have have inside gatherings. it is just vital to allowing our teams to be able to manage the covid that we already know is in our community without spreading it further. >>all right back live. john muir health is also a reminding the public that if anyone medical emergency like a heart attack or stroke they can still come here to the emergency room even though there are quite a few coronavirus cases here they have figured out a way to make
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it safe for other patients to come in here as well, but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>all right i thank you for that. california recorded more than 33,000 new cases of the coronavirus over the weekend charl number of people in the hospital is now close to 21,000 for the bay area region roughly 9% of icu beds are now available on there are no icu beds available in the san joaquin valley and southern california regions. officials expect the stay at home orders in those regions will be extended and head of the presumed post holiday surge. more details are expected in tomorrow's press conference with state health officials. happening today, cbs will be administering vaccines of thousands of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, nursing homes have been one of the hardest hit since this pandemic began. earlier this morning we spoke with the cbs regional director to learn more about their plan. >>how was the decision made and in terms of selecting the different facilities.
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>>so the cdc actually made the decision to go to all long-term care facilities and they had the opportunity to either opt in and use cvs or walgreens to do their vaccinations or they could have used to state road program. but i'll tell you a majority decided to go with either cvs or walgreens and so we are actually going to be in 40,000 long-term care facilities over the next 12 weeks and 15,000 in the in the state of california alone so we're looking to vaccinate 700,000 people in the next 12 weeks this is really exciting. >>and that 700,000 in california correct. >>california alone 4 million across the chain. so across the u.s.. >>people can opt-in and opt-out though correct like if you go to these care they don't necessarily have to get the vaccine. but it is offered to both those who live there and those who work there right.
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>>all right you can opt in or opt out and then we actually do that acts you get a vaccination card right that shows that you've actually been vaccinated which is nice. >>now that interview first ran on our 24 hour streaming service kronon you can stay connected to all breaking news on the covid-19 vaccines and i see that ability for our region by downloading the kron 4 and kron on mobile apps they're available for free in your app store. >>and with just 3 days to go the u.s. likely won't meet the original goal of vaccinating 20 million people by the end of the year according to the cdc data. >>only about 2 million vaccines have been reported as of yesterday morning 2 million have been administered less than 10 million vaccine doses have even been distributed health of health officials say lags and data reporting may be causing a lower count. many hospitals are still setting up their vaccine process ease and staggering vaccinations among
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staff. and in other news, the tsa screened one 0.2 million to 2 8 million passengers on sunday at us airports which is the highest number since mid-march the number of air travelers is still about 50% lower than the same date last year sunday was the 6th day in the last 10 that volume surpassed 1 million the rise comes despite public health officials urging americans to avoid holiday travel this year as coronavirus cases have jumped san francisco and santa clara county do have a 10 day mandatory quarantine for people who arrive to the county from anywhere outside of the bay area region. and happening today all incoming travelers from the uk will have to test negative for covid-19 before leaving the airport kron four's will tran has more on this story. >>starting today all flights from the uk into the united states all those passengers will have to prove that they are negative for covid-19 before hopping onto their flight they have a three-day window to prove that they are
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negative 3 days outside of their flight if they want to do it at the airport they can also do that as well they have services available in the uk to do that similar to what's going on at sfo where you can take a test at sfo before taking off to hawaii. it does it mean that uk passengers are any worse the united states passengers going to europe. it's just a precaution that they want to make sure that's in place. so that the people don't spread covid-19 across the globe. planes are still landing not a problem, but if you land at sfo you still if you're going into san francisco you still have to quarantine for 10 days. >>switching gears now to talk about our weather we've got our 4 zone forecast waiting for as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza it looks dry today, but that won't be the case in few days next coming days. from
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meteorologist james dave spahr joins us from the weather center dave it was a rainy start to the day in and cleared up, but there's definitely a chance for more this weekend right it looks like before we get to the weekend looks another bout 2 by mid we have still kind of the clouds from this region we see. >>from the shot of temper on jessica left over this will probably clear out as well because looking for mostly clear skies getting in for tonight and stormtracker 4 you can see the rotation one on what's left of our low. and it's clearing down even in the south because some leftover clouds here but as we go in mostly clear temperatures will be plummeting. we're in the upper 50's near about 60 right now very close to basically we're highs are and look at those winds kind a leftover low pressure system we have drier air coming in it's also cold or 2 but drier more important and we oftentimes worry about that when the fire season and so forth with this is after a rain event but it provides extra cooling. 46 we'll see about 7 o'clock by 10 down to 41 a lot of readings tonight are going to be in the 30's in the inland
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valleys, we're looking around 40's around the bay coming up a little bit we'll take a look at that forecast but also check into their next bout of rain by midweek thank you dave. >>much more coming up here on kron 4 news at 3 including can you have virus the coronavirus virus vaccine if you have the virus before. and the search is on to find whoever destroyed a statue honoring breonna taylor in the east bay. plus the arts is just one industry that's been devastated by the pandemic but the covid-19 stimulus package is supposed to provide some i got uh sausage -
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>>dear plans to apply for an sba loans as the pandemic has brought her dance studio to the brink i reached out to make community to help me pay my rent. you know imagine how that feels you know as an adult as a as a business owner someone who's trying to do that for the community not being able to anyone having the community help me pay my rent. you know. it's a little hard you. >>dancer choreographer believes that this funding talked into the stimulus package is a step in the right direction. but she says not profits like have really been
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devastated by this pandemic and she believes that more work needs to help them save reporting from san francisco, i'm morning kelly from 40 morning, thank you for that. coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 5 we'll be speaking with a morgan stanley financial adviser on the much needed stimulus checks. >>on the way that's now on the way to millions of americans and what americans should be spending the money on. still ahead researchers in london looking into a new coronavirus treatment that would help people right after exposure how it would work and how soon results of the trials are expected. and listen up if you had recent cosmetic surgery, an fda review
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>>an fda review of the new moderna vaccine has found a side effect for people with cosmetic facial fillers according to the study the vaccine can cause swelling and inflammation in areas with fillers all patients who suffered side effects have their symptoms resolve with steroids and antihistamines doctors say reactions like this are to be expected because the vaccine amp's up the immune system leading it to target an natural substances in the body. and there could be soon be a new coronavirus treatment that would help people right after exposure scientists at university college. hospitals are performing trials on a post-exposure treatment.
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they're saying of people who were recently exposed could get some protection from the virus by receiving a direct antibody injection. researchers don't want this to be alternative to the vaccine, but they say this could be helpful for those who have not yet been or are unable to get vaccinated results of the trials are expected in the spring. and the country's top infectious disease expert described his experience after getting the covid-19 vaccine. >>6 to 10 hours following the felt a little bit of an ache in my arm that lasted maybe 24 little bit more then went away and completely other than that i felt no other deleterious type of of affects it was really quite good. it was a even even as good or better than influenza vaccine. >>doctor fauci received the moderna vaccine. last tuesday. and here locally in the north bay moraine county officials have released new resources for residents who need help paying runs. so far about
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3 million in rental assistance has been provided since the program started in march. currently about 2.8 million more is available to cover rental payments from september through january. now people who want to apply need to provide proof of residency and income and a copy of the first page of a real rental lease tenants was older also be able to pay at least 25% of rent do to avoid eviction. next at 3.30 newly released video shows moments before the christmas day explosion in downtown nashville. >>when investigators know so far about the person responsible. and after the break we'll hear from a local doctor on the possible surge following the holidays and how soon children may be able to receive a covid vaccine. >>they get a little chilly going on here for tonight, 41 only by 10 o'clock so we're getting into the gloves whether be by
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>>as frontline health care workers continue to receive their covid-19 vaccines questions about vaccine. efficacy continue to swirl kron four's noelle bellow joins us now with more from ucsf on whether or not people who have had covid-19 and survived should get the shot it well. yes, it has lots of questions swirling around ucsf is actually seeing 6 times the amount of covid patients they saw back in october.
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>>and as this holiday surge continues doctors want to remind folks there's no reason to believe the current vaccines won't work against that new strain of the virus we're starting to see across europe. doctor peterson on with ucsf says that strain has likely been around since at least september or october and it isn't so different that it would make the vaccines and effective. many are also wondering when will kids be able to get the vaccine. doctor chin-hong says those studies on kids younger than 16 are being done by pfizer and moderna right now he's hopeful they'll be able to get the vaccine before the next years before the next school year starts. finally when it comes to those who have had covid-19 and survived a doctor chan hong says more guidance on when those people should get the vaccine should be coming soon. >>all right would on the street is that if you've had covid and you're within 3 month period of time is you know when you bought it then
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you i agree so i have on side gives a little bit of cushion from the study that you described so. you know it's not going to be unsafe, you're not sure. i'm someone definitely need to get it because we're not really sure that that natural and a body would last as long as i've seen and used on so even though the trials have not included people who have already had it it is still. >>understandably safe to receive it. exactly be don't think that's it will rafal up the antibodies are you immune system too much to make them overactive. >>in fact is we want to be sir. >>well guidance will continue to come out as time rolls on of course doctor chan hong says no matter what category you fall in until a majority of the population is vaccinated you need to continue wearing your mask and keeping your distance in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. thank you know and back
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to big story. we're following the house has passed a bill that would send $2000 checks to most americans. >>meaning president donald trump's demand for bigger payments kron four's raquel martin has more on the debate. >>they returned to the capitol with a huge weight lifted from their shoulders after complaining for day use that the covid bill didn't do enough. the president finally signed the 900 billion dollar package over the weekend half will be an order monday house lawmakers return to dc and democrats found themselves working with the president to increase the stimulus payments for most americans to $2000 it's time to do what the economists want us to do good a democratic congress and not cartwright said for democrats to hire checks were a no-brainer our economy is in a shambles right now the $600. >>is is insufficient missouri democratic congressman emanuel cleaver back to bill people are struggling all of this country and we have a governmental responsibility to
3:32 pm
address the needs of the poor the democrats plan within individuals making up to $75,000 to $1000 each children or dependents would get $600 each this is money that's got to be paid back but republicans like kentucky congressman brett guthrie we're concerned about overspending and that the bill should be more targeted to people. >>income has lost her job people have been financially damaged by covid to the republicans were pushing back on the bill as well as or a senator roy blunt iowa, senator chuck grassley and utah senator mitt romney arguing against the plan we can't you know have free money the republican majority senate could consider whether or not to sign on to the bigger tax later this week in washington raquel martin. and now to some national news, a new video of the christmas day bombing in nashville was released yesterday. >>it shows an officer walking out of frame just seconds before the blast. officials say 63 year-old anthony quinn warner is believed to be
3:33 pm
responsible authorities believe he acted alone. and the blast was a suicide bombing. investigators linked his dna to human remains found in the debris. warner also had experience with electronics explosion damaged more than 40 buildings and injured people and the motive is still under investigation. meanwhile 6 national police officers ran into danger on christmas morning as they helped evacuate residents before that explosion rocked downtown. officials say their heroic actions saved countless lives it was the plan has more on the officer's christmas morning 2020. >>after a trying year the unthinkable happened. no one was prepared except metro nashville police officers who stand at the ready protecting our city. officer tyler llewellyn was first to respond to reports of gunfire on second avenue north. >>was waiting on officer hosie show up. and the code. >>the rv at the center of this
3:34 pm
investigation was parked across the street but nothing seemed out of the ordinary not yet with it being christmas. >>i was like maybe they're just visiting family in park there. >>the officer hosie showed up a short time later. that's when the shots fired call took a serious turn, but we started hearing the announcements being made. >>try to have that confused look on is this really what we're hearing right now at that point when i you know you have 40 minutes to evacuate the area. >>wells and topping did not think twice they knew they had to move quickly. >>that's just stuff that i'll never forget note sounded the announcement said you know. the primary objective is to evacuate evacuate now the officers works together evacuating everyone they could. >>officer michael safe us instructed families some with small children to leave through the back side of their buildings by the time we made it. >>back outside after the last
3:35 pm
building we have checked, it was down to 3 or 4 minutes. i believe. >>all of this was happening under the watchful eye of sergeant timothy miller, and then just before the explosion llewellyn and jose heard an eerie sound music coming from the rv but i remembered was downtown where the light shine bright atf later determined the song was downtown by petula clark, then everything changed in an instant i was thrown knocked to the but catch myself i was fine, i bush basically. >>was thrown into the trunk a little bit. the turnaround c start. >>they're orange sky. a lot of smoke got to meet out and go check on topping who was by herself broadway. as it turned around. you know for me it felt like all it took 3 steps. in the music stopped and as
3:36 pm
i'm walking back towards happen now. i just see orange and then i hear a loud boom as i'm stumbling. visit you know hard starts when tell myself stony feet, stay alive and i saw stumble. >>and i felt it felt the heat waves. i don't know how i kept my footing but. i caught a blank that i could see him for second i just lost and i just took off in a sprint i've never got somebody so hard in my life. got him he grabbed me and we just. into a doorway as we didn't know what was coming afterwards and the 6 metro nashville police officers saved countless lives. >>and they say they were just doing their job. >>that was elizabeth lane reporting for us. and back here at home. let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look outside from mount tam camera over sausalito and into the city kron 4 meteorologist far as a look at the forecast
3:37 pm
for our very last week of 2020 looks pretty good sanaa's for tonight, mostly clear skies going check out the stars and such the last little bit cloud cover exiting, it looks like the base you can see getting on the east a little bit down there in the south in the santa cruz mountains just a touch. >>but it's coming in with cooler air behind it and drier air which with our wet surface that provides even more extra calling with a vapid of cooling. we've got upper 50's lining up the east bay shoreline inland mid 50's. but they won't last for tonight, we'll show the lows in just a bit basically mostly clear going on tonight shelley 30's well inland 40's around the bay this week little disturbance we're watching for wednesday night thursday zone, this will favor the north bay basically still the south they may pick up a little bit and by the weekend getting somewhat unsettled. it looks like and that will carry the ball into next week tonight, 41 san francisco, 37 for san jose, 43 for open, but again you get inland 30's in the east bay 30's also up to the north bay as well. the peninsula pretty much into the
3:38 pm
40's. we'll check out that 7 day forecast coming up in a bit some us. thank you dave. >>coming up this hour details on how you can dispose of your christmas tree in san francisco. >>just seen and ground and our 2 kids and it's that time of year again did you see this fast approaching and even the pandemic isn't going stop us from having fun checking out the fireworks and looking ahead what we have better 2021. that's right. he was spending a lot of time right here on our couch foam and we hope you'll stay safe at home and join us on new year's eve, starting at 1130.
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>>time now to check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight, joe donlon joins us live from chicago with a preview. hi, joe. >>i see now is good to see hope you had a great holiday weekend. tonight on news nation covid vaccines now being delivered to nursing homes or correspondent markie martin has that also our tom negovan is in nashville investigator starting to release more information about bomb the man they say read the bomb t that exploded on iochristmas n day. question now turns to motive. but a lot of action in h the e nanation's capital, i'm s covering this their you're covering this their kron 4 the president of course signed off on the spending bill and covid relief package in the house has just passed a bill to increase those stimulus payments to $2000 it has now to the senate and will
3:42 pm
continue to follow that in prime time also a pennsylvania woman who admits she has a santa problem decorations everywhere in her home in outside to thanks to a pandemic project that turned into a destination. her greenhouse has become the hot spot for family pictures and she's donating all the money. plus a 5th grader who's donating his homemade toys to dogs so busy night ahead for us here on news nation for now sanaa's we'll send it back to you in the bay area take care. thanks so much joe thanks for that preview. >>news nation airs on wgn america at 08:00pm our time you can find it on the channel's licit hear more details available on our website kron 4 dot com. still ahead he's the international award-winning magician with several prestigious best of las vegas awards, including best magic show. >>how he's found a way to well
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>>welcome back kron 4 is always tracking local stories so here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. in the east bay, a sculpture honoring the life of breonna taylor was destroyed in oakland take a look at what's left of the bus. sculpture leo carson put the piece together 2 weeks ago to honor the black lives matter movement. the bus serves as tribute to taylor who was shot and killed by police in louisville, kentucky. during a botched raid earlier this year after months of carving in shaping carson's artwork was
3:46 pm
installed in leighton square on december 12th and just weeks later, it looks like this. >>some ways it felt like a personal attack because i've put so much work and effort and so much of myself into it actually far more important than that is that it was an attack on brianna taylor herself and on the black lives matter movement really upsetting and it you know try to he come out here and do such a thing like to feel so threatened. >>you know something dedicated to her. and i'm really hoping that is not somebody that lives here in oakland. >>carson salvage the broken pieces to reuse in rebuilding the bus. so he's looking to cast in bronze. so this doesn't happen again. pittsburgh police officers involved in a 2018 shooting that killed a suspect will not face criminal charges. the contra costa county district attorney's office ruled today that the shooting was legally justified. this is body camera
3:47 pm
footage from october of 2018 police say 37 year-old salvador mirallas held his ex wife and baby son hostage at gunpoint and shot his brother in law in the neck when he tried to intervene morales then forced his wife and son into a car and drove away leading police on a chase to conquered and to his home in pittsburgh and refused to surrender for more than 2 hours. an officer eventually fired a beanbag round morales and that's when police say morales fired his handgun. 5 officers immediately opened fire in return killing the suspect. now according to the report released today by the da's office prosecutors determine that under the circumstances a reasonable juror. we'll find that the officers were justified in using deadly force. actress lori loughlin was released from federal prison today she was serving a 2 month sentence for her role, a massive college admissions scandal. paying half-a-million dollars in bribes to get her $2 daughters into college. we
3:48 pm
often surrender to authorities at the federal correctional institution in dublin, her husband fashion designer mossimo giannulli is serving his 5 month sentence at prison in polk near santa barbara now let's talk about our forecast as we take a live look at downtown san francisco. so bright so clear that kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr was tracking the rain this week >>okay sanaa's it's looking like an improvement as we get through the early part of the week, although midweek we're looking for a little system to kind of graze off towards the north bay current temperature check, not bad. we have the sunshine now feels okay upper 50's nor about 60's are close to the highs. inland, even looking pretty nice, but as that sun sets watch out the winds already locked out of the northeast with moisture at the ground fire problems but it provides extra drying and extra cooling as it dries plus its core air to begin with so they get kind of common combination affect your 46 going on by 7 by 10 work 41.
3:49 pm
and with clear skies temperatures will plummet now as we go ahead, we do have the intrusion of some cloud cover. it looks like on wednesday morning. but that's not really related to the system this is the precursor to what happens behind it so we'll get through wednesday, okay then behind that wednesday night thursday that's a little bout for showers checking out for lows tonight even getting kind of close to freezing in some of those inland valleys with 40's hanging around the bay just want to check your 70 forecast real quick here looks like we'll ring in the year without much the way of issues but into the weekend things become quite unsettled watch the lows dipping back into the 30's for covering by the time we get to this weekend 40's cover the coached so it's thank you dave. >>he's the international award-winning magician with several prestigious best of las vegas awards, including best magic show in las vegas, he'll be part of our new year's eve show in his kristen joyce reports, he's found a way to while millions of people during the pandemic. >>this is a very steadier hand
3:50 pm
you can touch it in a discussion going. >>is a pure mortimer's love for magic started as a child in the north of he brought that fascination to las vegas combining magik theatre and the arts to tell stories 7 years ago i started would start to sunday and i expect this or saw me answer to say said. >>you should open your status. i was scared but now not so scary how know we've been working hard and fast years 6 to is you're the show started to really settle and we start to get our own gain scent and how people are coming in every day and that's that's the beauty of use to something youth you go for it because you don't know what's going to happen. >>after a four-year run the pandemic happened xavier show a magical bally's placed on hold so he improvised taking
3:51 pm
his solutions to social media i study to published as the tv was on to touch. >>anything stick around and a friend of mine called me and said you should do over to you as you should on the phone lines you see the duct. >>within months he became the most followed magician on social media on the las vegas strip. we see amazing alley sparks as bell by his told her she >>you know said she was around 8 million and it's crazy because i started with 0 basically. >>i think it's so amazing to lift people up because everyone is just you know so down with everything that's going on so it's really important to remind them that there are still has a lot and have fun and enjoy your song. >>until business returns to normal on the las vegas strip savior and his director in the process of upgrading their
3:52 pm
show to include some of his best online allusions burden it's it's it's great. it's it's a great experience. >>he can't wait to perform once again live on state and just a friendly reminder kron 4 is teaming up with the super bowl of caring to raise 1 million meals for families in need if you'd like to donate you can use your phone to scan the qr code on your screen or. >>text the words and why he donated 2, 6, 9, 8, 9 you can also visit tackle hunger dot org and pick a local ch
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>>a young sea lion is back home in the ocean after being treated at the marine mammal center the center rescued jenny on november, 15. he was suffering from a shark bite malnutrition, a condition known as demonic acid poisoning. after 5 weeks of treatment jenea has gained 25 pounds and was released at rodeo beach in the marin headlands. and curbside pickup of your christmas trees in san francisco will begin early january people are asked to place their christmas trees next to blue recycling bins the night before the scheduled collection day between january 4th and january 15th. so the creation lights and the stand must be removed before hand in any tree more than 6 feet tall
3:56 pm
should be cut in half. the trees will then be chipped and turned into mulch last year the city chip more than 500 tons of christmas trees. and before we sign off this monday afternoon. we'll have one more check on our bay area forecast with dave spahr dave or it's not this run you through about the next 7 days because we have quite a bit of traffic coming in from the pacific first things first will be the sole deal we're talking about wednesday night thursday morning already by one 45 am you can see this moving on through we get long range. >>things start to change timing of just a general idea into the weekend here comes the start of the unsettled weather predawn early morning. i should say and then actually starts to intensify with yet a new system by sunday morning. a little breather in their early in the week and then we get interesting the early part of next week it looks like some colder air aloft may cause some thunder showers potentially with that. another dose by the middle of the week before we get there they're going to be chilly tonight, bundle up got the 30's up in the north bay and inland in the east bay, even down the santa clara valley, 37 san
3:57 pm
jose, lower 40's cover the east bay shoreline that's cover the next 7 days here will stay in the 50's. but our lows are going to bounce around to the inland, it looks like a nice recovery into the weekend and 40's near waters sides. thank you so much dave. >>well that crops wraps up kron 4 news a 3 our coverage continues at the top of the hour on our kron on app we'll see back here for kron 4 news at 5, 6, 8, 9.10. i'm sanaz tahernia thanks for watching. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something,
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>> announcer: today, on "dr. phil," an out-of-control 31-year-old son. >> don't criticize me, bitch! >> why do you abuse these women in your family? >> i just get angry. >> everybody gets angry. that doesn't give you the right to call your mother a [bleep]. >> announcer: and a family... >> are you going to continue to make excuses? 'cause if you are, we're done. >> of enablers. >> i feel bad for him. >> if you are riddled with guilt, you're going to sabotage everything i do. ♪ >> let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, we'll count you down. >> today is going to be a changing day in your life. >> five, four... >> i am not giving up on you. [cheers and applause] ♪


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