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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  December 28, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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americans that's an increase from that $600 checks. it's already been approved the plan passed with a simple majority vote 44 republicans joined democrats in that effort. >>raquel martin reports. >>the bill is passed the house of representatives voted yes on a plan to increase stimulus checks for most americans from 600 to $2000 honor our heroes and put money in the pockets of the american people the president had demanded the increased and democratic lawmakers jumped at the opportunity time to do what the economists want us to do until then democratic congress and matt cartwright said for democrats the higher checks were a no-brainer our economy is in a shambles right now the $600. >>is is insufficient missouri democratic congressman emanuel cleaver backed the bill people are struggling all of this country and we have a governmental responsibility it to address the needs of the
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poor the democrats plan would send individuals making up to $75,000 to $1000 each children or dependents would get $600 each this is money that's got to be paid back republican kentucky congressman brett guthrie was one of more than 100 republicans who oppose the plan. he says he's concerned about overspending and says payments should be more targeted at the people. >>income has lost her job people have been financially damaged by covid the bill now heads to the republican controlled senate where most senate republicans are pushing back missouri senator roy blunt iowa, senator chuck grassley and utah senator mitt romney have all said they oppose the plan we can't you know have free money the senate will have to take up the bill before the end of the week or it will have to wait until next year and a new congress. >>in washington raquel martin. >>and this just in the house has voted overwhelmingly to override president trump's veto of the national defense authorization act that sets
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the stage for would be the first veto override of his presidency. house members voted 322 to 87 in favor. well above the two-thirds needed to override his veto. the senate which is expected to vote on the override this week also needs to approve it by a two-thirds majority, the president rejected the defense bill last week saying it failed to limit social media companies. he claims were biased against him during the failed reelection campaign. president trump also poses language that allows for the renaming of military bases that honor confederate leaders. >>in nashville investigators still trying to determine the motive behind that christmas bombing a damaged. dozens of buildings, this is body camera video shows the moments before the explosion. authorities say 63 year-old anthony quinn warner is responsible it is believed that he acted alone and that this was a suicide
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bombing. investigators linked his dna to human remains found in the debris. warner had experience with electronics. the explosion damaged more than 40 buildings in downtown nashville. it injured. 8 people. time for another check on the weather tomorrow looks like it'll be pretty nice. yeah in fact it looks beautiful out there right now lauren some of these camera shots are amazing that really clearing out your skies now we have a weak storm system got to roll across the state mainly along the coastline and kind of swirling all the way down to southern california. but started clear skies now you can see that low base down. >>in southern california now bringing them some rain and some snow across parts of saint gabriel mountain range, so certainly they're getting some wintery stuff we're going to see some cold temperatures tonight been love 30's and 40's for overnight lows was some frost showing up in some of the cherry valley, especially in the north and the east bay by day tomorrow will be a cool day even want to grab your brand new jacket you got for christmas and where that tomorrow cool temperatures along the coastline, those numbers mainly in the 50's really kind
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of cool all around the bay area tomorrow, but you see clear skies boy probably all the way up the fair lawn tomorrow, beautiful conditions all around those temperatures are going to start out a little bit cold but by the afternoon 50's maybe a couple low 60's, upper lucky watch out for some patchy fog you could see some of that through the delta parts of the east bay too but otherwise lots of sunshine should be a gorgeous day ahead tomorrow guys back to you. for is always tracking local stories and we have a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. >>in the east of sculpture honoring the life of breonna taylor it was destroyed and oakland you can see what was left of the bust. sculptor leo carson put it together about 2 weeks ago to honor the black lives matter movement. the bust serving as a tribute to taylor who was shot and killed by police in louisville kentucky during a botched raid earlier this year. after months of carving and shaping carson's artwork was installed in square december 12th. weeks
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later this is what it looks like. >>in some ways it felt like a personal attack because i've put so much work and effort and so much of myself into it actually far more important than that is that it was an attack on briana taylor herself and on the black lives matter movement really upsetting and it you know try to he come out here and do such a thing like to feel so threatened. >>you know something dedicated to her and i'm really hoping that is not somebody that lives here in oakland. >>carson did salvage the broken pieces will try to use that and rebuilding the bus and he's hoping to cast it in bron so that this does not happen again. >>and other local statue was damaged over the weekend, the lincoln statue outside of san francisco's city hall was vandalized early yesterday morning. you can see red paint was painted over lincolns face christopher beale took these pictures sunday morning. he says he believes lincoln's face was painted due to his
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role in that genocide of native american people, san francisco police say when officers arrived the suspect are already fled. the statue has since been cleaned up. >>actress lori locklin was released from federal prison in the east bay today she 2 month sentence for her role in a the college admissions cheating scandal, paying half-a-million dollars in bribes to get her to daughters into college lockland did her time at the federal correctional institution in dublin, her husband fashion designer must seem on a gm giannulli is serving his 5 month sentence at a prison near santa barbara. >>in the north bay marin county officials have released new resources for residents who need help paying their rent. so far about 3 million in rental assistance has been provided since program started in march. currently about 2.8 million dollars more is available to cover rental payments from september through january. people want to apply need to provide proof of residency and income and a copy of the first page of
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their rental lease. tenants must also be able to pay at least 25% of the rent do to avoid eviction. >>curbside pickup of christmas san francisco that's going to begin in early january people are being asked to put there. christmas trees next to blue recycling bins the night before the scheduled collection and this will be between january 4th of january 15th. first though you have to remove any tensile decorations lights it take the stand off and then the tree more than 6 feet tall, they say should be cut in half. the trees will be chipped will be turned into mulch last year the city chip more than 500 of christmas trees. >>coming up there could soon be a new covid-19 treatment available what we know tonight about a new antibody injection. and a new warning about the moderna vaccine. what you
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>>for your health an fda review of the a general vaccine. it is found a side effect this is for people with cosmetic facial fillers starting to study the vaccine can cause swelling and inflammation in areas with dermal fillers. >>good news though hall patients who suffered side effects said their symptoms resolved with steroids and and his to means doctors say reactions like this are to be expected because the vaccine amp's up the immune system leading it to target a natural substances in the body. there
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could soon be new coronavirus treatment available that would help people right after exposures scientists said. >>university college london hospitals are doing trials on this post-exposure treatment. they're seeing whether people recently exposed could get some protection from the virus by getting a direct antibody injection. this is not intended as an alternative to the vaccine. this is for people who haven't had a chance to get vaccinated or who can't take the vaccine for some reason. results of the trials are expected in spring. >>still ahead as stimulus checks have been approved but when will americans be able to spend them we'll ta
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>>for your money tonight, president trump has signed the bipartisan coronavirus relief package meaning a much needed stimulus checks. they been approved for millions of americans and as of tonight, the house has approved a stand-alone bill to up the amount from $600 to $2000 so. >>tonight the question one of them is when will those go out 10. what should americans spend their money we're going to be hooking up with. morgan stanley wealth advisor george new chevy we're trying to establish our signal with him right now we for a moment that he'll be with us in a second one of the questions. catherine is we have the $600 checks. those are going out, we're know exactly when maybe george can answer that but the
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bigger question is this $2000 check the house says they gave it the green light now we're waiting for and it's not clear how that will be if it is paid out you know what that means is that minus the $600 you're right. >>just kind of a mask and i think a lot of people really don't have the answers yet, but we'll see what george thinks about that and what kinds of questions people are asking their financial advisers think we're going to come back to georgia and a little bit ok we want to whether real quick before we come back to george. ok our producer says sir so let's govern aren't, yeah so. >>want to see some major to beginning of the new year looks like we've got a series of very powerful storms headed our way so. yeah, you know we'ee had the storms christmas day we had another round of rain overnight last night but not a whole lot of rain wanted to give you an idea of where we sit so far. year to date for some of our total so rain season beginning starting july first and here we go we've got 2 and half inches of rain so far in san francisco that is only 30% of normal only 19% of
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normal now at just under an inch of rain in san jose over an inch and a half in oakland that is only 24% of normal and santa rosa now you've got just over 4 inches of rain sounds good. but that's only 33% normal now i think we're to catch up a bit with the series of storms headed our way i roll the slow long-range model for all the way out until the middle of next week so the first week of the new year watch what happens with the rain you'll a dynamic colors really start spread out late and then you see all the colors really becoming rich outside look nor scale look at some place in the models trying to pick up on for 5 plus inches of rain between now and about wednesday of next week in some spots, the urban areas yet to 3 inches plus you see in napa over so for over 4 inches rain before and a half inches of rain so long way to go that is still way out there in the forecast but we're looking at a significant series storms possibly affected the bay area as we head in the few days and into next week, so yeah, looks like it is going to be a series of storms coming our way and then looks like things
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are want to start to get very active until the end of the year so that being said tomorrow doesn't look like a bad day we're going to see a nice sunny day around the bay area, sunny and bright temperatures up in the 50's and the 60's outside but after that things begin to change shipped. everything starts to change the clouds roll in slight chance of showers as we get into wednesday into thursday. i think the more significant rain comes as we start this first weekend of the new year i thank you lauren all right center. so we have george net chetty from morgan stanley on the line with us now george good to see you. >>we're talking about 2 different stimulus checks of $600 check that's a go. that's that's a done deal when we'll be able get that check. >>well we've expected to get that checked pretty quickly probably about the middle of january would be pretty fast for you know to get a mask distribution of a $600 out to everybody so that the $600 for each adult and the children have to raise from $500 to $600 so feel before you get about not as much as people
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need. but we're going to get this thing out there get it started and then perhaps after january some time will be an additional bill flooded. >>your words saying a lot of unanswered questions charge if there is another check on they're talking about $2000. if that's a whole different some 2000 doors had minus the 600 i think it's confusing for a lot of people and what to expect it's it's actually it's actually my to 600. >>but believe me the spending on ball, $2500 was proposed by the democrats to the republicans 5 months ago. republicans would agree to it because they had the majority the democrats have backed off to 600 president trump was in on this on the beginning. but later changed his life or maybe political reasons. so $2000 is being proposed right now i think we you know you know expect the worst hope for the best going to get $62400 per family. so that's a go and we've got to get something started here we've got to get
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the unemployment benefits also going we're at the peak of the covid and so unemployment is really at its peak we're going to probably see probably million people unemployed in the next couple of weeks just because of everybody socially gathering and the amount of people getting covid that will cost more unemployment. so we need to percent unemployment gap and then hopefully that actually gets here and we get everybody back on track again. so george real quick tell me the effect this is going to have on the economy the people who really really need that 600 bucks we know they're going to spend it on the basics of trying to cover some rant. >>and food kinds of bills just to survive other people who have jobs. they're going have an extra 600 so you know how is this going to stimulate the economy if at all. >>this could have a significant effect on the economy. i mean this whole bill is 900 million dollars that's going to tricky late into the economy. people are going to spend it they're going to be fine things it's going to there's technical programs are going on here. so it's going make economy
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without that the 1st quarter gdp for 2021 will be flat or negative so this money coming into economy will help our gdp to be positive. if we get 2 negative quarters together that means we're going double dip recession. we want to avoid that. so this money is going help it's not enough, but it certainly be a bridge. 900 million dollars is a lot of money going into economy and that's going to be for individuals for small businesses for vaccines for transportation education rental assistance which is that they thing right 25 billion has been set aside for rental assistance for the sisters first people that are behind california is going to get 2 billion of those dollars to help with all the you know for for you know missing apartment payments for mortgage we'd estimate about 25 billion really in the economy that people are in the rears are behind and so getting that money out there state by state is going to help also.
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>>all right we're out of time, but you must be a lot of pent-up demand for a spending but george thank you so much talk to you again soon. >>thank you. this is difficult time we're going to throw yes, we are all right, thank you very much george coming up. he's a world renowned magician and this year he's part of our new year's eve show how he's found a
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>>we'll tell you about an international award winning magician with several push
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prestigious best of las vegas awards including best magic show in las vegas and he is going to be part of a new year's eve show as kirsten joyce report has found a way to really impress millions of people even during the pandemic. >>this is a very steadier hand you can touch it in a discussion going. >>is a pure mortimer's love for magic started as a child in the north of freight. he brought that fascination to las vegas combining magik theatre in the arts to tell stories 7 years ago i started with sir disarray and i expect this or saw me answer to say said. >>you should open your training i was scared but now not so scary know we've been working hard and fast furious 6 to is you're the show started to really settle and we start to get our audience
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and how people are coming in every day and that's that's the beauty of use to something youth you go for because you don't know what's going to happen. >>after a four-year run the pandemic happened xavier show a magical bally's placed on hold so he improvised taking his solutions to social media i study to published as the tv was on to touch. >>anything stick around and a friend of mine called me and said you should do over to you as you should on the phone lines you see the duct. >>within months he became the most followed magician on social media on the las vegas strip. we see amazing alley sparks has built by his told her she >>i haven't shaken the such it was around 8 million and it's crazy because i started with 0 basically. >>i think it's so amazing to lift people up because
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everyone is just you know so down with everything that's going on so it's really important to remind them that there are still has a lot and have fun and enjoy your song. >>until business returns to normal on the las vegas strip savior and his director in the process of upgrading their show to include some of his best online allusions i'm home it's it's it's great. it's it's a great experience express checkout he can't wait to perform once again live on state >>we see that that's pretty good. he's got some good ones there we want to remind you trump force teaming up with the super bowl of caring to raise a million meals for families in need if you'd like to donate you can use your phone to scan the qr code that right there on your screen or text the word n y e don't 8 to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit tackle hunger dot org
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and pick a local charity to help we'll be right back.
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>>worse before it gets better. and and i think demonstrably that's the case. and not only as a nation but clearly. as we
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work through the next 60 to 90 days here in the state of california in a dissipate this surge on top of the surge. >>now it's 6 o worsening coronavirus crisis governor newsom says stay at home orders will likely be extended as cases continue to surge out of control. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >>with california becoming the first state to have more than 2 million covid cases, the governor says the pandemic has of course taking a big toll on hospitals. today the state reported more than 33,000 new cases of covid over the weekend. the total number of people in the hospital now close to 21,000 in the bay area roughly 9% of icu beds are available. there are none available in the san joaquin valley and southern california region. but today governor newsom announced that hospitalizations are plateauing in most of the state kron four's dan


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