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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 29, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>>now on kron 4 news at 6 stimulus checks of $600 could be hitting americans bank accounts as early as tonight. this as senate republicans try to renegotiate the possibility of $2000 checks to americans. >>good evening, i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan pam moore has the night off. >>the treasury secretary steve mnuchin he made the announcement today and. >>here's a some of what you need to know a person making up to $75,000 a year 2019 will
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automatically get $600 married couples making up to 150,000 will get $1200 and up to $600 for each qualifying child people with direct deposit already on file go get their payments that way anybody who does not get a direct deposit by early january they say should watch their mail for a paper check or debit card and later in the week people will. be able to check the status of the checks on the irs website and we've got a link to that on our website kron 4 dot com. the fate of those $2000 stimulus checks is up in the air tonight in the bargaining on capitol hill. >>is heating up senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today blocks the house's attempt to have those direct payments of $2000. but now he's offering up a new deal of his own this is just one piece of the 900 billion dollar covid relief bill funding ranging from helping the airline industry to distributing vaccines. joe
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khaleel has the latest from washington d c do senate republicans join with the rest of america. in supporting. $2000 checks to $1000 stimulus checks are still in limbo tuesday morning republican senate leader mitch mcconnell blocked the latest attempt by democrats to pass it is there objection to the modification of >>the objection is heard but democrats and an unlikely ally president trump are both turning up the pressure on senate republicans to support bigger checks. senator bernie sanders tells news nation. he thinks it's working there's a lot of desperation out there. >>and i think the word is coming here to the senate that you can not turn your backs on working people but tuesday evening, a new roadblock mcconnell introduced an entirely new bill that would increase stimulus checks to $2000 but it also repeals section 2.30 a law that shields social media companies from some lawsuits and it
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creates a commission to study voter fraud. those 3 important subjects the president has linked together. >>this week senate will begin a process to bring these 3 priorities and focus democrats say the 2 additions or potential poison pills that could kill higher stimulus checks altogether look the house passed the clean bill that's what the american people. >>i want us to do doctor putting poison pills not to muddy the water but before mcconnell's new bill the list of republican senators in favor of a $2000 stimulus check was growing included georgia senators david perdue and kelly loeffler both in races to keep their senate seats as well as nebraska senator deb fischer florida senator marco rubio and missouri senator josh hawley. again joe khaleel reporting for us tonight we're going to have much more on this story coming up at 6.15 with our financial expert georgian a chatty. >>well criticism has been mounting over delays in the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine. the goal of operation
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warp speed was to ship 20 million doses by early january. the cdc telling us only 12 million have gone out so far just 2 million shots of actually been administered kron four's maureen kelly checked in with local health officials to see if the delay is causing any problems here. >>the effort to distribute and administer the vaccine is not progressing as it should. >>after news that operation warp speed is falling far short of its goal of shipping 20 million vaccine doses by early january president elect joe biden set a new goal of administering shots to 100 million americans in his first 100 days in office. but while warp speed is turning out to be quite a bit slower than expected. vaccinations are continuing to roll out here in the bay area you see ssa so far they've given out nearly 6,000 doses to their frontline health care workers since mid december which represents about 41% of their tier one workers kaiser
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permanente says they vaccinated over. >>30,000 health care workers in northern california and vaccinations are continuing each day with employees and doctors with the highest risk of exposure to covid-19 infected patients, given first priority while stanford professor of infectious diseases estimates they've given shots to close to 30% of their hospital staff which includes all of their front-line workers she's not surprised that this massive public health effort has hit some snacks i do think that warp speed has done a pretty good job with what they had to deploy but the reality is it you know to try to get out. >>3 quarters of a billion doses of it's going to be just like 2 doses for everybody in the u.s.. take a long time. >>solano county's public health officer says he has seen no problems with the rollout so far on his aunt on an anomaly. >>seeing it because we're getting the vaccine that we're getting and then work with getting that in arms as quickly as possible. what we
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like or of course you and everybody would like more you know we would have liked it to started earlier and kohl's are just after projections that you know you don't know reality to experience and so i'm not spending a whole lot time complaining about the pace of vaccine. i'm grateful that we have taxing so far one we've heard about is from napa county where one allocation of the pfizer vaccine may have been shipped too cold to the queen of the valley hospital pfizer notified the hospital of the potential problem in a replacement shipment it was received soon after maureen kelly kron 4 news. the slow distribution of the coronavirus vaccine comes as a new more contagious covid-19 variant has been detected for the first time here in the u.s.. >>the governor of colorado confirmed infection in his state today. colorado health officials say the infected individual as a man in his 20's who has no travel history is currently in isolation outside of denver. the variant is the same one that has been rapidly circulating across united kingdom has been
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detected in at least 17 other countries and pfizer and moderna they are studying their vaccines against that new strain of virus discovered in great britain. >>and several additional vaccines are moving forward in the pipeline tonight kron four's dan kerman talk to infectious disease experts about where things stand and how the vaccine stand up to that new variant of the virus which says we mention was initially discovered in the uk is now here in the u.s. and joins us live now from you see san francisco medical center dan. >>well at this point we have 2 vaccines already and distribution again just in less than a year they are now the vaccinated people and that's what medical experts want to focus on especially considering the fact there are 3 more moving even closer to being approved as well. >>i think it's just spectacular. they were able to crack this out as fast as we have you see san francisco infectious disease epidemiologist doctor george rutherford is marveling at the fact it took scientists less than a year to come up with an
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effective vaccine to fight the coronavirus is a combination of 70 years like biology going back to francis crick and james watson and franklin and soon the pfizer and moderna vaccines which are already being administered could be joined by 2 or 3 more. regulators are awaiting proof of how effective astrazeneca's vaccine actually is and drug maker novavax is moving into the final stage of testing of its vaccine rather ford says the more effective vaccines there are the quicker we can reach herd immunity and some form of normalcy get 10% of people vaccinated in by the end of january another 10% by the end of february. >>and so on by the end of july would be pushing up at 70%. so that would be re like seriously. good the recent discovery of a new strain of covid-19 in the uk. >>has raised alarm bells but medical experts say it's common for viruses to mutate their piece of the virus that
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we're. trying to raise antibodies to is going to be constant across the straits. so that's all good news. >>rutherford says because the piece of the virus. the vaccines are attacking the spike protein appears to be in play across the strains. >>the vaccine should continue to work. >>however he does make the point that they need to do more studies not just on the various strains, but how effective those vaccines are against it we live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you to him. >>well as coronavirus cases surge in hospital beds are filling up across the state stay at home orders have been extended into california regents southern california also the san joaquin valley. they will remain under stay at home orders until further notice. and the state's top health officer doctor mark kalish says that for week projections do not show any improvement in covid hospitalizations over the last
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14 days. statewide hospitalizations in fact increased by more than 36%. in the bay area roughly 10 and a half percent of icu beds are available. there are none available and the san joaquin valley and southern california region. doctor galley clarified today that being a 0% icu capacity means the region is already making use of its surge capacity. >>a statue in honor of breonna taylor was smashed to pieces in the east bay over the weekend and some time this week. the statue was actually stolen the sculptor says he will not be daunted by this act of vandalism kron four's terisa stasio live for us in oakland, where the statue was located with more on what happened and. >>what the artist plans to do next recent. >>i'm here in downtown oakland, the statue well it was right behind me, but it is now gone snatched that the artists we spoke with today said that he is not giving up.
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>>i want to answer the question why does this statue matter it was a passionate project that took many painstaking hours to create yet vandals demolish the peace quickly as black lives matter. because the racist who came in the dark last weekend. >>and hit our statue with baseball bats and and tried to destroy it and that speaks to the work being done in america that the racism and bigotry leo carson created the bus in honor of breonna taylor, the slain emergency room tack who died in a botched police raid. >>on her louisville kentucky home her death touched off demonstrations around the country. >>the outrage at this crime created waves that captured the attention of the media all over the world. millions more now have heard of brianna taylor and this was a victory for our movement they tried to crush us and we fight back and
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they were that we've looked at an >>kron 4 1st spoke with carson on monday after vandals hacked into pieces days after christmas leaving. not much behind. but now overnight more damage done. the carson says he is not daunted. he plans to rebuild the statue starting now along with a friend they mix concrete to repair the base. >>and the artists of course tells me that he will be victorious at the end he says that this again is his passion project he will ops site put together a new bus and he will put it back. the asset bay city step in and try and put some cameras up for something to catch these vandals and make sure that they are prosecuted accordingly. and theresa stasi, it back to you guys all right teresa will continue to follow that thank you and by the way an officer who sought that warrant that. >>lead detectives to the apartment where breonna taylor was killed in kentucky. could
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be fire detective joshua jaynes was not present for the shooting but he did secure the no knock warrant investigation found that he violated department procedures related to the search warrant. james received a pre termination letter today. he has a hearing with the police chief on thursday. his attorneys says he did nothing wrong. >>coming up on kron 4 news of 6 the president's proposal for $2000 checks got stuck in the senate we're going to talk with her financial expert about why republicans might not support the bigger check him out. >>also the debate over the stimulus comes at a time when state unemployment is just under 8% job recruiters say there are still a lot of hot jobs here in the bay area up for grabs. >>stanford researchers turning to unique source for information on covid what they've discovered so far. >>and 2020 pretty dry weather wise. but that 2021. there's going to be entirely different big storms heading our way
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>>president trump's push for covid relief checks. $2000 check step got stalled in the senate today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blocked an immediate vote and he's now suggesting he might play along if demands being made by the president are taken into consideration. that includes things like removing some
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legal protections for tech companies mcconnell talking about beginning a process to consider these tacked on demand. the next steps are highly uncertain. >>as congress debates to reopen the relief bill to increase the amount on the stimulus checks. a treasury secretary steven mnuchin says $600 deposits could be hitting qualified americans bank accounts as early as a new chin said the direct deposits will continue over the coming days and paper checks will be delivered starting on wednesday attorneys now as well as adviser george new chevy to walk us through this. hey, thanks george you were just saying a lot of misinformation out there regarding i think the fight over the $2000 check how so. >>exactly well there are things that we know catherine and there are things that we don't know what we do know is that president trump signed a bill. it was 2.3 trillion dollars. >>and now that 900 billion was allocated to covid relief in
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that 900 billion. it was agreed to $600 direct payments to adults and also children too big a $600 $100 more than the previous bill. so that that's what we know and then of course trump raises hand that last moment and said that you really be 2000. so that caused the democrats to meet today hastily. in the house andree on an amendment to the appropriations bill for $2000 and then passing over the senate quickly and all it takes is just one senator to object and as you showed earlier. senator mitch mcconnell said i object. lesser things renegotiated so what they're going to be trying to renegotiate is 2000 dollars plus some other out on things that really don't add on to direct payments for individual so not likely that's going to happen. but again this is the way politics works but the main thing is those direct checks are getting out and also runners are going to get relief to there's there's money to help people pay their mortgages and rent.
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>>and there's about 10 different areas. >>that this bill help flint so the $600 a course they would rather have the $2000. but you talk about the rent relief and those kinds of things and this is a big chunk of money is just going flood the economy right isn't that going to be at least that will be a good thing. >>this is going to make a big difference in the 1st quarter of 2021 without this. we could have a negative 1st quarter that could lead us into a second quarter and that could lead to a double dip recession, so this will assure we're going to have a positive gdp because 900 billion dollars going to economy is going to help a lot. but having said that we re literally have millions of people that are going without food and without jobs. and so we need to get a bigger bill passed we need to get more lee. but the main function is we we have to get the vaccine out there. and we don't see you know carloads of people administering these to these drugs out that 300 million people in the united states. that's going to take a
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herculean effort and when we start seeing that that we're going to see people being able to safely get back to work and and get this economy going. you know the properly without the proper way with all this without all this cash infusion with some money coming in georgia what kind of things are you hearing from clients what kind of questions do people have right now. >>well catherine, you know did a study of who's unemployment benefits and who needs relief and it's probably about 80% of that population is from the lower income. you've got about 10% from meddling come in and about 10% from higher income. so it's really been the lower-income minorities people that are hourly workers that are really been hurt the most show that money is really going to go towards food. to feed their families it's going to go to pay some bills that are necessities. not options, but cities that have to be done. that's where that money's going to go, but it's going to go right back into the economy and that's going to get respect the recirculated through the economy that's going to but
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this is really just a bridge. i mean is another 25 billion for mortgage relief and rental relief. but our studies show that we're about 25 billion in the rears of people having late payments for mortgages and this is just a band-aid a bigger bill have to come later on and we have to get this vaccine out there and that's that's what it's going to take his economy could actually do very very well going forward in 2021. well we're heading in the right direction is just not going as fast and as much money as we'd like but we're. >>limping our way through george machete from well, i'm morgan stanley thanks for joining us. we appreciate your insight said well, thank you, thanks george. >>time for another look at our 4 zone forecast on 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the rain on the horizon, yeah, boy did feel like it's that almost felt like spring in some parts the bay area but the storm clouds they are gathering out there in the pacific now before long we're talking about that rain making its way toward the coastline, maybe as early as tomorrow afternoon at least the parts of the north
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bay otherwise tonight kind of quiet out there it is going to be a cold night, some of the overnight lows going to be dropping off in the 20's 30's i think in the north bay otherwise looks like a frosty start to the day tomorrow and then the clouds start to roll in and then here we go we've got a chance of rain. the forecast most the rain right now up in the pacific northwest, we're staying high and dry under high pressure that ridge quickly breaking down and moving eastward as it moves eastward or going bring the rain in our direction right now most that all located up in toward washington parts of oregon also getting clipped by the storm system in some snow in the sierra nevada or we're going to see more of that snow as we head toward this year, the next few days and we're going to see a change in the weather pattern in the big waves moving in along the coastline, how about that 5, 9 footers moving along the coast through tomorrow. so surfers love that, but you got to watch out for those big time waves up toward the beaches. 50's right now out there across parts of san francisco all the way down into santa rosa and little more too but overnight tonight going to be a cold night high pressure keeping skies, nice and clear that we get ready for this guy
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that rolls in by tomorrow afternoon bring some rain to the bay area i think through the evening tomorrow kind of spreading the south overnight tomorrow night and as we head in toward early on thursday morning you see right here too as we head toward tomorrow clouds start to gather there we go by the afternoon started bringing a chance of showers the north they then the front kind of rolled through about 8 9 o'clock or so bringing rain to the bay area this one 1st going to be a light storm but after that things change we're talking about the new year really looking very wet with a series of very powerful storms possibly, heading our way by next week. >>coming a lot of new taking effect in the new year we'll tell you how one of them will change the way police use force and there's another one that will affect you if you have student loans will have
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>>between the coronavirus pandemic wildfires and the election you may not been keeping a close track on the california legislature. the passed hundreds of bills this year, but we have been checking records for you and here are a few of the many new laws taking effect in 2021 a new law will require businesses to notify employees and the general public of a coronavirus exposure at the workplace. within one day of that exposure and starting january first the minimum it's going to go up to $14 an hour. this is for businesses with 26 or more employees.
6:27 pm
>>if they have fewer than businesses will still have to increase the minimum wage to $13 an hour. the minimum wage can vary as always based on local loss after a number of high-profile deaths in police custody around the country. >>ab 1196 prohibits police from using choke holds and carotid holds. >>and a new laws establishing a task force to study the history of slavery in the u.s. and whether it's still affecting the descendants of slaves after research and there will be witness testimony that task force will recommend how reparations could be paid in california and who would get the payments, california's firefighting force has long been bolstered by thousands of inmate firefighters. >>now if those inmates complete a program they could get their felonies expunged when they're released making it easier for them to get a job with the fire department those convicted of offenses in certain violent felonies are
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exempt. and people with student loans will have new protections making it harder for lenders to take advantage of them that new law will take effect. >>in july and there are a lot of other new laws taking effect after the new year. we do have a list you can check it on our website kron 4 dot com and make sure to join grant lotus and justine waldman has a ring in the new year stay safe at home countdown to midnight and. >>watch a spectacular fireworks show with us. also want you to share your pictures to show us how you're celebrating their party in the living room if that's what you're doing you can even win cash to spend the new year kron four's new year's live. it starts thursday night at 1130. and next time kron 4 news at 6.30 researchers are turning to what you might consider a unique source for information on covid what they've discovered so far. >>and permanent changes are coming to the bay area's toll system at the bay area bridges, the pandemic era practice that will be
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continuing. >>also of the debate over the stimulus checks. this is coming at a time when state unemployment to just under 8% the kind of jobs that bay area residents are looking
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