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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 29, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>now at 9 financial help some is on the way for millions of americans the $600 stimulus payments are expected to start arriving in bank accounts tonight. we have direct deposit, the paper checks will start getting mailed out tomorrow. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 9 everybody, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis where the money is certainly a welcome sight for so many families struggling to get by many say it's just not enough president trump congressional democrats along with a handful of republicans are still pushing
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for those payments to increase to $2000 but as joe khalil reports for us tonight, the odds of that happening are slim. >>it's now increasingly unlikely that americans will get a $2000 stimulus check despite growing support for them in congress donald trump says he wants to $2000 check my belief is that if we have this pope on the floor of the united states senate it will house but the vote senators like democrat ed markey will likely take won't beyond just a bigger check late tuesday evening senator mitch mcconnell introduced an entirely new $2000 stimulus check bill which would also create a commission to study voter fraud and repeal section 2.30 a law that shields social media companies from some lawsuits, those 3 important subjects the president has linked together. >>this week senate will begin a process to bring these 3 priorities and coach knows 3 priorities together don't pass the house or become law
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according to democrat senate leader chuck schumer who says quote any move like this by senator mcconnell would be a blatant attempt to deprive americans of a $2000 survival check. i hope that doesn't happen. senator bernie sanders tells news nation most americans want a $2000 stimulus check and he says the way to pass it. >>is to vote up or down on bigger checks. no add-ons look the house passed the clean bill that's what the american people i want us to do not to putting poison pills not to muddy the water mcconnell's new bill comes after president trump joined democrats in putting pressure on republicans in congress and it seemed to work a handful of republican senators recently expressed support for $2000 checks, including georgia senators david perdue and kelly loeffler both in races to keep their senate seats as well as nebraska senator deb fischer florida senator marco rubio and missouri senator josh hawley. in just a few hours california, small business owners can start to
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apply for their share of 500 million dollars in grants as part of a state relief program. >>our kron four's jonathan mccall he's live in san francisco now with some details on why some businesses say it might not be enough jonathan. >>you know 4 million businesses small call the golden state home vicki and for a number of those businesses they've been doing everything they can to try and stay afloat during the pandemic these grants could range anywhere from 5,000 to $25,000 for those businesses. but some of them say it's just simply a drop in the bucket for all the money they've lost during the pandemic. >>a small lifeline is on the way to the more than 4 million california, small businesses who have been trying to stay afloat during the covid-19 pandemic starting wednesday businesses can begin to apply for share a 500 million dollars in funds as part of the california relief grant program we have all done for that >>it's just you know timing so i think that's tomorrow will
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go for it. see what if nelson herman says he plans to apply why not at this point you know something. so yes, something that will help a little bit. you know you need to long wait but it's still something. >>on owns our kitchen and thus aubrey missile restaurants in oakland. like many restaurant owners. he says he's had to rely heavily on takeout orders during the leader shelter in place in order to keep the lights on says that one of his locations alone has lost nearly $80,000 during the pandemic he says any money while appreciated will be just a small drop in the bucket is just going to be an income few cents to help out. >>you know in the back and bills are you all. you know anything with friends or just to kind of see 4. when you do have to pay something back so long words under the program businesses can receive anywhere from 5,000 to $25,000, small businesses and nonprofits or knowledgeable if their businesses bring in less
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than 2.5 million dollars of revenues and have been open since june 2019 and have a clear reopening plan when the pandemic ends. >>the money can be used for employee expenses, including payroll and health care paying off any debt, including rent payments in utilities and also a breeding facilities with personal protective equipment all trying to. >>just do everything and so you know and see what what helps her mom says that he understands the current climate but wishes leaders could do more to help out owners like him. >>who are also at risk of feeling the impacts of the virus, you know what's going on you know ice you hospitals are filling up the bar stools going strong unfortunately. so it's hard to see that. but site our businesses are a lot of people that's our lives to us or babies and it's happening it's just it's really frustrating difficult. >>so here's a timeline of how this program will play out
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starting tomorrow morning at 06:00am businesses can begin sending in their applications in submitting to file for that money. meanwhile, the deadline for that will be january 8th at 11:59pm and then those businesses will start to learn if they've actually qualified to receive that money some time on january 13th, we're told that the businesses that do not. received the money on the first round will automatically be moved to the second round. so they can you have a go at it for a second time to try to receive some of that money. we have details on how you can apply in all the other qualifications listed on our website kron 4 dot com. well tonight in the city jonathan mccall kron 4 news appreciated jonathan today, california's health and human services secretary doctor mark ghaly announced. >>2 regions will stay under that stay at home order until further notice those regions are southern california and the san joaquin valley kali says at this time for we projections do not show any
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improvement in covid-19 hospitalizations as a reminder the stay at home order is in effect for a minimum of 3 weeks once a region's icu capacity drops below 15% and in southern california hospitals are simply running out of room to treat covid patients mlk community hospital in the willowbrook neighborhood of southern la county is now setting up. >>rooms in its gift shop, the hospital ceo says if things continue down this path. they may have to resort to wartime techniques of rationing care. they say the e r can normally fit about 30 patients. they've been seeing upwards of 100 some days that tent has also been set up outside to act as the waiting room. >>san francisco is reporting 270 new cases per day on average which is a slight dip from last week's 275 new cases per day health officials say that while this is a small improvement. we're still far
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from out of the way this search is still our biggest yet. >>we cannot afford to have. christmas or new year surge on top of the search that we are already experiencing. that would be catastrophic. we simply can't let this guess get worse. >>intensive care unit beds throughout the bay area are still running about 9%. the san francisco department of public health director doctor grant colfax as that he expects the number of hospitalizations in san francisco to continue to climb at least for now and although the arrival of the vaccine will eventually help turn things around it may take quite a bit longer than expected criticism tonight is mounting over the delays in the rollout process. the goal of operation warp speed was to ship 20 million doses by early january. but the cdc says only 12 million have gone out so far and just over 2 million
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shots have actually been given kron four's maureen kelly checked in with local health officials to see if this delay is causing any problems here. >>the effort to distribute and administer the vaccine is not progressing as it should. >>after news that operation warp speed is falling far short of its goal of shipping 20 million vaccine doses by early january president elect joe biden set a new goal of administering shots to 100 million americans in his first 100 days in office. but while warp speed is turning out to be quite a bit slower than expected. vaccinations are continuing to roll out here in the bay area you see ssa so far they've given out nearly 6,000 doses to their frontline health care workers since mid december which represents about 41% of their tier one workers kaiser permanente says they vaccinated over. >>30,000 health care workers in northern california and vaccinations are continuing each day with employees and doctors with the highest risk of exposure to covid-19
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infected patients, given first priority while stanford professor of infectious diseases estimates they've given shots to close to 30% of their hospital staff which includes all of their front-line workers she's not surprised that this massive public health effort has it some snacks i do think that warp speed has done a pretty good job with what they had to deploy but the reality is it you know to try to get out. >>3 quarters of a billion doses of it's going to be just like 2 doses for everybody in the u.s.. take a long time. >>solano county's public health officer says he has seen no problems with the rollout so far on his aunt on an anomaly. >>seeing it because we're getting the vaccine that we're getting and then work with getting that in arms as quickly as possible. what we like or of course you and everybody would like more you know we would have liked it to started earlier but then calls or just after projections that you know you don't know reality to experience it and so i'm not spending a whole
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lot time complaining about the pace of vaccine. i'm grateful that we have taxing so far one we've heard about is from napa county where one allocation of the pfizer vaccine may have been shipped too cold to the queen of the valley hospital pfizer notified the hospital of the potential problem in a replacement shipment it was received soon after maureen kelly kron 4 news well distribution might be slower than expected several additional vaccines are moving forward in the pipeline if they work people come in right tonight kron four's dan kerman talk to infectious disease experts about. >>where things stand and how the vaccines will be able to stand up to this new variant of the virus. >>w-ich initially was discovered in the uk and has now made its way to the u.s. and i think it's just spectacular. they were able to crack this out as fast as we have you see san francisco infectious disease epidemiologist doctor george rutherford. >>is marveling at the fact it took scientists less than a year to come up with an effective vaccine to fight the coronavirus is a combination
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of 70 years meichler biology going back to francis crick and james watson franklin and soon the pfizer and moderna vaccines which are already being administered could be joined by 2 or 3 more. regulators are awaiting proof of how effective astrazeneca's vaccine actually is and drug maker novavax is moving into the final stage of testing of its vaccine recovered says the more effective vaccines there are the quicker we can reach herd immunity and some form of normalcy get 10% of people vaccinated in by the end of a january another 10% by the end of february. >>and so on by the end of july would be pushing up at 70%. so that would be will be really seriously. good. the recent discovery of a new strain of covid-19 in the uk. >>has raised alarm bells but medical experts say it's common for viruses to mutate their piece of the virus that we're. trying to raise antibodies to is going to be constant across the straits. so that's all good news.
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>>rutherford says because the piece of the virus. the vaccines are attacking the spike protein appears to be in play across the strains. >>the vaccine should continue to work. of course there has to be more study of the strains as well as the effectiveness and the vaccines and the various strains. >>but at this point medical experts say things seem to be continuing to move in the right direction. a ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and as dan just mentioned the new more contagious covid variant has been detected for the first time in the u.s. colorado's governor is confirming tonight and infection was discovered near denver, the man who has it says 20's. no recent travel history lives in a rural area for now he's in isolation. they're doing contact tracing. the variance is the same one that's been spreading in the uk and it has now been detected in at least 17 other countries. a 41 year-old congressman-elect from
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louisiana tonight has died from covid-19 you know republican luke letlow passed away just days before being sworn into office loh announced that he tested positive. on december 18th and was quarantining at home. he was admitted to a hospital the next day and eventually placed in intensive care, but low leaves behind a wife and 2 children. very said you just never know and our covid coverage continues on our website kron 4 dot com there you can download the kron 4 and kron on apps also to get the latest alerts in news sent right to your device. the apps are free in the apple and google play stores, all right switching gears here for a check out the why don't we chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now lawrence whole lot of rain in the seven-day yeah looks very very impressive, especially as we hit the new year, but certainly a nice day today lot of sunshine around the bay area all spring-like outside temperatures. >>they get cold tonight, we're
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seeing some spots already dropping off into the 30's and some of the interior valleys clear skies. pretty dry out there right now. and we're going to see changes though as early as tomorrow in fact high pressure overhead now sending most of energy from the storms city northwest you see the rain making its way into parts of washington and oregon some heavy rainfall moving in along the coastline then turning into snow the cascades says they're going to see more of that snow overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, this just the beginning we've got a series of the storms headed our way it is cold and limb or 38 degrees right now 44 in concord 41 in santa rosa 50 degrees in san francisco. but things are changing rapidly now as we had a nice day today got some big waves along the coastline and want to watch out for that, but now storm clouds beginning to move in by tomorrow afternoon. there's a chance you could begin to see a couple of showers moving into the north bay. then as we head to the middle of the evening. that's when i think the front comes across the bay area to bring rain not only in the north bay but across the bay area
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tomorrow, then the kind of sweeps on through we get the backside of that we start to dry out so tonight going to be a cold one 20's and 30's for overnight lows around the bay area tomorrow, increasing clouds throughout the day leading to a chance of showers late in the afternoon in the north and then rain for everybody overnight. tomorrow night into early on thursday morning as we head in the last day of the new year that looks like it is going to be dry on the end of this year, but next year we start out wet and gets wetter next week look stormy on and off all week long alright, exciting yeah we'll take it slow arts. the magic shows the moment an east bay man led oakland police on a car chase. victor top at of pittsburgh. he was out on bail and a manslaughter case in june and that's when authorities say he committed to a string of crimes, including a carjacking and kidnapping a head-on collision with the police suv and they say that he ran across freeways after falling 20 feet. >>and being hit by a car to then led police on a 2 day
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manhunt. he was eventually caught while hiding in a shack near a water treatment plant. police dogs were used when he initially refused to come out. witness claims that to pet used his phone to try to couch the dog's eyes out. i expected to stand trial early next year. statue honoring breonna taylor was smashed to pieces we've been reporting about this in oakland over the weekend but then. >>now the statues been stolen the sculptor says he will not be daunted by this act of vandalism or theresa reports from oakland with more on what has happened and what the artist says he plans to do next i just i want to answer the question why does this statue matter it was a passionate project that took many painstaking hours to create. >>yet vandals demolish the peace. >>quickly as black lives matter. because the racist who came in the dark last weekend. and hit our statue with
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baseball bats and and tried to destroy it and that speaks to the work being done in america that the racism and bigotry. >>leo carson created the bust in honor of breonna taylor, the slain emergency room tech who died in a botched police raid in her louisville home earlier this year. her death touched off demonstrations around the country. >>the outrage at this crime created waves that captured the attention of the media all over the world. millions more now have heard of brianna taylor and this was a victory for our movement they tried to crush us and we fight back and they were that we've lived it on its head. >>kron 4 news first spoke with carson this past weekend after vandals hacked to pieces days after christmas and now overnight more damage done. the bus has vanished. the carson says he's not gone to the plans to rebuild it starting now along with a
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friend they mixed concrete to repair the base we're not going away and nor is this space we have secured for briana taylor's memory. we have a reason to unite black brown white support for the statue in carson's dedication pouring in from all over it brought up a lot of emotions from you know her initial death. >>and so than to see that her statue had been defamed just. >>brought phyllis army all over you it just makes me feel like >>i mean can't we have anything you know and live, i mean what's the point of bad enough what happened to her. you know and then to have something you know in her honor defaced them for what. >>and leo carson tells us that he plans to rebuild the bus off site and then put it back he's also hoping that eventually there could be some cameras put in the area. just in case. they catch these people who did this to the bus and prosecute them accordingly. there are no
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country says toss kron 4 news to the louisville police officers connected to breonna taylor's death could be fired detective joshua jaynes and myles cosgrove. >>have both received a pre termination letters kentucky's attorney general says that detective cause grow fired the shot that killed taylor detective he wasn't president the shooting but he did secure the no knock warrant investigation found that he violated department procedures related to the search warrant. his attorneys says he did nothing wrong. and in cleveland 2 police officers who were charged in the 2014 killing of 12 year-old tamir rice. they will not be facing federal criminal charges. the boy was playing with a pellet gun outside a recreation center in who shot and killed justice department says that poor quality surveillance video recorded when that shooting took place kept prosecutors from the able to determine whether the child was reaching for his toy gun before he was shot. and that's what the 2 officers claim cause them to shoot.
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>>video now of damage in downtown nashville here it looks like a war zone at times. this was the christmas morning explosion in nashville, the fbi and atf. released video showing streets blanketed debris and damage everywhere and today business owners and people who live there. we're finally let in to assess all the damage stephanie langston has that story now. >>well the destruction is seen firsthand today is hard to process for those who called music city home, the downtown district here a place where dreams are made in the nashville spirit thrives it's heartbreaking it's absolutely heartbreaking the nightmare became reality as business owners and residents saw the destruction for the first time in person it was devastating, it looks like a war zone down there more than 40 businesses damaged from the christmas morning explosion rocking the core of historic stretch of second avenue those buildings
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will probably suffer a lot of structural damage. it is not just broken it is. >>the architectural charm of many will likely never be the same it's just heartbreaking to see this happen to it it's very sad that those buildings might be condemned and then just. i'm not return at least in there. what was their form before. >>it's the latest blow for community already reeling and devastation. the national spirit is resilient nationals going to come back. we're gonna come back stronger than this stephanie langston newsnation nashville. >>the suspect here anthony quinn warner killed himself and wounded 3 others in the explosion. authorities say a motive for the bombing remains unknown at this time, but new documents reveal that last year warner's girlfriend. told police that he was building bombs in that rv on his property. but when the hazardous devices unit tried to search the vehicle warner's a tourney was able to block that search. at least 7 people
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were killed and dozens more injured after a powerful 6.4. >>magnitude earthquake struck central croatia today. this is video of the aftermath and workers cleaning up the damage. the quake was felt in neighboring countries like slovenia. it forced lawmakers to evacuate the slovenian national assembly. >>let's be not see him. >>you can hear rumbling sound as the earthquake began you can also see the camera rattling there. reports say damage was caused to the building. >>this video you're getting millions of views online in it. a woman accuses a black teenager of stealing her iphone and that leads to a physical altercation the family says that it was racially profiled leave details on what investigators are saying we come back. >>an anti mass protests breaks out at southern california details on their demands when
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we come back and the concerns tonight about that moderna covid vaccine could it cause a reaction to people who have had facial fillers what you
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>>tonight an fda review of the new moderna vaccine has found the side effects for people with cosmetic facial fillers according to the study the vaccine can produce swelling and inflammation in areas that
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have filler in them, everybody who suffered side effects had their symptoms resolved with steroids and antihistamines doctors say reactions like this are to be expected. and they advise patients to plan their filler appointments carefully. >>recommendation to patients is don't get fillers 2 weeks before it 2 weeks after a vaccine. >>doctors say the vaccine amp's up the immune system leading it to target a natural substances in the body. like phil. scientists have learned a lot about covid this year and how it's transmitted. and tonight listen to this they're saying that all that scrubbing and disinfecting we've been doing might not be totally necessary according to a microbiologist at rutgers university. if a person with covid sneezes or coughs the droplets containing particles of the virus can travel through the air and eventually land on nearby surfaces right. but they say the risk of getting infected from touching
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a surface that's been contaminated by the virus is low. according to research the amount of leftover virus that lands on the surface simply is not infectious all right. well up next the debate over the stimulus comes at a time when state unemployment is just under 8%. >>the kind of jobs at bay area residents are out there looking for and permanent changes coming to the bay area's toll system for bridges. the pandemic era practice that will be maintained and there's new information tonight about the moments just before a police officer in colum
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>>everybody's talking about all these stimulus payments 600 to 1000 it comes at a time though when california's unemployment rate is just under 8% its high and tonight the state's employment development department says that almost a million and a half people right now are unemployed. >>representatives at a pair of local staffing agencies they tell our kron four's i think that you that the jobs that are currently in high demand are right. >>here in the bay area although the pandemic has had major impact of the overall job market in 2020 bay area job recruiters say the time is right for job, seekers always a good time jo jo verona is the direct hire recruiter for the job shop in san francisco
9:32 pm
and employment agency that specializes in temporary contract contract to hire a direct higher staffing. he talks about the hot positions that are currently available we are seeing a lot of like. >>legal secretaries. specialized positions that are open we have a lot of paralegal openings we several accounting rules that are open that are specific to an industry nursing positions that we have the here at a t 20 are seeing a huge uptick in hiring laurissa girl act is the head of recruitment services that one of the highest-rated staffing agencies 8020 she says tech related marketing creative and sells positions are also in huge demand here in the bay area where we've a huge increase trade any kind of digital marketing. >>anything that's going to be up on the web com or. feels related position technology, your 5 will continue to grow. >>employment recruitment
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experts advise that while you're in between jobs used the tide to level up your skill set taking advantage of any virtual training opportunities and freshen up that resume resume. >>make sure it's clear make sure you know what you're looking for a good cover letter. you don't linked in profile definitely make their social media screen. people are looking at social media nowadays. >>has it made kron 4 news. your cash will no longer be accepted at any state on bay area bridges starting in the new year >>now will be built by a new all electric toll system. the system is similar to the one that's being used at the golden gate bridge. customers who pay with fast track or a license plate account they want to see really any difference in their statement. cash toll collection that was suspended back on march 21st and in the new year that change becomes permanent dozens of people tried
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storming a market in los angeles today and nobody wearing masks about 50 people showed up. >>around 3.30 today they were chanting things like open up l a one shopper says the protesters were urging others to take their masks off. police showed up they were able to get the crowd under control and nobody was arrested. another big story we're following accusation here quickly went viral. after a black jazz musician accused a white woman of eventually tackling his 14 year-old son it happened this past weekend at a hotel in new york. musician pretty prominent musician, especially their new york qian herald films on his phone part of the interaction he says this woman. thought his boite took her cell phone it turns out that didn't happen she forgot it. in an uber and as felicia bolton reports prosecutors are now investigating. >>it's this video going viral
9:35 pm
online gaming millions of views find my iphone is on the famed jazz musician, he on herald reported this alleged attack inside the arlo hotel and lower manhattan. the day after christmas no he's not getting some of the group the 40 year-old father says he and his 14 year-old son were attacked by an unidentified woman and the hotel lobby know on video you can hear the woman accused keyon harrold junior of stealing her iphone then a scuffle ensues a trumpet player so. >>i'm trying to protect my son chief she scratched me she had she went at >>in variety of to trying to get into his pockets turning into my pocket. you've gone down to the ground and literally what it was a tussle the videos only a minute but it went on a lot longer than
9:36 pm
that sources close to the hotel say the woman was a guest there but checked out december 23rd, according to those same sources. the woman came back saturday december 26. >>and hotel staff do not know why she return shortly after that the incident took place. later the same day according to sources and uber driver returned the woman's missing phone herald. junior's parents say they believe the hotel is equally responsible for what happened to the fact that. >>this was not escalated by the hotel. before she put her hands. on my son. makes them equally responsible are low hotels released this statement apologizing to the herald reading in part. we're deeply disheartened about the recent incident of baseless accusation, prejudice and assault against an innocent guest of arlo hotel we've learned that the manager on duty properly called the police hotel security intervened to prevent further
9:37 pm
violence still more could have been done to de escalate the dispute even with the apology the family is demanding more they hired civil rights attorney ben crump to handle the case he's creating petition requesting the manhattan district attorney's to press charges on assault. >>and battery and launch a civil rights investigation into the arlo soho hotel 4 alleged implicit bias so far more than 47,000 people have signed it there are larger societal implications here. >>if you're not a person of color and you've never experienced this kind racial profiling. you want to really understand it. but there are thousands, a black man prisons in america today because they were falsely accused and that's why this is such an airport and teachable moment for america, the family says the teen is traumatized by the
9:38 pm
incident. he's trying to. >>handle it the best that he can. he will start therapy this week now they wait for this woman to come forward that was felicia bolton reporting for us tonight. a white police officer in ohio, who has been fired for fatally shooting an unarmed black man in failing to provide medical attention. >>for several minutes is back in the news. after internal affairs in columbus ohio revealed that another police officer who was there at the scene told them in interviews after the shooting that she did not perceive a threat. from the person who was shot columbus police officer adam coy was fired yesterday. after police said a hearing about the shooting 47 year-old andre hill was unarmed holding a cell phone when former officer coit shot him as hill walked out of his garage. coy was responding to a non-emergency
9:39 pm
call. the police chief there in columbus said after viewing the body camera footage. he supports firing coy. though he's been fired many are still calling for coy to be criminally charged. >>well the sunshine was nice today. but now we're talking about rain and there's a lot to come we will time out those storms coming up next. warriors try to get rolling in the right direction keep up that momentum about this rookie. >>james wiseman looking so good and without stella way gets he woke up to break yeah and steam starting to come together a
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>>for sports. the warriors were on game 4 of their four-game road trip to start the season tonight. it was a date with the pistons in detroit. >>a win would make them to into which most would consider a when considering this is a squad that is still very much getting used to one another. steph curry trying to build off his 36 point effort in chicago and he did that and then some but this shot here was noteworthy because it was kelly you brace first race of the season after missing his first 17 he stuffed the stat sheet tonight, 14 points 5 rebounds 2 steals 2 blocks who
9:43 pm
really needed that game 2nd quarter james wiseman looking like a young chris bosh here the warriors really love this kid just oozing with potential the story of the game tonight with andrew wiggins big time dunk here in transition. warriors back within 3 points at the half 3rd quarter. we're used to seeing this that steph curry screen steph curry warriors go up by 2 point. now some good defense leads to even better offense does get to steal staff gets it ahead to want to know anderson for the reverse layup 17 3 run for the debate led by 9 but went into the 4th by one pointing to 4th quarter things got good derrick rose turn back the clocks of it is for 8 straight points to give the tree a 3 point lead but check out this sequence from why he gets the bike here on mason plumlee he's going to go coast to coast you'll see many big men running the floor like that
9:44 pm
with the ball finishes with the slam. now more from the star of the night we get his nails this stepback 3 in the warriors take a 10 point lead wiggins had 17 of his 27 points in the 4th quarter 5 of 8 from 3 a minute later with the staff with the shot right there on the wing he finished with 31 points just another night in the office, but detroit they got back to within 5. no need to worry there you go damion lee hero from a couple of nights ago hits the dagger great team win warriors win one 16 one '06 they're 2, 2, on that road trip pretty good considering their first 2 losses of the season. we're really ugly here from current company after the game kerr was especially impressed with a wiggins. >>he was phenomenal and he just took over the you know knocking down threes get into the room. getting to the foul yeah andrew was fantastic at all 4th quarter we're getting better every game.
9:45 pm
>>every game you know we're learning new learning paper each other knowing what you know likes you know the carriage in building 4 excited to get home our confidence level should be rising because we're starting to to the type of team that we should be felt like there's much home-court advantage have been on the road but being at home space obviously in our routine. >>you know being around hopefully that'll be that'll be a positive force. >>the warriors will fly back to san francisco tonight have a day off tomorrow on friday, they'll take on the portland trail blazers at
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>>welcome back time talk about the weather member for so much of twenty-twenty it never rained know, but we're making up for lost time right lawrence 21 we're really going to start with the bay is we're going to see a lot of rain will series of storms rolling in. >>the bayer will time those out for you just a moment outside right now we've got clear skies. for the most in i think stay mostly clear and that's allowed us temperatures get very cold. we've already seen some places dip into the 20's or 30's already could very easily see a couple place in the north bay down in the 20's now that comes after a spectacular day with temperatures above average of uh 60 in san francisco, 60 in oakland 62 in san jose today, 61 in the more 63 in concord
9:49 pm
and 64 degrees in santa rosa, these temperatures all above the average for this time of year. but we're going to get back to some wintry weather and you can see already this storm clouds to our north high pressure sitting over california today that brought you that nice sunshine. but the ridge is starting to break down and begin to move further to the east and that will bring with it a chance of the rain all the way as early as tomorrow afternoon now storms out there off the coastline generating some big-time swells watch out toward the beaches you get on terror beach stinson beach waves maybe 5 maybe 9 feet high was out there along the coastline today and lot of surfers out there enjoying the big waves, but you got to be careful. a very strong undertow expected through tomorrow at least tonight skies going stay mostly clear maybe a couple high clouds drifting in. by early tomorrow morning but patchy valley frost going to be prevalent inland increasing clouds throughout the day tomorrow with the chance of some showers in the north bay by the afternoon and looks like things staying on settle for a the week here and looks like as we get into next week rain really starts flow across the bay area. temperatures
9:50 pm
again chilly outside along the coastline 39 in half moon bay also some places the pacific are reporting that temperatures in the 30's, 38 in dublin, 38 degrees in livermore 39 in napa 38 in san anselmo you get the idea. it is can she lead early on tonight as the sky staying clear but here's your first frontal system will want to drop into the bay area that's going to bring a chance of rain by tomorrow afternoon. but then things get really interesting this the long-range forecast here comes a first run again there comes bringing a chance of showers the bay area tomorrow evening. not a big deal maybe a 10th of inch of rain or so behind that another week system by friday night into early saturday, light showers a possibility then things begin to open up that one looks more impressive coming through saturday night into sunday morning behind that another one as we head in toward monday. another storm system on tuesday and even bigger one on wednesday. and then another one on the way that they're just lining up across the pacific one right after the other nothing to stop it. so looks like an impressive round of rain
9:51 pm
coming our way get prepared for that want to change we're going to have. yeah temperatures tomorrow only in the 50's rail, a good part of the bay area. we are get ready for series of storms, especially the start out the new year and it takes a lot to impress you lawrence yeah what's being about it right now all right well make sure your jacaranda serve the first winter storm of the season in southern california came. >>overnight it was rainy, there was hail snow and thunderstorms in a lot of southern california in hollywood here. the storm was so strong it toppled a 100 year-old jacaranda tree and 70's backyard, if i'm saying that wrong an arborist can reach out on twitter and tell me how to say it cleanup crews cut the tree up there were no reports fortunately of any injuries to people nor damage to the houses next a hotel worker now being called a hero. we'll
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
♪ wild thing, ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪
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♪ wild thing i... think i... you know what i think? i think you owe us $48.50... wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>key here very hospitable see you should know that hospitality is defined as the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers yes, indeed we do see many examples of it during this holiday season, but but megan brown did in the name of hospitality has her job calling her a hero. >>sherry jackson explains. >>this is a hotel christmas story that megan brown will be telling for a long time on the front desk associate but on december 12 twenty-twenty
9:55 pm
managers here at embassy suites birmingham tell us she earned the title hero. her actions that saturday went above and beyond are typical front desk duties, house working the front desk and i heard people screaming at the pool area. >>so i came around and i saw them banging on the glass, this is the path meghan took that day i ran down the hallway and when i got to the end. we've got to the 4 door i saw a girl at the bottom of the pool. >>and i just jumped in and grabbed her the little girl wasn't breathing. >>out and gave her cpr. cop had her back to she started breathing and i was able to give her a hug and make sure she was ok her actions got the attention of hilton's corporate offices. >>who met to recognize her via zoom we all hope that if we ever got put in a position like you got putting on saturday that we would react. with the courage 42 in the
9:56 pm
speed in which you reacted to that situation. no with the selflessness of just saving that child is just amazing. >>despite all the attention a gun had this to say when she found out her heroic actions would be featured in a news story. >>it's the little girl sees at the heart of me with you in a part of use with me and i hope you're doing okay. >>still thinking of others. bless megan you know that kids can you know in the blink of an eye keeping i was first get those doing it's learning how to swim be proficient in a but kudos to her you know holiday season. it's been a beast of the year, but there's still a lot of good a lot of people in the human nature fortunately is to the right things like to leave you with that after all the negative news. we have gone there any of that. yeah
9:57 pm
and roll back for a second, but megan. >>is a mom who is studying criminal justice just you know as an aside there. she is. >>going to have a great career hopefully we appreciate you guys being with us tonight all right that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 the grant night we'll be back at the top of the hour. >>direct covid stimulus payments those could start showing up in bank accounts tonight, what you need to know. >>about the latest round of financial relief. plus the new mutation of covid-19 has been detected now in the u.s. coming up the ucsf doctor will join us live to explain why it is different and what it means for the vaccine, those stories and much more. coming up next on kron 4 news at 10.
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10:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>and much needed and long overdue help for millions of americans it could be arriving by tonight but the efforts to boost those stimulus payments they have had a one man roadblock on capitol hill. thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10 everybody i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the one man roadblock his name is mitch mcconnell and u.s. treasury secretary steven mnuchin says. >>$600 deposits could be hitting qualified americans bank accounts as early as tonight. the paper checks


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