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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 29, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>and much needed and long overdue help for millions of americans it could be arriving by tonight but the efforts to boost those stimulus payments they have had a one man roadblock on capitol hill. thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10 everybody i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus the one man roadblock his name is mitch mcconnell and u.s. treasury secretary steven mnuchin says. >>$600 deposits could be hitting qualified americans bank accounts as early as tonight. the paper checks if
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you don't direct deposit will be delivered nearly sent out starting tomorrow and here's what you need to know a person who's making up to 75,000 a year in 2019. automatically be qualified to get the $600 check married couples making up to a 150,000. we'll get $1200 to $600 payments and each qualifying child in a family will get $600 as well. people with that direct deposit already on file. we'll get paid that way the irs if they have your info anybody doesn't get a direct deposit by early january should watch their mail for a paper check or a debit card. and later this week people will be able to check the status of their payments on the irs website. we have a link to that on our website kron 4 dot com. well the money is welcome sight for so many families struggling to get by many say it's just not enough. >>president trump congressional democrats along with a handful of republicans are still pushing for those
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payments to get bumped up and increased to $2000 but as our joe khalil reports for us tonight. the odds of that happening appear slim. >>it's now increasingly unlikely that americans will get a $2000 stimulus check despite growing support for them in congress donald trump says he wants to $2000 check my belief is that if we have this pope. >>on the floor of the united states senate it will. >>pass but the vote senators like democrat ed markey will likely take won't beyond just a bigger check late tuesday evening senator mitch mcconnell introduced an entirely new $2000 stimulus check bill which would also create a commission to study voter fraud and repeal section 2.30 a law that shields social media companies from some lawsuits, those 3 important subjects the president has linked together. >>this morning. senate will begin a process to bring these 3 priorities and catch those 3 priorities together don't pass the house or become law
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according to democrat senate leader chuck schumer who says quote any move like this by senator mcconnell would be a blatant attempt to deprive americans of a $2000 survival check. i hope that doesn't happen. senator bernie sanders tells newsnation most americans want a $2000 stimulus check and he says the way to pass it is to vote up or down on bigger checks. no add-ons look the house passed the clean bill that's what the american people i want us to do not to putting poison pills not to muddy the water mcconnell's new bill comes after president trump joined democrats in putting pressure on republicans in congress and it seemed to work a handful of republican senators recently expressed support for $2000 checks, including georgia senators david perdue and kelly loeffler both in races to keep their senate seats as well as nebraska senator deb fischer florida senator marco rubio and missouri senator josh hawley in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>happening tomorrow more relief is also coming for
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small businesses in california. and just a few hours owners can start to apply for their share a 500 million dollars in grants is. >>part of the state relief program. our coffers jonathan mccall live for us in san francisco with the details why some businesses say you know it just might not be enough jonathan. >>you know a grant and vicki so many businesses there are 4 million small businesses here in the golden state in for a number of months, many of them have been just doing whatever they can to get by as they try to stay afloat during this pandemic this 500 million dollars will have to be divvied up as many as much as $25,000 going to some of those small businesses but for some of those businesses they say that there. hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole and that this would just simply be a drop in the bucke . >>a small lifeline is on the way to the more than 4 million california, small businesses who have been trying to stay afloat during the covid-19 pandemic starting wednesday businesses can begin to apply
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for share a 500 million dollars in funds as part of the california relief grant program we have all done for that >>it's just you know timing so i think that's tomorrow will go for it. see what happens if nelson herman says he plans to apply why not at this point you know something. so yes, something that will help a little bit. you know you need to long wait but it's still something. >>on owns our kitchen and the sobering missile restaurants in oakland. like many restaurant owners. he says he's had to rely heavily on takeout orders during the leader shelter in place in order to keep the lights on says that one of his locations alone has lost nearly $80,000 during the pandemic he says any money while appreciated will be just a small drop in the bucket is just going to be an income few cents to help out. >>you know the backhand bills are you know anything with friends or just to kind of see or when you do have to pay
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something back so long words under the program businesses can receive anywhere from 5,000 to $25,000, small businesses and nonprofits or knowledgeable if their businesses bring in less than 2.5 million dollars of revenues and have been open since june 2019 and have a clear reopening plan when the pandemic ends. >>the money can be used for employee expenses, including payroll and health care paying off any debt, including rent payments in utilities and also upgrading facilities with personal protective equipment. alternate. >>just do everything and so you know and see what what helps her mom says that he understands the current climate but wishes leaders could do more to help out owners like him. >>who are also at risk of feeling the impacts of the virus you know what's going on you know ice you hospitals are filling up the fire still score strong unfortunately. so it's hard to see that. but site our businesses are a lot of people that's our lives to
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us or babies and it's happening it's just it's really frustrating difficult. >>so here's a timeline on how this will all shake out starting tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock that's when business owners can begin submitting their applications to receive some of that money. the application deadline will be on january 8th at 11:59pm and then on january 13th that's when the first round of those business owners will start to receive notifications on whether or not they've actually will receive some of that money and if you'd like to learn more information about the qualifications and everything else about this grant program. we have the details available on our website at kron 4 dot com. live tonight in san francisco jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >>help cannot come soon enough, thank you jonathan. another big story, california's health and human services secretary doctor mark galli said today to regions in the state will remain under a stay at home order until
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further notice those regions here the southern california region and the san joaquin valley, the central valley as you can see no icu capacity available in those 2 regions here in the bay area we are doing better even a little bit better than yesterday roughly 10 and a half percent of icu beds are available still well below that magic 15% number though doctor galley could confirmed and clarified that being at 0% icu capacity means that the region is already using. it's surge capacity. >>so one hospital one community one part of county want a whole county may actually be. only all of their hospitals in surge capacity while other parts of the region still have capacity so the point of a regional approach is to make sure that we take care as many californians with those such as possible and this is what we're doing in southern california and the san joaquin
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about. >>doctor golly says that this time when you project out for weeks from now he doesn't see any improvement in covid-19 hospitalizations in the state. as a reminder the stay home order is in effect for a minimum of 3 weeks once a region's icu capacity drops below 15%. the state health department is also monitoring another 31,000 new coronavirus cases and 242 new deaths, california is now approaching 2 and a half or 2.2 million confirmed cases and has confirmed more than 24,000 deaths so far due to covid in national news tonight vice president elect kamala harris is the latest elected official to receive the. >>coronavirus vaccine. she got the dose at united medical center in washington d c afterwards she took a moment to emphasize just how important it is that everybody get this shot. president elect joe biden received his vaccine
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earlier in the month. biden criticizing the trump administration and operation warp speed after it was reported that the program is falling far short of its goals for distributing the vaccine. speaking from his transition headquarters in delaware. biden also says that the months ahead will be some of the toughest of the pandemic. >>we'll find ways to boost the pace to vaccinations. but as doctor fauci and others have stated. these past few days. this will take more time than anyone would like and more time then the promises from the trump administration have suggested. this is going to be the greatest operational challenge we've ever faced as a nation. we're going to get it done. it's going to take a effort. it's not yet under way. >>earlier this month white house officials said that they plan to have 20 million doses distributed by the end of the year. according to data provided by the cdc just over
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11 million doses have been distributed and only 2 million people have received their first dose. now to a developing story that new more contagious covid-19 feria has been detected for the first time. >>here in the u.s. the governor of colorado today confirming the infection in his state. health officials say the infected individual is a man in his 20's who has no recent travel history yeah, the variant is the same one that's been rapidly circulating across the uk and it's been detected. >>it least 17 other countries so far health experts had previously speculated it was really only a matter of time before we detected that strain right here in the u.s. joining us now one of the experts in our arsenal, doctor peter, chin-hong an infectious disease expert has ucsf doctor chan hon, thank you so much for staying up late with to what extent are you concerned with this new mutation and when do you think we'll know for sure whether or not the
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current vaccines work against it. >>me i'm grant and vicki. overall i'm not too concerned i think that this variant was identified as early as september and southeast send england. and it is probably associated with increased transmission. but there's also good news, the good news is it's not associated with more severe disease. likely that the current vaccines will work. you know all regular protection like masks still work regarding the any vaccine companies are specifically testing this train against but it takes years the vaccine. variance to really develop into different strain, so that the vaccines, one work as we understand it and that's because we've all. a repertoire of antibodies to
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odds each of the spike protein somebody trying to develop antibodies against on the surface of the of the sars covid 2 virus. so that you know in terms of vaccine. efficacy i'm not too worried in terms of you know it's spreading widely it's on the is already here some people think leah's surges really do you tip possibly an problems of a variance. >>yeah doctor brief courson ver allah geo one oh one. but it these viruses are constantly morphing that's right that's nature of the beast. so we were thinking we were trying so hard to stop flights coming in from the uk when in fact either it was already here or is there a chance that you know it's doing its own thing. without having any exposure to you know folks in other countries. >>i don't think it's doing its own thing i mean it's always
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done something purse and like you said the key. the virus is very imprecise when it makes copies of itself in fact that's part of the game of viruses. >>particularly rna viruses like this when it makes a copy doesn't make an exact copy all the time and some of these different variance can the hive different superpower but you know it is the goal of the virus to see. i'm survive and thrive. so that the fact that it's not killing more people in this particular variant is interesting in itself, but you're right the skynest 20's and colorado. he hadn't traveled to england and it's likely that it's been here all along the only testified 0, 0, 3%, of our area of awe viruses in the genomic analysis so you know people who only started doing a little bit more testing now. so it probably is already here because there's so much travel between the u k and the u.s. even in covid
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times have you had the shot. i haven't had the shot yet because you know it's going to be random it's still around in process and 9,000 people in my group holding out for that grants. what do you think the next time you talk to i'll have it already yeah, i know you're going to sleeve up whenever you're your name is called what do you make of the in not only getting. >>the vaccines to the different states but also once they're they're actually getting them in people's arms and and now there's blame game between you know the the incoming administration, the current administration and all these governors and mayors who are having to answer questions from their constituents. >>no i feel very disappointed in the rollout personally. you know development of the
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vaccines is just part of the story as you allude to distribution and the infrastructure get into arms of people as another is you all together and you know the asked for 9 billion dollars 8 to 9 billion dollars to help with distribution and the only got 340 million dollars so it's vastly underfunded for the job that we have to do and hopefully with a new administration they will invest some more in the actual distribution of the vaccine, not just i mean the vaccine available. >>yeah, i mean just the idea that we have to you know we rely on cbs and walgreens to you know to get it out to folks my producers say that we need to wrap here, but i do have to ask you you know for those of us who then collecting you know cases of the lysol wipes news came out today that perhaps we really don't need to be you know swabbing the daca you know, i've cleaning things is for studiously is as we were told to initially. there that's some good news right.
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>>yeah, it's great news and to you know intensive not having to worry body of groceries cleaning iphone every 10 seconds that's why i think the message is really simple, you know why a mosque try to stay as far away as from somebody is possible. and think about the ventilation so instead of you know thinking and obsessing over services, although it is something we can do. these other simple interventions can probably have more bang for the buck. >>that's doctor, peter chin-hong our we love being with you thank you so much for staying up late with us providing your expertise once again always feel a little bit light on what you guys have a good night. you into a lie. all right our covid coverage continues saw always on our website kron 4 dot com there you can find the latest info about this new covid strain the different vaccines as well and the struggles to get them to people just look for the
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coronavirus section it's under the news tap there all right, let's switch gears now and talk about our 4 zone forecast we'll get a live look right now. >>we're downtown san francisco looking pretty dry for the city hall still. >>read in green for this holiday week our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking a whole lot of green on the radar in the coming week, yeah, it looks impressive headed in the new year grant we're going to see a lot of rain coming our way in fact tomorrow we may start to get a couple across the bay area tonight skies, clear and that's allowing the temperatures are really drop off around the bay area, a gorgeous day though today lot of sunshine. all day long that brought much warmer than normal up in the 60's in many spots, 60 in san francisco, 16 oakland, 62 in san jose 61 degrees and live more 63 in concord and look at santa rosa 10 degrees above the average is 64 so impressive numbers outside all due to this ridge of high pressure overhead sending the jet stream well to the north and all the storm
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clouds but the good news is there's not one of those real permanent bridges sitting over head. this one is going to continue to push eastward and weaken as it does school these clouds will be the moon or skies in fact maybe as early as tomorrow, but right now most of that rain is up in the pacific northwest you see the cascades as well and more of e that to come. you know what the storms out there are generating some big-time swells along the servers love it. these waves running a good 5, 9, feet or so along the coast through tomorrow watch out a place like montero you get to stinson beach you see some big time as well as their and of course you get that and are told that could be a problem. if you don't want to do out there right tonight skies going stay mostly looks like we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day tomorrow and then some unsettled weather very unsettled, especially as we get into weekend. and those temperatures getting cold was just checking some of these numbers that will really stood out to me. apple bay that's at the airport there 37 degrees. they're seeing some temperatures in the 30's in the so that verifies you have 30's and a little more right now 37 in dublin checkouts and
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unsettle 37 degrees 36 in nevada and 36 degrees in petaluma so certainly getting chilly out there tonight some of these numbers could dip into the upper 20's in parts of the north bay. all right getting very active on the pacific there you can see several storms begin to line up high pressure now going to slide to the east of us that's going allow this next front to be in the drop into the bay area bringing a chance of rain as early as tomorrow afternoon model starting to pick up on that to you see right here starting to cloud up early tomorrow morning then as we head through the day increasing clouds throughout the day, linda a chance of showers by the afternoon and that whole system kind of sweeps across the bay area by tomorrow evening, this just a light rain maker we're going to see maybe a 10th of inch of rain we're talking about inches of rain as we head through the new year in this first week so we've got a series of storms come we'll check that near 10 to 10 in a few minutes all right lawrence, thanks. still ahead tonight. first it was smashed to pieces. >>now it's missing a statue honoring breonna taylor is now gone just 2 weeks after it was installed in oakland. but the
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artist says he'll be doing next. plus the rebuilding begins in downtown nashville after the christmas day bombing they're the people who live and work. >>finally getting a closer look at what's left behind. >>and have a 2 day manhunt in the bay coming to a dramatic end new video from police as they pursue that fleeing suspect. are we turning our cameras on for this?
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>>dramatic video showing the moment a car chase in the east bay came to an end. yeah, there was a boom victor to pete of pittsburgh was out on bail in a manslaughter case this is in june and that's when authorities say he committed a string of crimes you ready. they say there was a carjacking kidnapping a head-on collision with a police suv and they say he then ran across freeways after falling 20 feet. it was hit by a car. so pete then led police on a 2 day manhunt was eventually caught they say while hiding in a shack near a water treatment plant. police dogs were used when he initially they say refused to come out and a witness claims to pete used his to try to gal the dog's eyes out. he is expected to stand trial early next year. in statue here of brianna taylor first it was smashed to pieces over the
10:25 pm
weekend. now the things been stolen. yeah the a sculptor says yes it was stolen, he will not be daunted by this act of vandalism. >>our first theresa stasi reports of what happened and what the artist plans to do next. >>i just i want to answer the question why does this statue matter it was a passionate project that took many painstaking hours to create yet vandals demolish the peace quickly as black lives matter. >>because the racist who came in the dark last weekend. and get our statue with baseball bats and and tried to destroy it and that speaks to the work being done in america to defeat racism and bigotry. >>leo carson created the bust in honor of breonna taylor, the slain emergency room tech who died in a botched police raid in her louisville home earlier this year. her death touched off demonstrations around the country.
10:26 pm
>>the outrage at this crime created waves that captured the attention of the media all over the world. millions more now have heard of brianna taylor and this was a victory for our movement they tried to crush us and we fight back and they were that we've lived it on its head. >>kron 4 news first spoke with carson this past weekend after vandals hacked to pieces days after christmas and now overnight more damage done. the bus has vanished. the carson says he is not daunted the plans to rebuild it starting now along with a friend they mixed concrete to repair the base we're not going away and or is this space we have secured for briana taylor's memory. >>we have a reason to unite black brown white. >>support for the statue in carson's dedication pouring in from all over it brought up a lot of emotions from you know her initial death and so then to see that her statue had
10:27 pm
been defamed just. >>brought phyllis army all over you it just makes me feel like i mean can't we have anything you know and live, i mean what's the point of at enough what happened to her. you know and then to have something you know in her honor defaced and for what. >>and leo carson tells us that he plans to rebuild the bus off site and then put it back he's also hoping that eventually there could be some cameras put in the area. just in case. they catch these people who did this to the bus and prosecute them accordingly. there are no country says kron 4 news to the louisville police officers connected to brown in taylor's death could be fired. >>detective joshua jaynes and myles cosgrove have both received pre termination letters kentucky's attorney general says detective cause grove fired the shot that killed taylor detective james was not present at the shooting but he secured the no knock warrant. the
10:28 pm
investigation found he violated department procedures related to the search warrant. his attorneys says he did nothing wrong. the justice department says it will not be bringing federal charges against to cleveland officers in the police shooting death of a 12 year-old tamir rice. rice who was black was shot and killed by a white police officer in november 2014 within seconds of police responding to a call. rice was playing with a pellet gun at the time doj officials say video quality of the shooting was 2 for to conclusively determine what happened. an attorney for rice's family says the department's investigation was tainted. adding the family has quote been cheated out of a fair process yet again. next at 10 those $600 stimulus checks well could already be in your bank account we have the latest on the. >>much needed relief now coming to millions of americans plus well, though the pandemic has certainly had a major impact on the job market we'll share the positions that experts say are
10:29 pm
in demand right here right now in the bay area and 2 more coronavirus vaccines are in the pipeline doctors praising scientists efforts as the u.s. does fall behind and not needing the vaccine distribution goals we hav
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>>this search is still our biggest yet. we cannot afford to have. christmas or new year
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surge on top of the search. that we are already experiencing that would be catastrophic. we simply can't let this gets get worse. >>as the bay area sees a record number of hospitalizations due to covid san francisco's public health director doctor grant colfax delivering an urgent message pleading with people to avoid gathering on new years as of tonight, the state home order in san francisco does appear to be helping slow the spread of the virus doctor colfax says that the average number of new cases per day in the city has dropped its are currently reporting 270 new cases per day that's down from last week's average of 275 per day. but that's still a much higher average than from previous urges and we will not know for several weeks how holiday gatherings are impacting covid transmission and while hospitals brace for another surge of covid patients, more health care workers in the bay area are
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receiving their doses of the vaccine. while the distribution might be slower than expected. the good news is several additional vaccines are moving forward in the pipeline. kron four's dan kerman reports. >>this is incredible right this has never happened before in the history of the world period. >>you see san francisco infectious disease epidemiologist doctor george rutherford is talking about the speed less than a year in which scientists have come up with a vaccine to fight the coronavirus this is the fruits of all that investment that's been made in. >>molecular biology. for these last, you know several decades. >>with the pfizer and moderna vaccines already being distributed and regulators awaiting proof of how effective astrazeneca's vaccine actually is drug maker novavax is moving into the final stage of testing with its vaccine. rutherford says the more vaccines that are affective the quicker we can reach herd immunity and some type of normalcy. >>get 10% of people vaccinated
10:34 pm
in by the end of a january another 10% by the end of february and so on by the end of july would be pushing up at 70%. so that would be will be really seriously. good. >>the recent discovery of a new strain of covid-19 in the uk is cause for concern. but medical experts say it's not surprising viruses. mutate all the time that's what their businesses. >>all biological systems mutate all the time. viruses are in a virus, especially rutherford says the good news is the piece the virus. the vaccines are attacking the spike protein appears to be constant across the strains which suggests the vaccines will continue to work of course medical experts say there needs to be more study both of the different strains as well as the vaccine's effectiveness and the strains but at this point it looks as if things are continuing to move in the right direction. >>a ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news in wisconsin about 500 doses of the moderna vaccine
10:35 pm
had to be tossed away after they were accidentally left out overnight. >>the aurora medical center in grafton says it's somebody removed viles from the refrigerator and then failed to put them back. hospital officials determine the failure was an unintended human error clinicians that were still able to administer some of the vaccines within the 12 hour post refrigeration window. once the vaccine is thought though it cannot be re frozen. happening now as congress debates whether to reopen the relief bill to increase the amount on the stimulus checks. >>us treasury secretary steve mnuchin says $600 deposits could be hitting qualified americans bank accounts as we speak tonight, the nugent says that direct deposits will continue over the coming days. and if you don't have direct deposit set up at the irs paper checks will be delivered starting tomorrow. later in the week people will be able to check the status of their checks on the irs website. we've posted a link to that on our website kron 4 dot com.
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this also come says for the first time in his presidency. president trump is facing a veto override in the u.s. senate the president refused to sign the 2021 defense spending bill into law. the president says he veto the defense bill because it did not crack down on social media companies and would lead to renaming military bases that are currently named for confederate jen generals. now senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is urging his colleagues to override the veto saying the bill is needed for america's military members. >>i've said so many times countless times and the poor the house to the floor of the senate that this is the most important. though that we have some people don't agree with that, but i do he prefers we continue to honor the confederate leaders. who committed treason this atrocities in order to preserve slavery. >>the senate is expected to vote on the override later this week. a 41 year-old
10:37 pm
congressman-elect from louisiana has died today from covid republican luke letlow passed away just days before being sworn into office letlow announced he tested positive on december 18th and was quarantining at home. he was admitted to a hospital the next day and eventually placed in intensive care letlow leaves behind a wife and 2 young children. >>the debate over the stimulus comes at a time when the statewide unemployment rate is just under 8%. california's unemployment development department says close to one and a half million people in california are unemployed. although the pandemic has had a major impact on the overall job market in 2020. bay area job recruiters say that there are certain positions in high demand right now. >>and we are seeing a lot of like legal secretaries. specialized positions that are open we had a lot of paralegal openings we several accounting rules that are open that are
10:38 pm
specific to an industry nursing positions that we have any kind of digital marketing. >>anything that's going to be up on the web com or. feels related position technology, your 5 will continue to grow. >>experts say for those job seekers out there the best way to capitalize on this demand is to take advantage of any virtual training opportunities out there and make sure your social media profile is presentable. cash will no longer be accepted at any state owned bay area bridges starting in the new year drivers will now be built by a new all electric toll system. the system is similar to the one that's being used at the golden gate bridge customers who pay with fast track or a license plate account. they won't see any difference in their statement. cash toll collection was suspended back on not march on the 21st and in the new year that change becomes permanent.
10:39 pm
>>all right now taking a live look outside with a beautiful birds eye view of the golden gate bridge as we enjoyed joy a nice dry day and get ready to get a check on the 4 zone forecast from first chief meteorologist lawrence talking those storms are lined up out there. yeah, this what's cool about having the 10 day forecast or 10 a 10. >>at 10 o'clock at night now get a really poor further in the future here. give you an idea of some of the storms that we're working with as we head into the new year certainly looks like there's going to be a lot of the kind of lining up out there right now quiet out yet looking toward the golden gate bridge that was from above this is down below looking nice and quiet this time it is getting cold all around the bay area now we've got some 30's even along the coastline, 37 in half moon bay, 38 santa rosa 37 degrees in nevada so some chilly temperatures begin to pop up outside and you know random they're getting very very cold long-range forecast we've got a front that's going to post a bay area for tomorrow bringing with it some
10:40 pm
rain i think by the afternoon least in the north bay that sweeping across the rest the bay area tomorrow evening and then passing on through behind that will catch a little bit of a break and then another weak system comes through as we head in toward friday night and saturday morning that one only a very light rain as it comes on by, but then we get into sunday and you can see the storms put themselves together that's going to be a pretty good one another good one on monday behind that another one going to pack a punch as moves through it all snow up in the sierra nevada to they're going to be measuring that of feet by the time they're done next week back another one behind that that's going to be a good one on wednesday that looks like a significant storm and really there's nothing to stop as you get the idea we've got one right after another we've got the trough line up along the west coast. that's going allow all these storms to race on through and bring in that your 1010 looks impressive. we're going to see more of that rain on the way as we head into the new year look at that all the way through monday tuesday and wednesday. maybe a slight break on thursday, but i think that is it i think rain almost on off all week long. next week. well you won't be doing
10:41 pm
much sleeping willian oahu know me too thanks for new surveillance video tonight showing the moment of that christmas day bombing in downtown nasvville. >>pretty intense. it's from. this video is from one of the dozens of businesses damaged by the explosion and while the investigation into the bombing continues today for the first time the folks who live and work there we're getting a closer look at what is left. police are now beginning to escort some business owners back inside that area to assess the damage that's been done to their property and officials say they expect several buildings in the district to actually end up being condemn it. yeah it was ravaged the destruction seen first hand is pretty hard to process for those who call music city home stephanie langston shows us how the community is trying to pick up the pieces. >>it's heartbreaking it's absolutely heartbreaking the nightmare became reality as business owners and residents saw the destruction for the
10:42 pm
first time in person is devastating it looks like a war zone down there more than 40 businesses damaged from the christmas morning explosion rocking the core of historic stretch of second avenue those buildings will probably suffer a lot of structural damage. it is not just. >>broken it is horrible. >>the architectural charm of many will likely never be the same it's just heartbreaking to see this happen to it it's very sad that those buildings might be condemned and then just. i'm not return and we send there. what was their form before jamie grissom says his bar benchmark on second avenue was more fortunate, but still severely damaged took quite a bit of damage to the exterior of the lot of would lot of things were moved around on the interior and that some of some of our doors had got a swollen in from the from last that occurred so we.
10:43 pm
>>optimistic you know until someone professionally looks at it we just you know we obviously don't know the full extent. >>it's the latest blow for community already reeling and devastation. the national spirit is resilient nationals going to come back. we're gonna come back stronger than this. >>and that was stephanie langston reporting for us tonight from nashville. the a suspect. anthony quinn warner killed himself in wounded 3 others in the blast and authorities say a motive for that bombing remains unknown tonight but new documents revealed that last year. mourners girlfriend told police that he was building bombs in the rv that was on his property. but when the hazardous devices unit tried searching the vehicle by warner's attorneys block the search. coming up in sports. >>say if you're not a huge warriors fan you probably need a program to it learn who's out there this year. there's no clay there's no dray toere's no kd but get to know wiseman who break and maybe
10:44 pm
wiggins sexually woke up what a game from him sports director jason dumas some breaks it down next. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.
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10:47 pm
to start the season tonight. it was a date with the detroit pistons a win would make them to into which most would consider when considering this is a squad that is still very much getting used to playing with one another steph curry trying to build on his 36 point night the other night in chicago and he did just that he had a huge game but this shot here was noteworthy for kelly to break. he was over 17 heading into this game on three's cali stuffed the stat sheet tonight, 14 points 5 rebounds 2 steals 2 blocks they'll need more of that out of him as the season. progresses 2nd quarter james wiseman looking like a young chris bosh here the warriors really love this kid you'll see why later in the game. but the story of tonight's game with andrew wiggins big time dunk in transition warriors back within 3 points at the half 3rd quarter. they're used to seeing this run staff 4 years go up by 2. now some
10:48 pm
good defense he's even better off and steph curry finds want escotto anderson what the rivers 17 3 run for the dogs they're up 9 at that point but only women to the 4th quarter up by a point they could 4th quarter now dare growth turning back the clock a bit he scored 8 quick points to give detroit a three-point lead. but check out this sequence from wiseman this is a reason why the words are so enamored by him he gets the block. leave the break himself and finishes with dunk. you can't see many young 19 year-old is doing that now back to the start tonight, weekend sales, the stepback 3 warriors take a 10 point lead we've had 17 of his 27 in the 4th 5 for 8 from the 3 and they're steph curry with the shot boy. he had 31 points warriors up 13, but detroit got back to within 5, but no worries there's damion lee
10:49 pm
really asserting himself in this war is rotating at the game winner, chicago stat 3 there he's really shoot the lights out the ball warriors win one 16 one '06. 2 in 2 on the road. pretty good considering how ugly those first 2 losses were here from steve kerr and company after the game kerr was especially impressed with a week it's. >>it phenomenal and he just took over the you know knocking down threes get into the room. getting to the foul yeah andrew was fantastic at all 4th quarter we're getting better every game. >>every game you know we're learning new learning paper each other knowing what you know likes you know the carriage building 4 excited to get home our confidence level should be rising because we're starting to to the type of team that we should be felt like there's much home-court advantage have been on the road but being a home space obviously in our routine.
10:50 pm
>>you know being around hopefully that'll be that'll be a positive force. >>already the warriors are probably literally in the air right now flying back to san francisco will have the day off tomorrow practice thursday game time 7.30 on friday against the portland trail blazers at chase center home opener of course, no fans will be in attendance kind of anti-climatic but hopefully they can keep the streak going. that's your
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
>>though to tell you. but new year's eve is going to look a lot different this year and with health officials encouraging everybody to stay home. here a crowd for we're working with our sister stations across the west coast to make sure you don't have to miss out on any celebrations ok so here's a look at the preparations under way for a fireworks show at the plaza hotel and casino. >>in vegas which will be aired right here on kron 4. >>i want to right here on top of the plaza hotel and casino on the reason i'm here is because this is where i'm going to be on new year's eve as we welcome in 2021 with some of the biggest fireworks in las vegas. joining us live now is nathan tanner, he's the pyrotechnic director for this fire which at the plaza hotel maid thanks for joining us here. how's this going to be different from what we see typically on the strip at caesars compared to here. >>well the stuff you guys see
10:54 pm
you see on this trip is using what they call a class is a 1.3 g explosive mean that those type of shells order rocks lift charges more more aerial breaking things like that what we have here is closer to a one 0.4 g class. it's actually a close proximity and by doing this we actually throwing a lot of stage far as well because the company itself we deal with a lot of stage productions so we have a big production with the one 0.4 g high explosives which is a close products and then we also makes a lot of stage fire involved was really cool as you like to put this all together and make it an immersive experience is that correct that's correct a lot of to do is because the other stage pile. i do what we call a 3.60 display so many in and sort of sitting there looking at the distance in the fireworks actually put the audience in the middle of the show also keep all proper requirements needed for you know follows on the details but i like to to where the audience is fully emerge in the show we're looking behind you in front of on top you behind flames everything going off around you instead of just
10:55 pm
sitting there looking in the distance i thought like much as this is going to be a fantastic show to see what's different this year from what we see the years pass well first of all like to actually huge give a big thank you to the plaza hotel for allowing be part of work was such an amazing team. we definitely wish you weren't going to be the only show in town vegas isn't the same without all of its talent and over the top productions. we're currently thinking about others just like us that to get back to work for us, it's about them and giving everyone more reason to be hopeful. that's fantastic and we're excited you guys to get back to the show us a little bit about where you plan to put these displays and everything up here. yeah i would love to. >>so up on the rough year. we actually use as much of a footprint that we can use up here. you see in the distance a lot is empty spots. we'll have higher laid out of here we're going to fire lead over to my left we'll have pyro down on the lower side, the plaza. >>and down on the pool deck. i'm going to have some flame units with some close brock's up higher as well that we use for example for say business is down below the pool deck. so all the audiences around
10:56 pm
will be up here will be over to the left to have fired all the stuff going on and we're so excited about think you did it and appreciate it. >>with protected director with the plaza hotel he's going to fire off those fireworks at midnight and the best part all this guys is yours truly is garden is going to be the guy it's actually going to hit the button to lot of those fireworks. i hope i don't screw this up a warm-up i think i don't want my finger all right here at the plaza hotel casino on tedd florendo we'll see you on new year's eve. >>yeah, i can't wait that starts at 9 and then at 1130, we'll bring it back to the bay. this new year's eve. you can catch my lovely wife and i ringing in the new year in the city stay safe stay home countdown to midnight with us and then we'll watch some spectacular fireworks sharp dressed couple there we also thank you to share your photos. >>to show us how you're celebrating the start of 2021. and you could even win some cash to spend in the new year.
10:57 pm
there is lawrence with the new year's eve forecast. yeah and looks like it could be a little wet to a good reason to stay home as well clear out there right now getting cold in spots are going to see those temperatures really drop off. we've got some 30's and 40's even along the coastline, a couple temperatures begin to pop up in the 30's low's going to drop down in the upper 20's. i think in the north bay valleys east bay going to be the 30's. yeah, we're looking at some frost to begin the day tomorrow and some rain to and i think as we get in toward the evening hours more rain on and off through the new year we need that rain so can all right going maybe drips and drabs would be better but we'll take a good
10:58 pm
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