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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 30, 2020 7:00am-8:01am PST

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better yeah, we're excited about getting some rain to say >>other nature she's already going to be giving us a solid start to 2021. i know rainfall isn't necessarily everyone's ideal. but we do need it as we always say and it looks like the first week of 2021 is going to be really coming through for us today certainly not a bad way to be closing out your second to last day of you know what's been kind of a dicey year with 2020. we are seeing some cloudy skies out there this morning mostly some low clouds and fog sitting right above the bay. there's teacher tower right there you're east bay hills in the distance, visibility is being affected in some spots, but i think what you're going to notice most of all is just how cold it is out there livermore and dublin you're at 31 right now san jose palo alto in the 30's, san matteo at 38 oakland you're at 39 moments ago now you're back up into the 40's while napa santa rosa fairfield in san anselmo just among a few spots in the north bay that are down in the 30's this morning. so frigid cold start we do have patches of
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fog to watch out for most of us are actually under some clear skies though i'm talking partly cloudy skies today and then our first dose of rainfall tonight ahead of next week and next year's heavier stuff, robin. >>thank you john we're checking in on the traffic and we know that it's not so bad when it's when it's not raining the drive into san francisco, brighter lighter the sun is coming up, so it's not so dark out there, but traffic is moving well as its been doing throughout the morning drive a lot of folks are still on vacation out of town at home not on the roads and we can see that because it's nice and smooth here at the pay gates on 80 into san francisco. all right let's check in on some more bridges we 92 it's our busiest bridge. so we have a crowd on both sides now leaving hayward heading west and coming into hayward going east. but so far no major issues in your drive time between hayward and san mateo is still under 30 minutes. so that's really good and that's considered right on time all right, let's check the golden gate this is where we have that dense fog
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advisory in place we can see the fog right now, but it was pretty bad earlier right across the span we could not see the towers that's no longer the case, but you know rolls in and out so just be careful here on one oh one. but so far smooth conditions into and out of san francisco. 7 oh one and new year's eve is tomorrow night and everybody is warning people don't gather we don't need any more covid spreading. that's right going to be chilling on my couch by myself we don't want to gather with other folks and you know that worsens the covid-19 conditions because that's how it starts to spread and health officials are just urging that you not do that because that can make this year were will tran is live along the embarcadero no party nothing to see here keep moving now. >>the other party is the party of one just like be at home by myself as schering a new years east coast style meeting 09:00pm our time and after that i'm going to bed, san francisco. they're removing
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the temptation of people possibly even hanging out at the embarcadero because no fireworks show like we saw last year and every year before that because of covid-19 so don't come down to the embarcadero you won't see anything typically. right around this time i would already see barricades in place and the fire department they'll go around here sending it up with the police officers but not this year because there are no parties to be had in fact they don't even want you to have your own personal party, instead just immediate family members, especially with christmas just a few days ago they expect the surge to continue. and unfortunately according to health officials with new year's eve tomorrow. the expect things to get worse before they get better. >>we urge of many californians to gather and do so in ways that really are covid-safe are going to lead some transmission. we hope over
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these last few days before the new that are and we hope some are canceled some are done differently so that we can maintain bring down the spread but we know and expect that some of that will happen. >>and with all the covid-19 tests that are happening just because you're negative today does not mean that you can't be positive tomorrow because is just a snapshot at that moment in time which is why they're still urging people stay inside your place, especially with the icu beds, running very low in the bay area it's barely above 10% and we all know anything below 15% it automatically triggers a shelter in place. anyways so robin daria if you don't mind can i speak on your young in the past i would say let me think about going to your place which is code for i'm not coming this year you can flat out say the officials are telling me not to go because whatever i say let me think
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about it. >>that means now oh yeah and whenever i feel like oh hey will you want to covid sorry, that means you're not fight it hey what time is your partying, and i'll call you. brother have a special v i p section mike out just for me. well the new more contained tay just covid-19 averion has been detected for the first time. >>right here in the u.s. colorado's governor has confirmed an infection near denver. well, the man infected is in his 20's and has no recent travel history meaning that he contracted the virus right here in the u.s.. well he's now in isolation and so far we know that the variant is the same one that's been spreading in great britain and it's been detected in at least 17 other countries. some much needed help is on the way for millions of americans who could use some money qualified people are going to get that
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$600 deposit. >>in their bank account. and if you don't have direct deposit you will get a paper check those deliveries are starting today. so here's what you need to know about qualifying for some making up to $75,000 in 2019 automatically gets the $600 check married couples making up to a 150 grand get 1200 bucks plus $600 for each qualifying child. again if you have direct deposit you're going to see that pay minutes on the way if you do not then you should be watching for a paper check or debit card coming in the mail in january and you can check the status on the irs website. we have a link to that on our website kron 4 dot com. while the money as a welcome sight for so many families struggling to get by many say it's just not enough. president trump congressional democrats along with a handful of republicans are still pushing for more money but as joe khalil reports the odds of that happening appear slim. >>it's now increasingly
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unlikely that americans will get a $2000 stimulus check despite growing support for them in congress donald trump says he wants to $2000 check my belief is that if we have this pope. >>on the floor of the united states senate it will. >>house but the vote senators like democrat ed markey will likely take won't beyond just a bigger check late tuesday evening senator mitch mcconnell introduced an entirely new $2000 stimulus check bill which would also create a commission to study voter fraud and repeal section 2.30 a law that shields social media companies from some lawsuits, those 3 important subjects the president has linked together. >>this week senate will begin a process to bring these 3 priorities and coach knows 3 priorities together don't pass the house or become law according to democrat senate leader chuck schumer who says quote any move like this by senator mcconnell would be a blatant attempt to deprive americans of a $2000 survival check. i hope that doesn't
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happen. senator bernie sanders tells news nation most americans want a $2000 stimulus check and he says the way to pass it is to vote up or down on bigger checks. no add-ons look the house passed the clean bill that's what the american people. i want us to do not to putting poison pills not to muddy the water mcconnell's new bill comes after president trump joined democrats in putting pressure on republicans in congress and it seemed to work a handful of republican senators recently expressed support for $2000 checks, including georgia senators david perdue and kelly loeffler both in races to keep their senate seats as well as nebraska senator deb fischer florida senator marco rubio and missouri senator josh hawley in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>and happening today, small business owners in california can start to apply for their share. 500 million dollars in grants as part of the state relief program. businesses can
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get from 5,000 to $25,000. and this is small businesses and also nonprofits they're eligible. and the business has to bring in less than 2.5 million dollars in revenues and has been open since june of 2019. you have to also have a clear reopening plan for when the pandemic is over and then you can use the money for a number of employee expenses payroll health care paying off any debt. rent payments utilities also upgrading facilities with personal protective equipment. a restaurant owner in oakland says that one of his restaurants lost nearly $80,000 during the pandemic. and he says that he was wishing that leaders could actually do more. >>it's just going to coming few cents to help out. you know the backhand bills are you all. you know anything with rents or just to kind of see or when you do have to pay something to get something that will help a little bit. you know me too long way but it's still something.
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>>here's the timeline of this program, businesses can start applying this morning at 06:00am and then the deadline for those applications to be an is january 8th by midnight businesses will find out whether their approve starting on january 13th. happening today governor newsom is going provide an update on the state's response to fighting the coronavirus that's happening at 10 o'clock this morning. few hours from now and then in the afternoon today, he's going to host the nation's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci we'll have live streaming coverage on our kron on app. president elect joe biden is criticizing the trump administration and operation warp speed after was reported that the program is falling far short of its goals for distributing the vaccine. >>well speaking from his transition headquarters in delaware. biden also said that the months ahead will be some of the toughest of the pandemic. >>we'll find ways to boost the pace to vaccinations. but as
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doctor fauci and others have stated. these past few days. this will take more time than anyone would like and more time then the promises from the trump administration have suggested. this is going to be the greatest operational challenge we've ever faced as a nation. we're going to get it done. it's going to take a effort. it's not yet under way. >>well earlier this month, white house officials said that they plan to have 20 million doses distributed by the end of the year. according to data from the cdc just over 11 million doses have been distributed and only 2 million people have gotten their first dose. a 41 year-old congressman-elect from louisiana has died from complications from covid republican luke letlow died just a couple of days before he was supposed to be sworn into office again he was just 41 years old and had no preexisting medical problems
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at all before passing away and he just fought the disease for about 2 weeks in the hospital, he was positive december 18th the next day he went into the hospital and then they didn't put in intensive care until just last week he leaves behind a wife and 2 young children and also a former louisiana state lawmaker and his wife. they died on the same day from complications as each other. a former representative vic stelly a republican. and his wife died on the same day within hours of each other it was saturday december 26. they both died they were married for 60 years. >>well even though we do have a dose of fog that settled into downtown san francisco. you're not seeing that over half moon bay this morning. we do have clear skies right along the coastline and for many of our chilly and wet spots. later today, it's partly cloudy and 50's tonight and some light showers i'm breaking it all down for you in your forecast.
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>>15 right now and we're checking out the weather inching our way towards 2021. i can't wait i'm excited about 2021. i'm excited about the weather too because we have changes in store right some much needed rain is on the way we complain when it here. yeah, it's what we do want into the went to get a rain and then it what are we don't is 2021 to wash out at such a
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good and i know it's not going necessarily be ideal getting outdoors kind of weather to start off january but looking at things on the bright side we need this rainfall because 2020 has been lacking of it so it's really good actually see 2021 coming through to kick things off now today is a dry one say if you really want some dry weather get out there and enjoy today as much as possible looking outside under center tower view right here skies have been a bit foggy but starting to clear up over san francisco we've seen these patches of fog moving in and out across the bay this morning so not all of us are fact foggy in fact most of us are looking at some rather clear skies at this moment but do watch for those isolated spots of patchy fog this morning and we are looking at some really chilly temperatures in there too with a lot of us in the 30's so go ahead and bundle up this morning not worrying so much about the rain jackets, the ria the umbrellas just yet. >>save that for tonight now hopefully most of us are going to be inside taking it easy by the time these showers get
7:17 am
here well after sunset well after those of you that are heading into the office are heading back we will be seeing showers in the north bay towards late afternoon and early evening. most of our rainfall doesn't get here until well after your settle down tonight though, and some snow in the sierra nevada to tonight's rainfall not amounting to much these are some light totals here below a 10th of an inch that's just enough to get roadways wet. tomorrow for new year's eve. we drive back out staying dry towards the stroke of midnight tomo.row night and then into new year's day staying dry during daytime hours before another round of light showers friday night saturday, some on and off showers for your sunday you'll see more of the same with rainfall intensity picking back up and then monday and tuesday these are going to be the big rain makers by this point obviously we're well into 2021, and looking at some widespread rain and mountain snow. so this is good news. we need this precipitation. obviously don't be planning much out there don't be anticipating spending too much time outside into early next week 50's for most of our daytime highs
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today that compared to our low 60's yesterday is just a little bit of a cool down only one 60 left in your 4 zone forecast today that's for you in woodside saying carlos foster city among those areas that are right below the 60 degree mark as will be the case as well in san jose campbell most gatos east a daytime highs down a bit from yesterday's down into the mid 50's for fremont union city while oakland castor valley in richmond all at 57, north bay temps mostly mid to upper 50's for you as well as we head out to the coast a little cooler in stinson 53, let's get you a look ahead at the next 7 days because there certainly is no shortage of things to talk about tonight those brief showers not amounting to much as i mentioned thursday and friday pretty calm for you as we celebrate the new year keep our fingers crossed for it for sure saturday and sunday shower intensity starts to increase and it looks like monday and tuesday will really be bringing some heavy rain to us. robin all right looking forward to it we know we really are thank you john
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checking in on the traffic taking a peek at your morning commute around the bay area, it's nice it's quiet. that hot spot free no problems into san francisco traffic continues to move well here through the maze across the upper deck. >>and right through downtown so come on in if you do have to get to work this morning but apparently a lot of folks are off that's why it's so nice and smooth normally have a big backup right spilling beyond 8.80 and out into the maze and that's just not happening because folks are still on vacation all right checking in on 92, it's our busiest bridge. but it's not bad, it's just a little crowded off and on it's already starting to improve here leaving hayward so you have some company, but no major issues are major slowdowns into foster city or send the tail more traffic coming up a little bit later darya 7.19 for your money this looking to save some money in the new year are you tired from working from home. jane king is live in new york with those answers to yes, those are my questions sure why good morning to diet be a few more
7:20 am
but about 2 thirds of us vow to spend less and save more as our new year's resolution now about 55% of people also in this money rates survey say they hope to pay off debt next year's well money rates as the best step to start a financial resolution is to have a budget not i will let you spend the day working for one of its hotel rooms and its new office for a day program, so it's not just program cost $65 a day just check in at 07:00am leave as late as 07:00pm they'll receive access to wifi printers fax machines you can even use the hotel pool and gym now the idea agreeing to highs get people to change of scenery from home offices also if they need a place for work for meetings for quiet. >>they can use that as well well tesla his high-tech vehicle software already support spotify is reportedly working at both apple music and amazon music to its roster tessa will also soon as support for amazon owned audiobook company audible according to elect track in
7:21 am
2020 had a chance to break box office records. but covid caused the lowest haul at movie theaters in decades ticket sales this year down 80% to 2.2 8 billion. it's the lowest tally for box office in 40 years in fact haven't had a month to talk to 100 million since march live from new york, i'm jane king i admitted i was so dying to see something new that i bought disney app. >>and i have watched so yet, but that's why want to see that movie. yeah well got to watch assistance rather she watches. she's a huge simpsons fan. i noticed was a lot of sense and fact that she owes on this whole bunch of stuff. >>i don't want to keep guests month will say. all right we'll see i certainly to some are your password, i'm saving big sur area. >>well the debate over the stimulus comes at a time when the statewide unemployment rate is just under 8%. well, california's employment development department says a close to 1.5 million people in
7:22 am
the state are unemployed although the pandemic has had a major impact on the overall job market in 2020. >>bay area job recruiters say that there are certain positions that are in high demand right now. >>and we are seeing a lot of like legal secretaries. specialized positions that are open we have a lot of paralegal openings we several accounting rules that are open that are specific to an industry nursing positions that we have any kind of digital marketing. >>anything that's going to be up on the web com or. feels related position technology, your 5 will continue to grow. >>well experts say that for those job seekers out there. the best way to capitalize on the demand is to take advantage of any virtual training opportunities do that and also make sure your social media profile is presentable hint.
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>>22 and still ahead the rebuilding begins in downtown nashville. from the christmas day bombing. earnings that met bomber wasn't a mystery to the police a drink with friends can turn into a few. stop! it's easy to lose track. and getting a dui is easier than you think. plan ahead, call a cab. share a ride. if you choose to drink, choose a sober way to go. go safely, california.
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so let's start there. with collagen, that supports our body from the inside, out. with collagen, a drink with friends can turn into a few.
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stop! it's easy to lose track. and getting a dui is easier than you think. plan ahead, call a cab. share a ride. if you choose to drink, choose a sober way to go. go safely, california. >>welcome back everyone developing out of nashville. police received warning about the nashville bombing suspect anthony warner back in 2019 police say that warner's girlfriend warned that he was
7:26 am
building bombs in his rv police went to his property and say they saw no evidence of a crime and they did not have the authority to enter his home. meanwhile, business owners and residents were let into the area to assess the damage yesterday stephanie langston has that story out of nashville. >>well destruction is seen firsthand today is hard to process for those who called music city home, the downtown district here a place where dreams are made in the nashville spirit thrives it's heartbreaking it's absolutely heartbreaking the nightmare became reality as business owners and residents saw the destruction for the first time in person it was devastating and looks like a war zone down there more than 40 businesses damaged from the christmas morning explosion rocking the core of historic stretch of second avenue those buildings will probably suffer a lot of structural damage. it is not just the broken it is horrible the architectural charm of
7:27 am
many will likely never be the same it's just heartbreaking to see this happen to it it's very sad that those. >>buildings might be condemned and then just. i'm not return and we send there. what was their form before. >>it's the latest blow for community already reeling and devastation. the national spirit is resilient nationals going to come back. we're gonna come back stronger than this stephanie langston newsnation nashville. >>were one of the 40's will be one of the first to be giving out that covid-19 vaccine to seniors and stacked, tell you where we're at another ♪ we're going to find the perfect tree. we're going skating.
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>>there is a time right now taking a live look at where the clouds looks like heaven. 2020 has not been having for sure we're all looking forward to 2021 saying goodbye to 2020. but we're not looking forward to say goodbye to today's robins last day here a crime it is after 14 long years 14 glorious years of being here at kron i grew up on crime yeah is home for i received a new job offer in los angeles and i'm moving tomorrow and i feel like i'm getting the news count and not saying anything wait what we were going to do a big good
7:31 am
with us. >>we're a lot of people we have a 6 hour show yeah and we don't want to well that we will post a good buy on the web so that everybody knows if you missed the big by because we're going to make her cry but we don't want to make up to run friday night yeah, but i'm going to be stable as my head up and i will not trial be tough. >>here's the just got to get used to the la whether i know that we forget the traffic down follow act because that's going to be our job but. >>the it's going to be a lot warmer rice right in the morning. there's a song what it says it never rains in southern california by bay area artist tony tony never rain and for new nobody he walks and all i got to say so right so much down there your skin when it come sounds good this is so narrow that bay area sunshine that we get when it's you know not foggy most of the time. >>now we have is just so much robin but we still got the rest of the show with you too so just stay with us the rest of the morning for we are
7:32 am
looking at rain not just for southern california. but also up here in the bay area in the days to come some really much needed rainfall for us for sure because 2020 set us back for where we're supposed to be 2021 looks like it's at least going to try to get us back into shape hopefully that applies to more than just the weather you can see outside here from our new mount tam cam that blanket of low clouds that is sitting right above the bay there's downtown san francisco. there's your east bay hills actually a really nice start to the morning but watch out for some patchy fog. >>also keep in mind how cold it is out there this morning, san mateo san jose palo alto all in the 30's with dublin and livermore each now below freezing as you've been this morning temperatures in the north bay also hovering right around freezing in fairfield santa rosa and san anselmo to go ahead bundle up as you do venture out foggy spots along some of the coast as well as some of our bayside areas honestly though most of us are starting off just fine aside from the cold i'm talking the
7:33 am
rest of our forecast still to come over to you robin all right, thank you john we're checking in on the traffic taking a little peek at 18 to san francisco where traffic continues to move well this morning. >>across the upper deck right through the skyway on out to the james lick end, the central. so no problems reported calm on and folks are still on vacation and taking some time off from christmas and the new year and they are not on the roads we're not seeing the usual jam up here from the bottom of the maze over to the fremont street exit in san francisco. we're looking really good. let's check some more bridges shall we were off to 92 and it started off as are busiest bridge this morning. we had some heavier traffic couple hours ago leaving hayward now it's just a little busy but not bad at all so traffic is moving well here from the nimitz over to the bayshore. >>7.33 and little by little and not fast as we like operation warp speed is unfolding. seniors right now and staff at the view on to facility. in the east bay are going to get their covid vaccine. this is exciting because they're more vulnerable. so we're happy to
7:34 am
see them get it, let's check in with kron four's reyna harvey who's live at that facility this morning rain how's it going. >>robert daria business is picking up behind me people are starting to arrive at the facility look this is a first for this location, not only are they going to be one of the first facilities in the east bay to offer this vaccine to seniors. they also just open up this month, lou, the seniors into this facility. so a lot of things happening here, we know that hospital staff and john near going to come over here and helping that minister those vaccines about 77 plus seniors that are going to be receiving that shot also staff here as well they have about 44 plus staff members that are in line to receive their shop today at 11 o'clock. so that's when it's going to happen we're going to be out here will be able to talk to some people that are getting the shot for the very first time now in addition to that this is actually not the facilities that's owned by sequoia living this is not their first time offering
7:35 am
vaccinations so they have another senior living facility that's out in the rent or the staff at that location, the staff only they receive the vaccination over a week ago we also talked to the ceo here at length yesterday she talked about the rollout that happened in today take a listen. >>you know going through this that senior living industry taking a little from a perception perspective some things have had been said about senior living and i think. what's happening now. the fact that we're able to get the vaccine at this early date does a lot about our industry and what we do i hope that the perception that the public has has been renewed that living at some place like to be in my day is really a great choice because you you're on the front lines of of having a lifesaving vaccine. >>you know robin you mentioned it a lot of the residents live here are a part of the most
7:36 am
vulnerable population of people and can you imagine what a lot of them that are going to be receiving at this morning are thinking about the loved ones that they're looking forward to being able to see and again that's all going to happen will be able to talk to some people later on in the day for now reporting walnut creek reyna harvey kron 4 news help the process goes. well thank you reena. >>in the north bay there has been an increase in covid cases at the sonoma county main adult detention facility. they're working now with the sheriff's department to implement more testing they want to test everybody twice a week has been exposed employees in the inmates shofar there have been 28 positives in 30 days 11 inmates right now and 2 employees have just tested positive and the majority of the covid positive prisoners actually we're positive when they arrived at the facility moving for the facility is going to reexamine its existing safety practices to try to enhance the safety of the prisoners and staff and 7.36 cent. 00:00am morning news.
7:37 am
>>is tomorrow. well friday. those are that's when the first new laws take effect we'll tell you what you need to know your break the law without knowing it. and stanford researchers are turning to a unique way to get information about covid we'll tell you what they've discovered so far and we are seeing some pretty clear skies right about half moon bay right now definitely more clouds than yesterday though, and that's going to be the trend today just a touch cooler out there and a little bit cloudier the head of some showers overnight tonight. >>i've got the details in your forecast as we round out the year still to come.
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
>>and while health leaders are trying to better understand the spread of covid researchers in the south bay are using a unique way to find answers. it's called wastewater base epidemiology and during the pandemic it has become more widely use all around the world to track community spread. santa clara county is the only jurisdiction in the state monitoring all 4 of its wastewater treatment plants for covid-19. now those plants are in san jose sunnyvale palo alto in gilroy officials say it'll take some time before the research can be a main tool for health officials but eventually it should be able to help predict a rise in cases ahead of time. as we know. >>covid is actually in school. treatment plant as opposed to
7:41 am
the liquid in florida could be help us prepare. for either an upcoming surge. you know make sure that we back to playing or resources to a particular community or in a particular manner. there could definitely be more efficient in effect. >>universities across the country have also been monitoring wastewater in dormitories to try and detect to detect the covid-19 before outbreaks can began on campuses. >>coming up the tahoe toddler goes viral. you'll see is bad mountain skills and
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>>some 44 and take a look at this to wonder kid from lake tahoe. well he's 4 years old and a kid that's a mini name is leland vote and he's been snowboarding his family says since he was 17 months old and he's practically pro that's crazy. dennis shanahan introduces us to this rising star. >>leland vote did not learn these moves by taking lessons. you might say he was born with
7:45 am
them, he's 4 years old. >>they grew you know on this kate snow seen you know already >>the way he took to it was just like unlike anybody would ever seen this is a snowboarding family cleveland's dad, chuck is also the founder of a skateboard company tahoe long boards as a parent you never know if your kids are going to be into the same things as you. but in this case it was clear before leland even turned to this is video from his first squab valley snowboard outing at the age of 17 months, i tell you i was kind of blown away that first day just because he seemed to have an awareness and >>we're all about sliding weather was backwards or sideways this is a passion it up right and and now it's to the point where i don't enough to help them down the mountain like once he's off charities self-sufficient. it's really wild to you know because i think he's just so full of
7:46 am
energy he's like just bursting at the seams and then when he gets on the snow like all of a sudden he's like super you know and just east holy focus like a laser jenny with us today. >>up. >>to go fast today. i'm >>wieland already has his first sponsors red dog clothing company and as long as he enjoys doing this leland's mom and dad are going to make sure he gets to keep doing it and if it turns into something more that's great. but it's not he's going to have great since know like i did. >>dennis shanahan fox 40 news. >>the impressed we're just talking about how we try walk on the skiing and snowboarding on with the pow pow check out like right now this is the we could use a little more snow we've gotten some better
7:47 am
snowfall. the past couple weeks up there ok we're getting even more of the guys into early next year 2021. so what is going to be a turnaround for us in the weather and a few other yeah just a way it looks like the start of 2021 is going to be coming through for not only tahoe, but also the bay area with some snow up in the mountains on into early next week and also some much needed rain in the bay in fact we'll get all that kicked off tonight 2 with just a little appetizer a guest of the main course which will be all the rain we're going to be getting next weekend next year for that matter looking outside this morning skies have cleared out really nicely over san francisco. if you look out there in the east bay can notice some low clouds still hanging out right beneath your east bay foothills so watch out for some brief spots of fog this morning, but overall we're not starting off this morning too bad. we're certainly dry out there as we're going to remain through the day today. >>you will be looking at a few more clouds the horizon than what you did when we saw those blue skies for your tuesday. overall today a little bit
7:48 am
cooler too so cold front going to be pushing in from the north and west tonight that's bringing with it the rain in fact you can see the storm system in future cast center circulation right off the pacific northwest coast line. there's your cold front right there at all pushes in starting tonight. so late afternoon into early evening, a couple sprinkles in northern sonoma county most of this rainfall holding off until after we're home from all our shores drives to work today and we will be seeing some overnight showers much like we did sunday night into monday morning which as you remember was on the lighter side of things and fell in the when you are hopefully sleeping in nice and cozy indoors rainfall during overnight hours shouldn't amount to more than a 10th of an inch for most of the bay, so this is some really light overnight shower activity tomorrow for new year's eve into new year's day itself looking at a little brief period of dry weather before friday night their light brief shower pushes on through. we'll be seeing on and off showers through saturday increasing into sunday and increasing yet into
7:49 am
monday and tuesday these days into early 2021 right here bringing widespread rain and heavy snowfall to the sierra nevada and that will be making for some less than ideal conditions to be spending much time outside especially sunday monday and tuesday of next week so already plan on keeping it indoors as much as possible as we make our way into the new year as for today, if you need to get some stuff done out there not worrying so much about the rain. today's a good day to take care of it, we've got daytime highs back into the 50's some partly cloudy skies overhead and just a touch of a cooler one than what we had yesterday. daytime highs in the south bay right below 60 degrees for san jose and campbell mid to upper 50's asross the east bay as opposed to yesterday's low 60's, oakland castro valley richmond all at 57 for your highs well temperatures in the north bay in the mid to upper 50's as well. let's get a look ahead at your next 7 days because there is no shortage of things to talk about this seven-day forecast. so first of all we'll start with our light
7:50 am
dose of rainfall overnight tonight, most of us will be missing that because you'll be sleeping through it thursday and friday looking dry friday night another light dose of rain. rainfall intensity becomes more widespread into late weekend and then by monday and tuesday we're in the midst of some heavy rain here in the bay and some much needed snow continuing to fall in the sierra robin and more snow more rain. thank you john checking in on the traffic. >>a beautiful shot here the sun is up traffic heading into san francisco looks nice and smooth. it's been so quiet throughout the morning drive so come on and if you do have to get to work. not many folks in your way 10 minutes from the bottom of the maze to fremont street. let's check some more bridges we had some issues earlier with the fog across the golden gate this morning, there's a dense fog advisory issued by chp still in place but we're seeing sunshine. it's not an issue for you across the span so traffic remains nice and smooth here north and south into and out of san francisco. so another great britain, a great commute. and we also have the richmond sandra fell
7:51 am
this is your connection from the east bay to the north bay all is well with no delays here at the pay gates, 72 right now and tomorrow is new year's eve friday is new year's day and there are several new laws in california that start that's right let's talk about those laws. so let's break it down we have a new law that will require businesses to notify employees and the general public of a coronavirus exposure at the work place within a day of exposure. also starting january first the state's minimum wage will go up to $14 an hour that's for businesses with 26 or more employees. now for businesses that have fewer than that they have to increase the minimum wage to $13 an hour. the minimum wage can vary based on local laws, many bay area cities already have a $15 minimum wage. and after a number of high-profile deaths in police custody all around the nation. a new law will go into effect prohibiting police from using a chokehold there's also new
7:52 am
last task force to study the history of slavery in the u.s. and weather is still affecting. >>the descendants of slaves after research and witness testimony then the task force is going to recommend how reparations could be paid out in california and who would get those payments. california's firefighting force is going to be bolstered by thousands of inmate firefighters and we're getting help from them so this new program is going to give help to those inmates and expunge their records of felonies make it easier for them to get a job. those convicted however of offenses and certain other violent crimes are not exempt. from that people with student loans are going to have some new protections in the new year new year. making it harder for lenders to take advantage of them. under a new law that takes effect but not until july and there are many other new laws that take effect after the new year into the new year so we're going to check our website if you go kron 4 dot com. and also download the kron on app you
7:53 am
can get the details about all of these new laws. and we also want to remind you that kron 4 is teaming up with the super bowl of caring to raise 1 million meals for families in need cell. >>if you'd like to help out and donate all you have to do is use your phone scanned the qr code on your screen or you can text the word in why donate to the number 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, you can also visit the website tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity to help out. >>50 and ground and our 2 kids and it's that time of year again did you see this fast approaching and even the pandemic isn't going to stop us from having fun check out the fireworks and looking ahead to it we have better 2021 that's right. he was spending a lot of time right here on our couch foam and we hope that you will stay safe at home and join us on new year's eve, starting at 1130.
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>>coming up in the next hour. the new year just day away and as covid cases continue to rise health officials are pleading with the public. not to gather. plus staff and seniors in one east bay living facility will be getting their covid-19 vaccine will have that coming up in a live report plus help is on the way for americans as some of the new stimulus checks began to roll out today stay with us the kron 4 morning news returns after the break we'll be right back.
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>>the news station you're watching on a wednesday, i'm darya folsom and i'm robin winston filling in for james fletcher we need to get a check of the forecast because we are expecting some changes although we have some. >>beautiful colors in a nice
8:00 am
sunrise going on behind us in some spots gorgeous live shots, john yeah, gotta love this view from our mount tam cam this morning it is just showing off some absolutely nice conditions right above the low clouds that are hovering over parts of the bay you can see the golden sunshine that some of us may be missing out on if you're under those down below and marine county as well as in parts of san francisco. you respect camera showing a mix of both to some low clouds and a little bit of those bright skies that are piercing through this morning and has been a pretty frigid start to this day we're in the 30's and 40's with dublin and livermore now above freezing you were at 31 during my last check with you in both cities. >>fairfield still at 32 so get out there bundled up this morning and ready to go for what will be a slightly cooler day today and just a slightly cloudier one to can see the low clouds and fog that we have in areas like parts of san francisco in half moon bay as well as out to the central valley, i'm talking some rainfall tonight and even more rainfall into nex


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