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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  December 31, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>>well we continue to track icu bed availability across the state going to be tracking that for a while unfortunately in the bay area we are down to just a 8.5% availability. northern california as a whole is sitting in much better shape, 34% capacity. in sacramento that region which includes tahoe capacity is down to 14%. in the san joaquin valley and southern california not getting any better there is still 0%
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availability there. >>because hospitals in san joaquin county are so overrun the department of defense has now sent again military personnel to help out other coming into. >>help with not only the overflow of patients in emergency rooms and icy use but also the dwindling number of health care workers available to treat people kristi gross has more. >>yeah >>a u.s. military is gearing up for a fight against the coronavirus. help has arrived for sale a king county hospital workers in the form of the department of defense medical assistance team is a big morale booster for everybody everybody. >>and excited to have them here help mask by a spot all operations executive for event is held for memorial and ameren hospital in stockton, brooke mccullough says the county is lucky to have them there's many counties about >>startling and for stamping out and so see this type of aid. >>twice is amazing hospital
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icu santa county are operating at a 155% capacity. >>more than 55% of the patients in icu are covid positive we're just running out of space that these patients nearly 40 doctors nurses respiratory therapists and other healthcare workers from the air force and army arrived tuesday, after a tour of the hospital an orientation of military health care workers will begin treating patients are tiny but i sort of see as we do the christmas holiday. >>that we will see are quite grayson spawns years on one of the player that. but i'm sure there could be a lot more patients coming our way with the help of the medical assistance teams both damron in adventists lodi memorial will each be able to add 10 more icu beds and expand hospital capacity, the last time marion and kmart family and so. >>or stop are very welcome news the military. they're very appreciative for the actual supports. and it just feels you know. very inspiring
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and sometimes i have to be able to work alongside military kristi gross fox 40 news. >>a developing story we are following this evening, georgia senator david perdue is in self quarantine just 5 days ahead of that big runoff election after being exposed to someone who had covid his campaign says the senator and his wife learned about their possible exposure thursday morning and have been isolating themselves since they say they have both since tested negative for covid but will stay in quarantine as a precaution. a lot of people in san francisco were shaken awake on this new year's eve when an earthquake hit early this morning in quite a few felt was. >>first classified as a 3.6 but then downgraded to a 3.3 kron 4 sarah stinson talked to some people about what it felt like. >>i felt earthquake this morning around 05:45am in the morning i was in my car editing some video about a new year's eve story when i felt
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shaking it lasted about 4 seconds it shook the whole car side to side and my first instinct was that it was an earthquake but then i second guess myself i thought maybe someone should my car from the back or maybe just has having some car problems but turns out it was in fact an earthquake and it's just a couple miles down the coast near muir beach, a 3.6 magnitude earthquake. people felt it all over the bay area from the south bay to the east bay and in marion county where it actually happened i mostly caught up with people here in san francisco who sell to jolt many waking up to the shaking i was like in bed but then i felt like shaking in the house. >>i know you don't want that was going on i'm in the inner richmond and i was sleeping and it woke me up it felt like a quick. a quick jolt. i was in bed and it was a sharp jolt. >>a man running along ocean beach said he salted on his morning jog. >>i could feel my feet and i
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thought maybe it was just something i stepped on that as i when a little further, it seemed like it maybe lasted maybe 1015 seconds not very long. but just enough to kind of throw me off my ballots, many long-term san francisco residents say this was nothing compared to the 1989 earthquake they've experienced. >>nothing that felt like i needed to get out of bed for so just kind of let it go in. >>try to go back to sleep for a little bit not thing. that's significant not compared to for example, the 1989 earthquake. >>while many of us are used to earthquakes in the bay area even if it is a little one take it as a practice round for what could be the next big one cover your head getting a safe spot so that when the next big earthquake comes. you're prepared. reporting in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>now to a story you'll see only here on kron for the man convicted of killing morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar has broken his silence antolin garcia torres he wrote a
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letter from prison to kron 4 digital reporter amy larson amy wrote him a letter initially in the hopes of getting a response. it is the first time as far as we know that he has responded to a news reporter. she asked him several questions he responded only to one saying. yes, amy i hold fast to my innocence. sierra lamar i disappeared in morgan hill on her way to school in 2012 her dna was later found in a car belonging to garcia torres he's now serving a life sentence at the conference state prison. and you can watch that full is full report on her exchange with a garcia turns on our kron on app we have the full letter also on our website at kron 4 dot com national news democratic senators are not giving up on their effort to increase covid relief payments from the $600 amount up to
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$2000. >>they're not giving up yet in a rare new year's eve session senator bernie sanders continued to push his colleagues to approve the increase in payments to millions of americans he also accused gop senate majority leader mitch mcconnell of holding the bill hostage by not allowing a simple up or down vote. mcconnell prefers grouping the checks with a number of other issues the president says he wants voted on, and accuses democrats says mcconnell of only wanting to increase the payments to help their friends. >>8 people are frightened to death that they are going to be evicted from their homes all that i am asking senator mcconnell is give also about what is the problem of socialism for rich people. >>that's what speaker pelosi and senator sanders sketch show washington democrats took president trump's suggestion has skewered it so the church would benefit even more. even more counting household.
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>>the issues that mcconnell wants to include in the increased payment bill. well they are many it's unlikely the democrats in the senate would be on favor of those other issues that's why sanders and the democrats want a simple yes or no on the $2000 amount but even if they do get a new version passed since it's different from the house version would have to then go back to that chamber for another vote before the money could start going out to americans. >>coming up next we'll talk to bay area residents about their hopes for the ne
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>>with nearly everyone in the country still waiting to find out when they'll actually get the covid vaccine. there has been a sharp increase in covid related vaccine. scams which probably shouldn't be surprised, but no matter what you hear it is unlikely you're going to be able to buy your
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way into getting the vaccine early michael konopasek has the story. >>as vaccines are distributed have patience. bureaucrats say there won't be any short cuts so don't fall for any tricks there's no way you can buy your way to the head of the mine the better business bureau is tracking scams along with state and federal law enforcement they take advantage of things. >>motion based and this is very emotional based it can be a a solution for so many of our troubles right now david mitchell and when it comes to e-mails phone calls text messages. >>and on social media you're not going you're about a vaccine on a social media post that tells you just pay this money and we'll get you immediately vaccinated scammers may also send links to infect your computer with malware please please stick to legitimate sources over 19 vaccine scammers could face fines of 20 to $50,000 per violation however prosecuting these crimes is not easy. >>the problem is a lot of these complaints is that scam
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artists who are using whether it's social media or emails. they're not even in the u.s.. there are other countries and what they know is they can plan your hopes in your fears and remember the vaccine should not cost anything. >>it's already been paid for by our tax dollars. >>all right time to talk weather in the 4 zone forecast on this new year's eve and a new year's eve with some coming lawrence more rain ahead fairly south. yeah i think so i think tonight is going to stay dry of course last night we had nice little rain pushed through the bay area bringing some showers outside kind of on and off the bus that we woke up this morning just got nice fresh field to the end of the year as the rain had come to an end but certainly some nice totals out there around the bay area overnight in fact little more than expected we have 2 tips there in santa rosa just over that mill valley. they were checked in at 1200 san francisco 51300 in oakland and san jose 500 so kind of nice little rain outside but a whole lot more to come up there right now a beautiful evening outside as the skies
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are nice and clear because you've got those clear skies that front has gone through. we'll see some cold temperatures out there overnight tonight so yeah if you're headed outside or just got to hang out at home expect some chilly temperatures as we head toward the midnight hour, the numbers going to be the 30's to about the mid 40's, mostly clear skies then as we get the new year's day we're going to see some sunshine and a few passing clouds temperatures going to be the 50's and the 60's but should be mostly dry during the day by tomorrow night. the rain begins to come or make its way back in the bay area you can see for now though that rain track is all the way up in the pacific northwest bringing them some rain you see the ridge kind of building along the west coast here temperatures outside right now we've got 53 degrees in san jose to 54 in livermore those temperatures running to 52 now in san anselmo 53 in santa rosa 52 degrees in celina so yes, starting a little cool in spots and here we go we've got changes in the works here as we head into the new year in fact looks like it's going to get pretty dramatic as we've this one system that's going
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to roll in but not going to get here till tomorrow night high pressure out ahead of it that you keep us mainly dry and then the storm system moves in tomorrow night but after that everything begins to open up as we get through tomorrow night there goes that one system that slight chance of showers on this sunday as we'll see more rain on the way late sunday night into monday that looks like it'll be a pretty good storm. another one developing now that coming in on wednesday to bring some heavy rain and more rain expected on and off well into the new year guys back to all right, thank you lord for the fda is recalling 9 different types of pet food after the food killed. at least 28 dogs. it's all from the company sport mix and is said to contain a toxic mold that's found on corn. >>symptoms soon the pets can include sluggishness loss of appetite vomiting and a yellowish tinting of the eyes and gums now that's good. we posted a full list of the recalled items on our website that's kron 4 dot com. >>well new year's sometimes
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considered bittersweet, but that does not appear to be the overriding sentiment. this year side our kron four's maureen kelly talked to people in san francisco today who told maureen they are more than ready to say goodbye to 2020. >>we're just hours away from ringing in 2021 those people i talked to say they are more than glad to say good riddance to 2020. >>i feel great i i can't get out here still are now and just want to. >>this year has meant a lot for a lot of people really lot of bad things but i hope that next year is going to be a lot more positive we want to get off computer school. >>we hopefully everybody gets a we get a vaccine going. and we couldn't have a happy and healthy year, but you know i it's been great to spend so much time with inside would never take >>i want to see a whole face.
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want to see smiles. i think. >>we're going to new government. and i think that's good. and i think that people are hopefully. within a become positive thinkers again and we can move forward. >>users i think the more of this year and hopefully something can carry with me into next year and years to come to do as much i can with my spare time to help people who have more need than i am not giving up any they did not say no to sweets way you don't have make it to the day and just like >>happy new year everybody reporting from san francisco. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news for him, it's just survive get through the day coming up
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after the break before we say goodbye to 2020 we look back it. so the highs and lows from the past 12 months in the
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>>well as we can't on the final hours of 2020 we want to take a moment and look back at some of the highs and lows from the world of sports this year, yes sports really took a break there for a while, but when the. >>pandemic eventually moved on it was clear that sports
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wouldn't be anything resembling normal this year, but leagues tried to get on with it as kron 4 sanaz tahernia reports some of them were able to do it better than others. >>and the beginning of 2020 started off so good for sports in the bay area the forty-niners were in the super bowl the warriors were playing in their brand new home at the chase center. and how quickly that all changed on march 11th, utah jazz player, rudy gobert tested positive after creating lasting images for the sports world after this press conference. >>almost immediately after gobert's diagnosis. the nba season was put to a halt. >>creating a domino effect throughout the sports world, the nhl season was else be spring training was canceled. and fans wondered if sporting events would return in the 2020 calendar year. it did. but in a much different way than years past the nba
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relocated, all of their players to a basketball bubble at walt disney world near orlando, florida. that was created to protect players from the covid-19 pandemic it was there where the los angeles lakers took home their 17th nba championship. baseball delayed the start of their season to shorten the regular season to 60 games from the traditional 162 game season. and the multi-million-dollar stadiums designed to host thousands of fans were left idol before moving to a playoff bubble weren't unprecedented 16 teams into playoffs and the los angeles dodgers were crowned world series champions. the nfl began their season on time but fans were limited or just not allowed at stadiums at all as we look ahead to 2021 to sports fans now have a new appreciation for how we all watch and enjoy sporting events together and help to celebrate with each other in the near future. >>reporting kron 4 news. >>i believe that was all this year at the 40 acres and it is
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in the super bowl the chase center and i i'm sure rudy gobare the utah jazz if you had to do it over again wishes he hadn't made light of the covid situation. yeah as he was the one who first got it done to shut down the nba. effectively a number of people have had second thoughts we've learned a lot we have learned a lot. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 00:00am tonight at 6 any other year for san francisco. a jam-packed popular destination on new year's eve. of course the pandemic has changed everything the play from officials to stay home and how here at kron 4 we're helping you celebrate safely plus the kron 4 exclusive, the man convicted of killing morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar breaking his silence what and dylan garcia torres said in a rare jailhouse letter only set to kron 4 news at 6 is coming up next
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>>outside in the with friends that is not allowed with the current host. >>now at 6 o'clock san francisco officials there are warning that the public health orders mean no big parties tonight to ring and what everyone is hoping will be a better year. good evening, everyone and welcome i'm catherine heenan and i'm grant ot


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