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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  December 31, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>>outside in the with friends that is not allowed with the current host. >>now at 6 o'clock san francisco officials there are warning that the public health orders mean no big parties tonight to ring and what everyone is hoping will be a better year. good evening, everyone and welcome i'm catherine heenan and i'm grant lotus 2020 is the year of
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course the few of us will likely ever forget. >>and while leaving this year in the dust is definitely cause for celebration. parties this year need to be limited to just our households are maybe virtual parties can force maureen kelly reports now on how san francisco police have staffed up to make sure folks don't party together despite the warnings. >>when the ferry building clock strikes. midnight tonight, 2020 is going out with a whimper instead of a bang. that's because the annual epic fireworks display that normally helps ring in the new year has been canceled because of the virus that has already ruined most of this year. today san francisco public safety officials held a virtual news conference to remind the public that those big parties we've held him past new year's eve celebrations are allowed this year in order to keep our hospitals from being overrun with covid-19 patients. so no gathering with anyone outside your household sfpd is boosting patrols and will have extra resources in spots people normally gather the
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embarcadero market street corridor in union square to name a few as to how they will enforce the health order will us begin with and then admonishments which are are official warnings that are going to be documented in police reports if those or not he did people can be sighted him and or arrested or not complying to the health order the city's rec and parks department is going to turn off the holiday light exhibit in twine you see here in golden gate park in order to discourage crowds. the marina green stern grove and ocean beach parking lot will be shut down until 05:00am friday. >>those i talked to say not being able to ring in will hopefully be a better year with a big party. it's sad but understandable it will be nice to fireworks, but i also understand you know play it safe and stuff so it's going to enjoy stuff with my. >>a flatmate just stands in house and to have that can thing you know one other note,
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those public safety officials also want to remind people that fireworks of any kind even safe and sane ones are illegal in the city and county of san francisco. >>they also remind people to dial 3, 1, 1, in order to report any illegal fireworks or any other kind of noise complaint and say 911 more police fire or medical emergencies and they don't really want people leaving their house and driving anywhere, but if you do drive, we don't do it while impaired. >>reporting from san francisco. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>city of santa clara officials they've been reminding people again not to set off a legal fireworks tonight. there's often as in many communities, an uptick in 911 calls related to fireworks on holidays like this one like new year's eve also the 4th of july. the santa clara police and fire departments they've been doing what they can and they preventive roving patrols out there, anybody caught setting off illegal fireworks
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could face fines and criminal prosecutions. >>happening now siege peas maximum enforcement period has officially started this is a live look here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the enforcement period officially started at the top of the hour and even though this new year's eve. we'll certainly look different in many ways the chp says still committed to keeping people safe on the roads over the holiday weekend officers, we'll be out and they will be beefed up in terms of how many patrol officers will be out there they are looking specifically for impaired drivers. people going way too fast the maximum enforcement period will end by the way on sunday just before midnight. >>out of san francisco. we have learned a second person has died in a deadly hit and run this is according to a san francisco supervisor matt haney happened about 04:00pm at second and mission. police say they arrived to find 2 pedestrians have been hit. a
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woman died from her injuries at the scene a second person was taken to the hospital and again we've heard that person has died. police say the driver got out of his car and ran away, but he was arrested a short time later traffic could continue to be affected in that area for a while new nie is also being rerouted and we'll bring you any new information. now to our 4 zone forecast to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us said. >>large normally tonight, 4th of july pressure pack forecasts for you if there's some low cloud cover of fog but tonight hey relax chill out yeah get a kind of hang out and enjoy right and certainly looks like the weather. it's going to work out pretty well it's going to stay quiet around the bay area we're seeing mostly clear skies of course we have that rain moving through last night but now high pressure taken over you see those clouds kind of buckling over the top of that ridge. >>moving all the way up in the pacific northwest. so that leaves us mostly clear and dry tonight exception. we might see a couple batches ground fog developing some of the
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interior valleys, but right now, staying dry around the state that's way it's going to be for the rest the night tonight and a good part of the day. tomorrow before we get toward tomorrow night and we start talking about some more rain. temperatures out the door getting a little chilly in spots, 51 degrees already in santa rosa 51 also the more 53 in concord is 53 also in san jose 54 in oakland 57 degrees in san francisco. as we head through the night tonight skies, staying nice and clear through 9 o'clock in the evening, the temperatures are going to be chilly tonight in those numbers as we head toward the midnight hour. probably 30's and 40's but mostly clear skies as we ring in the new year new year's day. you see a mixed bag, some sunshine, some clouds temperatures in the 50's and the 60's and then by tomorrow night. we start to prepare for some rain guys back to you, thanks alerts. san francisco has just extended its stay at home order and travel quarantine indefinitely. >>for people returning to the city. mayor london breed making that announcement after it appeared the city would not
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reach that 15% threshold for icu bed capacity by january 7th. kron four's charles clifford has details. >>san francisco's actually made some progress in slowing the spread of the coronavirus here in the city but statewide the number of cases is still climbing and here in the bay area hospitals are nearing capacity. so san francisco city officials have decided to extend their stay safer at home order san francisco's current stay at home order began on december 14th and was scheduled to end on january 4th, but will now continue indefinitely the decision comes as a new variant of the coronavirus has been detected in california city health officials are hoping. >>to slow the spread of this new version of the virus under the stay safer at home order anyone traveling outside of the bay area must quarantine for 10 days when they return to san francisco restaurants can only do take-out or delivery retail is limited to 20% indoor capacity, grocery stores are limited to 35%
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capacity, the city has decided not to set an expiration date for the stay at home order instead we'll wait until california's regional stay at home order ends when that happens san francisco health officials will decide when restrictions can be lifted. in the short term health officials are asking san francisco residents to help stop the spread of the virus by avoiding new year's eve. and new year's day gatherings, let's begin the new year. >>by pushing the curve lower. stand on this much as possible. cleese please wait till. new year's of 2022 for your traditional new year celebration. this year. she picked justin. keep their community safe now the city has more specific information on the stay safer at home order at their website s f dot gov also go to kron 4 dot com for more info there as well. >>but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>california recorded more than 27,000 new cases of coronavirus site yesterday one
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state, the total number of people in the hospital now more than 20,004 the bay area region about 9% of icu beds are available. and still no icu beds are available in the san joaquin valley and the southern california regents and in santa clara county. this new year's eve. the health care system there is really being stretched to the limit. >>at last count there were fewer than 30 available icu beds and on any given day there says many of 60 patients were waiting in the emergency rooms in the hopes of getting a bad but as kron four's has it meant june reports there's some good news on this new year's eve. >>i wanted to give you an update on what i think is somewhat of a light at the end of the tunnel for us some hope in the coming year last covid-19 update of 2020 from the county of santa clara health department has a heavy focus on vaccinations to date the county has received from pfizer and will donate a combined 95,000 doses health
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officials say the distribution plan will go according to cdc phased guidelines santa clara county is currently in phase. one a which includes health care personnel and residents in long-term care facilities. >>people or certainly asking when is it my turn phase one b again after we finished the health care personnel. we will move to phase one b and that includes people over the age of 75. and then it will include some of the essential front-line workers such as teachers such as law enforcement in such as people working in places like grocery stores in phase, one c we will then expand i the vaccinations again to include people who are between 6474 and all of those the 2 between 1664 that have any chronic conditions and again the rest of the essential workers. so then in
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fit then after that the last phase phase 2 will be everybody else. the good news if there is any to be had is presure additional pressure that was put on after christmas. was not as great as we saw for thanksgiving. >>this being new year's eve santa clara county health officials are urging residents to exercise some more of that holiday vigilance to take the strain off hospital icu capacity which is teetering at the limit. >>it is the summation of all our individual and collective decisions. that decide where this pandemic goes has it made you kron 4 news. >>now to a story that you'll see only on kron 4 the man convicted of killing morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar he has broken his silence antolin garcia torres he wrote a letter from prison to kron 4 digital reporter amy larson amy initially wrote him a
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letter in the hopes of getting some kind of response and as far as we know this is the first time he has responded to a news reporter amy asked several questions he responded to only one saying yes amy i hold fast to my innocence. sierra lamar disappeared from morgan hill on her way to school and 2012. her dna was found in a car belonging to garcia torres he is serving a life sentence at the corcoran state prison. and you can watch his full report on her exchange with garcia torres on our app the kron on app and we have the full letter posted on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>still to come tonight, a final farewell to the iconic cliff house in san francisco say it ain't so the emotional good-byes and the plea tonight from one lawmaker to try to keep yanks negotiations alive. >>also moderna gritting our criticism for planning to vaccinate its board members some say that is completely
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unnecessary. >>and as we say farewell to 2020 after the break, we'll take a look back at some of the highs and lows from this roller coaster of a year.
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>>as we count down the hours until we can say goodbye to 2020. it can be easy to forget there were some good inspiring
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even life changing events this year sprinkle between all the quite frankly terrible things that also occurred cam worth remembering that kevin doma looks back of some of the highs and lows that made national headlines. >>this was a high energy impact. weinstein he was convicted in it's something that needs to be you were undermining security of our country we >>we can know the results as early as tomorrow morning. >>number one topic any time we turned the news on it. >>and even hail and the iconic guitarist and co-founder of van halen lost his battle with throat cancer john lewis will be a founding father welcome
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to first woman ever to be. big league level this historic twenty-twenty nba championship belongs to the los angeles lakers. >>lakers conquer the bubble. >>african-american man threatening my life you have 2020 from the one you'd rather forget our house is gone her to the ground. >>it was so hot his boat caught fire and he stepped on the grass and ashley byrne and its exact footprint. >>to the ones edge day in our country's history. >>that was kevin doleman reporting for us this evening. >>take a live look at downtown san francisco on this day of 2020 usually it's a busy scene on new year's eve from not tonight not tonight there will not be live fireworks, but we'll still have a a fireworks show here on kron 4 from 1130
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to 1230 fireworks. >>at 1230 some of the best of the best from years passed and around the world as we welcome in our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow a lawrence a lot of things different this year, but the view of san francisco is almost always the same it's spectacular. through i mean just always gorgeous see that outside and certainly looking that way. again tonight as we get ready to finish 2020 get on the 2021 out there right now we do have mostly clear skies of course where the storm clouds moved through last night bring us that nice rain but by the time we got up this morning, most of gun on by so we're pretty much done and so it's dry out there on the golden gate bridge and it will stay that way all night tonight going to be cold out there. >>we have the cold fronts we through last night brings the showers we had 2 tenths of an inch of rain in santa rosa just over that of mill valley, they were 120500's in a san francisco, 1300's in oakland and san jose 5 hundredths of an inch of rain but we're going to see some much more impressive storms begin to roll the bay area's we start
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out this new year right now the track moving further to the north again up in the pacific northwest, they're getting for some rain there and 2020 will keep things dry here in california in fact. doppler radar scan your skies other than maybe a couple light drops in far northern california right there the border of oregon we're keeping things mostly dry across state now we do have some big storms out there. if you are planning to walk along the coastline for the new year watch out don't turn your back to the waves were looking at some 20 footers rolling along the coastline, they'll be rumbling in that looks like the north northwest facing beaches are those ones going to be most affected. by these big waves coming in along the coastline, but that advisory through the afternoon tomorrow looks like we'll see more those waves on off i think in the next week mostly clear we will see couple batches of valley fog tomorrow, sunshine, a couple high clouds and some rain moving in by tomorrow night and then weekend kind of unsettled weather pattern. i think the track is going to be a little further to the north with the showers but then starts to drop back of the bay
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area again as we head in towards sunday night. temperatures outside right now we've got 48 degrees in april-may 50 in palo alto 54 in oakland, the 2 degrees in berkeley get a little chilly in spots and certainly tonight it's going to be a little cold in some areas we start out the new year though a few passing clouds and a mix of sunshine highs tomorrow should be the 50's and the 60's but after that things really begin to change by tomorrow night a chance of rain returns doesn't look like that's a big deal but next week much more impressive storms headed our way good yeah, a lot. well i can learn sites. >>well it was a sad day for a lot of people in san francisco, the iconic cliff house and lands and it is now permanently closed. a crowd of people gathered to watch this afternoon as so this was happening taking the sign down really made made it hit home that this thing is gone the restaurant of course was closed for months because of the pandemic and the owners say there's also been a contract dispute with the national park service, people just sad to see the clubhouse co.
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>>when i came out here it was you know fairly emotional or families been coming here for years bite. communion brunch was here family mother's days and just that they couldn't say that just another victim of this bureaucracy. i think it's just city bureaucracy. it's then you're for over a 100 years so i don't see why it has to come down. well that's part of san francisco history and when we over history, we back over connection to the city. >>we have a lot of great technological advancements now smartphones and everything that sometimes we really need to have that that this real connection. we don't have any longer. it is not really clear yet what's going to happen to the building the owners of suggested maybe it will be an office building but senator dianne feinstein there's a statement she released. she wants the national park service to. >>negotiate a lease extension to maintain a restaurant they're saying in part she says. family and the proposed
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partner she's hoping get back to the neglect negotiation table. she's hoping everybody explores all possible opportunities to maintain the historic role of this building as a restaurant and a visitor destination saying the history of the building is too important to be set aside. so readily. >>still to come tonight at 6.45 and inspiring story of hope and survival one mother's urgent message to america about covid after it forced her to give first while in a coma. >>and stay at home orders did not protect celebrities from scandals in 2020 some of the biggest headlines that caught our attention.
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>>well 2020 will always be remembered for the pandemic of course that's big time mall. remember. but it was a year of high profile scandals staff from the college admissions scandal to feud over. >>big cats at the beginning of the pandemic kron 4 sanaz tahernia takes a look now at some of the biggest celebrity scandals of 2020. >>a college admissions scandal revealed how some rich and famous got into elite universities lori loughlin her husband mossimo giannulli and felicity huffman were among dozens of wealthy parents charged with cheating on entrance exams or bribing coaches in exchange for
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admissions for their children into certain schools last one was released from federal prison in dublin this month after serving a 2 month sentence. her husband is serving a 5 month sentence at a different prison in california huffman served 2 weeks back in october disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein is serving a 23 year prison sentence in new york state. the 68 year-old was convicted in march on charges of rape and assault against 2 women weinstein faces similar charges involving 5 women in la and beverly hills investigators there are trying to extradite him to california california is now home to a royal family prince harry and actress meghan markle announced in early january that they'll step back as senior members of the royal family and work independently, the royal couple first relocated to canada before eventually settling down in santa barbara and could you survive the pandemic without tiger king, the netflix hit spotlight, a long-running feud between 2 big cat enthusiast's joe exotic and carole baskin
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the battle involves a murder accusations as well as convictions of animal abuse and attempted murder, joe is currently serving 22 years in prison and is seeking a pardon from president trump and these are just some of the celebrity scandals of 2020 sanaz tahernia reporting kron 4 news. >>that's just saying i'm the only person who hasn't seen tiger king apparently you don't need to ok he'll be okay with 50 and maybe to other so weird. coming up on kron 4 news 6.30 a wisconsin pharmacists now former pharmacist has been arrested for intentionally destroying hundreds of doses of the vaccine. still not clear why did it. plus there has been a sharp increase in vaccine related scams. what you need to know to avoid them. >>and the pace of the vaccine rollout as we've been hearing not as fast as planned when officials expect the vaccine will be
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>>but as we all know the covid vaccine is out there it's making its way you have the health care workers lot of them who have gotten the shot son. the elderly across the country are also being vaccinated but the pace of this rollout is not nearly as fast as what the federal government had predicted. yeah there's a disappointment about that cdc numbers they show that more than. >>12 million doses have been distributed. but just under 3 million shots at last check of actually


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