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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 31, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>and now at 8 hours before the new year look at the san francisco's, a current stay at home order expend extended indefinitely so with no end in sight. well ucsf doctor how effect of the shutdown has been so far. >>the good news there is any to be had is pressure edition pressure that was put after christmas. well not as great as we saw tanks giving. >>yeah we'll take any good news now while hospital capacity is being stretched thin in the south bay santa clara county officials are crediting the majority of residents there for safely celebrating christmas. >>also new questions on the distribution of a covid vaccine we'll talk with an
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infectious disease expert about the new mutations surfacing in california and whether it could change how we distribute the vaccine. >>and this is a 2020 site live look here at san francisco's embarcadero. they're chilly not a soul in sight, normally this thing would be filling up is people would be getting ready to watch the fireworks at midnight. >>not this year though now it is strange to see it so quiet. >>good evening, everyone, thank you for spending your final night of 2020 with those 4th kron 4 news at 8 o'clock, i'm catherine heenan vicki liviakis has the night off and i'm grant lotus set the new year everybody it has been a year from the pandemic of course to the historic. >>economic dirt downturn, the devastating wildfire season, 2020 is year we will never forget and unfortunately, 2021 will begin much like 2020 is ending. >>concerns about go back to back about covid surges from
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christmas and the new year so that is prompting san francisco officials again to indefinitely extend the stay at home order of the travel quarantine this as cases surge across the state and the country. a local health expert explains why it was the right thing to do and we'll probably save lives. kron four's gayle ong is live in the city and has details kale. >>and good evening catherine despite public frustration being expressed when you see a set biologist says the stay at home orders do work. and streets in downtown san francisco indicate people are heeding stay at home orders. but city officials are watching what's happening across the state and country as covid cases surge, given no choice but to extend health orders cases are coming down. >>and i think you can say that's you know that's the direct result of these public health actions, doctor george rutherford epidemiology
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professor ucsf and francisco saved at least 330 lives as a result of implementing orders are really at the end of the day. if you look at all the cases since the beginning i think of the epidemic even with the recent surge, california's in 34th place among the states for 4 cases. and if you look at california is that 40 us. >>governor gavin newsom unveiled most cases in the state are in los angeles county health experts citing socioeconomic issues they talk about the mission here the free jail and in alameda. >>this is like a million you know these are. you know 100 times bigger. >>i don't need to be wearing now resistance to stay at home regulations and pandemic fatigue are also driving cases in southern california la county cracking down on new year's eve parties that could turn into super-spreader events as of new year's eve, california ranks 23 out of 50 in his neck or hospital review that ranks covid test positivity rates but doctor rutherford says it is too complex to compare how california is doing then other
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states that have different restrictions testing capabilities and population recourse, california have the most of everything. >>right because it's the biggest state by by twice at least 3 times. >>so we have the most cases, the most deaths, the most everything right we have to look at proportionally in order to really kind of understand this and and kind of contrast where public health campaigns have worked and where they've been less successful. >>and doctor rutherford also says california is doing very well with testing and that perhaps boost covid numbers and present a clear picture of the covid situation here compared to other states live in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. >>he will. >>us begin with and then admonishments which are are official warnings that are going to be documented in police reports if those in march months or not he did people can be sighted him and or arrested.
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>>bringing in the new year should look and feel different from previous celebrations that is the message tonight from san francisco, public safety officials big parties like in years past are not allowed this year's the county tries to keep hospitals from being overrun with patients. extra patrols will be out enforcing the order. the city's annual fireworks display has been canceled the holiday lights exhibit in golden gate park will be turned off there that is said discourage crowds and parking lots will be closed. at places like marina green stern grove in ocean beach. >>the latest details on icu bed availability across the state in the bay area 8 and a half percent. the northern california region of about 4 times that amount in the sacramento area just under 15%. and the san joaquin valley, southern california. still full capacity meaning no icu beds available. in the south bay, the health care system is really being
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stretched to the limit this new year's eve at last count fewer than 30 available icu beds in santa clara county health department is reminding folks to be careful in order to try to keep things from getting worse. >>it is the summation of all our individual and collective decisions. that decide where this pandemic goes to good use of there's any to be had is presure additional pressure that was put on after christmas. was not as great as we saw for thanksgiving. >>as for vaccinations the county has received total of 95,000 doses combined from pfizer and moderna. >>all right turning now to our 4 zone forecast this is the night where usually harassing alarm saying will the skies be clear for fireworks, a very different light doesn't really we'll still have our. >>new year's eve show at 1130 as you know lawrence, but come
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midnight we'll be showing some of the best of the best from years past and will go around the world places like sydney, where they have had fireworks displays today but not setting them off in san francisco, not this year yeah, you know tonight as one of those nights where folks kind of just hanging out at home and enjoying the holiday and it looks like it's going to be a nice don't have to worry about rain tonight. it will be chilly though if you're stepping outside the backyard. well it is going to be cold temperatures going to be getting chilly as we've got to the nice cold air mass that move in behind that cold front that swept through the bay area yesterday and brought us some rain. now you can see some of the clouds working their way up in the pacific northwest but here we are seeing just some clouds high clouds moving in overhead that's about it. so that is some good news for tonight. i think in the better part of the year new york tomorrow looks mostly dry, but things will change as we get toward looks like a lot of part of the afternoon by tomorrow night temperatures out the door right now in the 40's in the 50's so getting chilly already in spots year new year
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celebration. as we head in toward midnight plan on the temperatures in the mid 30's in the valleys you see 40's inside the bay. and then as we head toward tomorrow, you're going to see a mixed bag, you see some sunshine and some passing clouds should be mostly dry chance of showers though develops by tomorrow night guys back to you. >>and dan thorn live in san francisco where police continue to investigate after 2 people were struck and killed by a hit and run driver we'll have the details coming up. >>plus hundreds of vaccine doses destroyed on purpose tonight, the person responsible is out of a job and facing charges. >>and would it make any sense to vaccinate more people now before anybody gets a second dose could that even be done we'll talk to a local infectious disease expert. >>and don't forget to join my lovely bride just seen waltman and me as we ring in the new year's stay safe. stay home in counted down watch a
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spectacular fireworks show again best of the best from some of the years pass also a cool deal where you can win some cash to spend in the new year. call for new year's live it starts at 11:30pm tonight right here on kron 4.
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>>that former wisconsin pharmacist accused this week of intentionally destroying hundreds of covid vaccine doses is now facing criminal charges, according to advocate
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aurora health the employee remove nearly 5 dozen viles of the vaccine from a refrigerator over the weekend. the vaccine of course must be stored at below freezing temperatures and can only be kept at room temp for up to 12 hours. so is no good now the employees actions. ruined 500 doses. he was subsequently fired and arrested on charges that include recklessly endangering safety. >>meantime vaccine distribution across the u.s.. it has been slower than expected that combined with the discovery of a new covid mutation that is apparently more contagious. then what we have known is leading to questions about distribution whether it might make more sense to administer a second dose to frontline health care workers or for the initial dose to more people. and we welcome doctor, peter, chin-hong an infectious disease expert at ucsf doctor, thank you so much. >>i think the idea that might be confusing to people so far
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they're being told. 2 doses are needed not necessarily clear how long the first one is good before you need the second one. so does that idea make sense to you. >>the idea that you can just give one large swath of the population with studio says and save half of them for a second shot. you know the first from folks who have gotten you know does make from a population perspective, but it's not based on too much data is just based on some modeling which you know again assumes that you can distribute the vaccines appropriately. it also seems that we're kind of stuck with this stash, but there are luckily, some other vaccines in the queue for being approved soon so i think that could also add to the numbers so i think you know it's a complicated situation. i think of a very svelte distribution
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system. it could be an option to just immunize as many people as possible with the star city i've. because even though it wouldn't prevent you from potentially getting. covid there's some data saying you've heard probably prevent a lot of sense about ago serious disease by just getting one of the 2, but again we it's kind of a day to free zone overall. doctor chin-hong i think a lot of people at home are going to say well i thought it the second dose had to be you know 3 weeks or so after the first. >>you know we don't want to create any doubt in the public about whether or not this. this vaccine is legit weather in they should trusted what is your feeling and you we have any data that would suggest if if everybody gets one dose. you know could they get the second dose say in august and would that be ok that's to work.
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>>i wouldn't risk and at this point again if you look at the data we know that the data says that you needed at this particular time. and when you get it at that particular time you get more than 95%. efficacy we don't know what the efficacy is longer intervals. it's just a leap of faith and if if there is vaccine that you have available. i personally wouldn't risk it. >>doctor you know we've been talking a lot about the fact the virus is mutating a more contagious apparently a more contagious does out there how could that change thanks. well i think. >>what it can do potentially infect a lot more people there's no evidence that this virus variance result in more. folks to get sicker per se but just from a numbers perspective issue in fact a lot more people if 12% of those infected will end up in
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the hospital that's a lot of more people coming to the hospital and again we're kind of out the breaking point right now so anymore for innovation of that with could be disastrous. we talk about the problems with the rollout the feds say it's up to the states to distribute the vaccine. >>but we have millions of unused. you know covid shots that are in states throughout the country that are in people's arms. do you blame. governors do blame the feds i know at the end of the day, you know the blame game isn't that useful. but we need to figure this out and figure out a better way to do this. so >>you know i think overall what the issue is is that not enough investment was given and public health which is the distribution part and more was given to the science part which is developing the vaccine. you kind of have to need both. so specifically about public health.
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>>the. >>states us for 8 billion dollars to help with the distribution part and they will only given 340 million so it just speaks to the fact that they have vastly underfunded to the job that this was to do which is you know get that vaccine into the arms of people after has been shipped so that 3 for the distribution one is the storage. you need a coach and not you know as you mentioned that early a story. if you just leave it out for a lot of could invalidate the vaccine. the second s is this surge so because of that series if you're a be able to give vaccines in some places, including california and the 3rd asked is of course the states that the power it said do this was given to the states. and you know we know that in the past with simple things like masks and ppe diagnostic test kits these weren't even able to be
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distributed properly on a national level. so of course it's a no-brainer that we're having desperate problems with distributing the vaccines are doctor peter, chin-hong we always appreciate your insight and. >>again happy new year. thank you for joining us. >>the happy you guys got some bubbly to the head. he was well thanks doctor to not happy new year. well this is just a sad sad story a product of the pandemic in part. another san francisco landmark has been removed the iconic cliff house side hoops get it in there be careful, you hope they preserve that thing the cliff house sign was removed, and you know that sign really presided bookended the west end of the city for more than a century it was taken down today as the restaurant prepares to close its doors for the final time, the restaurant of course was closed for months because of the pandemic cliff house owners though also blame a contract dispute with the
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national park service we caught up with that a couple of residents of the city who say they are just disheartened by this loss. >>well that's part of san francisco history. and one tobacco or history or connection to the city. >>i succumb as a boy to play line at the beach. the plane there. and my mom and took us kids to sutro baths back in early 60's. it was this. and now seen the clip asca leaving is just really sad. >>it's terrible and another iconic site that we lost this year the coca-cola sign here. yeah that was about i don't know, i'm guessing a month or 2 ago it this taken out at the end of october after. >>83 years. >>big story we're following the chp they've initiated a maximum enforcement period meaning they're looking for drivers who are speeding distracted. under the influence. and let's look live at the bay bridge toll plaza
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pretty clear right now, but this a maximum enforcement period will last through sunday night. let's welcome back chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence you're saying rain this holiday weekend. yeah usually we're concerned about rain tonight and possibly be now the roads late tonight, re not going to be the issue tonight we're going to keep things nice and dry outside. >>will be cold if you're stepping outside their the temperatures dropping off in the 30's and the mid 40's by about midnight, but no threat of any rain maybe couple patches of fog developing some of the valleys but that will be until after midnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, otherwise clear out there right now temperatures are getting a little bit cold 48 in palo alto 49 in morgan hill 44 for friends in livermore it's 52 degrees in san francisco, 47 in san anselmo get down to 44 in santa rosa right now so getting chilly in spots but high pressure just strong enough to send the jet stream to the north that is sending the rain line in that direction for now and the better part of the day tomorrow. but then things begin to change that low
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starts to drop it and here we go getting a little bit close kind of knocking on the door by tomorrow evening may be some showers developing and then overnight tomorrow night we see the rain begin to move into parts of the north and then spreading across the rest the bay area looks like the day tomorrow, mostly dry day temperatures will be in the 50's and the 60's. but as we look toward the new year. yeah we've got some changes come in we've got a lot of rain on the way some big time storms rolling in as we head into next week could be a concern thank you notes next 58 lawrence well, another unwanted development this year a historic and devastating wildfire season been one thing after another this year residents several bay area county sadly have been. >>forced from their homes in 2020 some of them on more than one occasion. >>also some of the worst air quality in the world that led to a day which look to some people a little like the end of the world kron 4 sanaz tahernia takes a look back 2020 was a devastating year for california wildfires as of december 3rd.
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>>they've been over 9,000 fire incidents in california with 4.2 million total acres burned. so the most destructive fires took place right here in the bay area with the biggest fires. those in the lightning complex fires which stretch across 5 bay area counties burning over 800,000 acres destroying over 3,000 buildings and sadly killing 7 people as a result of the wildfires we saw some changes in our skies, the ominous orange sky lasted for a couple of days. but the smoke lingered for weeks creating some of the worst air quality in the world. pilots and travelers at sfo were stunned by the smoky orange sky in a supposed terminal was lit up creating us are real contrast between the terminal and the sky. several mlb games had to be canceled because of poor air quality not only here in the bay area. but all throughout california up and down the west coast of the country. >>so it tonight at 8 holiday horror a dangerous drive
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ending with 2 people dead and the driver now behind bars. >>also the strangely empty sidewalks of times square, how people across the country are celebrating the end of 2020 in the middle of a pandemic. >>and new zealand is one of the first countries in the world to wave goodbye to 20 20 ring in the new year with a magnificent fireworks display. this is the sky tower and the city of auckland we'll have much more. new year celebrations from around the celebrations from around the world. all a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two, and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui.
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and a lot of ways to go-- text a friend, call a cab, share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california. >>well a tragic ending to 2020 in san francisco tonight. 2 people are dead after they were hit by a car happened about 04:00pm et mission and second streets in the city's south of market district. the driver has been taken into custody and police are still investigating and kron four's dan thorn, he is on live at the scene joins us now with the latest what do we know them. >>well catherine we're here live on montgomery street this accident actually happening down the way here over my shoulder on second mission streets were told. a woman in her 70's and a woman in either her 20's or 30's were both killed when they were struck by this driver we were told that day were apparently walking along the street. when
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police arrived on scene here around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. they found these 2 women in the street. the older victim dying the younger victim suffering in critical condition. she had to be taken to the hospital but later succumbed to her injuries. police say this driver actually tried leaving after the accident. but the driver whose name has not been released was eventually taken into custody. crime scene tape as you can see here has been blocking off this area as police have been diverting vehicle and foot traffic from coming through it has not been confirmed, but it appears that the driver may have also hit another parked car because we re seeing a broken pieces of offenders and whatnot scattered in the street. meanwhile, san francisco supervisor matt haney who represents this district have been taking to social media about this crash and want her tweet he said that a person should not need to risk their lives if they are walking or biking in this area which is or in downtown san francisco. the streets are just still too dangerous here for pedestrians and cyclists the supervisor
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says that the city needs to take more action to prevent these fatal accidents from happening. my condolences are we. >>the victims families and is just an awful thing that should never happen. you know it's something that downtown san francisco. it still. far too dangerous to just do something as simple and basic as walk down the street. >>and he went on to say that the accidents have been highly concentrated in downtown san francisco and also in selma. he says the city needs to continue working on making streets safer for people to either bike walk or run and as they continue to investigate police plan on having this area near second and mission streets closed off or at least the next few hours, we're still working on information in terms of the circumstances that led up to this are also working on information in terms of who these victims were and also who this driver
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is that's the latest here live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you dan next today, winter whiteout yet drivers in the midwest here dealing with whiteout conditions dangerous roads there as they try to get around. also a plea for help during the financial crisis, how san francisco business owner is working to get long-term funding for small businesses and residents across the country and we're counting down here to a good cause kron four's partnering with the super bowl of caring to help people in need this y
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>>the san francisco business owners on a mission to get long-term funding for small businesses and residents all across the country and the owner of cassava in the outer richmond recently wrote a letter to congress and started a petition saying the government is failing to adequately compensate people during this financial crisis. the owner believes her restaurant was targeted by thieves as a consequence and kron four's tale of a second explains the motivation behind her plea. >>just last week thieves broke into ucas restaurant here cassava but instead of placing blame on the suspects because directing her frustration and anger towards the government for putting people into these desperate situations if you are going to say snively hood of the people in need said. >>i compensate for the loss
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san francisco business owner you got your only says it's common sense but something local state and federal governments are doing. >>as a restaurant owner in the city he really feels the impact of the pandemic in multiple ways first by the restaurant dining closures and then by becoming a victim of burglary a targeted our he box outside so they back into use the key to come inside. >>and then a stall or the tablets. and also we made all learned that also parts for the company, but he'll really doesn't blame the thieves instead she says she's frustrated by the government for putting people in these desperate situations learned that the credit cards was. >>use only 2 locations one was simple market and the other one was a loss so we're like oh my they just want to buy out here really says this is
8:34 pm
just one example that reinforces her letter to congress and house speaker nancy pelosi she recently started a petition for the federal government to provide long-term pandemic relief. >>for all residents and businesses or asking it is for all residents have rent or mortgage. plus $1000. residents a month. plus $500 per child for 6 months at for all businesses have. the fixed costs and payroll covers this for 6 months something that other nations are already doing for example in canada in new budget plan provides more aid to businesses in hard-hit industries that's on top of its ongoing subsidies for workers including $2000 a month for those who lost jobs or income due to the pandemic richest country in the world should not operate like this conversation should be paying us stay home or stay close so
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that this can and you go hopes this letter will change the conversation and that political leaders will take more responsibility and adequately compensating the people they serve in san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >>all right well tonight a winter storm look at this wreaking havoc across the midwest making it dangerous for drivers you have freezing rain that's never good and snow causing whiteout conditions in parts of oklahoma state officials they're warning people about possible power outages looks miserable in texas. there was a string of traffic jams crews were. >>working to clear accidents a lot of drivers were actually stranded. overnight in some places chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking conditions and joins us with more clark's yeah this is going to be one heck of a storm to start out the new years and it is really just starting to put itself together right now so can a sting has been active on the west coast now getting active. >>as you make your way along a parts of the central areas the
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united states and you see that storm system kind of rolling up out of the south so it's got lot of moisture associated with it on the backside it's got a lot of cold air so we're talking about winter storm warnings in red there some places may see as much as a foot of snow in purple, those are winter weather advisories. you're going to see some snow several inches. and some of that freezing rain and that is just hard to deal with when you get that stuff out there on the roadways to get back out west we go on things quiet here right now but not going to stay that way forever back things going to get a lot more active in fact that storm that's making its way across the u.s. that is going to continue whine on through right into the new year there you go. all the way to saturday. they're going to be digging out from that one going to make a mess of things but these quiet here right now but that will likely change as we get toward tomorrow night, some clouds begin to move into our skies during the day and then by about 9.10 o'clock tomorrow night to see the cold front coming in bringing a chance of rain on new year's night. now it looks like the showers continue to move on through but that's just the beginning we've got some much larger storms coming our way.
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next year guys. nightline, thanks very much. >>tonight kron 4 will be counting down to 20 21 live in las vegas where doing this for a good cause indeed yet try to help out we've partnered with what they call the super bowl of caring to raise 1 million meals to help folks in need and here's a look at how your generosity. >>will help put the nonprofit or help get the nonprofit to put food on tables. >>the pandemic has drastically shifted the urgency and need it food banks around the country to help people put food on their table and what we're learning right now is so many that we're serving have never needed food assistance before you can help this year with the super bowl of caring. it began 30 years ago when a church in south carolina with one free on super bowl sunday to be mindful of those who don't have a bowl of soup to eat it's the use of that church and take that on as a as a and they asked the question what everybody watching big game just gave a
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dollar or one if you look at that today that would be a 100 million dollars in one day is cut of director allison brie says they've raised more than 163 million dollars to date. >>a small organization with a large network. there's the pandemic began looking at how technology can assist with this year's efforts. they created to tackle hunger. matt use the search bar to find charities in your neighborhoods zip code or city to encourage thinking about giving locally to churches homeless shelters pantries and food banks, there's people don't know where their nearest to charity something there. >>we're trying to make using our super bowl of caring doesn't deliver food directly it acts more like a catalyst by infusing the money into the food charities across the nation. and what's next our nation's outreach this year, the nonprofit hopes you will help raise more than 1 million meals. >>and if you'd like to donate you can use your phone to scan
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that little qr code bottom left or you can text the words and why donate to 2, 6, 9, 8, 9, can also visit a website tackle hunger dot org and pick a local charity. you would like to help. still ahead tonight a day for 8 years, the man convicted of killing a morgan hill teenager. >>has never addressed the case is now breaking his silence in a kron 4 exclusive. >>and people around the world are running in the new year already of course i'd spend happening. the sydney, australia. fireworks lighting up the sky above the harbor, this is arguably the world's just beautiful, we'll be ri
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>>that's story you'll only see here on kron for the man convicted of killing morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar has broken his silence yeah we're talking about antolin garcia torres he did write a prison letter to kron 4 digital reporter. >>amy larson any first rode him hoping to get some kind of response and she did this is a believed to be the first time he's responded to a news reporter amy asked several questions he responded to one saying. yes amy i hold fast to my innocence. sierra lamar went missing in morgan hill on her way to school in 2012. her dna was found in a car belonging to garcia torres he is serving a life sentence at the corcoran state prison and
8:43 pm
if you would like to watch a nice full report on her exchange with garcia torres you can do so on our kron on app we also have the full letter posted on our website. >>kron 4 dot com. next today partying during a pandemic this new year's eve by people. >>from across the u.s. are
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>>all night long we've been try to show you some of the new year's eve celebrations
8:46 pm
from around the world and they are spectacular. this is the united arab emirates where they rang in 2021 with. >>quite a bank yeah they they do in fact they had more than 30 fireworks lighting up the sky, this is one from a building in dubai the tallest building in the world here in the u.s., although health officials have been telling people please stay home. for new year celebrations as we can see this is video from miami. that has not stopped some large gatherings. >>crazy to see that other cities across the u.s. are not experiencing crowds like these tonight, thanks to tougher restrictions aimed of course it slowing the spread of covid bryant. it has the story. >>new year's looks very different this year in most parts of the country in new york, no pedestrians are allowed in times square in california public health officials warned of stricter enforcement of stay at home orders on new year's eve. but in florida despite 17,192 new
8:47 pm
covid cases announced today party rages on in cities like miami that had limited restrictions it would not surprise that everything's open but there's no social distancing at all so you know people packed together and no one cast, let's see 10 days later. >>whether the statistics a much tamer situation in chicago where drive-in new year celebration in live concert is planned space or body partially got 10 feet between the cars and the cars space. >>so you come sit down have fun if you want to stay in your car, you can still missing watch system unlike sure credible in rhode island there's a 10:00pm curfew an indoor events can only have 15 people. >>and then planners say most of their customers have canceled and the restrictions went down to 15 they were they were reluctant to move forward we have you know. >>lost over 5 million dollars over last over the course of the last year and laid off. close to 200 people.
8:48 pm
>>an economic hit in states that are shut down some infectious disease doctors say it is necessary we've been doing this for almost around 9 to 10 months. and we have to continue to better that's a line that is light the end of tunnel. >>those bright and 10 reporting for us tonight. >>well the financial hardships from the pandemic of course they have not only taken a big financial toll on people but also it's affecting paps in tonight's flying tells kron four's ken wayne checked in with the north bay animal sanctuary that has stepped up to help. if i get home. >>a steady line of cars paraded through the crosswalk community church parking lot in napa these are families in
8:49 pm
need and their pets are part of the family what a great time now that were not working, you know right get any kind of help we can get you've got the food you've got the but not very many people think about providing the pet and the animals need. >>just the same thing we did jamison humane has been providing free pet food and supplies for more than 5 years notably during the wildfires that devastated northern california last summer. >>the pandemic has brought new pain and hardship and this biweekly giveaway is easing the suffering we have to head for home, we have a cap and become a dock and then we can about those so does this make a big course absolutely. >>a great night for the park >>probably 80,000 meals we provided for cats and dogs since we started in april, so it's a really need in the community so those toys are going to not just food. >>then blanket, scholars and
8:50 pm
toys all of it donated by local suppliers, it's become so popular and needed that surrounding counties and agencies are reaching out to jamison learn how they can set up their own pet food pantries to help their animals in need. >>this pantry is similar to something like this. county other people other communities to create. >>and that was ken wayne reporting the pet food drive-thrus they're going to continue on the first and 3rd thursdays of the month, 02:00pm to 04:00pm at the crosswalk community church. the churches are 25 91st street in napa it's right off highway 29. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>it's been a strange college football season to say the least to the truncated season games canceled left and right but a bright spot has been san
8:51 pm
jose state the spartans started for the first time since 1939 and today's arizona bowl marks their first postseason appearance since 2015 we're going to show you some highlights of this one from brennan and the spartans looking to go a perfect day to know to finish the season but ball state got going in a hurry 1st quarter already up 20 qb drew plitt gets pushed in for the touchdown capping off a 27 point 1st quarter than in the 3rd cardinals leading by 34 charlie bostic the 3rd returning the kickoff and he goes straight up the scene and he is off to the races looks like he's going coast to coast a 99 yard kickoff return, san jose state finally getting on the board but it was too little too late ball state taking out san jose state 3413 was the final score as the cardinals become the 2020 arizona bowl champions. but despite that outcome. head coach brent brennan of san jose state praised his team for an incredible season. >>these kids just kept showing
8:52 pm
up for work and kept working for each other and playing for other. and now perseverance and not brotherhood was rewarded. with the conference championship. right and a bowl game and you know last time i checked the been a fire ball game since 1992. so it's not like that's an everyday occurrence around here. >>great season for them the warriors meanwhile wrapped up this wild ride of 2020 by prepping for their home opener against the trail blazers tomorrow and we've got a couple pieces of good news center marquese chriss had successful ankle surgery today he'll be reevaluated in 3 months and a familiar face is set to return to the court head coach steve kerr says that draymond green is probable for tomorrow's game green has yet to make his season debut. he missed all 3 preseason games after testing positive for coronavirus and he's since been sidelined while dealing with a foot strain but kerr said green looked great during a scrimmage at practice today and he's excited to see what the all-star forward can do alongside their highly touted
8:53 pm
rookie james wiseman. >>he's such a dominant personality. and an emotional person and an energetic player. he literally lifts the whole with with all of that. so i'm excited to have everybody feel what it's like to to play with dream on. it will be interesting with james out there with him because it changes the the pick and roll to imply pig or all of other guy. you know during dream on is going to find james. >>yeah looking forward to seeing those 2 on the court tomorrow. well after a very long offseason the san jose sharks are ready to get back on the ice today players reported for training camp in arizona the team was forced to move out of san jose because of the santa clara county covid restrictions. so they're holding training camp in scottsdale and staying in a self-imposed bubble. now despite these extra challenges, the guys say they're fired up and ready to go the team is hoping to
8:54 pm
bounce back from what was a brutal 2019 20 season, which saw the shark's finishing below 500 for the first time in 15 years with the shortened 2021 schedule and no pre season games head coach bob boughner said today it is crucial that the sharks get off on the right foot in camp. >>well the team meeting last night about how important our star does. and these so many days of camp and i think that actions are probably guilty of trainees are weighing camp fielder way that their way around and start trying to you press the on switch when it comes to the first game of the season that just doesn't work that way. >>first game of the season for the sharks is on did you know you can go to
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>>that wraps up kron 4 news update at 9 o'clock we go to vegas to celebrate new year's and then at 1130 just seen and i will do it here in the bay. have a good new year everybody happy new year got.
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