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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  January 5, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >>now at 3 it's a new day for laguna honda hospital in san francisco, the covid-19 vaccine rollout is well underway as hundreds of residents in the city's nursing home received their covid-19 vaccinations thank you for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm sanaz tahernia residents at the long-term care facility have been largely isolated to prevent an outbreak there the facility has reported 50 total positive cases and 5 deaths among residents during an update today, the mayor said the arrival of the vaccine does offer some optimism from any their kron four's dan
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kerman joins us live from laguna honda with more from the cities update today, good afternoon. dan. >>good afternoon sun has more than 700 residents live here in this long-term care facility more than 300 already vaccinated yesterday they hope to get everybody who wants a shot to get one by tomorrow that is very good news also during this briefing today built the mayor and doctor colfax talked about cases and talked about hospitalizations they say both cases and hospitalizations continue on the upswing but the rate of infection and that rate is slowing down and that is a good thing still it's not enough to change the shutdown that is in place in san francisco. they are really wanted to focus on that that her hands are tied. >>at this point, san francisco in the entire bay area are under the stay at home order for the near future. that means we currently have no control over lifting most restrictions like those
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related to outdoor dining or personal services. what we do have control over is how we closely follow the health orders. we do have control over individual actions that can lead us to improve our numbers so we can keep people healthy save lives and get out of the state restrictions. >>again the mayor emphasizing that he has no control over the restrictions it's all done by the state even though san francisco is not only doing better than the most of the state, but also most of the bay area in terms of icu capacity that really has no say in terms of these restrictions like outdoor dining and the closure of salon she says that will all be up to the state when the bay area regional icu capacity gets back above that 50% mark, a lot more said today during this news conference we'll have more for you on this coming up tonight at 5 o'clock but we will mention that they did make a big step in the board of supervisors did in terms of small businesses that
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coming up again tonight at 5 o'clock live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. all right dan thank you for that. >>across the state the percentage of available icu continues to sink, here's a look at the current icu bed availability in the regions across california. right now the bay area is just under 6% northern california as a whole is at 29.8% capacity. the sacramento region is just under 12% in the san joaquin valley and southern california regions are still have no available icu beds. an update to the covid-19 outbreak linked to kaiser hospital in san jose, the santa clara county public health department says there are 7 more positive cases. this brings the total confirmed number of cases to 51 and one employee has died of covid after the outbreak the hospital says it's linked to an air-powered costume. a staff member wore in the emergency room in an effort to lift the spirits of their coworkers. health officials
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say it's a stark reminder that covid-19 can be so easily transmitted through the air. and over in the north a marine county could soon start receiving the coronavirus vaccine. a critical step toward fully reopening schools kron four's trials for joins us live from murray county with details on that hi charles. >>and there here in marin county they're receiving about 2500 doses of the coronavirus vaccine per week and right now it's going to frontline health care workers in the first phase of vaccinations but the health officer here in marin county says in the second wave which could happen in just a couple of weeks, teachers and educators could be vaccinated as well. >>this vaccine, distribution plan is moving forward really quickly marin county health officer doctor matt willis says that teachers and educators across the county could start receiving their first doses of coronavirus vaccine by the end of january also says the county is working on getting the vaccine
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to more locations we're hoping by then there will be enough vaccine available to our healthcare partners like kaiser like summer like we're in health. >>for them to also be able to offer a vaccine to the to members of the school community accident is a critical step to get getting students back but it's not a silver bullet, it's not the one thing that's going to make all the safety concerns go at it. >>morgan agnew is a math teacher at terra linda high school. he says he's cautiously optimistic about the vaccinations but because there are no plans to vaccinate students it could still be a long time before classrooms get back to normal even if we're able to get kids back in school this year the school year it will not be normal. it will be smaller groups of students that we've seen a lot further they won't be able to interact with each other in the same way they have in the past will still have to keep their masks even under the most optimistic predictions our students will not get vaccinated this school year will concedes there is no plan to vaccinate students but
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says. >>getting the shots the teachers and educators is a critical step in reopening schools that were not yet. planning to vaccinate children until we have more evidence or guidance in terms of the role of vaccinating children but obviously protecting adults in the school community is important. >>all right back live now the marine health also says that if a teacher educator works in marine county, but lives somewhere else they will still be eligible to receive a vaccine in moran, but for now in the north bay charles clifford kron 4 news. thank you for that shot. >>for many the $600 stimulus check translates into help. for rent and food for their family and now a number of those taxpayers who used h r block and turbotax are finding their money went into an incorrect bank account kron four's maureen kelly talked to some of these frustrated taxpayers about this particular problems in joins us now live in san francisco with the very latest morning.
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>>that's right. dogs we've been approached by several kron for viewers who were expecting to see there stimulus check directly deposited into their bank account. but when they check the irs website they found. it was deposited into someone else's account. >>maybe using it pay bills, you know just doing the normal car shopping does any little bit helps newark resident, alyssa constantino is one of millions of americans whose been waiting on the $600 stimulus money but rather than a check like last time she chose to get a direct deposit. but when she went to the irs website this time to see where her money was she saw a message similar to this one. >>but the numbers on the bank account that the money was scheduled to be deposited into is it hurts. she's not the first kron 4 viewer to reach out about stimulus money going to the wrong place and all of them so far have been h r block customers h r block did
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not answer my questions about how widespread the problem is but responded to my inquiry with the same message they've been tweeting out that the irs determines where the second stimulus payments were sent and in some cases money was sent to a different account. then the first stimulus payment last spring we immediately deposited millions of stimulus payments to customers bank accounts and all direct deposits are being processed there directing other clients with the same problem to call their hotline or to reach out via twitter alyssa says she was told this is because she pays h r block to prepare for taxes with money that comes out of her refund the stimulus doesn't have fee. >>so they don't know why it went to that account before lunch, your bank account but it should be and by the end of the week, so we shall see some turbotax customers are reporting similar problems. >>and that company says they're partnering with the irs to help taxpayers receive their payments as quickly as possible. >>i've reached out to the irs
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to see how widespread this problem is and why it's happening this time around because the people i'm talking to are saying they did not have a problem when they got their first stimulus checks so far and yet to hear response to the irs reporting from san francisco. i'm wearing kelly kron 4 news. >>maureen thank you for that. and now to some national news all eyes are on georgia today when a special runoff election will determine control of the u.s. senate democrats have to win both races to take control of the senate but if they lose even one republicans keep their majority by washington correspondent trevor shirley has details on this important race. >>well these are races were each of the 4 candidates have raised and spent hundreds of millions of dollars and now you've got the leaders of both parties really hitting the state hard over the past few days. just last night president trump was in georgia for a joint rally for incumbent senators david perdue and kelly leffler despite being there to support those candidates. the president also spent a fair
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amount of time claiming the november elections were rigged and threatening to campaign against the state's republican governor brian kemp when he runs for reelection in the meantime president elect biden was also in georgia campaigning for the 2 democrats running, reverend raphael warnock and jon, ossof neither of whom never held elected office have gained popularity during the past few months. if democrats don't win both seats biden will be the first president since bill clinton not to have their party control both houses of congress when they first take office. >>the power. the power is learning in your hands unlike any time in my career one state. one state. can chart a course not just relax for years for the next generation. >>in a way the world is counting on the people of judges, the fate of our country is at stake, it's in your hands. you must deliver a republican victory so big that the democrats can still enter cheated away.
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>>and despite the president's repeated claims of a rigged election in georgia the state's top republican leadership, including its secretary of state have repeatedly denied andy bond to those claims reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. >>coming up at 3.45 today, we'll go live to the nation's capital for more on the georgia senate vote as the polls gear up to close at 04:00pm our time. big story today, a wisconsin prosecutor says criminal charges will not be filed against a white police officer who shot a black man 7 times in the back leaving him paralyzed, 29 year-old jacob blake was shot by officer rusten sheskey on august 23rd in kenosha sheskey shot blake as blake leaned into his suv with his 3 kids that we're in the car. officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call at the time that the kenosha police union says blake was armed with a knife and turned toward the officer while
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holding it. state investigators say the officer was seen on the floor of the suv the kenosha county district attorneys said today that chesky along with the other 2 officers involved will not be charged based on quote. the fact and law. blake is now paralyzed from the waist down and the city of kenosha is preparing for potential unrest tonight. back here at home are going to switch gears from on and get a check of our forecast as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this hour. it's so clear today but we are expecting rain to return to tomorrow soda kron 4 meteorologist erica caturay joining us from the weather center with details on that erica. hey sanaa's you're right about that rain is headed our way again checking in on different view compared to what we saw this morning we saw some dense throughout the bay area, but it has cleared up it will return though. >>tonight our satellite and radar shows that it is dry up and down the state of course different story tomorrow as
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you know we did see some yesterday we had one to 2 inches up in the north bay. we also got some snow out in the sierra about a foot out in squab valley and it was very windy out there gusts actually had a 136 miles per hour up in the sierra ridge is a mammoth mountain saw at a 111 miles per hour and out in a reno gusts over 65 miles per hour winds though looking very light there and here in the bay area today and tomorrow of course should not be a problem, our temperatures right now are in the 50's pretty normal for this time of year we're about to hit our daytime in a bit within this next hour and then our temperatures will dip down to the 40's by about 8 o'clock and of course the patchy fog take take you hour by hour in terms of when we can expect to see that rain tomorrow in just a bit. thank you for that
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erica. >>we have much more coming up this afternoon, including details on the new program in santa clara county aimed to help small businesses. plus a study on the east coast looks into whether vitamin d can help fight off covid-19. and after the break could your dentist be the one who gives you the covid-19 vaccine. details on latest effort to speed of vaccinations across california that's coming up.
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>>in an effort to speed up vaccinations across the state's governor newsom announced this week that dentists are now cleared it to administer covid-19 vaccines. an emergency waiver approved monday allows the state's 36,000 dentist to help give the shots kron four's noelle bellow joins us now with more on how bay area dentists feel about the plan a while. >>sanaa's you i spoke with 2 dentists in berkeley and they both say they're ready and willing to step up and administer covid-19 vaccines as soon as they get their training this plan comes as the state continues to finalize its vaccination plan. officials say it's become clear there just aren't enougv can receive them. the california dental association is applauding the idea saying every available resource needs to be deployed to save lives and mitigate suffering during this pandemic the dentist i
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spoke with say they're in a unique position to administer vaccines because of the extensive training they already receive during their own dental education. >>i think this is something that really should have been done a long time ago we should have been considered a long time ago. >>yeah as dennis i think we are fully qualified to administer does that's a nation shot. you know we give difficult injections and hard to reach places enough. all day long so getting shot the arm should be a big deal then as medical professionals we can recognize any signs of another tough reaction so us being able to recognize that and to be able to not to respond i think that's crucial in not being able to give that's nation. >>well dennis will complete online training from the centers for disease control which should only take about 3 to 4 hours to complete. there's not a definitive timeline on when they would start administering the shots, but it's possible it could happen within the next couple of weeks, i'm going to have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our
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streaming service kronon you can download that for free in your app store back to think you know i'll. now kron 4 is always tracking a local stories, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now in the east bay oakland acts full gospel church is providing free covid-19 testing. >>for community members on tuesdays and saturdays testing will be available from 09:00am to 04:00pm both days in the church parking lot which is located at 1034 66th avenue. no registration or insurance is required to be tested at that church. and out of the south bay, small businesses in santa clara county have new lifeline to stay afloat county leaders announced a low interest loan program up to a $100,000 now the program is for businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees. their total revenue from last year should be under 2 and a half million dollars and they have to have lost at least 25% in revenues compared to prior one year period. approved
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applicants can get their money as soon as 2 weeks to 2 to 3 weeks rather after submitting their application. and in the east bay bart will start 2 months ahead of weekend track work at the richmond station this month requiring track closures at the station over 5 weekends. the first weekend of suspensions at the richmond station will start january 16th through the 18th, it will be a free bus bridge between the richmond and el serino del norte a stations on the effect of weekends. writers planning to take the bus should budget an extra 15 to 20 minutes for their trip and we have additional dates of closures at the richmond station and all the information he needs now on our website kron 4 dot com. still ahead at 3.45 all eyes on the state of georgia today, a special runoff election will determine whether republicans or democrats. >>control of the senate the u.s. senate will have a live report on the voting underway. and after the break which a
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trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >>for your health now researchers believe that the coronavirus strain is spreading quickly in the uk actually arrived in the u.s. mid november, and hundreds of people have already been infected with it so far 3
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states in the u.s. including california have confirmed cases of this new strain. scientists say people under the age of 20 are at the higher risk of getting its researchers at imperial college london discovered a shift in age group of those infected with the new strain overall more younger people have been infected and their findings also suggest that children are more likely to contract despite version of the virus. despite the new a variant is spreading faster researchers do say it's not deadlier than the original coronavirus strain. and vitamin d is known to boost the immune system and fighting off infection. now researchers are looking to see if you can help fight covid-19 researchers over at brigham and women's hospital in boston will begin trials to see if the vitamin can lessen symptoms or reduce chances of becoming infected. the nationwide said he will have a 1500 newly diagnosed coronavirus patients along with 1200 household contacts all under the age of 30
3:25 pm
they'll either take vitamin d supplements or a placebo for a month, a previous a smaller study done in iran found vitamin d helped improve the outcome of hospitalized covid-19 patients. coming up next what should be a formality in congress tomorrow should be a messy it's could be rather messy step spectacle. >>some republicans lawmakers say they'll refuse to certify joe biden's presidential win. and some local news police on the peninsula looking for man who exposed himself to a young girl. details on what kind of car he may be driving and what to look out for the license plate. and after the break a former mayor down in southern california exploring a possible run for governor as governor newsome recall efforts gained momentum. we'll meet kevin faulconer after the break. and we're seeing mostly sunny skies right now, but that won't be the case later
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>>former san diego mayor kevin faulconer kicked off the new year by launching the committee to consider running for governor. this comes as a recall effort for governor newsom is underway. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala sat down with the potential opponents and she now joins us live from sacramento with more on the conversation. hi, ashley. >>see a kevin faulkner is not making his candidacy official
3:29 pm
but he is starting to test the waters to see what a gubernatorial campaign might look like for him. this coupled with the potential recall of governor gavin newson could make for a very tumultuous political year here in california. >>kevin faulconer this week officially launched a committee to begin raising money and exploring a possible run for governor california needs new leadership at the top faulkner is a republican and recently finished his term as mayor of san diego when we see the conflicting regulations that have come out of sacramento. >>when we see. protect you continued issues all across california skyrocketing homelessness public schools are still not open save money and private schools are operating 500,000 californians can't get their unemployment checks in the midst of the pandemic. way to leadership we need to bring california's together the committee launch comes as a recall effort against a governor gavin newsome gains momentum and money organizers say they're closing in on nearly a million signatures so far. >>supporters need together a
3:30 pm
total of 1.6 million certified if voters approve the recall is not a. >>partisan issue. this democrats republicans and independents who believe our state is not on the right track. >>would you consider putting your name in yes, and the answer whether it's a recall run rates 0.22 minutes, those are all the steps that we're taking right now again organize harness energy and momentum. >>so the former mayor did not give a specific timeline on when he might announce he's running, but he did say next steps for him could be coming very soon. reporting live in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>down is tomorrow during a joint session of congress that says president trump continues to fight the outcome of the presidential election and a group of republican lawmakers
3:31 pm
support his claims. catherine heenan of inside bay area politics and joins us now with more catherine. i soon as it is of course extremely where that anybody seriously challenges the outcome of an election at least here in the u.s.. >>but what would ordinarily be a formality tomorrow. certifying the biden win that could be a mess. a lot of house republicans and a group of republican senators planning to object to the votes from some key swing states. and this has police and the national guard in washington d c they're bracing for more large protests wednesday, and they're concerned about clashes between trump supporters and counter-protesters since the republican challenge tomorrow is not going to affect the election outcome. i asked our political analyst michael yaki why is this happening. >>comes down to one trumpian. and that is you have josh hawley and ted cruz 2 senators who really would like to be the next president of the
3:32 pm
united states and know that the trump core. are people who now form the base of what used to be called the republican party and they want that base they want that in the primary and that's what this is all about cynically i don't think either of these 2 care much what donald trump. they know that this attempt is going to fail. a 100% will fail it's it's all about politics for 2020 for its cynical. it's destructive. it's undermining of our democracy and i think that part of them feel that the more they can undermine joe biden the easier will be for them to try and challenge him in 2024. >>it has been interesting to watch president trump upping the pressure on his faithful vice president to support him and again mike pence does not have the authority to throw out any electoral votes as president of the senate though an awkward position for him maybe tomorrow, but he is expected to preside over the certification vote son os. >>catherine thank you for that. and now back to our
3:33 pm
coronavirus coverage here in california nearly 2 million doses of the pfizer vaccine have been distributed but just 24% of those doses. i'm actually been administered. doctor dean winslow withstand for medical center says there is not infrastructure set up in many places to promptly administer the pfizer vaccine. that vaccine needs to be stored in special freezers that not every hospital has. doctor wenzel says the slow rollout could cause the pandemic to stretch out much longer. >>more than 20 million doses of vaccine that are available and our shared out there in the united states right now ready to be administered. but i think that we've only administered so far about one and a half percent. of our population is actually been immunized at least if we stay on the current trajectory, it's going to be late next year 7580% of the population is immune. >>and while efforts to get the vaccine to everyone ramp up
3:34 pm
but you should still continue to wear masks, socially distance and not gather in large groups. now the city of berkeley has released information on who will be receiving the coronavirus vaccine. berkeley's mayor says the city has received 1100 doses of the moderna vaccine and they say the first doses will go to hospitals. nursing homes and first responders next we'll be home health care workers clinics and community health care workers followed by teachers and people over the age of 75 phase 4 includes the homeless and people with underlying health conditions. and some good news for small business owners, the deadline for the first round of small business covid-19 relief grant applications has been extended small businesses now have until january 13th to apply now the program has already received thousands of applications and due to the high website traffic, some businesses may have had trouble getting access so the application period has been extended. switching years to
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take a live look at our weather that our forecast is a live look outside from our mount tam camera over sausalito and into the city. some rain is set to move back into the north bay tomorrow kron four's erica caturay standing going to see that all across the bay area going to be sticking kind of in the north a most the north bay that's where we're going to see most of the the south bay might not see that i'll tell you more in just a moment, but i just. >>want to take a look here in san francisco, a beautiful shot winds are looking very light here in the city and throughout the whole bay area. if you happen to be along the coast this evening be very careful for those waves. we have a high surf advisory still in effect through 11 o'clock tonight breaking waves up to 30 feet along the coast so looking dry for us here, but of course not going to be the case tomorrow. so this is around 08:45am in the morning we're going to see an increase in our cloud cover and then you can see here in the north bay after 11:00am that's when
3:36 pm
we're gonna start to see it shift into sonoma county and the system makes its way to the southeast. >>and this is around 2 o'clock we're going to see light rain here in san francisco tomorrow and some parts of the east bay as well as marine county and then by about 4 o'clock we see this system kind of weekend and just maybe some drizzle and other parts of the east bay, the south bay as i mentioned might not really see too much action the system as it is a very weak one and then by 7 o'clock here we're going to see a cloudy conditions throughout the bay area maybe some drizzle along the coast. thursday around 1 o'clock we can see the south bay here mostly sunny skies but then that cloud cover is going to shift in again because we're going to see a second round of showers later in the week 11 o'clock is when it hits on the north bay again the system is where it's coming from and then it shifts down to the south east. they're seeing some light rain in the east and san francisco along the
3:37 pm
peninsula. this is 05:00am on friday. a lot of you will be sleeping when the showers by about 7.45. this is what it's going to look like on our satellite and radar it's going to start to dry up maybe some drizzle along the coast from that system. the rain is not going to be enough to get us out of the drought as you know we are still in a severe drought are only about 20 to 35% of our normal for this season, hopefully we can make up for that in the next couple of months our daytime high temperatures tomorrow will be pretty normal for this time of year out in oakland 5955 in antioch so here's ahead at what we can expect for the and. >>we have high pressure will be building so it should be dry on saturday and sunday son os thank you erica. >>coming up this hour attention dog lovers, the american kennel club just named a new dog breeds and we've got the pictures. plus do you prefer a car-free lifestyle which bay area
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cities have been deemed the best to live in for those who
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>>time now to check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on tonight marni hughes joins us live from chicago with a preview. hi. hey there good to see you as always well of course i all eyes are on georgia tonight, it's decision day in t, itthat state. those 2 critical runoff races and
3:41 pm
we've got you covered we'll take you live there. throughout the night as the ballots are being counted in a fight to see which party will control the senate will also be looking at voter turnout and how that impacts things in the first few hours also the distance district attorneys announced that he will not be filing charges against the officer who shot jacob blake in kenosha wisconsin. that shooting left him paralyzed. the da's reasoning in this case and what the family has to say in response tonight and a bi finally a big news nation announcement we are excited to ashley banfield welcome award-winning journalist, ashleigh banfield to our team. joe robin i spoke with ashley this afternoon about her new hour long show coming to news nation. march first we talked to about the format and i love this. the first big interview that she hopes to get we chat with her about that so lots to come with ashley, we are very thrilled to welcome her to our news nation family back to you. thanks so much for that ashley really is a wonderful journalist, thanks so much warning. >>news nation airs on wgn
3:42 pm
america at 08:00pm our time you can find it on the channel's listen hear more details available on our website kron 4 dot com. now another new san diego county is now reporting 32 new cases of the new strain of the coronavirus this is the strain that was first detected in the united kingdom. health leaders say the 2 dozen new variant cases were confirmed on yesterday from specimens collected the last week in december for the new cases are in people under the age of 10. and temperatures go teachers can now apply for a new tool to help them with distance learning san francisco unified school district is partnering with a nonprofit organization called to screens for teachers. the seattle based group will provide the district with 3200 free computer monitors for teachers to use as a second screen. district officials say a second monitor will help teachers better manage their online curriculums and potentially increase their productivity to get their second monitors teachers just
3:43 pm
have to fill out an online form at the nonprofit's website and the organization will ship the monitor to them for free yet. still ahead a live report from washington dc the u.s. senate control resting on georgia runoffs the polls is set to close the next 20 minutes and we'll bring you the latest information. one of the worst things about a cold sore
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is how it can make you feel. but, when used at the first sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores. if your gums bleed when you brush, the answer is yes. the clock may be ticking towards worse... parodontax is 3x more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums parodontax >>control of the u.s. senate is up for grabs tonight in
3:46 pm
georgia with 2 runoff races that will determine which party is in power on capitol hill. our washington dc correspondent kellie meyer joins us live to break down this crucial election kelly. >>good evening. we'll certainly washington is watching what will happen in georgia because it will not only determine what happens here on capitol hill but what policies a biden white house can push forward. georgians were out at the polls tuesday morning to cast their ballots in 2 senate runoff races. georgia's 2 incumbent republican senators kelly loeffler and david perdue are facing off against democrats raphael warnock and jon ossoff both sides got a final boost of support from presidential heavyweights on the last day of campaigning. biden made a stop in georgia monday and so did vice president mike pence and president trump. >>and these to know when and if we don't take the presidency of a country that would be run by schumer
3:47 pm
pelosi. >>georgia voters have never had more power than you have today. that's the reason the whole world is watching us in georgia. >>and it's important to note that both ossoff and warnock have to win in order for democrats to be in the majority if just one of the republican candidates leffler or purdue when republicans will maintain their hold on the majority here in the senate. >>kelly i know the polls are set to close in a little over 10 minutes or so, but will we when will we know rather who is going to win. well they can start counting those ballots until the polls close as you mentioned at 07:00pm eastern. >>the secretary of state mentioned they may know by wednesday morning but as you remember back in november. we didn't know until later in the week, so it's really anyone's guess but we'll definitely be watching. >>all right kelli live for us from the nation's capital thanks so much.
3:48 pm
>>and back here at home we turn our attention to our bay area forecast as we take a live look outside this is a look at the ohio highway 24 in walnut creek. you can see i'm not sure if that's the just the way that we're seeing the screen the transmission of the image or if it's just windy out there looks like it's actually just the image. we are expecting some rain tomorrow and friday a little bit of a roller coaster this week with sun and rain we've got eric cantor is standing by she joins us in the weather center erica got excited. i thought that was wind looking at the winds and it's actually pretty light out there and from most of the bay area right now we don't to worry about when says next couple of days taking in on the sonny bill actually just saw people riding their bikes a moment ago. >>and taking a little hike so people are really taking advantage of the dry weather that we're seeing today a high temperatures tomorrow will be pretty normal for this time of year, but we are going to see rain. this is around 3 o'clock san francisco seeing some light showers less than a quarter of an inch of rain this is a weak system that
3:49 pm
we're going to see tomorrow along the coast looking at mid 50's 56 and half moon bay, the peninsula will also see some light showers tomorrow around lunchtime in the early afternoon hours. >>how out or looking at 60 tomorrow for daytime highs out in the south bay chances don't look too good of seeing rain tomorrow but our high temperatures will be in the lower 60's out and said no we're looking at 61 dublin 60 walnut creek will see some light showers moving through we're looking at 59 tomorrow, so have their umbrellas in hand if you're going to be running. errands tomorrow around lunchtime fairfield 56 for daytime highs and the north bay is actually going to get the most rain from the system but less than an inch of rain so not as much as what we saw yesterday and then look ahead at the upcoming week we have another chance for seeing a showers there thursday night after 11:00pm and then the early morning hours friday like around 02:00am that's when the center of that system
3:50 pm
will hit the bay area a lot of you will be sleeping by the time you wake up if you're up at around 08:00am that's when it's going to start to dry up on friday the afternoon looks to be dry for us here in the bay area and through the weekend as high pressure will be belting son thank you erica, >>now on the peninsula police and palo alto are looking for a man who exposed to a 12 year-old girl. police have released this sketch of the suspect and they say it happened on sunday on driftwood drive. the girl was riding her bike when a car pulled up beside her she stopped and asked the driver she stopped and that's when the driver rather ask for directions and that's when he exposed himself. the girl ran away and told her parents she says the man was driving a silver toyota sedan with an h the letter h in the license plates. a quick break and
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
>>and if you love dogs stuff doing and sit down because we've got some adorable to show you this the american kennel club just named a new dog the dog that you see on your screen is called the beaver terrier now it's similar to a your kids looks like a yorkie haha really nice bali eyes. the dog is long hair and it weighs of between 4, 8, pounds and they can live to be 16 years of age look at that they're brat black brown why i mean i love it. this is
3:54 pm
the 197 breed recognized by the american kennel club. >>and now the dogs are eligible to compete for best in show. was wonder how they come up with new breeds are these breeds that just kind of come to be after bringing so many brings together is just you know so that is kind of popped up something we're going to have to look you can see here at kron 4. >>san francisco has been named the number one city to live in without a car the company along starters says. >>they compared america's 150 biggest cities for things like walk ability, public transit and weather. portland oregon and washington dc boston, massachusetts and new york new york round out the top 5 with oakland coming in at number 7. >>and check this santa rosa also made the top 20. coming in at number 18 i can tell you los angeles definitely not on that list. now before we sign off here at 3 one we're going to take one more check on our forecast with erica caturay hi
3:55 pm
erica. >>i sanaa's well this morning we saw some dense fog but it has since diminished if we check in along the coast pacifica looking clear we are seeing some blue out there and some bloke cumulus clouds moving through the area if you're going to be by the coast careful for those waves the sneaker waves we're seeing breaking waves up to 30 feet we have that high surf advisory still in effect through the rest of today into tonight so. >>we are going to see an increase in our cloud cover this is tomorrow morning around 07:00am as you can see on futurecast and then we see next round of rain moving through sonoma county after 11:00am is when we're going to see it head and then it shifts down to the southeast the rest the bay area will see some in a san francisco, the peninsula and parts of the east bay but this system is weekend breaks apart by the time it gets to the south bay. so if you're
3:56 pm
out in san jose might not even see the showers just that thick cloud cover and then around wednesday it dries up we will see some drizzle maybe along the coast. a thursday looks like it will be a mostly sunny until later in the night when we will see an increase cloud cover and then our second round of rain will hit again in the same direction here it hits the north bay first and ships down to the southeast and then san francisco will see some light showers early friday morning we're talking about 01:02am, is when we're going to see most of it ahead and then tries up later in the morning around 8 o'clock. so still in a severe drought as you know it's not going to really help us the next round of showers that we're going to this week but hopefully in the next couple months we can make up because we're not even halfway where we should be for this time of the year in terms rain amounts. so here is a last
3:57 pm
look at our high temperatures for tomorrow pretty much normal for this time of year 59 in oakland at 56 for daytime high out in half moon bay this weekend sanaa's it is going to be dry if you're planning to go on hike or what not you know out biking i saw people today out in sunnyvale so that so we can expect the upcoming week. thank you erica, that wraps up kron 4 news at 3 our coverage continues at the top of the hour. >>stern let me tell you something,
3:58 pm
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