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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  January 6, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>>this morning on the kron 4 morning news on the verge of history democrats just one seat away from taking control of the senate is votes are still being counted in the georgia senate races and it just a matter of hours. congress is set to certify joe biden's presidential victory with dozens of republicans plan to object to the election results. he is local news station. with breaking news. and good morning. thank you for joining us here on the kron 00:00am morning news, it is wednesday january 6th i'm james fletcher and our top story this morning. >>the fact that congress is set to certify the election
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results today. although as i mentioned some of president trump's allies are staging a last ditch effort to challenge those results. we have just eaten are standing by live in washington with the very latest for us this morning, good morning jesse. >>good morning james objections like this have happened before and failed. today's efforts should have the same fate, especially with biden's decisive electoral win over president trump 3 '06 to 2.32. >>one of the most chaotic and the usual base in the history of the united states congress democrats like tennessee congressman steve cohen will present a united front this afternoon to defend president elect joe biden's win against a group of president trump's allies, this is. >>probably the most vicious attack every domestic rate since the civil war on our united states government republicans remain divided over challenging the election results based on so far unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. >>alabama congressman mo
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brooks will join about a 100 house members and a dozen senators in objecting to biden's victory because he says only congress and state legislatures can determine how americans vote that. >>united states constitutional provision was violated in many different ways by various state officials who are not elected for that purpose and not hold the power to do what they did during today's joint session, a member of both the house and senate has to object to a state's results. the chambers then meet separately to debate for 2 hours and vote. this could happen with several key battleground states dragging the proceedings into thursday but the efforts are ultimately expected to fail that take in this white house we're going to fight like tell president trump and his supporters aren't backing down. >>he will address them in washington later this morning as the next administration plans to be sworn in january 20th their mind will be the next president united states and vice president united states. >>the vice president presides
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over the joint session and ultimately it declares the winner and despite president trump's wishes. vice president mike pence has no power to change the outcome in washington, i'm just it's nor all right jesse, thank you very much and as congress prepares to certify the election results. >>violence is already breaking out in washington d c this is video from last night showing supporters of president trump clashing with police during protests in black lives matter plaza. police at one point had to deploy tear gas. more demonstrations were told are expected to take place again today. and breaking news this morning. democrats are on the brink of taking control of congress is one of georgia's 2 senate runoff sees has already been called democrats raphael warnock will become the first black senator in georgia's history. he spent the past 15 years as a pastor in atlanta and his victory puts the senate majority within reach of democrats were not defeated republican incumbent kelly loeffler by nearly 50,000 votes. we have 99% of
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precincts reporting this morning and so the race has been called. >>we were told that we couldn't win this election. but tonight. we proved that with hope. and the people by our side. anything. it is possible. >>warnock now the first democrat to win a senate seat in georgia in nearly 2 decades. and now the focus shifts to the second senate runoff race in georgia between republican incumbent david perdue and democrat jon ossoff and as of this morning democrat jon ossoff has a razor thin lead leading by nearly 1300 votes. and it looks like more votes are coming in that could potentially go in his favor if he does win. democrats will have control of congress strengthening president elect joe biden standing as he prepares to take office in 2 weeks. and we will continue to monitor the race in georgia and the developments in
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congress. you know as they work to certify the election results so make sure to follow the kron 4 morning news all morning long and download the kron on app to the very latest as well. lots to talk about there at the top of the hour. we also want to touch on whether as well john trade will usher able in the weather center. with a look at that good morning job, hey there james good morning to you lots to talk about this morning for sure at least mother nature is giving us some quiet stuff this morning before some light showers this afternoon for the north bay as of right now it is crystal clear out there across the bay area berkeley looking good with clear skies out there across the horizon. >>what we're going to be looking at for the rest of the day today is going to be a bit of a cloudier one than yesterday was cloup cover overhead has helped to prevent the formation of a dense layer fog so fog is not going to be as big of a deal as you make your way out of the house this morning as what we saw yesterday, you're just going to be looking up at some great rather than through it as you make your way to work san jose
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livermore doubling each in the 30's well 40's from hayward oakland up to berkeley north bay temperatures back down in the 30's that's a very similar range to where you were yesterday novato only down 2 degrees while a bigger difference noticeable in san francisco downey degrees where we were at at this same point yesterday weekend planner shows you that we will be looking at a cold morning with some cloudier skies overhead now rain today really fizzling out as it reaches the bay showers most likely for the north bay by the time these showers reach the south bay won't really be showers anymore having really fizzled out. i'm talking what to expect into the afternoon still to come. rain is in for traffic this morning and how's it looking on the roads early on you know looks great if you're leaving your house right now not a lot of traffic, no hot spots. >>no major accidents so you're off to a smooth sailing this morning, let's get a look at our bridges though the bay bridge less than 8 minutes from oakland into the city, san mateo bridge here heading over to the peninsula 8.80 to one oh one less than 15 minutes there. all right the
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richmond sandra fell bridge a little busier at this hour than we were yesterday less than 9 minutes for your drive and the golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls less than 25 minutes we're going to continue tracking your commute this morning. back to the news all right randi thank you for a 6 is the time new details this morning in the deadly covid outbreak at a san jose hospital. >>a total of 60 workers now have tested positive for the virus at kaiser permanente location. well intentioned visitor to the emergency room apparently was wearing an air power costume trying to spread some holiday cheer but that employee may have inadvertently spread the virus instead. the hospital released a statement saying that they have contacted all 70 patients who were treated and discharged from the emergency department on december 25th covid-19 tests are available to those exposed patients. kaiser is also continuing to investigate the outbreak to determine the exact cause. well now to the very latest on the pandemic itself california leaders have formally
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requested the development or the deployment of more than 500 additional federal medical personnel amidst rising covid cases the request comes after the federal government notified the state that the u.s.. us ns mercy hospital ship is under mandatory maintenance right now and won't be available for deployment. across the state the number of available icu beds is still dropping. here in the bay area our capacity has slipped now to just under 6%. the northern california region stands at nearly 30% capacity just under 12% is what's available at sacramento in the sacramento region and then the san joaquin valley in the southern california regions still remain at 0% availability for icu beds the situation there is desperate. for your money this morning, a bipartisan bill that would buy more time for california and small businesses to stay afloat during this pandemic is gaining more moment, a momentum. so the keep california working act is a
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small business relief package that would provide 2.6 billion dollars in grants. well now one 3rd of california legislature is backing that measure and if passed it would be the largest grant program that the state has come up with since the start of the pandemic. >>this grant program is a big step in the right direction is the right way to deal with it is to start supporting those it's it's late in the process. italy for a reason because there just hasn't been resources fill it. so she at the state and local level to do this kind of thing. >>state senators who spearheaded the bill will hold a virtual press conference at 10 o'clock this morning to discuss it in more detail. in the south bay, small businesses in santa clara county have a new lifeline to help stay afloat county leaders announced a low interest loan program of up to a $100,000. the program is for businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees, total revenue from last year has to be under 2.5 million dollars
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and they have to have lost at least 25% in revenue compared to the prior year. approved applicants can get their money as soon as 2 to 3 weeks after submitting their application. time is 4 o 9 we'll take a quick break but coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news calls are growing louder to recall governor gavin newsome one california mayor says that he's exploring a challenge against newsome for the state's top job, let you know who that is. >>the suspect in the deadly new year's eve hit and run makes his first appearance in court we'll tell you what happened.
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>>and we're back at 4.13. let's get over to the weather center john travel has our look at the forecast on this what is it wednesday. so we're halfway through the week john yeah, halfway through the first week of 2021, and it's offered about everything so far james we've got showers with that sunshine. we've had cold mornings and mild afternoons today we're kind of getting a little bit of all of that just packed into one day some showers for the north bay in some dry conditions. the
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further south of the bay, you get right now we're not seeing the foggiest of conditions up for sure we do have some cloud cover sitting up above the bay area. but you're not driving through any dense fog like he did yesterday you remember that fog that really settled in late morning, definitely not the case for our commuters at this time nor likely to the rest of the day today. you will notice instead of the blue skies that we had for much of yesterday we are going to be holding on to some greater conditions, a passing front to our north is already setting up shop right there across the very northern tier the state in see those showers in del norte a county these will continue to drop closer and closer our direction but by the time they reach the bay this cold front it really loses steam just barely clipping the bay itself so while the north bay get some showers the rest of the bay area now really getting in the mix with this one. this is 09:00am right here cloud cover pretty obvious showers push in just post noon to areas of northern sonoma county. look at all that yellow and orange should think hey we're going
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to get some good rain here in the bay area. it really fizzles out as that front stalls by the time it reaches the bay 03:45pm san francisco may see a shower or 2, but as these showers across the bay itself in the golden gate. they really just lose steam and by the time they reach the east bay much of the peninsula in the south bay, nothing left so the north bay getting a dose of rain. rest of the bay area not so much you can actually see that here in our future cast of rainfall totals areas like novato napa santa rosa, these are the areas where we're anticipating some shower activity then you head south of the golden gate really not much to know as it will be a dry day for these areas as for temperatures today, it will be 50's for your daytime highs daly city at 59 happening bay, one of our spots at 60 degrees joined by a few other areas, including burlingame in south san francisco, as well as a few other spots further south of the peninsula, south bay daytime highs a range of low 60's with san jose at 62 cupertino saratoga and
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campbell all right there too upper 50's in union city but low 60's in nearby fremont and hayward right at 60 each oakland berkeley richmond in the upper 50's today, same range of numbers that you'll see for much of the north bay where we will actually see those like the rest of the bay area which remains dry santa rose at 54 today while sandra fell at 57. here's a look ahead at next 7 days temperatures, not changing too terribly much we keep that same range of upper 50's to low 60's around north bay showers today, drying out tomorrow friday, some morning showers and then saturday sunday monday and tuesday of next week. all looking dry as well reyna all right john thanks for that forecast right now your hump day commute looks great. >>everything is in the green if you're heading over to the peninsula right now less than 15 minutes, you see people already up and out starting to hit the road there 8.80 to one oh one and the bay bridge traffic is also moving very smoothly here less than 10 minutes for you to make it
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into the city near the fremont street exit. all right in the richmond sandra fell bridge again one or 2 cars traveling along this bridge that always makes for very light commute. yesterday we saw a lot of backup on this freeway here less than 9 minutes for your drive time. and the golden gate bridge 37 to the tolls less than 25 minutes have a safe trip we're going to continue tracking your commute back to the news. >>ale right randi thank it for 17 darien news now in san francisco, the suspect in a deadly hit and run crash on new year's eve has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 45 year-old troy mcallister made his first court appearance yesterday afternoon. he's accused of driving a stolen car from daly city and then crashing into 2 women in san francisco killing both of them. police say mcallister was driving under the influence at the time. officers also found a handgun and drugs inside of the car. well now the aftermath of that fatal crash there is growing criticism over how san francisco's top prosecutor handle previous cases involving mcallister. a new campaign now is calling for
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district attorney chase up with dean to step down kron four's ella sogomonian explains. >>san francisco district attorney chase of the dean announced several manslaughter charges on tuesday against troy mcallister, the man arrested for a deadly new year's eve crash that killed 2 women. investigators say mcallister was behind the wheel of a stolen car when he ran a red light in the south of market neighborhood hitting and killing 6 year-old elizabeth platt and 27 not hobby who are both in the crosswalk at the time of the crash mcallister was on parole. so the san francisco police officers association is calling for an independent oversight panel to review but dean's criminal charging decisions. meanwhile, san francisco local richie greenberg quiz calling body defiant and deflecting of his responsibilities has launched an online petition for but dean to step down and so far about 6,000 people who agree have signed it. >>he campaigned on a platform of what he called restored and justice which is a very
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nebulous strange term to many of us. so he is keeping true to his promise in a sense, but i think that this has gone way overboard. that there are destructive. very very negative consequences that are being eyed now borne out over this past year that we see. and it's time for him to go week that the city cannot continue the pass is going right now. >>but dean took to twitter and defense saying that he has met with the family of the victims unquote. although of course no one predicted this tragedy. it is true that my office and other justice partners could have done things differently which might have avoided this terrible outcome. i have to start with what we could have done differently in house. we are carefully reviewing what happened and how the district attorney's office can work to prevent tragedies like this from occurring in the future. we're focused on 3 things as we move forward holding mister mcallister accountable for the harm he caused supporting the
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victims families and working internally in our office and along with our justice partners to make changes to prevent this kind of tragedy. >>mozilla second reporting a san francisco public defender whose office is representing mcallister, clarified that budi never represented mcallister while working as a public defender and also rejected calls to revive what he says has failed tough on crime rhetoric. happening right now there's a growing effort to recall governor gavin newsome amid the worsening pandemic organizers say they're closing in on a nearly million signatures. so far supporters include former san diego mayor and republican kevin. full count. he says it's clear that california needs new leadership at the top. >>you know when we see the conflicting regulations that have come out of sacramento. when we see. protect you know continue issues all across california skyrocketing homelessness public schools are still not open save money and private schools are
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operating 500,000 californians can't get their unemployment checks in the midst of the pandemic way to leaders we need to bring california's together. >>supporters need to gather a total of one 0.6 million certified signatures by march 17th in order for the proposal to get on the ballot. faulconer recently signed the petition 10 while his committee eyes a potential run before 2022. if voters approve the recall. we'll see what happens. an update to a story that we first brought you last night here on kron 4 a judge has banned the leader of the far right extremist group the proud boys from washington d c 36 year-old in rico tarrio was arrested monday shortly after arriving in the nation's capital. he's accused of vandalizing a black lives matter banner. at the historic black church and was found with high capacity firearm magazines when he was arrested. the ban comes as officials in dc are expecting large protests today by supporters of president trump. we'll take a break for 21 coming up next on the kron
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00:00am morning news that ev-d under scrutiny again after several letters from the agency end up in the wrong mailboxes. >>the new concerns now over the pandemic relief right.
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>>4.22 is the time or issues
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plaguing california's unemployment system kron 4 has learned the edd has been sending out several letters to people about important pandemic relief information. but they've been sending them to the wrong address. senator jose alfre has reached out to kron 4 news after receiving nearly 20 letters from the edd jose manager several apartments in the south bay and found it weird that none of the. that were addressed in these letters actually lived in his apartment. >>i just looked up to see past do the right thing is you can be and how you can very very is better system he programs really high cash is quite is there are people out of that truly does this is right now cause of behind on the rent payments. and he's like this
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are you just giving money away people that don't >>jose situation is not an isolated one another viewer to kron 4 reported that she received nearly 60 letters from the edd the agency declined an interview but in a statement told kron 4 they wrote quote the edd warns californians that the department will not send representatives to your home and encourages you to help the department combat fraud by reporting it and using one of the following steps with any mail you may receive that does not pertain to you. again that's all they would include in that response. >>we'll keep pursuing it would be right back for 26 the time.
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>>back at 4.30 for just joining us this morning with john trouble with a quick look at the forecast before we get to the headlines. good morning. john and there james good morning as well we are seeing some dry conditions this morning across the bay area not talking as much fog in the forecast as yesterday. >>this afternoon though going to be a lot different than yesterday afternoon was you remember how skies cleared out we saw that sunshine yesterday. well today we're talking more cloud cover sitting right above the bay.
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so not as foggy of morning but it will be a greater day ahead of us as we just don't see as much blue to those skies overall making your way outside. now as far as fog goes visibility is holding up just fine really across the region that's not going to be much of an issue right now temperatures are in the 30's and 40's so do bundle up as you venture out we're in a very similar range of temperatures has to yesterday. so if you thought yesterday was frigid he didn't feel like you had enough layers on well today is the day to be prepared for that and get that extra layer on so you stay cozy as you venture out there hayward san jose san francisco and half been bay or all noticeably cooler than yesterday even see a one of stay, nice and warm. now it's a cold but dry morning this afternoon north bay parts of the region start to see some shower activity but those showers fizzle before they reach the rest of us, i've got the full forecast on what to expect there still to come. rain. >>tom thank you for that unfortunately already have a hot spot popping up here at 04:30am this


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