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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  January 6, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>>now live from washington dc is kron four's correspondent anna wiernicki. and we saw james lankford the republican from oklahoma who was one of those who objecting to the electoral college certification, hedge a little bit just they're denouncing the mob violence and saying that we're not headed to where we are headed to a certification. what do you make of these senators. these representatives now who were objecting the certification, how they now have to wrestle with what happened today and where they are now.
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>>well i will say one of our colleagues actually asked sen. jim inhofe what his thoughts were of. is senator should change their minds think twice about objecting certain states electoral votes and he said i hope so and so i think that's kind of the feeling that we're getting from a lot of lawmakers on capitol hill we already had some in the house actually say you know release a in the last couple hours saying that they decided that they were not going to object as they originally and so you know this is just the sentiment that we're seeing after seeing these last few hours unfold and chaos on capitol hill just escalate so quickly. >>president elect today did take her to the podium asking president trump to step in and stop the violence. essentially we haven't heard anything of that sort and at least a strongly worded video or or statement the president. >>he seems so is are you
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getting that sense and then. >>what can you talk about in terms the rumblings of a discussion of the 25th amendment being invoked. >>well we don't typically hear from the president on twitter twitter actually has walked the president's for 12 hours at just a few hours ago that required the removal of 3 of the president's tweets be done and after that they are removed from his then the they is a cow would be walks for the next 12 hours and if he doesn't remove those tweets and at the base of that his account would remain locked until they are taken down so that's likely why we haven't really heard much from president trump over the last couple of hours we did hear him from that video that he did post to to you just a few hours ago kind of telling everyone that to go home in and you know that be but he still did also call for you
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know saying that this election was fraud and that he does understand the sentiment of the protesters, so you know we're getting a lot of mixed messages here this is likely why we're not hearing much from the president right now is because he can't tween that's usually where we hear from him. >>all right that is anna wiernicki reporting live for us tonight from washington and uh thank you for that. thank you anna and certainly yes, it has been really chaotic day in d c. >>as we've been reporting hours ago, trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol and damaging federal property. really terrorizing us some of the lawmakers there. all while congress was attempting to vote on electoral college they're at work trying make that happen now a lot to pick up our here are political analyst mike delay aki here to walk us through it what today michael. >>it's been a long day for i'm glad the congress decided to come back together and show
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the nation and to the world. that the government will continue and will certify the election president elect joe biden. >>michael where do you think that this evening goes do you think there will be a certification do you think that these impeachment articles that representative omar is said to be drawing up and there's obviously a lot of bay area support from local representatives. jackie spear and su eric swalwell the list goes on and on do you think there will actually be an effort to impeach the president he would be the first president to be impeach do you think that that has teeth or do you think that this is political posturing. >>well i think i don't think is political posturing. this is this is the kind of event that the 25th amendment break glass and impeachment process break last was used for its
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when you have a president who has decided to violate the oath of office and in this case subvert the very foundations of the of the cut of the country that he is sworn to protect and defend and that is the peaceful transition. government and in this case, the execution of the law in which the congress accept and certifies the results of the electoral college. this goes straight into the into the current conspiracy laws of sedition this is not even a close call. at this point to the question is. is this something where you it's worth simply saying well, he has 14 or 13 and a half days left until. president biden is sworn in and the question i think the question that everyone has answers judging by the events of today could he do it again and if he does it again are we going to be asking ourselves. tomorrow or the next day. why didn't we do something so i think that this is something that should be taken seriously i don't i don't know if it will going to where i don't
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know if the senate we'll have the stomach or the ability. to move forward on it. but i've a feeling that. there's certainly a lot of momentum. momentum and support. i suspect bipartisan support in both the house and the senate to move something. >>you know michael we're looking at a live shot here right in the shadow of the capitol building there. >>group seems very quiet certainly compared to what we experienced early today. >>people's nerves are certainly frayed tonight. what is tomorrow going to look like. >>well lot of it again depends on what the president does is if he continues to encourage this kind of behavior. if he says that you know we must can keep the pressure on these folks trying go back and do what they have to do. well in this case, you know we can have the security tell you that we had obviously this morning. there's going to the national guard is out there
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and again you're this is a this is when there's issues. it seems that search or but why dc doesn't have statehood and what is wrap occasions or one of them is that the dc mayor can activate national guard. they have to have to ask the federal government. this were any other state this tour. the governor of california at this for the governor, a new mexico or arizona. they could activate the national guard immediately and have them on board to help deal with the situation like this. but now you know, everyone's hair. they're ready question is what will the president do. and i think that the that the failure of leadership here the president to speak forcefully. before the for them there can people and denounce these activities is it so scene your great patriots and you know go home peacefully is the kind of failure leadership and it does such a terrible damage to our reputation abroad. that and many more days and this is the kind of thing that really the nation should not tolerate.
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>>we're hearing reports will president trump did not activate the national guard did not want to so it was vice president trump that actually called in that the nash or i'm sorry. vice president pence who actually called in the national guard. >>i absolutely i think and you if. i don't know what kind of work live in right now. but in the kind of world think we all want to live in. vice president pence would understand that he's been thrown under the bus by the president. that the president set not just on the congress but on him as well and this is the kind of action that absolutely deserves a consideration of the of the 25th amendment can be in the cabinet say this president is acting out of bounds and its and violate his oath of office and take it away forget the articles of impeachment 25th amendment was was there again to fore break last emergencies and you're supposed to choose a vice president who
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understand that their oath of office is greater than their oath of loyalty to you. all right political analyst michael yaki. >>thank you for being with us and for your analysis tonight, other side of your screen we're looking at a live picture of wgshington d c we saw someone there on the ground, not certain of the circumstances that led to that. but certainly much less violent at this hour of the night dc is under a curfew that went into effect 3 o'clock our time 6 o'clock dc time and that is
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>>and welcome back to our breaking news coverage of a truly historic day on capitol hill as a mob stormed the capital building and congress is now back in joint session to consider the electoral college count is senator tim kaine of virginia who ran on the hillary clinton ticket you may recall is now speaking. >>as congress says reconvenes vice president mike pence is presiding and the senators are now speaking as the work to certify the electoral college vote has resumed to listen it its enfranchise month. >>of american voters. the georgia result was very clear. the 12,000 vote margin. 2 certifications by republican officials 4 separate recounts and campuses 7 lawsuits. as in
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the other states. if we object to results like this the message is so clear. we are saying to states no matter how secure and accurate elections are. we'll gladly overthrow them if we don't like being a voted for. but more importantly what will be saying. really what we'll be doing. is as the body that acted together to guarantee americans the right to vote. we will become the agent of one of the most massive disenfranchisement in the history of this country. so i urge all of my colleagues. please oppose these objections. thank you i yelled to my colleague from new jersey. senator from new jersey. mister vice president.
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i can only think of 2 times in american history that. individuals laid siege to our capital. storms are back here about a very busy day. on capitol we have a an expert here a constitutional law expert to help us walk right through it. >>every little from you see hastings college of law joins us now live on zoom we'll get back to congress momentarily but worry thank you so much for joining us. i wildly busy day for you and now seconds ago news that. the 25th amendment is perhaps a more viable possibility please explain for us what the 25th amendment is how plausible it is to actually invoked that with just a couple weeks to go in president trump's term. >>the 25th amendment was enacted in 1960's. it's never
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been uses and it's pretty complicated it's hard to summarize. i don't think it's possible to fully utilize it in the next 2 weeks. but i do think it would be responsible of a member of the cabinet to try to invoke it. it requires that vice president and a majority of the cabinet. certify that the president in their opinion is unable to discharge the president's duties. and then there's a back and forth between the cabinet and the president is the president doesn't agree. and i just don't think this is likely to work in 2 weeks but i do think we'll be completely responsible to invoke it. in light of what happened today or. >>more long the body of work from the past 4 well there have been people who have been saying we should have invoked 3 years ago 4 years ago even. certainly 2 days. you know the 25th amendment is designed to.
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reach a president who seems mentally incompetent. trump just seems more dangerous right now than he does mentally incompetent, although there are people who believe his competence should be so 22 the members not a very good mechanism. you know the other thing is the house could impeach him and they can the only president to be impeached in in twice in in one term. that just takes majority vote of the house of representatives. big process does not have to be a long-lived although generally has been in the so that's another potential avenue. >>professor as the president survival should never be underestimated. are there any mechanisms in the constitution or in machinery of government whereby he could. keep himself in office. >>you know know the answer to
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that is no there's nothing i mean just process that you're watching now on television. certifying the electoral votes is a ceremonial process unless there's truly 2 different competing slates of electors submitted by one state that hasn't happened. so there's really nothing that he can he could try to call out the military he's the commander in chief. i think the military has already gone on record as saying we're not going to do that. so i don't underestimate his ability to be cornered and respond like an animal in the corner might respond. but i don't think constitutionally there's anything there. >>we'll just given the level of violence today and the potential for more of it could he declare perhaps a civil war and then decide that he needs not to vacate. the office. >>i don't think so i mean he could try but he you cannot do that as a single person you need the backing of a lot of
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other people. and today's events i think show it when this sort of staying happens. the forces of law order on both sides of the political spectrum come together to prevent the kind of 3rd world insurrection us government. that it is suggested here. i think the president's current silence on this is unbelievable remarkable. and demonstrates that he does not have very good survival instinct right now that is he doesn't see proceed. how much this is under cutting anything else that he has done in his administration today will be his legacy. i think in history. >>to what extent if any worried you believe that the strength of the constitution has been compromised. >>well, you know doctor this the glass is half full in my opinion. the constitution has been tested sorely by the
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trump administration in many instances not to mention the last so many months and weeks. but it has held up. and the process you watched on your television shows that the process is holding up. and that these challenges will not be supported by a majority of congress. so we will have joe biden sworn in on january 20th. today's insurrection it was really in one city and frankly small group of a dangerous group of people and horribly shameful people. >>but it was it's this is not widespread revolt across the country and i don't think it's going to be i think today really chase and the members of congress who are supporting trump and say so physically threatened themselves. they were terrified. and i think they're they're going to pull back from the idea that we should have sort of a radical revolution or something like that there's a slogan for people who may believe that because it usually they do not
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have the authority to hold up our constitutional process. >>fair enough, but there are millions of americans who. to president trump and yeah he will leave office in a couple of weeks where do you think the trump base goes. what do you think is next for president trump and the republican party after he leaves office. >>well i wish i had that crystal ball. i d trump will not leave the try to stay involved. i do think today watching mitch mcconnell who has been a trump loyalist oppose the trump attack on the electoral college is it is it is a good phenomena it the republican side of the senate is now divided against the president. so i don't think and who knows but i don't think his base is large enough to make it. anything other
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than a force if you will in elections. people will have to be careful not to get on the wrong side of trump. they want to be elected on the republican ticket. but i think the republican party is going to have to figure out how to get past the trump base because otherwise they they will not win elections. all right, we have to. >>wrap it upright here constitutional law expert to rory little i feel that we you know join his class and learn a lot more the constitution. a fast be fair say hey states sign up. thank sir appreciate you thank by harnessing california's abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm
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to keep california golden.
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>>violence and chaos at the nation's capital democrats are claiming another victory this time in georgia power shift their as democrat jon ossoff winds the second georgia runoff for the u.s. senate allowing the party to effectively gain control of the senate. democrats gain when raphael defeated incumbent republican senator kelly loeffler warnock is a pastor he's going to be the first black senator to serve georgia and the first democrat to take a senate seat in georgia since 2005. the senate race softened incumbent republican sen. david perdue that was a narrow one but also off the with enough of 50.2 percentage points of the vote. both have issued statements.
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>>it is with humility that i thank the people of georgia for electing me to serve you in the united states senate thank you for the confidence and trust that you have placed in me what georgia did last night is its own message. >>in the midst of the moment in which so many of people are trying to divide our country at a time we can least afford to be about it we've got big problems. >>with all sorts when the senate is now split fifty-fifty but once vice president elect kamala harris is sworn into office she's going to serve as the president of the senate. effectively giving democrats control there. harris would cast the tie breaking votes. president elect joe biden issued a statement congratulating reverend warnock. saint george's voters delivered a resounding message biden also says that he's going to deliver unity and action as the nation's 46th president. he's not yet sauce wind. and last night's happen in a state where the has
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claimed voter fraud. after the presidential election also means that the state has turned from red to a swing state. >>and a bit of breaking news 3 republican senators have announce within the past few minutes that they. will no longer object to the certification of the electoral college vote. you have steve daines the republican from montana as well as mike braun from indiana. >>and. >>kelly left or who we were just talking about the republican from georgia who lost last night she is no longer going to
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>>and we are following breaking news tonight following a siege of the u.s. capitol why trump supporters interrupting the certification of the electoral college votes. thanks for being with us everybody we want to go live right now to washington dc kron four's correspondent anna wiernicki standing by with the latest at a lot of people are wondering. >>how this could possibly happen how all these people could get inside the capitol building and then the subsequent hours after and and where we are here tonight a lot to go through. thank you for joining us what can you tell us about today's events. >>well i will say that it all started earlier this morning earlier this afternoon when president trump addressed these protesters and as soon


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