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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ >> announcer: if you'd like to be part of our virtual audience and you have a computer with a camera, log onto and click "be part of the audience." ♪ >>the prospect of removing president trump from office is intensifying tonight and to combat that likely less than an hour ago the president released a video vowing that there will be a peaceful transition of power, but some lawmakers say after yesterday's riots. his words this afternoon may be too late good evening, everybody, thanks for being here at 5 o'clock i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. despite
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trump saying that he will concede to biden there are a growing efforts now for. >>trump to leave office we turn now let's go ahead listen to a statement regarding yesterday's riots listen in. >>like all americans. i am outraged by the violence lawless says and mayhem. i immediately deployed the national guard. and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the internet is to those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction. you do not represent our country a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th. my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power. this moment calls for healing and reconciliation. >>we should mention that president trump did not immediately deploy the national guard. yesterday as he claimed in that video reports indicate that he
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initially resisted the despite trump saying that he will concede to biden there. >>it is growing talk now about removing trump from office before the inauguration. we turn now to kron four's dan kerman who in following these developments stand. >>well that's right vicki. there is a greater call in congress now, especially among democrats for removing from for office before that 2 weeks is out they are afraid of what he might do next and they hold him responsible for what happened yesterday. >>i believe the president is dangerous. and should not hold office one day longer. >>in the aftermath of wednesday's deadly attack on the capital by supporters of president trump calls for the president's removal from office or increasing the vice president can invoke the 25th amendment today and if the cabinet votes, he's gone they should do it now. >>i joined the senate democratic leader and calling on the vice president to remove this president. i immediately invoking the 25th amendment. if the vice
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president cabinet do not act. the congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment. that is the overwhelming sentiment. i and while most republicans oppose any form of removal i do not believe that's appropriate at this 0.1 republican has made it clear he is on board. >>the president is on set and the president is all about. and the president. >>us now we should hold the executive branch voluntarily were involved here. >>both are unlikely, but u c berkeley political science professor henry brady says it's unlikely there's enough support from republicans or even the vice president to carry out impeachment or the 25th amendment. still he says the threat alone serves a key purpose it's more than symbolic to the chapter and it hurts to tip to say. >>you really gone up against the line. the congress is upset. if you do anything more
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expect congress to actually come back at you very hard and we're ready to do so and i think that's the message being sent. >>and while less than 2 weeks remain in trump's presidency. brady says there's still plenty of damage he can do. >>you could try to do something like called for martial law he could. trying to have start of war. it because he might think that's the way we buy one in a fix. >>president has not addressed this talk of removing him from office early and it just remains to be seen whether these threats about the 25th amendment and impeachment willing to eat keep in check. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>president trump says he is considering pardoning himself. the new york times tonight reporting that he's been discussing it with aid since the november election. the times says it's unclear fee has discussed the matter in the hours since yesterday's capitol breach. no us
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president has pardoned himself and it's important to note that presidential pardons only applied to federal law and do not provide any protection against hate crimes. they would not apply to charges that could be brought by prosecutors in manhattan who are investigating the trump organization's finances. >>several trump administration staffers have resigned over the violence at the capitol that includes a member of the president's cabinet. transportation secretary elaine chao, she is the wife of senator mitch mcconnell. among others who mick mulvaney he was the president's acting chief of staff but was most recently serving as the u.s. special envoy to northern ireland. mulvaney announced today that he's calling it quits. he says that he contacted secretary of state mike pompeo last night to let him know that he just can not continue in the wake of what happened. other white house staffers who quit or deputy national security adviser matthew pot injure house sergeant at arms, paul irving
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deputy press secretary sarah matthews and the first lady's chief of staff stephanie grisham and anna a setup. she served as the white house social secretary. we have a complete list of those who are resigning in washington yesterday's violence on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>tonight we can confirm the u.s. capitol police officer has been taken off life support and has died after being injured in the violent riots yesterday, somebody who breached the capital hit that officer in the head with a fire extinguisher 4 other people have died including a woman from san diego. a demonstrator who was shot and killed by police inside the building. dc police say 68 people so far been arrested. police also say they have recovered 2 pipe bombs and 6 guns. more than 50 capital and dc officers have been injured several or in the hospital washington's mayor is calling. the police response quote a failure.
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>>conspiracy rioting and insurrection those are charges faced by the people who stormed the capital causing it to go into lockdown yesterday. the justice department outlined those possible charges today, the acting us secretary general says that they will also be looking into whether any capitol police were complicit with the invasion. officials say electronics taken from senate offices did contain sensitive national security information. >>and we're learning capitol police chief is resigning after what happened at the building. he's in charge of protecting house speaker nancy pelosi had publicly called on chief stephenson and to step down. earlier today sons had been defending himself and his officers saying they were attacked with metal pipes. discharge chemical, heir tents and other weapons. he said the attack was unlike anything he had experienced in his 30 years in law enforcement. but late today sunday announced that he will be stepping down
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effective january 16th. >>president elect joe biden is calling the violent group that descended upon the u.s. capitol domestic terrorist. biden laid the blame for the violence squarely at president donald trump's feet. >>the past 4 years we've had a president. he's made his contempt for our democracy. our constitution. >>the rule of law. >>clear. in everything he has done. the unleashed. >>an all out assault on our institutions of our democracy from the outset and yesterday was what the combination of that unrelenting attack. >>since senate certified biden's electoral college win early this morning. biden also introduce merrick garland as his pick for attorney general saying that garland will help d politicize the justice department and restore the rule of law you may recall that in march of 2016 considered a moderate was
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nominated by former president obama to replace late justice antonin scalia on the u.s. supreme court but senate republicans blocked his nomination for 239 days because they said it was an election year and that the next president should fill the seat. >>the national guard will continue to monitor activity through president elect biden's inauguration in washington. an additional 200 troops will be deployed as biden takes his presidential oath of office. troops are already setting up perimeters around the u.s. capitol 8 foot-high fencing they're trying to also provide whatever resources. the capitol police need. defense officials say this will continue for at least the next 30 days. >>facebook and instagram are blocking president trump's account indefinitely in the wake of the events at the capitol building ceo mark zuckerberg announcing the ban in a post this morning. he says the risks of allowing the president to use the platforms are too great. he says it will
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last at least 2 weeks until there is a peaceful transition of power. twitter also removed 3 tweets from the president for a violation of the company's civic integrity policy which says you cannot use twitter to interfere in the election or a civic process ease twitter temporarily blocked president trump's accounts after he repeatedly posted false accusations about the integrity of the election. >>the united states recorded the most covid related deaths, the same day as that pro trump mob attacked the capital nearly 3900 deaths were recorded yesterday. the virus is surging in almost every state california is especially hard hit with skyrocketing deaths and infections, forcing hospitals to ration care. today, california recorded a record today total of 1042 coronavirus deaths and across said the state the percentage of available icu beds it continues to dwindle right now the bay area is at 3.5% the
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lowest it's ever been. >>northern california as a whole is a lot higher it's a 25.4% capacity, the sacramento region. that's at 9.2% san joaquin valley and southern california region still have no available icu beds. >>and it appears the bay area stay at home order will be extended. the region's icu capacity needed to get above the 15% threshold before today for the health order to expire, san francisco has already extended both its travel and stay at home orders. indefinitely and the bay area icu capacity today is the lowest it has been since the pandemic. our coverage of the violence on capitol hill continues coming up on kron 4 news at 5 with growing calls the president's removal, we'll talk with a bay area constitutional law professor about the process that could be. >>and we have reaction tonight from both democrats and republicans to yesterday's
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riots at the capitol. >>and coronavirus news the south bay hospitals are overwhelmed with a live report from san jose about that after the break. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow the sun setting on the bay area and now we're getting ready for a little rain we will talk
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>>the president has committed unspeakable assault. on our nation. and our people. i
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joined the senate democratic leader and calling on the vice president to remove this president. i immediately invoking the 25th amendment. if the vice president cabinet do not act. the congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment. >>house speaker nancy pelosi says president trump should immediately be removed from office or congress may proceed to impeach him. this comes. a day after the violent mob of trump supporters stormed the u.s. capitol joined now by constitutional law professor rory little from you see hastings college of law. >>professor thank you for being with us again reading the tea leaves here one day removed from all of the drama of yesterday where do you see things proceeding. >>well i think it's hard to say when this was a pretty dramatic shift in in a period of a day or 2. the 25th amendment is a very complicated no guarantee that
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it could possibly succeed in removing the president within 12 days. i think the house could impeach just on a majority tomorrow they wanted to. but impeachment doesn't remove the president he then has to have a trial in the senate and that also is not likely to happen within 12 days. i do think that the people surrounding the president we are going to act carefully to not let him do anything too crazy in the next 12 days. any any doesn't have access to his facebook account maybe not twitter so maybe maybe he'll be able to just get through this he's put out a statement today which suggests that he's suddenly you know on the side of peace and calm and quiet. nobody really believes sincere but stay there. >>so yes, he did post late this afternoon i do is you're feeling a little too little too late.
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>>well it's certainly too late. i it is really unbelievable that you could have an armed angry mob of people stormed the floor of both the senate and the house driving the members of congress into seclusion and diving behind desks that that could happen and that it would take the president the united states of an entire day to get together a statement of a minute or you know joe biden was on 24 hours before the and there we were looking to joe biden for calming down the public in a sense. while the president sat there silent, so yes, it's it's too little and it's too there are reports that he hasn't spoken with vice president pence is clearly not happy with pence set for his role yesterday do you get the sense that those close to trump are just trying to. >>run the clock out on this presidency and and sort of
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rein him in as much as possible realizing no one is able to rein this president in and do you think that the republicans in the senate could get that you know could they get the two-thirds majority needed to actually impeach him there if that was to take place. >>right well i think you put it really well when you said they're trying to run the clock out i really think that's right. we might be the 4 corners defense where are the you know the acc they would just hide in the corners and just throw the ball around for a minute past. you know i think you could see congress take up the idea of an acting new legislation to address this sort of situation in the future because the 25th amendment doesn't do that very but i really cannot believe that 2 thirds of the senate and the house would agree i mean look at many of the members of the support of the election challenges yesterday even after the law in baiting him restrained made to leave.
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is still at a 100 and some members of congress i think it's probably hard to imagine our process ease the way they are set up today working to remove this president in 12 days. our processes are based on a belief that the president and other actors will act in good faith and will act in the interest of the public. i don't think they anticipated someone like this president. being elected to that office. >>all right we get speaking of running out the we've run out of time with you professor always a fascinating and we look forward to checking back with you a professor rory little when you see hastings college of law. and our coverage of the dc riots and the efforts to remove president trump from office continue now on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>now to the pandemic and south bay hospitals are operating in surge mode as emergency rooms are just
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swamped with new patients the full impact of post holiday infection. it's actually yet to be seen as hospital capacity in santa clara county hovers around 8%. >>our first rob with more on this ever worsening picture now he is live from san jose rob. >>that's right vicki and granted the numbers fluctuate from day to day. but right now there are just about 2 dozen icu beds available in a with almost 2 million people. health officials tonight warning january could be the worst month of the pandemic thus far and that the surge hospitals are facing right now will likely be worse before it gets better. there's more. >>the staff is fatigued they are tired. they are drained physically emotionally and every way you can possibly imagine. >>valley medical center our doctor jeffrey chan pulled no punches in describing the grim picture in emergency rooms across the south bay as hospitals struggle to cope with the spread of covid-19 as
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ambulances arrive daily with new patients covid is no joke. folks are struggling to breathe gassing for breath, some folks look like they are drowning while they're sitting there in bed in front of us the number of patients arriving by ambulance is up over 11%. >>emc crews are waiting outside emergency rooms for up to 2 hours because there are not enough beds immediately available as residents are being asked to think twice before calling 911 and so if you are going to be utilizing 911 we just ask that you think about it and say ok is this truly necessary. or is there another avenue where i could see care the number of people hospitalized with covid-19 across the county has gone from 100 in early november to more than 700 right now. >>putting a strain on all hospital resources as sees doctor ahmad come all as of right now staff are being from other areas of the hospital to provide care. >>critically ill patients.
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this means that other patients who also have needs. >>we're having to go without the impact of the christmas and new year's holidays still to come with more than 700 people already in the hospital sick with covid-19 surge plans are in full swing amid icu bed capacity consistently below 10%. these new cases and hospitalizations 10 times higher than they were in november, fox. >>i'm begging everyone to help us out here because we're not the front line. we're the last line we need everyone's support so that we can continue fighting for and with everyone here. >>and with those ambulances idled outside of emergency rooms that means there are that many fewer ambulances out there to deal with other emergencies live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you rob coming up on kron 4 news at 5 how
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>>the for california's budget process formally begin state lawmakers and the governor are already debating just how much covid relief should be given to small businesses as our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala reports tonight, state leaders from both sides of the aisle recognize they've been through so much during this pandemic. >>debate on california state budget in how much of it should go toward economic relief has already begun before the legislature reports for duty 30's to be a more
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robust capital investment to keep our economy going republican state senator and rinse porsche's rolled out a relief package proposing to invest 2.6 billion dollars in grants for small businesses and nonprofits impacted by covid-19 with a maximum of $75,000 program that's more than double what the governor proposed earlier this week is on the right track we believe that our needs are so great. >>that even though the modest 2.6 billion which is 10% of the state's projected one and expects revenue to these are just so much greater were just says keep california working act comes as several small businesses remain shuttered and original stay at home orders. >>many have spent nearly a year struggling amid the pandemic in state impose restrictions. the proposal is based on the governor's already existing small business grant program prioritizing businesses depending on how impacted their area is by covid-19 the amount of revenue loss and equity need to make certain.
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>>that you know large corporations are not taking advantage of this which is why it's designed for small businesses we also want make certain that it's equitably distributed across california. >>the proposal is backed by more than a 3rd of the california legislature, a mix of democrats and republicans this could help speed its way through the capital the bill does have an urgency clause it can go into effect state ed budget negotiations officially begin monday in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>our coverage of the violence on capitol hill continues president trump says there will be a peaceful transition of power, but why some politicians say those words are too little too late and in local news, a man has been arrested in the fatal shooting of those 6 year-old jace young what we're learning about the suspect and grocery store workers set certainly been on the front lines during this pandemi
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>>for the first time today president trump admitted he lost the presidential election. his statement came after a day of chaos and destruction unlike any other on capitol hill as a mob of his supporters at his urging stormed capitol hill, yeah, but today politicians of both parties say that the president's words are simply too late. our washington correspondent anna wiernicki is live for us and she has more on the aftermath. >>of yesterday's violence, anna. it's good evening. the


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