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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  January 8, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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clear but it's been a slow go clearing out overnight showers last night really early morning showers and that's why roadways are so wet. >>still on the foggy side for many areas with low clouds gray skies seen here at timber on we've seen sunshine piercing through at times but overall a pretty gray morning working our way through the day today we're going to see less and less of that gray still a few scattered sprinkles remain, but nothing more than a sprinkle or 2 as you venture out at this point. 40's and 50's for your current temps with oakland at 54 san francisco berkeley alameda hayward and napa all in the low 50's rest of us are still holding on to the 40's right now. now i am talking a pretty dry trend of weather ahead of us and the rest of this forecast to stay tuned for that as for this morning. we've had some wet roadways. that's going to slow you down a bit as you venture on the roads of course exactly that you had to all week long oh my they noted for its been a lot going on this morning, however, the committee looks much better traffic. >>is moving along especially across our bridges.
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>>if you're headed into the city look at this the commute looks very nice and light right now less than 10 minutes if you're traveling along there. the richmond sandra fell bridge also another very quiet bridge less than 9 minutes as you're traveling along there sandra fell and the san mateo bridge. the busiest bridge right now everybody heading across the way to the peninsula. less than 30 minutes as you travel there. the golden gate bridge looks nice. but the fog advisories are starting to pop up we're seeing that on bridge and you can see here the foggiest of our bridges, the golden gate. still to commute less than 25 minutes, here's that fog advisory, we're looking at right now cross the antioch bridge. the safe as you're traveling there. we've also been tracking a traffic collision that starting to lighten up right now 5.80 eastbound fulfill avenue off-ramp in oakland we'll continue tracking your busy commute this morning. now back to the news. 9 oh one is the time in our top story lawmakers on capitol hill could take up articles of impeachment against president trump. >>as soon as next week. the push because of growing
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concerns after the vice president mike pence has expressed no interest in pursuing the 25th amendment to remove trump, joe khaleel has the latest. >>now congress has certified the results a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th president trump addressed the nation in a twitter video condemning the violence at the capitol and acknowledging for the first time. he did not win the election. my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power. >>this moment calls for healing. >>that healing starts inside a ransacked us capitol thursday workers picked up the pieces as the nation came to grips with the insurrection that overwhelmed its seat of power the president of the united states and cited an armed insurrection against america house speaker nancy pelosi laid the blame on president trump. she and senate democratic leader chuck schumer called on the vice
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president to invoke the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office before his term ends on january 20th if the vice president cabinet do not act. the congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment. that is the overwhelming sentiment. i democrat sources tell news nation the president's twitter message won't change their minds will still likely pursue impeachment think the vast majority of before anything like this happen. >>if they were asked would you stand for the 25th in this case would it's not just democrats republican adam kinzinger says he too supports invoking the 25th amendment what we saw yesterday just as really stressed the importance of you know making sure that norwell manager well that some of the president's closest allies blamed him thursday for the capital authorizing the president needs to understand that his actions. where the problem not the solution senator lindsey graham says removing the president from
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power goes too far. but he says claims that the election was stolen fuel the violence at the capitol and he called on the president to put an end to it there's been a constant effort but people from the president's legal team to provide misinformation. to distort the facts. that was joe khalil reporting here in the bay area local lawmakers are also calling for the impeachment of president trump or for the 25th amendment to be invoked. >>donald trump creating chaos like he has for the last 4 years and that he was telling his supporters to do what they did we have to pursue impeachment. even as the 25th amendment is triggered and the reason is this what we've seen so clearly now just laying there for the whole world. >>is that trump is a criminal and a sedition us i think that the president has indicated through his behavior. >>that he is a threat to the security of this country. he
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incited these rioters. i don't think he's got a grip on reality and it concerns me a great deal that the most powerful man in the world is living in an alternate reality. >>this is the second time that lawmakers are trying to remove trump from office the house impeached him last year when the president was accused of soliciting foreign interference. in the 2020 election. and the death toll is now higher from the riots on wednesday with the death of us capitol police officer brian, sick nick just 40 years old he died last night from his injuries that he got while he was trying to control the crowd that rush the capital and the 4 other people who died in the right include as we told you a san diego woman who was shot and killed inside the capitol she was one of those who rushed in. there were in at least 50 other. various capitol police and other officers in law
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enforcement that got injured. and there have been so far 90 people arrested from the mayhem and police found 2 pipe bombs as well as at least 6 firearms. with the inauguration now just 2 weeks away most of the work to prosecute the rioters is falling on the biden administration and their attorney general president elect biden introduced judge merrick garland as his choice for the position biden says that one of his tasks is going to be to restore the american people's trust in the department of justice and garland said that wednesday's event at the capitol shows americans what he will be defending if confirmed as the nation's next attorney general. everyone watched yesterday's events in washington now understands. >>if they did not understand before. the rule of law it's not just some lawyer's turn of phrase. it is the very foundation of our democracy.
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>>the incoming administration has not publicly discussed a plan of action against the rioters however president trump's acting attorney general did say that some participants will face federal charges. several trump staffers more have now resigned in the wake of the violence and that includes these 2 members of the president's cabinet on the left transportation secretary elaine chao, who is also a married to senator mitch mcconnell and on the right secretary of education, betsy vause submitted her resignation letter yesterday blaming president trump's rhetoric for inflaming wednesday's assault on the capital. and as we told you there are others who mick mulvaney he was the president's acting chief of staff, but most recently was serving as the u.s. special envoy to northern ireland mulvaney says that he contacted sectors state mike pompeo to let him know that he cannot continue in the wake of wednesday. the time now is 9 '07 and the breaking news just
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in to kron 4 tommy lasorda. >>has died at the institution from the dodgers and this is the tweet from the dodgers announcing this sad day and their history, the sports world now mourning the death of tommy lasorda was at the helm of the dodgers as manager until 19 96 he retired just one shy of 1600 winds. he was 93 years old it appears he died of a heart attack it was just a couple of days after he got out of the hospital, he'd been in the hospital for an undisclosed illness. for a 6 weeks. and it's interesting because he did retire in 96 because he had heart problems though he continued to work in 22,000 you remember that he managed team usa and they won a gold medal that was just before his 73rd birthday and he went on working for the dodgers organization well into his 90's it was a scout in an
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adviser and ambassador to the game that he loved and the team that so dearly loved him. >>pfizer says so far testing shows the vaccine to be successful and fighting the very end. well coronavirus i've got all the details you need to know coming up in a live report. >>millions of people in the bay area and businesses will not be allowed to reopen because we are running out of beds coming up we'll give you the very latest numbers on this very dire situation and still pretty gray out there across the bay happen bayview much like the rest of the bay area not shown the brightest of conditions just yet skies will clear more and more in the afternoon talking your forecast ahead.
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>>9.12 the time right now and it was a rainy start to the day this morning if you got up when it was dark out, but it's light now it's used to be drier john it's getting there for sure it's still a little sprinkling for just a couple of spots and still a little bit gray, but definitely drier than we were earlier for our earliest of risers i'm talking way before the sun came up you are looking at those showers. >>now we have seen things calming down near berkeley view just one of many of our great views this morning skies do generally clear more and
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more later on in the day today you can see those still sprinkle spots lingering in a few areas mostly just misty conditions for most of us as we made our way through the morning now a calm weekend ahead of us but not necessarily come right along the coastline return of high swells right along the pacific means high surf advisories went back into effect at 06:00am this morning remaining into the afternoon today until 06:00am tomorrow morning. keep your eye on sneaker waves. di dangerous rip currents as well and just keep some distance between you and the shoreline, especially as we work our way into the afternoon get some sunshine and it becomes more tempting to head out to our beaches dry skies as we make our way into the afternoon after this early morning shower that we're still trying to clear out of the region you can see those sprinklers spots still hanging on towards the late morning by the time we work into the afternoon, there's your sunshine returning little bit of cloud cover overnight that tomorrow does look to be a nice and clear one sunday stays dry as well, but just a few more clouds rolling in to close out the weekend. and into next week a few clouds as well but
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staying dry and only getting warmer towards the end of next week. not a big change in temperatures just yet though today's daytime highs pretty familiar we're back into the 50's and 60's regardless of where you're at burlingame 61 south san francisco at 60 degrees. foster city redwood city san mateo each at 61 degrees. some of our warmest of temperatures will be in the south bay like campbell in san jose at 63 each solid 60's from fremont to hayward tri valley on up through walnut creek unconquered right at 60 each oakland richmond at 60 degrees as well and much the same across the north bay fairfield at 61 valais home mill valley in the upper 50's at 5958 degrees. tomorrow sunday monday tuesday temperatures remain steady not a lot of change here you notice how after today we dry out and we stay dry well into next week and by wednesday and thursday quite the warming trend highs rising back near 70 if not to 70 degrees by thursday. >>thank you john, no more hot
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spots to worry about in the roadways from this morning looked like they also tried as well but those hot spots we're tracking it in the east bay, clear nice commute, san mateo bridge and into the peninsula less than 15 minutes for you westbound traffic is moving along there fall though we're seeing that pop up and a lot of areas you can see across walnut creek. 24 fog in the distance there so expect to see that on your commute if you're driving out right now in some areas less than 30 there for your commute speaking to fog the fog advisory still in place from chp across the any operate so make sure you're taking your time and driving safe back to the news. 9.15 is the time and our big story just in the past 24 hours. >>we've had the deadliest day yet in the pandemic with more than 4,000 americans, dying of covid in the bay area. it's getting worse and worse our hospital de beds in the icu are dwindling kron four's will tran is live at kaiser in daly city with more on how are
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fairing good morning. well. >>we're not doing well, but a lot better than southern california and i'll talk about that in just a few moments just to give you perspective jury i was at this exact location about a month ago and at that time we were well above 15% that we have plenty of beds at that particular time. now kaiser permanente maybe this one does not have a bed and others do because collectively. now in the bay area might draw your attention to the screen because we get some astounding numbers to pass along or some terrifying numbers in the bay area. we are now waking up to 3.5% icu beds. that was about 15% again. i told you a month ago when i was at this location so it is going in the wrong direction in northern california, you're a little bit more than 25%. but it's not a fair comparison because those areas in northern california more remote. not a
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lot of movement like what we see in sacramento, you're sitting at about 9% this morning. then look at this 2 numbers on the bottom your screen sandhoke san joaquin valley and southern california. 0%. they don't have any more beds to spare and that is why health officials they are telling us in the bay area all over the country but specifically in the bay area because we still have some bad that we are the first line of defense that we have to make sure that they are not even overworked and more than what they currently are listen to the sound bite. >>covid is no joke. folks are struggling to breathe. fulford gasping for breath. some folks look like they are drowning while they're sitting there in bed in front of us. the staff is fatigued they are tired. they are drained physically emotionally and every way you can possibly imagine.
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>>and things probably will get worse before they get better because we're sitting at 3.5% daria that's why this shelter in we were here a month ago they were talking about doing it, but we're still above 15%. now because we're below 50% what should have been lifted in a perfect world will not be lifted so that shelter in place will continue for another 3 weeks and that's going to devastate businesses who were hoping that at the very least they could do outdoor dining that's not going to happen, yes they evaluated every week but let's face area the chances of it at the end of the next 3 weeks going above 15% the very slim tonight back to you thanks we'll all the more reason there's a big rush to try to get everybody vaccinated and. >>pfizer says that that covid shot that they have appears to be affective on the new more contagious strain of coronavirus that they found in the uk kron 4 sarah stinson
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has been covering this live from the pfizer offices and san francisco sarah. >>a story that's right this is preliminary testing but it's reassuring to hear that so far pfizer has found that its vaccine is working in preventing covid from spreading and patients that do take the pfizer vaccine. even when they combined it with a mutation the very most mutation that we've seen in the uk. now what they've done so far testings use blood samples from 20 recipients who i have had the vaccine. antibodies from this vaccine. recipients fended off a mutated coronavirus in the lab. >>coronavirus cases with many contagious variant have erupted in places like britain and south africa we've seen a few cases even here in the country and state so finding from this week the findings from this research really good to hear the study with this testing has not yet been reviewed by experts which is key which is a very key step
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in medical research. however, this has been done by the university of texas. the virus is constantly undergo minor changes as they spread from person to person so this is no new thing to scientists and doctors pfizer's chief scientific officer says if the virus mutates enough to where the vaccine is unsuccessful it wouldn't be hard to tweak the recipe for the current shot, every year that's done the flu. vaccination what's not clear is if they do need to tweak the shot would they have to redo all the submissions cfda what would the regulations be like. >>we'll have to see but so far this testing that they've done shows it's working with that very and that we're seeing pop up all across the globe. so we'll have to continue to fall this. but the good news is good news. we'll take it on this friday reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news all right, thanks a lot. sara we just got to get more and more people get those shots 9.20 right now and. >>how about an economic shot in the arm that would help a
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lot of small businesses and there could be help on the way we have details on the planet.
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or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. >>9.23 and today governor newsom is going to unveil his complete budget plan for the new year but state lawmakers are already debating how much covid relief should be in
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there for small businesses many say they're having to close their doors and he could barely make it with the stay at home orders. it's been nearly a year they've been struggling with state impose restrictions. one republican state senator has rolled out a relief packages that proposes that they invest 2.6 billion dollars in grants for small businesses and nonprofits that is up to $75,000 per gram which is more than double what the governor is pitching. >>he's on the right track. we believe that our needs are so great that even though the modest 2.6 billion which is 10% of the state's projected one and expects revenue to these are just so much greater. >>the proposal has bipartisan support which could help move quickly through the legislature state budget negotiations officially begin on monday. it's 9.24 and still ahead lawmakers on capitol hill could take up the articles of impeachment against president trump as early as next week. >>we'll speak to a constitutional law expert
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about it coming up.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, it's 9.27. they're just. >>2, 3, 4, 5, 5 drops the stop 6 a left there at the mount tam can that i hiked up there
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and put up and it's looking much better for a hike now than it was earlier it is nice and bright up their amount am there some low clouds below mount am here at timber on that is really shrouding this view so some of us are clearing out, especially higher up now while they're still some foggy spots right along the bay and especially out towards the central valley that you should look out for. >>definitely not the clearest the mornings just yet, but it has improved from early morning showers that we had seen especially during predawn hours for earliest of risers those that you know get up early early like 02:03am, the you are the ones that we're seeing that rainfall mother nature time did out well for the rest of us as we get up this morning to just sing the remnants of that rain which is the sprinkles in the wet roads, 40's and 50's for current temps oakland, the warm spot, currently at 55 little cooler in dublin livermore santa rosa still holding on to the 40's talking more about your weekend's forecast still to come as i mentioned roadways they still have some wet spots on him as a result of those overnight showers and we also still have
9:29 am
a couple of foggy spots to my right to gate bridge. yes, super clear just yet. yeah a little foggy there also any operate as well fog advisory, so if you're hitting the road in seen any of those patchy foggy areas take your time for the golden gate bridge the commute still looks great less than 25 minutes as you head into the city. >>and the bay bridge you see very clear right here less than 9 minutes for your commute to the fremont street exit all right get a look at the san mateo bridge 12 minutes in county on the westbound side traffic is moving along there really great. the richmond sandra fell bridge less than 8 minutes that fog advisory was telling you about across the ante up ridge steel reports there so as long as that's in place just take your time be careful and cautious right now back to the news. our top story this morning is the growing calls for president trump to be removed from office we've learned this morning that the house could begin impeachment proceedings perhaps as soon as next week. >>so joining us this morning to talk about more about that
9:30 am
is professor rory little a constitutional law expert at u c hastings school of law in san francisco, good morning professor rory. >>good morning, thanks thanks for having me here. yeah. >>can you tell us about the difference between these 2 different avenues that you can take to remove a president. whether it's the 25th amendment or the impeachment process. >>yeah, i mean there are very in many the 25th amendment actually doesn't remove the president it simply. puts all the presidential powers into the hands of the vice president removed the powers of the president without leaving the president. and the theory of this is that if he suffering some physical disability that the president might recover and then get their power back. impeachment is the constitution mechanism to remove the president completely from office. and that only requires a majority of the house of representatives where as the 25th amendment requires ultimately the approval of 2
9:31 am
thirds of both the senate and the house. so the impeachment process is the more politically viable process right now that seems where that it that removing a president from office is easier. >>then stripping them mister all the power, yeah. >>well and what is so let me just go on you don't remove the president by impeaching them you remove them. after a trial in the senate that's process yeah, right so it's it's probably more complicated to impeach that it is to do the 25th minute, but no one's ever use the 25th amendment so we don't actually know how that would work interesting well first let me ask you another question because i've heard some speculate that perhaps maybe. >>congress could pass a law to prevent donald trump when he because private citizen from running again is that something that's viable is that have been done before. >>i am not aware that that's been done before but i have heard that it can be done to meet people believe this is something that could be done. you know the the trek, the
9:32 am
trump presidency has raised so many issues under the constitution that we never previously considered because the norms that we used to operate under have all been sort of blown out the window during the last 4 years like what i like what else are gosh, what does it mean to have counsel persons under the census, not what presidents immunity from discovery in legal process and i all these questions have gone to the supreme court of the last 4 years call ask you about one that just come up recently in discussions is can the president. >>pardon himself is that that's something that hasn't been tested before right. >>that is something that has been tested and you know up until about a week ago we saw what he would do is resign an hour before the inauguration and has vice president pence become the president for one hour and pardon trump that would have been sort immune from attack. but it does put it doesn't look the vice president's going to pardon trump because the vice president pretty angry.
9:33 am
they're they're not happy, they're not trends right now. any card himself i think he should not be able to i think the constitution should prohibit that i think there's a lot of history that would support that but we it's never been tried all of this stuff and then well what about ok so what about people who say all right. >>if he was an instigator it can he be charged with sedition can present charges anything when the president while the president. >>another open question great has a good and we were but we are maybe going to charge richard nixon than any resigned. right before he was impeached as well. that a pardon doesn't immunize the president from state crimes. if the president were to walk out into the middle of the street and shoot somebody in cold blood. states could presumably prosecute the president for the immunity seems to be just for official acts. but again these are all unanswered questions and we only have 12 days to a lot of people just one of your anchor said last night i think the best analogy let's just try to run out the clock, it was too
9:34 am
late the fed said be quiet and run out the clock well, but we know what the president does something crazy okay, but also then want to know about this. >>is it true that if they can in this small window get all that stuff down for the impeachment which he says a lot. that once you are impeached, you can't run again so that he wouldn't be able to run for president again after that. >>i think you are asking questions that i i don't know the answer to and that we're not sure we've never had a president impeached who did go on to try to run again. i think the president would be removed from future offices under the impeachment clause of the constitution. but again we haven't tried it. and again the impeachment could be done by the house pretty easily i don't even know why they would wait til next week they could do with this afternoon with the majority vote. but then if we go to the senate for a trial. and there's there's some belief that this would just be so politically.
9:35 am
disrupted did it's just better to let it slide this point new york state is still looking after him for criminal violations when he leaves office so he's not out of the hot water. no matter so then there's that whole thing so then there's the whole question about what you can do. >>when a president leaves office and you're saying that after he leaves office then there's other legal avenues to go after him. >>absolutely in fact some people believe the constitutional scholars believe he could still be impeached after he leaves office. i don't think we want to waste of time on that, there's that that's out there. >>it beat it's curious that if the if the house does go through with its articles of impeachment next week that would make him. the first president ever to be impeached twice. while in one term. >>well i think that's why the house is so anxious to maybe try that route because it's nothing else it would leave him with that historical legacy. it would you know the worst president in history. many people say he may be in that category but a second impeachment would put in there
9:36 am
pretty objective lead. but like you said, i mean if you really look at then if this is this so many if you could then continue the impeachment process after he leaves office. the point of that could be the future because he certainly has been indicating that 2024 might be another run for him. >>i think the 2 of you should just apply the law was all about how to speak about problems to which we don't actually know the answer well, then lsu, may not have the answer to because we've never seen this before but just looking at the powers that he can still exercise between now and when the united nation is that we saw the riot that happened at the u.s. capitol we saw all the people going which he has. >>since patriots he says he loves them. is there a possibility or is are pressing for him to mass pardon. people who may be facing charges that were there writing in his name another good question. >>well, so let me just say
9:37 am
there's precedent for this after the civil war. after lincoln was assassinated in the war was johnson the president who is very unpopular who was impeached himself for almost he pardoned every person theoretically that had participated in the revolution on the side of the confederacy he gave a mask part it's called a christmas party 1868. so there's some precedent for that and president doesn't always mean that it's right i did happen. that's interesting. >>and just circle back around to the self-pardon think is i find that fascinating right clearly that would be something that would be challenged and the president would challenge it could go all the way up to the supreme court. given the current makeup of the court given the precedent that they would be looking back upon any thoughts on what some of the arguments would be is there a viable argument to be made. >>well there and i don't think
9:38 am
the supreme court is it is wholly a trump court by attorneys they ruled against him a couple of times in the last few years. he does have nominees 3 people up there they're not lock step with the president i think they've really life tenure does give you the freedom to rule the way you want but i think most people would say wait a minute. let's just see what new york state does because a pardon doesn't get him out of any immunity for the state proceedings and many people think that financial dealings that he did before he was president in new york, including some tax evasion perhaps under the federal law is is is going to be the subject of what's going to happen after he leaves office just as a constitutional expert just before we go to what do you think when you hear people saying like they were going into right on wednesday. >>you need to uphold the constitution you need to stop this election you need to like when you hear them saying this is this is for the constitution that they are fighting for that's why they
9:39 am
went to the capitol what do you think as an expert. >>well, i mean let me just say that the great freedom that we have in this country is for people to disagree about what the constitution might need. that's one reason we have a supreme court is to settle those sorts of disputes in big cases. but i respect people who say you know i want to make an argument different than your argument because i think the constitution requires that are allows it. i don't think that justifies any kind of mob violence like what we saw wednesday that that is that to say that they were defending democracy is that absolutely absurd and they they will be spoke to you know even trump said yesterday they pay the price and i think he's right. >>okay, thank you so much fascinating discussion and we'll certainly have you back out. the paper looks thank you professor little thank
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>>9.24 a former employee with the oakland police department was there at the riots in dc and defended those who tried to take over the capitol building the department has since responded saying that the former employees comments were reprehensible and quote said we want to assure a community that those statements offend the morals and ethics of the women to men of our department, these
9:43 am
values do not represent our current department employees if these types of statements were made by a current employee. they would be grounds for immediate in initiation of a dissident disciplinary investigation and could lead to termination. >>9.42 lots ahead, we'll be right back. these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe.
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tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. but today there's a combination of two immunotherapies you can take first. one that could mean... a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread and that tests positive for pd-l1 and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. it's the first and only approved chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works together in different ways to harness the power of the immune system. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more days. more nights. more beautiful weekends. more ugly sweaters. more big hugs. more small outings. opdivo and yervoy
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can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in your body and affect how they work. this may happen during or after treatment has ended and can become serious and lead to death. some of these problems may happen more often when opdivo is used with yervoy. see your doctor right away if you have a new or worse cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; diarrhea; severe stomach pain; nausea or vomiting; dizziness; fainting; extreme tiredness; weight changes; constipation; excessive thirst; changes in urine or eyesight; rash; itching; confusion; memory problems; muscle pain or weakness; joint pain; flushing; fever; or tingling in hands and feet. these are not all the possible side effects. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant or lung, breathing, or liver problems. here's to a chance for more together time. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. >>9.45 on this friday morning working our way to what will
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be a dry weekend last and it was overnight showers that you may have heard if you woke up in the middle your night into early morning hours still hanging on to some cloud cover but cloud cover is lifting burning off less and less fog too so the grey start to the morning that we are in the midst of gradually becoming a little brighter moment by moment and that sets us up for a really nice afternoon just around the corner couple of misty spots out there just some light sprinkles here and there but nothing compared to the rainfall that we did have widespread last night with sunshine just around the corner this afternoon you may be tempted to head out to the coastline in which case be aware of the ways we have another high surf advisory that took effect at 06:00am this morning last through the day today until 06:00am tomorrow morning. sneaker waves rip currents and then those high swells will result in some ways out there that are quite dangerous to keep some distance between yourself and the ocean storm system passing through now exiting the region setting us up for a dry and sunny rest of the day and not just rest of the day
9:47 am
today but really rest of the weekend to friday on into saturday looking at a lot of sunshine out there nice day to be stepping out into tomorrow, especially sunday you'll notice a little bit of cloud cover but staying dry and that's going to be the trend well into next week with overall drier and warmer conditions as we round this weekend and start off your second week of 2021 50's and 60's for today's daytime highs familiar territory here we're not changing much from where we have been south san francisco burlingame back into the low 60's today, foster city, san mateo redwood city each at 61. well temperatures in the south bay, some of our warmest but not by much campbell in san jose each at 63 followed very closely by fremont hayward over to the tri valley all right at 60 degrees. oakland richmond, san ramon through walnut creek to conquered also at 60 same for you almost everywhere in the north bay napa sonoma santa rosa just to name a few spots also right up to 60 degree mark. we don't change much
9:48 am
temperature wise through saturday sunday monday nor into tuesday after that we start to see the bump up in temperatures and that takes us near if not to 70 degrees by next thursday so a warmer drier forecast ahead. reyna thank you like the sound of that warmer and drier now right now we're still seeing a lot of fog. >>popping up in certain areas like the golden gate bridge for example you can see some fog there however our commutes across the bay area don't seem to be affected by that less than 20 minutes into the city all right the bay bridge looks good that commute there to fremont street 8 minutes there and san mateo bridge going across the peninsula less than 15 minutes for your drive time now the richmond sandra fell bridge also looking nice and light their 7 minutes and fog advisory i mentioned across the ante on bridge is still in place. we're also still seeing some wet roadways so drive carefully and take your time back to the news. >>i'm 48 and breaking news baseball has lost a legend dodger great tommy lasorda has
9:49 am
died of a heart attack at the age of 93 kennedy ryan takes a look back at his life and legacy. >>if vince cali is the eternal voice of the dodgers that tommy lasorda is the team sold. thomas charles, the sort of was born in 1927 in the small town of norristown pennsylvania. he was the second of 5 sons, his parents were working class immigrants from italy will sort of be in his pitching career with the philadelphia. phillies when he was 18 later resigned with the brooklyn dodgers and after piling up wins in the minors. we'll sort it was called up to the big leagues in 1954. but tommy's major league career never took off in 1956, we'll sort it was sent back down to the minors to make room for another young left-handed pitcher by the name of sandy kaufax after tom is playing career ended when he moved into coaching, it's been 12 years in the minors in 1973 lasorda got back to the show.
9:50 am
>>this time as the la dodgers, 3rd base coach. his love for the game. >>was infectious. walter alston retired in 1976 sort of became the 4th skipper in team history for the next 20 years the sort of would define dodger baseball players love the sort positive upbeat style but make no mistake, tommy hated to lose. this now famous rant took place in his office after dave kingman of the cubs. he hit 3 home runs to beat la in 1978. >>bush. like taking i think it was. >>we'll sort it was colorful and popular. but most of all he won. >>in 1977 78 his teams won the national league pennant only to be thwarted in the world series by the yankees, but in 1981. >>we'll sort as club finally broke through led by rookie phenom fernando valley's way
9:51 am
left the dodgers beat the yankees in 6 games when the team's first championship in 16 years. >>a great victory. this is something that has escaped us. >>for a long time in 1988 lasorda led the dodgers back to the world series with a ragtag squad many pick to get steamrolled by the mighty oakland a's in game one the dodgers were down by a run in the bottom of the 9th with a man on tommy played a hunch and sent in an injured kirk gibson to the plate. tommy's campbell led to one of the greatest moments in sports history and propelled the dodgers to another world championship after his final world series triumph tommy would manage the dodgers until his retirement in 1996 during his tenure, he compiled 1599 wins securing his spot in the baseball hall of fame while his time as manager was over
9:52 am
lasorda remained in the front office for the rest of his life. just before his passing his beloved dodgers gave them one last gift. 2020 team. finally broke through and won their first world series title since 1988, and i love that every minute. >>and never wanted to see the season and it was amazing. these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups.
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>>the for governor newsom has a plan to reopen schools but it's trying criticism from superintendents in the bay area and across the state. the governor has a 2 billion dollar plan that he says will safely reopen schools by february first for students in k through second grade but superintendents in 7 of the biggest districts in the state including oakland, san francisco say that his plan fails to support urban schools and low income areas. >>our concern is that. the san francisco unified school district and others could end up losing out on greatly greatly needed funding because by february first our covid numbers will still be too high in all likelihood. >>the superintendents also calling for changes to the plan that provide clearer and more consistent covid rules in the schools. well, you know if you don't have your education to fall back on how about
9:56 am
500 million dollars to yeah. yeah that's the mega millions drawing now up to 510 million to be exact because nobody won the last jackpot so that's the key i want you remember john remember how i feel about the lottery. the reason it's high is nobody ever so you won't either here that 500 million though ryan automatically you just can't help it to light up and buy a ticket of 2 is that what you're doing didn't someone win in the mission like i mean will keep people in their late you millions this if you took the cap those straight up. >>375 million yeah, yeah, yeah, it's great it's great if you you know when and i understand people get a scratch are here to scratch or there, but has anyone you've ever known really won any big amount of money in lottery know definitely i okay. yeah i've won at casino before though how much 50 bucks see that some say you still have
9:57 am
to come back to work monday with free let's take a look at the 7 day you got to work john got to work for your lobster so let's take a look where we are looking at some good weather out there look at next week darya 70 by thursday wow that's so your first week of january was a little bit showery from time to time. >>next week's second week looks like it's going to be really behind on our first week of january was beyond showery yeah, it was a lot was rocky yes right we had riots we had an earthquake and tommy lasorda just died i'm afraid for next week, but we'll see - time to get up, sweetie. - most people might not think about all the little things you do everyday, but for me, just being able to do those little things
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