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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 8, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. president trump should serve another day president insights violence as far as i'm concerned you disqualifies himself leading this nation. >>growing calls tonight to remove president trump from office before president-elect biden's inauguration day good evening. everybody, thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 9 i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne tonight. >>all of this is happening with just 12 days left in kresident trump's term and part of the fallout from one stays attack on the capitol building tower washington dc correspondent reshadhudson has the very latest. >>ohio democratic senator sherrod brown calls wednesday's attack by president trump supporters a dark day for the country they
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attacked her seat of government they were inside. to do that by the present united states and for that brown wants president trump removed from office job joining a number of other leaders from both parties from all over the country calling on the cabinet. the vice president states that immediately invoke. the 25th amendment to remove him from office, the 25th amendment gives the vice president and a majority of the cabinet, the power to remove a president from office if they determine he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. brown says the 25th amendment is the fastest way to remove the president from office others are calling for the president to be impeached we have a president who has allow. >>domestic terrorism to fester. indiana democratic congressman andre carson joins the long list of house members supporting impeachment republican congressman larry bush on didn't call for the president to be removed. what does hold him somewhat responsible for what happened encouraging people to go to
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the capitol so to >>was i thinkin many of these people lawmakers who want the president removed are up against the clock. he only has 12 days left in office in washington were shot hudson. >>the washington post is reporting the president's treasury secretary steve has begun talking about invoking the 25th amendment, but. >>he stresses that it is still highly unlikely that the effort will move forward he did publicly criticize wednesday's riders but did not go as far as to directly call out the president. house speaker nancy pelosi took a big unilateral step today as lawmakers continue to grapple with the fallout of wednesday's raid on the capital speaker pelosi said that she has talked to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff about preventing president trump from initiating military actions or a nuclear strike in a statement she said quote this on hans president could not be
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more dangerous. here in the bay area former federal prosecutor and the mayor of san jose sam liccardo. >>is calling for president trump to be tried for insurrection mayor liccardo releasing this statement today saying in part. trump is merely a symptom of a broader disease others will try to follow perhaps with greater skill and intelligence to protect our fragile democratic institutions from demagogues week. us criminally prosecute those who attempt to use their power to destroy our most hallowed democratic institutions, the crime of insurrection that carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison. if convicted the president would not be able to hold elected office again twitter. >>that it has permanently suspended the president's account because of quote the risk of further incitement of violence it is well known that twitter was the president's preferred way to communicate with his 88.7 million followers are looking there
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was a picture of the scene executive that we spoke to twitter explained that it banned the president because he violated twitter's quote glorification of violence policy the company tweeted that the president's tweets could inspire others to replicate violent acts said after what we saw at the capitol on wednesday, the editor at large at sea net talked with us about this action by twitter. >>one of the hardest things about watching this whole last 4 years is knowing that some 85 plus million people we're getting direct messages that were filled with victory all it ruining people's lives conspiracy theory, it's just crazy what's been going on and twitter making this move while he's still president changes the dynamic of how they've been handling this until now, they said well if you're well leader you basically get to do whatever you want on twitter clearly that is changing and after the president used
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twitter as a loaded gun to shoot off a huge group of people at the capitol if we don't need that either. it's it's we have passed the line where we need to debate this at this point. >>not long after the president's account was suspended he then switched to the official verified account for the president at potus there he said we will not be silenced. twitter is not about free speech stay tuned, and the president said he is looking at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future. it took twitter about one minute to delete this series of tweets the president also tried to use the trump campaign account to tweet and his campaign's digital directors account but those tweets were also deleted instantly and the accounts were suspended for violating twitter rules. >>president elect biden he addressed the calls to remove the president from office today biden have been announcing his final cabinet nominees. he says he wants the
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president held accountable for his recent actions, but also he says the republicans who helped him biden says the country will be safer and more stable after he biden takes the oath of office. reporter dean reynolds has the details. >>joe biden filled the remaining spots in his cabinet today, but those nominees will be relegated to a minor mentions in press reports because of what the president elect had to say about the man he defeated in november you exceeded even my worst notions about. he's been in irish to the country. the barest us around the world. not worthy, not worthy to hold that office and while the president elect chose not to say whether he was for or against impeaching president trump for a second time as some in congress are advocating he did say this so i think it's important we get on with the business getting him out of office the quickest
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way that that will happen is us peace ward in 20 years mr. biden said the republicans like senator ted cruz and josh hawley who question the legitimacy of his victory were shameful and should be voted out of office the american public has heard creo good clear look at who they are. they're part of the big lie, the president elect said he had spoken to several other republicans who told him they were outraged embarrassed and mortified by the president's behavior especially his speech that preceded the ransacking of the capitol on wednesday, you'll never. >>take back our country with weak this you have to show strength and you have to be strong. >>and that was dean reynolds reporting today, president trump not a surprise that he is not going to be a joe biden's inauguration. made the announcement on twitter this morning before being permanently banned from the platform. trump will be the first sitting president since
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andrew johnson, not to attend his successor swearing in joe biden says he's glad trump isn't coming saying this is one of the only things that they have agreed on and speaking of the inauguration, the chaos at the capitol has raised security concerns ahead of january 20th, so crews have now set up a 7 foot fence around the capital. >>biden says that he never feel concerned and organizers did not consider postponing or moving the event his january 20th inauguration has already of course been scaled back because of the pandemic. and now on to covid the nation continues to hit troubling milestones regarding the pandemic the united states recorded the highest number of daily deaths on thursday with more than 4,000 people died from covid-19 that number breaks the record set just one day earlier on wednesday and it is not just the united states record it is the highest daily death toll in any nation in the world,
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california has been hit especially hard as you likely know with some hospitals in our state saying that they are running out of resources. as california's covid-19 related deaths continue to increase one bay area county now has a mobile yeah, this is a semi trailer. it is designed to store bodies in case hospitals or local morgues just good overwhelmed kron four's dan thorn he's live in santa rosa tonight with more dan on this grim but apparently very. >>necessary addition. >>that's right catherine and pam sonoma county requested mobile morgue because of the possibility of a lack of space the sheriff's office telling us that this trailer is a proactive approach as covid-19 deaths continue to increase and they want to be prepared just in case. >>part of the sonoma county coroner's office is a new mobile mork the refrigerated semi-trailer is meant to help
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collect bodies and prevent an overflow as covid-19 deaths surge across california. the least trailer is a state asset from california's office of emergency services, it's very tragic. it's but as we've seen the greater number of. >>of covid cases. so have we seen an increase in the number of fatalities. >>because of that large number of deaths callow yes director mark ghilarducci says the state has activated a multi casualty plan and corner mutual aid plan. these are aimed at helping both hospitals and county morgues deal with the spike and to ensure that there's a balance throughout the state region by region. >>in dealing with the seat and send how we ensure that we don't get large backups or if we do have backups that there they're dealt with with respect and dignity, a spokesman for the sonoma county sheriff's office says the trailer has the ability to store more than 50 bodies the county morgue can hold up to
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35 inside the trailer is equipped with shelves to increase holding capacity and additional ppe before those handling the bodies and body bags if need be the trailer can also provide storage for neighboring counties. >>the measure is being looked at as a proactive step against a worst case scenario. >>it's important to know that that there is a plan is underway. it is very active today and will continue to work at that. >>the sonoma county sheriff's office says right now this trailer is not housing any bodies and this also is not the first mobile morgue in the bay area apparently a few of these trailers were sent to alameda county at some point last year and it's also anticipated that at some point and additional trailer will be sent to the south bay. reporting live in santa rosa dan thorn. kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>president elect joe biden plans to release nearly all available doses of the
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covid-19 vaccine after he takes office. biden spokesperson says the trump administration has been holding back half of the available doses to ensure that there's enough for everybody getting a first dose to them get a second dose. the biden transition team says that it's confident there will be enough manufacturing to ensure those second doses. >>moderna says its covid-19 vaccine could help prevent infection for up to 2 years, the company ceo says the antibodies the body produces in response to the vaccine decay very slowly, however, some health officials say there is really no way of knowing for sure because the vaccine is still brand new. but ceo also says his company is on the verge of proving that is vaccine could also be effective against the mutated versions of the virus last night pfizer announced that preliminary studies show its version of the vaccine does protect against that mutated strain icu capacity in
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california continuing to drop that is as the united states continues to set records for covid deaths in the bay area, the icu capacity has fallen to just 3%. the northern california region continues to have the highest level of icu beds with 27.5% availability. greater sacramento region now has just 6.4%, san joaquin and southern california still have 0% icu bed capacity and because icu bed capacity remains so low. the statewide stay at home order remains in place that order was put in place for the bay area region 3 weeks ago nishal everybody hoped they'd be able to lift it today. >>but things did not improve as hoped. kron four's dan kerman has details. >>right now the barrier region's icu capacity is a 3% far from the 15% that's required and that means the state's regional stay at home order remains in effect. >>if we project ahead knowing
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what's happening with disease and seeing what's happening with our hospitals all very surprised if we reopen any time within the next 2 to 3 weeks. i honestly think we're looking at the end of january for bay area icu bed availability will be good enough to allow us to stop the state the stay home order solano county's health officer says this current surge is due to people gathering and traveling over the holidays. our hope is that people have got in and out of their systems to get together with family and friends that they are since this past weekend doing things correctly and if we can if we can do it for a few weeks. then we can bring this outbreak under control we can bring the numbers of cases down substantially and protect our hospitals and our icu beds until that happens the closure of outdoor dining. >>personal services like hair salons as well as museums and zoos wineries in bars and entertainment venues will remain in place.
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>>city officials say they'll be assessing the bay area region's icu projections in the coming days and have a formal announcement a little later on and san francisco dan kerman kron 4 news. >>in the east bay, the health department issued a warning to one contra costa county resident which plan to defy orders and reopen outdoor dining. well for as gayle, ong is live in martinez tonight she has details on this scale. >>i'm here at nic's martinez, the owners decided to keep their patio closed for outdoor dining the county warren, they're operating permit may be revoked if they were to defy orders. >>story, this is the real story of our industry small restaurants are not going to make it. >>would take out only risen myers co owner of vick's martinez says she was just trying to survive when she plan to defy health orders and reopen for outdoor dining she notified customers on social media to make reservations beginning friday, but instead was issuing notice of violation by contra costa
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county health department and was told to cease and desist outdoor dining we go above and beyond you know going to the temperature checks through contact tracing table 8 feet apart, but county officials defending their decision we just have to ensure. >>that we follow these orders to stop the spread of the virus got alonzo from the county district attorney's covid-19 task force says the da's office has find restaurants gyms and other businesses since november. he understands the damage the order is doing to the economy but the county is bracing for a double surge from christmas and new years want to see them stay open, we don't want to close any business town and we don't want to issue fines if we don't have to and most businesses to come into compliance once they understand what the order is and why we have to follow it as of friday contra costa county has nearly 46,000 confirmed covid cases. >>376 deaths, 288 patients are in the hospital the county has 26 icu beds available that's nearly 8% of them free for new
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patients outdoor dining close in december when the bay area adopted the state's regional stay at home order that's expected to extend until intensive care units in the regions hospital system stays above 15% back in martinez picks is open for take-out only. >>we encourage you to support small businesses and restaurants order when you can we understand everybody has a different comfort level. around rick ross curbside pickup do take out support please any way you can. >>since november the da's office has issued 14 find that is $5,000 for live in martinez gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>thank you gayle. this week, the fda warned that a popular covid-19 testing company might be giving out inaccurate results. kron four's charles clifford has details. >>for weeks now we have seen curative mobile covid-19 testing sites popping up all around the bay area we've seen them in santa clara county and here in marion. there's one today at the nevado public
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library right across the street there. curative uses the pcr test was just test that takes about 48 hours to get results back but this week the fda issued a warning saying that the u.s. food and drug administration. the fda is alerting patients and health care providers of the risk of false results, particularly false negative results with the curative sars covid 2 test what that essentially means is if you come in with symptoms get tested. and the results come back positive you probably do have coronavirus however if you have symptoms you get tested and it comes back negative there's a chance that those results are inaccurate now the fda has recommended that physicians who suspect a false negative should get their patients tested again. they're also putting out recommendations that the folks who administer these tests. >>very closely follow. the guidelines for taking the samples the note nasal swabs and also for sending the samples off to be tested now we did get a statement from the company curative today.
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the ceo fred turner said we are confident in our data and we are working with the fda closely on the matter testing sensitivity and accuracy on behalf of our patients is at the heart of our work curative also says they believe they're testing is some of the most accurate on the market right now they say that a false results can sneak into any testing of any sort that's always a possibility. now the fda is not recommending that you avoid curative testing sites quite the opposite they're saying that testing is one of the best ways to control the ongoing pandemic they highly recommend that if you have symptoms if you suspect you might have a coronavirus to receive a test also if you want more information on what the fda is saying you can go to their website which is fda dot gov. but for now in the north bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >>and the south bay, good news on covid is hard to come by when there is a daily average of 1200 new covid cases in santa clara county. but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports tonight health
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officials say the number of frontline health care workers getting vaccinated against the deadly virus is also on the rise. >>that clinics like this one on telly road in san jose and that hospitals and healthcare systems across the south bay. more than 47,000 health care workers have received their first doses of covid-19 vaccine. so far among them is willow glen family, dennis trees amy luna with our patients we want to make sure that they're they feel safe and comfortable so having the shot and being able to provide that comfort. >>is a good sense to ensuring that our all of our team is safe as well. amid the state's expanded eligibility for vaccinations to all healthcare personnel under phase, one a. >>the county is averaging 1500 vaccinations per day now and is expected to be at least twice that by next week is more vaccinations sites come online if anyone who falls in phase, one a you can go to your health care provider. and
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get a vaccine. we've heard that the federal government under the new administration is for is going to push out a lot more vaccine. the plan is to open. >>and many more mass spec sites there are roughly 140,000 health care workers in the county. >>under phase. the first year is focused on hospital staff, long-term care facilities medical first responders and in home health care providers. eligible because he is caring for his 93 year-old father is none philip. >>i don't want to be of society liability to infect anyone and now of course i don't want to brain a long scar. all qualified to take the shot, i'm very happy to take it in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>okay time for another look at the forecast and it is friday night we want to hear about the weekend we're very happy about hearing about the weekend like a nice one to otherwise of course we have
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the showers move through. >>last night but that is long gone now and we're drying things out but of moisture on the ground there could be some issues because of that and that is likely lead to some of that ground fog that to lee fog developing overnight tonight. special you make your way to the delta at the fog early on this evening in the golden gate bridge that has cleared out there in fact there's a lot of fog along the coastline today just some leftover moisture from the dying cold front moved on through the middle of the city an impressive looking much or storm out there look at the swirl in the atmosphere now most that energy can already see here is tracing the north high pressure out ahead of it that is going to keep us dry through the weekend. we'll see a few more clouds coming our way as we head into sunday, but most that energy stays in the north. that keeps us nice and dry other right now dry across of california right now just couple clouds drifting on through and become more patches of fog overnight tonight, some that dense valley fog developing in spots in fact we're seeing some fog developing in livermore valley tomorrow, mostly sunny and should be a mild afternoon sunday, partly cloudy but
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should remain dry as that front still stays well to the north watch out for some of the deaths to fog as you make your way into the death the yeah you're traveling in the central valley got to watch out for that especially after midnight tonight to about 5 6 o'clock in the morning that receive his abilities maybe drop to about a quarter mile or less in some parts of that area so definitely something out watch out for if you're traveling that way temperature 51 degrees in san jose now it is 52 in oakland 48 degrees in berkeley 43 now getting chilly in nevada 42 degrees in st. a 43 in the napa valley we are going to see some changes coming our way as we head throughout the weekend in fact looks like we'll see that ridge weaken just a little bit that's going allow for a few more clouds move across our skies but look at this as we head in toward the middle the week and the end next week, some of these temperatures getting near 70 degrees. >>on kron 4 news at 9 federal authorities rounding up dozens of people involved in wednesday's riot at the
9:24 pm
capitol including some lawmakers and then we're going to talk to bay area. trump supporters they were at the capitol building filed all of that was happening. but first the governor now has a pretty optimistic view of the it's time for the lowest prices of the season
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>>news of today gave an optimistic look at california's financial future have sounding a lot more rosy our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was at the
9:27 pm
presentation and has details. >>the budget picture governor newsome painted friday is a lot brighter than what we saw last summer amid the pandemic the governor made no mention of any major budget cuts he says california is clearly poised for an economic recovery, we're all better off when we're all better off that's the foundation. those are the principles governor gavin newsome laying out his 227 billion dollar spending plan, 14 billion of which he hopes to use to bolster california's economic recovery that package includes states stimulus checks to low income earners grants to help struggling small businesses across the state and funding meant to help businesses create and keep jobs reopening schools remains a priority with the governor proposing to spend about 90 billion dollars on california schools, the most money per child located in the state's history, other financial priorities include billions towards homelessness and housing and confronting covid-19 with more testing and contact tracing newsome says this budget depends on the
9:28 pm
ability to distribute vaccines and effort he hopes to speed up with a 372 million dollar expense a significant chunk of the governor's spending plan toward recovery comes from a one-time 15 billion dollar windfall after an unexpected surge in state tax revenue, we are in a much better fiscal footing than anyone could have imagined. >>even a few months ago we have one time resources coming to the state because the projections were or under counted. last year. it is not an indication that our economy is strong assemblyman vince fong is the vice chair of the assembly budget committee californians are seeing problems getting and this budget doesn't fundamentally solve those problems small businesses are closing and struggling californians are leaving our state. we see the incompetence of you know the of those trying to get unemployment benefits homelessness is is on the rise and the list goes on and separate from the spending plan, california is also expecting billions of dollars from the federal government but exactly how much is still
9:29 pm
to be determined. >>budget hearings begin here at the state capitol monday in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news coming up next how governors across the nation are trying to speed up vaccine distribution
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 9 some of president trump's bay area supporters were present during wednesday's chaos at the nation's capital
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kron four's maureen kelly she talked to a former bay area resident who is also a former oakland police officer and he defense taking part in the protests but now says he wishes he had done more to try to stop the attack on the capitol building. the capitol building second round there's and there's no reason to vandalize it drew snider says the march on the capitol building was supposed to be peaceful instead of devolving into a siege, what was the intent. >>to let congress know that we're there to protest an election that was stolen from us in a lot of people say that we interrupted you know democratic process but it's all based on a fraudulent election. you know it to us we're where we're interrupting him what appeared to be treason and tyranny. >>the place to claim popular with some conservative media outlets that members of antifa were involved in the break-in although friday the fbi says there is no indication of
9:33 pm
antifa involvement. >>that snyder acknowledges that trump supporters did go inside. although he says he did not follow people that did go in there, i believe we're trump supporters like actually about it who was shot. >>i think she just felt her service was betrayed, but he also suspects the capitol police of making it too easy for them to get in it was a setup. >>they wanted us to get in and be disruptive so they could label us as. >>domestic terrorists and and impeach the president. >>in addition to the one protester who was shot and killed a capitol police officer died of injuries sustained in the chaos. 3 other deaths were due to medical emergencies. snyder says he does not regret taking part in the protest, but he now wishes he did more to stop the vandalism and iraq war veteran snyder also worked as an oakland police officer for nearly 9 years until 2015. opd has issued a statement disavowing their former employees remarks and condemning the violence that
9:34 pm
took place in d c maureen kelly kron 4 several state lawmakers from all across the nation are being investigated tonight to find out if they were among those who stormed the capitol on wednesday. >>one lawmaker who has already been charged for taking part in the riot is a west virginia state lawmaker delegate derrick evans and is going to be difficult for him to deny that he took part in the riot after he live streamed himself entering the capital evans was just elected to west virginia's house of delegates in november and he is now facing federal charges before he ever gets a chance to take a seat in the state capitol and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle in west virginia already working on removing him from office. >>mr. evans says been able to violate his oath of office even before he's taken a seat in our legislature. i think that we have you know republicans and democrats are going to come together and remove mister evans from office.
9:35 pm
>>evans is the only elected official charged at this point but the fbi and other authorities are investigating a tennessee state representative who said that they attended wednesday's riot as well as a stunning pennsylvania state senator and in coming to nevada assemblywoman and an arizona state representative all of which posted about being in washington, but none. so far that we know of went as far as live streaming themselves breaking into the u.s. capitol. >>and new video tonight of them and see now the man that we had seen inside speaker nancy pelosi's office during the riot on wednesday, but this is surveillance video of richard barnett, walking into a jail in arkansas today after being tracked down. and arrested he did turn himself in the 6 year-old got a lot of attention for this he sat down of pelosi's desk. one foot up on the desk. he bragged had taken a personalized envelope and said he didn't steal it because he had left a quarter.
9:36 pm
and now there is a mugshot of barnett. he's facing charges, including. remaining on restricted grounds of violent entry and theft of public property. and sports tower band of air and the stanford cardinal looking to remain undefeated as they take on the oregon ducks, kate rooney will have highlights next.
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>>for sports. >>a long way to go in this nba season, but the warriors have already had some unforgettable moments steph curry 62 point career night and then tonight against the clippers and absolutely wild finish after being down 22. the warriors came back to defeat the clippers one 15 to one '05 the final score they went on an incredible run to end the 3rd quarter and they kept their foot on the gas pedal outscoring the clippers 64 to 40 in the 2nd half steph curry was a beast he finished with 38 points 9 for 14 from 3 1324 from the floor and of course we're going to have to have the full highlights for you that's coming up tonight at 10. but in the meantime some college hoops today tara vanderveer and the top rate cardinal hosted 11th ranked oregon at the g league warriors facility in santa cruz will pick it up in the 2nd quarter, stanford up to sydney parish from beyond the arc she had 14 points off the bench for the ducks and oregon took a one-point lead into the
9:40 pm
half but stanford would take control in the second of the 3 from jenna van guyton the she put stanford up 10 there and the card would go on to beat oregon, 70 to 63. they're undefeated at 10 o next up is the utah utes that's a week from today. well the word legend sure gets thrown around a lot in sports, but no one would question you if you're using it in reference to tommy lasorda and that true baseball legend passed away. late last night, the longtime dodgers manager and larger than life fell a fan died of heart failure at the age of 93. let's start a was beloved by dodgers fans and just baseball fans alike he won. 2 world series championships with the boys in blue, and then you remain with the team in front after office capacity ever since then he also had an olympic gold medal to his name from his stunt managing the 2000 sydney games and he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame. in 1997 well-deserved even though of course this here is giants
9:41 pm
territory. lasorda is definitely one of those people who really transcends the rivalry, the giants released a statement today calling him one of the game's greatest ambassadors saying they'd never forget the way he blow kisses to fans back at candlestick park when he walks across the field, he will be missed that's it for sports more news coming up after the break.
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>>it is certainly no secret that the u.s. is moving a lot more slowly than expected and
9:44 pm
getting the covid vaccine to people governors across the country. they've been taking various steps to try to speed things up but as well a hail reports, the confusion comes at different states take different approaches to accomplishing that goal. >>while covid vaccinations are well underway across america, the rate has not been fast enough to make a significant difference based on cdc numbers first shots have only gone into the arms of less than 2% of the u.s. population. many governors remain frustrated by very limited vaccine deliveries. >>this is a problem that's happening in states all across the country, none of us are happy with the way that this is being executed vaccination coordination was left up to the states. so there's frustration even after delivery. some of tap. the national guard, including oregon. >>on the vaccine front we're making steady progress toward achieving our goal of 12,000 vaccines administered per day.
9:45 pm
this is an all hands on deck effort to speed up vaccinations in georgia governor brian kemp has signed an executive order allowing the empties and cardiac technicians to also administer shots. >>this important action. a growing number of people who can vaccinate by more than 10,000 takes us one step further to our ultimate goal of growing the number of people who can be vaccinated in texas today governor greg abbott was among those to get her first shot and he hopes to sway people who are reluctant to do the same i want to show my fellow texans. >>and that it's safe and easy to get the vaccine in also remembering that i will never ask any texan to do something that i'm not willing to do myself however distribution is still a major hurdle. >>i had hoped to see an increase in the number of vaccines delivered to us from the federal government illinois governor jb pritzker and other midwestern governor
9:46 pm
sent a joint letter to federal health officials to demand the immediate release of the reserve stockpile president elect joe biden has announced plans to do that. if the states are forwarded all of the vaccine. >>we can then increase the number of people getting her first vaccine but the tradeoff in his we don't have that guaranteed supply when they come due for their second vaccine. >>though today connecticut announced a major milestone in round one the fact that by the end of today we're going to have first doses for all of our nursing homes. >>is an important big deal medicaid is the first state in the country where every nursing home has gotten their vaccine for that first shot. >>that was always the hail reporting tonight. >>time for a look our forecast and to yeah lawrence is standing by with both florence. yeah you guys high country of course a little snow last night to the good news is the roadways are open and clear. >>looking toward i 80 right now castle peak, we're right near the donner summit and
9:47 pm
you're traffic pretty nicely tonight now getting across the central valley that may be more of an issue if you're traveling in that direction but once you're up there looking good as the roadways are are wide open and temperatures will be pretty nice to have some fresh powder on the ground just a few inches there not much temperatures for highs 40's by day can now in the 30's by night so had dress warmly if you're headed that way certainly outside tonight looking up toward the coastline. we've had some big time waves moving out toward the beaches, those waves running very large tonight into early tomorrow are beginning to turn more offshore tonight you seeing those becoming more of east and pushing some of that fog probably right back into the delta tonight. that means we're likely see some that truly throughout the late night early morning hours temperatures getting chilly in spots already 42 degrees now in santa rosa 45 in concord 51 in san jose and 51 also into san francisco by day tomorrow after the fog breaks up should be a pretty nice day 50's in the san francisco 60's in oakland and san jose. and
9:48 pm
really looks like a very nice start your weekend high pressure in control and that will keep your skies, mostly clear as we head toward tomorrow morning. the one exception will be some of that ground fog sneaking back into the delta and then you can see to the central valley all the way down fresno bakersfield going to be very thick their early tomorrow morning. now things makes out by tomorrow afternoon and then we start looking at a cold front. this is all part of a system that's off the coast where it's going to be moving up northwest bringing them a lot of rain but you see that's kind of fall apart of the runs that bridge by the time it gets here so we'll keep you dry for the weekend temperatures not bad 50's in the san francisco about 56 in daly city 57 in half moon bay. inside the bay, a nice day temperatures a little bit cool the upper 50's brisbane also san carlos 58 degrees in woodside south. they've got a mixed bag, some 60's and some mild temperatures east bay after we get through some of that fog i think we popped about 62 in livermore 60 in dublin should be about 61 in danville about 60 degrees in orinda at 58 hercules we'll watch out for the central valley, some that fog is going to be very thick
9:49 pm
early on tomorrow morning right through the delta back along the coastline 55 degrees point reyes and 62 in santa rosa next couple days we're going to see nice sunshine. coming our way and few more clouds on the way on sunday but staying dry and then as we get toward a lot of part of the week. there you go some those temperatures popping up all the way into the 70's almost a spring-like feel. i think the round out next week, those numbers might be conservative we might talking warmer temperatures that may be in some record breaking heat by next week, how interest hi thank you thank you. lawrence. well a project that has been 3 years in the making san jose is one step closer to becoming the second bay area city. >>to rename a street after former president barack obama the san jose city council approved the idea this week to rename a downtown corridor after obama a coalition of community advocates propose renaming they would do would be parts of a bird avenue south montgomery street and autumn street that would be
9:50 pm
calling it barack obama boulevard the man who spearheaded the whole plan says he was inspired after volunteering for both of obama's presidential campaigns. and san jose would be joining mel peterson aiming us naming a street after obama the street renaming does still need to be approved by the county. >>coming up how to bay area, hip-hop legends are helping keep spirits up with their new album a special report after the break.
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>>the house yet another new study telling us just turn off the tv is on the phones on the other devices get out of the house it says will all be happier for spend less time in front of screens from playing scrabble on your phone watching endless movies and tv shows. british researchers say people who got outdoors more often felt a lot better this was even during lockdowns echoes a lot of other studies saying that we need to be outdoors screen settings and do that a lot more often. >>california's dmv will continue as temporary suspension of behind the wheel testing for drivers through the end of january the move is because of the recent surge of covid-19 cases, this is the
9:54 pm
second time the agency has extended the suspension since the beginning of the pandemic if you have a de of the appointment you will be notified that your test is canceled the dmv will automatically reschedule it for a later date. >>2 bay area, hip-hop legends. they're trying to bring some positivity to the pandemic by putting the region on the map with the release of a joint album. yeah, we certainly can use that to short and easy 40 teamed up yet again and their newly released video showcases some of the best sights, the bay has to offer they share their inspiration with kron four's ella sogomonian. >>in an industry with fierce competition bay area, hip-hop icons to shorten the 40 have instead yet again joined forces in a newly-released bundle album. it dropped hot on the heels of a music battle on social media. the game 3 million views during the holidays when a lot of people were cooped up due to pandemic restrictions, you're looking at the new oak landis music
9:55 pm
video that features some incredible sights from across the bay. like the fox theater in oakland and aerial views of alcatraz the iconic golden gate bay bridge to the carquinez bridge and the cricket street as well as some grape vines both musical artists shared what inspires them and instills pride the most. >>people don't know we have many on the loose. in many also lors many you know places dead a lot of people don't know where were in different places that people don't know we're at you know, so we'll talk about it they may may not even knows what the bay is true soil where we said a lot of trans and we just you know you may have seen on forces make sure we kind of got a little you know we could kind let the world know. it starts just game originated at the bet you feel that you don't take other people's stuff and make it better we actually created. >>so you know when it comes it
9:56 pm
dance and rap and museum in only just just like fashion and even technology to bay area create so we take pride in being an being those innovators ago leaves out of silicon valley is in is saying that it's in the sports teams, us every way into short video serves as a visual reminder of just how truly beautiful the bay is. >>and how lucky we are to be here at a time when travel. it's not always an option. you can watch the entire interview and listen to the song on our website kron 4 dot com. in san francisco. ella sogomonian kron 4 news love that and that car was 14 and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 9 but pam and i will be back at the top of the hour the slow rollout of the covid vaccine. this has some people wondering if there's just got to be a better way to distribute doses. >>one local doctor suggesting lottery system plus a troubling sight in the north bay a refrigerated truck meant
9:57 pm
to store covid victims. why health officials say it is parked in sonoma county those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10. it's time for the lowest prices of the season
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on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. ...and done. don't miss our weekend special. the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday. >>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4
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news. >>and now 10 momentum building in washington for the fast track impeachment of president trump. for incitement to instruction some people arguing this could happen and as early as next week plus as the pandemic grows deadlier in california one bay area county is taking drastic steps to get ready for the continued onslaught of covid-19. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10, i'm pam moore and i'm catherine heenan for can win tonight. we're following those 2 big stories but begin with our coronavirus coverage on what's been one of the deadliest days of the pandemic so far. >>today california reported another 50,000 new cases, 493 new deaths more than 2400 people have died from covid in california since january 1st the total death toll now at more than


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