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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>that never truly shutting us down and hurting my employees. >>now at 10 o'clock defying health orders. tonight one bay area business owner says that outdoor dining does not contribute to the spread of covid-19 and this business has been suffering during the shutdown it comes as california sees yet another day of record number of cases and deaths. good evening, everyone, thanks for spending time with us i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. >>let's get right to the news right now because the bay area is that 3% capacity at its icy use that's the lowest it's ever been northern california as a whole is now at 27.5% capacity, the sacramento region is at 6.4% the san joaquin valley and southern california still have no available icu beds. and right
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now the bay area's at 3%. that's the lowest it's ever been which we just mentioned, but there's a lot more to get to hear tonight, including dan thorn has are with the order and with that order being extended for stay at home orders hair nail salons closed. >>but restaurants they also have to resort back to delivery as well as take out. kron four's dan thorn live tonight in pleasanton where he caught up with one business owner. now defying that order by offering outdoor dining down. >>that's right jonathan and just seen the owner of sidetracked bar and grill says that he's offering outdoor dining because he was hoping that the stay at home order was lifted apparently that is not the case. under current covid-19 guidelines outdoor dining is not been deemed as an essential activity and he's hoping that the state will reconsider not only for the sake of his customers but also his employees.
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>>outdoor diners diggin at sidetracked bar and grill in pleasant in the business allowed to be open for take-out only is defying stay at home orders this arbitrary shutdown of patio dining it makes no sense at all it's doing is hurting good people restaurant owner todd you tickle says the bay area's indefinite extension is unfair to businesses who need to help their employees ignoring the stay at home order diners like joshua mont as showed sidetracked support by filling up the outdoor patios chairs and tables like they're being singled out and i don't the room was on texas that closings in the restaurant actually making difference despite surging covid-19 cases in the bay area outdoor diners do not believe they're taking a risk by eating rules follow are by nature. so this wouldn't be just to come out to make a statement but i i think we kind of we kind of have to think through these things a little bit we've created a good healthy
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environment for people. >>it and there seemed love me to counties stay at home order will remain in place until it's lifted by the state. >>but that will only happen if icu capacity across the region exceeds 15% i sympathize with the covid cases i sympathize with icu bed reduction, however we're not the cause of that and so don't blame us for. nichols says so far he has not been sighted or fined by the county for allowing outdoor dining. >>he says if he is eventually find and those fines become too expensive then he will think about reconsidering moving back to just take out only reporting live in pleasanton dan thorn. kron 4 tough place for a number of businesses dan thank you today, california reporting nearly 700 new deaths. >>breaking a new single day record according to state officials. the last single day record for deaths was 585 we
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saw that on note on new year's eve. the state also recording more than 52,000 new cases in a 24 hour period. that's the second highest daily number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic. >>our coverage of the bay area stay at home order and coronavirus cases continues now on our website kron 4 dot com. there you'll find a list of all the businesses that are required to remain closed. 3 more people are now facing federal charges for their involvement in the capital riots from this week the justice department announced a long list of charges against 3 men which include violent entry and remaining in a restricted building tom negovan digging more into the charges against the suspected rioters. >>going quietly with police picked up at his home in wayne county west, virginia republican state lawmaker derrick evans defended by his grandmother, for >>and thank you mister for in back then number right.
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>>evans recorded a facebook live during the violent incursion into the capitol wednesday. he can be heard cheering. here's his resignation letter sent to the state's house of delegates today. among the latest arrests in the insurrection that left 5 dead, this man jacob anthony chance lee, a longtime cuban on supporter from arizona, charging documents say he called authorities admitting he was the man photographed or the senate day as wednesday. the 33 year-old arrested on a string of federal charges today after allegedly telling authorities he come to washington at the request of president trump. the man smiling as he carried away the lectern of house speaker nancy pelosi has been identified as 36 year-old adam johnson of parrish florida booking records show he was picked up on a federal warrant on counts that include violent entry and disorderly conduct on capitol
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grounds his arrest based in part on a tip to the fbi's national threat operations center which is seeking information on many others including a suspected pipe bomber. with new video continues to surface revealing how completely overwhelmed. capitol police were many of these rioters so open on social media about their plans so violent in carrying them out, leaving lawmakers questioning how so much was miss with. >>pipe bombs wanted to dnc want the rnc to try to distract twitter in permanently banning the president from its platform says trump's followers planning more attacks on government buildings on january 17th. >>determining his tweets were highly likely to encourage and inspire people to replicate the criminal acts that took place at the u.s. capitol.
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>>i'm very happy that after more than a decade of using what i call the t word and calling them terrorists and people are finally come to grips with the fact that that's what they are. >>that was tom negovan reporting tonight twitter says it has also suspended trump's campaign account at 20 at team trump. twitter says the ban is to prevent quote further incitement of violence. >>we're now seeing new video from the moments leading up to that deadly right at the capitol on wednesday. it involves capitol police and a woman from inside the building. an officer shot ashli babbitt who was trying to get past a barricade, a door and before we play the video of her being shot. i do want to warn you the video is disturbing. see her there fall down to the ground ashli babbitt is from san diego, one of 5 people who died in the riot, brian sic nick, a capitol police officer also
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died. dc police are investigating the cause of sick nick's death 3 other people died from medical emergencies. >>happening tomorrow flags will be flown at half-staff over california state capitol in honor of that fallen us capitol officer brian sic nick, sick nick was among dozens of officers injured in wednesday's right at the u.s. capitol. investigators say he was hit over the head with a fire extinguisher by one of those riders. he died from his injuries last night. >>the oakland police department is now investigating whether any current employees may have supported wednesday's riots on their social media pages in a statement, the department said there are allegations that employees may have contributed to objectionable or offensive content online adding that hate speech or similar conduct will not be tolerated. the department says employees are quote prohibited from affiliating with some deserves subversive groups and are also prohibited from doing anything better roads the public's trust in the department any
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employee found in violation of these rules is subject to discipline, including termination. >>tonight democrats are gaining more momentum in their efforts to impeach president trump. today, pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey said that trump's role in encouraging the deadly right at the capitol is an impeachable offense to me did stop short of saying that he would vote to remove president trump from office democratic representative david sicily in of rhode island. now among the group who have drafted articles of impeachment against the president. so sling says the articles now have 185 co-sponsors and could be introduced on the house floor as early as monday. several members of california's congressional delegation also pushing to impeach the president. this is a running list of those in favor of that move from the bay area. you can find the complete list on our web site right now kron 4 dot com. >>let's talk about our 4 zone forecast and see that the weather has in store for us
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we're going sunday we're getting ready for a little bit of taste of spring in the middle of winter not not always too bad kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez tracking the when we could hit 70 degrees yeah that won't happen until next week but from now until then. >>tracking some drizzle out there and unfortunately this storm is going to remain well to our north but those of you in santa rosa could actually get some measurable amounts of rain out of it, let's take a live look outside very dry and clear for most but for those of you in the north bay starting to notice that increase in that high cloud cover the storm well to the north off the northern california coast line out there right now just off the coast of eureka and we are tracking futurecast for calm going to see that increase in high cloud cover during the overnight hours and could see some spotty scattered drizzle mainly for those of you in the north bay but even along the bay area coastline could get traces amount of light rain at best, but then we are going to notice better clearing drier
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conditions by early sunday evening and that drying trend is going to continue unfortunately 7 days from now, but we could see some measurable amount of rain less than a 10th of an inch of rain or less for those of you in santa rosa. really hardly anything anywhere else in the bay area after this weekend we're going to begin a gradual warming trend with temperatures by later next week peaking on friday of next week could reach the low 70's. so we could have record breaking heat in the forecast tracking it all in your full 10 by 10 outlook coming up, and just a few minutes back to you jonathan and justine thank you still plenty more to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. >>including a good samaritan killed was trying to help some folks injured in a crash. >>the details of what we're now learning about the search for his killer. >>and 43 stanford students have now tested positive for covid what the university is doing to keep the virus from spreading to more students.
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>>we go to north bay now because sonoma county is seeing a surge in covid cases in the last 24 hours there have now been 311 active cases n and 4 people have died the extension of the lockdown comes as no surprise to the folks who live there. kron four's gayle ong spent the day in santa rosa. >>downtown santa rosa virtually a ghost town saturday at the bay area and
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jersey extension of the state's regional stay at home order businesses remain open hoping for foot traffic jackie pena was one of the few who stepped down if i come out, it's only to buy necessities or just sidewalk around us being at home or. it's a really important for us to just be safe and mike stay quarantined wearing our masks in the last 24 hours. sonoma county has 311 active cases and 4 deaths the numbers hitting close to home for pena her relatives are still recovering from the coronavirus a lot of them have gotten covid. >>and being at the map and we tend to work a lot so. the jobs that my family members have there put a higher risk. >>health officials say cases jumped after holiday gatherings from thanksgiving and are expecting a surge from christmas and new years as of saturday icu capacity is at 14% with 10 beds available to help with potential overflows in morgues this trailer put in
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place at the county coroner's office can hold more than 50 bodies. a grim reality of how dire the situation has become. >>sonoma county continues to ramp up testing particularly in the most hard-hit neighborhoods. this is the roseland community library, one of 2 sites in santa rosa that will offer free testing to the community regardless of immigration status is set to open later this month. in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news. >>a day after officials at stanford university said that 43 students tested positive for covid the university says it's now canceling plans to invite freshman and sophomores back to campus. this would be the move would be for the upcoming winter quarter. so far the covid positive students are currently in isolation. a university spokesperson says that most of these cases are students returned back to campus after the holiday break adding that they are not a result of spread within the student community. the university is currently testing students twice a week and the university still plans to
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invite juniors and seniors back on campus in spring. >>san francisco's board of supervisors, welcome to news supervisors and unanimously elected supervisor shamann walton as the board's new president walton represents the 10th district which covers neighborhoods like the bayview hunters point. bolton says one of his top priorities as president will be tackling the effects this pandemic has had on the city. >>they're just going to continue to focus on addressing negative impacts of this pandemic make sure that folks are getting tested make sure that we do everything we can roll out the vaccine. that is something that has been a major focus front of us and continue to attack and injures food insecurities make sure that folks are getting the basic needs that they deserve just as well get that exist in our communities and the main thing those have a unified voice unified focus from us on the board of supervisors and work closely with of course the mayor's office to do everything we can to address the impacts of the pandemic in our communities.
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>>supervisor walton also plans to find new ways to support small businesses that have been hit hard by the covid pandemic the supervisors are set to have their first full board meeting of the year on tuesday, a sad story tonight of a good samaritan killed while simply trying to help during an early morning crash in san leandro. >>that injured 6 people. it happened just before 1 o'clock this morning chp says the initial crash happened when someone drove into the back of a car on i 8.80 you see the impact right there which caused the car to flip on its side. a good samaritan who saw what went down stopped got out tried to help but was then hit by another car himself and then later died. 2, 9 officers are still looking for the driver who hit that good samaritan as for the driver of that white car involved in the initial crash. officers did arrest them for driving under the influence. >>2020 has another dubious honor scientists in europe are saying it was the 6th hottest
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year on record. and it also ties with 2016. the eu climate change service as global temperatures were one 0, 8 degrees warmer. then the 29 year average between 1981 in 2010. scientists say that this has pushed the planet closer to a temperature threshold that they say would lead to worse natural disasters. 2020 so really bad wildfires in australia in florida and also in the western united states. the year also brought more destructive. hurricanes in some warm weather is on the way for us this coming week. >>yeah get ready for kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here when we can expect a taste of spring in the middle of january yeah hard to believe jonathan and just stay in that we're tracking 70's in our extended forecast. >>that won't arrive until a few days from now, but we did notice some temperatures today, 48 degrees above average we should be in the mid to upper 50's. >>instead warming up into the low to mid 60's with the
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biggest warm-up for those of you in livermore and conquered 8 degrees above average warming up to 63 degrees for your average daytime high today and let's take a look at satellite and radar we are noticing, fairly calm quiet conditions, but we are starting to see that increase in high cloud cover for those of you in the north bay as this storm tries to inch closer to the bay area fortunately, the longing a storm track has it well to the north so we're expected to get really just traces amount of rain at best we will notice though high surf in fact a high surf warning will go into effect starting sunday morning through sunday night could bring us breaking waves as high as 28 feet, dangerous rip currents as well so make sure to steer clear of the coastline because these are very dangerous waves heading our way but i know it is tempting for a lot of the bay area surfers out there and we are tracking very clear calm conditions out there right now in downtown san francisco ca cooler air mass for most of
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the bay area specifically in the east bay valleys and the south bay but nevada starting to notice some warming up their things that blanket of high cloud cover 7 degrees warmer than where you were just 24 hours ago. still in the low to mid 40's for most of our inland valleys warming up just a bit to 53 degrees in downtown san francisco in half bay in the low 50's so pretty mild temperatures there overnight lows tonight very similar to last night maybe a degree or 2 cooler still tracking widespread 30's for most of our inland valleys near freezing temperatures for those of you and santa rose at 33 degrees. but more than 10 degrees warmer for downtown san francisco ca 44 degrees with afternoon highs, slightly cooler than today upper 50's to low 60 so most of us still going to run at or slightly above average upper 50's for the bay area coastline even for hayward as well, everyone else in the low 60's with santa rose at 60 degrees livermore concord out of the mid 60's and back into the low
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60's and taking a look ahead at your extended 10 day outlook. there's a warm up i'm tracking starting thursday through friday this upcoming week. the 2 hottest days where we can actually break records in the bay area 10 to 15 degrees above average. no rain in sight for the next 10 days to heart only long stretch very long stretch. so looks like 2021 going to be a year of record warmth possibly, especially with lining in full force right now. >>all right, thank you members >>coming up rescuers have found body parts and clothing after a plane crash near indonesia. what we know about why the plane went down. and the search for more passengers tonight. it's time for the lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides... your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but, can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so, you can really promise better sleep?
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>>indonesian rescuers have located parts of the wreckage pulled out body parts and pieces of clothing from the java sea after a boeing 7.37 was 62 people on board crashed shortly after takeoff. authorities say they have launched a massive search effort after identifying the possible location of the crash site. television there in indonesia showed people waiting at the airport on the island of borneo that's where the plane was headed. reports say that the sear why dry air flight dropped 10,000 feet and then plunged into the java sea. >>for the first time since april of last year the united states cut more jobs, then it
10:26 pm
added. according to the labor department 140,000 jobs were cut in the month of december. the economists believe the number is a reflection of the employers reaching a limit on the amount of people that they've been able to rehire despite growth in the 2nd half of 2020 there are still nearly 10 million fewer jobs now that before the start of the pandemic america's jobless rate the saturday night just under 7%. >>our coverage of the dc riots in the efforts to remove president trump from office will continue at 10:30pm tonight. we have new dramatic video showing the moment. thousands of writers rushed in on just a few dozen officers will guard troops from new york state have now been called to down to washington d c. >>we'll show you how they're getting ready ahead of joe biden's inauguration and more members of congress are calling on the president to leave office why a bay ar
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>>the video is just so tough to watch them at how many times shown. it shows the moments, thousands of riders from wednesday afternoon rush. dozens of capitol police officers who are just simply trying to hold the line during those riots at the u.s. capitol armed with metal pipes, pepper spray and other weapons. the mob pushing past the thin line of officers.
10:30 pm
federal prosecutors tonight looking at everyone involved in the unrest, including president trump as charges are filed against those riders. so far the incident being blamed for as many as 5 deaths. >>in preparation for president elect joe biden's inauguration on january 20th, the new york national guard head to our nation's capital today. spencer tracy was there as they were loading up getting ready to head south to washington d c. >>behind they're ready to head out to washington d c. >>the buses are loaded impact to the ribs. it was no surprise to the new york national guard about them being deployed after wednesday's riots on capitol hill situations in america have been a little crazy and. >>or the national guard so this this is our job this is this is what we signed up for governor cuomo announced he was deployed a 1000 new york national guard members for up to 2 weeks. >>every 4 years national guard members attend the president's inauguration this year they're
10:31 pm
headed down early we're going down there for to basically just says local law enforcement and we've got the local government down in the sea surge and america known as says this is not her first time being deployed to protect our country under high stress situations where we're kind of like pivotal when it comes to like. >>things that happen around the nation. but i mean we kind of weekend are you know with 9.11 and like everything that's happened in our history. you know where where they're like we're there when they need us and we we just do our job members of the national guard say they are ready and responsive violence were to break out sergeant damian markets as his top priority is the soldiers want to make sure take care of them and make sure they get down there safely. >>do their job do we need to do and get him back home safely their families as a new york national guard rides off into the distance there excited to be part of this unforgettable time you know somebodys got guys and girls are 1819 years old.
10:32 pm
>>you know when get 5060 years old they always do tell their grandchildren hey you know guess what i so again you know we get a chance to be part of history. >>spencer tracy reporting tonight that task force now joins a force of some 6200 national guard members from a number of states though they will now be tasked with helping the dc national guard and department of defense for the inauguration of president elect joe biden on january 20th. >>barrett congresswoman's aloft run was inside the u.s. capitol wednesday during the siege in an interview today, right here on kron 4 she expressed her deep support of invoking the 25th amendment. >>i strongly believe that the vice to take action because. of this concern we have of president's capacity and potential willingness to do additional harm to the country. i talked to a republican a member who knows
10:33 pm
that i don't know the president but who and shared with me that the president is really not he's not in the same reality that we are. and that's kind of scary. we need to have someone who's not lost his grip. with sitting in the most powerful position in the world. so it's the whole focus is on the security of the country. accountability will come later through prosecutions and investigations but for the next. until the 20th. this is about keeping the country safe from someone who's already proven that he is i threat. >>bachmann says though she does not agree with vice president pence on many fronts she would feel more confident in the safety of our country if pence for to take the reins now. >>google and apple say they are cracking down on parler a
10:34 pm
social networking app favored by conservatives and extremists. apple suspended the right wing app from the app store today after it reportedly failed to follow safety guidelines. just yesterday google announced it was suspending parlor from the google play store. tonight, amazon also announced that it will no longer host parlor. if parlor is unable to find another hosted could come off of the internet parler is an american micro blogging and social networking service. >>our coverage of the dc riots and the efforts to remove the president from office continue on our website kron 4 dot com. >>meanwhile violence breaking out between trump supporters and counter protesters during a rally this afternoon in san diego. the violence comes as members of congress their demand president trump's removal from office reporter kelsey christiansen was there and has the latest. >>a violent protests erupted in the heart of pacific beach saturday afternoon. after
10:35 pm
counter protesters showed up at a trump rally both sides yelling and screaming at each other pepper spray eggs and glass bottles were thrown at officers, san diego police teen the protest in unlawful assembly. it comes days after a deadly riot inside the u.s. capitol where trump supporters forced out congressional members trying to hold congress from affirming joe biden as the next president, citing baseless claims of election fraud on friday, some democratic representatives began drawing up articles of impeachment, but as the days goes on he becomes crazier and crazier we have to stop this what he did inciting violence against a sitting at congress to overturn a democratically elected a is simply unacceptable and can never happen again representative juan vargas and freshman sarah jacobs are 2 of many house democrats calling for a swift impeachment of president trump. >>expected to begin monday. some lawmakers worry trump could lash out during his final days in office because he's been banned from twitter.
10:36 pm
>>he's become completely irresponsible now. >>very angry at the same he has his hands. >>and all of the nuclear codes he could launch a nuclear attack tomorrow on twitter the chairman of the republican party of san diego county tony curve. eric roe if the democrats truly want to extend an olive branch to 74 million americans in 11th hour impeachment is probably not the way to go it's also clear that joe biden is not driving this bus. god help america. >>kelsey christianson reporting for us tonight. house speaker nancy pelosi on friday told house democrats in a letter but she did speak with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general mark milley to discuss president donald trump and the nuclear codes. she says that after speaking with millie she learned and she told the caucus that she has received assurances that there are safeguards in place in the event that the president wants to launch a nuclear weapon. >>let's talk about our 4 zone forecast, lots of changes on the way kron 4 meteorologist
10:37 pm
mabrisa rodriguez. >>here now with a look at what we can expect. >>yeah let's take a quick check at your micro climates outlook for the 2nd half of your bay area weekend live look outside as we take a look at the radar noticing that increase in cloud cover as a storm to the north tries to make its way into the bay area so we are going to notice though very light drizzle though for your sunday morning and sunday afternoon increasing high clouds the going to cool down temperatures in addition to that once again tracking dense low clouds and fog specifically for your sunday morning. make sure to drive safely and don't forget to turn on the low beams specifically those of us law no county and even around the bay area coastline specifically downtown san francisco could see visibility at or near 0 at times with better lifting and clearing by mid morning and temperatures tomorrow, cooling down thanks to that blanket of cloud cover in fact we're going to notice a lot less sunshine and with that temperatures either at or
10:38 pm
slightly above average downtown san francisco warming up into the upper 50's at 59 degrees mid 50's for those of you in pacifica and daly city winds going to remain on the calm to breezy side around 15 miles per hour or less with millbrae and burlingame warming up to 59 degrees and call us a little bit cooler at 58 degrees. mountain view in the low 60's with widespread low 60's for those of you in the south bay, san jose 62 degrees as cupertino milpitas 59 degrees and tracking temperatures in the low 60's for livermore as opposed to today's mid 60's so going to see a few degrees of cooling there at 61 degrees hayward and union city in the upper 50's with the renda am raga 57 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs walnut creek at 61 degrees as is the laiho sonoma little bit cooler at 57 degrees in santa rosa in the low 60's. but novato 59 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs, no rain in
10:39 pm
sight, typical lining a pattern lack of rain and above average temperatures and we're going to feel the heat, especially by later into next week thursday and friday that's when we're going to see temperatures possibly break records believe it or not by mid january standards, upper 60's and low 70's and very little change even 10 days from now back to you jonathan just seen. >>a recent bank tonight, there's a treadmill that will let you live stream your workout for even more motivation. rich demuro shows us how it works in tonight's tech, smart. >>the new year, usually means gyms are newly packed but this year is a bit different and that means apps an at-home workouts will continue to be popular. here are some of the ways tech can get you back on track. it's a new year and that means a fresh start for fitness. >>anytime you're looking to reset this isn't the top the conversation, charlie hale is
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co-founder of shred an app focused on the social aspects of working out when you look at social workouts as a form of it's incredible and i think what we're trying to do is just facilitate more and more of that link up with friends and family and get a notification when they're working out you can then actually view the workout and choose to do that same workout as well monitor each other's progress compare stats and more shred is $13 a month. we don't have much space checkout renly their slim compact treadmill folds up when you're not using it this country anywhere we can let out and taken to any place you want house and going start walking treadly goes up to 5 miles an hour virtually walk with a group of friends or family or use a new feature that lets you live stream your workout if you think about it the times if you walk along this. >>his family to walk into one of your friends and you're talking about 23 finally neo you is like netflix but for workout classes browse by
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concept programs and specialized instructors all >>maybe that's really special the videos work on nearly every platform, including phones in streaming devices like roku and fire tv. you is $10 a month. kelly well, this is not just about looking good it's more about feeling good exact that >>when you're eating good and you're exercising and you're healthy. everything that you're going to do and i think that's really cool. >>who needs a sweaty selfie when you've live stream your entire workout am i right you might links to everything i mentioned on my website just go to rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demero and you are tech smart. >>still ahead tonight state health officials across the state are bringing in even more mobile morgue trucks to keep up with the latest death toll from covid-19. >>but for some california lawmakers say they want to do more about getting the state back to work during the latest
10:42 pm
covid surge what their plans are still to come.
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10:45 pm
surge. megan tell us has the very latest. >>you're looking at the la county coroner's office as they moved bodies into refrigerated storage units now necessary to deal with the surge in covid-19 deaths. the coroner says they plan to expand into a second location to be prepared for future demand we have about 60 about 62 63,000 deaths. >>a year in a lake county in a typical year pre covid which translates to about a 174 today red appoint now at least the last several days for we're seeing clearly more deaths from covid along and then all of the causes behind at least 318 new deaths were reported in la county friday. >>bringing the total number to more than 11,500 deaths or hospitals are comparing. the mortuaries words are overwhelmed hospitals are caring for more patients than they typically do the state began issuing expedited
10:46 pm
waivers to allow more patients per nurse, health care workers protested outside henry mayo newhall hospital they say these waivers put workers and patients at risk as a strain on hospitals continues public health officials are indicating that the surge isn't over this very clearly. >>is the latest surge from them. well winter holidays and the new year is no question about 70. i think it's likely that this over the next week or 2, we know there is a delay between when someone is exposed and first become suspected see when they we'll develop symptoms as far as vaccine availability doctor paul simon with la county department of public health. >>says are trying to increase supply as fast as possible existing supplies. we're not sufficient. >>well if you want to try to vex the 70 to 80% of the population of the next 16 months and certainly going get ramped up. >>megan tell is reporting tonight and president elect joe biden's covid team is
10:47 pm
clarifying that if all doses of the covid vaccine are released quicker. it doesn't mean that the second round of doses will be delayed. team biden says it is confident that people who received the first vaccine dose. we'll also be able to get the second shot in 21 days without delay to get more folks vaccinated as soon as possible. biden says he doesn't want to hold back half of the doses available response to the president elect's proposal pfizer says it is ready to release millions of doses each day. as states ramp up the rollout of covid vaccines. questions still linger about just how safe they really are michaela singleton talked with one doctor who reveals the real risk of taking or even avoiding the back seats. >>there's more than one reason the covid-19 vaccine is so new it's also the only one in the world to ever use mrna the mrna vaccines are actually much safer because they don't contain the virus that can actually cause covid-19 but
10:48 pm
the fast track development and such a new method has many still skeptical about whether or not to take the florida doctor's death 2 weeks after he got his first pfizer shot is still under investigation. doctors say he was diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura an immune system reaction because is unclear potential links to itp could be somebody has history cancer, particularly a as if someone is taking certain drugs doctor sampson serves as the director of the endemic foundation. he says itp already affects between 2, 6, out of every 100,000 americans and is not noted side effect of the pfizer or moderna vaccines on the market. he says you're far more likely to experience the confirmed mild side effects like injection site soreness and fatigue given the number of people that we vaccinated today we could expect to find a couple cases of itp we should we should expect even if the vaccine does not trigger. >>looks like the calm doctor
10:49 pm
sun says those with preexisting health conditions shouldn't be scared of the covid vaccine any more than you would be of any other medical treatment millions of americans extends to lower cholesterol. >>there are risks side effects of stat news. whether that's my empathy or muscle damage every medical intervention whether it's a truck with just about seen it always has some very rare side effects that we have to counsel patients on, but it's not a reason to. >>not get the vaccine. he says at least for himself. the vaccines. he just received give him a huge sense of relief as asking clinic i. >>still wear a mask when grocery shopping or anything like but it does make them feel more confident. >>doctors say it does take up to 14 days for your body to adjust and that you need that second vaccine for full protection. with statewide lockdown extended more and
10:50 pm
more government and business leaders trying to find a way to let businesses stay open without increasing the spread of covid-19 even more adam robertson from our sacramento sister station ktxl went to the reopened cal now conference to find out their proposal to get the state. >>back to business. >>in the small town of rancho marietta is where lawmakers from the local level were against governor gavin newsom's order have convert something's gotta give sacramento county supervisor sue frost is one of 3 organizers for this conference call to reopen how now. they tied the score at a question facility table spread out participants wearing masks except for when they're eating processed this conference is to learn everything about covid-19 and the impact the lockdowns are having on communities we should be turning up and over every rock to figure out. >>how we can open this up process a regional stay-at-home order isn't
10:51 pm
working because the business community is being punished for the spread of the virus when private gatherings are the issue frost out she is having tough time getting information on where the virus is spread. i've asked for covid by business class. >>so that i can understand which businesses are spreading the covid the most and which are the least and is there a way we can open up. >>those businesses frost fellow post riverside county supervisor, jeff hewett says the three-day event which features panels what medical and law enforcement is a learning experience, he just hopes the state gave local leaders little bit more controls have a lot of faith in local leaders in this conservative leaning town near sacramento, not everyone is happy with the in person gatherings just doesn't seem safe right along has lived in rancho marietta, his entire life he believes holding this conference in person isn't smart. >>branch marriott is much older community and that makes us especially susceptible to being infected and being killed by this virus and
10:52 pm
having a large gathering in a community like this just. they're to me like i don't want that to happen to me and i don't want that happened to my parents. frost says they're following every safety guidelines in the book this is about information gathering. it's about. >>that's doing our job. >>and not just sitting back and told to go home. >>how to make sure that your student is maintaining a well rounded rout
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>as we start another semester of distance learning it's important for parents and students to come up with a routine to make sure that everyone gets enough time away from their screens. natalie clydesdale spoke to pediatrician for some advice on the best approach. >>certainly there are going to be some unintended consequences of virtual learning doctor tony gia says while online learning is the safest option during the pandemic it has raised some concerns that kids are going to be glued to a screen and missing out on all those really important social interactions and physical activities that is involved for entirety of the child's health, according to doctor quinta children burn thousands of calories during a typical in person school day walking to a bus stop every day walking between classes every day going to recess going to after-school hobbies and sports and then coming back home that is a significant amount of calories that probably are being replicated
10:56 pm
at home the american academy of pediatrics recommends that children over the age of to get no more than 2 hours of screen time a day which in the air a virtual learning is not necessarily feasible. we know that kids that watch more screen are getting way less sleep and that has so many bad effects on their health including increased anxiety increased stress and emotional outlet bility to improve sleep. the doctor suggests scheduling a healthy routine before bed that doesn't involve the screen as they start that routine. well science shows us that they started creating with kamala tone and that natural melatonin, the one that found integrated in our brain is what helps trigger us to get sleepy and tired and fall asleep. this might wake you up if you won the powerball though nobody did the jackpot has now jumped to 550 million dollars these. >>or the numbers though 1426 3845 46, 13, even so there is
10:57 pm
a big jackpot coming up with the mega millions. there was no winner last night the jackpot there now reaches 600 million dollars and job and has his power ball tickets let's zoom on into this look at that i'm still here of defeat >>that there's always 2, 0, wednesday right does that we've got this so hopefully i can use the temperatures to be my lucky numbers a lot there you go buy or sell some ish it's time for the lowest prices of the season
10:58 pm
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