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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 10, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. because it gets rid of >>he's out of office. but there is strong support in the congress. for impeaching the president a second time. this president is guilty. inciting insurrection insurrection asked to pay a price for that. >>on the clock tonight, the house says it plans to move forward with removing president donald trump from office tonight in a 60 minutes interview house speaker nancy pelosi says nothing is off the table. and now even more republicans are calling for the president to resign immediately. plenty of news to
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get to that's where we start this sunday night. thanks so much for joining us. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman you are watching kron 4 news at 8 and tomorrow, the house will vote on a resolution calling on vice president mike pence. >>to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the president from office. pelosi says pence will have 24 hours before moving forward with impeachment proceedings. she went on to say quote in protecting our constitution and our democracy. we will act with urgency because the president represents an. an imminent threat to both. if the house passes that gives pence 24 hours to invoke the 25th amendment if he does not. the speaker says she will bring the articles of impeachment to the house floor for a vote. >>several members from california's congressional delegation now pushing for the move to impeach president trump. this is a running list of those leaders in favor of that from the bay area you can find the complete list at kron 4 dot com. tonight 2 more
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republican senators have now come out in support of impeachment for the president. they are pennsylvania senator pat toomey and alaska senator lisa murkowski reporter time no one has the latest now on the impeachment push. >>pennsylvania senator pat toomey becoming the second republican to call on the president to resign joining alaska's lisa murkowski who told the anchorage daily news friday. i want him out he has caused enough damage. i think at this point with just a few days left. >>the best path forward the best way to. >>get this person in the rearview mirror every minute and every hour that he is an office represents a clear and present teen danger not just to. >>at the united states congress but frankly to the country >>and tonight as security is locked down ever tighter on capitol hill, the questions persist despite all the open source intelligence social media posts indicating exactly
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didn't like this match, someone else did. now some in the capital are questioning whether this is the end or the beginning as false allegations of election fraud continue to circulate within the republican party, this letter from the gop chairman in nye county nevada. more than suggesting further attempts at insurrection let me be clear it says trump will be president for another 4 years biden will not be president yes i know these are shocking words in these crazy days, the fbi continuing to make arrests and seek information on suspects affiliated with groups like the proud boys and kua not the 25th amendment never before used to remove a president against his will still on the table, although a less likely path that impeachment for an
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unprecedented second time with a vote to render donald trump on able to seek office again. >>we tell people all the time. but you vote is your voice. well our vote is our voice and we must voice disapproval what the president did. >>that was tom negovan reporting for us tonight so far as many as 195 members of congress have expressed support for the house resolution. california congressman ted lieu says lawmakers will introduce and tomorrow. it charges president trump with high crimes and misdemeanors for his actions before and after the riots if the house votes to impeach the president it's not clear if the senate will hold a trial right now the chamber is adjourned until the day before president elect biden's. >>inauguration on the 20th tonight we've learned that a second us capitol police officer has died after wednesday's attack on the capital that officer has been identified as 51 year-old howard livengood according to
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the agency he joined back in 2005 and was assigned to the senate division livengood was also the son of a former senate sergeant at arms livengood was also working wednesday at the time of those riots. according to the associated press, his death an apparent suicide. in a statement tonight, the chairman of the police union said quote we are reeling from the death of officer lee been good. every capitol police officer puts the security of others before their own safety. and officer lee been good was an example of the selfless service that is the hallmark of the uscp this is a tragic day. president trump ordered flags to be flown at half staff today in honor of both capitol police officers who died this week. >>officer brian sicknick defending the capitol building died wednesday during the riots. he later died from his injuries earlier reports said he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher the fbi washington dc police. they are both investigating his death we will take a look at this
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scene from washington dc this afternoon, a procession. >>held for officer sicknick officers, lining the streets of constitution avenue as his body taken to a funeral home. so far his family has not released details on funeral arrangements. >>lawmakers and staff have been warned by the capitol's attending physician they might have been exposed to covid-19 during wednesday's riot, a large group of lawmakers we're forced to huddle together in a secure location during the breach. some of them for several hours. well now they are being urged to monitor themselves for any covid symptoms and get a test just as a precaution. after someone apparently has now tested positive. the infected individual has not been identified some lawmakers have expressed outrage after a handful of house republicans were seen on video refusing to wear masks, offered by a colleague during the insurrection our coverage of the capitol riots and efforts to remove president donald trump from office. >>continues right now with kron 4 dot com there you can
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stay up to date with the latest developments in less than 30 minutes. we will talk live with one of our political analysts about the impeachment process that we could see play out this week. >>we'll turn now to the coronavirus is california reported nearly 50,000 new cases on saturday that brings the state's total cases to nearly 2.7 million. a total 468 people died due to the virus just yesterday and more than 21,000 remain in the hospital across the state of those hospitalized close to 5,000 or in the icu and the number of icu beds continuing to dwindle across the golden state the sunday night. >>here in the bay area it still remains at 3% the lowest it has been since the pandemic in northern california it is over 27%. the sacramento region just over 6%. meanwhile, the san joaquin valley and southern california region still continue to have no available icu beds. meanwhile, a new rapid testing site in san francisco's
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mission district now helping to make sure that some of the cities hardest hit communities are getting tested during the pandemic has called for his tale of a sack explains the new testing effort is the first of its kind in the city. >>line wrapping around the 24th street mission station bar plaza in san francisco on sunday where new rapid covid-19 testing effort begins in the mission district truly intending to target the hardest hit community. >>the essential workers folks without insurance that people that know they come into contact with someone and the that test you know to make sure they're ok according to city data not he next and hispanic residents make up 15% of san francisco's population. >>the make up nearly 44% of the 26,282 confirmed coronavirus cases in the city and here according to the city's cumulative cases map. >>the mission has an estimated case rate of 544 cases per 10,000 rs with more than 3200 confirmed cases to date giangiacomo of the latino
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task force says that's why they started this new effort here to help community being underserved in to provide more than just testing you're doing by next now rapid test which means that you can take that test in the morning and within 2 hours we're going to have results you just about. >>but we also that task force do not believe that testing itself by itself. >>in underserved communities is good enough. you need testing resources. so in addition to rapid testing you're providing rapid response me you're going to get food if you need it and cleaning supplies if needed or hotel connecting to the city if that's needed side takes feedback from participants. >>and also provides informational fact sheets on the vaccine read the testing site will operate sundays mondays tuesdays wednesdays and fridays. >>from 09:00am to 04:00pm and runs through january 29th however, couple hopes to extend its operation and believes the new testing effort will be key in bringing city case numbers down and we know that we have been our
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peak 15 times more likely to have covid. >>we know that we take care of this community we take care of all of us in san francisco taylor the psac ii kron 4 news. >>we'll turn now to our 4 zone forecast on the sunday night couple of drops falling for folks across the city today, some folks in the north bay got a few sprinkles on a win today, yeah marisa rodriguez is here to get us ready for the work week. yeah, just really traces amount for those of you in santa rosa and napa i wish i could bring some more wet weather to the bay area the lining is out there in full force bring us above average temperatures and even dry weather for most of this upcoming week tracking some high clouds overhead and that's warming up temperatures right now in the bay area anywhere from about 4 to 9 degrees near double digit warming for those of you at half moon bay. that's why you're in the low 50's and this time around last night you were in the 40's so enjoy that warm up there low 50's for downtown san francisco and
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san jose 56 degrees out there right now in oakland and to put it in perspective that should be your average daytime high for today, instead you're finally hitting that mark at this 8 o'clock hour with low 50's for napa and santa rosa and we're going to continue the warming trend for this upcoming workweek in addition to that tracking high surf and the return of king tides here bay area coastline more coming up in just a few minutes to cnn jonathan back to you thank you so much we have much more ahead here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight, a good samaritan has been killed while trying to help others. >>during a multi-car crash. the story you'll only see on kron 00:00am tonight as the family is telling us. how this victim will be remembered tonight, san jose police investigating the city's first 2 homicides of 2021. >>the new details we're learning about each one and 6 inmates have escaped somerset county jail. how investigators say they got out and the search for them tonight that's all coming up stay with us.
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>>tonight a family in the east bay is mourning the loss of a man who was killed while trying to help others 39 year-old guadalupe romero was tragically struck by a driver, while helping victims of another accident on i 80 early saturday morning. the chp says at least 6 others were injured in this multi-car crash. kron four's dan thorn talked arrows family tonight this is a story you'll only see on kron 4. dan
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is joining us now live with how this man is being remembered good evening. dan. >>well just seen rivera's family telling us tonight that that he is a hero for doing what he did trying to save these people's lives, but unfortunately lost his life in the process. they are having a difficult time obviously coming to grips with his death but they are going to remember him as someone that they loved very much and someone who simply loved others. a makeshift memorial filled with burning candles and flowers honors the life of guadalupe romero, the fremont man is credited with trying to save someone's life in a horrific crash just moments before losing his own really. >>you know it's crazy. >>he cared. the vote was taken away because he cared. so much. >>romero was daughter griselda says he pulled off on i 80 in san leandro around 01:00am saturday after seeing 2 cars
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collide one of them flipping over he sprang to action to help hold one of the victims out when a separate car on related to the original crash struck and killed him and when we got to that he was just laying there on floor. >>through the linemen month creamy romero is family gathered on sunday to remember his life. >>trying to comfort and be there for one another as they struggle with grief, they say romero was a big forty-niners fan who wore this had almost every day even on the day of his death but more importantly he was a family man who was always trying to improve their lives and the lives of those around him on his fans loved him. he was respected. they help others. the highway patrol says the original crash was the result of drunk driving updates on the other 6 victims involved in the collisions have not been given and it's still unclear what happened at the driver responsible for killing romero. his family is still looking for more answers as
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the investigation continues this kisco. >>though she couldn't. the n. >>arrows family is right now raising funds to send his body back to mexico. they say it was his final wish to return to his homeland and to be buried next to his father. reporting live in fremont dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you so much dan. >>san jose police are investigating their first 2 homicides of the new year, the first one happened saturday night near was way in austin rice avenue near the children's discovery museum. police say a passer by flagged down a chp officer to report a shooting in a nearby homeless encampment. that is where san jose police officers found a man in a tent with a gunshot wound he was transported to a nearby hospital. but later died. the second shooting happened this morning on
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mammoth drive near the regional medical center that is where officers found a man dead. both victims. their identities have not been released police say they have not identified any suspects yet either anyone with information is asked to call police until being story tonight the search is on to find the 6 inmates considered armed and dangerous. >>who managed to escape from them or said county jail. investigators say those inmates used a home made rope to escape some time late last night. early reports suggest that the group gained access to the jail's roof use that rope to scale down the side of the jail tonight we've learned that a man from the laiho man well lay on the man in the civil part of your screen from the laiho among one of the 6. now on the run after escaping from the jail. >>the highest tides of the year known as the king tides are returning to the bay area this week and that could cause some minor coastal flooding, san francisco saw tides as
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high as 7 feet last month. and right now here is kron four's gayle ong with how these astronomical tides affect us in the long run. >>i'm here on san francisco's embarcadero the closet spot to catch the king tides the high tides are not only a natural phenomenon may help scientists identify sea level rise vulnerabilities. >>it's not rain or wind causing water levels to rise it's gravity when the sun moon and earth align creating the highest tides of the year known as the king tides and they reveal future problems video from last month's surge in san francisco shows a glimpse of how normal tides will look like in the coming decades during a storm the astronomical high tide in cause flooding scientist look at the flood potential and plan for ways to beat it is only a couple of ways you can really see what will rise one is by building a wall. >>and try to keep the water out but the other ways to retreat. you move back from the edge of the water. there's not many other ways you can do it. >>ron hickman is an educator
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at the exploratorium museum of science he's concerned about the city's waterfront and the million dollar assets surrounding it one of the key things that we have to think about is what we can we use natural infrastructure things like wetlands and beaches to protect us against the rise and to what degree do we need brain structure like levees and seawalls david br is the climate program director at san francisco, public utilities commission part of his work includes tracking sea level rise in the most vulnerable communities on the east side of the city we're looking at mission created this list creek ariz we're looking at the sea wall the days from the end of the 1800's nats seawall along the embarcadero stretches from fisherman's wharf down to mission creek it is managed by the port of san francisco. we have. >>localized flooding and sometimes lane closures along the embarcadero well in the next 30 it is 50 years that could be a daily event for the city, brad benson is leading a citywide effort looking at coastal flood risk and sea
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level rise with the army corps of engineers. >>an effort he hopes will lead to a billion dollars or more in federal funding over time. last month house speaker nancy pelosi passed a bill that will benefit funding for the city and the bay area shoreline from flooding there going really trying to plan through the end of the century and beyond is a lot of our assets. >>that we're building today are that we own today are going to be around them and we want to know just as it's going to be. >>resilient climate change by the end of the century scientists project sea levels on the california coast could rise as much as 7 feet what we found through our recent work is the san francisco waterfront has a very important tipping point between 2, feet of sea level rise. >>where we're going to see much more significant and stanich if we don't build coastal flood protection to protect the city as planners look at long-term solutions, anyone can help monitor data by submitting photos to the california king tides projects website an organization that
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tracks sea level rise. king tides occur once or twice every year in coastal areas tides up exploratory museum are forecasted to peak at about 7 feet high king tides that we see today we're kind of like the normal tides of tomorrow. >>observers are urged use caution when visiting the tides and in the age of covid wear your mask. in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>so the next surges will be on monday and tuesday the tide in san francisco expected to peak around didn't 14 and monday morning. as bill mentioned make sure you keep a safe distance from the water, especially if you're along the coast. we'll post a link on where you can observe the king times on our website kron 4 dot com now kron four's meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with a look at what we can expect when it comes to the weather this coming week. >>yeah, that's right and we're going to have the rough seas continuing along our bay area coastline, thanks to the return of those keen tides on monday through tuesday. they will peak on tuesday as well shortly before your new lunchtime hour also at around
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7 feet. so we do have high surf warning in effect right now around 9 o'clock tonight, but that could be replaced tomorrow with a surf advisories so still tracking those high waves and those keen ties which is going to make for that coastal flood advisory along those low lying areas even more prominence, let's take a live look outside at half moon bay, we're noticing those rough seas out there right now this evening and temperatures on the mild side thinks that blanket of cloud cover upper 40's and low 50's check out oakland in hayward still in the mid-fifties 56 degrees of peace which should be your average daytime high for today, so another mild day even with the cool down for most of our valley areas and even along the east bay shoreline away from the coast overnight lows tonight also going to get a nice bump in temperatures in fact are going to warm 2 to 5 degrees winds from low to mid 40's, even santa rosa livermore only cooling down into the upper 30's and temperatures tomorrow 2 to 4 degrees warmer some
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going to be slightly above average upper 50's for downtown san francisco widespread low 60's but san jose warming up to 64 degrees with record breaking heat arriving thursday to friday. daytime highs those days could be around 5 to 15 degrees above average. i can't even tell what month it is anymore here in the bay area does not winter january okay the record fell under the okay, but. >>near logically it's going to be spring in a couple of looks like a girl, yeah. thanks guys for reason. >>still to come tonight here on kron 4 news today, 4 people are dead in a wild shooting spree across chicago when police say the suspect did hours before taking victims lives.
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>>tonight chicago police are looking for answers in a deadly crime spree that ended with 3 people dead and 4 others wounded. officers say the suspect 32 year-old jason nightingale apparently chose his victims at random. it started yesterday when police say he shot and killed a chicago university of chicago student. inside of a parking garage. he then killed in apartment security guard and shot a 77 year-old woman in the head who remains in critical condition tonight. detectives say he then carjacked a driver robbed a store then killed another man, then also shot another woman who is also in critical condition. investigators say he shot into a car. critically injuring a 15 year-old girl, then drove to a cvs where he
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fired shots inside of the store then took a woman hostage inside of an ihop restaurant and shot her there. he was then shot and killed by police in a shootout police say nightingale posted a number of expletive-filled videos in the days and hours leading up to those attacks. >>coming up house speaker nancy pelosi says that vice president mike pence does not invoke the powers of the 25th amendment, the house will proceed with impeachment. so how will this all work we will talk with our political analyst right after the break. >>the proud boys being compared to nazis, we'll let you know why former republican california governor arnold schwarzenegger is also saying that president trump it's time for the lowest prices of the season
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>>tonight the house is ramping up its plans to impeach president donald trump tonight, 2 republican senators say he should resign immediately both are mounting signs to prevent trump from ever again holding public office in the wake of the deadly riots at the capitol house speaker nancy pelosi says the house will proceed with legislation. >>to impeach president donald trump as she pushes the vice president and the cabinet to invoke the powers, the 25th amendment that after 24 hours the house will proceed with legislation on impeachment. the president would then become the only president to be impeached twice joining us now to talk about everything that's unfolding tonight in
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what is to come for this week. >>our political analyst michael yaki michael thanks so much for joining us. >>thank you. i think we we spoke last sunday and i don't think the words impeachment were part of our discussion page menorah 25th amendment so what we're going to come and what's more likely to happen. >>if anything well. let's let's let's sort of take a step back here what's going to happen tomorrow is speakers going to put forth on the house a resolution is non-binding but a resolution requesting that the vice president and the cabinet invoke the 25th amendment. the sort of beauty about that is that now all these republicans too are saying that maybe the president did not do a great thing. have an opportunity in non-binding way to put there money where their mouth is and urged the vice president to invoke the 25th. we don't know what's going to happen. i think what's important or interesting to know is that the vice president has not made a statement. on the 25th amendment and there was initially some senior aging him said well. we think it's
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off the table. but now the senior the maybe it's off the table and i think it's because everyone is worried but with the president could do in the coming days. so i think the 25th is still there. impeachment. that resolution already has nearly a majority of the entire house sponsoring it. it will pass probably tuesday or wednesday. but because mitch mcconnell's not going to call the senate back in early. nothing's and unfortunately it won't be taken up before joe biden is sworn in on the 20th. >>and president elect biden has said that in the end there are reports saying that at least in the first 100 days, he doesn't necessarily want this to be a priority he actually wants to try and get stuff done. do see obviously you said this would have to get taken up after president elect biden takes office at what point do you see that actually happening if the house does indeed move forward with the impeachment. >>well i have a feeling of this is one of those things that's going to happen when it
8:34 pm
does happen. here's the important question to understand is that the constitution says that upon presentation to the senate. the senate must take it up as essentially they're next the next order of business so you don't want to do that on january 20th or 21st because. president by then president biden needs of entire cabinet. ratified he wants to get legislation out the door with regard to probably another covid relief bill or and other pandemic measures with its vaccination things like that so. it would actually interrupt what he has to do. season pass 100 days. we'll see so republicans are saying that impeaching the president would. >>the more divisive and the show. no unity at all in our country so what's at stake if he is impeached or the 25th amendment is evoked what does the president lose other than maybe a blow to his ego. >>well i think first of all
8:35 pm
it's really rich that someone like republican leader kevin mccarthy is saying this would be divisive short country and he was calling joe biden to try tell him that because this is a guy who first of all voted against joe biden being president. and has been an echo chamber and amplify the president's lies for the past. 2 months since the election that this was a this was a stunt that the election was stolen from president trump when everyone knows it was not. so i you know that the country is divided already what needs to happen in our people like kevin mccarthy, steve scalise. ted cruz and josh colleagues say you know what we've looked at this really closely and this election was done fairly and accurately and we need to move on that's what they need to do just to end the divisiveness in this country and take away. the anger that's out there helped to foment. at the leadership of president trump for the past 2 months when
8:36 pm
which culminated in that horrible horrible day. on wednesday january 6. >>michael we know that the president still is in office obviously has all the powers of the commander in chief and everything that the office holds we haven't heard whole lot from the president last few days. we saw that tape a few days the day of the riots in the day the next day who's really running the country right now. >>well i i mean first of all we know no one has really been running the country for a while we still we're nearing 400,000 dead. because the pandemic they haven't figured out how to get the vaccine out to people who who need it. i mean. this is just a nightmare in the way this country has been run. and you saw and you're seeing reports that the sector, the army. when you, it's called by the capitol police as they were under assault said. well, you know really inclined us anywhere right now because it's would be a bad look. i mean this is this is a kind of think this
8:37 pm
is just this absence of leadership is one of the reasons quite frankly why. the president should resign or i should invoke the 25th amendment because a vacuum is just as bad as the firestorm that the president whipped up last week so in either in either case. the united states of america is is adrift for running into a big iceberg. whichever way the president seems to be stirring it which or not and i think it's important that we say to the world and to the american people that we are. in still in charge we are in command of our of our faculties for like a better word. and here we are you know debating this just a i don't new year. when all of us we're we're looking forward to instead the inaugural of 20. >>all right a lot of our perspective there from our political analysts tonight,
8:38 pm
michael yaki thanks so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. >>former california governor arnold schwarzenegger compared the mob that stormed the u.s. capitol to nazis and called president trump a failed leader who quote will go down in history as the worst president ever. >>but opted not just out of the wind is at the capitol. the shot of ideas we took for granted. they didn't just break down the doors of the building that housed american democracy. it trembled the very principles image our country was founded. >>schwarzenegger who is a republican compared the riot to the day when nazis in germany and austria vandalized jewish homes schools and businesses during an attack that became known as the night of broken glass, he called for national unity and vowed his support for president elect joe biden. >>our coverage on the very latest on the efforts to remove president trump continues right now on our website that's kron 4 dot com.
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there you can stay up to date with the very latest developments. still ahead tonight on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock a woman who had covid-19. >>we got the vaccine last week and says she started experiencing side effects while ucsf doctors say side
8:40 pm
8:41 pm
>>as more people receive the covid-19 vaccine we're getting a better idea of the side effects that are coming along
8:42 pm
with the shot soccer say that they're actually seeing more fatigue and severely sore arms and folks after their second dose kron four's noelle bellow found out that if you've already have covid. >>severe side effects can be felt after the first dose as well. >>know out to be convinced to give the vaccine. i was a little nervous southern california occupational therapists deserae monte dealt with the covid-19 virus over the summer assuming her antibodies were no longer president she decided to get the moderna vaccine on thursday, but the side effects she experienced that night were unexpected by the night time around like 00:00am in the morning all the way until noon the next day i was just having severe symptoms. >>a body aches chills. i had fever. my arm felt like it waited time i could barely move it was swollen at the site where. the vaccine was taken. >>and then my face also the left side of my face also start to if you so if you find
8:43 pm
covid and you got the first shot you may have more symptoms. >>if you didn't have covid you have the shot the second shot be like you know that particular press. >>doctor peter, chin-hong with ucsf says he's not surprised by most of her side effects and says it's a sign of your immune system being more trained against the virus. he wants people to know side effects like fatigue a sore arm and headaches are going to happen. but they won't last long into the side effects universally for is a lot you don't. >>you know more than 50% of people don't get anything i think we're foot we hear the stories of people who do have it. the second this year is getting covid is far far far worse and with the people even who've gotten side effects of the vaccine. big only without even doing anything without even taking tylenol or ibuprofen doctor chin-hong says it's important to remember natural immunity from a covid infection will not last and you should get both doses if you're vaccine requires it. >>for deseret the experience
8:44 pm
was scary, but the side effects one away the next day and she plans to get that second yeah still going to go where i got this far so. >>so going to take this second so much worry about myself after. >>i was survived in july more so worried about my parents and i just i i'm willing to take that risk. >>for them noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>still to come next here on kron 4 news, the warriors hosting the toronto raptors. >>sports for just 2 months, we'll have the highlights plus nfl playoff action. that more
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>>for sports. the dubs were back at it tonight at chase just a few days removed from that thrilling come from behind victory against the clippers looking to build on that win with the toronto raptors in town a little rematch of that 2019 nba finals matchup. >>steph curry coming off that great 38 point performance against the clippers on the season. he's having 1st quarter great ball movement staff to dream on to. james wiseman he's been doing a lot of that this year warriors up 7 but staff didn't even take a shot until 2 15 left in the first son. it was a 3 pointer dubs led 31 to 24. 2nd quarter warriors up by 12 more from great seal at the rim to get position in the dunk. later on
8:48 pm
draymond green conducting the offense beautifully as he always does. he puts it up for andrew wiggins williams had 17 points and 4 assists. he's another we have a great season. raptors though they cut the deficit to 4 but dream on knocks down the 3. we'll see all that all that often, but hey we'll take it called a state of 7 dream and had 10 points 10 assists and not boards close to that triple double 4th quarter things got very interesting raptors down by just one chris offensive rebound and the raptors take the lead after being down by 15 in the 2nd half back and forth affair now rafters down one fred van fleet with the nice run air. if the shot under 10 seconds to go. broken play. damion lee gets it but guess what the refs call a foul but they ruled that the foul was on the floor still so 2 shots for the warriors there in the penalty the raptors
8:49 pm
where they mainly makes both last chance paskel forced into a tough turnaround shot by andrew wiggins great defense. in and out and guess what the warriors hang on to win they're now 6, 4, on the season, the story of the night though had to be the bench, 46 points a bench production and steve kerr has says it's a strength or his team that. and a good speech the bench and how well they're playing you know can bass more i didn't plan you know 2 of the first 3 games and got him back into the rotation. >>after we came back from that trip he's been fantastic eric paskel has really given a set scoring punch. it's a brad wanamaker really really good tonight. i'm really really happy with the defense and and with the second unit and those are the 2. those were the 2 things we're really trying to lock in on at beginning of camp. >>we have some playoff
8:50 pm
football today yesterday we got one upset when the rams took down the seahawks in seattle when we get any more today well. it did not happen in new orleans drew brees and the saints. taking on the chicago bears and the bear just couldn't get any offense going meanwhile, brees finds michael thomas they do that a lot and the saints go of 7 to nothing let's go to the 3rd quarter alvin kamara. he's in the end zone from about 3 yards out if we get to play come o come o come o we don't have that play but guess what the saints win 21 to 9. they'll be moving on next week all righty who do have next a lonely browns fan in pittsburgh, cleveland taking on the steelers. the browns jump up 28 to nothing but the steelers came back to make it a 12 point game but baker mayfield and nick chubb's hook up on this. 40 yard pass and the browns win 48 to 37. they
8:51 pm
will take on the kansas city chiefs next week at arrowhead stadium all right the final game of the day lamar jackson looking for his first nfl playoff win ravens on the road taking on the titans these 2 teams do not like each other and this was the play the weekend really. look how fast that guys it looks like it's in fact for it, but it's not they erased a 10 point lead in that run capped it off 48 yard touchdown pass stretching over the pile on a 136 rushing yards for lamar jackson ravens they win this one 20 to 13. they will play the buffalo bills on saturday night next week so just a great weekend of football. but also a great weekend from the warriors to a no win on friday when today there's 6, 4, everyone is smiling and a nation sports is back and you got a big show tonight. yes, yes, we have sports night live at 1030 and then our season debut of hoops session at 11 kylen mills and myself will hold that showdown, yeah you guys
8:52 pm
hardest-working sports team in the bay area i'll take >>thanks jason we'll see all right let's talk weather tonight, i'm going to be warm this week. yes, how hot is going to get hot 70 hot. >>area is i mean right breaking out and call it hot right, let's take a look though at this dense fog advisory going to go into effect tonight for solano county starting at midnight. >>through 11 o'clock monday morning could see visibility extremely por at or near 0 at times. let's take a look at our visibility map because we're already noticing. the low cloud cover blanketing the bay area right now down to 2 miles visibility for those of you in santa rosa down to 4 for downtown san francisco little bit better throughout the east bay shoreline but not by much up to 8 miles visibility for those of you in hayward at or near 0 during the overnight hours we are going to notice the porous visibility along the bay area coastline occurring by 3 o'clock for your monday morning. and for your monday
8:53 pm
morning commute make sure to drive safely plan ahead and don't forget to turn on those low beams because we are going to notice that low cloud cover but plenty of sunshine by your monday afternoon in fact warmer temperatures taste of that extra sun with downtown san francisco warming up into the upper 50's after just warming up into the mid 50's today, so very seasonable weather happening bay, 58 degrees and widespread upper 50's from brisbane to burlingame burlingame flirting with 60's at 59 degrees but san carlos and san mateo in the low 60's mountain view mid 60's for use so once again we're going to be above average for your work week monday, san jose 64 degrees after warming up to 63 degrees today. so i hope you enjoy the pleasant temperatures for your sunday afternoon. slightly warmer on monday with livermore warming up to 62 degrees hayward in the low 60's wind speeds on the breezy side around 15 miles per hour fairly calm for most of the bay area concord and walnut creek 62 degrees low 60's for
8:54 pm
sonoma and santa rosa 61 degrees with no valley in the mid-fifties and taking a look ahead at your 7 day outlook we could see some light scattered showers for those of you in the north bay by tuesday night. but really just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less and then we are going to notice though the warm-up thursday on friday peaking those days where we could be 5 to 15 degrees above average hot record breaking heat like just seen was mentioning, but fortunately, no rain in sight. all right, that's issue yeah, the problem all right thank you. >>and skies. >>all right there's a cover controversy why this vote photo of vice president elect kamala harris is it's time for the lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides... your sleep number setting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but, can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this.
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so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise. ... prove. don't miss our weekend special. the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday. to learn more, go to
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>>there is a cover girl controversy swirling around vice president elect kamala harris's vo debut in one of 2 covers the california senator appears on the february issue in a dark suit wearing her trademark converse sneakers in front of a pink and green backdrop. fans don't think it's vogue worthy called the disrespectful and slammed the image for washing out her skin. sources say that there was an understanding that the magazine that she would appear on would be with this wearing this powder blue power suit and that harris was blindsided when the cover was released folks as the cover shots capture harris is authentic and approachable nature, so
8:58 pm
they're both out there, but it's not clear which one will actually published that will be interesting know a lot people in her sorority love the you know the pink and green from the uk's though ms. >>and in the back there so that's why they said they picked it really ok. will be interesting. yeah, lot of folks still looks good was also on the cover of vogue not bad at all but it's not about that. cohen noted that wraps up kron 4 news today, but we have a lot more ahead for you tonight, kron 4 news in on just moments away.
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