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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  January 11, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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radar you can actually see some of the cloud cover that is sitting across the region right now definitely off to a partly cloudy start but skies will grow increasingly clear later on in the day for the coast, coastal flood advisories as we're in the midst of king tides and then in those gray areas that you're seeing in solano county into the central valley, those are dense fog advisories. we do have patches of dense fog this morning, including portions of marine sonoma solano and northern contra costa counties these are most of the areas where we are seeing any sort of visibility impacts just patches of it so nothing super wide spread most of the east bay south korean peninsula is actually quite clear and will be clear through the morning livermore dublin conquered year in the 30's right now 40's from hayward up to oakland and berkeley well 40's in the north bay to so temperatures are chilly for some of us but not note worthy cold definitely a little warmer even in some of our mornings last week were by the afternoon ahead of us upper 50's to low 60's mostly sunny
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and a nice start to the week reyna thank you john if you're heading out the door right now good news smooth sailing for you no accidents or major hot spots. >>however there is a lot of construction out there on the road still from overnight. so be careful as you drive past the construction workers this morning. if you're heading into the city from the east bay, your commute looks great here less than 9 minutes. as you travel across the bay bridge. and the san mateo bridge 92 westbound is traffic continues to commute into the peninsula. look at that less than 15 minutes for you there. the golden gate bridge also looks great less than 20 minutes as you're heading into the city and the richmond sandra fell bridge less than 10 minutes we're going to continue tracking your commute back to the all right rhonda, thank you. >>it is 4.31 and the top story, this half hour. we have house speaker nancy pelosi saying the house will move forward with its plans to try to remove president trump from office. pelosi made an appearance on 60 minutes last night, here's a portion of what she had to say. >>this president is guilty. inciting insurrection
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insurrection asked to pay a price for that. >>the speaker is calling on vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment. we'll have to wait and see if he does that so far all indications are that he will not but pelosi went on to say quote in protecting our constitution and our democracy we will act with urgency because this president represents an imminent threat to both. if the house passes that resolution it would give pence 24 hours to invoke the 25th amendment. if he does not the speaker says that she will bring the articles of impeachment to the house floor for a vote. despite no evidence of widespread election fraud and the election being certified by congress some members of the republican party are still spreading misinformation saying president trump will be president still after january 20th and his time, the golden explains democrats are not only looking to remove him from office but to keep him from ever running again. >>senator and sylvania senator
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pat toomey becoming the second republican to call on the president to resign joining alaska's lisa murkowski who told the anchorage daily news friday. i want him out he has caused enough damage. i think at this point with just a few days left. the best path forward the best way to. >>get this person in the rearview mirror every minute and every hour that he is an office represents a clear and present teen danger not just to. >>at the united states congress but frankly to the country as security is locked down ever tighter on capitol hill, the questions persist despite all the open source intelligence social media posts indicating exactly what was being planned how is washington so unprepared for this law enforcement did an excellent job considering they didn't like this match, someone else did. >>now some in the capital are questioning whether this is the end or the beginning as false allegations of election
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fraud continue to circulate within the republican party, this letter from the gop chairman in nye county nevada more than suggesting further attempts at insurrection let me be clear it says trump will be president for another 4 years biden will not be president yes i know these are shocking words in these crazy days the fbi continuing to make arrests and seek information on suspects affiliated with groups like the proud boys and kua not. >>the 25th amendment never before used to remove a president against his will still on the table, although a less likely path that impeachment for an unprecedented second time with a vote to render donald trump on able to seek office again. >>we tell people all the time. but you vote is your voice. well our vote is our voice and we must voice disapproval what the president did.
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>>well those tom negovan reporting for us meanwhile, the white house has. finally lowered their flags to half-staff to honor the capitol police officer brian sicknick who died on wednesday during the riots and officers lined the streets to salute a funeral procession for him yesterday. funeral home staff transferred officer, the officer the fallen officer from the medical examiner's office, the family has not released any information yet on his funeral arrangements but will you know when we find that information out. meanwhile, a second us capitol police officer has died as well after yesterday's attack on the capital that officer has been identified as 51 year-old howard linden, good according to the agency he joined the police service back in 2005 he was assigned to the senate division. linda good was also the son of a former senate sergeant at arms. he was working at the capitol at the time of the riots, according to the associated press, his death was from an apparent suicide. well in a
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statement, the chairman of the police union says quote we are reeling from the death of officer lynn been good. every capitol police officer puts the security of others before their own safety and officer. we've been good was an example of the selfless service that is the hallmark of the u.s. c p this is a tragic day. well the government has approved 2. has approved 2 coronavirus vaccines the pfizer vaccine for people, 16 and up and then the moderna for 18 and up. but what about kids will currently those tests are only allowed for that age range. pediatrician doctor justin goodnight us estimates it will take maybe 6 months to a year before the vaccine can be studied and potentially approved for children under those ages and he says the side effects of coronavirus are far more dangerous than the risks of the vaccine. try to look at the bigger picture
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of what our nation is dealing with what your risk for you know you're going to have to experiment on yourself and your child a little bit. >>whether that's getting a super safe super study vaccine or it's getting some almost alien virus that's mutated from god knows >>well doctor goodnight advises that you talk to your doctor about any questions you might have about the vaccine for your children. the stanford university has canceled plans to have freshman and sophomores back on campus for the upcoming quarter. this comes after 43 students tested positive for covid-19 those students are now in isolation. university says most of the cases are students who return to campus after the holiday break. the university is currently testing students twice a week and they plan to invite juniors and seniors back in the spring. well now to the latest on the coronavirus as well with more people receiving the vaccine. we're getting a better idea of the side effects that come along with those shots. doctors say they're seeing more fatigue
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and severely sore arms and people following their second dose. but as kron four's noelle bellow reports if you've already had covid severe side effects can be felt after the first dose as well. >>so we are allowed to be convinced to give the vaccine. i was a little nervous california occupational therapists deserae monte dealt with the covid-19 virus over the summer assuming her antibodies were no longer president she decided to get the moderna vaccine on thursday, but the side effects she experienced that night were unexpected by the night time around like 00:00am in the morning all the way until noon the next day i was just having severe symptoms. >>a body aches chills. i had fever. my arm felt like it waited time i could barely move it was swollen at the site where. the vaccine was taken. >>and then my face also the left side of my face also start to if you so if you find covid and you got the first
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shot you may have more symptoms. >>if you didn't have covid you have the shot the second shot would be like you know that particular press. >>doctor peter chin-hong with ucsf says he's not surprised by most of her side effects and says it's a sign of your immune system being more trained against the virus. he wants people to know side effects like fatigue a sore arm and headaches are going to happen. but they won't last long into the side effects universally. frizzell you don't. >>you know more than 50% of people don't get anything i think we're foot we hear about the stories of people who do have it. the second this year is getting covid is far far far worse and with the people even who've gotten side effects of the vaccine. they go without even doing anything without even taking tylenol or ibuprofen doctor chin-hong says it's important to remember natural immunity from a covid infection will not last and you should get both doses if you're vaccine requires it. >>for deseret the experience was scary, but the side
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effects one away the next day and she plans to get that second yeah still going to go before i got this far so. >>so going take this second so much worry about myself after i was survived in july i more so worried about my parents and i just i i'm willing to take that risk. >>for them noelle bellow kron 4 news. >>4.40 is the time coming up next on the kron 4 morning news. we'll tell you how to make sure your child is keeping a well-rounded routine during this age of distance learning will have that story coming up.
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>>4.43 is the time the next surge of the highest tides of the year known as the king tides will be happening today and tomorrow and we know what they do when they arrive the tide in san francisco's expected to peak at a little after 9 o'clock this morning and this could cause some minor coastal flooding. some of the roadways that typically see standing water will probably see that today the high tide was 7 feet last month, so it's going to be little taller this time around kron four's gayle ong has a look now at how the astronomical tides effect us here in the long run. >>i'm here on san francisco's embarcadero the closet spot to catch the king tides the high tides are not only a natural
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phenomenon may help scientists identify sea level rise vulnerabilities. >>it's not rain or wind causing water levels to rise it's gravity when the sun moon and earth align creating the highest tides of the year known as the king tides and they reveal future problems video from last month's surge in san francisco shows a glimpse of how normal tides will look like in the coming decades during a storm, the astronomical high tide in cause flooding scientist look at the flood potential and plan for ways to beat it there's only a couple of ways you can really see what will rise one is by building a wall. >>and try to keep the water out but the other ways to retreat. when you move back from the edge of the water. there's not many other ways you can do it. >>ron hickman is an educator at the exploratorium museum of science he's concerned about the city's waterfront and the million dollar assets surrounding it one of the key things that we have to think about is what we can we use natural infrastructure things like wetlands and beaches to protect just again still rise
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and to what degree do we need brain structure like levees and seawalls david br is the climate program director at san francisco, public utilities commission part of his work includes tracking sea level rise in the most vulnerable communities on the east side of the city we're looking at mission created this list creek ariz we're looking at the sea wall the days from the end of the 1800's nats seawall along the embarcadero stretches from fisherman's wharf down to mission creek it is managed by the port of san francisco. we have. >>localized flooding and sometimes lane closures along the embarcadero well in the next 30 it is 50 years that can be a daily event for the city, brad benson is leading a citywide effort looking at coastal flood risk and sea level rise with the army corps of engineers. >>an effort he hopes will lead to a billion dollars or more in federal funding over time. last month house speaker nancy pelosi passed a bill that will benefit funding for the city and the bay area shoreline from flooding there going really trying to plan through
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the end of the century and beyond is a lot of our assets. >>that we're building today are that we own today are going to be around them and we want to know just as it's going to be. >>resilient climate change by the end of the century scientists project sea levels on the california coast could rise as much as 7 feet what we found through our recent work is the san francisco waterfront has a very important tipping point between 2, 3, feet of sea level rise. >>where we're going to see much more significant and stanich if we don't build coastal flood protection to protect the city as planners look at long-term solutions, anyone can help monitor data by submitting photos to the california king tides projects website an organization that tracks sea level rise. king tides occur once or twice every year in coastal areas tides up exploratory museum are forecasted to peak at about 7 feet high king tides that we see today we're kind of like the normal tides of tomorrow. >>observers are urged use
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caution when visiting the tides and in the age of covid wear your mask. in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>well 4.46, let's find out more about the weather we've got john trouble in the weather center now with that good morning john good morning james from the king tides to the fog of those are the 2 things to know this monday morning aside from that we're actually off to some pretty smooth sailing to kick off the second week of the new year looking outside you can see on our weather alert aboard here that we do have 2 colors shaded those gray areas for solano county in the central valley, dense fog advisories that will take us through the morning with some inland fog, especially problematic. then out towards the coast. those coastal flood advisories due to the king tides. that gayle just mentioned there on the story watch out for your travel on just highway 37 on the north end of san pablo bay as that one will be subject to those higher water levels that you'll be seeing out there, especially right along bayside and shoreline areas so these
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areas to note just on those lower lying roadways where we are seeing some of the more exposed to those higher tides radar right now very quiet. no chance of rain today and that's the way we're going to stay for the week ahead of us a ridge of high pressure is going to be building back in not just keeping us dry. but also resulting in building temperatures, especially towards the latter part of the week. today's daytime highs will be nice and comfortable under afternoon sunshine now tomorrow, you'll notice some cloud cover across the bay area and some showers just to our north up across mendocino and humboldt counties, none of these showers making their way into the bay though so tuesday will remain dry, albeit a little cloudier wednesday will come along with a few clouds as well before a generally clear thursday and friday around the corner that's when temperatures will really begin to climb as you can see today's daytime highs not changing much from where we have been it's back to the upper 50's to low 60's familiar territory, right here and not all that far away from our seasonal averages which are usually in the mid to
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upper 50's, san jose and campbell at 63 degrees each east bay highs in the low 60's with double in pleasanton sunol fremont and hayward all at 61. oakland berkeley and richmond in the meantime you're holding on to the upper 50's today, same from the lake over the antioch as well as up to vacaville. well a few low 60's in wine country from napa sonoma over to petaluma and santa rosa. here's your look ahead next 7 days starts relatively cool ends on the warmer side, especially come wednesday thursday and friday look at how warm temperatures will be these are numbers we haven't talked about a while and we'll be very close to record breaking especially getting near to thursday and friday. so as we plan out the week ahead don't worry so much about the rain jackets but get ready for a bit of a warm-up reyna. >>john our bridges in commute times right now all of the limit this morning so a great way to start your monday morning as you head out the house. if you're heading across the peninsula here drive times less than 15
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minutes our busiest bridge. this morning. and the bay bridge that commute also wide open there less than 8 minutes jihad from the east bay into the city. our traffic tracker looking at other freeways across the bay area 6.80 pacheco to danville 11 minutes, 84 fremont heading to bayfront expressway that's 10 minutes. the air and one oh one for his pain to the split 10 minutes we're going continue tracking your commute right now it looks great back to the news. >>thank you for 50 as we prepare for another semester of distance learning. it's important for parents and students to come up with a routine to make sure they get enough time away from their screens. we have natalie clydesdale now talking to a pediatrician for advice on the best approach take a listen. >>certainly there are going to be some unintended consequences of virtual learning doctor tony gia quintessence while online learning is the safest option during the pandemic it has raised some concerns that kids are going to be glued to a screen and missing out on all those really important social
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interactions and physical activities that is involved for entirety of the child's health, according to doctor quinn to children burn thousands of calories during a typical in person school day walking to a bus stop every day walking between classes every day going to recess going to after-school hobbies and sports and then coming back home that is a significant amount of calories that probably are being replicated at home the american academy of pediatrics recommends that children over the age of to get no more than 2 hours of screen time a day which in the air a virtual learning is not necessarily feasible. we know that kids that watch more screen are getting way less sleep and that has so many bad effects on their health including increased anxiety increased stress and emotional outlet bility to improve sleep. the doctor suggests scheduling a healthy routine before bed that doesn't involve the screen as they start that
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routine. well science shows us that they started creating with kamala tone and that natural melatonin, the one that found integrated in our brain is what helps trigger us to get sleepy and tired and fall asleep. >>and at 4.51. there's a quick live look outside and that's it, but we'll be right back.
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>>for 54 is the time and no more social media for prince harry and meghan markle reports say that they are tired of the personal attacks. and they have quit social media for good and wonderful lot of people will do that this year. their last post was last march when they announced they were done with being working royals. megan once had a blog but she quit that when she married prince harry and now both are off social media. coming up in the next hour. >>the pressure is on and with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle now saying that president trump does bear some of the blame for last week's deadly attack on the u.s. capitol well, the latest developments in the call for him to step down. and covid cases surging across the bay
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area state officials are extending the stay at home orders we'll have more on that coming up in a live report and days after twitter banned president trump from its platform, san francisco police now bracing for a rumored pro trump rally at twitter headquarters this morning. it's time for the lowest prices of the season
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is raised with no antibiotics ever. every nugget, strip and drumstick. keep it real. keep it tyson. >>the news station you're watching and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher top story this morning. we have democrats and even some republicans taking the first steps today. >>to try remove president trump from office by calling for vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment they want the president out before the inauguration of president elect joe biden alexander le mon joins us from washington dc live with the details good morning, alexandra. >>good morning and democrats in congress announced they will be taking those first steps in just a couple of hours later this morning and now some republican senators like pat toomey and lisa
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murkowski are calling for president trump to simply resign. >>because of the house nancy pelosi says democrats will try to pass a resolution to pressure vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment and tried to remove president trump from office i believe donald trump is a threat every single day when he is at 1600 pennsylvania if the vice president does not respond in 24 hours democrats say they'll seek to impeach president trump senator ron wyden of oregon says president trump incited the mobs that invaded the u.s. capitol this is part of making it clear that the country understands the enormity of the damage that was done by domestic terrorists republican senator roy blunt says impeaching the president again would only divide the country further speaker knows this not going to happen senator schumer knows this isn't going to


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