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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  January 11, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>you're watching the and i'm james fletcher our top story this morning with democrats and even some republicans. >>taking their first steps today to try to remove president trump from office by calling for vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment they want the president out before the inauguration of joe biden alexandra le mon is live in washington d c with all the details good morning. hi good morning and democrats in congress say they will make that first step to try to remove the president from office in just a couple of hours and now republican senators pat toomey and lisa murkowski say president trump simply needs to step down. >>speaker of the house nancy pelosi says democrats will try to pass a resolution to pressure vice president mike
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pence to invoke the 25th amendment. >>and tried to remove president trump from office i believe donald trump is a threat. >>every single day. when he is at 1600 pennsylvania if the vice president does not respond in 24 hours democrats say they'll seek to impeach president trump senator ron wyden of oregon says president trump incited the mobs that invaded the u.s. capitol this is part of making it clear that the country understands the enormity of the damage that was done by domestic terrorists republican senator roy blunt says impeaching the president again would only divide the country further speaker knows this is not going to happen sooner schumer knows this isn't going to happen. >>you have the time for it to happen even if there was a reason democratic congressman james clyburn says the house could vote to impeach the president this week and then wait on sending the articles
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to the senate for a trial you. >>president elect daisy knees because agenda off and running i think the president did commit impeachable there's a little doubt in my mind about that i'm also not at all clear. >>that it's constitutionally permissible to impeach someone after they have left office. >>now if a senate impeachment trial does happen after president trump has already left the white house. it could potentially stop him from running for office again in the future. if he is convicted in that trial live in washington alexandra limon thanks a lot alexandra. >>6 '02 on the clock president trump is losing his online soap boxes. we know he's been banned from twitter and facebook and instagram already and now a possible. far right home for his messages is being shut down the social media app parlor markets itself as a free speech platform and its popular with conservatives but now google apple and amazon
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have all booted the app from their app stores and its web hosting services are also being shut down because amazon says it will no longer support the app because it promotes crime and violence without any moderation from the apps managers. that means the platform effectively is now offline until it finds a new home. >>happening today in response to trump being banned from twitter pro trump ralliers are expected to demonstrate outside the twitter headquarters in san francisco. and the police they don't know what's going to happen so they're going to be prepared in case that things are not peaceful. they say they have enough resources to respond to any demonstration or any unrest. it's unclear when the protesters are expected to gather at the headquarters there on market street. but they have barricades, they're setting up this morning and we will have more live coverage throughout the morning was sarah stinson. >>and we also have also going to have continuing coverage to on the efforts to remove the president on our website at kron 4 dot com and throughout
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the day don't forget to check in with our 24. our news app kron on to get the very latest developments again that's free to use. >>6 '03 is the time right now and take a look at the weather and the show's going to be nice this that yes spring is here on with a look at the john hay guys, yeah, a little early taste of spring as we work our way into what will be such a warm finish to the week eventually highs back into the low 60's upper 60's to low 70's that is now this morning still feels pretty typical conditions but some clear skies for mercy church, our view. so a nice start to the day in san francisco as well as the east bay couple of foggy spots to note up in sonoma marine and over into solano counties a dense fog advisory in fact effect for solano county out into the central valley, current temperatures are in the 30's and 40's with conquer double in livermore among our coldest of spots. well a bit more mild in san francisco and berkeley in the upper 40's right now i'm talking that warm finish
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to the week. still ahead your full forecast as for traffic this morning we haven't had too many issues just yet right, but you've been keeping us updated on a training at exactly look no major traffic collisions, no really big hot spots chp has been busy they've been doing a really good job getting things cleared out of the way so. >>that's a great thing for your morning commute as you head out the door of a look at our bridges all the bridges are at the limit you can see right here heading into the city to that fremont street exit less than 15 minutes for your drive from the east bay and then our busiest bridge so far you can see the san mateo bridge look at all the traffic starting to slow down there on the westbound side heading towards the peninsula. still the commutes good less than 15 minutes for you there. and a look at the golden gate bridge very quiet along this ridge here still less than 20 minutes as you drive into the city and the richmond sandra fell bridge less than 8 minutes there we're going to teach tracking your traffic this morning but for now back to the news. >>thank you very much rain us a time is 6 '05 let's update
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you quickly on the latest with the coronavirus california now has reported nearly 50,000 cases just over the weekend alone. and that brings the state's total case count now to 2 point 7 million or thereabouts a total of 460 people also died from the virus on saturday and more than 21,000 are still in the hospital across the state this morning. and of those hospitalized close to 5,000 are currently in icu beds. >>the darkest winter that we feared would come has arrived in the bay area. >>a dire warning, yeah, that is a dire warning the pandemic is getting worse around the bay area and now the stay at home order has been extended because of the bay area continues to average just 3% icu availability. the lowest we've seen so far. >>during this whole pandemic actually yeah and it's going in the wrong direction. this morning still kron four's will tran is live in san francisco with more will. >>unfortunately it looks like
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this car will continue heading down the road with no u turns in sight because right now the trend is trending downward and unfortunately they're quickly running out of beds. 3% is barely having beds at all to the point where san francisco, preemptively had a shelter in place even before they were told by the health department to do so and right now james duryea it's indefinite shelter in place in san francisco and santa clara county. they're saying quite some time so they not even saying there's a finish line to this particular shelter in place because we have seen the numbers go down and down. >>let me show you the latest numbers if you're waking up this morning we already talked about the bay area of northern california going in a better direction going north on friday there were barely about 25% now there are about 27.5%. which is well above that 15% threshold that the state says whether your shelter in place
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or not in sacramento county just like the bay area they're going down as well there at 6% a little bit above 6% just to give you perspective on friday, when i did this story they were at 9%. no hope in sight as far as beds in san joaquin valley and southern california they have been at 0 beds for quite some time. they're naive in upticking slightly and that is why it is dangerous. according to health officials to even try to travel down there unless you absolutely have to as far as the shelter-in-place nothing changes we've been in this holding pattern for quite some time outdoor dining ban you will have to do take out limited capacity inside stores and according to doctors we are still weeks away from them even possibly looking at a different trend. >>it takes at least 3 weeks for actions to impact the trend and hospitalizations at least 3 weeks it's a very long
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lead time. so we must apply the brakes at least 3 weeks. prior or we will read out of the needed icu and hospital capacity to care for everyone who needs care. >>and james we've talked about this a lot last week that they haven't gotten to that point yet in the bay area but it looks like the way things are going they will get to that point what they will have to make tough decisions who gets a respirator who doesn't they've got to the point now where they're telling people unless is an absolute emergency try not to call for an ambulance call 911 because you could be taking that ambulance away from somebody who is further along with covid-19 this is another reminder that it is up to all of us to shelter in place unless absolutely necessary wear your mask social distance because right now. 3% is barely above course that 0% just like we're seeing in southern california and they have seen this sell most for
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about a month now james and darya back to you. >>all right, yeah, i used to use to think of pity the southland nice to all while a that tell a it's a different world down there well, you know i mean because we're seeing how terrible 0 royal family keen 0% beds and up here we're like no we're doing so well it's not that way anymore there's no difference. >>now you guys touched upon it before coming out to me this is the lowest that we've ever been i mean in a few days and now they look at this daily every couple of days or so at 3% will look back at this like the good old days. percent keeps getting worse. thank you will. >>well in san francisco, there is a new rapid covid testing site in the mission district to try and help make sure the some of the cities hardest hit communities are getting tested. during this pandemic with kron four's taylor per second with a closer look at that. >>the line wrapping around the 24th street mission station bar plaza in san francisco on sunday where new rapid
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covid-19 testing effort begins in the mission district truly intending to target the hardest hit community. >>the essential workers folks without insurance. the people that know they come into contact with someone and the that test you know to make sure they're ok according to city data knotty next and hispanic residents make up 15% of san francisco's population. make up nearly 44% of the 26,282 confirmed coronavirus cases in the city and here according to the city's cumulative cases map. >>the mission has an estimated case rate of 544 cases per 10,000 residents with more than 3200 confirmed cases to date giangiacomo of the latino task force says that's why they started this new effort here to help community being underserved in to provide more than just testing you're doing by next now rapid tests which means that you come in and take that test in the morning and within 2 hours we're going to have the results you just about. >>but we also that task force do not believe that testing
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itself by itself. >>in underserved communities is good enough. you need testing with resources. so in addition to rapid testing. you're providing rapid response me you're going to get food if you need it and cleaning supplies if needed or a hotel connecting to the city if asked me to the side takes feedback from participants. >>and also provides informational fact sheets on the vaccine read the testing site will operate sundays mondays tuesdays wednesdays and fridays. >>from 09:00am to 04:00pm and runs through january 29th however, couple hopes to extend its operation and believes the new testing effort will be key in bringing city case numbers down and we know that we have been our peak 50 times more likely to have covid. >>we know that we take care of this community we take care of all of us in san francisco taylor the psac ii kron 4 news. >>it's 6.12 and still ahead doctors are learning more about some of the side effects of the covid vaccine we're going to hear about what you
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might notice. if you get the shot. and house speaker nancy pelosi is going to seek unanimous consent to remove the president from office why she says she's committed to it. and after the break a good samaritan is killed trying to help a multi-car crash in the victims. >>well listen to their family about how remember.
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>>6.15 is the time right now before you head out the door, let's take a peek i don't think you need the jacket no not so bad actually john good morning. yeah the week ahead, it's going to feel like spring a special towards the end of the week guys daytime highs will be nearing 70 degrees if not getting there for a lot of the bay. now this morning still feels like things were pretty used to we are looking at temperatures right now in the 30's and 40's as you venture outside you can see that we do have clear skies looking across the bay at san francisco. really not a lot of fog on top of the bay to be talking about but we do have dense fog for areas further inland like out towards solano county the central valley and a few patches of up in sonoma and marin counties to know now pulling out across the region high pressure is built up going to keep us dry for the weekend of us. this is the biggest changes side from temperatures where we were last week when obviously we had a few rounds of rainfall we're not seeing those ahead
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of us this week. now today will be a nice and sunny afternoon tomorrow you'll see some cloud cover moving overhead. showers stay to our north though up into mendocino and humboldt counties right along the north coast, not drifting into the bay area will just get that cloud cover from these weak systems passing to our north. so tomorrow and wednesday are cloudier days and then after that our warmest of days to close out the upcoming week as for temperatures you're seeing a lot of 50's on the map today, a range of upper 50's to low 60's for daytime highs palo alto mountain view up to san mateo all in the low 60's today. now today, even though a nice and cool one will actually be the least warm one of this forecast ahead of us. daytime highs are already just a touch above our seasonal averages so that tells you where we're heading daytime highs are going to be even more so above average in close to record breaking by thursday and friday. petaluma at 60 while upper 50's in mill valley sandra fell in nevado today and tomorrow are cooler
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ones the forecast after this it's upper 60's to low 70's for really the rest of the forecast starting wednesday and lasting into the upcoming weekend with thursday and friday being are very warmest of days and are closest to being record breaking. that's your forecast things going pretty good on the road still, yes, it still looks good out there all your bridges are at the limit right now. >>i am seen a few smaller accidents, but no major hot spots. they're causing really big delays. so that's a good thing heading into the city from the east bay, the fremont street exit less than 15 minutes so the commute still looks great and traffic is nice and light here. the san mateo bridge 8.80 to one o one you see a few tell lights there but still less than 15 minutes as you head over to the peninsula and i am tracking this smaller traffic collision. this is 5 80 westbound at grant line road and tracy again there were some debris on the road chp says a small traffic collision happened there so you're seeing some backup along 5.80
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westbound so we're going to be keeping our eye on that a quick look at the golden gate bridge you can see traffic still under 20 minutes back to the news. >>thank you reena 6.18 on the clock. it's a story you'll see only on kron 4 an east bay family mourning the loss of a man who was killed while trying to help others. a makeshift memorial field with candles and flowers honor the life of guadalupe romero, the 39 year-old was tragically struck by a driver while helping victims of another accident on interstate 8.80 early saturday morning at least 6 others were injured in this multi-car crash. his family is calling him a hero and a family man who was always trying to improve their lives. the lives of those around him. >>if you really. you know it's crazy. he cared. the vote was taken away because he cared. so much has been fined 10 women think disco. she person. the n.
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>>chp says the original crash was the result of drunk driving. no word on how the other 6 victims are doing or what happened to the driver responsible for killing romero. >>and the south bay, san jose police are looking for answers after the first 2 homicides of 2021. the first killing was saturday night near was way and oz or us avenue near the children's discovery museum. where police were flagged down and told that there was a shooting nearby at a homeless encampment. they went there they found a man in a tent who had been shot he was taken to the hospital where he died. and the second shooting happened sunday morning on mammoth drive near the regional medical center officers found a man who had been shot. he was killed as well neither victim's name has been released at this point police say don't have any suspects. sunday marked the 2 years now since the davis police officer, natalie corona was fatally shot in the line
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of corona has bay area ties xi. >>went to school in the east bay we've got guards recall saga with a look now at how the community is honoring her. >>little by little people paid respect at the davis police departments memorial for officer, natalie corona, this is our first time richard lamm brought his grandson, brandon foster along he says not only used to back their groceries at the woodland release and her father coached braden inbox it does feel like it's been 2 years. >>and felt like was just last >>closer into town more flowers laid on the bench dedicated to officer corona who was shot and killed while responding alone to a 3 car crash. davis police deputy chief paul door shop says chronis impact is far-reaching she was an amazing person which i think was the foundation for being an amazing officer, some members of law enforcement and chronis family paid their respect that chronis gravesite in arbuckle women of law enforcement from
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across the country did too with this tribute image of corona definitely inspiring women law enforcement which is what we hope that natalie's life will be is an expiration lam and other will never be forgotten and her legacy will carry on no matter how much evils out there there's a lot more to it. >>no public celebration for a corona is life was held because of the pandemic but davis police do encourage people to pay a visit to her memorial. >>the search is on to find 6 inmates considered armed and dangerous who escaped in them are said county jail now one of them. this from the north bay investigators say all the inmates used a makeshift rope to escape saturday night. and one of them is 21 year-old man well allan leon from the he's one pictured in the center across the top he's charged with assault with a firearm reckless driving to evade an officer being a felon in possession of a firearm which of course means he's also in
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violation of his probation. early reports suggest the group somehow got to the roof of the jail and then use that makeshift rope to scale down the side of the building. we'll take a break it's 6.22 coming up steph curry has an off night but the warriors bench steps up in a big way to
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♪ we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california. >>the worries arresting today with good reason they have the
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heat also are after raptors at the end of that game. yeah at the chase center. >>and steph curry had an off night only scored 11 points. so it was kind of dicey for a bit but. >>the rest of the team really shined the bench players scored a combined 46 points and that was enough to rally to a win over the raptors day theme off at the end there. so final score was one '06, one '05 close too close for comfort, yeah coach kerr talks about it after the game. >>i think it speaks the bench and how well they're playing you know can bass more i didn't plan you know 2 of the first 3 games and got him back into the rotation. after we came back from that trip he's been fantastic eric paskel has really given a set scoring punch. it's a brad wanamaker really really good tonight. >>guys have confidence understand you know what they're supposed to do and. buying into the roles and makes us a better team.
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>>the warriors have another home game tomorrow night against the pacers tipoff is 7.30. >>san francisco police say they're prepared for a protest that they've heard about outside of twitter some time today with trump supporters some live with all you need to know coming up.
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>>6.29 and we're looking at weather and traffic for an a monday morning we've got a shot here live at it's pretty dark out. but a lot of planes seem to be getting ready to head out for some where ben seems like we're starting the week in january we're going to end april i haha yeah really we're going to get into the well not and about maybe up to 70 yeah up to 70 degrees guys by thursday and friday our warmest of temperatures which is the first time we've seen those numbers in a while and we'll be very close to record breaking. but at least we're starting the weekend a little more typical because this morning temperatures are in the 30's and 40's he is still the need to bundle up dress like it's winter still. >>you look outside at our center tower cam just one of our clear views looking at san francisco across the bay bridge out to the east bay now these areas might be free of fog but there are some patches of dense fog up north in marine sonoma and solano counties in fact solano county out into the central valley is under a dense fog advisory through the morning. right now temperatures as i mentioned
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are 30's and 40's. so it is a chilly start. dublin you're at 36 livermore at a cool 35 right now while are more mild spots being berkeley and san francisco. each at 48 degrees rain looks like we've got our first hot spot of the morning. yeah we had some smaller accidents, popping right now we do this is actually in san pablo. >>80 westbound san pablo dam road off-ramp i would say you can take the richmond parkway to try to get around that as long as traffic continues to build there, but look at our bridges there all of the limit so they look really great if you're heading into the city still under 15 minutes for you. and you can see the san mateo bridge is starting to pick up westbound traffic moving along to the peninsula still under 15 minutes as you travel there and a quick look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. look at that traffic moving along 8 minutes we're going continue, keep an eye on a hot spot for now back to the news now. >>so our top story this morning with house speaker nancy pelosi saying that the house will move forward with its plans to try and remove president trump from office
6:32 am
pelosi told 60 minutes that she's going to seek unanimous consent. >>for a resolution to pressure vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment if he doesn't then in a move for impeachment so we've got lots of moving parts to this. this president is guilty. inciting insurrection insurrection he asked to pay a price for that so house democrats could vote as early as tomorrow to impeach the president for a second time we know they've drafted the articles there waiting to be. >>introduced around the floor, but again it will have to wait to see if mike pence will actually invoke the 25th amendment or not a number of gop senators say the president should resign johnson only with the latest. >>a funeral procession to honor slain us capitol police officer brian sicknick who was killed wednesday after confronting an angry mob of pro trump rioters. thousands of loyal trump supporter stormed the capitol shortly
6:33 am
after president trump held in nearby raleigh and riled up the crowd, the false claims of widespread election fraud. the attack resulted in the deaths of 4 other people and the disruption of the certification of president-elect joe biden's victory i think there universally accepted is that what happened. it was a terrible terrible. violation. in an interview with 60 minutes house speaker nancy pelosi says there is strong support in the house to impeach the president for his role in inciting the attack he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him. pelosi says the house will attempt to pass a measure monday to call on vice president mike pence and the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment to the constitution and remove the president from office. if he does not she says democrats will proceed with impeachment of this president is guilty. inciting
6:34 am
insurrection insurrection i asked to pay a price for that a handful of republicans are also calling on the president to resign fighting the best way for our country chalk is for the president to resign and go away soon as possible. >>i acknowledge that may not be likely, i think that would be best does not look as though. there the will or the consensus to exercise the 25th amendment option, but the gop controlled senate appears to have little appetite to convict and strip the president of power my personal view is that the president touched the hot stove on wednesday and is unlikely to touch it again. >>and if that's the case i think we get that every day we get closer to the last day of his presidency democrats argue the president presents a clear danger to the u.s. and could do something erratic during his final days in office pardons, these people who are terrorists on the capital deadly the person joining decorative branch. it is a
6:35 am
deranged unhinged dangerous the president of the united states john fund kron 4 news. >>he getting emotional because people die they lost their lives on that day a second police officer turns out died after the attack on capitol hill an officer who was there. the officers identified as 51 year-old howard lee been good he joined the agency in 2005 he was assigned to the senate division he was also the son of a former senate sergeant at arms and he was working at the capitol when the riots happened, according to the associated press. his death was a suicide. >>the worst president ever that's what former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is calling president trump schwarzenegger who is a republican compared the capitol riot to the days when not see germany and austria vandalized jewish homes and schools and businesses alike. it happened during an attack that became known as the night of broken glass.
6:36 am
>>president trump is a failed to the though. he will go down in history as the worst president ever. wednesday was the day of broken guys right here in united states. the broken diaz was in the windows of the united states capitol. but opted not just shattered the windows of the capital the shattered guide to use we took for granted. they didn't just break down the doors of the building that housed american democracy. it trembled the very principles which our country was founded. >>schwarzenegger went on to call for national unity and he vowed his support for president elect joe biden in that effort. >>time now 6.36 and today security is going to be tight around twitter headquarters in san francisco because pro trump protesters are expected to rally there. police say they're to respond to anything that should happen kron 4 sarah stinson live in the city now with more sara. >>there's already a police presence at twitter
6:37 am
headquarters there's a police officer sitting out there in his police car and they are waiting for a potential pro trump. protests outside of the headquarters on market street take a look at video. this is what it looks like right now you can see the barricades all around the building and again a police officer right out front san francisco police say they are prepared for this pro trump protests outside that could happen any time this morning or today this after president trump was banned from twitter on friday twitter saying this is due to him inciting violence. he then tried to tweet from the potus page saying he will not be silenced. twitter is not about free speech many pro trump people are angry at the social media app for taking away his right to the first amendment freedom of speech twitter permanently banned not only trump but also his entire campaign others associated with him facebook and instagram have also banned trump. >>san francisco police are
6:38 am
asking people who may plan on exercising their first amendment at twitter today to be respectful and mindful of the safety of others police are prepared though for violence if it breaks out take a look at this maps you can see exactly where twitter headquarters is. in the city, it's on market street in 9th and 10th streets if you are not going to this protest or rally make sure you avoid the area if it does happen they're expecting to be pretty chaotic and also traffic to start happening in that area now keep in mind people who work at twitter haven't been at the headquarters for months because they're all working from home. so they all should be safe even if this protest commences this morning for now reporting live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>thank you sarah. the pga tour is distancing itself from president trump, the golf association has canceled. its contract with the trump national golf club in new
6:39 am
jersey that means a 2022 pga championship. it's not going to happen there at trump's club the pga says that playing the major at trump's club would be quote detrimental to the pga brand. the trump organization is fighting back saying the decision to pull the major is a breach of contract with the pga says it's in there right to terminate the agreement. we'll have our continuing coverage of the efforts to remove president trump on the kron on app you can download that if you want to see the news on the go it's free. >>as more people receive the covid-19 vaccine we're getting a better idea of some of the side effects that come along with those shots. doctors say they're seeing people suffer from sometimes fatigue a sore arm that type of thing with the second dose kron four's noelle bellow has more. >>we are allowed to be convinced to give the vaccine. i was a little nervous california occupational therapists deserae monte dealt with the covid-19 virus over
6:40 am
the summer assuming her antibodies were no longer president she decided to get the moderna vaccine on thursday, but the side effects she experienced that night were unexpected by the night time around like 00:00am in the morning all the way until noon the next day i was just having severe symptoms. >>a body aches chills. i had fever. my arm felt like it waited time i could barely move it was swollen at the site where. the vaccine was taken. >>and then my face also the left side of my face also start to if you so if you find covid and you got the first shot you may have more symptoms. >>if you didn't have covid you have the shot the second shot would be like you know that particular press. >>doctor peter chin-hong with ucsf says he's not surprised by most of her side effects and says it's a sign of your immune system being more trained against the virus. he wants people to know side effects like fatigue a sore arm and headaches are going to
6:41 am
happen. but they won't last long into the side effects universally. frizzell you don't. >>you know more than 50% of people don't get anything i think we're foot we hear the stories of people who do have it. the second this year is getting covid is far far far worse and with the people even who've gotten side effects of the vaccine. they go without even doing anything without even taking tylenol or ibuprofen doctor chin-hong says it's important to remember natural immunity from a covid infection will not last and you should get both doses if you're vaccine requires it. >>for deseret the experience was scary, but the side effects one away the next day and she plans to get that second yeah still going to go before i got this far so. >>so going take this second so much worry about myself after i was survived in july i more so worried about my parents and i just i i'm willing to take that risk. >>for them noelle bellow kron
6:42 am
4 news. >>6.41 is the time still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the king tides are back here in the bay area today and it could cause some minor flooding, especially along the coast will talk more about >>yeah james and at the coast today we do have those coastal flood advisories, daytime highs in the mid 50's for most coastal spots are inland areas will be back into the upper 50's to low 60's some morning fog, especially in wet, i've got your forecast ahead. >>and tracking a hot spot in san pablo we're going to tell you what you need to know in order to get around it, we'll have that coming up next.
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>>happening now a search is underway for a san jose man who was swept out to sea yesterday near point bonita in the red headlands yeah we've word that happened around 02:30pm in the afternoon while he was out on the bluffs with friends park rangers, the chp and southern marin fire are currently helping with that search will let you know if there's any update this morning. meantime we have surge in the highest tides of the year the king tides are going to happen today and tomorrow, we know what they do in the bay area specially around san francisco. today we're expecting to see peaks a little after 9 o'clock this morning so be ready for some inundated parking, lots and roadways too. yeah, and even some water that you can see up
6:46 am
to 7 feet that's what happened last month covers gayle ong has a look and how the astronomical tides affect us. >>i'm here on san francisco's embarcadero the closet spot to catch the king tides. the high tides are not only a natural phenomenon may help scientists identify sea level rise vulnerabilities. >>it's not rain or wind causing water levels to rise it's gravity when the sun moon and earth align creating the highest tides of the year known as the king tides and they reveal future problems video from last month's surgeon san francisco shows a glimpse of how normal tides will look like in the coming decades during a storm, the astronomical high tides can cause flooding scientist look at the flood potential and plan for ways to beat it there's only a couple of ways you can really see what rise. one is by building a wall. >>and try to keep the water out of the other ways to retreat. you move back from the edge of the water. there's not many other ways you can do it. >>ron hickman is an educator at the exploratorium museum of
6:47 am
science he's concerned about the city's waterfront and the million dollar assets surrounding it one of the key things that we have to think about is what we can we use natural infrastructure things like wetlands and beaches to protect just again still arise and to what degree do we need brain structure like levees and seawalls david br is the climate program director at san francisco, public utilities commission part of his work includes tracking sea level rise in the most vulnerable communities on the east side of the city we're looking at mission created this list creek ariz we're looking at the sea wall the days from the end of the 1800's that seawall along the embarcadero stretches from fisherman's wharf down to mission creek it is managed by the port of san francisco. we have. >>localized flooding and sometimes lane closures along the embarcadero well in the next 30 it is 50 years that can be a daily event for the city, brad benson is leading a citywide effort looking at coastal flood risk and sea
6:48 am
level rise with the army corps of engineers. >>an effort he hopes will lead to a billion dollars or more in federal funding over time. last month house speaker nancy pelosi passed a bill that will benefit funding for the city and the bay area shoreline from flooding there going really trying to plan through the end of the century and beyond is a lot of our assets. >>that we're building today are that we own today are going to be around them and we want to know just as it's going to be. >>resilient to climate change by the end of the century scientists project sea levels on the california coast could rise as much as 7 feet what we found through our recent work is the san francisco waterfront has a very important tipping point between 2, feet of sea level rise. >>where we're going to see much more significant stanich if we don't build coastal flood protection to protect the city as planners look at long-term solutions, anyone can help monitor data by submitting photos to the california king tides projects website an organization that tracks sea level rise. king
6:49 am
tides occur once or twice every year in coastal areas tides up exploratory museum are forecasted to peak at about 7 feet high king tides that we see today we're kind of like the normal tides of tomorrow. >>observers are urged use caution when visiting the tides and in the age of covid wear your mask. in san francisco gayle, ong kron 4 news. >>6.49 right now we want to get a look at the weather talking about the king tides and everything because people say well it surprise right, no rain today, john but people still be walking through some puddles yeah, the puddles because of those high tides and some coastal flood advisories as a result of those high tides along the coastline. >>and right along san pablo bay to so these lime green areas on your map this morning. you see especially the coast but also bayside portions of sonoma and marin counties affected by those advisories. so that's really the biggest thing to note if you're closer to the coastline today if you're further inland, it's the dense fog advisories. we have for solano county into the central valley
6:50 am
as we do have some pockets of dense fog that have already formed from or in county through sonoma county on over into the delta and eventually the central valley, east bay south bay peninsula all looking really solid visibility just fine and all these areas now into the afternoon today skies will clear out high pressure in place going to keep us dry a much different week ahead of us in that regard compared to where we were last week when it was on and off area of shower after some sunshine and then a return of sunshine. it was that pattern that we almost got used to last week this week, it's just increasingly warm conditions under what will be dry skies tomorrow and wednesday a little cloudier but showers will stay to our north up along the north coast of the state. so bay area really missing out on any chance of some much needed moisture that does make for some favorable conditions to step outside at least 50's and 60's for today's highs it will be similar to where we were over the weekend as well as where we were last week temperature wise south san francisco,
6:51 am
redwood city palo alto and san mateo alright at 60 degrees for your highs today south bay below 60's to campbell in san jose at 63 each well across the east bay 60's from hayward to fremont over into the tri valley and up to walnut creek in the meantime conquered berkeley and oakland 59 for your highs upper 50's continue from over to antioch and up to vacaville, some of our fog year spots in the forecast today. well clear out to the coast where we do have those coastal flood advisories as a result of king tides. tomorrow's temperatures much like 2 days after that though is when we really start to see temperatures climbing by wednesday, it's upper 60's and that's where we stay through the rest of the forecast with some highs on thursday and friday as warm as the low 70's. reyna thank you for that john we do have hot spots that are finally starting to make their way. >>across the bay area, the first one we're looking at is this one is san pablo this is 80 westbound san pablo dam road off-ramp you can go ahead
6:52 am
and use alternate route the richmond parkway to try to get around that accident you see we're still in the rat there. another hot spot, i'm tracking right now this is in the union city area 8 80 southbound at all niles on ramp. you see 2.38 that is parallel to that freeway so go ahead and stay on that to try to avoid the traffic there and look at our bridges they're all at the limit right now so they look great. the bay bridge east bay into the city less than 15 minutes for your commute, a look at the san mateo bridge as that starts to get busier this morning still under 15 minutes there so that looks great and the richmond sandra fell bridge 8 minutes, a look at the golden gate bridge, less than 25 minutes back to the news. thanks a lot of 6.52 in the east bay police in alameda are warning of a possible prowler in the area. >>there were 3 reports of a prowler too on beach road and one on sea bridge way. around 3.30 to 6.30 in the morning. all last monday in one case a
6:53 am
young girl said that she saw a man come into her bedroom through a window and she said he was there for like 10 minutes, but she wasn't hurt. police don't have a detailed description of that man because he was wearing a face mask. >>a quick break here at 6.53.
6:54 am
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>>we are back at 6.55 check this out a whale watching boat at a newport beach in orange county spotted the c line. doing his best dolphin impersonation you see that first people on the boat didn't really understand why one of the dolphins look a little off i just thought it was a dolphin yeah, but off this is i had that one doesn't have a yeah. >>you really he's just flipping s-line than this one to be part of the pack, yeah, he's learning he fit right yeah that was haha what a great trip they you know, sometimes you out there knows anything right now we've got a really cool story. coming up in the next hour, the first step to try to remove president trump from office. >>is going to happen. this morning, it's starting to happen right now we'll have the latest ahead and days after twitter ban the president from their platform, san francisco police are standing by in case, there's trouble at a pro trump rally at twitter headquarters.
6:57 am
>>plus covid cases are surging around the bay and that means the stay at home order has been extended.
6:58 am
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>>the news station you're watching
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>>thanks for waking up with us on a monday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher so the big story this morning is the fact that democrats and even some republicans are taking their first step today to try and remove president trump from office by calling for vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment if that doesn't fail. they've got plan b the wheels are in motion right now they want the president out before the inauguration of joe biden alexander le mon has more live from washington. >>hi good morning. daryn we are now getting some new information that house democrats may introduce at least one article of impeachment against the president this morning, but they was like the vice president to invoke the 25th amendment first is possible. >>meanwhile, some senate republicans say the president should simply resign. >>speaker of the house nancy pelosi says democrats will try to pass a resolution to pressure vice president mike pence to


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