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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 11, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>>efforts to remove the president from office members of congress pursuing methods to force donald trump to leave and they blame him for inciting the deadly assault on the u.s. capitol last week good evening i'm pam moore, i'm ken wayne watching kron 4 news at 6 o'clock following last week's violent riot at the capitol today, house democrats formally introduced an article of impeachment against president trump. democratic lawmakers say the president encouraged the deadly attack on wednesday, our washington dc correspondent raquel martin joins us live now where tell how soon might we see a vote on this. >>that evening. well democrats are calling this an urgent matter and they're hoping to impeach the president for the second time as early as wednesday, the resolution they've introduced states that the president betrayed the public's trust and threaten the democratic system. >>the president deserves to be impeached. >>monday house democrats formally introduced an article of impeachment against president trump needs to be
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accountability and you have to be strong they're charging the president with inciting insurrection against the u.s. government. leading the last week's deadly attack at the u.s. capitol it was an attempted coup d'etat missouri democratic congressman emanuel cleaver is one of more than 200 democrats backing the effort was feared for my life, he fears the president could still more chaos of congress does not act we don't know what he's going to do every day he serves in office is a danger to our country but so far few republicans are on board i think it's a ridiculous discussion republican senator roy blunt says even if the house and peaches the president there's not enough time for the senate to act before inauguration day. and he believes president trump will do no further harm the president surrounded by people who are encouraging. >>of the show this last few days of this administration. really begin to focus on the. >>because think democrats are urging vice president mike
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pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the president they say pen has 24 hours to act before they do. house lawmakers return to the capitol tomorrow morning to formally urged vice president pence to take action. >>but the bright vice president cannot invoke the 25th amendment by himself he will need the majority of the president's cabinet to back that effort now chad look today was the 3rd person in the president's cabinet to resign since the riot, he is the homeland security secretary for now in washington raquel martin. >>back to you brooke house, thank you very much for that state capitals across the country are under heightened security after the siege of the u.s. capitol last week the fbi is warning of plans for a planned protest at all 50 state capitals and in the nation's capital in the days leading up to president elect joe biden's inauguration. the fbi says nationwide protests may start later this week and extend through january 20th investigators believe some of
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the people are members of extremist groups this comes as investigators continue to hunt down those involved in last week's siege. >>at this point about 58 people have been arrested and charged incidents in or near the capital. california is boosting its security with the possibility of more protests as more state leaders echo their support for the president's removal, including governor newsome our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala tells us how the state and state officials are getting ready. >>lawmakers back to work in sacramento, the california capital was crawling with law enforcement monday in his weekly press briefing governor gavin newsome on security measures. he's ordering in anticipation of more demonstrations after the deadly right in dc. i can assure you have heightened heightened level of as relates to some concerns newsome was not specific on details and neither was the california highway patrol, the governor said he would activate the national guard if needed as calls grew last week for
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president trump's removal or resignation, the governor would not say how he felt that changed monday, but the governor maintaining he's focused on covid-19 i'm all for it, but i'm really right so you got it so let me just >>i'm trying to get 291 folks in the department of defense trying to get more support from all levels to bring down i'm just i'm a candid with you. i'm focused on this vaccine distribution and focused on the search. >>as state lawmakers return to the capitol for the start of the legislative session monday members in the assembly made their first order of business a resolution calling for the impeachment or resignation of president trump just a creation of democracy. >>the destruction of property. only the loss of life or almost too much to comprehend the first thing we do on the floor in california. it's still political punch. point. families.
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>>the resolution passed 51 to 6 with several republicans not voting. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news, san francisco police put up some fences outside twitter's headquarters on market street in san francisco. after rumors of a pro trump rally that we're supposed to held their twitter had permanently suspended trump's personal account on friday, as you heard, but twitter said trump's tweets that violated the company's quote glorification of violence policy as apd said it was ready. if a rally happened in covid news now today, california's coronavirus catastrophe reached a staggering new level of total of more than 30,000 people have now died in the state because of the virus. >>there has been an increase of covid related deaths since that search started in october. it took the state 6 months to record its first 10,000 cases and barely a month the total rose from 20,000 to 30,000 over the weekend state officials
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reported a 2 day record of 1163 deaths hospitalizations have also exploded with many hospitals stretched to the limit the number of intensive care unit beds continues to fall across the state here in the bay area less than one percent of icu beds are available the lowest that percentage has ever been. >>northern california has 35% availability. sacramento region is just below 10%. the san joaquin valley and southern california region still have no icu beds available while the region's icu bed capacity reaches the all-time low still does not show the entire picture for each individual county kron four's dan kerman live for us in the city with more on that dan. >>well it's a complicated calculation looking at county by county the icu beds available than those that have more covid patients get that percentage reduced even more still. >>as you look county by county the amount of beds available really ranges from 0 to quite
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a few. >>the state's regional stay at home order groups 11 bay area counties icu capacity together and while that might seem arbitrary medical experts say because patients are often transferred it's not lot of patients get referred from santa cruz and monterey up to stanford just has a lot of patients from the north bay get referred to ucsf. >>so it really does function as a as an integral whole well, the 11 county bay area region's icu capacity has dropped to less than one percent. the actual percentage of available beds ranges dramatically by county while places like napa santa clara and santa cruz show 0% capacity. >>san francisco solano and sonoma counties are all above 15%. others are in san mateo and contra costa fall in the middle and while the surge was exptcted. infectious disease experts say it will likely tail off increasing icu capacity soon i think we're going to start seeing foot
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numbers fall here pretty quickly. >>and with that and without you know with vaccinations for nursing homes and some. >>i think we may see some easing the problems with icu capacity. >>and medical experts say a new treatments as well as techniques learned over the last 10 months is also reducing the stay for many inside the icu why ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley says a second a bart officer connected to the death of oscar grant will not be charged today, i'm allie said that there is no evidence that shows former bart officer anthony peroni killed or aided in the killing of oscar grant. grant who was unarmed was shot and killed on new year's day in 2009 at the fruitvale bart station the incident was caught on cell phone video and it sparked protests peroni was seen on camera with his knee on the back of oscar grant's neck. the report from district attorneys, o'malley went on to say former bart officer johannes mehserle lee who did
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shoot grant was the only killer. oscar grant's mother says she disagrees with today's announcement. my son. >>head was smashed against the wall. and he was kicked. and he was punched. the officer peroni still walks around free. and i'm not asking a hard thing. i'm asking us to do what is right. and that is charged the officer. for his actions that cause my son's death. >>a jury convicted measure lee of manslaughter in grant's death peroni was fired by barred after the incident we will have more on this story in a live report tonight in our prime-time news casts the san francisco police department is mourning the loss of the city's first black police chief earl sanders has passed away he joined the police department as a young army veteran, back in 1964.
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there's also a founding member of officers for justice which in 1973 filed a discrimination suit against the san francisco police department and sanders was the first police officer to testify in federal court about the racism he endured in san francisco. earl sanders was 83 years old. >>coming up thousands of doses of the covid vaccine expected to arrive here in the bay area how a bay area counties plan to distribute it. >>and one north bay city is asking permission to reopen outdoor dining why that city says its restaurants after rio. >>and we're talking to a santa clara county law professor to break down what the new resolution to impeach president trump names. we're looking at the possibility of some flooding around the bay area tomorrow, but it's not because of rain explain coming up next.
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>>president-elect joe biden received the second dose of pfizer's covid vaccine. this morning biden has laid out a timeline to have 100 million shots distributed in the first 100 days of his presidency this as the u.s. roll out of the vaccine is experiencing a very sluggish start tonight more than 25 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed but only about 9 billion have actually been administered here in california 2.4 million doses of the vaccine have been
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shipped. >>governor newsome has set the goal of distributing a million more vaccinations by this weekend. the state is expanding those who can distribute the vaccine to dentists pharmacists and the national guard. the next round of people to get the vaccine will include individuals 50 to 64 people with underlying health conditions between the ages of 16 and 64. contra costa county's health care system is ramping up its covid-19 vaccination effort. it's aiming to provide up to 7,000 shots a day as kron 4 says it might young reports to get there the county plans to make the vaccine available at neighborhood pharmacies. >>create as wide a distribution network for the covid-19 vaccine as possible that is the goal for contra costa health services we want to give it to can put it into marks that the dew will soon be able to get vaccinated at neighborhood pharmacies like walgreens cvs safeway here.
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say 40 and ryan are both starting this week walgreens and cvs. >>are also on the way however with the vaccines are available at these locations the shots will be given by appointment only know drop is this is not drop into your stay for you this is still go through the process and when turn comes up as a nose bowl first be will send in a statement the cow that's dot org website is where you go to sign up for the back seat as for people with private health insurance they're advised to contact their doctors directly if you have a health care provider. they are part of the plan i ask. how they will notify patients and how you can stay in farms for eyes there and those are large multi county as it is they both announced that they will start vaccinating face on the before the end of this month eligibility of a's would be includes individuals, 75 and older and those at risk of exposure working in education
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childcare emergency services food and agriculture. contra costa health services. also has closings to provide vaccines directly to some county residents, including contra costa health fund members medi-cal recipients of people without health insurance. >>officials at contra costa health services say they also have a mobile vaccination unit to help immunize those living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities has it made you kron 4 news. >>county has launched a new drive-thru covid vaccination location. it's part of an effort to try to speed up vaccinations the county has received about 22,000 doses and hopes to get 38,000 doses soon health care workers and those in long-term care facilities can use the drive-thru open 9 to 5 monday through friday appointments are required we posted the link to get an appointment at our website at kron 4 dot com in order speed up the vaccine rollout in the bay area's most
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populated county. the santa clara county board of supervisors are introducing a plan that requires getting detail vaccine plans from all of their health care provider kron four's maureen kelly reports lawmakers hope the data will help them address gaps in the rollout before they occur. >>santa clara county is the hardest hit here in the bay area by coronavirus and they have approximately 2 million people they need to vaccinate not just once but twice is already a 60 page document that has been submitted to the state of california. >>but what it doesn't do yet is get down to >>they did a very human very personal level of answering those questions when where and how do i get the vaccine. there are a lot of moving parts involved in getting not one but 2 doses of the shots in a lot of arms starting with many different tiers of who should be getting the shots first and then you add on the federal state and county
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health agencies who are helping with this roll out plus the private health care providers, including kaiser and sutter whose patients represent about 1 million people supervisors, joseph medium and cindy chavez say they need to know what everyone is planning to do to get their residents vaccinated so they can address the gaps in the network had on people want to know. >>when where and how and part of what we need to do is recognizing that the federal government and the state government our finest crash way not a local community level we want we don't care who's in charge of what we want to make sure it's happening. >>the request for information is already in a public health order from last week the supervisors will vote tomorrow. adding a level of accountability if it passes so the county can have a better idea of how many of their people are being protected and how many are still at risk. the president of the forty-niners is now offering up levi's stadium as a
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potential vaccination site. they say they have both the technology and the security to store and safeguard the vaccine and can help rapidly expand the rollout of this public health effort. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>a covid vaccination site could soon be opening at the oakland coliseum the oakland a's are currently in talks with state and local health officials. alameda county says it hopes to launch a drive-thru vaccination in the coliseum parking lot. the oakland alameda county coliseum authority is expected to vote on establishing the vaccine site during its meeting on friday friday morning, the city of mill valley is asking governor newsom for permission to reopen outdoor dining the city council approved 2 letters asking the governor and county health officials to exempt outdoor dining from the covid restrictions in those letters they stress that local restaurants and their employees are struggling to survive the letters also asked the state to provide evidence that there is a risk
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associated with outdoor dining. >>tides of the year known as the king tides have returned to the bay area. here's some video from pacifica just this morning. these tides usually cause minor flooding, san francisco saw tides as high as 7 feet last month. the waves of course can be very dangerous this weekend to beachgoers were swept into the ocean is san mateo county that was yesterday and a san jose man is still missing after he was swept into the ocean off the marin headlands so the advice is never turn your back. >>to the ocean ever ever never all right, let's check on our forecast with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow lawrence yeah guys that just breaks my heart about those don't climb out on the rocks just too dangerous to get some big time breakers and even though you may not see some waves breaking get over that jedi or those rocks. they certainly could in fact those king tides going to be a big problem i think tomorrow as we're going to see the water continued to rise up and this again going approach 7 feet by tomorrow morning at about 10 '02 in the morning go to the
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maximum and the king tide, so looking at the possibility of not only that but then you get the big time waves breaking on top of those tides and that can certainly cause some problems and low lying areas places that could see some flooding here not just along the coastline but even inside the bay places larkspur get a court amid their creek sandra fell creek get those areas certainly could see some flooding in those spots to watch out for that especially early tomorrow morning. now the tides. yeah they're going to be problems or the waves 20 to 25 footers just breaking along the coastline, maybe as high as 30 feet so we're seeing these big storms off the coastline. they get king tides, the raise the level of the ocean and then you got the waters that are crashing on top of that certainly you can get an idea of how dangerous that just might be all right, we've got storms off the coastline in this impressive one that's what happened little subtropical moisture of fortune that jet stream taken all that energy up in the pacific northwest. so here we sit in california staying dry and to see much in the way of rain there's a chance we might get clipped in the north bay you see right there doesn't
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look like much if we see a couple certainly not much to help us out and then it looks like as we get to the middle week, those clouds start to disappear and we start talking about some most temperatures moving way up in fact i think as we get into thursday and friday we could be talking about some of those temperatures running up in the 70's and maybe even warmer that maybe even some mid 70's, we start to talk about some record breaking temperatures on thursday of all right that's pretty amazing all right. thank you lawrence. and on kron 4 news 6. >>the only a billion dollars up for grabs, how long it has been since america's to light have been this high.
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>>lottery players have a choice of games that offer combined jackpot jackpots rather get this of more than a billion dollars a jackpot for mega millions on tuesday night that the jackpot has climbed a 600 million dollars that's the 8th largest in u.s. history. the top prize in the powerball game is reach 550 million dollars ahead of wednesday's drawing that is the 12th largest. it's been almost 2 years since the 2 national lottery games offered such big prizes in only the second time both jackpots have topped 500 million dollars well next on kron 4 news coming up at 6.30 well the president has already been used once what
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would a second impeachment main details on what this time could be different. >>and what about that 25th amendment talk we're going to have a discussion with the bay area law professor about removing the president through the powers of that event and joe biden's team has the least the theme for his inauguration. the message that he these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems,
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>>house democrats today introduced an article of impeachment against president trump on a charge of an
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incitement of insurrection this of course following last week's riot at the u.s. capitol catherine heenan of inside bay area politics is here with a focus on the effort to impeach the president for a second time cast. >>and can democrats are hoping to vote to impeach the president as early as one steyer political analyst david mckeown says they are furious, angry enough to move things along quickly. this has a list of course of other options are being discussed to remove the president from office. the democrats and they are united in the push to impeach but what about the republicans. >>republicans are coming back and testing the waters for a potential century measure, something that is less an impeachment that would provide the president an opportunity to run later, but also gets a sense of the house that doesn't appear to be going anywhere that doesn't appear to be strong enough and as a result of this what with their focus turns to ways one to republicans. the majority of whom voted to ignore the
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results and overturn the results of at least 2 states last week and also to mitch mcconnell and what senate republicans do. the question there will become what do you do with the 2 recently elected georgia's senators both democrats reverend warnock and jon ossof do you seek them before you look at the proceedings from the trial on the articles of impeachment. all of this has the potential to derail or at least be an important side show to the early biden administration so this week and what happens in the next week is hugely important not only as we close the chapter on the current trump presidency, but open the first chapter of the biden presidency. >>and if there is another impeachment this time with a conviction, here's what it could cause president trump. he be expected to lose his yearly pension health insurance, full security detail, yearly travel budget and of course biggest of all his option too hold federal office again meantime it is believed the senate could hold a trial for trump. even after


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