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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  January 14, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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snuggle supercare fabric conditioner. let's snuggle. >>from the bay area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >>and made appointment yesterday. damien. then minutes which is not an. we organize i have to say. >>now at 3 vaccinating the most daughter breathing a sigh of relief after her elderly mother receives the covid vaccine in santa clara county today. the vaccine rollout is moving along. good afternoon and thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm justine waldman santa clara county began vaccinating people 75 years and older today, we'll go to the south bay right now that's where we find kron four's rob fladeboe he is live for us in san jose, this is a momentous day for
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the county rob. >>indeed it is just know just a day after shot of clara county announced that it is expanding the bureau lot of the covid-19 vaccine to people 75 in a plenty of takers as you see here at this a vaccination clinic on kelly road in san jose. there are approximately a 118,000 people over the age of 75 here in santa clara county and they now join health care workers and others as part of the phase, one of the county's role lot of the covid-19 vaccination one no one here telling me that this is the first time he'd been out of the house in almost 8 months to get his vaccination and he and here expressing to me a sense of relief and hope after being vaccinated let's hear from a few of them now. >>we encourage people to get the shot we want to get rid of this disease as soon as possible. so people not dying from it the bus stop that he got. and then she feel baghdad
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and. actually after this and they seem all confident and my life not an eye anymore about lending at this shot i wait to i went to dover that's 10 minutes. >>and i got out and still does assembly be far you feel about getting your vaccinations well fact. >>where you have foldable. no side effect at all. >>is okay. they got the shot didn't feel anything his she's okay with that. >>the county's goal is to vaccinate 85% of the county's one 0.5 million eligible residents by august 1st that's very ambitious that would mean about 13,000 vaccinations per day the right now there's nowhere near enough vaccine to go around much less to lower the bar to age 65 and up which are the state is going to allow going forward, that decision is left up to local
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counties and many of them say they just don't have enough vaccine right now, but again. puno including people age 75 and up here in santa clara county. but all of this year overshadowed by the grim news today, the county announcing that the now the number of deaths as a result of covid-19 has surpassed 1000 live here in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. thank you so much rob. >>now sutter health just debuted a sign-up option to get covid-19 vaccines. the appointments are open to center patients that are either older than 75 years of age or or health care workers. this is what you would find if you go to the website, but it has since crashed. we do have but information on our website though if you have. have some questions that's where you can get the details. the website crash we're trying to figure out if that is related to the opening up of the vaccine sign-ups the health system says they hope to include patients as young as 65 years
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old sooner. people who want an appointment can sign up on center's website or call a scheduler. let's go now to the east bay contra costa county residents, 65 and older can now sign up to get covid-19 vaccines. eligible adults can schedule an appointment online on the county's health department website and we have posted a link to that on our website kron 4 dot com. now we go to the last 6 days of the trump administration after being impeached for inciting the capitol building right on january 6th are some questions swirling around president trump's ability to pardon himself kron 4 sanaz tahernia has more on what this means and if he can actually do that. good afternoon sun >>i just seen a federal pardon now if you don't know what it is it's a power granted to the president under section 2 of the u.s. constitution that completely set aside the punishment for a federal crime. the parting clauses says quote the president shall
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have power to grant pardons for offenses against the united states except in cases of impeachment. now federal parting can be granted at any time after a crime is committed and while it sets aside punishment it doesn't signify innocence. notably the claws also does not allow the president to pardon a state level crimes or civil suits. now in january's 6th the house impeached president trump for the federal charge of incitement of insurrection now many legal scholars believe he that he cannot pardon himself and one reason is that this charges connected to his impeachment which the clause specifically precludes under those circumstances. another reason lies in the overall context of the constitution. the federal papers which are essays that were written by the framers to promote ratification of the constitution is one of those reasons for example in federal
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is 10 james madison clearly states that quote no man is allowed to be a judge in his own cause because interest would certainly buy is his judgment and corrupt his integrity. but there's an even bigger issue than that. >>it's it's a legal conundrum for the for president he apparently is talking to everyone about wanting to do this. but it's almost begging to be challenged and that puts him in legal jeopardy right the only way our government or any interested party could prove that he doesn't have that authority is by actually challenging it in a court of law. so that he be admitting to crimes. >>now as it stands today, the president has not tried pardoning himself yet but if he does he would be the first president in the history of the united states to do so that is that would justine. they get in on us. >>now the state capital is
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bracing for possible protests in the week leading up to the inauguration governor gavin newsom is expected to announce more security steps. the state will be taking so let's go live now to sacramento and talk to our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala she has details. hi ashley. >>i just multiple sources in and around the capital tell me that governor newsom is expected to call in the national guard to protect the state capitol. now details on when the national guard would arrive and how long the state are still unknown i am told that they could arrive as soon as tomorrow. now today, a crew spent the entire morning putting up a six-foot fence around the building. this is an anticipation of any protests that could happen between now and the inauguration with lawmakers back in session state leaders are trying to prevent what happened last week in washington dc from happening here. the governor chp legislative leaders and the office of emergency services have all vowed to protect those working and visiting the capital but they have not been providing specific plans on
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how they would be doing that. now security is significantly boosted at the capitol with several chp officers assigned to each side of the building and that is not a normal sight here in sacramento. law enforcement has not cited any specific groups they have not cited any specific planned protests prompting all the security. they just want to take this extra step to make sure that workers and visitors in the capital are safe. now i was told by the office of emergency services that a host of announcements would be released at around 2.30 obviously that time slot has passed. so when we could hear from the governor and emergency personnel is kind of a question mark at this point last time did bringing the national guard into sacramento and in many other cities. for protest was actually just back in june. following the major demonstrations in response to the death of george floyd reporting live in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. thank you ashley will be looking for an update there. and coming up in the next 10 minutes we're going to have a live report from the nation's capital as security measures of heightened their head of
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joe biden's inauguration. >>next wednesday. let's go now to more local news. the families of the victims of the deadly go ship warehouse fire say they're very upset after learning about a proposed plea deal with derick almena and attorneys for 13 of the family say a man is expected to accept the plea deal of 9 years in jail, coming up on january 22nd, sentencing is expected 4 to 6 weeks after that a total of 36 people died in the fire on december second 2016 during a party at the building after a mistrial in his first trial. it was expected to be retried in february but accepting this plea will make a second trial unnecessary. in the east bay, a magnitude 3.8 earthquake struck near downtown conquered a lot of people are calling us here in the newsroom telling us that they felt it so can first charles clifford is live for us now with reaction did you feel a truck.
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>>no i didn't so i was in san francisco when this happened in the semi over here to kind of check it out i of this earthquake hit about 1118 this morning about a mile north of where i'm standing here in concord along willow pass kurt apparently according to the usgs about 4 miles underground in a lot of shaking here in the concord pleasant hill area talked a few people this who were home when it happened. >>just a slight shaking and notice i was in the restroom. and i notice sliding glass doors on my on my shower now like is is this that or click for some like what's can i was i don't know about some construction something on a side but. like everything was a shaken time news america. all right back live now the good news here. no damage has been reported no injuries reported lot of people checking in. >>online through them, i shake app which is the state's new ocher are. earthquake early warning app and people saying they felt shaking as far away
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as sacramento and again fortunately, no one injured fortunately, no one injured here and the usgs is sayin they don't expect any damage to roadways or buildings or injuries from this quake. so far we have not felt any aftershocks either. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. thank you so much. >>well turn out to the weather forecast as we take a live look outside here from our walnut creek camera kron four's mabrisa rodriguez is tracking the warm temperatures today letting us know how long they will last yeah it's going to last all holiday weekend long just seen hard to believe we're in mid winter when it looks and feels more like early fall out there in the bay area, plenty of sunshine. >>we should be getting drenched in rain but we're going to stay dry for at least the next week very clear outlook right now and we're tracking quite a few degrees of warming for most bay area cities a little bit cooler in downtown san francisco. but half moon bay. you notice double digit warming earlier today warming up into the low 70's cooling down just a few
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degrees to 64 degrees. but check out sam, a tail right now in the mid 70's out there right now with the low 70's for those of you in san jose flirting with 70's for berkeley and oakland, currently at 69 degrees as is pittsburgh. but livermore 67 degrees remember we should be in the mid to upper 50's this time of year. not in the 60's like those of you in santa rosa and napa currently in the justine back to you thank you so much and we have much more ahead here on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock today, including details on a woman who's been arrested for hate crime in the east bay. >>and in national news inauguration day is less than a week away. we'll have a live report from dc. >>on the security measures that are blanketing the capital. and also how fire protection could be compromised in oakland with
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their proposed budget cuts that could be coming to the fire department stay with us.
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>>the city of oakland could soon lose 3 fire engines as a result of budget cuts due to the covid-19 impact on the economy and it could mean slower response times to emergencies kron four's haaziq madyun joins us now live to explain the cuts that are
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being made and also why good zeke. >>it's a new year, but it's the story when it comes to covid-19 having an impact on just about every aspect of our lives. this time it's the pandemic impacting the budget in the city of oakland and there's concern for public safety. >>there are 24 fire engines in the city of oakland ofd is now staring at the prospect of losing 3 of those engines due to the city's multi-million dollar budget deficit. >>so the city's proposed shutting down 15% of the fire engines in oakland, this is in the middle of a raging pandemic this is in the middle of the worst wildfire seasons we've ever known the president of the union that represents oakland firefighters that under says losing 3 engines could add 5 to 10 minutes to response times the difference between 5 minutes and 10 minutes is the difference between keeping a fire just to your to your stove top and keeping the fire from destroying an entire city
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block we have 62 million dollar deficit the open fire department could be facing 5 million dollars in cuts which could result in shutting down those 3 fire engines on a rotating basis somewhat. >>3 stations you're talking about because normally in the i expect you're talking about the school. the one that you know doesn't cry the loudest but has the greatest screen when it comes to shootings killings fire the spokesperson for the oakland fire department sent kron 4 a statement that reads in part quote we need to be clear but residents that fire stations are not outright shutting down there will be scheduled temporary closures each day for 3 of the 24 engine companies on a rotating basis between january and the end of june unquote oakland mayor libby shaft also so it does say quote regarding the budget cuts that reads if we do not make these hard choices right now we will be forced to make heartbreaking ones later unquote.
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>>and councilmember says in the next quarter that 62 million dollar deficit could balloon as high as 90 million dollars. that's the latest has it made now back to you in the studio. >>thank zeke and here kron 4 will always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going on your neighborhood right now in berkeley police have arrested a homeless woman for allegedly committing a hate crime against another woman. according to police a woman in her 30's was walking on to rant avenue near telegraph that's right near the cal campus. when she encountered another woman. she says rummaging through trash can police say as the victim walked around the suspect, the suspect yelled hateful statements about people of mexican descent at her and then pushed her off the curb causing the victim to fall backwards onto the roadway. officers located the suspect a 55 year-old woman with no known address and arrested her on suspicion of battery will fully threatening a person
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based on their perceived characteristics, violation of probation and having an outstanding arrest warrant. all right, let's switch gears now and talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here at the golden gate bridge, beautiful blue skies out there today. hope you got a chance to enjoy some of this warm weather. i call it hot yesterday, but it's really just warm and pleasant. risa yeah last i checked it's january the should be winter time, but it's feeling like spring, i know and i keep getting fooled by the calendar as well in this covid lockdown pandemic certainly not helping me keep track of the days and months, but yeah, it is mid january and we are tracking 70's out there right now for parts of our valley's 40 with 70's for those of you in the east bay over berkeley temperatures already running 5 to 15 degrees above average we should be in the mid to upper 50's instead easily 10 to 15 degrees above that right now in the mid to upper 60's low 70's for those of you in san
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jose. >>could even break some records as early as today justine and low temperatures tonight going to be slightly cooler than last night's of seeing widespread mid 40's but 2 outliers for your overnight temperatures santa rosa cooling down to 39 degrees. so it's going to be noticeably chillier there for you and even for downtown san francisco. still going to be mild in the upper 40's but we're going to notice about one to 3 degrees of cooling overall tonight but daytime highs tomorrow holding steady either going to be at or slightly a few degrees warmer or cooler than we were today not much of a change temperature wise in fact downtown san francisco going to remain in the mid 60's out there so still going to be very mild with half moon bay, currently at 65 degrees as his burlingame and brisbane 67 degrees for weather and city winds out of the north so we're going to notice that with northerly flow clearing our skies tomorrow, san jose 68 degrees low 70's for
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livermore and low 70's for concord and walnut creek just steam back to you thank you so much, let's turn our attention now to national news inauguration day is less than a week away and the nation's capital is being blanketed with security. >>following some credible threats of more violence, local and federal law enforcement are taking unprecedented steps to secure the streets before president lech joe biden is sworn in. >>our washington dc correspondent raquel martin is joining us live now and raquel you're there in washington, what are you seeing on the streets. >>good evening will be military presence we're seeing both inside the capital and surrounding the capital. it's really an extraordinary sight people who've lived here their entire lives tell me they've never seen something quite like it. every day we're seeing more streets closed off and more fences erected. >>joseph robinette biden junior less than a week before joe biden is sworn in as the next president, the nation's capital has transformed from a tourist attraction to a military zone, i'm very
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appreciative ohio democratic senator sherrod brown who will attend next week's ceremony says he welcomes extra security following last week's deadly insurrection i have concerns number of these monsters these violent far right wing 26, uscis come back with guns local and federal law enforcement including the secret service have already shut down nearby streets in the pentagon's deploy thousands of national guardsmen. >>by inauguration day 20,000 shoot will occupy the area many armed thursday, vice president pence visited fema headquarters to be briefed on inauguration day security. >>and the american people deserve. a safe. inauguration in wednesday night president trump delivered his most forceful statement to date against violence mob violence goes against everything i believe in. >>and movement stands for not president elect biden says his
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team is also receiving security briefings we need to go back and review everything in the meantime republicans and democrats are demanding an investigation to prevent future domestic attacks. right now remains unclear just how long military troops will be in dc but we know the federal emergency declaration, the president approved extends through the 24th now just to add some perspective common operation day there will be more military troops here in washington d c. >>then currently in afghanistan in a rap combined. well now there's still a lot of questions raquel about how those riots happened in the first place you have the latest on the investigation. >>well there is a lot of concern from democrats and republicans about how this all unfolded, we know they are calling for investigations and we know that the capitol police themselves. >>has launched an internal investigation we heard from federal law enforcement all this week they are taking an
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step to try and arrest every single person that was involved in that insurrection and they say there are going to continue to work overnight to ensure they find these individuals every single person that's going to be a lot. thank you so much for cal. still ahead here on kron 4 news at 3 we're learning more about the phenomenon that's experienced by people who have covid. >>after they lose their sense of smell and taste so what causes this and is there a cure. but first a wisconsin man shot and critically injured by police is speaking out on national tv for the very first time why jacob blake says he picked up a pocket knif
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>>i was prepared to surrender those are the words jacob blake, the wisconsin man who was shot by police officers who were trying to arrest him for a domestic disturbance last summer in an interview with the daughters, good morning america. that happened today, blake said during a struggle with kenosha officers, his pocket knife fell from his pants he said he picked it up to put it into his car and after that he says he was going to surrender though my soul to the ground and you know put my arms behind my back. >>because if they did there and they que me there. >>everybody will see it was going to be a lot of people who look at the video and say in video you're walking away from the police. so why didn't he just stop in do with the
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police are asking him to do i couldn't hear that. was scream scream myers is right so. >>blake's shooting fueled violent protests in the city of kenosha for several nights plake is now partially paralyzed and is preparing for his 37th surgery since the shooting. >>president trump second impeachment now lies with the senate but they're still constitutional questions that could prevent senators from moving forward. i'm just eaten or in washington and on that story coming up. and also our coronavirus coverage new studies detailing how long survivors of covid-19 have immunity and why they should not stop wearing masks. >>and after the break more buses joining the fight against covid details on the latest rollout of mobile testing sites.
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>>we just found out that coming up this afternoon president elect joe biden will be unveiling a one 0.9 trillion dollar coronavirus plan to speed up the vaccine. rollout steady the economy and reopen schools while details on kron on his speech as opposed happen around 4.15 our time and then we'll have updates night during kron 4 news at 5, 6, now also a bay area based transportation company that was stalled by the pandemic has turned some of its buses into mobile covid testing centers. one rolled out in alameda county just last week and more are headed
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for several other bay area communities in the days ahead, let's get the latest now from kron four's maureen kelly. >>today the alameda county bust test express help people get tested for covid-19 in berkeley starting next week these rolling clinics will hit the roads between contra costa solano sonoma and san mateo and santa clara counties as well moving at the direction of the local public health agencies they're already up and running in several southern california counties. the idea of turning what used to be a tour bus or commuter coach into a mobile testing pop up came after the pandemic put the brakes on a local transportation company store coach ways when the pandemic at all the buses when i don't because obviously that tourism. >>all all passenger transportation halted except for public transit. and so we. we thought to ourselves that
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the vehicles could be utilized to drive around to provide equity in testing. >>the 45 foot coaches provide the medical staff with wi-fi needed for computers a restroom ac or heat and power which they eventually expect to be able to use in order to provide proper storage capacity for vaccines and bring them where they're needed most vehicle can essentially go to farm workers can go to urban areas and they can do it in an open air environment, the clinicians are on the boss, but they serve they provide your testing through the window. so you come up to the window kiosk and you'll get your tasks or eventually iraq's nation and so it's it's an open air environment, it's you really don't have to touch anything if you don't want to sear stories the great-granddaughter of the company's founder who started providing disabled children with a way to get to school here in the bay area back in 1952. they're excited to be
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able to both get their buses back out on the road while helping their community get easier access to health care. a road they expect their company will continue to travel past the eventual end of this pandemic maureen kelly kron 4 news. the team of experts from the world health organization is now in wuhan china to investigate the origins of covid-19 us scientists are part of the team and officials fear the chinese government may try to prevent any discoveries which could be embarrassing. >>2 scientists were denied entry after they tested positive for covid-19 antibodies and china is requiring the rest of the scientists to quarantine for 14 days. scientists suspect the virus jumped from humans from to humans from baths in south western china. the w h o says it intends to conduct a rigorous and transparent inquiry. a new study shows people have been infected with covid-19 are likely to be protected against catching it for second time for at least 5
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months. researchers from public health england found a part of the coronavirus infection was linked to an 83% lower risk of reinfection they base this data on test results from nearly 21,000 health care workers from across the uk between june and november. the study found some people do catch the virus again it's unclear how long any immunity fully last researchers say it's possible those who are immune may still be able to carry the virus in their nose or throat and transmitted to others. after the house impeached president trump for the second time it's now up to the senate to decide whether or not to hand him his first conviction. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said he will not call senators back early to start a trial so will be happening. apparently during the biden white house. our washington correspondent jessi jessi eaton or explains the process that will happen now moving forward. the house
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speaker signature made it official the senate is now tasked with president trump's second impeachment trial, you cannot remove somebody from office who no longer has that office but john malcolm, a constitutional expert with the heritage foundation. so there are questions about whether the senate has the constitutional authority to hold a trial with president trump already out of office after january 20th donald trump is not going to be the president the vice president gore simple officer of the united states he's going to be a private citizen that's why senate republican tom cotton is already a no vote. >>in a statement cotton said the founders design the impeachment process as a way to remove officeholders from public office, not an inquest against private citizens stronger constitutional argument is that he cannot be tried in the senate after january the 20th however i note that there is some historical precedent in 1876 president grants secretary of war resigned amid corruption accusations. the house impeached him anyway and the
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senate trial on majority of senators favored convicting him 2 thirds did not so he was in fact acquitted democrats will need 17 republicans to reach the two-thirds requirement. it certainly more likely this time around then it was when the president was impeached in 2019 and only then could the senate hold another vote to fill democrats intentions of barring president trump from ever running for federal office again in washington, i'm jessi eaton or and stay with us here on kron 4 as our impeachment and inauguration day coverage will continue can download the kron 4 and kron on mobile apps. >>from the app store for free to get the latest breaking news from across the u.s. sent straight to your smart device. we do have some sad news out of the entertainment world today famous illusionist sick freed fischbacher has died just 2 days after announcing that he was suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer. he is pictured here on the left. he was known. as one half of the tiger double act siegfried
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and roy roy also seen here passed away 8 months ago from coronavirus siegfried passed away last night in las vegas. he was 81 years hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old. we live in the mountains so i like to walk. i'm really busy in my life; i'm always doing something.
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♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ ♪ lightning strikes the heart ♪ ♪ the day has just begun ♪ ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ ♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪ ♪ falling from the sky ♪ ♪ shining how we want ♪ ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ oroweat bread. gathering, baking and delivering the goodness of nature... from one generation to the next and from seed to slice. >>it's that time and we check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they are working on for tonight, joe dolan don lemon is live for us in chicago, the previous sorry, it's been a crazy coincidence and. >>yeah, no doubt about that
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justine no worries good to see you tonight on news nation nati johnson and johnson's onnew one dose covid vaccine. how effective is it and when could it be available plus president elect joe biden will talk tonight about his covid plan and his push for another stimulus package will break that down. there are new questions about the takeover at the capitol building did riders get help from the inside correspondent michael sure looks into that and our nancy loo preparations for possible violence at state capitols across the country she'll join us tonight from phoenix in colorado video to back country skiers caught in an avalanche they were saved by their avalanche airbags we'll talk with one of them tonight about their 1000 foot plunge. also the company paying its employees for 4 hours to get a covid vaccine. and it's being called the most s popular class ever. s at yale and after what you have just mentioned just team we all need this right so closure eyes just take a deep breath. >>we'll talk with the professor behind the class happiness. >>i just see ad. i it's a
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speech talking you're fine on that we call that monday mouth even though it's thursday we'll give it to you, but i just saved 80,000 intuition at yale. >>thank you. com free thanks joe with the tonight see just and news nation airs on wgn america 8 o'clock our time you can find it on the channel's listed here more details on our website kron 4 dot com. into the cause of the taste and smell. that's getting lost and people who have coronavirus we'll find out
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>>so this afternoon we're learning more about why people with covid are losing their sense of smell and taste according to studies this impacts roughly 83% of people who get sick with covid and reporter heather walker brings us the story after speaking with an ear nose and throat doctor. it's a symptom that some people who survived covid are left with and doctors are learning there are some factors that may make you more at risk is one of those things that you don't realize until you don't have anymore you don't realize what you use it for you know even when you know the kids to us like a safety thing to like i can't tell if something is burning.
3:46 pm
>>things you don't even like think i think about like constantly every day now to make a parish tested positive for covid back in august. it started with body aches and about a week later she says she noticed something else was off second showing us that it in a little better, but moments ago trying to my soap. i can smell my soap. and i was like if it's so crazy her taste gone to like i could taste the sweetness of this sentiment. i can taste the salt impress. those. but i can't taste is kind of you ever have food that was the season that well like like more seasoning everything was like don't land that's not everything everything tastes like that it's called anosmia the founder of michigan emt an allergy doctor richard strapping says research shows the virus causes information in your nose and mouth that damages the nerves which allow you to enjoy sense and taste.
3:47 pm
>>and it really cuts and you're called a lie from patients have pretty basic concerns like how could i smelling gas leak how would i smell if there was food in my refrigerator that was right and that it would want to feed that to my family of these are legit concerns studies found that roughly 83% of covid patients will lose the senses. >>and the older you are the less likely you are to regain them allergies, diabetes smoking and being over the age of 50 all decrease your chances of recovery. >>and men are more affected. roughly 30% of people recovered a few weeks but doctors now believe a small percentage will never regain their smell and taste like. >>well that is that mean to make has been without her senses for nearly 6 months now she says the hardest part. >>is missing out on moments with her 4 year-old twins you know, i'm very like affection mom like the smell them some herrick and smell them anymore, the small things she
3:48 pm
wants took for granted. >>research is being done on remedies but at this time. there is no cure there's no recourse for there's nothing they can give you is just something that. >>i just have to like live with it deal with and. pray hopefully day it comes back again. >>was heather walker reporting one upside is that covid has created lot of research on loss of taste and smell and doctors believe it may lead to a solution. let's go to southern california now los angeles. the city council there has moved to ramp up enforcement of requirements that people wear masks to reduce the spread of coronavirus the council approved a motion instructing certain city departments to prioritize issuing citations the council also requested the city attorney giraffe an ordinance that would set penalties for refusing to wear a mask inside a public place or while invading someone's personal space. breaking news
3:49 pm
now just in to the kron 4 news or we talked about this with our ashley zavala at the top of the hour governor gavin, newsome is now going to be bringing in 1000 members of the california national guard to protect the state capitol and other infrastructure. this leading up to inauguration day. he signed an emergency order saying the troops are needed to quote support the response efforts requested by jurist ish jurisdictions impacted by civil unrest. today crews started building a six-foot fence around the capitol building ashley zavala listen to the governor's message. and it also said that newsome and local law enforcement have not cited any specific threats groups are protests. but the administration is working with the chp as well as local state and federal law enforcement agencies along with social media companies to make sure everything is safe leading up to inauguration day. but the big news there the governor has officially signed an order deploying 1000 members of the
3:50 pm
california national guard to protect the state capitol. more on this coming up in crawford is at 5 6 o'clock. now let's talk about forecast as we take a live look outside here at downtown san francisco, wow what a beautiful shot there you can see just how clear the water is in those blue skies. it is warm out there not hot like i said yesterday i got a little little excitable aggressive there with a 70 feels hot. but it does feel hot in. in january. it's warm out there, let's see how long it will last but we would like some rain riwpri so yeah, i know that's the tradeoff the right see, but it's all relative, i'm sure to some viewers it was certainly feeling hot out there yesterday and today, no exception either that he could actually break some records later this afternoon. we're tracking inland temperatures reaching into the low 70's starting today lasting all weekend long and even through your martin luther king monday, but it is going to come with the tradeoff. >>remember it should be raining this time of year this should be the peak of our wet season. instead we're tracking warm dry and gusty offshore
3:51 pm
winds starting sunday, mainly for the north bay mountains and hills and even throughout the east bay hills as well we could see gusts upwards of 55 miles per hour or less. throughout our valley specifically for those of you in napa county in the north bay. you could see gusts upwards of 25 miles per hour high fire danger unfortunately in our forecast hard to believe january we're talking about high fire danger but then again 2020 was the second warmest on earth on record let's take a look though at your future humidity right now down to 35% relative humidity. better recovery elsewhere throughout the bay area in the valleys of the east and north bay 58 to 68% help going to notice improvement as well with more moisture content being added. thanks to those overnight low temperatures cooling down into the mid 40's and upper 30's for north bay valleys but relative humidity going to drop very dry conditions for this time of year down into the 30th
3:52 pm
percentile range for most of the north bay and east bay and we're tracking low 70's all weekend long peaking on monday with this record warmth on tap, mid 60's to upper 60's along the coast and east bay hills and widespread 40's and 50's for overnight lows. so even our overnight lows justine not going to get a break from this war back to you he was nice to open up the windows though get a little fresh air in the house today very true, but i'd rather be using my umbrella, yeah we all do how to use that again. >>haha i think you pop it open just not inside it's bad luck apparently, yeah apparently thank you bree some. all right up next how much you can win in tomorrow's mega million jackpot drawing. >>and raw lot lot find out who is set to sing the national anthem in next week's presidential i bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something,
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>>the powerball jackpot is going up again nobody matched all 6 numbers in last night's 550 million dollar drawing the jackpot could be 640 million dollars on saturday night. the winning numbers were for 1923, 2549 and the powerball was 14 7 tickets matched 5 numbers and this is important because 2 of those tickets were sold in california one at paul's market in san jose. the other was sold in san diego. meanwhile, the mega millions jackpot is up to a projected
3:56 pm
750 million dollars after no one won tuesday's drawing. the next drawing there is tomorrow night. some entertainment news really quickly now lady gaga will sing the national anthem at joe biden's inauguration and jennifer lopez will give a musical performance on the west front of the u.s. capitol and biden is sworn in as the nation's 46 president on wednesday like i said it was not going to be me singing really quickly now a check now with mabrisa rodriguez. look at our weather and the 2 thunder energy right just seen right, let's take a look at this serene forecast out there right now in the bay area beautiful out there very pleasant temperatures in fact above average right now tracking widespread mid to upper 60's when we should be in the low to mid and even upper 50's have move a cooling down to 59 degrees but still mild for this time of year you should be in the mid-fifties by mid june in january but
3:57 pm
let's take a look at your overnight lows tonight. >>getting our seasons mixed up just seen i keep thinking it's like summer but really it's hard to believe it's winter overnight lows will be in the mid 40's for most of the bay area but warming up once again 5 to 15 degrees above average to back to you if i hadn't been there to ring in 2021. i'm not sure i believe you that it's a new year. >>that wraps up our coverage here on kron 4 news at 3 make sure you tune in this afternoon to join us on front runners and 5, 6, a lot happening there and i'd love to connect with you on twitter instagram and facebook as well. >>have a great afternoon and we'll see you right back here next ringing in.
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