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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 15, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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news. it's really a tale of 2 vaccinations going pretty well, especially in large university homes. the problem is that there are more than 7,000 assisted living facilities in california. that offer a lower level of care but served the same vulnerable the diet disproportionate rates of this disease. >>protecting patients at long-term care facilities proving to be a problem with the covid vaccine rollout what advocates are pleading for now to save one of the most vulnerable populations. president 65 and older they're allowed to register now for the vaccine, but between the website crashes a problems with connecting a lack of technology people that just don't get how to use a lot of people in the older age group are really struggling to sign up. >>how one east bay doctor is now trying to help.
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>>and how president elect joe biden plans to use the defense production act to speed up vaccine distribution good evening, everybody thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan vicki liviakis has the night off. >>today marks one month since california began vaccinations and in that month. the u.s. says distributed more than 31 million doses. but only about 13 million shots have been administered that is a usage rate of less than 42% over the past week. there's been an average of more than 844,000 shots per day. here in california a little more than 1 million shots have been given the state though has been given about 3 and a half million shots meeting california has use just over 30% of its available shots. the second lowest amount of any of the 50 states these numbers by the way were provided by the cdc. >>well a vaccine rollout it has been confusing for a lot
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of people were getting a lot of questions here including things like how do i sign up to get sick when kron four's dan kerman has been digging in the each bay area county for what our viewers need to know. >>the first thing to remember is right now most areas is still vaccinating the top priority groups health care workers and those in long-term care facilities. some have started to vaccinate those 75 and older and a very small number of providers are starting to vaccinate those 65 to 74. if you fall into one of those groups these are the steps you should take most will be vaccinated by their health care provider. so your first step is to check your provider's web site there you can find out what group is currently being vaccinated and in some cases you can sign up to be notified when it's your turn to get a vaccination the next step is to check your county's coronavirus website. there will be plenty of vaccine information there. and many of the 9 bay area counties are allowing people to sign up there as well to be
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notified when it's their turn to be vaccinated also keep in mind even if you're allowed to sign up and your county's website for your provider's web site. >>if you're in the age range of 65 to 74. don't expect to be going in for a shot anytime soon. again the supply is not there and as a result it could be several weeks or longer. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>and the number of people dying at long-term care facilities and assisted living homes is deeply disturbing and there is a push to make sure this vulnerable population group is the first group to be vaccinated. >>but advocates are saying really it's just not happening kron four's terisa stasio gives us a a look at the problem and how advocates say something has got to be done before more people die. >>this is really got to be a all hands on deck mike dark the staff attorney for california advocates for nursing home reform. >>and member of the california
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vaccine community advisory committee. tells a chilling story about getting calls at christmas from those who have loved ones. >>and long-term care facilities dealing with the pandemic through over christmas i got a call from a facility in southern california where one nurse with covid symptoms for south was trying to take care of 43 residents all of whom had covid. >>because i was getting from multiple families of of these residents were were people who are sopping. because they didn't know what to do they knew that their loved ones their parents or grandparents were dying. and there was nowhere to go. >>covid-19 is killing those at assisted living homes and long-term care facilities disproportionately the cdc puts the death rate at around 40% of all deaths from sars covid 2 it's really a tale of 2 vaccinations going pretty well, especially in large nursing homes.
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>>the problem is that there are more than 7,000 assisted living facilities in california. that offer a lower level of care but serve the same vulnerability who die at disproportionate rates of this disease and vaccinations making almost no progress in those facilities at all it's terribly alarming. he says the state needs to step in and have more accountability. the most important thing right now ironically is getting good information and by that i mean the state is not providing to the public any way of tracking how fast or slow vaccination is proceeding in long-term care facilities. you can find it and so what we're getting is mostly anecdotal reports from families and residents of these facilities and he says more outreach must occur one of the things that most seriously frustrates me and other advocates elderly in california. is how many residents of assisted living facilities are being told. you
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go figure it out yourself we the facility are not going to be offering the vaccines is just too complicated. so you figured out and they're saying this to people who have cognitive impairments people who may be disabled and people who are living in places where there are visitation restrictions that keep them from going in and out easily. so this this will be a disaster if the state doesn't get on top of it very soon he says a solid action plan to those who are the most vulnerable in society needs to be figured out fast for for us the vaccine is credible sort of ray of hope. it would be terrible and ironic if while it's available finally. thousands of californians continue to die, we've got to do something about it. teresa stasio kron 4 news. with states now i'm just troubled of vaccinate people 65 and older a lot of senior citizens are scrambling they're trying to figure out how to sign up. >>in the east bay, there's a
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doctor who's concerned about their struggles and she's taking things into her own hands, doctor rebecca, parish she reached out to contra costa county she got 500 doses for seniors who are eligible show give them out at a middle school in lafayette, she's working with nonprofits to identify people who don't live in nursing homes and could otherwise fall through the cracks her appointments of all been booked for now but she is hoping to repeat this process when more doses are available and we'll hear from the doctor herself coming up on kron 4 news at 9. this comes as contra costa county ramps up efforts to get people vaccinated. >>officials held a vaccination clinic on the campus of diablo valley college today as they prepare to welcome people, 65 and older to sign up to get the vaccine. the county is still prioritizing people in the first phase meeting health care workers. and long-term care facilities, nursing homes, but anybody 65 and older can sign up to date the county has administered some
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36,000 shots. also in the east bay, the oakland coliseum could become a mass coronavirus vaccination site as soon as next month. the stadium was floated earlier this week as a potential mass vaccination site after governor newsom announced that's similar sites would be launched at dodger stadium. petco park in san diego and cal expo in sacramento. the alameda county public health department still must approve using the coliseum site as a vaccination center before any shots can be given there. well 3 new large scale vaccination sites are on the way to san francisco mayor london breed announced a partnership between the city and private health care providers. >>the sites will be set up at the moscow knee center also at city college in san francisco and sf market in the bayview people 65 and older again they might have to wait for a while because the city has not finished dealing with everybody in the first phase, san francisco waiting meantime
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for more doses to arrive beginning tuesday, everybody working or living in the city can register to be notified when they become eligible and we've got details on our website kron 4 dot com. >>and the south bay santa clara valley medical center is now vaccinating 6,000 county residents per day. officials saying they are on track to vaccinate more than 30,000 residents per week. the biggest limitation though supply of the vaccine. >>5 things to turn frustration in the motivation. 5 things to help us meet our goal of 100 million shots by the end of our first 100 days in office, i'm convinced we can get it done. and this is a time to set big goals to pursue them with courage and conviction because the health of the nation is literally at stake. >>with the goal of expanding covid vaccines across the country. president elect joe
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biden said he will use the defense production act it gives the government authority to direct private companies to help me national defense needs his plan also includes proposals to create federally funded community vaccination centers. make the vaccinated the vaccine available in pharmacies and launch mobile clinics to get shots to underserved communities. biden also criticized the current administration's policy of holding back close to half the supply of the vaccine is to make sure they would be available for people second doses. biden also announced his administration's chief science officer and the name might be familiar. this is a bay area doctor getting the nod david kessler. >>a professor of pediatrics and epidemiology at ucsf he will be in charge of covid vaccinations kessler was appointed as fda commissioner in the 90's by both president george h bush and president clinton. and you can get the
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latest on vaccine distribution and the bay area and across the state the details on our website again kron 4 dot com. >>still to come on kron 4 news at a face furry hat with horns and carrying an american flag one capital writer, a former navy veteran and we're learning new details tonight about a motion to keep him behind bars. >>and hundreds of patient transfers are aimed at helping relieve overflow in local hospitals how stanford trying to help. also what could have caused a father to kill his own us on the family of this 9 year-old boy wants to set record straight tonight about his tragic death, i'm justine waldman i'll have the story next. >>it is friday night and we are get ready for the weekend in the weather, wow it is looking fantastic we'll have details coming up next.
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>>we are learning new details tonight about the murder suicide involving a 9 year-old boy killed by his own father had just a tragic tale here we first brought you this story last night this story is in san francisco, obviously the boys mother it's heartbroken or justin waldman has her message now just seen breaks your heart absolutely it's a hard one to be reporting on
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tonight and this right here is 9 year-old pierce a laughlin he was shot and killed by his father 49 year-old laughlin. >>who then took his own life and we have learned tonight from the attorneys who represent pierce's mom leslie hugh that she and steve and divorced about 5 years ago, and they were in a long lasting dispute over who would make medical decisions for the child, the attorney she wanted to make it very clear tonight that any rumors that this tragedy as a result over a fight over if pierce would get his vaccinations is just not true. that pierce's father. >>did not murder his sign because his mother wanted the child vaccinated. i think it is undeniable that pierce's father suffered from untreated mental illness which resulted in his taking the life. his son into his own life.
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>>the bodies were found in san francisco's marina district on wednesday evening after officers did a welfare check at the father's apartment on scott street and the mother we're told through turn is distraught and is asking for privacy at this time. tonight on kron 4 news at 9.10 o'clock kron four's dan thorn, we'll have more on the circumstances surrounding this horrific act of violence. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>and you just doing health officials say by march a new and more infectious strain of the coronavirus will likely become the dominant strain and the u.s. it was first discovered in great britain. it has been reported sense and at least a dozen states including california. so far it's been diagnosed and only 76 of the 23 million us cases and it is more infectious, but they do not see at this point any evidence that causes more severe illness or that it is transmitted any differently.
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hospitals are turning to each other now for help with the onslaught of new patients who are sick with the virus has come for us rob fladeboe reports now hundreds of people suffering with covid another conditions are being transferred to. >>stanford hospital which has more room and more resource. >>well healthy competition exists between stanford and other area hospitals in normal times. the pandemic has them looking out for each other for the greater good says stanford emergency medicine is doctor, andra bloom kong's this is about a mutual aid to other facilities in the area and as that. >>pandemic changes different hospitals in different areas have different needs in the past 2 months more than 600 patients, including 135 from other south bay hospital struggling to find icu and other beds have been moved here to stanford hospital which has more room and more resources. at least 47 of
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those patients had covid while the vast majority had other conditions that have led some hospitals to cancel or postpone surgeries and other care, it's. >>all types of patients kidney patients cancer patients heart patients and all that. it's that in general covid has stretched the resources of all of our hospitals and all of our systems to expedite the transfer process, stanford medicine waves the usual insurance clearance process and other steps that might otherwise come with patient transfers. >>some hospitals lack other resources and staffers helping with that too says doctor bloom calls so that resources might just be space that it might be like ppe it might be other supplies might be equipment might be staff. so it could be any number of things that might stress individual health system. >>stanford and other hospitals regularly compare notes amid needs that change from day to day. patients have been transferred here from as far away as the imperial valley, but mostly it's local with
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larger hospitals helping out their smaller counterparts often those in areas hardest hit by the pandemic. >>right now it's all hands on deck and it's not territorial and we're just trying to take the best care patients possible and try to make it simple as possible, so we don't have to. so that the kid care patients doesn't get harmed or to the least amount possible what we're trying to deal with this pandemic. >>from stanford hospital rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>all right time to talk about the weather as we take a live look outside a beautiful shot overlooking downtown san francisco today boyce middle january but it felt like the middle of may it beautiful picture there on the soundtrack will be a beautiful weekend what a great weekend. we're going to enjoy is we're going to see a lot of sunshine and temperatures certainly well above the average for this time of year out there tonight. i got a couple high clouds moving overhead there is a cold front that's actually moving into the state right now once that moves through. well, those clouds
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are gone and we're getting ready for the weekend so looks like a nice weekend in store for the bay area looking out over the bay right now beautiful side and yet today remarkable we tied a record at 70 degrees in santa rosa salinas 84 degrees. the right there. the monterey bay pretty impressive. >>for january but here we go these temperatures a very warm around the bay area for this time of year 66 for a high in san francisco, 67 in oakland 69 in both san jose livermore 66 in concord you saw that record in santa rosa, but the jet stream still tracking to the north you see these massive storms out here in the middle of the pacific and fortunately all is going well to the north right on the top of that ridge of high pressure so can't get the rain generated here just yet maybe we start talk about some rain as we head toward the latter part of next week right now pretty dry out there just some clouds moving across the state the bay area high clouds kind of cruising up above and now the one thing we are seeing from those big storms we're not getting the rain. but we are seeing some huge swells moving in along the coastline.
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these again along west northwest facing beaches probably looking some of those waves as high as 20 feet so be careful stay off the rocks in the jetties as we're going to see those big time waves continue to roll through saturday. other tonight, partly cloudy skies you can see some of these high clouds drifting on by otherwise some nice weather ahead as it looks like high pressure kind of takes over and settles in for the weekend siakam patches of fog off the coastline. but other than that there you go a lot of sunshine all day long and get ready we're going to below to 60's and 70's around the bay area for tomorrow looking very nice outside these running a good 5 to 15 degrees above the average right now looks like that is going to hold to the weekend next week though we start to see some winds kick in the temperatures are going to drop with any luck may we start talking about some rain. glad at least the possibilities out there, yeah, it's out there. thanks find us. >>well today would have been doctor martin luther king said 92nd birthday the civil rights icon born january 15th, 1929. he received the nobel peace
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prize in 1964 of course he was instrumental in getting both the civil rights and voting rights act passed in washington. king assassinated in memphis that was 1968. his birthday was first celebrated as a holiday in 1986. >>still ahead at 8 the house has impeached president trump again the next steps now sending the article to the senate for a trial but joe biden may actually the the reason for holding off on the trial will explain that. also a dangerous a drive leaving the bus hanging over the highway.
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>>oakland fire crews. they have a fire under control tonight this was the scene it was first reported just before 07:00pm near 92nd avenue and international boulevard it looks like some kind of building on fire. but we're not getting a lot of details. no one was injured as far as we know no word how it started even though it is under control there's telling us that anyone driving in that area should expect delays along international between 90 if and 94th avenues in new york city a crash that left a bus partly hanging over a highway ramp look at this the bus had fallen about 50 feet and ended up on the road below the driver broke his jaw and the crash. he refused to
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submit to a drug and alcohol tests at the hospital, he did pass a breath test at the scene, 7 passengers suffered minor injuries, they were taken to hospitals. no other vehicles were involved an investigation is underway. >>next at 8 one us capitol war paint, the patriotic look i guess you could call it tonight, we're learning more about jacob chansley plus president trump impeached by the house for inciting but the articles have not been sent to the senate yet why they may not be sent for a while and it's being called vaccine tourism here proof of residency or even citizenship. is
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>>court documents are revealing new details tonight about that deadly siege on the capital prosecutors. they have filed a motion against jacob he is the writer we've talking about a lot wearing face paint a furry hat with horns. they now say that he wrote a threatening note to vice president mike pence this comes as a judge ruled he will stay in federal custody because he poses a danger to the community and expressed interest. >>in returning to d c for inauguration day nancy loo reports. >>33 year-old jacob chansley appeared in court today through a video link dressed in orange and appearing far different than when he stormed
8:30 pm
into the capitol on january 6th in court federal prosecutors presented evidence to keep chansley in custody, noting his stated intentions to return to dc or the arizona state capitol. however, the government have the judge strike these lines from their submitted documents which stated strong evidence including chance lee's own words and actions at the capitol supports that the intent of capital writers was to capture and assassinate elected officials the u.s. attorneys for dc now says there's no direct evidence of such intentions. the government did to mitt plenty of witness testimony and many photos, including the much circulated image of chansley at the podium of vice president mike pence he's accused of leaving a note warning pants quote it's only a matter of time justice is coming chansley has since claimed the note was not a threat is attorney gerald williams left the court without comment right thank you and so did his mother meant another attorney she
8:31 pm
also said to represent chansley has asked president trump to pardon him my client jacob was one of those committed individuals and he had president trump people loved. >>president trump. and on january 6 the president spoke to him in court chance lisa turning highlighted that he is a navy veteran with no criminal record. but judge debra fine noted significant felony counts chansley is facing along with the evidence supporting that he obstructed and impeded law enforcement she also addressed his distinctive garb calling him the most prominent symbol of a violent insurrection to overthrow the u.s. government. >>that was nancy loo reporting chansley sat quietly throughout the hearing even when prosecutors said he was a q and on supporter who is out of touch with reality. >>house speaker nancy pelosi offering no clues on her plans to send president trump's impeachment to the senate for
8:32 pm
a trial. but as for joe biden's legislative priorities set pelosi was making it clear today. democrats will move quickly that includes funding for coronavirus fact seems more relief aid. pelosi is suggesting the bill could take precedence over trump's second impeachment trial in fact, although a lot of democrats are pushing for an immediate trial. meantime south carolina senator lindsey graham is calling for the impeachment process to stop. he says moving on with the trial after the president leaves office is unconstitutional. >>now democrats will stand the second impeachment trial and senate i think it's unconstitutional do a lot of damage. >>but pelosi says house impeachment managers they are already preparing for a trial. the proceedings could begin by inauguration day of pelosi sense. the article to the senate by early next week. president trump expected to leave the white house wednesday morning just hours
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before joe biden's inauguration is set to begin he will reportedly traveled to his home in west palm beach florida. getting there before noon that day moving crews have been spotted at the white house this week, packing boxes in 2 trucks and vice president mike pence has reportedly called vice president-elect kamala harris to congratulate her to offer any help with the transition. the vice president's call comes less than a week before harrison president elect biden are set to take office president trump last we heard has not reached out to biden. >>and as vice president elect kamala harris gets ready to take office can force taking a closer look at the political glass ceiling, she has broken from here in the bay area across california and now in washington d c joy our pam moore who hosts kamala harris first but not the last this sunday at 9.30 pm on kron 4.
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and on wednesday, join us for our live inauguration, special celebrating america, the prime time program will welcome a new era of leadership and will be hosted by tom hanks east bay native tom hanks with a bunch of celebrity performances that's right here. wednesday inauguration day 05:30am at night. >>all right let's take another look at the forecast we have a live look at the golden gate, another beautiful picture. leading into a nice we kept. >>yeah chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here cheers to the weekend lawrence is going to be a nice one yeah going to be gorgeous weekend out there guys certainly a lot of sunshine temperatures running a good 5 maybe 15 degrees above the average but after that things begin to change quite rapidly out there toward the golden gate bridge. you got some partly cloudy skies up above but as we hate to cut through the night you can see a mixture of stars in a few clouds and maybe a couple patches of fog out there as well tomorrow becoming mostly sunny and temperatures above the average shay continuing that way in
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the sunday as well right now we've got some 50's and 60's as we step outside that big dome of high pressure continues overhead we can just a little bit kind of flatten out as a front row over the top of that today, and you see another big storm out there unfortunately that is also going to head over the top of that ridge of high pressure that means we're keeping things dry and above normal as that ridge is going to strengthen for tomorrow. bring you more sunshine and looks like as long that jet stream stays north we're not going to start talking about rain for a little while now we will start talking about winds. these what we call bars, these are lines of equal pressure. the wider they are apart the less when you haven't you can see there's not much in the way of wind now the close they are together. well that is start to get pretty windy and as we take you through the weekend. you'll notice that those ice a bar start to really tighten up as we head in towards sunday night through monday and tuesday that looks like a major wind event developing around the bay area possibly through that time period so national weather service is on a 2 they've issued a high wind watch in effect for the mountain tops above a 1000
8:36 pm
feet expecting some of those gusts 40 to be 55 miles per hour certainly strong enough that could bring down some power lines and some tree so certainly be prepared for that watch out for some power outages through that period. so enjoy the weekend while we have it we'll enjoy some spring-like weather outside temperatures tomorrow in the 60's and the 70's looking very nice i 73 degrees of layoffs, 74 maybe in the napa valley about 72. in santa rosa. next few days gorgeous weather through the next 2 and then sunday night things change wind really kicking up as we head in toward martin luther king day more wind on tuesday and wednesday and there's a hint of a slight chance of showers by next friday. thanks lauren still ahead at 8 depression stress. loneliness. >>researchers say those are factors that could reduce the effectiveness of the covid vaccine. >>only certain americans are allowed to get the vaccine right now, but that is not stopping people from out of state even from other countries from heading to
8:37 pm
florida plus 2 months after a super spreader of covid outbreak kids back to the track at golden gate fields.
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8:39 pm
>>a super spreader covid outbreak at golden gate fields saw this run re send their to a halt for 2 long months. but today competition forcefully to call reports from berkeley where por says hit the tracks
8:40 pm
without spectators. >>first racing operates golden gate fields and says it has been determined that the covid-19 concerns on the campus and now decreased the levels to allow the resumption of live racing spectators and horse trainers are prohibited from watching the races on site but owner and trainer ronnie whelan says he's just happy to know his girls grades for backing track the door was right just to help the part i mean. >>whatever we feel is investors and owners is spending money. can't afford to spend the money then get out the game with don't you know take us to a rant. i mean you know is this we stuck between a rock and a hard you know so if you shut it down all the way i would have to take mosul at one point the berkeley public health division says more than 300 of the 500 people who work or live here. >>tested positive for covid-19 mast. >>double mask if you have to social distance and don't gather in groups a more than
8:41 pm
fat racing has been suspended since mid november, when the outbreak was discovered the public health division says the virus spread quickly in the dorm style orders were some employees live on property one longtime training died the tracks as it has since implemented strict health and safety protocols that have led to the resumption of racing that wall is once more enforcement you have to have more people. there's a bill in the back side telling them the way as you said over the loudspeaker all you want, but you have to come physically be there. >>and make sure they're doing racing is scheduled to continue every weekend through the month. >>in berkeley police a call from for use >>next today signs of support for youth sports in the bay area parents of students are pleading. let them play. >>and still ahead in sports. the top-ranked women's basketball team in the country's in action. how stanford did and with the giants are saying about a team owner making controversial
8:42 pm
political contr
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8:44 pm
>>right now only certain americans are allowed to get the covid vaccine and over in florida, anybody, 65 and older is technically eligible. >>but proof of residency even citizenship that is not required and that is leading to something called vaccine tourism reporter brian entin explains. long lines persist
8:45 pm
for the covid-19 vaccine in florida, some counties are more efficient than others causing elderly people to drive across the state just to get the shot i don't feel very badly at all that coming over here getting a vaccine. it supported me and other taxpayers in this great country. so i think we all have a right to come get it's first come first serve but people are not just crisscrossing florida to get the vaccine. they're coming from other countries to other people other people back. >>terror cell every 3 all. private that we're creating setting up i her didn't play that station. >>a lot of marcus is a u.s. citizen but is originally from canada despite calling repeatedly and e-mailing she still hasn't been able to get a vaccine appointment, but her sister who is not an american citizen, but has a condo in florida was able to get the
8:46 pm
vaccine. >>what did you think when you factor in system guy. >>i was i was like so many ways, trump worked very them to try you know there every racer is going back. there's a >>and it's not just canadians flying into florida for the vaccine, according to the miami herald foreigners are coming from argentina and brazil too. the state's emergency management director says snowbirds people who live up north but have a residents in florida are encouraged to get the shot but not people from other countries only flying in for the vaccine vaccine. tourism is not prohibit is not permitted. is a torrent. >>people should not be flying here to get a vaccine. >>and flying out i 100% still say. i mean the the state of i
8:47 pm
don't think that's where we are that are they here. remember welcome for anybody from any other country or any other state. >>that was brian entin reporting there are reports of people coming in from alabama and georgia driving into the sunshine state to get vaccines. despite state leaders denouncing this especially the fact that people again flying in from other countries still there is no residency requirement. >>one way or the other so i sometimes just the unknowing of it all is that what they have to get their temperatures taken. >>and every fact you know there has to be certain protocols fine but i don't think we should to shut the door on these kids. >>they say whatever it let them play that was the message today and rallies all across the bay area. parents and students here in brentwood contra costa county we're ging
8:48 pm
health officials to start talking about resuming youth sports. so far the state has not laid out a plan. 4 when youth sports may start again. governor newsome is adjusting its guidelines for when some students can head back to the classrooms for k through 6th graders counties now must have a seven-day average of 25 or fewer cases per 100,000 residents in order to consider reopening. 25% that's down from 28 or fewer cases making it now tougher to reach the benchmark it is unclear what threshold must be met for older students. >>delaying the start of the 2020 tax filing season, the agency will not begin accepting and filing. last year's returns until february 12th, the irs says it needs more time to get ready after the covid relief act that did take effect late last month. normally returns are processed in late january but again
8:49 pm
pushed back about 2 weeks people also being encouraged to submit their returns electronically. for your health there's a new study that says that certain factors, including depression could really reduce the effectiveness of the covid vaccine. researchers in ohio say depression stress and loneliness can weaken the body's immune system. >>affecting the response to vaccines. it is hoped that those negative effects might be eased a bit with doing things like exercising and getting more sleep. >>at a time when millions of americans are waiting their turns to get a covid vaccine. there are reports of some vaccines going to waste more than 150 viles had to be tossed for example at a clinic in los angeles that's after people signed up, but did not show up. now county officials want the public health department to create a standby list for people over 65. the mayor of los angeles says the
8:50 pm
county guidelines need to be a lot more flexible. >>this is something new and i've never seen something new work on day one. but we better make it work as quickly as possible collectively. i don't think there's conspiracy that certain people are consciously saying hey i want to throw this out they believe that they might have had to. >>the vaccinations for people 65 and older and people who work in education childcare emergency services, food and agriculture. they expected to be able to get their vaccinations next month. >>on 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>yesterday was a bit of a bummer in the college hoops world as the duke virginia and san jose state women's programs all announced this a station of their seasons due to covid-19 but despite not being able to play in the bay because of restrictions, stanford is still the number one team in the nation and they put their skill on
8:51 pm
display. today point guard kianna williams and the cardinal looking to stay undefeated on the season taking on the utes in utah today we pick it up in the 1st quarter here card up to williams. she would drain that corner 3 part of a 6 and a half minute stretch in which stanford held the utes without a basket onto the 3rd williams with the assist to los altos own hannah jump and she hits one from 3 point land that would put stanford up by 30 the cardinal barely even had to break a sweat today as they roll over utah 82 to 54 and stanford now a perfect 11 o to start the season. cow on the other they're still searching for that first win sharman smith and the bears squared off against colorado today 1st quarter cow down 10 early lei lani mcintosh trying to close the gap with the 3 she had a nice day 14 points and 10 assists but she also committed 6 turnovers and cal could not stop red hot. freeda foreman
8:52 pm
who had a career-high 19 points for the bucks 3 of them there and once again turnovers just really got the best of cal they had 18 of them today as they fell to colorado 75 to 59. well tonight, giants principal owner charles johnson has addressed criticism surrounding his personal donations to politicians. johnson has donated 10's of millions of dollars to most republican candidates and it was revealed this week he and his wife donated the maximum amount allowed to low one lauren boebert newly-elected colorado congress member who is a q and on sympathizer the giants pa announcer vin l brooks moon was among those who is outspoken in her criticism of this donation. and tonight johnson issued this statement to the sf chronicle via a team spokesperson. johnson began by condemning last week's events at the capitol and went on to say quote it is often difficult to predict the future behavior of candidates and i would never have imagined that any legitimate candidate would participate in undermining the core values of
8:53 pm
our great country nor was i aware that any candidate to whom i contributed was associated with q and on. so johnson also stated that his political contributions were no way associated with the team. now the season isn't set to start until the end of next month, so we're going to see how this plays out but certainly not what the giants wanted to deal with in the middle of the off seen distraction they couldn't be too thrilled about now and he owns the team. >>that's right his so he doesn't need to win the lottery is safe to say he's doing okay, still to come. thank you kate tonight. not one but 2 giant jackpots up for grabs. we'll have figure out is if you might be hundreds of millions of dollars richer.
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8:57 pm
night players will have a chance to when the powerball prize you have 2 different big amounts of money and the powerball 640 million dollars right now so. there's that you can know we can all that wraps up kron 4 news at 8% you being with us this hour. but afternoon, i'm not going anywhere we'll be back at the top of the hour talking about presidentelect joe biden unveiling his 5 step. the vaccine strategy today, how he says they'll make sure 100 million shots are given in his first 100 days in office also in use by doctor she's giving out hundreds of doses to seniors, 75 and older this weekend. >>why she's doing this why she decided to take it upon herself to help out the most vulnerable population. those
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. maxis offer so much. >>vaccine rollout united states has been a dismal failure. this. now at 9 president elect joe biden not holding back while sharing his thoughts on the current vaccine. rollout plan. >>before introducing his own strategy. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us on kron 4 news at 9 on this friday night i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan vicki liviakis has the night off.


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