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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 15, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. maxis offer so much. >>vaccine rollout united states has been a dismal failure. this. now at 9 president elect joe biden not holding back while sharing his thoughts on the current vaccine. rollout plan. >>before introducing his own strategy. good evening, everybody thanks for being with us on kron 4 news at 9 on this friday night i'm grant lotus and i'm catherine heenan vicki liviakis has the night off. after unveiling his
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nearly 2 trillion dollar covid relief plan yesterday. >>president elect biden addressing the nation today this time to introduce his vaccine plan this is a 5 step approach that will focus on getting more americans vaccinated biden has said he wants to vaccinate a 100 million people in 100 days, he's planning to boost vaccine. supplies create more vaccination sites get more professionals to help administer those shots and he wants more education on the subject getting all that done of course no small task kron four's justine waldman now explains. >>how biden plans to actually get it done. >>the city one of the most challenging operation efforts ever undertaken by our country. that you have my word. we will manage the health this operation. >>president elect joe biden is making it clear what the main focus of his administration will be fixing the extremely
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flawed covid vaccine. rollout 5 things to turn frustration and the motivation. 5 things to help us meet our goal of 100 million shots by the end of our first 100 days in office, speaking for the second straight day about how he plans to tackle the pandemic once he takes office the president elect laid out what it will take to meet that goal of 100 million shots. we'll use the defense production act to work with private industry to accelerate the making of materials needed to supply in administering vaccine. >>from the to ensure lunges syringes to protective equipment biden also criticized the trump administration's strategy of withholding doses saying he's taking a much different approach our administration released the vast majority of axes when they're available more people to get vaccinated quickly while still retain a small reserve for any unseen
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shortage or delays, although he plans to make more doses available biden says he does not plan on changing the fda's recommended dosing schedules. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>state leaders have surpassed the goal of distributing 1 million doses of the vaccine and 10 days governor newsome says that as of today more than one 0.1 million californians have been vaccinated california so far has received a total of 3 million dosis we've got increased the pace and distribution in the administration of these vaccines. california has been pretty slow and distributing the inventory of shots compared to much of the rest of the country. the recent surge of new cases of course that's not helping state leaders are promising things will get better. >>mayor london breed announced a partnership between the city and private health care providers in the county to create 3 new large scale vaccination sites they'll be
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set up at the moscone center in the city a district city college of san francisco in the sunnyside neighborhood and the s of community market in the bayview people 65 and older in the city may have to wait a bit longer though then those in other counties because san francisco is still technically working through vaccinating people in phase. one a. >>we have between 80 to 90,000 frontline health care workers in the city. so that here is bigger for us than it is for other counties in this state. >>mayor breed says the city is going through vaccine doses as quickly as possible getting shots in arms. she also says the city has the proper infrastructure to distribute 10,000. day as long as there are enough shots to go around. >>the oakland coliseum that could become a mass coronavirus vaccination site and that could happen as soon as next month. the idea to use it as a side to floated this
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week after governor newsom announced that's similar sites would be launched at dodger stadium in l a a petco park in san diego calif foe and sacramento. the alameda county public health department though still has to approve the use of the coliseum as a vaccination center before it can begin providing dosis. >>contra costa county is ramping up efforts to get people vaccinated officials sell the vaccination clinic on the campus of diablo valley college today as they prepare to welcome people, 65 and older to sign up and get the shot the county is still prioritizing people in the first phase meeting health care workers and folks living or working in long-term care facilities, but anybody, 65 and older can sign up to date the county has administered about 36,000 shots. >>in the east bay walnut creek doctor is trying to help people 75 and older to get vaccinated 500 doses of the pfizer vaccine have been
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acquired from contra costa county which the doctor will distribute this weekend. kron four's gayle ong live with us tonight in lafayette to explain how this is going to work gayle. >>grant and katharine this weekend there will be a drive-thru clinic at stanley middle school here in lafayette and it was put together after a number of senior patients pleaded for help. >>level desperation people not knowing where to go and those who are most vulnerable are our elderly population. often had the hardest time navigating the sets that were available county but sites and other online on station's doctor rebecca parish of comprehensive wellness in walnut creek acquired 500 doses of the pfizer vaccine from contra costa county with the help from local nonprofits i decided that if i was going go through the process. registering that's in spencer.
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and if i was through all that and we're going to get as many people as we can a drive-thru clinic will be held over the weekend a lot by ad aimed for seniors who don't live in nursing homes anr risk of falling through the cracks more than a 100 health care volunteers will vaccinate adults ages, 75 and older. >>according to the u.s. census bureau data nearly 9.5 million seniors, 65 and older lack internet access local nonprofits will assist seniors making appointments online and providing transportation to the clinic for those who needed with the slow vaccine rollout across the state and bay area. >>doctor parish hopes this weekend's drive-thru clinic will be a model to others it just seems unconscionable to me that we would have doses and not give them to the people. >>who are at highest risk. >>the drive-thru clinic will open 08:00am tomorrow at stanley middle school here in lafayette once again and this will go on through the weekend until everyone who registered
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get their shot. it is by appointment only. and right now the register free registration is full so there is a wait list and we'll post that link on our website live in lafayette gayle ong kron 4 news. all right carol, thank you very much will of the 31 million vaccine doses that have been distributed to states. >>only 12 million of actually been administered to people so a lot of americans are wondering. what is the hold up to help us try to make sense of the issues we welcome in doctor bob wachter chair of the department of medicine at ucsf leading pandemic expert. >>in the u.s. see also has a new job and we'll get to that momentarily. doctor wachter thanks for being with us on a friday night i presume in i don't know a couple months you'll be on here talking about how people need to trust the vaccine and go get vaccinated but at this point you have more people who want it who can't get it. what do you see as the one or 2 biggest problems here.
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>>i think you're raising one of the most interesting things about the vaccine. we will have this period over the next 2, 3, months. >>there there is a massive demand and inadequate supply and then so time i think it's probably going to be april or we will >>into having an effect seen in trying to assure the people that people get it. the problem so far has been that the we've not reverse the last mile very well meaning the government today amazing job getting these vaccines produce incredibly safe amazingly effective vaccines. and did a nice job getting them out into the communities with the trucks and the airplanes. but to many see if your last speaker said are sitting in freezers and vaccines. >>the fact that nationally about 30 to 35% of the vaccine doses that have been distributed have been injected is really pretty terrible in california is doing slightly worse. the national average so we actually have to fix that it's an emergency where 4,000
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people a day are dying. and every person who could get a shot today and doesn't may get sick in a couple weeks in the fa some of them will die so we have to really step up the tempo here. >>doctor any thoughts on how to simplify things i mean we're hearing politicians governor newsome president elect biden basically assuring us there are plans it will get better. are there ways to simplify what we're doing what's the what is the problem. >>well, the problem is it is complicated. we didn't plan for it adequately i think we have treated it as almost a routine matter getting it and you see a lot of clinics the go 8 to 5 monday through friday. we're not treating this as a as a national emergency in a state of emergency. as it is. so the the the solution is is everything we need more clinics, we need them to be more accessible. we need more people to be doing injecting in all of the other things that have to be done. we're going to need more vaccine. but that is not the problem.
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that we're facing today. many of the vaccination sites are in hospitals in their hospitals are overwhelmed with covid patients so we need to move them out into the communities into into the the pharmacies in 2. into football stadiums into parking lots all of that seems to be happening. but it really took too long you know just in the past couple days we're hearing about big plans at the state level. we're now hearing about big plans at the federal level the people president biden has been in charge of this are fantastic and it really feels like for the first time that i recall in the pandemic we're being treated as adults were being told the truth we're being told what the plans are that gives me a lot of hope. >>doctor one layer of this people who are suggesting they don't want it they're not going to get it but there's a concern that there will be a lot of focus on those people while some argue paxson 8 the people who are willing. i worry about cajoling the rest of them down the line. >>yeah in the short term i think that it's important that
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we do both things week we vaccinate as many people as we possibly can and during the time that we have a supply-demand mismatch the key thing is just get everybody there are plenty of people or hundreds of millions of people that want to be vaccinated we've got have to get vaccinated at the same time we have to be controlling is probably not right it's really giving people the information they need so that they make the right choice i just got my second shot tonight. it's to me it was even close what the right choice was and and the edge because the vaccine is 95% safe. 95% effective in terms of preventing case of covid nearly a 100% effective in preventing serious cases of covid and extraordinarily safe at ucsf we've now given over 20,000. vaccinations and we have had a couple of cases of allergies where people had to take benadryl and that's it. vaccination so i think people
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will come to this some people say that i want to wait a little bit that's ok because other people are waiting for their vaccine and they they will grab it. but i think over time most people will say you know i can take my chances with covid killing 4,000 people a day where i can get this miraculous and safe vaccine. i think most people are going to come and believe that it's the right thing to do. all right so you're already a busy guy right you take care of sick patients you teach future doctors, the research and write about it and you manage this whole department thousands of people. >>so it sounds like you need one more thing to do doctor will actor and i was getting a little or done is it a longer because you're going to be guest wildly popular and fast growing. podcast it's called in the bubble and he slammed it has been the host but he has been asked by the biden white house to come serve as a senior adviser for the pandemic response and and he's going to do that for the next 4 months. i bet you never
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thought you'd be hosting a podcast. >>i did that was not my list of things that was going to do. i have been doing a whole lot of public communication since this started and i you know it's it's a gratifying thing to do. we're all learning about this together there's a tremendous amount of need for information and there's a lot of misinformation out there. so we've been having grand rounds at ucsf that we've been putting on youtube they've been very very popular i've been tweeting a lot. andy who's one of my heroes of these effective an impasse person. called me last week and he question for you would you like to take over my podcast which gets about a million downloads a month. and i said sure so i'll do that for 4 i i have been an avid listener so might as well inches do it and the guests are a who's who in the world of covid but the world to find quite broadly including everything from tony fauci to tina fey last weekend the new
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cdc director well on monday, i'm interview to the world's expert on the mutations in the new couple days to be the people who we're focusing on la and what's going on in la so just a great opportunity and i'm i feel privileged to be in that position do that for the next 4 months congrats we've got overtime to 5 seconds it any symptoms from your peers set second shot here. >>i feel fine i feel fine after my first shot my arm. >>it felt like somebody slapped my on the next day really a big nothing burger and you should get the vaccine. the minute you have a chance to get it. >>you're clear on that pre shut your time that is doctor bob wachter the chair of the department of medicine at ucsf and now most of a podcast in the bubble have a good night have a good weekend. thanks so much appreciate it. >>thanks start to have fun of the right. let's take a another look at the forecast let's have a little fun with that yeah lawrence karnow here you can host a podcast but you
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would be good asked why not we've had a great day today lot of sunshine and some spring-like weather outside tonight, temperatures staying up quite a bit. >>we've got high pressure overhead and that big strong dome of high pressure just not allow if you get all that cool so yeah, nice night out there a few high clouds passing by today spectacular impact had some records today we set a record in salinas and 84 degrees if you can believe that we tied a santa rosa at 70 degrees so certainly remarkable temperatures all these numbers running a good 5 to 15 degrees above the average for this time of year you see that all around the bay area. numbers we had today in the 60's and the 70's that is just very warm for this time of year. still major storms out there in the pacific you can just winding up the unfortunate thing the also see that little curl clockwise curl right over the top of that ridge of high pressure that's the signature that ridge setting all that moisture well to the north so that keeps us dry and just a
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few passing clouds and that's all we've got out there right now keep things dry around the state. of the bay area looking dry now and that's the way it is going to stay throughout the weekend. something to watch out for all that nice weather of course i think a lot of people will be flocking to the beaches said the if you head out to the coast. there could be some 20 foot breakers right along the water's edge stay off the rock staff, the jan is very dangerous conditions out there for tomorrow now overnight tonight you see the temperatures slowly to fall off or a winter's night into the 50's partly cloudy skies. we're going to one remarkable weekend ahead, we will have more on that in the prospects for any chance of rain the forecast we'll talk about that coming thanks alerts as well tonight and that she is speaking out on behalf of a grieving san francisco woman whose young child was killed. >>in a murder suicide, san francisco police found the bodies of her ex husband and her 9 year-old boy. this was wednesday night in the marina district the initially anyway believed to have followed a bitter dispute over medical decisions regarding the boy.
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>>kron four's dan thorn he's live from san francisco with details on this case what do we know >>a grant and katharine whether this 9 year-old boy should be vaccinated was just one of the arguments these parents were having over their son family law attorneys lori nickel last said. that she believes that this hoard act was more so about the father and his unwillingness to give up control of his son. it was also suffering from some sort of untreated mental illness, resulting in this tragic murder suicide. a terrifying act of violence results in the killing of 9 year-old pier so laughlin his father is accused of shooting the boy and then turning the gun on himself at this apartment building on scott street in the marina the tragedy follows a divorce from 5 years ago and bitter disputes between pierce's parents over what was best for the boy says a tourney lori mack lis i think it is
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undeniable. >>that pierce's father suffered from untreated mental illness which resulted in his taking the life. his son into his own life. >>pierce's mother lesley he was seeking sole custody of peers which would allow her to make medical decisions on his behalf such as getting vaccinations however, necklace as vaccinations were not the sole reason for peers being killed pierce wasn't killed. >>because of a disagreement over stuffy nose and he wasn't killed over a disagreement regarding vaccinations he was killed for more complex reasons pearce was a student at catholic private school convent and stuart hall in san francisco, the schools sending kron 4 news a brief statement saying in part quote. >>we're devastated by these events and we are praying for this family necklace a veteran and family law says these
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types of cases are rare but undiagnosed and untreated mental illness can lead to unpredictable results he punished last may. >>with the ultimate act of violence, killing her child. and she will suffer. as i believe was intended. >>for the rest of her life. >>well understandably this family is asking for privacy during this extremely difficult difficult time the mild san francisco police are continuing their investigation into this murder suicide and in the meantime if you are having any suicidal thoughts or you think someone that you know might be having these sorts of thoughts, you're encouraged to contact the national suicide prevention hotline, and you could find that number at the bottom of your screen. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>donald trump is the first president in u.s. history to
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be impeached twice by the house of representatives house speaker nancy pelosi has still not really offering any clues on her plans to send to president trump's impeachment to the senate for trial. dean reynolds has that story. >>with some 20,000 armed soldiers fanning out across the city and ringing the capital washington dc was looking like a fortress with joe biden's inauguration just 5 days away. at a regular briefing today house speaker nancy pelosi said the threat of further violence made this an emotional time for lawmakers very passionate about our reaction but we must be very dispassionate. >>and how we make decisions to go forward for security security security. >>she said last week's assault was incited by the president then she focused on one photo of the mob as particularly upsetting one figure. the man. and a shirt. with ashle which on that. show it. work equals
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freedom off 56 year-old robert keith packer of newport news, virginia was arrested on wednesday on charges connected to the riot. >>it was a year ago the speaker recalled that she led a delegation to yad vashem the holocaust museum in jerusalem. a trip that was proceeded to auschwitz itself 75 years after its liberation to see this punk. >>with that shirt on and his anti semitism that he has bragged about. to be part of the day. white supremist raid on this capital. the choirs us to have an after action review. to assign responsibility to those. we're part of organizing it and incentivizing on that point she was asked about allegations that some republican members of congress may have provided on sanction
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tours of the capitol. >>to those who stormed it something the u.s. capitol police are now investigating if unchecked it is found that members of congress. >>we're accomplishing this to this insurrection. if they aided and abetted the crime. there may have to be actions taken beyond the congress in terms of prosecution for that as for consequences, she said the 9 house managers are now preparing for the trial of president trump. >>on president ever takes place because it will involve a former president. meanwhile republican senator lindsey graham said the january 6th bryant will undoubtedly be part of the trump pushed election was stolen too far too long and too dark. >>and it seems to that president is ready to impeaching him graham asserted would be going too far i think this scarlet letter
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impeachment is a horrible idea it's just temperament done in the history that country. >>impeaching a president after they leave office i think it's unconstitutional it. the reason they're doing this is to voters scarlet letter on donald trump so you can't forget. >>president elect biden of course not yet in office freshman congresswoman is already calling for his impeachment. >>on january 21st i will be filing articles of impeachment on joe biden. that is congresswoman. >>marjorie taylor greene and her plan is not expected to go anywhere in fact some republicans have already dismissed it. green has made headlines in recent months for her support of the killing on conspiracy theory movement. on wednesday join us for our live inauguration special celebrating america, we'll be on air all day with all the festivities but then in primetime this program welcome a new era of leadership and will be hosted by the east bay
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native tom hanks with celebrity performances. it's right here wednesday, 05:30am at night. >>coming up on kron 4 news at 9 california updating its threshold for when students can head back to school. >>and the nra wants nothing to do with new york with the organization did to break ties. >>and the irs pushing back the start of taxation when it will now begin accepting and processing return it.
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>>for your money tonight to some good news believe it or not from the irs a lease for most people it's delaying the start of the 2020 tax filing season, pushing it back 2 weeks into february. the agency will not begin accepting and filing last year's returns until february 12 they say they just need more time after the covid relief factor that took effect late last month, normally the irs begins accepting and processing returns and like january people are also being urged to submit their returns as soon as they can and to do that electronically. filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy today saying in a statement that probably going to move headquarters from new york to texas, the gun rights group will ask a court to allow it to really incorporate in texas
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where there are more than 400,000 nra members chapter 11 is often used as a kind of reorganizing to way to keep business alive and pay creditors over time. >>still to come 2 months after a super spreader covid outbreak hundreds of people infected. it is back to the track at golden gate fields, we'll show you what's going on there plus why handful of covid vaccine said to be thrown out and about some signs of support for use sports here in the bay area.
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>>thousands have reported you sightings and some have been declassified by the federal government this week that's ahead of a deadline set by oddly enough the coronavirus relief bill, you know this is an interesting story kron four's ella sogomonian she joins us in the studio to explain ella catherine grant this mysterious blue light was captured over the skies of hawaii just this week. >>it's hard to understand exactly why but lawmakers who want to know more about these kind of events have tacked on an order for more information on you oppose to the covid-19 relief bill that could make this past year all the more strange. >>we want to know who who are they. well why are they here. it what are their intentions. and how long have they been here. >>the clock is ticking for the pentagon's discreet program to
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investigate foes as ordered by a clause in the coronavirus relief bill. the a p task force which stands for unidentified aerial phenomenon. now has less than 180 days to submit a detailed overview of the u f o mystery to congress so far this week nearly 3,000 documents have been declassified and can be found on the black called website. we spoke with the state director of the northern california mutual ufo network about these developments. census information will be on classified can we expect some groundbreaking information or do you think that it may still be tailored to. >>what the federal government the public can handle and b what may be safe to reveal for any foreign enemies out there listening. >>i it's probably the latter both there there might be some groundbreaking information but i could totally understand main cautious because he could be a national security issue too. >>that threat may be prompting
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a stronger push from lawmakers for more information to be shared. the first public mention of the p task force came in june 2020 when the senate intelligence committee formally asked the pentagon for a comprehensive analysis of the mysterious objects over the last 3 years members and staff of the key committees had received closed door briefings about startling encounters with the u.s. military. there has been a lot of evidence worldwide including video from our navy pilots which the department of defense released last year that captured strange objects moving in ways that defy our current understanding of physics, marco rubio who is on the senate intelligence committee has been very vocal on demanding more concrete answers and transparency anytime you have things flying over military installation and you don't know what they are that immediately raises issues of counterintelligence not immediately raises issues of national security. >>and so my view of it is that we have something that that we need to know the answer to the american public deserve to
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know as much as possible about it and we shouldn't allow the stigma associated with u f o to keep us from trying to answer that question. for decades, americans have been reporting various descriptions of things that can explain. >>floating in the sky from orb of light to saucers and disks despite the new push for information. it may be difficult to prove whether all of it will truly be released. this effort by the government and millions of dollars spent on an advanced aerospace threat identification program. >>suggests just how serious this is, but whether man made or something else entirely remains a question you can watch the entire interview tonight at 11 on the kron on app live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >>we just want to know where the others right sometimes just the unknowing of it all is that what they have to get their temperatures taken. >>and every fact you know there has to be certain protocols fine but i don't think we should to shut the door on these kids. >>whatever it takes let them play that was the message
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today and rallies all across the bay area. parents and students here in brentwood in contra costa county we're urging health officials to start talking about resuming youth sports. so far the state has not laid out a plan for when you sports might start again. and governor newsom is adjusting its guidelines for when some students can get back into the classroom for k through grade 6 students counties must have a seven-day average of 25 or fewer cases per 100,000 residents in order to consider reopening and that that's down from 28 or fewer cases making it now tougher to reach that benchmark. it's unclear what threshold must be met for older students. >>a super spreader covid outbreak at golden gate fields that halted racing there for 2 months hundreds of people had covid there but today competition resumed cut forcefully call reports from berkeley where horses at the tracks without spectators.
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>>for the first time since mid november, horse racing gets the green light at gate fields ronnie stopped by friday morning to check on the horses, he owns and trains before you had to leave. >>for now racing will continue without spectators. owners are also prohibited from watching the races on site i love racing. mean i love horses and the love competition. >>there's a way we can do it safely. 1st racing track operator suspended racing 2 months ago when a covid-19 outbreak was discovered the berkeley public health division says more than 300 people who work here tested positive for the virus by december. the virus spreading in the dorm style foreigners were some employees live on property one longtime trainer died. >>since then wallace says everyone gets tested weekly have been tested probably 30 times first racing says it has been determined that the
9:38 pm
covid-19 concerns on the campus have now decreased the levels to allow the resumption of live racing still wallace says there is room to improve health and safety protocols moving forward all the bathrooms every bond hand washing stations to a 3 at the bar plus the regular bathrooms. >>you have to use them. they put the stuff there. they tell us what to do. but you still have people to go sit in a room and ring been eat together you have families that these bonds at cook. >>and groups, a 5 1020. and that's how it spreads because they're asymptomatic and they don't have symptoms and they gathered together they stood in cars and travel together they go shopping together. it's a little world within a world here the racing office will remain closed indefinitely for in person business but wagers are being accepted over the phone. >>in berkeley fleet and all kron 4 news. >>and a time when millions of americans are waiting their turn to get a covid-19 vaccine. there are reports of some vaccines going to waste
9:39 pm
more than 150 viles had to be tossed this was a clinic in l a and it happened after people who signed up to get shot. they didn't show up. now county officials want the public health department to create a standby list for people over 65. vaccinations for those 65 and older and people working in education childcare emergency services and food and agriculture are expected to begin next month. >>after powerful storms churning in the pacific. the question is when will they had in our direction. we may see one coming our way we'll talk about that coming up. and as vice president-elect kamala harris gets ready to take off a scrum for taking a closer look at the political glass ceiling she's broken from here in the bay area across the state and washington dc. >>join our pam moore who is hosting kamala harris first but not last that's
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>>for sports. >>the stanford women's hoops team has only played one home game this season and has even been able to practice in the bay area since early december and that's all due to covid-19 restrictions in santa clara county of course but someone forgot to tell the cardinal about home-court advantage because they're doing just fine on the road. yeah point guard kianna williams and the cardinal tonight looking to
9:43 pm
stay undefeated on the season as they took on the utes in utah we pick this one up in the 1st quarter cardinal up to williams. training the corner 3 part of a 6 and a half minute stretch in which stanford held the utes without a basket we go on to the 3rd now williams with the looked also los altos own hannah jump what a great hoops name that she has one from 3 point land and that put stanford up by 30 the cardinal barely even have to break a sweat today as they roll right over utah 82 to 54. and they're now a perfect 11 to know to start the season. cal on the other hand well they're still searching for that first win of the season charmin smith and the bears squared off against colorado 1st quarter cal down 10 early lonnie mcintosh trying to close the gap there with that 3 andashe added i stay 14 points and 10 assists but she also committed 6 turnovers and cal, just could not stop the red-hot freeda foreman who had a career-high 19 points for
9:44 pm
the buffs 3 of them there. and once again turnovers just really getting the best of cal they had 18 of them today as they fall to colorado 75 to 59. well tonight's giants principal owner charles johnson has addressed criticism surrounding his personal donations to politicians. johnson has donated 10's of millions of dollars to mostly republican candidates. it was revealed this week he and his wife have donated the maximum amount each allowed to lauren boebert that's newly elected colorado congress member who is a q and on sympathizer giants pa announcer in l brooks moon was among those who was outspoken in her criticism of this donation. and tonight johnson issued this statement to the sf chronicle via a team spokesperson. johnson began by condemning last week's events at the capitol and went on to say quote it is often difficult to predict the future behavior of candidates. and i would never have imagined that any legitimate candidate would participate in undermining the core values of our great country. nor was i aware that any candidate to
9:45 pm
whom i contributed was associated with q and on. johnson also stated that his political contributions were in no way associated with the team. now the season isn't set to start until the end of next month, so we'll see how this all plays out
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>>you've likely seen images of this man here who was part of the group that stormed the capitol last wednesday. has a unique horns for red white and
9:48 pm
blue face paint he now wants president trump to. pardon him. >>his name is jacob but chansley facing a string of charges. his lawyer has been talking to reporters tonight. sarah barker has that story. >>you've likely seen images of this man photographed multiple times and said the united states capitol during last week's riot bare chested wearing fur horns and patriotic colors painted on his face he's been identified as jacob chansley of phoenix and he's charged with 4 misdemeanors and one felony now st. louis attorney al watkins who also represented the mccloskeys is representing him my client jacob was one of those committed individuals and he had president trump people loved. president trump. >>and on january 6 the president spoke to him watkins says chansley is a veteran with no criminal history just
9:49 pm
20 years over his head the felony charge. >>because she followed the president because he accepted the president's invitation. watkins says his client was peaceful unarmed and had no intention of committing felony acts. >>and manager taking over the country. and not insurrection that is doing anything as a showman other then putting faith. and our president and the law enforcement present. >>watkins says chansley was referred to him watkins has been license in washington dc for about 40 years. he says he thought about it long and hard but chose to represent him. my obligation. >>it's my o h. my duty is not to judge my client but do these to be an advocate for my fight now all of that being shed. this case is very interesting. >>now chancellor being held in
9:50 pm
a phoenix federal facility in quarantine as a covid precaution. watkins says authorities determined he was not a flight risk and will be released pending the trial in washington dc there barker newsnation louis. >>it has been an interesting week and a half to say the least to schools which gears right now and talk about something that there's also a bit perplexing the weather yeah i mean ice again we're concerned about here's lourdes yeah, i was just looking long range forecast. i think as we get the end of the month things are going to change in fact. >>some long range forecast actually have us getting to above normal precipitation. le starting the end of the month so enjoy the nice lot. why we've got a look at the spring-like weather out there today and looks like we'll have it again tomorrow major storm out there in the pacific and fortunately that ridge of high pressure just too strong to love to get any closer so. >>i got a couple high clouds out there tonight, but remains dry and really fairly mild for this time of year all around the bay area you've got to
9:51 pm
make sure stars and a few clouds a couple patches of fog may form in the valleys overnight tonight and tomorrow, mostly sunny above normal but normal temperatures again on sunday outside right now we're still looking at 60 degrees on a winter's night in hayward 59 in oakland 61 in san francisco, 59 in berkeley 54 degrees in the bottle so certainly staying up tonight because of the cloud cover out there but high pressure is going to likely slide in here and that ridge will bring with it more sunshine for tomorrow now after that things going to change we're going to switch gears but boy some of these temperatures 85 degrees, los angeles red flag warnings are up their fire danger is high through tomorrow some gusty offshore winds we're going to see some gusty winds come our way to but right now looks like the next couple days. it's all about that sunshine temperatures up in the 60's and the 70's, the winds though moving in on sunday night and monday will be very blustery maybe some gusts over the mountain tops over 50 miles per hour through that period about monday into about wednesday of next week they may be next friday. some rain. we better hope that long-range
9:52 pm
rain is accurate. through and trouble yeah, it all more red flag warnings here that do i think in next. coming up caught on camera a woman seen stuffing a parrot in her pocket. >>and a pet store in a florida. why the
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
it's time for the lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. ...and done. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, free delivery when you add a base. ends monday. >>a pet store owner in florida says he is worried tonight after this woman here came
9:55 pm
into his shop and stole one of his parents surveillance cameras captured. how it happened stacey schaible has the story. >>seascape aquarium and pet center in sarasota received a $500 parrot 2 hours later, it was pocketed by a thief. employee chris going says he was helping 2 women who wanted a look at some of the birds one robot one, the other girl decided she wanted to take in this video goins is picking up the bird the lady on the right wants to buy. after he leaves the woman in black reaches in to scoop out another one. while she's doing that he is distracted helping the first woman. they want to know is just. >>and try to distract me keep me away from. >>the 10 years, the woman a black finally grabs the baby blue parrot and puts it in her pocket. she rejoins the other woman and they promptly leave the store the store manager says he's worried the bird may not have survived the theft saying that i pocket would make it really hard for a little bird, a brief. the
9:56 pm
manager says he just hopes the thieves are brought to justice and he hopes the pair it is still alive and brought back safely. >>in entertainment tonight grammy award winner pit bull he's now the co-owner of a nascar racing team he sure that news today. this also happens to be his 40th birthday, he officially announced his partnership with team tracked house and owner, justin marks pit bull says he's been a big nascar fan ever since he saw the tom cruise movie days of thunder in 1990. now he says he just can't wait to be part of the racing world. oprah winfrey will be the subject of an upcoming that two-part documentary series that will follow her career over 25 years from humble beginnings to the queen of talk it will debut on apple plus no word yet on when the show will be ready to stream. that people will watch you know they're going it's over that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 thanks being
9:57 pm
with us this hour but keep it here a prime-time coverage continues coming up at the top of the hour. >>a doctor in contra costa county is setting up a drive-thru vaccine clinic for people 75 and older this weekend's lot of interest who's eligible to show up and. >>where you need to go. also san francisco still stuck on phase. the vaccine rollout plan so why is it taking so long to get things moving and what's being done to help. >>those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>they're feeling they're very very vulnerable to an extent that i don't know that we've had on such a mass scale of the in my professional experience. >>now at 10 with the coronavirus running rampant race to get people vaccinated picking up a lot of people are afraid they will not get the shot some time. thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news, i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus lot of anxiety out there it is now been. >>one month since california started giving some people covid shots safe to say the rollout is not meeting expectations. according to the cdc. the u.s. has distributed more than


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