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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 16, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. he wants it. >>we're just days away from
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vice president elect joe biden being sworn in as america's 46 president and the final preps are in place ahead of the most guarded inauguration in american history. good evening and thanks so much for joining us tonight here on kron 4 news at 9 i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman we'll have much more on that in just a moment to want to get right now to the breaking news we've been following here tonight. >>way that happened right near rome, us it started at a 4.5 but has since been since been downgraded to a 4.2 and there was an aftershock. a 3 the first quake coming in at 8 oh one tonight that aftershock of the 3 coming in at 8 '06 people from the south bay up to the east bay even along the peninsula and san francisco telling us that they felt this earthquake tonight tonight the u.s. geological survey receiving more than 17,000 responses from folks they are getting reports of folks feeling this earthquake as far east as but all the way up to elk grove outside of sacramento and even further
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north. >>of sacramento in to roseville just to give you an idea on exactly where folks are getting where they were feeling this and where the u.s. geological survey getting their tonight from from the folks who say that they felt this 4.2 magnitude earthquake as we were saying initially felt 8 oh one tonight, an aftershock of 3 felt some 5 minutes later tonight, there's still no word on any reports of any injuries or any damage as a result of quake. for the very latest on what is happening a lot of shaking happening around the bay area tonight we are joined on the phone now by i don't personally with the u.s. geological donna thanks so much for spending time with us here on kron 4 news or not. >>good evening. >>first off just what can you tell have about some of the reports that you are receiving we know that you guys have see some 17,000 reports so far can you just kind of break down what you guys have learned so far.
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>>sure yet that report that coming from around the monterey bay area. taking far no rain or theft francisco. it's not unexpected for an earthquake of this size to be out that far away. at this point we have 5 biggest one was a magnitude 3 point oh that was out. the i don't want a smaller. so they're likely by anybody and you pay close to it. >>which fault was it that moved. >>point the current is very close to 100 i don't know specifically if there is an offshoot of the fall or it's considered portion of the san andreas fault. the massive fall, i generally considered to be area not simple lines. >>no in the last 10 days there have been. 2 earthquakes of a magnitude 3 point oh or greater centered nearby,
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including on thursday, there was a 3.6 near pleasant hill. what does this tell us about what the san andreas fault is doing. >>when you start with this whole area experienced this earthquake of magnitude 4 fairly frequently the last on that happened in your area near. aroma. it was a 4 point oh in 2017. but and then you have seen a number of earthquakes along that region. so. it's and the active i would not think that this means that the big one is coming. but i of course i cannot predict it. but these are things to happen frequently. >>in that particular gonna of a us that's not a hoax it's not very densely populated area is is that. good news as obviously with not a lot of people there in that particular area you're not getting a lot of reports of any damage or any injuries correct.
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>>that that's correct. again with a face of this >>damage or injury, i'm not expected. you might be localized moscow damage uptick spotting minor minor stuff like that. but yes, it's good that it. but a remote. >>is there any way to tell that these might be for shocks to a bigger earthquake that is coming. >>now this point. >>and what is it that you at the usgs look at once an earthquake like this happens. what do you take from it in order to learn more about how the earth is moving underneath us here in the bay area. >>but the most important thing one these are great happen it do. record and accurately locate all the aftershocks that gives us more of an idea of but all these are things happen on what is happening at
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that. where they coming from and i they tapering down is this something out happening. no monitoring is the most important things right now. >>he said the there are 5 aftershocks after this one initial quake that that's correct. there are 5 after shot. >>the other 4 are very minor there was a 2.1 2.0. 1.6 1.4 that's a very minor they in to one in 8 o 6 when there was that the 3 or did have they been happening after 8 o 00:00pm tonight. >>one of them happened in between them and the other 3 afterward. >>does that indicate anything else does that tell you something about if you are expected or folks are. expected to feel any other after shots to have that many in a short period of time. >>no no you cannot really tell i mean if you have a man aged 4 point oh main shock you expect one 1993 after shot,
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maybe maybe 4 of them and then you might have several choose. >>you know, but those again those not the that this is fairly normal kind of. we have and of of the oldest of the 4 point going to happen. >>a bart has now reported that they did track inspections and there are no reports of any damage along the bark tracks in the bay area that's important to pass along we're asking our viewers wanted to tell us what where they were and what they felt and i just want to describe to a little bit about how they were telling us. it felt to them some say it felt like 2 quick shakes other said it was very mild or along shake. and then a shake and jolt. some say that they felt their windows rattle what does what people are saying that they're feeling about it being mild and shaking more than jolts what does that tell you about what the san andreas fault is doing. >>it tells me what happened during. they're afraid when
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when it when it started my name is moving by the homes that people felt it. when one quick happened the initial. higher frequencies, the initial energy is more of a jolt and then the rolling motion comes from the surface space that come in later. the father away you are from the earthquake. the more likely you are could just feel. rowling of the surface made if you're close nearby you field that chart at the beginning and then the shaking the running afterwards that of on the f race and the defense coming through. >>so depending where you were especially since we look at we're looking at map now that shows us the the seismic circles, the rolling how how far out from the epicenter, the shaking or the rolling was felt to that so the further out that you are from the epicenter of the more you would feel like a rolling feeling than an actual jolt. >>that drug. >>gonna personally with the
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u.s. geological survey. >>we appreciate your time, thanks much for answering these questions for us providing these updates. for our viewers we are. stills still tracking to find out of it if there's any damage and the any loss as a result lots of information that you guys are still receiving from the u.s. geological survey tonight. donna thank you so much for your time. >>thank you. >>stay safe and also a good reminder to be prepared these could happen at any moment at any time. the latest information is on our website kron 4 dot com and we'll be talking about this earthquake a little bit more later on tonight here on kron 4 news in prime time meanwhile, another big story we're following the saturday night new details about bomb making materials found inside one man's san francisco rv. >>the discovery prompted dozens of people at the candlestick rv park to evacuate. >>kron four's dan thorn is live near the rv park tonight he has the latest on the investigation good evening. dan.
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>>and jonathan and just seen more than 24 hours later investigators still have gilman avenue here which is just a little ways up from that rv park closed off. investigators telling us that they do not believe that these bomb making materials were odd in any way connected any sort of inauguration protest, however, it's still unclear tonight. exactly what this man was planning on doing with this explosive material but in the meantime the residents of this rv park there left without being able to return here for another night as these investigators continue their work. >>fbi agents in san francisco police officers investigate after a man living at the candlestick rv park is accused of trying to build a bomb the chemicals used to make explosives were discovered in the residents of 37 year-old kyle matthew folsom, police say they did not know why folsom was doing this, but he appears to have been acting on his own close to a 100 residents of the rv park had to be evacuated friday night,
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the red cross supplying blankets while setting up temporary shelters for people to stay in muni buses were seen taking those residents away from the park they're not giving out any solid details >>and they they really didn't know they just such a natural evacuated i mean you know i don't think don't think there was a chore says no one really a choice in police say the evacuations had to be done out of an abundance of caution the park along gilman avenue is expected to be closed until sunday >>well despite the police saying they have a man in custody, this investigation is still ongoing folsom is right now facing. charges for several crimes, including unlawful possession of explosives, reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news and and just on a total side note here there was this earthquake tonight, you're out there in san francisco did you
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feel anything. >>didn't feel anything here in hunters >>good to know, thanks. dan thanks dan. much more ahead here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight, we'll take a look at it a part of the bay area that's finding success in its vaccine. rollout and what the rest of the bay area can learn from it. >>vice president mike pence visiting the golden state tonight and a military base this afternoon naval station the more. his message to families still to come. >>but first please from a bay area family looking for answers in a deadly hit and run.
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>>all right, let's talk weather this saturday night it was pretty nice day outside what it was beautiful outside today, the sun was shining it was warm. i feel really guilty liking it because i know when you should be raining, but let's see how long this warm weather is going to last with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez did you get outside today doing fun in the sun yeah i did actually went out for a run and it was very enjoyable ice let it a little bit more than usual, but i noticed viewers and even bay area residents having to remove layers which is something you don't typically see in mid january all because of these record breaking and record tying heat because we are tracking temperatures in the 70's going to remain in the 70's for most of the bay area for the 2nd half of the weekend as well livermore warm up to 76 degrees.
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>>breaking the old record of 75 degrees but canfield you tied the record of 70 degrees. so we are expecting to break some more records or near record breaking heat for your sunday fun day as well let's take a look at today's daytime highs because we were easily 10 to 20 degrees above average biggest warm-up no surprise for inland valleys, specifically for those of you in the east bay livermore and conquered warming up into the mid 70's today and remember we should be in the mid to upper 50's so certainly not feeling like winter out there in the bay area and here's a live look outside downtown san francisco noticeably cooler out there tonight compared to last night. that's because of the low clouds and fog we did notice visibility at or near 0 for half moon bay. noticing some lifting with improve lifting after midnight so tomorrow we're going to start and end the day with plenty of sunshine temperatures though on account of that cool fog air mass cooling down 13 degrees for those of you at half moon bay. and that's why
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you're in the mid 40's out there right now 52 degrees for downtown san francisco. 55 degrees for oakland and san jose in the low 50's concord and berkeley indian oakland right now pretty mild in the mid 50's but check out santa rosa 47 degrees and a degree warmer for those of you in novato but we do have a wind storm set to arrive sunday night starting at 10 o'clock for your sunday evening, even lasting all the way through tuesday night so it is going to impact your martin luther king holiday if you do have any outdoor plans on monday going to see winds in our valleys anywhere from 10 to even upwards of 30 miles per hour with gusts. upwards of 45 miles per hour or less highest peaks in the north bay mountains and east bay hills. you could easily see gusts of at least 70 miles per hour and when truck or form tracking calm wind speeds now and for most of your sunday but after midnight early monday morning. that's when we're going to notice those winds wrapping up and also sustained winds 20 to 30 miles per hour lasting all
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day monday back to you jonathan just seen. >>marissa thank you. another big story we're following the saturday night the upcoming inauguration just 4 days away. but today the u.s. postal service started removing a number of mailboxes in san francisco. just as a security precaution. we're told that a total of 12 boxes around civic center plaza and the hall of justice are being temporarily pulled a post office spokesperson says while he doesn't know of any specific threat against san francisco. several cities across america are on high alert. now boxes are usually removed during marathons and presidential visits to prevent folks from planting explosives inside but again we want to emphasize there is no known threat against the city of san francisco. the mailboxes we're told will be gone for about a week. >>that's just one of the precautions being taken ahead of the inauguration around the entire country. >>that's right and of course most of the focus being put on the nation's capital and while
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authorities say they are confident nothing will happen. an arrest today proving that they are that there are people thinking about causing more violence on inauguration day. >>brian and shows us how the nation's capital is now more fortified. then a war zone. >>unprecedented security in washington dc capitol police say the city has never been shut down quite like this before everything around the capitol is closed the fence erected around the capital now has barbed wire on it thousands of national guard troops continue to arrive getting their weapons right outside the capitol building rebuilding to 21,000 our posture is aggressive. >>and stay that way through the inauguration and capitol police have already made one disturbing arrest leading up to the inauguration. police arresting 31 year-old wesley allen buehler a virginia yesterday evening. they say he was stopped at a security checkpoint with an unauthorized inauguration, credential and officers found a gun and more than 500 rounds of ammunition in his truck.
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street stretching all the way from the capitol building to the white house are shut down and the national mall is closed to the public. look at this google map and you can see just how extensive the road closures are many businesses boarded up their windows as the fbi warns of possible threats. authorities will allow protests during the inauguration in designated areas and protesters will be screened before they are allowed to enter security is even tight for inbound washington dc flights homeland security has dogs sniffing all carry on bags before boarding the national guard troops are coming to dc from all over the country this has nothing to do with politics. >>this has everything to do with protecting our constitution our democracy american way of life. >>that was brian entin reporting for us tonight, meanwhile, we now know what the president elect plans to do in the white house in the first few days of his new administration he plans to take executive action to roll back some of the most
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controversial decisions made by his predecessor and may include ending trump's restrictions on immigration to the u.s. from some muslim majority countries rejoin the paris climate accord mandate mask wearing on federal property, extending a pause on student loan payments and preventing evictions and foreclosures for those struggling during the pandemic you can find a complete list of the proposed actions on our website kron 4 dot com meanwhile, vice president elect kamala harris making a historic choice in deciding who will swear her into office on wednesday. >>it supreme court justice sonia sotomayor the ceremony will mark the first time a woman of color will become america's vice president after being sworn in to the office by the first woman of color to sit on the nation's high court. harris has said that she's been inspired by so to my words background, both of them previously serving as prosecutors. harrison california sotomayor in new york state. and ahead of the
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inauguration kron 4 taking a closer look at the political glass ceilings the vice president elect kamala harris has shattered. first here in the bay area across california and in washington d c kron 4 anchor pam moore host kamala harris first but not the last. it airs tomorrow night right here at 9.30 on kron 4. >>still ahead here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock it's not just the u.s. capitol that's for 5 that the state capitol as well we'll see what kind of preparations. they're making in sacramento ahead of wednesday's inauguration.
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>>now to the span the widower of a hit and run victim in hayward is now calling on the driver who sped away from the crash to come forward kron 4 street journal reports that the man's wife was killed on thursday night while crossing a street on the evening that the couple was celebrating their wedding anniversary. >>56 year-old jeannette camacho died in the middle of mission boulevard in hayward thursday night after she was hit by 2 cars in the cross walk at gilbert street. she was on her way home from shopping for food and other items to celebrate her 31st wedding anniversary with her husband ellery anyway. >>mayberry not celery says jeanette who is also survived by the couple's 3 daughters love to sing. >>she was a senior caregiver who treated terminally ill patients that's the ironic.
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>>thing is she took care of my father. took care of him who was supposed to be dying. yet she's the one who's passed and that's the very unfortunate thing at around 07:30pm tonight, the first driver stopped and the california highway patrol says that person is cooperating with the investigation. >>other drugs or alcohol are suspected a family friend terry tim says the second driver involved in the collision drove off. >>and has not been seen the right thing turn yourself in. this is a very dangerous situation so we want closure a friend jeannette was walking with before the crash called calorie after the incident, he lives just a few blocks away and ran over immediately or it's the same. >>i see my wife. that being and a single lane. i really that scene is the light. and is there a and they
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>>that is the last moment. that has been asked is oh family and friends are raising funds online to help with legal fees and arrangements to have done in hayward phillipe djegal all kron 4 news such a heartbreaking story fully thank you. >>still to come tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock we'll show you how a new drive-thru vaccination center in the east bay where a few 100 doses are already going into people's arms then we'll take a look at if there are any side effects to pregnant women who also take the covid vaccine. plus what you know with state district attorneys says will happen to anyone that tries to
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>>according to the centers for disease control and prevention more than 31 million shots have been distributed here in the united states. but only 13 million americans have actually we see those shots that's less than 42% of all available doses. >>the california department of public health says just over a million of the state's 3.5 million doses have been given out that means california has about one 3rd of its doses still available that's the second lowest amount of all 50 states as far as how many doses we've given to people. governor gavin newsom says the
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golden state has to do better. >>here in the bay area though folks are getting vaccinated gore getting people vaccinated not that simple and it is proving to be challenging for folks 65 and older to get a shot. >>a clinic in walnut creek recently received 500 doses of the pfizer vaccine from contra costa county. and it comes after the seniors, there pleaded for help after waiting hours to get through the county's website. and the online portal that's the challenge for a lot of folks lining up just trying to get the information to get to. >>than actual appointment that is the problem kron four's gayle on spent the day in lafayette where health care volunteers were finally able to administer those vaccines for the folks who need them most. >>it was the first day of the senior vaccination clinic here at stanley middle school in lafayette and so far no complaints at least half of those who registered received their first shot as the state experiences, a slow rollout of the covid-19 vaccine. it was a fast one in lafayette
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saturday. i was anticipating a nightmare. >>given all the news that we've seen on tv. this is so well organized i don't understand how it could be so glitch free doctor rebecca parish would comprehensive health in walnut creek managed to get 500 doses of the pfizer vaccine from contra costa county. >>and with the help from the city of lafayette local nonprofits and the medical community those 65 and older were able to get vaccinated i'm really grateful for the coming together to make this happen. it's been i think it's given everybody a way forward and a little bit of hope which i think is hope for thomas divine a u c berkeley professor who had trouble getting an appointment for his shot with his health care provider. he has been taking extra safety measures after his sister came down with covid the something about knowing someone in your family that has it that really drives at home. >>serious the diseases. >>contra costa county just allowed those 65 and older to
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sign up online and schedule an appointment for a vaccination the county is still prioritizing people in phase, one which includes health care workers and says about a 1000 people per hour have been trying to set up appointments online. that's why doctor parish set up this drive-thru vaccination clinic after elderly patients pleaded for help and i have a lot to live for. i want to be with my family. >>i don't want to put any more pressure on the nurses and doctors and they already have it is by appointment only those who registered and got their shots are now looking forward to normal life in the future we really miss going out. going out to dinner. at restaurants, we really miss that really looking forward to that. >>we're at the end of the tunnel we see light at the end of the tunnel, the pfizer vaccine requires 2 doses and they all need to return in 3 weeks for shot number 2. and as long as the clinic receives more doses from the county they will continue to hold these events there is a
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waiting list. >>and that information is on our website kron 4 dot com in lafayette gayle ong kron 4 news. >>california reported close to 700 deaths on friday and yesterday's death toll has the second highest number seen in a single day since the pandemic began nearly a year ago close to 33,000 californians have now died from this virus to date. los angeles county has confirmed its first cases of that new more contagious coronavirus strain the same day that the county surpassed 1 million coronavirus cases health officials there say the infected man spent time in la county and is currently isolating in orange county. officials say, although this is the first case it is believe that the strain is already spreading in the community and this is coming as the region became the first county in the nation to record 1 million cases since the start of the pandemic. >>of course is not just
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america's capital that's beefing up security ahead of wednesday's inauguration day every state capital in america doing the same including down the road in sacramento and has rushed paulson gov reports for us right now state leaders have already said. >>if anyone commits a crime they intend to prosecute them fully. >>it's not the fight one wants to see a plywood covered some portions of downtown sacramento. moore went up as crews finished up near l and 10th. it's all in a response to what could happen over the next week but not all businesses are taking the same course andrew harrison works near the capital says he isn't worried the crowds will damage any businesses there's a lot of people they might physically still are but i don't see why they would come. >>to the business side. i think other focuses on that building the owner of good bottle isn't taking any chances most shocking the surprising. >>saying that's ever happened. i think in my lifetime. owner christopher sinclair says he will close up its business and
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boarded up and reopen it the day after inauguration he couldn't imagine having our customers and our community. >>we risked their just to come by a final of these thing clear says he is saddened by what took place last week at the u.s. capitol. >>and the unrest has taken place at the state capitol since the election. sacramento police has been in the middle of all of it since the election. the department says nearly 1400 officers happen use in the weekly demonstrations where the officers were yelled at cuffed at their and injured. police chief daniel hahn told fox 40 earlier this week, he supports a peaceful protest. but when it turns to violence. >>violence or property damage that's a whole different story sacramento county district attorney anne marie schubert is issuing a warning to those thinking about protesting she says in part quote as sacramento district attorney's i leslie support every citizen's right to protest while at the same time aggressively prosecute those
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who use violence and lawlessness to cause harm or destruction on our capitol grounds and in our community. >>for the businesses this is the latest frustration in a long line of them sinclair hopes things start getting better soon the majority of people who just are tired of it. >>garage full song are reporting for us tonight from sacramento, meanwhile the san francisco fbi announcing that there are no credible threats of violence in the bay area on or around inauguration day. a white lives matter banner removed from the union city this morning. it comes on the heels of the u.s. capitol riots and on martin luther king junior weekend. in a act disgusting and despicable - an act of violence. >>i lived in union city my entire life and we have always welcomed everybody from everywhere and we will continue to do so we will continue to be united as we celebrate our >>told that a police report has been filed in the incident, the city says it
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will remain vigilant about the insurrection in division that is happening on the national level and we'll work on preventing them from entering the city. >>meanwhile vice president mike pence and second lady karen pence met with military families of the more naval air station that's just outside of fresno you can see them, gathering they're wearing masks. reporter maderas bob has more on the vice president's remarks. >>vice president mike pence spoke for about an hour to around a 100 military personnel and for him this trip was personal logo, the vice president of the united states, the vice president and second lady karen were greeted with applause and loud music as they stepped off of air force 2. karen thanks. the crowd which includes central valley, congressman david valid she introduced the vice president and then shortly after the 2 were greeted with a fight. and thank all the troops for their service and praised the base as fighter country pence as this visit
9:39 pm
was personal his son in law henry is a fighter pilot here at an afl more with his daughter, charlotte kemp spoke for around a half hour praising the trump administration for not getting into a new war in the past 4 years and rebuilding what he called a hollowed out military. >>so thank you for the privilege of being with you today. and as my time in office draws to a close. allow me to thank you for the privilege of serving. there's your vice president these past 4 years. it's been the greatest i love. >>the vice president will be staying in california at an undisclosed location before he heads to new york tomorrow back to you. >>all right, let's switch gears now talk whether this saturday night a picture perfect day outside word, us. >>no blue could be raining and we do have some fire danger we need to be concerned about the winds are going to pick up meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us now with a look ahead. yeah that's right jonathan just seen and not just any type of winds there are northeasterly winds also known as our offshore diablo
9:40 pm
winds so pretty rare to see them appearing in mid-january when we're used to them sparking our fire season view usually are on set over on the summer early fall, but we are going to track some gusty winds for most of our bay area valleys around 45 miles per hour or less. and that's why we're under a wind advisory, but for those of you in solano county you're going to be under a high wind watch because we are tracking higher wind gusts. there was some of the highest peaks elevations above 1000 feet expecting winds of at least 70 miles per hour. so here's a live look outside pretty calm conditions right now for those of you at half moon bay, you're starting to notice some lifting from that low cloud cover but temperatures 46 degrees so you are the coolest city out there in the bay area about 11 degrees cooler right now than antioch 57 degrees so the fog not extending to our inland valleys in the east bay overnight lows tonight, widespread mid to upper 40's but downtown san francisco going to remain in the low
9:41 pm
50's and tomorrow's daytime highs, 10 to 20 degrees above average. so it is going to be another warm one with possible record breaking or near record breaking heat in the forecast should be in the 50's but instead tracking 60's and 70's out there right now santa rosa novato could actually break some records tomorrow warming up to 77 degrees, not that far behind livermore and conquered and even antioch 74 degrees along the coast for downtown san francisco happened bay in the mid 60's, but still about 10 degrees above average they're taking a look ahead at the extended forecast we're not going to cool down until tuesday. so even your martin luther king monday, going to be warm with temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above average slight chance of rain this upcoming friday back to you jonathan just seen. thank you so much for breezes still ahead here on kron 4 news at 9 we'll take a look at the. >>limited information about the covid vaccines effect and pregnant women. >>then hear from some various seniors about what it was like
9:42 pm
to finally get their first dose of the vaccine. >>and then we'll take a look at the unforeseen. consequence of lowering the age of people who can get the vaccine.
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>>because of the slow rollout of the covid vaccine. they're still a lot we do not know about how it reacts in certain groups of people like pregnant women, but as lisa d'souza
9:45 pm
reports right now while there have been no reports of negative effects for pregnant women, it's still important for everyone to weigh the risks themselves. >>for me it was a pretty easy decision to say yes doctor in a user maternal fetal medicine specialist that you see health among the first to get the covid-19 vaccine alongside her peers and i understand the limits of what we know and don't know i still feel more comfortable getting the vaccine than being unprotected. but unlike many of her colleagues doctor user is 35 weeks pregnant i didn't want to continue to put off. >>the pregnancy until maybe this was settled because that was a very. >>unknown amount of time and that's a concern for many wanting to can see the end of the professional and 18 or saying that everyone has to get the vaccine. but they're all saying if you feel comfortable getting the vaccine. the shouldn't change your reproductive status doctor user also tells us pregnant nursing mothers have not intentionally been included in covid-19 vaccine trial even though was specifically studied in that population there's not a reason that we would have an
9:46 pm
underlying concern noting about 2 dozen women did become pregnant while taking part in pfizer's vaccine trial didn't report any bad outcomes for pregnant or nursing moms and women trying to conceive it's always going to be a personal decision doctor users suggests weighing the risks of not getting vaccinated you have other underlying health conditions in addition to pregnancy, you know what your exposure rest with no long-term studies on this new virus or the vaccine. think they're both similar in that we don't know sensitive populations wondering what's best for them should talk to their doctor lisa d'souza fox 31. seniors across the country are continuing to receive their covid-19 vaccines, including people living and working. >>at a senior living facility in fremont today was the day the nearly 250 residents and staff got vaccinated that a gust assisted living facility. the pfizer vaccine doses were administered through the cbs store. the general manager of the facility says most of the seniors to question the science behind the vaccine and
9:47 pm
we're ready to roll up their sleeves, including a 94 year-old resident named viola sullivan. >>i feel good about it. i feel very good receiving it now. and i just wish that everybody else. get it at same time that it's impossible as far as actually getting the shot itself. it was getting a flu shot. >>everyone at the facility is expected to receive their second doses on january 28th. >>let me just quite candid with each and every one of you we've got increased the pace and distribution in the administration of these vaccines. the reality is we need to get these vaccines out of the freezer we need to get him into people's arms. governor newsome making an appearance at dodger stadium in los angeles. >>which is now the largest covid-19 vaccination site in all of america. officials are working to set up similar vaccine. mega sites across the
9:48 pm
golden state to help speed up the distribution process and in the bay area, the oakland coliseum could also be soon turned into a mega vaccinating vaccination site. alameda county officials meeting yesterday to begin work on supervising the coliseum's temporary conversion into a mass vaccination site. oakland a's president dave campbell said that while they are still working out the details. they're hoping to be delivering shots at the coliseum by some time next month. >>democratic congressman lou correa from los angeles has tested positive for the coronavirus he is now in self quarantine away from his family. he says he is symptom-free at this point unfortunately, this means all to skip out on president elect biden's inauguration but he tweeted he's looking forward to working with the new administration to unite the country gray's office says he did get the first doses of the pfizer vaccine last month. >>after the state announced
9:49 pm
that the cut off point for people to get the covid-19 vaccine was lowered to 65 long lines started popping up and vaccinations spots all across the state. but karma dickerson went to one in modesto where folks had to wait hours just for a chance to get the covid-19 shot. >>we miss black friday. so let's let's just this is what we would do on black friday get up early like this. >>actually it's been a few years since black friday lines look like this people wrapped around the block at the stanislaus health services agency for a covid-19 vaccine clinic that doesn't open until 09:00am we're kind caught us on got off guard. i i was thrilled though that we didn't have to have an appointment. >>so this is melissa black reading karl matt it's arrived around 2.40 this morning. the massive turnout comes after the county's surprise announcement people 65 and over can now get the coronavirus vaccine on a first come first serve basis. winning 6 hours in the cold didn't faze them back. there's
9:50 pm
something they've been looking forward to even longer but we want to get back with our. >>loved ones. >>98% of icu beds in the county are full. and the death rate is nearly 60% higher than that of the state as a whole. riyadh dillard to share the numbers she says she sees them around her. her sister is seriously ill with the virus. she says at least 4 other family members have been infected. latinos are 47% of the county population but nearly 64% of coronavirus cases. i asked her what the vaccine change in her life and i can be bit high above all the fear. >>look at that's what defense i'm going to feel more than anything with a safe, but i can't get as seriously ill santa claus county reports getting out 1630 vaccinations wednesday. however, at that rate they could deplete their supply by early next week. >>no word when more is on the
9:51 pm
way in modesto karma dickerson fox, 40 news. >>and tomorrow is going to be another warm day for your bay area forecast but before you hit the beach have some dangerous serv ♪ ♪ we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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>>take a look at this 2 year-old girl. it's a drummer
9:54 pm
name. shy of just 18 and she is absolutely blowing up online things to her dad's tiktok account. she plays along with child friendly songs that are really popular and so far more than a million people have tuned in to watch her jam out that's talent that really is county is a fan right there meanwhile. >>middle school teacher in ohio deciding to step up and help his students after he noticed that some of them didn't have a designated place to set up and learn in their homes during their online classes. so look what he did. he got to work started building the desk and one student started posting about their new desk online. request donations started pouring in. >>i've gotten up to 16 now but i don't see it stopping in the near we are still getting request and donations for john to continue this little. i'm not sure what going to be able to teach but he's going to have to go squid we'll make it work.
9:55 pm
>>love hearing stories like this during the pandemic it cost jon huntsman the teacher there just $12 to build each one of these desk and he says he has more than enough money from donations to keep going for the foreseeable future. >>monty the penguin at the santa barbara zoo has become an internet sensation and now the little guy is taking things up a notch and has just released a book montes marvelous adventures follows monte ezzy wattles through the santa barbara zoo meeting new in different friends. marty found some fame during quarantine for his viral adventures, the book can be found on the zoo's online gift store. monti is making some and some moves from side household turn out to be a full-time possible. heck when
9:56 pm
we do to really get >>then a figure out things. all right whether murray says there now with a look at what we can expect tomorrow. yeah that's right jonathan just seen even karl, the fog has its own book, i know me and just enough copies. he didn't sign mind though justine did he sign yours yet, but it disappeared i saw just you know yeah we are going to notice the warm temperatures yet again tomorrow in fact if you love today's forecast. >>which i know justine and jonathan did you're certainly going to love tomorrow we're going to continue with the warm weather 10 to 20 degrees above average downtown san francisco holding steady in the mid 60's as is half moon bay, 64 degrees for those of you in daly city am 63 degrees winds going to be calm to breezy in fact the winds stormwarn arrive until sunday night so expect breezy winds. 20 miles per hour or less for the 2nd half of your weekend
9:57 pm
millbrae and burlingame flirting with 70's at 69 degrees as us and the tail and even san carlos, foster city as well with low 70's for those of you in mountain view, 73 degrees for san jose in the south bay, mostly sunny skies of that cloud cover with the fog already starting to lift so we're going to notice a lot of sunshine out there for your sunday hayward 70 degrees 74 for conquered sonoma also in the mid 70's and also 77 degrees for santa rosa hard to believe it's winter just cnn jonathan we should be the evening temperatures in the 50's and 60's perfect attire for today's forecast to stay in. what does a winner on the tops among about yeah there you go. >>that's what instagram feel it will be ready to take a picture all right that does it for us this hour. we are back at the top of the hour for kron 4 news at 10 o'clock to go anywhere. we'll see you there.
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>a 2020 chart and this just i can feel myself relaxing. >>a sigh of relief as more people in the bay area get the covid-19 vaccine. although this vaccine is here and it is considered to be the beginning of the


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