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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 17, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>now at 8 o'clock breaking news 2 big stories. we're following the sunday night just days before the inauguration of joe biden the fbi says it plans to vent thousands of national guard troops over concerns of a possible inside attack and new covid-19 variant has now been detected in the bay area how this is linked to the outbreak. >>at kaiser hospital in san jose. thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news, i'm justine waldman jonathan mccall plenty of news to get to the sunday night we start though with the latest on those security preps. >>under way ahead of president elect joe biden's inauguration
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on wednesday. tonight in the last hour. the fbi says it is now playing to vet all 25,000 national guard troops. coming to washington dc to provide security for the inauguration over concerns of a possible inside attack. the news comes on the heels of that deadly january 6th riot at the u.s. capitol by pro trump riders. it also underscores fears that many folks have of the very folks assigned to protect the city over the next several days could actually present a threat to the incoming president and other v i p is that will be attending we'll continue to monitor to the very latest on this story here on kron 4. >>and here in the bay area the fbi continues to monitor for potential protests ahead of president elect joe biden's inauguration coming up on wednesday. there have been no immediately threats made here, but officials remain on high alert, including at the state capitol tonight we've learned that a san francisco man seen inside of the capitol during the riots now charged. >>kron four's dan thorn live tonight in the city with the latest steps being taken here at home death.
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>>well jonathan and just seeing the u.s. post office says they are removing several mailboxes here in san francisco. and that is of course and in anticipation of and he sort of extremist behavior much like what we saw at the u.s. capitol most 2 weeks ago in the meantime as you mention the fbi has been making several arrests following that riot and one of those men was a san francisco web developer. just days before the presidential inauguration, the fbi continues to be on high alert for any plots or attempts of violence. >>this comes after extremist attacks at the deadly us capitol riot on january 6 so far more than a 100 people who participated have been arrested, including this san francisco man daniel goodwin is a self-proclaimed member of the proud boys and freelance web developer the fbi's san francisco office does not believe there are any credible threats for a similar attack, but they're calling on the community to be vigilant. we need the community support in
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reporting threatening behavior and suspicious activity to local law enforcement or the fbi. we take every tip that we received seriously a resident at the candlestick rv park was arrested friday after the fbi and sfpd found bomb making chemicals in his possession, it was later determined there was no connection to inauguration protests meanwhile safety measures are taking place at the state capitol in sacramento governor newsome has called on the national guard to help secure the building as 6 foot chain-link fencing has been put up to keep people out state leaders say they're not taking any chances. >>well there are no reports of any demonstrators getting out of hand at the state capitol in sacramento, today, but those security measures being led by law enforcement and also the national guard are expected remain in place through inauguration day reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news.
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>>right now traffic shut down on the lower deck of the bay bridge tonight. bikers could be seen driving in the wrong direction earlier tonight. chp says that the lower deck of the bridge is shut down because of the major crash, the shut down 2 lanes on the east i 80 near the treasure island tunnel as you can see we're learning that those bikers driving the wrong way on the lower deck of the bay bridge. tonight, there's no word on any injuries we are those staying in contact with chp learn new details. we'll let you know when the lanes of the lower deck of the bay bridge are closed during the newscast. >>california reported more than 42,000 new coronavirus cases on saturday that's about a 2% increase from the day before this is the state is nearing 3 million total cases and it was just confirmed that a new variant of covid-19 has
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been discovered in the bay area it was found in samples taken from santa clara and san francisco counties about an hour ago health officials linked this new variant to the deadly outbreak of coronavirus at kaiser permanente hospital in san jose. >>so our next step is to understand whether that was certainly a very unusual with a lot of illnesses and it seemed to spread that quite fast. >>we are trying to understand whether that features about outbreak or this variant does at this. barry of the virus behave in some different way or does it have to do other factors that were present at hospital. >>and the kaiser outbreak, 90 people got sick and one person died and now health officials will study this variant known as for 52 or to better
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understand how it spreads this varied is different from that very that was detected in the united kingdom and doctor sara cody who we just heard from. she is santa clara county's health officer she also put out this message in a statement saying the fact that this very it was identified in several large outbreaks in our county is a red flag and must be investigated further. this virus continues to mutate and adapt and we cannot let our guard down this news underscores the need for everyone to follow preventative measures and get vaccinated as soon as they are offered a vaccine. >>meantime rollout of the covid-19 vaccine continuing at a sluggish pace. according to the centers for disease control and prevention. more than 31 million covid shots have been distributed here in the united states. but only 12 million americans have actually received the vaccine that's less than 42% of all available doses. meanwhile here in the golden state. the state department of public health says just over a million of the state's 3.2 million doses have been given
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out that's just about one 3rd of the available shots here in the golden state. that's the second-lowest amount of all 50 states in the u.s.. >>as vaccine hotlines are overwhelmed bay area cities are getting ready to open large vaccination sites but it's unclear exactly how many doses we're going to get here as true kron four's gayle ong live tonight in union city to explain what could actually be causing the slowdown with those distributions gayle. >>john legend and just seen a number of reasons here one health expert says, where no really not enough funding early on in the pandemic to hire vaccinators and another reason is how we're trying to tackle this issue during one of the worst surges of the pandemic and of course, california's population. >>there 40 million people to stay. and it's an enormous state notice with people that you graphically as well so. and you care, it's pretty easy to do like south dakota, north
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dakota with 4,000 people. you can still without their easily according to the cdc as of friday california has administered covid-19 vaccines to just over 1 million people that's just about one 3rd of its available shot-making the state's vaccine rollout among the worst in the country governor gavin newsome taking to twitter sunday that vaccine efforts are ramping up with more sights vaccinators acces and maintaining equity meanwhile, health care policy makers across the country are eyeing west virginia. >>which leads to the nation in covid-19 vaccinations by population already having administered nearly 5,000 more shots than california west virginia governor jim justice crediting their success with. >>you know all the first responders all the different people from everywhere that are helping in every way, especially our national guard. i love you maginnis. our nation our nation as a whole is struggling around 30% of those vaccines are in people's arms. when west virginia.
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every last one of them is either in an arm or has a name tag to >>so i'm you know i thought that the alcohol. >>mack in the bay area, a private practitioner in waller creek acquired 5,000 doses from contra costa county and hosted a drive-thru clinic vaccinating people, 65 and older while bay area counties can't predict how much more vaccines are on the way doctor swartzberg is hopeful, especially with days away from a new presidency. >>when you look just a few months down the road. the logistics will be. much better if approved they saw vaccine is going to be there. so that's going to make a big dent in. number of cases just every watching people vaccinated. >>doctor swartzberg also adds that the vaccine distribution should smooth out because 2 new vaccines are under
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clinical trial and they only require one dose instead of 2 and that should be ready around february or march live in union city gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you so much hail. >>record temperatures across the bay area brought many people to the coast today as kron 4 taylor bisacky reports from crissy field in san francisco. >>families like we see here will they just thought that the fresh air was a nice break from being in quarantine. i thought to myself ok are we winter summers, what's happening right now record temperatures across the bay area drove me to the beaches on sunday i wasn't pleasant hill. >>walnut creek area. >>it's 73 degrees there 67 here in san francisco which is phenomenal for the middle of january. living it up this is you live in the bay area temperatures reached 10 to 20 degrees above average. >>and here in san francisco, the last time it was this warm in the month of january was in 2014 many people are taking
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advantage of the weather to get outside after being under a shelter-in-place orders since early december people are happy to be out and about and enjoying weather and seeing other people. >>the isolation, you itself and that takes its toll psychologically so for us it's a experience to be able just get out this is what our kids need. you need social interaction but be smart about it i think people are happy. i think people feel like they've been indoors for a long time and they just need some sun on their shoulders. i think people. >>i saw a marry me. the rebound over there i see people 18th birthday and small pods while the oneness whelan says she's surprised to see so many people she's happy to see a majority of people taking covid precautions most people have their masks and very few people did and those are mostly people who are exercising following this warm weather at the national weather service issued a high wind advisory sunday night into tuesday. >>and san francisco taylor said the kron 4 news. a gorgeous day out there today,
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definitely and we will break some records with this winter warm-up kron 4 versus roderick here with a look at the. >>the numbers of the records that fell today. yeah, there were several just cnn jonathan and one thing i'm noticing is everyone's thanking me for the beautiful weather and. >>i have no control over it, but hey you're welcome i hope you went out and enjoy safely with your friends and family we should be in the mid to upper 50's for this time of year instead warming up into the mid to upper 70 so 10 to 20 degrees above average. >>and now we're going to transition to a windy night in fact we are going to have a wind advisory going into effect by 10 o'clock this evening for all of the bay area. calm conditions out there right now, but we are going to notice gusty winds for our local hills and mountains arriving first during the overnight hours and then it's going to transition to the coast and valleys by monday morning could see wind gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour and then by 4 o'clock monday afternoon. that wind
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advisory for hills and mountains in the north bay and east bay, including the diablo range will be upgraded to a high wind warning because of gusts upwards of 70 miles per hour less possible and for us along the coast and for our inland valleys. we could see wind gusts by monday night upwards of 50 miles per hour or less and that's going to continue by tuesday night. when most of our advisories and warnings are set to are tracking another warm possible record breaking day in the bay area for your mlk monday more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes jonathon just seen back to you risa thank you so much still more to come tonight here on kron 4 news today. >>including that new covid-19 varian found here in the bay area. tonight we talk with a local infectious disease expert on the best ways to protect yourself. >>and a car collides with the boulder what the driver of this pre us tells us about this frightening crash on highway 17. >>native kamala harris will be
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sworn in as vice president in just a few days tonight, we'll show you how. hometown is now on
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>>as we told you at the top of the newscast, a new variant of covid-19 has been discovered here in the bay area. this variant is different to the very end first detected in the united kingdom and in south africa. the california health department says this new variant has been identified in other parts of the on the
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state, including leading to several large outbreaks in santa clara county. >>along with san francisco, let's talk about this more with ucsf infectious disease expert doctor, peter, chin-hong thank you for joining us. so as this new variant more infectious. and does the vaccine work against it. >>so the first question is it more infectious i think the jury's still out but the numbers are starting give us more information so december. this particular was fun to be in 4% of cases by john murray, it's fun to be in 25% of cases in the samples analyzed we just kind of all over california. it's now least 12 counties in california and was originally found in denmark on described in denmark. so whether not it's you know the california very and might be the new name. remains to be
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seen, but it was linked to that kaiser great in the emergency department as well as of outbreaks in suffolk power. >>we heard from officials in santa clara county earlier tonight that this variant was first discovered in alameda county the very first case of this discovered in alameda county all the way back in may. any reason why it's taken this long for more of these cases to kind of pop up. >>i you know that's a great question whether or not it's more common then. is ready seen in the data is the question because we haven't looked these. he says look to see whether or not there is various president generals me in the eye lies maybe 0, 0, 3%, of cases in the u.s. recess, a high proportion england. the only reason we're looking more carefully now is because people looking for the uk variant and the process of finding all looking for the uk variant. they found all of
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these cases so it sounds like the virus is adapting its mutating it's changing its not the same covid that we knew. >>a year ago basically this time. so is am i going to get it more now why is it out there more in the community this very like what makes this one >>yes, so that's a good question think all of these questions unresolved, but i can tell you based on what we know about the other variants around the world. >>that cause more transmissibility is that like those of a variance this particular variant in california is stick year, there's fun to be mutations and the spike proteins to make it stick like velcro again. but what we know about the variance is reassuring meaning the vaccine still work, it's doesn't cause more serious disease. if they are the variance going to be similar and our regular protection
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like masks and social distancing and handwashing still work. >>when we were listening to other health experts talk about this new variant they're saying that this particular variant has 5 different mutations. can you talk a little bit or explain exactly what that means for this one particular variant to have 5 different newt haitians that. experts are kind of looking for. sometimes people look at the number of mutations on the spike routine as a proxy for how different it is from another regular virus and you know is a respectable number but some of the other variants that the uk variant and the south african variant actually a little more mutations so it's not 0, but it's not you know in the. in the 10's and 20's so the more mutations they are the more different it
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is and that potentially secure it is compared to the regular covid. >>and preventive measures that we've been doing all along washing our hands wearing a mask staying 6 feet away all that works in protecting ourselves against this new variant which there's still a lot of research it sounds like the needs to be done to learn about it doctor, peter chin-hong thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 we have so many questions we always appreciate your time. >>thank you for having me on. thank you doctor. turning to other news tonight another businessman now finds himself behind bars after deputies say they found a number of weapons explosives. >>including 15,000 rounds of ammo this is 44 year-old benjamin rogers tonight, he's being held on a 5 million dollar bond. during a search of rogers home in business. deputies say they found more than 50 guns several unregistered and illegal weapons along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. deputies say they also found several pounds of gun powder. the sheriff's department bomb squad also found 5 pipe bombs
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inside of rogers business on action avenue. >>tonight, pittsburgh police are hoping surveillance video can provide them some clues in the city's first homicide of 2021. just before one 30 this morning officers heard shots coming from an area near harbor street and garcia avenue when police got to the scene they say more than 100 people were gathered in an area, many of them trying to leave officers found a victim with several gunshot wounds, and they say that person died at the scene police say a second shooting victim from that scene was taken to the hospital and is listed in critical, but stable condition. detectives did talk to a number of witnesses there, but anyone with information is asked to call pittsburgh police. >>a saturday afternoon street race ends with a fairfield man in the hospital with major life threatening injuries take a look at the scene chp says the man was racing the driver of another car along highway 37 saturday afternoon. as that man approached highway 29 he somehow lost control hit a concrete barrier causing his
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car to go up in flames. a passenger in the car suffering minor injuries officers say that both folks inside of that car were wearing seat belts or you have to check this out because a huge boulder came crashing down. >>along highway 17 and the driver who plowed right into it walked away without a scratch. this accident caused long delays on southbound 17 just south of the drone drive in los gatos the driver of this blue prius tells me that she heard a loud crash and then or air bags deploy she says she's fine and as lucky that no other cars hit her look at the damage there to the front and she's looking nor the cars hit her from behind as they were going there south on 17. the scene there is clear there was a lot of traffic earlier today, but now all the lanes of highway 17 are back open san francisco police tonight are investigating a shooting that left 5 people wounded in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. >>officers responded to that shooting at eddy and taylor streets just after 9 o'clock last night. this is video from the citizen app of the scene
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all 5 people taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries, we're told at least 2 groups involved in the shooting so far 3 people have been detained. still to come tonight here on kron 4 news at 8. >>with a producer and convicted murderer phil spector has died. we're now learning about his debt.
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>>welcome back everyone groundbreaking record producer and convicted murderer phil spector has died his official cause of death will be announced by the coroner's office of the coming days. spector was admitted to a stockton prison hospital back in 2009 after being sentenced to 19 years to life for the shooting death of actress lana clarkson before sentence specter was an influential record producer musician and songwriter. specter produce the let it be album by the beatles. the only beatles album not to be produced by the late sir george martin. >>a lot more ahead here tonight coming up at 8.30 we're just days away from inauguration day how the capital is stepping up security plus we'll hear from joe biden's former press secretary on the changes that we can expect to see in biden's first 100 days in office and kamala harris will also take the oath of office and become the vice president of the united states. how her hometown of oakland celebrated
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>>national guard troops pouring into america's capital today as military leaders called on states to send even more troops to help lock down as much of the city in the days leading up to president elect joe biden's inauguration. the calls now reflect fears that violent extremist groups are now targeting the city in the wake of that deadly insurrection at the capitol back on january 6. >>state capitals around the country are stepping up
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security ahead of inauguration day, the fbi warning of protests that could be happening in 50 state capitals in the coming days. today in michigan, a small group of gun holding demonstrators showed up at the state's capital to promote the anti-government movement known as the bug lou. others wore mega hats in support of president trump in south carolina, small group of demonstrators gathered outside of the state's capital speaking in favor of quote all rights and in utah, a small group of armed trump supporters stood outside the state's capital while members of the national guard stood by. >>our washington correspondent john has more on the increased security around the capital and how lawmakers are now getting ready for wednesday. >>arrests have already been made ak checkpoints throughout washington but that doesn't change the expectations from the biden administration for smooth inauguration. >>we are in a volatile time incoming white house communications director kate bedingfield said on abc this
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week. president elect joe biden's team is working closely with law enforcement to ensure that we're preparing for any scenario that that should arise after noon on january, the 20th lawmakers are still reeling from the violence of january 6 when a mob marched from white house rally and smash their way into the capital their ambition was to assassinate the speaker to hand the vice president. >>and to hunt down members of congress, the fbi is warning that the president's supporters may be planning more violent protests around the biden inauguration. >>on sunday afternoon, the area around the capital was uneasy calm. pennsylvania congresswoman madeline dean is already looking beyond inauguration day. >>she is one of the 9 lawmakers who will prosecute the senate impeachment trial against private citizen donald
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many members of congress south carolina republican congresswoman nancy mace said on nbc's meet the press republicans must speak out against president trump we need to rebuild our country and i'm counting on my colleagues to add to join us to be that new voice for the republican party to lead us out of this crisis going forward because our country is counting on us but other republicans like south carolina senator lindsey graham see the senate should dismiss the charges and move on to promote healing. >>reporting in washington, i'm basil john. >>the u.s. government says that violent groups may turn to old-fashioned ways of communicating to plan future criminal activities. the federal june communications commission says that hate groups and others could be using radios instead of social media. they also say that would be a grave mistake because conducting or coordinating criminal activities via radio could lead to federal charges that implies to so-called ham radio operators even those using walkie talkies the government says the groups are looking for other ways to talk to each other. now that several social
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media sites have been now unavailable. >>press briefings from president trump were minimal compared to past presidents and that's something that president elect joe biden's former press secretary says will change over the next 4 years country bark off lane ii worked as biden's press secretary for 4 years during his time as vice president. she believes the american people will see a much more transparent administration starting on wednesday. she expects that press briefings will be happening regularly and white house visitor logs to be released daily aside from that she believes that biden's empathy will aid in his efforts to unify the country once again. >>you really to head down and and does things for the american people he cares obviously in a way that i think. has had so much impact you the ability to connect with. voters and the american constituents in a way that that is so different here perth which is i think
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something we saw really been lacking the last 4 years in the past presidency. he's he's had he's had a rough life right he lost his life in fact sure his children and i think he is able to sort of i talk to people in a way that they can understand that he knows that what they're going through >>she also believes that biden's administration will be ready to tackle the pandemic on day one and his team has already been working on a vaccine distribution plan. >>but president elect kamala harris will take another step toward history when she will resign from her senate seat tomorrow. harris will formally enter for your city career paving the way for her to be sworn in as america's first female vice president on wednesday. harris became the first black woman in california to serve as a u.s. senator governor gavin newsome has already named secretary of state alex padilla to fill her seat kron 4 taking a closer look at the political glass ceilings that vice president elect kamala harris shattered in her career. first here in
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the bay across california and then in washington d c kron 4 anchor pam moore will host kamala harris first but not last tonight at 9.30 right here on kron 4. >>the oakland symphony held a commemorative virtual inauguration ball to celebrate the election of oakland native kamala harris as vice president the ball was a compilation of performances by the arts community in oakland, including the symphony, the symphony score us along with the jazz mafia and the oakland, the l a. and make sure that you tune in and watch or inauguration day coverage coming up on wednesday we'll be covering all the events that starts at 08:00am and will conclude with the celebrating america concert at 5.30 we have a big lineup coming up on wednesday with all of our anchor teams in place correspondence. in the nation's capital so we'll
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have everything that's going on lot of folks will definitely be paying attention to wednesday. lot of folks paying attention to what's happening outside this weekend as well because we are in the midst. >>over winter warm-up kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at the records broken today, yeah we broke a lot of records say and tied quite a few as well more than a handful in addition to that we notice the biggest warm up along the coast because we didn't see any fog for thanks to those northerly help warm us up and clear out that low cloud cover so we notice double digit warming along the coast mainly for downtown san francisco. >>and half moon bay part of the record breaking and record tying heat warming up into the mid to upper 70's and here's a live look outside from the east bay over berkeley, just 24 hours ago you were shrouded in that low cloud cover couldn't even make out the city lights out in the distance but crystal clear out there and temperatures finally starting to cool down in the 50's and 60's and just to put it in perspective. the should
8:38 pm
be or average daytime highs or right near close to them so we're tracking right now low 60's for downtown san francisco and oakland and even san jose, everyone else in the low to mid 50's. that's a good indicator of just how warm it got earlier today overnight lows tonight going to stay on the mild side mid to upper 40's with the exception of those of you in antioch cooling down to 51 degrees a little bit warmer there. daytime highs tomorrow going to be just as warm slightly cooler along the coast but for inland valleys in the north bay, thanks to those northerly winds from those mountain treezes you're still going to be in the mid 70's for santa rosa nevado expect some possible record breaking temperatures there with low 70's for downtown san francisco and low to mid 70's right now for the east bay shoreline san jose 72 degrees with 73 degrees for conquered livermore an antioch as well taking a look ahead though at the next 7 day forecast, we are going to continue to see cooler temperatures of the midweek cooldown by wednesday
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and it looks like our storm on friday already starting to fizzle out but then by next weekend cooling down back into the 50's where we should be in with that the return of rain which is going to continue through late january. >>and hopefully february as well so fingers crossed for that so enjoy it while it lasts, yeah martin luther king monday going to be spectacular just watch out for those gusty winds i pulled out my shorts today you did it to be wearing them right now though right i was i was good or haven't stood up yet so that's you know i can see nice dry jonathan actual don't today. still ahead. >>can your job put you at a greater risk of depression. we'll take a closer look and how workaholics and depression
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>>for your health now if you feel a little bit down after working long hours you are not alone. a new study shows being a workaholic could put you at greater risk for depression. the researchers looked at 190 french workers who at high demanding jobs and they found that these people were 5 times more likely to be addicted to work and twice as likely to be depressed and people who worked a lot also don't sleep as well. >>i could probably about 4 that's money, not costco is saying goodbye to one of its signature staples that's in-store photo centers all
8:43 pm
locations will close on valentine's day and a blog post the company said it is because fewer folks are coming into print pictures. customers though will still be able to access various services online at the costco photo center website where they can print pictures posters as well as other business news. >>next here on kron 4 news can vitamins boost your immunity against covid-19 we'll take a closer look at which vitamins they're talking about in the study as well i mean the break new orleans sports. the stanford women's basketball team suffers a shocker in colorado. school have those highlights plus
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>>breaking news this sunday night chp in the last 10 minutes says that a person on a bike that was seen driving the wrong way on the bay bridge has died one of the motorcyclists involved in this incident is now dead, they are still piecing together the details of this crash involving a number of cars chp says that this has now shut down some of the lanes on the lower deck of the bay bridge near the treasure island tunnel once again, no one person dead. one of those people on a motorcycle that shut down the bay bridge in the lower deck tonight. now dead chp still working to learn details of this crash will continue to monitor this for you throughout the newscast here on kron 4. >>other news now with thousands of people at home fighting covid a lot of them
8:47 pm
are turning to supplements trying to boost their immunity but which are the best in which our bus composing takes a closer look. >>if you are sick zinc won't cure a viral infection like coronavirus but doctors say it is possible that it could help with common symptom spirits. you know is is taking zinc actually really boosting your immune system is a boosting these properties and there's some evidence they absolutely might be. and fortunately right now there's still lots of lots of research that needs to be done to see really the proper regimen of this scene doctor ian tolbert with you see help says zinc lozenges or the way to go and he recommends 75 to 100 milligrams of zinc a that within 20 or 24 hours when you actually start having symptoms of any kind of upper respiratory tract infection needle sniffle ca something like that started then and then take it to the duration of illness and then stop and what about vitamin d according to the cleveland clinic,
8:48 pm
recent research has shown higher rates of covid infection and death in areas where people have lower levels of vitamin d in their system. so if someone is deficient it's possible a vitamin d supplement could be beneficial you can get those laws up where they should be then your immune system is going to be working properly. but doctor told berg says the most important thing you can do is make healthy choices year route or make sure that you are doing those things increase stress levels make sure that you're doing those things to to eat at least somewhat healthy and exercise regularly. that's what's really going to get you your base think your block. kim posey reporting for us tonight, kim also says the doctors recommend. >>melatonin to help you sleep while you deal with covid symptoms. >>for sports. the dog should have fresh legs going into their game tomorrow night which is good because they will certainly need them against lebron james and the defending champs. the dubs
8:49 pm
have those fresh legs because they got 3 nights off thanks to their game against phoenix getting postponed. the lakers will be their toughest test of the young season. they are an nba, best 11 3 on the year and have won 5 games in a row steve kerr and steph curry spoke about the challenges, they'll face tomorrow night in hollywood. >>you know their case of added a couple of guys to increase their. only their fire power but their hunger, you know guys marcus all and schroeder are shrewd excuse it's always nice to add a couple of pieces like that because they weren't part of the championship team but. but you still have the foundation of the team which is obviously you know lebron. an ad. >>tom brady has already cemented his legacy as one of if not the best football player of all time, but tonight, the san mateo native had a chance to do something different and do something new
8:50 pm
advance to championship sunday as a member of the bucks standing in his way just another first ballot hall of fame quarterback drew brees. and that's how this game was billed brady and we see right there first drew brees brady had some moments breeze did not 2nd quarter saints down 10 to 6. how about this trick or a should know this was the best road a game for the saints and wasn't brees who james on a flea-flicker found tre'quan smith that's a 56 yard pitch and catch is 1310 saints, let's go to the 4th quarter bucks up brees looking for alvin kamara but adding him is devin white. >>breezes second int of big games, a stiff arm there by devin white and guess what that turnover well folks for this tampa it led to his base in there when brady sneaks one in the final hole tampa hanley and then in the 4th quarter
8:51 pm
you got alright saints in desperation mode, but brees continues his awful play he drops back in and he gets picked off again his 3rd int of the day this time by mike edwards brees had 3 picks. it may have been his last game ever. in the nfl uniform, a tough pill to swallow right there but to win this one 30 to 20 in the box over to the afc chiefs hosting the browns browns on 13, thinking they're going to make this a game. but check that out the browns is were shot he guns on the sideline he tried to stretch over the touchdown for the touchdown, but as you can see. he fumbled the ball. over the pile on through the back of the end zone that is a touch back in the chiefs get the ball and now has the momentum swing that they need it midway through the 3rd quarter, not what you want to see if your chief and mahomes gets brought down he's hit in the head. and
8:52 pm
quarter kareem hunt, the former chief he gets into the end zone it's 20 to 17 with 11 minutes left. but here is essentially what it came down to chief trying to run the clock out 14 inches. the backup quarterback. chad henne he finds tyreek hill for the first down gutsy call by andy reid that's why going the hall of famer, casey goes into victory formation from there on out chiefs win 22 to 17 they will host the bills next sunday. already the national number one stanford women's basketball team. finally got caught off guard today at colorado tara vanderveer and company were looking to improve to 12 stanford up to 20 seconds left carnley
8:53 pm
inbounding a pass it got stolen by jalen shard here trying to get the win. but they are block kelly jones at the end of that game, let's go to overtime in ot. that was the dagger colorado takes a 2 point lead and they never relinquished it the bus made their free throws to close it out and they win this game, 77 to 72. but it was one of those losses that you know maybe stanford needed to get it out the way they are undefeated is still a long season. more you stand defeated more pressure to get put slowing in now they can kind relax and they don't have that bull's eye on their back exactly invent us back to the i don't know got caught a bit after the game tom brady gave a shout out to everybody i tweet everybody is saying so pretty cool of year from san mateo the bay area's a pretty good representative of community said had a spam yet.
8:54 pm
>>supt haha. >>said i high all right, let's go part of the races here right now with a look at how warm things will get tomorrow. >>and it's going to be another warm day for your long holiday weekend. so let's take a look at your microclimate forecast for your mlk monday because we're going to see another round of temperatures anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above average could even see some areas mainly for those of you in the inland valleys in the north bay warming up to record breaking heat with temperatures as high as 20 degrees above normal live look outside from the east bay and we're not tracking any dense low clouds and fog and we're going to start and end the day for your monday with plenty of sunshine things to those northerly winds temperatures going to warm up along the san francisco peninsula coastline to 70 degrees for downtown san francisco widespread low 70's from daly city, the elder not a half moon bay trying to flirt with 70's but 69 degrees still going to be a warm one
8:55 pm
out there for your monday and we are going to notice some pretty breezy winds fees to start your morning 30 miles per hour less san bruno in the low 70's as is burlingame with widespread low 70's for san carlos in san mateo apollo alter, those 65 degrees so enjoy those cooler temperatures there widespread low to mid 70's for those of you in the south bay with san jose at 72 degrees wind speeds going to start to pick up by monday afternoon through monday night we could see gusts from coast to valleys 50 miles per hour or less and low 70's throughout the east bay shoreline livermore though 73 degrees with 73 degrees as well for walnut creek and conquered and widespread 70's for those of you in the north bay, the laiho 73 degrees as benicia and santa rosa 75 degrees. but watch out along the coast going to have a high surf advisory remaining in effect through monday afternoon with breaking waves as high as 20 feet and dangerous sneaker waves as well so i know a lot of you planning your martin luther king long holiday weekend kids
8:56 pm
and even parents off of school and work but just be careful along the coast and now you want to cool down, but. >>make sure there's a lifeguard near
8:57 pm
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>>stay with us kron 4
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