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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  January 18, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> if you'd like to be part of a virtual audience and you have a computer with a camera, log onto and click "be part of the audience." - california has become the first state to record more than 3 million known coronavirus infections. that's according to johns hopkins university. cases have skyrocketed in the past month.- on christmas eve - we had just reached the 2- million mark. this- as the state is now struggling with new reports of a ánewá covid varient.(vicki) another big story we're following tonight - high-level security at the u-s capitol ahead of president-elect joe
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biden and kamala harris' inauguration on wednesday. this - just two weeks after rioters stormed through the same capitol building. thank you for joining us tonight at 5 - i'm vicki liviakis. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for grant lodes.on wednesday president-elect joe biden will take the oath of office on the steps of the u-s capitol- his inauguration comes amid threats of more violence... (vicki)our washington d-c correspondent anna wiernicki joins us live from the nation's capitol, anna what's the scene there tonight?
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1. anna, what's the security like in dc right now for residents?2. where will president trump be on
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wednesday?3. do we know what to expect from biden's speech? (catherine) make sure to tune into kron 4's inauguration day coverage this wednesday. the formal ceremony begins at 8-a-m and will conclude with the "celebrating america" concert at 5:30-p-m. (vicki) here in california, national guard soldiers are in place in sacramento at the capitol. this comes after the f-b-i issued a warning about planned armed protests at capital buildings throughout the u-s ahead of the inauguration. last week, governor gavin newsom signed an order authorizing one-thousand national guard personnel to deploy to the state capital. meanwhile, the l-a-p-d isn't taking any chances.
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barricades and temporary fencing have been set up at several government buildings throughout the city. the f-b-i says there are no known threats, but l-a-p-d says it will keep an eye on the situation. (vicki) federal prosecutors are continuing their effort to hold those who breached the capitol responsible for their actions...and the fbi continues to hunt down those people. (catherine) in fact the fbi's latest criminal complaint has targetted a san francisco man kron4's dan kerman joins us live now...with more sf man charged for capitol riots 0118215 inserta san steal.chief. stop the commander in our order from our commander in chief. stop the steal.
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(vicki) we are following breaking news right now- a teenage boy is missing in the surf off cowell ranch state beach in san mateo county. this is video just tweeted out as crews are searching for the 13 or 14-year-old. officials say an adult and the child were standing on the beach when they were both swept into the water by a wave. the adult was able to get back onto shore-- and is being
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checked at the scene. right now-- there is an ongoing search for that boy. we will bring you more information as soon as it comes into the newsroom. a new covid 19 variant that has previously turned up abroad is being increasingly found across california, including here in the bay area. the new strain has been linked to several large outbreaks, including one in the south bay. kron four's rob fladeboe joins us live from san jose withmore -- rob? (rob is live) santa clara
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were.reactions allergic what their clear exactly it's also not attention. medical people needed than ten but say fewer which clinic.. not releasing officials are california. southen clinic in vaccination one community reported at reactions were allergic usual possible higher than reactions. allergic possible vaccine due to covid-19 the moderna certain lot of hold off on a providers to advising officials are health tonight state (vicki)
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(vicki)tonight state health
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officials are advising providers to hold off on a certain lot of the moderna covid-19 vaccine due to possible allergic reactions. higher than usual possible allergic reactions were reported at one community vaccination clinic in southen california. officials are not releasing which clinic.. but say fewer than ten people needed medical attention. it's also not clear exactly what their allergic reactions were. (catherine) here in the bay area... doses from that moderna vaccine lot were distributed in alameda, santa clara, and san francisco counties. in santa clara-- county health officials say none of the vaccines have been administered and they've warned providers not to use them. in alameda county-- some local providers got doses from the affected lot-- and they have been told not to administer them. in san francisco-- the department of public health got 8-thousand doses of the vaccine and have paused using them. this will have an impact on the
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city's ability to complete scheduled appointments this week since they don't have replacement doses yet. health officials also say they haven't had any reports of anyone experiencing negative effects from the affected vaccines. (vicki) so far- the c-d-c says that more than 31-million covid shots have been distributed in the u.s. but only 12-million americans have received the vaccine. that's less than 42 percent of all available doses. state health officials sayjust over a million of the state's 3-point- 2-million doses have been given out. about a third of the available shots. that's the second lowest amount of all 50-states. (vicki) coming up- more pardons on the way. what we know about the long list of pardons and commutations president trump is expected to announce tomorrow. (catherine) also - finding ways to celebrate the life of doctor martin luther king junior... during a pandemic. how his legacy was honored today in the east bay.
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(vicki) plus- major shakeups in california leadership. how kamala harris' departure from the senate- changes the landscape. (lawrence) i'm chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, i'll have your full bay area forecast after the break. as she prepares to take
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the oath of office as vice president... kamala harris officially resigned as
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california's u.s. senator today... officially setting off a political domino effect for california leadership. (catherine) our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more on the changes in the state capitol this week. ((pkg))kamala harris'
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(catherine) vice president- elect kamala harris has made a history-making choice - in deciding who will swear her into office. it's supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. the ceremony will mark the first time a woman of color will become vice president after being sworn into office by the first woman of color to sit on the supreme court. harris says she was inspired by sotomayor's background. both women have served as prosecutors... harris in california and sotomayor in
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new york. supreme court chief justice john roberts will swear in president-elect biden. (catherine) kron4 is taking a closer look at the political glass ceilings vice president elect kamala harris has shattered.. first in the bay area..then across california and in washington, d.c. join our pam moore, who hosts: 'kamala harris: first but not the last' - tomorrow night at 9:30, here on kron 4. (catherine) president- elect biden and vice president- elect harris spent part of this martin luther king day doing volunteer work. biden and his wife were helping out at a hunger relief organization in philadelphia. harris and her husband helpedto pack groceries in washington d-c. the martin luther king holiday not only celebrates the life of a civil rights icon, it's also a national day of service. because of the pandemic, the bidens are urging americans to help outin service that's either virtual or with very limited in-person involvement.
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(vicki) now to our four zone forecast. (catherine) kron-4 meterologist rebecca strom joins us with a look ahead
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(catherine) for your money- even though we're well past the holiday season -- the postal service is still struggling with delayed mail and long shipping delays. the union for postal workers says that there are items sent in late november and early december - still sitting undelivered in huge piles. the pandemic is part of the is the fact there were record-breaking numbers of packages. (vicki)this year the i-r-s is urging americans to ditch paper returns ... and file their taxes electronically instead. the agency says it is
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still dealing with a backlog of nearly 7 million unprocessed returns from last year. it is delaying the start of the 20-21 tax season to february 12th to try to prevent further backlogs. the i-r-s received about 16 million paper returns last year. (vicki) still ahead- finding ways to honor the life of doctor martin luther king junuor.. during a pandemic. we'll tell you about a socially-distant celebration in the east bay. today i
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luther king junior day... and many celebrations were forced to go virtual amid the pandemic. but in the east bay--- hundreds of people attended a socially-distanced celebration. kron 4's charles clifford reports from el cerrito. on monday, the city of el cerrito
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(catherine) next - honoring the legacy of doctor martin luther king junior. one of his close friends explains how king's teachings still inspire.. (catherine) and a california man is in trouble after living tucked away in chicago's airport -- for months. how he got away with it for so long. (catherine) also -- vandalism in vacaville. what we know about disturbing messages left at city hall . now at 5:30- we are
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following breaking news right now- a 12-year-old boy is missing in the surf off cowell ranch state beach in san mateo county. this is video as crews are searching for the boy they say is from fremont. officials say an adult and the child were standing on the beach when they were both swept into the water by a wave. the adult was able to get back onto shore-- and is being checked at the scene. the san mateo county sheriff's office says they will use all available resources to keep searching
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for the boy. we will bring you more information as soon as it comes into the newsroom. (vicki) in the north bay... vacaville's city hall -- áand the city's police department were targeted by vandals. (catherine)police say it happened around 5-30 last night. about 40 to 50 people had gathered for a demonstration at andrews park.. and it led to vandalism. melanie townsend has the story. mel: boarded up windows


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