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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 18, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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(ken) hundreds of thousands of moderna vaccine doses... on hold in california because of allergic this could affect the already slow rollout... (pam) a hold on the use of some doses of the moderna vaccine .. and it comes as a new covid-19 variant is discovered in the bay area. what we are learning about this new strain, and how it could be linked to a deadly outbreak at a local hospital. (pam) good evening i'm pam moore.(ken) and i'm ken wayne and you are watching kron 4 news at 8. on wednesday, joe biden will take the oath of office on the steps of the u-s capitol.... two weeks after rioters stormed through the same building. his inauguration comes amid threats of more violence.(pam) our capitol bureau reporter anna wiernicki (war-nik-ee) is live tonight in washington with more... anna? >
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(pam) here in california, members of the national guard are in place at the state capitol in sacramento. this comes after the f-b-i issued a warning about planned armed protests at state capitol buildings. last week ... governor newsom signed an order .... authorizing one- thousand national guard personnel to deploy to the state capital. several other agencies are also posted outside california's capitol ... including the california
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highway patrol and the state parks department. (ken) make sure to tune into kron 4's inauguration day coverage this wednesday.the formal ceremony begins at 8-a-m and will conclude with the "celebrating america" concert at 5:30-p-m. (pam) new tonight at 8... president- elect joe biden plans to unveil a sweeping immigration bill on day one of his administration. it would provide an 8-year path to citizenship for an estimated 11- million people living in the u-s without legal status. and it would be a massive reversal from the trump's administration's immigration policies... which many people considered harsh the plan does not include beefed up border security -- and that puts in doubt its passage through congress. the plan is set to be introduced after biden takes the oath of office wednesday. (pam) also... president- elect biden does not intend to lift coronavirus travel restrictions to europe, the u-k, ireland and brazil. biden's message comes hours after trump said,
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he would lift the restrictions for those countries on january 26th. a spokesperson for biden says -- he plans to strengthen public health measures around international travel, in order to further mitigate the spread of covid-19. (ken)california has surpassed 3 million covid-19 cases, it is the first state in the country to pass the grim milestone. to put this latest surge into perspective -- california only reached 2 million reported cases less than a month ago on christmas eve. covid-19 has killed more than 33-thousand people in the state since the start of the pandemic. about 90-percfent of california remains under the stay at home order.. (pam) state health officials are advising providers to 'pause' use of a certain batch of the moderna covid-19 vaccine because of possible allergic reactions... that means a halt to more than 300,000 coronavirus vaccine doses by moderna .. this comes after one community vaccination clinic in southern california reported higher than usual
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allergic reactions.. some people who received it, needed medical treatment for possible severe allergic reactions. it is also not clear exactly what their allergic reactions were. (ken)thousands of those doses ended up here in the bay area... and could impact people receving the vaccine. (pam) kron4's jonathan mccall is live with the latest... jonathan doctors say there is a specific chemical in the vaccine that is causing the allergic reactions. the problem is--many people have no clue that they're even allergic until after they receive the shot. another setback in minutes." >for another 15 they'll watch you for another 15 minutes." >
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an investigation is rutherford syou're taking that offline until these investigations are completed and then they'll put it back in if everything turns out to be ok. it'll slow it down a little bit but not that much."
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(pam) meantime.... increasing numbers of a new covid-19 variant are being reported across california and here in the bay area. (ken) as kron four's rob fladeboe reports -the new strain is linked to several large outbreaks of the virus ---- including one on christmas day at a south bay hospital. in the laboratory, (pam)
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(ken) (ken) now to our four
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zone forecast. (pam) kron-4's rebecca strom joins us with a windy look ahead
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(pam) coming up - the nation is 48- hours away from inauguration day - how president trump plans to spend his final hours in office... (ken) a 12-year old boy is swept out to sea... the latest on the search efforts.. (pam) a peaceful
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protest ends with vacaville's city hall and police station.. vandalized.. how the community is reacting to this act
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(ken) in the north bay... vacaville's city hall -- áand the city's police department were targeted by vandals. (pam) police say, it happened around 5-30 last night. about 40 to 50 people had gathered for a demonstration at andrews park .. and that led to vandalism.
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melanie townsend has the story. mel: boarded
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(pam)that was melanie townsend reporting tonight.. (ken)pittsburg police had to re-arrest a man after vandalizing several businesses shortly after being released from custody.police say late last night -- officer contacted a homeless man with an outstanding warrant for his
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arrest.due to covid-19 restrictions, he could not be booked into jail and was shortly released.a short time later, officers received a call of a man vandalizing several businesses on railroad avenue.the man caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.the man was arrested a second time and was transported to county jail. (pam) petaluma police are asking for the community's help in identifying suspects involved in a car burglary. two commercial work trucks were burglarized on st. augustine way, near bluegrass drive last tuesday. a security camera captured photographs of the suspects committing one of the burglaries. with the camera footage, police were able to determine the suspects are men, as well as seeing two suspect vehicles at the scene. one appears to be a chevrolet tahoe and the second a silver sedan, or small s-v-. several other car thefts occurred on the same day in petaluma. anyone with information is asked to call petaluma police. (ken) one person is dead
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after a wrong-way crash involving a motorcycle on the bay bridge last night. the crash happened as dozens of bikers were seen driving the wrong direction in between traffic. traffic was tied up for hours causing a huge mess. chp says the driver tried to get away from police and attempted to jump the median wall on a dirt bike... the passenger on the bike was thrown onto the bay bridge, was hit by a truck and died. c-h-p is now calling on the public to submit any video of pictures they may have taken that night. (pam) the national weather service is warning people to stay off the rocks at beaches in the bay area. the agency tweeted out this video... showing a huge wave break over two people standing on the rocks at point lobos in monterey county over the weekend. luckily they were ánotá swept away.but this year, there have already been several fatalities along the california coast due to people being swept away by the big
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waves. (ken) a 12-year-old boy is missing in the surf off cowell ranch state beach in san mateo county. this is video as crews are searching for the boy they say is from fremont.officials say an adult and two children were standing on the beach when they were swept into the water by a wave. an 8-year-old child and the adult were pushed back to shore by the waves-- and they are expected to be okay. the san mateo county sheriff's office says they will continue to search for the boy into the night. (ken) now to our four zone forecast. (pam) kron-4's rebecca strom joins us with a look at what to expect. (ken) (ken) still ahead -
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martin luther king junior day is a day of service - with two days before the inauguration -- how joe biden and kamala harris volunteered their time... (pam) but before kamala harris can become vice president -- she has to step down as california's senator... her farewell message to her constituents.. still ahead...
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(pam) hundreds of people in the east bay came out to celebrate dr. martin luther king junior day. because of the covid pandemic -- organizers expected maybe 50- cars to show up for the city of el cerrito's annual m-l-k junior car caravan, but instead a hundred cars participated. those who attended say, dr. king's message of unity and peace is still relevant as seen in the nations' political unrest and ongoing pandemic.
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(pam) governor newsom joined volunteers at saint anthony's in san francisco to serve meals to those experiencing homelessness and families in need. this too... to commemorate doctor martin luther king juniors call to service. (ken) two days before inauguration president-elect joe biden took time to volunteer to commemorate the day. biden along with his wife jill biden volunteered this morning at food kitchen in philadelphia. the first couple joined an assembly line of people to help fill boxes with non-perishable foods and fresh fruit. (pam) in washington d-c - vice- president elect kamala harris and husband doug emhoff volunteered at martha's table. harris says, the fight doctor king was engaged in.... is still the fight in america today -- the fight is to recognize our collective responsibility to address injustices. harris says, she is going into wednesday's inauguration ... quote- ready to work. (ken)in preparing for this week's transition - harris formally resigned from her senate seat today.
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(ken)harris released this video after formally submitting her letter of resignation to govenor gavin newsom ... ending her four year senate's the final step before she's sworn in as the nation's first female vice president on wednesday.harris is the first black woman in california to serve as a u.s. senator. (ken) alex padilla is expected to be in washington d.c. this week to take on his new role as u-s senator. then former assemblywoman shirley weber takes on her new position as califoria's secretary of state. if confirmed, she will be the first ever african american to hold that office. (pam) kron4 is
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taking a closer look at the political glass ceilings vice president elect kamala harris has shattered.. first in the bay area.. then across california and in washington, d.c.join me ... as i host: 'kamala harris: first but not the last' - tomorrow night at 9:30, here on kron 4. (ken) next on kron 4 news at 8:30 - president trump is not known with keeping with traditions -- we take a look at what the transition of power will look like on inauguration day.(pam) and new video released tonight gives us another glimpse into the capitol riots almost two weeks ago..(ken) and the f- b-i continues its search for those involved in the riots -- what we are learning about a san francisco man who was recently arrested...
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will mark a turning point for the country - as one presidency gives way to another.. president- elect joe biden set to take the oath of office on wednesday.(pam) reporter dean reynolds has more on trump's final 48- hours in office.. reports of possible pardons.. and the first lady's official goodbye.
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(pam) reynolds reporting tonight.
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it is not known if president trump intends to write such a note or if he would want to match the sentiment in president george h.w. bush's letter to bill clinton - the man who defeated him.... he wrote - "i wish you well," in 1993 mr. bush also wrote . "i wish your family well. your success now is our country's success. i'm rooting for you." (ken)we're seeing new video from the capitol hill attacj on january sixth... new video from "the new yorker" giving us an inside look.
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the united states> (ken) the video takes viewers inside the capitol building... with one man sitting in the vice president's chair. a verbal confrontation starts when someone tells him to get off the chair... the riot led to five deaths... and prompted the house of representatives to impeach president trump a second time. (pam) federal prosecutors are continuing their effort to hold those who breached the capitol ..... responsible for their actions... and the f-b-i continues to hunt down those people. in fact, the f-b-i's latest criminal complaint has targetted a san francisco man kron4's dan kerman has the story..
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(ken) now to our four zone forecast. (pam) kron-4's rebecca strom joins us with a look ahead
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(ken) getting girl scout cookies will be a lot easier for some people.. how they will be delivered still ahead..
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the first time ever, the girl scouts are teaming up with grubhub to offer delivery and contact-free pickup of their cookies. deliveries will begin february first in select cities in several states - however california is not one of them. in states where the service is available, grubhub is waiving delivery fees so 100 percent of proceeds go to the girl scouts. (pam) next on kron 4 news at 8 - how a california man got away with living at o'hare airport for three months. (ken) in sports... the sharks engage the blues in a back-and-forth, high-scoring affair... jason has the highlights... plus a peek at how the warriors are doing agains
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2.7 earthquake.... (ken) police in chicago are trying to figure out how a man managed to camp out at one of the country's busiest airports... for about three months. (pam)
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the man -- who is from southern california -- arrived at o'hare international airport in october and didn't leave until authorities caught up with him this weekend. as jenna barnes reports -- the man told police he stayed there -- because of the pandemic.
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that was jenna barnes reporting for us tonight... - the warriors taking on the lakers on m-l-k day at the staples center in l-a... the lakers have never tailed and right now they lead in the 3rd quarter...>the 3rd quarter...> we had a rematch of the 2019
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western conference finals tonight....>the sharks were in st louis taking on the blues.....> martin luther king jr.... honored before the game.....> 1st period... already 1-0 sharks...logan couture scores on the power play... 2-0 san jose...> 3rd period....blues have a 4-3 lead....but couture continuing the hot start....couture does it again....his 2nd goal ties the game 4-4 early in the 3rd period... great night for the captain...> but it wasn't the sharks night...a few minutes later... jordan kyrou (kigh-ruu)... turns on the red light for the bloes... 5-4 st. louis...>the bloes... 5-4 st. louis...>and that was the final score... devan dubnyk gives up 5 goals in his first start in goal as a shark...
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san jsoe takes onthe blues again wednesday...> the 49ers made some big moves on their coaching staff today...>demeco ryans was promoted from inside linebackers coach to defensive coordinator...>he replaced robert saleh... who the jets hired as their head coach.....> ryans, of course was an elite linebacker in the nfl for year, and is credited with the development of fred warner...who many consider the best inside linebacker in the nfl...>the 36-yar-old ryans has has been on the 49ers staff for five years now...> the niners also promoted mike mcdaniel to offensive coordinator....>this comes after passing game coordinator mike lefluer left to be saleh's offensive coordinator with the jets...>the 37-year- old mcdaniel was the 49ers run game coordiator...>head coach kyle shanahan will still calls the plays for the niners
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offense...> (pam) the san francisco gay men's chorus debuts a new song to commemorate martin luther king junior day today.. what recent events inspired the lyrics - coming up...
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2.7 earthquake....
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(pam) in honor of dr. martin luther king junior day..... and in remembrance of those lives lost due to injustice and brutality this year - the san francisco's gay men's chorus premiered a new song today.... (pam) the song is called áheavyáthe lyricist -- mckenzie colman -- who identifies as a queer, black woman -- says, she chose to express her anger and frustration in a poem. in addition to the san francisco gay men's chorus -- choruses across the country are also featured singing the song. there are more than s 300 singers in the video. (ken) the national museum of african american music opened today in nashville. the first center of its kind, showcases the
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influence of african americans in music. (pam) reporter elizabeth lane takes us inside.... (ken)
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(ken) that was elizabeth lane reporting for us tonight... and that wraps up kron four news at 8. (pam) but ken and i will be back at the top of the hour... a family swept out to sea in san mateo county...the father and his 8-year-old son have been rescued... but his 12-year-old son is still missing. we'll have a live update on efforts to find the boy.(ken) plus.. thousands of moderna vaccines doses are on hold because of severe allergic this could impact distribution in
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the bay area.those stories and more.. coming up on kron four news at 9.
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(ken) now at nine -- the search
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continues tonight for a 12-year-old boy swept out by waves at cowell ranch state beach in half moon bay earlier today. the boy's father and 8-year-old sibling were also swept into the water by waves but were eventually pushed back to shore.(ken) good evening -- i'm ken wayne. (pam) and i'm pam moore. the father and 8-year-old were not seriously injured.. kron 4's taylor bisacky spoke to witnesses and family members. she joins us live now with more - taylor?


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