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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 21, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. let me be very clear. >>things are going to continue to get worse before they get better. the death toll will likely top 500,000 next month. the cases will continue to mount. we didn't get into this mess overnight. that's going to take months for us to turn things around. and let me be equally clear we will get through this. >>now when i'm president joe biden telling the harsh truth about where the u.s. stands in his fight against coronavirus he spoke today in the state
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dining room at the white house during his first full day at the nation's capital good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore, thank you for joining us tonight at 9 president biden unveiled a national strategy to combat covid which reflects the ideas that he set forward during the presidential campaign the president said the plan is comprehensive is based on science not politics, it's based on truth not denial and its detailed he said the plan starts with an aggressive vaccination campaign to meet the goal of 100 million shots during his first 100 days in office. >>despite the plan the president did warn the crisis will get worse before it gets better but he promised help is on the way doctor anthony fauci said he feels liberated to speak honestly about covid-19 now that former president trump's out of office kron 4 sanaz to her knee has the details on what was discussed in his first covid update while under the biden administration, including. >>how he now says quote
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everything will now be based on science and evidence. >>science and evidence factors that president joe biden and his coronavirus response team plan on basing recommendations and actions upon in the nation's fight against covid-19 during the response teams, a first a press briefing thursday evening, the nation's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci says the country is still in a very serious situation with the number of hospitalizations and deaths said he says while the recent seven-day average of new covid-19 cases may appear to spot towns it may not be an indication of turning the corners. >>so you mister paradoxical kurds when you see something plateauing in may be coming down at the same time as hospitalizations and deaths might actually be going up. >>he also discussed the virus mutation out of the uk that we're seeing here in the united states. he says the variance is twice as a transmissible but not more deadly. he does however warned
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against complacency. >>we shouldn't be lulled into complacency about that because if you have a virus that is more transmissible you can get more cases when you get more cases you can get more hospitalizations get more hospitalizations you ultimately going to get more deaths. >>as it stands right now the current vaccines available are efficacious in preventing the spread of the mutation out of the uk. now she went on to discuss of the new administration's saying the goal of vaccinating 100 million people in the first 100 days is reasonable that if you vaccinate 70 to 85% of people by summer we'll approach a degree of herd immunity needed to get us back to normal and that the administration will be completely transparent open and honest with the public. reporting in the newsroom sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >>for his department of public health says providers can resume giving the moderna covid vaccine you may remember they were put on hold earlier
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this week. after about 10 people experienced a severe allergic reaction that was in san diego. the same batch of the vaccine was delivered to alameda santa clara and san francisco counties, although none of the doses is connected to any allergic reactions here in the bay area. california's leading epidemiologists now confirms a vaccine is safe to use. >>the icu bed capacity is still pretty low earlier in the week we were at 7.4% and now we are down to 7% the greater sacramento region is slightly over 8% while northern california has more than 28% icu bed availability. the state is expected to release updated numbers tomorrow and health officials say a big key to getting those numbers up and easing the burden on the healthcare system is immunizing as many people as possible but frustration continues with the limited supply of the vaccine and the slow frustrating rollout. >>tonight kron four's dan
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kerman talks with medical experts about how california can speed up that process. >>california's vaccination dashboard suggests the state has received just about 4 million doses of covid-19 vaccine, but less than half has been administered. the california department of public health believes the numbers are actually greater pointing to a lag in reporting dead and also that a good chunk of this could be attributed to holding that second dose for the required 21 or 28 days. >>that were arguments. why wouldn't that problem be more unified across states. why some states doing so much better suddenly everybody's trying to on to that second dose. so it's puzzling to me at ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter, chin-hong. >>says he's mystified so few doses have come to california but is hopeful that will increase if it does he says the distribution process must be streamlined. >>the rules should be very simple you show up. you stick
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your arm out you get it you get to 50 minutes of observation. and that's it. it shouldn't be like going through obstacle course of survivor. >>the federal government and states have set up priority list for vaccine distribution. however county public health departments in major providers get vaccine directly from the federal government and distribute it as they see fit. that's why in some areas, those 75 plus are being vaccinated and in other areas, those 65 plus are being vaccinated but a minimum i expect. >>walleye months of how things are done. yes, vaccines going out. yes, we understand that certain groups are prioritized, but we don't know who's accountable for giving out the vaccine which populations stanford's doctor kevin shulman agrees. >>the process must be clear so those seeking the vaccine nowhere to go. >>we really do need to come up with a here's all the people. a new marine everyone in the geographic area. and it's i'm responsibility medical experts say another way to reduce
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frustration is for the federal government to become more transparent. >>about exactly how many doses states will be getting over a period of time that way they can plan better in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 as frustration continues to grow in the bay area and across california over the state's slow rollout of the vaccine community groups are now hosting pop-up clinics to get their most vulnerable population is vaccinated one napa valley community acquired doses from napa county and its hospital system. >>not relating more than 3,000 people in 2 weeks as about 200 people a day getting shots. kron four's gayle ong has the story. >>this is the population we serve. so i like to think that we know how to reach them quicker ceo of saint helena hospital foundation glenn newhart is following the community model. the nonprofit open a clinic napa valley college this month. so the upper valley had already moved through one a and what we're looking at okay, so we can
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move into back saying or 75 plus as we can vaccinate some congregate living facilities we can do some ag. >>and we started doing teacher just newark says more than 3,000 moderna vaccines we're quiet from napa county and adventist health. >>health care volunteers administer the shots last week, a private practitioner in walnut creek lobby for 500 doses of the pfizer vaccine from contra costa county city pop-up clinic drive-thru for seniors after vaccine hotlines and websites became overwhelmed, leaving the most vulnerable scrambling to make appointments to get the vaccine. one hospital in rule mendocino county had no choice but to open a clinic the freezer broke >>the moderna you know getting close to room temperature cc wenniger would adventist health ukiah valley says the county health department gave the green light to use every vaccine in 2 hours 630 people vaccinated. >>from city employees to nursing facilities the jail, an elderly people got the shot
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this was kind of like a test run of some sort and that's why i think everyone was so interested in this story is because of. >>how quickly were able to do it local public health officials have been critical of the slow rollout in the state according to cdc data more than 4 million doses have been distributed less than half administered it's been unclear how many doses will actually show up to bay area counties. >>doctor george rutherford infectious disease specialist at ucsf says supply may improve under the biden administration who vows to release as many vaccines to states i think the past administration did a marvelous job of focusing on vaccines. >>delivery vaccine development in vaccine production. but fell down another in other places these pop-up vaccination clinics all credit community efforts for their success and hope others will follow there are probably organizations all across this country certainly across the state an absolutely in the bay area that know their communities better than others. >>and that can marshal the
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resources, gayle ong kron 4 news. >>we found out that it was actually work on the site. >>a double homicide was very sad very sad word prompted him to do this i have no idea. >>tragic killings in the south bay are under investigation tonight police in sunnyvale say a father admitted to killing his wife and their 11 year-old daughter investigators say they found the bodies in a home on west home said road yesterday afternoon kron four's dan thorn getting reaction from neighbors tonight joins us live with more on what we know about what happened there. dan. >>well can we are learning tonight that this man is a software engineer and his wife was a resource specialist for one of the local school districts. neighbors tell us this was a quiet family. they were stunned by seeing all of the police officers blocking off the area around the home for several hours yesterday. police telling us tonight that this is a tragedy for everyone that's involved. flowers lay in the driveway of a sonny
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bill home where police found a mother and daughter had been killed investigators say 51 year-old leonid young bird turned himself in to the city's department of public safety and confessed to the crimes neighbors have been horrified by the killings is really scary. >>the treasury son join moon dell says he's lived next door to the family on west homestead road for several years when police swarmed the area wednesday he wasn't sure what was going on, but never imagined this just a sad seeing all that the police and everyone >>the police have identified the mother and young birds wife is 47 year-old spent lonna her body was found in the garage while the 11 year-old was found in the bathroom both had suffered from severe injuries to the head the cupertino union school district confirmed nicotine, a was a resource specialist for one of their elementary schools. a spokesperson sent this statement to kron 4 news saying in part quote we are so
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saddened by this tragedy and are working to support our students staff and community during this very difficult time of tremendous loss, it's just horrific tragedy. >>victims in all her friends. >>police say after yom berg told a records clerk he killed his wife he declined to speak any further without a lawyer as their investigation continues a neighborhood is left shaken prayers going out to their families that saw the santa clara county medical examiner's office is right now trying to determine what the specific cause of death was. >>meanwhile jon burge is in the county jail tonight without bail. reporting live in sunnyvale dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. >>gun violence has gone up and one east bay city resign about oakland, the deputy police chief said even his own family has fallen victim to the growing problem kron four's ella sogomonian is here to
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share his concern with us tonight l a common can and alarming 40 firearms so far have been recovered. >>while the oakland police department is investigating 11 homicide since the start of the new year. >>now to give you some perspective. this is compared to one person killed this time last year but of course that is one too many without going into detail opd ease. deputy chief leronne armstrong revealed that his own family has suffered from a loss due to this rampant crime. his officers have met with mayor libby schaaf violence prevention team to reinforce the commitment to collaborating and cracking down on this type of crime but the problem is that they haven't been able to find a direct link to these fatal shootings basically what's really causing them typically it would be gang related, but now it is seemingly random and citywide although mostly concentrated in deep east oakland opd is working to make contact with the people that they believe are connected to these fatal shootings which have proven to be tough during the pandemic. >>hour ceasefire strategy that really centers around direct
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communication has been impacted and so really the mayor's push this to come up with alternative ways to communicate with those at the highest risk that means that we're happy we're happy to go to residents is practicing social distancing taking all of the covid security protocols but also trying to still get out there in the community to begin to message people around putting down guns. >>officers also are providing resources to help the people who have been traumatized by the gun violence so a lot on their plate live in the studio ella sogomonian kron 4 news thank you very time now for a first check whether the south and lauren says there's a lot of rain ahead. yeah boy i this next week is going to be a snap back right into wintry weather. we have that nice spring weather but say we started to notice some changes. >>as that cool ocean air begin to move in and that really drop temperatures around the bay area tonight, the clouds begin to move into our skies will be long and we're talking
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about rain not going to be huge storm tonight but we're going to see some showers out of the overnight tonight, then tomorrow could be kind of an interesting day there's a chance we could see a couple thunderstorms roll through the bay area with some on stable cold air working its way on through up there tonight, boy the clouds really thickening up over san francisco right now he just barely make it out down below but yet today the temperatures really taken a hit specially near the coastline and just inside the bay for 2 degrees cooler today compared to yesterday and half moon bay, 11 degrees cooler in san francisco, 10 degrees cooler santa rosa. not as big a change in many of the interior valleys but that will certainly come in those spots inland still well into the 60's and as much as about 10 degrees above the average in spots inland into livermore caulker san jose are well above normal then look along the coastline into san francisco 53 degrees cooler than the average for this time of year and that's a trend that will continue as we head in toward the next few days. all right here comes storm system rolling in right now you can see that nice little swirl off the coastline that
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area low pressure is going move right across the bay area as we head through the middle of the morning tomorrow. i think that maybe just enough to spark some of those thunderstorms most that rain so far up toward eureka crescent city and dragon headed southward that front's going to come through a little bit later on tonight and bring that rain down across the bay area scattered showers kind of on and off throughout the day tomorrow temperature wise it is cooling off already got a lot of 40's and some 50's remember. last few days, we're looking at a lot these numbers in the 60's even headed toward the midnight hour. but now the entire start to change so the clouds on the increase tonight, rain developing specially after midnight tonight in the north and then spreading the south throughout the night scattered showers then they'll be cold and a chance of an isolated thunderstorm a much colder weather continuing in the weekend. another storm on the way on sunday. here's the storm system dropping into the bay area right now here comes rolling on in and that low's going to move right across the bay area that's key that is going to likely touch off some instability me get the cold air and then all of a sudden you get some heating from the
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sun up above as we head toward the middle of the day certainly may be enough to cause enough instability to bring couple thunderstorms outside to watch out for that temperatures will be noticeably cooler with scattered showers on and off throughout the day highs only in the low to about the mid-fifties next few days keeping things very unsettled tomorrow. showers expected saturday will dry things out more rain expected late the day on sunday may be a much larger storm come in the middle of next week and show you some forecasted rain totals between now and sunday their impressive coming in just a bit we needed. yeah. thank you >>when the first time since the pandemic san mateo county is ordering a business to shut down operations starting tomorrow. a judge ruled in favor of the county in a lawsuit against the owner of pacifica beach yoga for define health orders and operating indoor classes without masks from forest universe aqi first told you about this specific a yoga studio not complying with the health orders back in october and she joins us now live from the yoga studio with
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the very latest on this taylor. well after many visits warnings and then finds this business owner just blatantly continue to defy the health order holding those maskless. >>indoor classes with no social distancing in place whatsoever. now he doesn't shut down tomorrow well the da will get involved with criminal charges. >>the new court order forces pacifica beach yoga on oceana boulevard in pacifica to close its stores on friday, this comes after business owner thomas in tune refused to comply with health orders despite dozens of visits warnings in thousands of dollars in fines supervisor david canepa says this is the first time the counties had to take legal action saddens me that we had to take it to this level. >>but obviously the operator thought he was above the law on thursday. >>a judge ruled in favor of san mateo county in a lawsuit against and tuned for defying health orders operating indoor
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maskless classes with no social distancing is continuing to have people do we. >>yoga poses not wear a mask in a confined area which just is mind-boggling and then what he says is and not to pay the fines, i'm going to continue to do this. well our icu capacity at one time was off the charts won the last 2 weeks. our covid its covid deaths in san mateo county had hit 76 deaths we first told you about the civic a beach yoga in october when we learned that the owner was not enforcing mask-wearing or social distancing in fact. >>he made fun of others who followed the city and state guidelines. this was a facebook post he made then advertising maskless classes with hashtags mask free fear free virus-free and coward free since then the county received 26 complaints against the yoga studio meanwhile i continue to host reckless classes after regional state
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home order forced fitness centers to close indoor operations. >>if the owner doesn't shut down this time he could face jail time the business owner. >>has to shut down. if he does not shut down. this does or does not shut down. then our d a will be immediately involved. >>again this is the first time that the counties had to take it this far and here they are making a statement to these business owners that if you don't comply and refused to comply time and time again well there will be punishments coming for now we're live in pacifica taylor the psac ii kron 4 news. thank you taylor in the north bay at least 50 restaurants and wineries in napa and sonoma counties are suing governor newsome over his ban on outdoor dining in the lawsuit. the group says there's no scientific data that shows that eating outside spreads covid-19 any more than any other business but they are forced to close while. >>others are allowed to stay
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open. they say they spent millions of dollars to make their businesses comply with the governor's outdoor dining regulations over the summer just to see those orders roll back the regulations the governor's office says it plans to defend nuisance decision in court. coming up new democratic senators have been sworn into office including california's very own new senator alex, the d a. >>we talked to us about his very first day and there's a long list of concerns about the governor's school reopening plan will hear from state sen.
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>>police warn in california senator alex video praising president biden's approach to the pandemic today president biden sign 10 executive orders to ramp up covid vaccinations expand testing and reopen the schools, the dia was sworn in yesterday by his predecessor vice president kamala harris, he told us today the pandemic has so far made his new beginning in the nation's capital so real. >>the 5th it's mixed emotions today in a gray shun yesterday represented a new beginning for the nation. the session in congress the democratic majority new job for me eager provide the input. >>into the deliberations that my life experience gives me and my family's journey has provided that same time i got to tell you the to not my wife and kids standing next to me
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when i raised my right hand a reflection of competition to the covid-19 pandemic and travel safety. and the security situation here at the capitol, so it's a somber reminder of not just the importance of the work that we have with an urgency of the rick that we have ahead of us. >>senator the dia said that he had a chance to talk with vice president kamala harris after his swearing-in yesterday and commented that he has some big chuck taylor shoes to fill. that's pretty funny. >>president biden issues, a 100 day mask challenge we're going hear from doctors about which face coverings work the best plus governor newsom's plan to reopen schools raising a lot of questions among lawmakers. why some say it won't actually lead to in person instruction and bay area dhaka recipients are celebrating here that weigh in on president biden's immigration plan to try to prevent deportation of thousands
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>>a lot of people are being asked to accept the challenge president joe biden is challenging americans to wear masks for a specific time frame to try to help prevent the spread of covid kron 4 says that money and talked with a local doctor who says some masks are better than others for preventing the virus. as promised after being sworn in today one president joe biden issued a nationwide 100 day mask challenged no
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time to wait, but there are so many choices when it comes to picking new mask for protection from covid-19 is probably best to ask a professional like kaiser permitted days infectious disease specialist doctor, abby waldron. >>so the major way that covid-19 is spread from person to person is through. saliva and secretions from our bow says come out every time we talk every time we saying we talk loudly without realizing it little droplets are escaping from or about that and they can depending on their size they can travel for different distances says nothing is 100% foolproof however, the safest thing is to have a sit tested. >>and with a face shield and that's what we in the hospital the next to a line of which is what will years were out about not in a hospital has cursed care setting. surgical mask with or without a us a shoe.
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>>he says you lose a considerable amount of protection wearing a common t-shirt or bandanna to cover your face as well it does provide some level of protection. and definitely protect other in case you have covid-19 don't know then you may have seen one of these mask here with this contraption you see here built on the site the problem is it does not protect people from you that little cent. >>it closes when you breathe n. but it opens when you breathe out. >>absolute worst when it comes to protection just wearing a face shield alone official only works. >>it's actually massive just an that you're really not protected you can check out the cdc's website for more information on selecting the right mask has it lead you kron 4 news. >>as part of his immigration reform plan president biden is calling on congress to preserve daca that's the deferred action for childhood arrivals program daca has protected thousands of those
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who came to america as young people many children from deportation as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now a leading south bay proponent of and a dreamer himself hopes the program will be saved. >>speeds dhaka recipients are called dreamers because up until now being allowed to stay in this country and become us citizens, the seem like a dream. but now that dream may be one step closer to reality and the dreamers are excited. here's more. >>this we've got a lot of anxiety on whether we're going to have to go back to move working under the table or. >>mario lopez has been on the front lines of the effort to stop the trump administration from ending the deferred action for childhood arrivals program which is shielded him and some 700,000 other undocumented people from deportation after they were brought to the u.s. as children. it's been a life in limbo says lopez the past 4 years has filled with uncertainty and for folks like myself.
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>>who haven't necessarily had an understanding how where future's going to be just 5 years old when he arrived in california lopez is now a graduate of u c berkeley. >>and a policy analyst for county to leave. >>now he is optimistic about president bidens proclamation calling on congress to adopt legislation that gives dhaka recipients permanent legal status and a path to citizenship. >>and so now that we have president biden having this essentially restoring preserving and strengthening it really does provide us with a sense of relief we're very excited i'm very excited. biden's plan would allow for lopez and his fellow dreamers to apply for a green card immediately. >>although the supreme court blocked trump's attempt to end dhaka his administration impose limits on the program. now though the dreamers could become citizens in just 3 years and not a minute too soon says lopez. >>you know we've been waiting for for almost 20 years to try to some kind of path to legalization. and there hasn't
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been one and we're tired of our lives in the bow. >>if the legislation passes congress other undocumented individuals could also have a streamlined path to citizenship. in as little as 8 years is san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>tonight governor newsom is hoping the state legislature take swift action on his school reopening plan which would allow some schools to reopen for in person instruction in february next month. newsom's 2 billion dollar proposed plan promises funds to help with personal protective equipment frequent testing and contact tracing but in a hearing on the proposal today critics told lawmakers the plan leaves little time for schools to update reopening plans to meet the funding requirements. >>we have concerns about how effective the proposal will be ultimately getting schools to reopen earlier.
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>>today newsom's administration could not tell lawmakers how many schools in the state are open now nor could they say how many have applied for the funding. his administration also cannot provide details on the plan to vaccinate teachers which is included in newsom's proposal at least 20% of renters in california are behind on their rent payments. that's according to new data and like most things people with low incomes and people of color are being hit the hardest 20% comes out of about comes out to about 1.1 million california households falling behind and their ability to pay rent. >>and over the last year, the average amount of rent debt ballooned to $3400 per person that is about 3.7 billion dollars in unpaid rent statewide meantime the state's current eviction moratorium is set to expire on february first unless new protections are passed. still ahead convicted killer scott peterson back in court today
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what we know about his chances of getting an entirely new trial. >>rain on the way tonight the we could be in for a whole lot more we'll tell you how much coming up next. and next the warriors are getting their you know what's by the mix kylen mills will have all the highlights next.
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>>for sports. the warriors
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looking to keep the good times rolling against the new york knicks, the second game of a back to back. >>last night the warriors debut there oakland forever, jerseys tonight staff and the dubs were donning the city gear and a nod to roots in san francisco you can see the blue and gold 1st quarter the knicks came out on fire. rj barrett gets the ball here drains the 3 pointer new york 40 point 1st quarter. curry off the screen there 3 from the corner. it is good dubs on the comeback staff finish with 30 points, not bad. late in the 2nd quarter andrew wiggins made all of his 5 first-half shots that will step back up the words within 2, but then the turning point a very strange turn of events for sure draymond green evidently saying something to james wiseman but the rest thought was talking to him green is hit with a second technical fall and that's attic injection you can see how
9:39 pm
confused. he is he can't believe it steve kerr can't believe it curry can't believe it i couldn't believe it but that was it by by dream on the dog's head really to try to get back in rhythm because that one hurt on both sides the floor they miss shots turned the ball over several times they finished with a dismal 19 point 3rd quarter and went into the 4th 13 down that doesn't put you a very good spot and forth. knicks leading by 15 and are you couldn't stop barrett who just floats in that little one there a career-high 28 points for him the next role. one 19 1 '04 the final moving on to college hoops the cal bears hosting u c l a haas pavilion mark fox and company hoping to upset the 24 th-ranked bruins second-half bruins up by 2. gregan t sumich from beyond the arc knocks in that triple 21 points in a perfect 5 for 5 from 3 friend t savage khalaf by one minute later. bruins
9:40 pm
back up again after jules bernard sinks in a 3 of his own he had 11 points for and that would be the dagger cal falls in a close one 6157 the final score, the host the usc trojans on saturday and today was mls draft day in the earthquake, stay local with the number 12 overall pick the quake selected forward tommy williamson, the southern california native played at wcau williamson scored 9 goals in 18 appearances in 2019 for the golden bears earning pac 12 second team honors. he didn't get to play in 2020 because the fall season was postponed due to coronavirus obviously williamson should add some depth to the quake's attack and you could say this golden bear was pretty happy about staying in the golden state. >>so the base. >>i mean >>creeping in bertie is my
9:41 pm
teammates we're all center on tv just watching waiting and. my name is called it was definitely surreal feeling. super excited as you can see in video. >>also i favor video i saw today also selected 18th in today's draft by the minnesota united san francisco plans. and you see davis alumni not became a good cheap. that's a lo
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>>scott peterson case was once again in front of a san mateo county judge today, 16 years after his found guilty of killing his pregnant wife lacy in there unborn son kron four's maureen kelly has new information on when the judge could decide whether or not to grant peterson a whole new trial. >>convicted killer scott peterson wearing a mask and his prison uniform appeared before the judge via zoom during a status update on his case today. the judge said that the defense has until march 12th to submit a brief on why their client should have his original conviction for the murder of his pregnant wife lacy and their unborn son conner overturned and be granted a whole new trial. the reason alleged juror misconduct after the state supreme court decided that juror richelle nice failed to disclose that she had been the victim of domestic violence while she herself had been pregnant nice scene here around the time of the original trial has denied that she kept that information back intentionally in order to get
9:45 pm
on the jury during today's hearing scott peterson who maintains he is an innocent man look remarkably unchanged despite his 16 years. he spent locked away on san quentin's death row. his attorney pat harris says his clients demeanor has also remained the same he has always been upbeat. >>the is always been a person who is extremely sensitive to other people's feelings. i think that even though he's been in for the 16 year. i don't think any of that's changed. i know that it's difficult for him and i know he has. problems obviously being confined. under the circumstances i think he's making the best of it's unclear at this time at the judge will issue her ruling on whether or not peterson will be granted a new trial on march 12th. >>or decide to hold a hearing on the matter even if peterson is not granted a new trial his case will come back here to san mateo county again that's because the same higher court. also overturn his death sentence because of mistakes. the original judge made during
9:46 pm
jury selection. a new jury would have to be seeded for a new penalty phase. >>and they could once again decide to sentence peterson to death. but those hearings could take months because the new jurors would have to hear all of the evidence that was presented during the first trial. plus the new evidence peterson's lawyer says he plans to bring forward maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>new information tonight somerset county sheriff's office has arrested 6 family members and friends all accused of helping 6 inmates escape from the mercer county jail last week 3 of those inmates are still on the run officials say the inmate used a rope made out of sheets to get out of the building a criminal defense attorneys says the friends and family could face several charges depending on the level of their involvement and their criminal history. and we are continuing to follow the investigation on the deadly capitol brace that happened
9:47 pm
january 6 investigators in florida say they took a suspect into custody named joe biggs this happened yesterday. >>he's charged with 3 crimes, including obstructing an official proceeding before congress court documents accuse him of clashing with police on the steps of the capitol prosecutors say he used the partner app to instruct rioters to dress in all black in order to resemble members of the far-left group antifa and according to the fbi a houston police officer told ages he entered the capitol on the day of the rise, a criminal complaint says that tan dan tham. >>took pictures and videos inside the building agents are now reviewing those images pham is charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building without lawful authority and violent entry investigators in florida also arrested this now suspended sheriff's deputy for allegedly sending threatening messages to another deputy on the night of the riot. they
9:48 pm
say that peter heenan need rather said quote shoot the feds i'll kill them all. >>is now 9th out of jail on bond and meantime a judge in pennsylvania released to this woman from jail into the custody of her mother today, riley williams you might remember is accused of helping to steal house. speaker nancy pelosi's leapt up. >>williams is charged with theft obstruction trespass a violent entry and disorderly conduct on capitol grounds she is due in federal court on monday. >>this move on to the weather and we're getting some big changes heading our way a lot of rain coming this way lawrence yeah, a lot of rain we might get a little snow on mountain top some look at some of that cold air that's going to be rolling in the next few days and certainly there's a possibility, especially sunday into monday, maybe snow down to about a 1000 feet leased a dusting anyway it be nice to we're waiting our storm coming tonight. that's going to usher some colder air not snow just yet here. certainly a couple raindrops are real possibility overnight dry out there on the
9:49 pm
golden gate bridge right now but not for long i after midnight tonight things really start to switch up a bit we'll begin to see that cold front entering the north bay and bring the clouds out looking out over the bay we've got patchy fog out there and also mid to high level clouds will continue to be on the increase all from this system fact we felt that changed today a switch in the directions of those offshore winds. we have more that on shore breeze and that probably that that cool air and drop the temperatures near the coastline. here comes that front rolling in you can see not a huge storm system as moves on by so far bay area just look at a lot of clouds scoot nom by most that rain up rick right now just had a little bit further to the south so we're going to see that the system sliding in the bay area overnight tonight to bring some showers out there and then tomorrow could get really interesting we're going to see that cold air kind of move on in the rain spreading to the south tonight, the cold showers continuing tomorrow. but a lot more instability tomorrow that could give rise to a couple of thunderstorms maybe couple lightning strikes around the bay area that much colder air going campin for
9:50 pm
the weekend member last weekend we're talking. temperatures up in the 70 some record breaking heat. well this weekend, we're lucky to get out the 50's and a good part of the bay area maybe some places only in the 40's that being said we're looking temperatures in the 40's down into san francisco 4951 in oakland 49 degrees in san jose, 48 limb or 50 in concord and 46 degrees in santa rosa things have really changed as the temperatures running much cooler down all right here comes this cold front overnight tonight sliding into the bay area bring in that area of low pressure right down across the bay area that may be just enough to trigger some thunderstorms outside watching for that in the long range this is just the beginning there's our storm system coming through tonight, it's tomorrow that bring some showers not a huge storm behind that a little more impressive storm moves in come sunday and that will be with a more rain and some much colder maybe some snow to our mountain peeks behind that a much more impressive storm this one coming through as we head into wednesday, then we roll through further into thursday you see kind of hanging around not moving very fast that could very well
9:51 pm
bring a ton of rain to the bay area may we have to start talking about some mudslides debris flows kind of messy weather. but yeah, the as we take you through time is going to see the showers moving on through tonight into early tomorrow morning then breaking off to more scattered showers throughout the day tomorrow there you go kind of on and off maybe some most thunderstorms popping up with that instability so big change. the weather tomorrow pack, your warm weather gear and the you're gonna need that umbrella rain on the way for tonight and tomorrow dry on saturday, more rain on sunday and maybe some snow sunday night into monday get the skis out here we go. okay, thank you coming up next bernie sanders goes viral for his rather cozy, look at the inauguration. take a look at some of the best burning need when we come back.
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>>the needle down. >>as a pretty familiar voice, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger just got his covid vaccine. he got his first dose of dodger stadium in la and then he had a message for all of us here in california. >>all right that is good about scene. recommended that anyone and everyone. amid me view of the.
9:55 pm
>>that of course was one of his lines from his movie terminator 2. encourage people to get out and get that vaccine. when president biden made his first appearance in the oval office yesterday there were several not a small symbolic changes behind the desk. there's a brought a bronze bust of next american civil rights icon cesar chavez there's also bus of doctor martin luther king junior and rosa parks, gone is the controversial painting of andrew jackson which was hung by former president trump. according to the washington post president biden replaced it with a portrait of benjamin franklin to represent his interest in following science. they're also paintings of president thomas jefferson and treasury secretary alexander hamilton hanging near each other to show how differences of opinion are essential to democracy. you have likely seen some of the memes that are going around the internet there's bernie sanders at the yesterday so we want take a
9:56 pm
look at some of the best of these memes and and round yeah, this is the original photograph and then use of that now this is one of some of them that followed in this one you can see the senators taking over for will smith as the grumpy prince of bel air and there's little renaissance art as well the senator was dropped into leonardo da vinci's the last supper sitting right next to jesus with his disciples by the way the mittens that. >>bernie was wearing is also gave have also gained a lot of popularity, they're not now sold out of those mittens the mit makers also a vermont teacher tells the mittens are from repurpose to wool sweaters and their line with fleece from recycled plastic bottles the mittens were completely sold out as can just mention they were sold out minutes after bernie, sanders wore them to hit operation. >>that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour fixing vaccine.
9:57 pm
distribution is at the top of president biden's to do list more on the executive actions. he took today during his first full day in office to help hit his goal of vaccinating 100 million americans and plus a tragedy in sunnyvale where a father's police say a father has confessed to killing his wife and 11 year-old daughter. >>coming up what police know so far and how neighbors are remembering the family. the story's more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. this should be one the greatest operational challenge is a nation has ever undertaken. >>and i'm committed to getting done we're committed to getting it out will move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated for free. >>now at 10 combating the coronavirus crisis president biden revealing his plan to fight the pandemic as the bay area continues its push to vaccinate those most vulnerable. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 10, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne as president biden took the oath of office yesterday america's suffered its deadliest day of the pandemic yet more than 4400 americans died of covid-19 on wednesday alone and the cdc predicts we're going to lose another 104,000 people by


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