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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 23, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>the tension some big news in the bay area's fight against the coronavirus after months of struggling to get our icu bed capacity back above the 15% threshold in order to exit the stay at home order. we're getting some new numbers tonight the latest numbers from the state showing that we are now over 23.4% capacity that's more than a 16% jump from the 6.9%. then we were at just yesterday. good evening. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock, i'm justine waldman john of the call is off tonight. so with that major jump in the icu bed capacity here in the bay area. what does that mean for reopening when can we expect to see outdoor dining hair salons and gyms open back up there are a
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lot of you want to get some answers for you right now on kron four's dan thorn joins us now live. to tell us what we know at this point this is obviously very encouraging that icu bed capacity is well above 15%. >>that definitely good news here health experts and local leaders really excited about seeing these numbers go up but they want to make sure that residents and also business leaders understand that any approaches in terms of reopening they're going to be measured though they're going to be guided by science and that we really shouldn't be letting our guard down at this point despite the positive icu bed capacity numbers because there is still a long fight to go against covid-19. >>the bay area gets encouraging news in terms of icu bed capacity the state reports the region is now over 23% the highest it's been for several weeks it's super hopeful. >>but again we need to be sustained before we can begin the process of reopening ucsf
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professor an infectious disease specialist doctor peter, chin-hong says. >>these new numbers fall in line with recent decreases in test positivity rate and hospitalizations he says it also shows bay area residents have been responsible by following the guidance from public health officials that new year's on the on the series on a surge that we're fearing didn't really materialize and that means that the shows in place policies in california did have an impact but more importantly, it means that the people of the bay area we're heating it for the most part business owners are sure to be inspired by the new numbers because that means there's a path to reopening. >>however county leaders do not want people getting too excited because the approach to reopening will continue to be measured. complacency equates into the virus potentially spreading even more but this is a step in the right direction is positive. it's better than being under 15% san mateo county supervisor david canepa says
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he understands bay area residents might be feeling some resentment considering the nearby sacramento region is below the 15% icu bed capacity but had its shelter-in-place orders lifted a week ago cannabis as the rules and messaging from the state needs to be uniform, not because you know the the just and equitable thing to do. >>but to generally avoid a potential confusion. there is some confidence that these icu bed capacity numbers can be sustained, but there's also. >>some concern that these numbers might be short lived because the new covid-19 variant. continues to increase some cases and it's still unclear what sort of impact that new variant will have on what's to come next. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn. kron 4 news. >>thank you so much stan more than 5 weeks into its
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vaccination program california does not nearly have the supply to meet the demand state officials are frustrated the federal government has not provided more doses. local officials are upset governor gavin, newsome last week suddenly added 4 million residents between the ages of 6574 to be eligible for the vaccine that added a lot of confusion to a hodgepodge of a system with different requirements in the state's 58 counties. according to the centers for disease control and prevention more than 41 million covid shots have been distributed in the united states. but only 20 million americans have received the vaccine that's less than half of the doses available. the california state department of public health says just over a million of the state's. 3.2 million doses have been given out. that's just about a 3rd of all the available shots in california. according to bloomberg's vaccine tracker california is the worst state in the country. when it comes
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to giving out the vaccine. let's go to the north bay now the marin county health department is the latest in the bay area to launch a covid-19 vaccination dashboard this tracks. the number of people in the county who have received at least one dose of the vaccine. right now the county's only getting vaccines to people who are 75 and older, but kron four's gayle ong has the story of how many people have actually gotten a shot in the arm. >>so far 5% of marine county's population have been inoculated and that includes frontline health care workers first responders and now the focus is on those 75 and older, but the rest of the population will have to wait we just need to be that if you're if you're further down the line in terms of the tears, it's because someone who is more vulnerable. >>and more likely to die of to get infected. frankly while prioritizing the most vulnerable population marine county public health officer doctor matthew willis telling kron for the county is blinded to how many doses of the covid-19 vaccine is given one
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way to help navigate the distribution process a vaccination dashboard on the county's website to keep tabs on marine county residents who have received at least one dose of the vaccine. the new dashboard is updated daily dad is provided by the california immunization registry and the california department of public health people who work but do not live in moran are not included even though they received their dose in the county the data also does not include inmates at san quentin state prison or people receiving doses at local pharmacies under a new presidency, the biden administration vows to release nearly every available doses just states we've been promised more clarity in the process itself so we can plan better we really need to know how much to expect week to week so that we can schedule those visits schedules appointments not cancel visits 7 schedule or not under schedule. >>depending on the dose is in the meantime doctor willis says marines icu capacity is around 15%. but new cases are coming in and the doctor says the county is ready to
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inoculate as many people as possible when more doses arrive with 5% of our community back state and our health care as having been vaccinated it really feels a lot because there's not that sense of fear that their health care workers themselves are going to be infected by taking care of our residents. >>to receive notifications about the shot in mirman county. you can fill out an online form on the county's website. we've also posted that link on our website kron 4 dot com in center fell. gayle ong kron 4 news. >>let's go to the peninsula where a new covid-19 vaccination site has opened up with the capacity to provide up to 5,000 shots every week it's located at the mountain view community center and south reinsdorf avenue. it's open monday through friday from 08:30am to 05:00pm right now vaccines are available to health care workers long-term care facility residents and people who are over the age of 75 appointments are required.
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san francisco has also launched its first mass coronavirus vaccination clinic at city college. anyone who qualifies includes health care workers people living or working at long-term care facilities and anyone in the 65 and older age range. you do have to be register before going to the clinic. the city is aiming to vaccinate 10,000 people a day once clinics at the moscone center and the sf market also begin vaccinations but that will depend on how many more vaccine doses the city receives. the united states is now close to approving a 3rd covid-19 vaccine doctor anthony fauci said that johnson and johnson single dose vaccine will be approved in about 2 weeks. >>i don't want to get ahead of them, but i have to tell you i would be surprised if it was any more than 2 weeks from now that the data will be analyzed and decisions would be made that's really good news as you said, because that would be if it does get an emergency use
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authorization, yet again another candidate that does have some differences and that's good because it gives a wider range of flexibility. >>another advantage of the johnson johnson vaccine is that it can be stored at regular refrigerator temperatures unlike the pfizer vaccine. let's go now to our weather forecast. there is a storm coming on sunday. we want to look at that right now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez yeah, let's track this storm hour by hour justine because it is going to be very similar to yesterday's storm in the bay area. >>brought us hail and thunderstorms right off the coast and we could see much of the same for your sunday afternoon as well live look outside though city hall out in the distance for your saturday night very calm clear conditions out there and temperatures noticeably cooler out there this evening and we are tracking that storm right now to our north going to inch closer to the bay area by our
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sunday afternoon and we could see about half an inch of rain or less and even some snow showers throughout our highest peaks, one to 2 inches of snow will be possible for highest bay area mountains and hills until an atmospheric river arrives late next week. so let's take a look though at this first storm hour by hour it is going to be a dry start for your sunday morning so take advantage of that especially if you have outdoor plans because shortly after your new lunch time hour. that's we're going to start to notice some widespread light to moderate rain off the coast starting to make its way inland could see some heavy downpours with the thought of pop-up thunderstorms and possible hail as well by around 4 5 o'clock for your sunday afternoon and early evening. it is a cold core storm very unstable in with the daytime heating we could actually get some pop-up thunderstorms out of this it's going to quickly exit to the south and east by sunday night with that drying trend continuing on monday the storm is going to leave behind
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though a very chilly air mass 50 mile per hour wind gusts or less for the bay area coastline and then drier conditions by monday but by tuesday night tracking an atmospheric river expected to bring us inches of rain justine more coming up in my full forecast in just a few minutes back to you lou for sounds exciting coming up here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock we will share the sobering new numbers. >>the judge that show just how hard the pandemic continues to be for our local businesses. plus health experts have long said that wearing masks this is the best way to stop the spread of covid-19 and now some of these experts are saying it's time to take it a step further by 2 is better than one. but first we'll take a look back at the life and legacy of broadcasting legend larry king.
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>>as we wait for the articles of impeachment to be delivered to the senate on monday. we're now learning that interviews of trump supporters at the riot will likely be used against him in his trial which is set to start in february at least 5 supporters facing federal charges have suggested they were taking orders from then president trump when they marched on capitol hill to challenge the certification of president joe biden's win. well now those comments are spelled out in criminal complaints that are likely to
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take center stage with democrats lay out their case to convict trump. a legal group in new york has filed an ethics complaint against rudy giuliani. the group called lawyers defending american democracy want giuliani investigated for promoting donald trump's claims of election fraud including his speech at the january 6th rally before the riots at the u.s. capitol. the group also wants giuliani's license to be suspended until the investigation is complete. giuliani says the complaint is an attempt at hindering his free speech. a new york judge has rejected an nra request to delay or transfer a lawsuit issued by the state of new york that could shut down the organization. the judge said it would be quote inappropriate to rule the a g can't pursue the suit in state court just because the nra wants to tried somewhere else but he should james's taking the nra to court following an investigation that she says uncovered fraud and abuse funds. just last week the nra
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filed for bankruptcy and announced it would leave new york and move to texas. that stock now again about our weather forecast. we do have some storms coming our way to round out the rest of our weekend hope you got to enjoy some of the sun today because it's going to be a little while before it returns, but let's find out exactly when with our meteorologist mabrisa they're yeah, the biggest storm of this winter season set to arrive for us in the bay area tuesday night. >>and it's going to last through friday night so it's going to bring us higher rain totals. >>because it has been extended for one more day. let's track this storm hour by hour. it is an atmospheric river going to bring a slight bands of rain and even some snow showers throughout our highest peaks is an atypical atmospheric river where it has a warm core this one is a cold or core system associated with it pretty unstable as well and it is going to bring us moderate to heavy downpours it's going
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to peak very early wednesday morning. first for those of you in the north bay for the rest of us in the bay area we're going to notice the heaviest downpours as it peaks in intensity by midmorning on wednesday. we are going to see that this storm is going to stall and just hover over the bay area all day wednesday and then a second wave of energy will arrive by early thursday morning. bringing us very light to moderate and heavy downpours big bull's eye over downtown san francisco by 9 o'clock thursday morning and then it is going to start to break apart, but that won't happen until friday morning even into friday night could see some scattered showers so let's track the rain totals with this storm because they are going up now that it has been extended through friday. by wednesday night we could see anywhere from one to 2 inches of rain already with this first round this second round on thursday when we notice that second wave of energy bringing us an
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additional half an inch to up to an inch of rain so we could easily see 2 to 4 inches of rain when it's all said and done double those amounts for our highest peaks for most of our mountains and hills 4 to 8 inches of rain will be possible. so we do have that threat of mud and debris flows especially with all of our burn scars that we have from our high fire season still very fresh, very unstable mass at whipple land and that could actually give way so make sure that if you are near and you are told to evacuate. please do so because this is very serious weather heading our way starting tuesday. we do have a weaker storm arriving sunday bring us about half an inch of rain or less drying out by monday but then the atmospheric river will arrive tuesday night so i mean forget the umbrella just and we're going to need a bigger boat. when it's all said and done what's bigger than an umbrella a tarp noah's ark yacht, let's
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get our silicon valley people out there in the pacific to help we may need them tracking it for thanks to preserve thinks will be busy this yeah. >>all right and tributes have been pouring in all day after news broke that legendary broadcaster, larry king passed away at the age of 87, new york governor andrew cuomo wrote this of king, he was a brooklyn boy who became a legendary dues person who informed the country in a clear and plane way singer and actress actress, but miller, tweeted this message calling him a great interviewer and listener which she says are not the same thing adding that he made people feel like they are the only person in the room and basketball legend earvin magic johnson said he knew king for 42 years that he always made him laugh. king graced our tv screens for more than half of the century and now reporter justin boggs takes a look back at his life and his legacy. >>when i go yeah i want to be frozen. it's unclear if larry
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king was joking in 2014 when he told host conan o'brien he wanted to be frozen when he passed if there's one thing is certain is that he's a lawrence harvey zeiger in 1933 will be remembered as a giant in the world of broadcasting barton he spent 6 decades, informing and entertaining starting out on the radio in miami beach 6 decades ago. he was best known for his show larry king live on cnn where he and his trademark suspenders interviewed celebrities and political leaders a show that lasted 25 years on the cable news network. king boe city never prepared for interviews, he was known for tossing softball questions to his guests which allowed many of them to open up and at times dropped bombshell revelations more king was never afraid to take a chance or play along with some of the whims of the celebrities like singing with marlon brando got a date with an >>when the chapel ring want to make him an offer he can't refuse.
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>>that by the king won numerous broadcasting awards and vowed to keep going until he died he continue to do a show on the internet and stayed active as a writer and television personality on twitter celebrities pay their respects. barbara streisand tweeting he was one of a kind may he rest in peace. bill clinton i enjoyed my 20 plus interviews with larry king over the years he had a great sense of humor and a genuine interest in people. he gave a direct line to the american people and worked hard to get the truth for them with questions that were direct but fair farewell my friend in 1987, larry king survived a major heart attack in 2 years ago, he suffered a stroke. the legendary broadcaster was married 8 times on january 2nd of this year it was revealed that king had been hospitalized for 10 days earlier in a los angeles hospital after testing positive for covid-19 larry king died this morning at the age of 87 at cedar sinai medical center in l a stand-up good bye. about soul.
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>>i will decide which nfl teams will be heading to this year's super bowl and while the niners and the raiders are out kron 4 sports reporter kate rooney explains there are still some bay area skin in the game. >>when tampa bay takes on green bay in the nfc championship game on sunday, the bucks will have strong local cheering squad tom brady grew up in san mateo and his
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roots there still run deep, he's got a 100% support out here in the bay area today. >>for those who are rooting for the forty-niners but by and their tommy pham's those close to brady say that's because he's the same guy who started his football career into pro sarah high 14 nfl conference title game 6 super bowl rings and a supermodel wife later he's still just tanita them become hasn't changed at all. >>you know someone you know with his caliber and how famous he is you figure you know you give them a call or text you would hear back 4. now a few days maybe a week but almost every single time either call the texan that's been within that day don will always find time for the important things and for family and friends. and that's when that's another reason what makes him so successful. >>another possible reason for that success despite the titles and trophies brady hasn't forgotten the times he was overlooked we're on a zoom call 2 days ago together with couple others greats and he. you know he talked about that he's still upset about it.
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you're still said he still said about that that he got drafted in the 6th round that story also serves as fuel to the fire for the dozens of kids who play football. each year at sarah where brady still regularly check son. kate rooney kron 4 sports. >>the san jose sharks first home games of the season will not be played at home today, the team announced due to covid-19 related bans on contact sports in santa clara county, the team's hockey games will be played in glendale arizona, the first game will be on february first the second game will be on the 3rd the sharks next home games after that are set for the 13th and 15th locations for those games have not been announced just yet the sharks president hopes to return to the s a t center in san jose. a s a p. coming up next. we'll take a look at the biden administration's policies towards dhaka and what it means to thousands of dreamers.
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>>as we wait to find out what these new improved icu bed capacity numbers mean for reopening in the bay area, local restaurants and other small businesses have to keep fighting and trying to hang on until we get more relief but a new survey is showing up to one-fifth of the small businesses an antioch may have to close down for good in the near future as a direct result of the damaging impacts of the
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pandemic kron 4 sleep to call spoke with business owners who say that money from the city can really help. >>debbie blazer did not apply for a grant last october when the city of antioch created a $300,000 small business relief fund with money from the federal cares act because i don't pay wages, we pay just on sales and commissions that sales are now down 25% at her co-op or or town treasure chest store hours have been reduced to lower the electricity bill and staff members are working fewer and fewer hours. if the city offers another grant she says this time she would jump in or landlord has reduced the rant for these months to help but once were. >>that's back, you know when things are open again. the prices will go up again too and we could use that for future as well as now for utilities and the rant. a recent survey among small business owners conducted by the antioch chamber of
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commerce shows financial assistance would be more helpful than reduced restrictions. >>and that up to 21% of those businesses may have to close permanently because of a drastic loss in revenue. newly elected mayor lamar thorpe says the city has about 40 million dollars in reserves and wants to explore a second small business grant program this time totaling about a half million dollars in another half million. >>rental assistance. corp says he plans to make his case to the city council when it meets next month. we say these monies for emergencies. well this is a local emergency. >>we have a crisis on our hand that's beyond just. or city or region or state in our country. it's global and so we need to reach back to our reserve coffers and start providing direct assistance assistance needed now in phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>and just because our icu numbers are improving that does not mean we can take it easy with our safety
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precautions in fact we should actually be doubling down to make sure that the trends continue to go in the right direction kron four's terisa stasko explains the science behind the latest suggestion to wear to masks. while it may sound at first excessive do where to mass rather than one there is actual scientific facts to prove the point actually i just want keep her about this was a physical scientist in question are at this point time should we be wearing their masks and i think the answer is yes, doctor monica gandhi an infectious disease physician with ucsf she along with doctor are an expert in virus transmission. >>virginia tack recently put forth a medical commentary on the principles of the importance of face masks and more precisely the data supporting double mask came there to be these it's because there's more virus around him exposed number one second is
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the variance like you said in numbers to anyone who's indoors inside a wrecked minister indoors is martha said wednesday, it is for people running outside for example with so many mass out there. >>now the question is what to mask should we wear that is really up what we wrote about is it surgical mask blocks the virus left just actually it's almost like a logical and in last mass blocks it and fibers they can't get through this in putting those 2 together is as effective as an n 95 speaking of an n 95. the doctor says that it is the gold standard because of its unique material. >>however she says they must be properly fitted and are still in short supply so she recommends the cloth and surgical option. and there is this how best to layer the 2. >>and the way that i recommend is actually the search for the outside possibly inside why
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because the clock is the one that's going to get word to the next your and you want to watch that were frequently and the surgical that can used in tell it really starts tapping on sites like could we could all use it for about 5 days doctor gandhi says washing the cloth every few days is best. >>something else that is evolving surface contamination. she says early on in the pandemic there was fear surrounding touching services including mass. >>however, circus transmission about 100 people would have to sneeze surface and then you have to look at to get a service transmission. so that's how strongly based we are over with see over scary like to have to take it off like that not >>she adds thinking that way can help people relax and realize they can win needed adjust their mask. better yet adjust their double mask while inside shoring up their defenses against this pandemic to recess stasio kron 4 news.
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>>and incarcerated southern california man facing a murder charge in his mother's death has not died of complications from covid-19 the orange county sheriff's office leafing died after testing positive for the virus in december. the 37 year-old was hospitalized earlier this month after complications. thankfully did not guilty following his arrest on murder and attempted murder charges after his mother and her boyfriend were found stabbed in their apartment in august of 2017. thing was awaiting a jury trial that was scheduled for july. >>don't you want to know what the weather's going to do on sunday. so why so we can make some plans contra meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with a look ahead and she's tracking the rain coming our way for the rest of the weekend. yeah that's right just and it is going to be a very dry start to your sunday, but the end will be a little bit wetter with a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms and even for this year as well
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tracking snow showers there right now i 80 at castle peak. >>not having any road conditions or problems for that matter. the snow is just off the roads but we're going to notice a change less than 24 hours from now in fact stormtracker 4 tracking dry and clear conditions a few thin high clouds overhead, but then snow showers we're turning to the sierra by early sunday afternoon. and it is going to continue all night long through monday afternoon because we're expecting up to a foot of snow for higher elevations. that's what we have a winter storm watch and a winter weather advisory going into effect sunday at 4 o'clock and is set to expire through 4 o'clock on monday. that's when those snow showers are expected to exit 3 to 6 inches though for the low lying areas specifically along the tahoe basin and we could see upwards of a foot of snow for elevations above 5,000 feet in this year up where we could actually get a foot of snow for most of the ridges in
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this and also some pretty breezy winds as well so just keep that in mind and then several feet of snow is expected with this atmospheric river that's going to bring us 2 to 4 inches of rain going to bring several feet of snow for the sierra just to put it in perspective but from now until then perfect snowmaking conditions in fact cooling down into the mid 30's for this even cooler weather on monday as that storm exits leaving behind a very cool air mass with temperatures only warming up into the upper 20's and then rebounding slightly into the low 30's by tuesday. but by tuesday night. that's when that atmospheric river is going to make its way into the sierras, so plan ahead because it is going to continue through friday so very dangerous driving weather conditions as well for the sierra heading your way in for us here in the bay area we could see upwards of about half an inch of rain or less starting sunday afternoon as that storm quickly exits by sunday night and then drier
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weather on monday. in fact monday is going to be the driest day of the next 7 bectuse our atmosphere river the strongest storm of this winter season set to arrive by tuesday night, peking wednesday and then again thursday morning so we're going to have double doses of this atmospheric river with these waves of energy more coming up in your micro climate outlook in just a few minutes back to you just saying thank you so much debris, some. >>the biden administration spent its first few days rolling back a lot of former president trump's policies. but there's one issue that they want to tackle that cannot be done within the executive order. >>reporter austin miller explains what his plan is for the hundreds of thousands of dreamers in the u.s.. >>biden not only embrace s but protect the program means the world to us you know we want to be a part of this country and this is what we know hamas eventually still lives in california. he was brought to the united states by his mother when he was 2 years old the family fleeing mexico in
9:39 pm
search of a better life carla palma was for she's now a nursing student in arkansas i want to be a promising to stick the one that percent higher education and that are bettering themselves. they are both dreamers 2 of the 700,000 recipients who benefit from dhaka program that protects immigrants from deportation who came to the united states as children providing them the opportunity to work and attend school congratulations in his first hours in office president joe biden pending 19 executive orders. immigration policies. top of the list to responsibly manage the border keep families together. >>grow our economy address the root causes of migration from central america, the 46th president also calling on congress to preserve dhaka and grant permanent legal status and a path to citizenship for those dreamers it's definitely a welcome message to myself and other immigrants that typically doctors at the end
9:40 pm
to have spent the last 4 years fighting this administration fighting for our far right to stay here in the country will only known as home. >>and perhaps biden's most ambitious proposal was an immigration bill that would offer potential citizenship to anybody who came to the united states before january 1st an estimated 11 million people but republicans like house minority leader kevin mccarthy, not happy with the dismantling of many trump era initiatives the new administration. >>it was more interested in helping illegal immigrants and helping our own citizens, americans need our help at home. that's where our focus must remain. that means congress needs to step up as well. >>texas attorney general ken paxton suing the biden administration over its 100 day moratorium on certain deportations saying in a tweet when the joe biden admimistration breaks the law i take action as a g i will always put americans texans first not dangerous aliens who must be deported that
9:41 pm
following biden's inauguration dreamers like palma say they feel safe and can continue to plant roots in american soil, not just my community, but in in others and feel like it was definitely a day of hope and a new beginning. >>breaking news now coming to us out of san francisco firefighters are responding to a house fire on the great highway where they believe right now a person is trapped inside of the building. san francisco fire first reported this after 9 o'clock tonight, we're still working to get more details on this breaking news story. the san francisco to park fire department is on the scene and as soon as we get more details we will bring them to you stick with us here on kron 4 on air and also online for the very latest information as soon as it comes in. >>still ahead here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock new details about the capitol riots, including a man who sent threatening messages to assassinate a congress person.
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and then we'll tell you about the renewed push to make puerto rico, the 51st state.
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>>the fbi and the department of justice continue to round up and charge people from the capitol riots and while most of the charges have been misdemeanors were started to get some information on the more militant and organized side of the riot like 34 year-old garrett miller from the suburbs of dallas. he's
9:45 pm
been arrested and charged with 5 federal crimes this includes calling for the assassination of congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez his attorneys says it was quote a misguided effort to show support for former president trump. a federal judge has denied an effort to bring back the far right social media platform. parler ruling that amazon is within its rights to refuse to host the app on its servers. amazon took the site off its web hosting service. after the july 6 insurrection and repeated demands by amazon for parlor to remove posts promoting violence and the judge agreed that amazon is not obligated to host so-called incendiary speech. democrats are in control of congress and the presidency there are a lot of questions about puerto rico because people they're hoping to get statehood back on the to do list phil keating takes a look now at the chances of getting
9:46 pm
that done. >>now the democrats control the house senate and white house many puerto ricans and puerto rican americans believe this may be the best chance ever for the u.s. commonwealth to become the 51st state in the nation by actually has. >>personally stated for puerto rico yet florida international university's warhead wani is skeptical, especially because that would undo a significant increase in the federal budget for puerto rico and therefore an increase in the federal deficit. >>the territory of puerto rico came into possession of the u.s. after the 1898 spanish american war, the roughly 3 million puerto ricans are us citizens. but they cannot vote for president and they have no voting representation in congress, they also pay no federal income tax but to receive federal benefits in november, the push to go from commonwealth to statehood passed on the island with 52% of the vote. florida representative darren soto the
9:47 pm
first florida puerto rican elected to congress has introduced a bipartisan house resolution to support debt in the comes a time. >>when territories need to be given the option and to be a state especially when there. millions of people were hundreds of thousands of people who live in those areas. >>if puerto rico became the 51st state this nation would inherit an island an economic crisis and a massive debt restructuring plan known as pro mesa the federally appointed oversight board created in 2016 is managing puerto rico's, 70 billion dollar debt restructuring. and due to the devastation hurricane maria caused more than 3 years ago us taxpayers have already spent about 40 billion dollars for repairs and infrastructural improvements, especially to the power grid which was absolutely crippled leaving millions without electricity for many many months. last week the trump administration announced it will award a nearly 4 billion dollar grant to help puerto rico rebuild water and wastewater treatment
9:48 pm
plants pumping stations in reserve wars, even today, thousands of homes remain damaged. >>that was phil keating reporting in the last 8 to be added was hawaii in 1959 puerto rico would need congressional approval to join the list of republicans are hesitant they believe it would add to democrats to the senate. a senior democratic lawmakers are moving to fulfill president biden's desire to expand the child tax credit by drafting legislation that would send reoccurring monthly payments to 10's of millions of american families. under one draft of the plan being discussed the irs would be tasked with depositing checks worth $300 every month per child younger than 6. as well as $250 every month per child aged 6 to 17 that would amount to $3600 over the course of the year for young children as well as $3,000 a year for older children. unlike the stimulus checks,
9:49 pm
the biden administration and democratic lawmakers are hoping to make these child benefits a permanent government program that would continue in future years. the weather is a really big story that we're watching there are several storm systems coming our way let's check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez and it's going to bring cooler temperatures as well just seen hard to believe that we started out this week in the 70's on monday during our martin luther king junior day but. >>now we're going to cool down to below average temperatures so quite the roller coaster ride in the bay area and we are tracking cooler temperatures out there right now for your saturday night because of that lack a blanket of cloud cover and daytime highs tomorrow, just in the low 50's for downtown san francisco in remember we should be in the mid to upper 50's this time of year so we're easily going to be 5 to 10 degrees below average check out on terra even over 49 degrees for your afternoon
9:50 pm
highs with widespread low 50's from brisbane to burlingame along the coast. the we are going to have a wind advisory going into effect sunday night through your monday morning could see wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or less still going to be breezy in our inland areas but not as gusty like the coast. so just keep that in mind low 50's for san mateo and san carlos we will get about a 3rd of an inch of rain for most bay area cities but for our highest peaks. possibly around half an inch of rain or less will be possible. starting sunday afternoon through your sunday night san jose 54 degrees could even see a fresh powder along mount hamilton as well with snow showers returning to the bay area for your sunday, one to 2 inches of snow will be possible in all of our highest peaks, specifically elevations in and around 4,000 feet dublin 49 degrees hayward a little bit milder at 53 degrees. berkeley and richmond in the mid 50's as is the label but sonoma only warming up to 48 degrees low 50's for
9:51 pm
santa rosa and a bottle but 47 the driest day will be monday and for the 1st half of tuesday as well going to start out very dry. but then an atmospheric river set to arrive to the bay area continuing through friday with more rain next weekend justine so coming up at 10 o'clock. >>we'll see if those showers will continue in our full tenet an outlet because finally looking and feeling like winter out there winters here definitely and it's going to make its presence known on wednesday and thursday with that atmospheric river so. it'll be it'll be a big one the biggest storm we've seen hope, yeah all right, let's do it. on the breaking news story we just talked about that fire that's burning in san francisco, san francisco fire now saying they have it under control. >>and it managed to rescue someone from the fire. the person though is not injured.
9:52 pm
and now begins the investigation into the cause stick with us here on kron 4 on air and online for the very latest information as it comes in. still ahead here tonight the nfl has finalized its plans for the super bowl will let you kno
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>the nfl is letting fans attend lack next month's super
9:55 pm
bowl, 22,000 people will be allowed inside raymond james stadium in tampa that includes 7500 health care workers who received covid-19 vaccines and they will be getting free tickets. the nfl talk to public health officials before making this big decision. the nfl's chief medical officer says people attending the game will be required to wear masks. even if they are vaccinated. jay z is working to help people get into the marijuana industry according to the wall street journal jay z is creating a 10 million dollar fund designed to help minority businesses. launched their own dispensaries the pot industry is expected to bring in 70 billion dollars by 2030. but jay z says people of color only making a fraction of those profits right now the rapper launched his own cannabis line last year called monogram. vermont senator bernie sanders is turning his
9:56 pm
viral mittens moment into a fundraiser for charity. sanders stole some of the spotlight at wednesday's inauguration with his oversized han knit mittens the image quickly went viral with many means showing sanders for us come in hamilton game of thrones with demi moore goes to even join membrey sanai during kron 4 news at 3 you can see that meme on our instagram page. but now sanders campaign is selling a sweatshirt with the image it cost $45 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to meals on wheels in his state of vermont i love being able to take a moment like that make a little money from it but also for really good cause smart thinking over there. those monies were made by a teacher out of recycled bottles and those are also sold out. that's going to do it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock, i'm justine waldman debris, certain drug as is here with us as well, you can check in with both of us on twitter facebook and instagram if you want to
9:57 pm
connect. >>that's where you can also find us, but we'll see you right back here for kron 4 news attacked.
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>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>the keeping up we're on the right we'll continue to improve in the bay area. >>now at 10 improving numbers tonight, there are fewer patients in icu beds in the bay area. how this could affect gyms restaurants and hair salons that have been closed since december. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 10 i'm justine waldman john in that jonathan mccall is off tonight. the state released new numbers tonight showing some regions reporting a significant increase in icu bed capacity. now if a region goes below 15%. the state home order kicks and that's where we've been since december and that's why so many indoor businesses have been shut down. here now are the latest icu bed capacity numbers in


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