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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 27, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news. >>news a fierce storm rolling through the bay area we are far from done we are tracking that storm next on kron 4. strong winds ripping trees from the ground knocking power lines over thousands across the bay area dealing with power problems tonight. well crews also spent the day clearing debris from roadways between the weather and turning everything back on it's not going to happen instantly. plus in a matter of hours restaurants in san francisco are going to be allowed to reopen for outdoor dining but now between the storm and lack of federal funding many may not be able
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to welcome customers back so soon. >>good evening and thanks for joining us at everybody i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus not as bad as it was last night, but this atmospheric river continues to pass through parts of the bay area tonight. >>prompting several weather alerts in our region. the rain is falling in santa cruz county tonight streets there as you can see. >>pretty slick and water is standing in some areas of boulder creek. flood advisory has expired within just the past hour. but a flash flood watch is in effect that curation orders and warnings remain in place near the burn zones in san mateo and santa cruz counties see her on the map the areas shaded in yellow are under evacuation warnings. the areas in red have evacuation orders in place. is rain and snow knocked out power for more than half a million pg e customers in northern california. nearly 75% of those customers have their power back on right now, but 16,000 customers in the
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bay area. they're still in the dark tonight and here's what we're tracking tonight. you see that radar just after 8 o'clock the most fierce part of this system is to the south monterey county the southernmost part of santa clara county. >>but you have scattered showers throughout much of the bay area at this hour and let's going take a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza boy what a different from last night in the flags are still blowing but they're not ripping like they were last night and the camera lens notably doesn't have water on it we have live team coverage tonight from on the ground in the north bay where there is more stormy weather as we speak to san francisco where restaurants are trying to figure out how to reopen outdoor dining in this wet weather and we have the very latest on the storm system that's where we begin with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow guys yeah, what a night we had last night that fear storm rolling through the bay area. it's rare that you see winds gusting to 50 even 60 plus
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miles an hour inside the bay in the urban areas, but. >>that's exactly what we had last night out tonight, the winds are not quite as strong it's blustery in spots but certainly we could see some very gusty winds as the core that low still rotating off the coastline and that is the key to this storm system is actually beginning the dig to the south and as it moves southward is beginning to lift this cold front so all of a sudden we get the raindrops that are coming up from the south now so we're seeing all that moisture begin to push back in we saw that making its way into the santa cruz area, the main focus this afternoon had been in toward big sur, but the rain is beginning lift up again in our direction. so you ever seen a lot of that scattered shower activity right now nothing to him as far as heavy rain but certainly you get caught underneath a thunderstorm or 2 in and around the system, but the heaviest amounts of rain a little further to the south you see that south of morgan hill now and they have get we've seen some spots over the santa cruz mountains over 4 inches of rain and more to come there and you see all that rain down on the sea us
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latest volley in the monterey bay area continuing to fall there some of those rain rates in around those systems near gilroy over 3 inches of rain expected for our certainly that likely to cause some flooding watch out there along the one o one. and those winds have been whipping but they've sure calmed down from what we had last night leaving just about 11 o'clock last night the winds are blowing as much as 50 miles per hour across parts of the bay area. so certainly it's blustery and spa sometimes, especially in the parts of the south bay, but those winds have come down somewhat we do have a flash flood watch remains in effect as we've got the ground really prime now from all the rain we've had over the past 24 hours. now if we get a really strong system developing moving across the bay area certainly we could see some more flash flooding in spots and you have to get more rain there it is on the way you watch throughout the night tonight models start to pick up on the stronger cell moving in the north bay as we head to about 10 o'clock tonight and then really whole lot of rain developing again and he's going to those pop-up thunderstorms rotating through the bay area tapering off more light showers into early
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tomorrow morning but we're going to see that kind of on and off throughout the day tomorrow. i think really watching things taper off by tomorrow afternoon so certainly tonight not as bad as last night but certainly we could see a lot more rain and the possibilities more flash flooding guys back to you. yeah certainly not done yet. thank you. lawrence says she mentions the rain certainly made its way to. >>the north bay today. >>our kron 4 sailors sackey she's been tracking the rain there for us tonight and joins us now live from mill valley with the latest there taylor. >>well no rain right now in downtown mill valley. it has been on and off sprinkling though, and this is a welcome sight though from any of these business owners because many of them did have fears of losing out on business and of course of flooding. >>while rain sprinkled across mill valley on wednesday shops in the downtown area were relieved to see less rain than they expected it wasn't as stormy as we thought it was going to be the summary for is the store manager at margaret o'leary. he shot that specializes in cashmere on the
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rain is in the best for business. she says the colder weather helps. pretty much called in. >>that's pretty much always been really dealing with right now which is nice for sweater weather meanwhile at the depot cafe and bookstore it's been an interesting week they just reopened on monday after being closed for almost 2 years due to renovations the historic buildings been a part of the community for decades serving as a former train and bus station but now it's once again serving up breakfast and lunch favorites. >>partner katie lee says people are responding. well despite the poor weather conditions. this week like the rain even are standing in the cold they were standing in line, you're not the front door that's where they entered the cafe. >>and people have been trickling into the bookstore in everything we you know i think people have really. >>miss the depot paul has a rescue who owns the deebo cafe and bookstore and vasco restaurant across the street says. >>he prepared both of his business is head of the storm just in case of cut the sandbags as you saw and you
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know you kind of batten down the hatches and make sure because they're supposed to flooding, you know i got these big umbrellas these huge umbrellas i got them all down and roped up. yeah the winds have been pretty you know who knows. >>well thankfully, we won't need any of those sandbags here in mill valley at least for now of course that is a good thing, but this could change as we continue to see rain tonight into tomorrow for now live in mill valley taylor, the psac ii kron 4 news alright taylor while this did pack a punch from uprooted trees downed power lines that left a real mess. >>corners of the bay area it's not done love to see what tonight holds but we know what the damage she is right now on the ground just a woman here with a look at that holy had behind you. >>all right your time on all right, let's start out contra costa county where there was a lot of fallen trees, this one got grants attention this isn't a random moment, drive.
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>>the tree that came crashing down knocked out power in the area pg e says that because of that downed tree about 5050 customers. >>lost power all right next up oakley this is a mess from this morning after a neighbor's tree fell down that a lot of damage here to the outdoor patio area this year is what happened to a garage and pergola in alamo and the huge tree came down just takes a long time to clean this up a coffee got to chainsaw get it removed out of there it's a mess go the north bay, a tree came down in rohnert park and you can see that the tree collapsed right on to the roof of this home. the branches here they're to deal with the mask while the rain was still coming down. there that car also covered in a huge tree that came crashing down and i want to ask you to see this picture from a viewer because you think this is a pond right. it's actually the or tree range at stanford university but after all the heavy rain last night it just covered the entire field basically turned it into a
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duck pond. and in santa cruz drivers had to dodge falling rocks and limbs from falling trees and this happened a lot in the fire damaged area, but there was no serious debris flows or mudslides that were reported in the burn scars area that we're just ravaged by last summer's wildfires and if you have any pictures of damage or rain that was coming down we would love to see it here kron 4 just send us. he was the actors are reported to have that's the easiest way to do it. for now i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. thank you justine and this wet weather comes just as restaurants were able to reopen outdoor dining. >>in san francisco businesses can officially start serving customers outside in parklets tomorrow, but many are wondering if it's really worth it. and all this rain kron four's noelle bellow joining us now live from cow hollow in the city without a restaurants are responding. >>yeah vicki, you know it's not just the wet weather. it's pretty bitter cold here as well you know when these
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restaurants heard earlier this week that they could reopen starting thursday, they were very excited. but those excitement for quickly dampened here, i'm standing in the middle of the parklet for roads cafe here in cow hollow and the owner tells me they're actually waiting until february 10th to reopen outdoor dining and it's not just because of the weather. >>and turning everything back on it's not going to happen instantly. laurie thomas is the executive director for the golden gate restaurant association she also owns rosa's cafe and terse and cow hollow both of response are still boarded up wednesday night. >>even though outdoor dining is allowed to resume thursday. thomas says the wet weather is one reason they're holding off. >>and after receiving rejections on ppp and grant relief applications so was a lack of funds stories the round 2 of the payroll protection program has been a complete. mess we don't want
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to bring people on board about know you're going to make payroll that period. >>it's a similar story for family cafe in north beach is owners have decided to stick to take out until they know people will be comfortable sitting outside, i'm not sold on. >>having a roof and park was going to bring enough people out to make it that. worth it to us. i mean i've applied for 10 grams i have not gotten a single law. >>many parklets will sit drenched in the rain some like milk of sorrow next door have roofs and did receive funding. owner francesco cappuccio says he's ready to reopen her shot. >>the i proven part of the facts on the ppp loan so it's great that comparable to by the fact that's >>400 or you know all the boys. >>well this round of outdoor dining will bring some reprieve the restaurant owners all agree. they can't go through another shut down we
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really all about the dissolving that game. >>once and we don't have to go through the closure again it's hard to. it's hard to flip-flop because. >>people need to depend on i know that i personally and i know that many people i talked to we can't afford a 3rd closure. it's really expensive. now basically what these restaurant owners say they really want of course the ultimate goal is to get into the red reopening tier that way they can. >>again start to let customers indoors in some capacity. if you are planning to start outdoor dining laurie thomas really wants patrons to remember that if a waiter or waitress comes up to your table. please put your mask on while you're conversing with the waiter or waitress she really think that's going to help. >>he paces down and keep this virus from spreading just another reminder obviously though things are starting to get a little bit back to
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normal they're not completely normal just yet we are still in that purple tier of reopening. >>for now live in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news all good information. thank you know well and our coverage of the atmospheric river continues on our website. there you can find the interactive evacuation map you can get the latest weather alerts. >>and find a list of road closures and more just head to kron 4 dot com. >>coming up the covid vaccine controversy in the north bay. how a school superintendent got the shot before all of the teachers in that district and a dangerous lesson to learn for drivers heading up or down the sierra weather conditions can change in a hurry. >>and some calm after a stormy night last night across 4 of you are sending us this beautiful picture near lake berryessa in napa county but the rain is back some wind is back our chief meteorologist is tracking it all
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>>i was another wet day around the bay area rain falling this afternoon. there's a shot there in pleasant hill leaving the you know the streets pretty slick for drivers and certainly not as ferocious as last night but hours later this is what we're dealing with right now we'd on and off rain throughout the day depending on where you wear. monterey county really dealing with some intense parts of this atmospheric river as we speak but much of the bay
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area. it is experiencing at least scattered showers this evening right from the looks of it and those folks traveling through. the sierra and the high country they got a firsthand experience of just how quickly conditions can change out there is that the truce and drivers did their best trying to get down the mountain safely a stormy conditions roared through last night. >>right after chain control it just start to get really snowy and slick. we were right at edwards said donner pass road. told this is cool nothing beyond him. just ask that people be aware of what they're traveling into make sure you're paying attention to the weather forecast. >>yeah from cool to bannon pretty scary just hours before conditions were great and people outside sledding enjoying the snow. but officials are warning everybody that's thinking about driving up to the sierra the roads and freeways at least in the short term could very easily close if conditions do not improve or if they get worse yet if that
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doesn't keep you away this might. this is a live picture right now the california department of public health reminding everybody. the 120 mile nonessential travel advisory remains in so yes, this is south lake tahoe get that's what we're looking at its highway 50. the snow really coming down 50 for more on the conditions up in the sierra lawrence is here. >>yeah guys near whiteout conditions across donner summit right now you can see right behind me in fact well it's hard to see how you got all that snow coming down now. and you kick in the winds and certainly trouble if you're going to high country course they're chained up and kind of surprised still open and close down yet have seen a few cars going by from time to time but that is what you're dealing with right now you see the camera rocking in the wind there as well could see some gusts over the mountain ridges here over a 100 miles per hour not a good night. the head up to the high country so yeah that being said we've got blizzard warnings up their
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whiteout conditions across the peaks of the sierra nevada as well going to see upwards now another 4 feet of snow between now and friday. i mean really coming down over the next few days so that being trouble with avalanche is a real possibility to watch out back country skiing really got to watch out for the great lake tahoe area all the way to have passed highway for there get off of some of these places you get unstable ice on the ground and that fresh snow and certainly the possibility you could see some avalanche is developing there all that moisture streaming up in the sierra nevada of course we've got the rain working its way through the bay area more scattered showers now but begin to see another wave of moisture moving on shore that's what we'll see now not that real steady rain it's going to be more like waves of energy coming through here to get some heavy downpours then things begin to settle down. but certainly the possibility of more flash flooding tonight just because the ground is already primed already saturated now so if we get some heavy downpours maybe some thunderstorms. you could see some flash floods all right thanks thanks lawrence
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swell in the north bay, some teachers are really upset. after their superintendent got vaccinated for covid before. >>the people teaching in the classrooms were able to kron four's terisa stasio now on what teachers are saying and what they want to see happen. >>i don't. remember who said that somebody said it feels like the rug is constantly being ripped out from an aegis. you know where to go. we are being minimize this is kerry mccord mich she is on the executive board of the novato school teachers union and a 5th grade teacher. >>at her school. she says she knows of only one person who has received the covid-19 vaccine. and it was in her or she says any of the other teachers with students and that she says is a major problem for several reasons. recently in the novato unified school superintendent chris koster received his first dosage of the covid-19 vaccine, i feel that our superintendent has.
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>>made a big mistake and i think he recognizes that he made a big mistake and she can't turn back time so i'm going to give them that because. i i made mistakes. so for me to call up somebody else and hopefully would be great if all of marion county can learn from from his mistake, but it's really it is really a huge concern that maybe they should be something some people tree housing out there. like some it would have been better if there was somebody outside tree housing and saying okay we have 80 extra doses people are showing up is there anybody here who has a teacher's id from 4 news has heard from other teachers who were frankly infuriated by the superintendent getting vaccinated we reached out to the district but did not get a reply. we also emailed the superintendent and did not get a reply marine county public health officer doctor matt willis says unfortunately supplies are scarce. >>teachers are in the upper tier to get vaccinated but
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there is just not enough to go around we wish we were having to make these. >>these rationing you know we had hoped that it would be a both and we hoped it would be our older residents. we know our highest risk for death they get infected a person that's that's a huge reason to prioritize that group but also include those who are on the front lines. the problem is it's it's basically a math problem, you know we have over 100,000 residents in grand county who fit into that here. and we have you know 250 doses per day as for karen and her colleagues she says it is actually quite simple. >>don't just say teachers are important and kids should be back in the classroom make it happen. and make it happen safely for everyone here in sandra fell theresa kron 4 news. >>our 0.3 5 inches in the last 4 hours except on mount icon time frame.
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>>cal fire czu keeping a close eye on the rain gauge shut their headquarters in felton as the winter storm slams the bay area. >>and the san mateo county communities getting a big boost very by there are a lot of things in life we want but can't have.
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>>after being snubbed from the hall of fame all-time home run leader and former san francisco giant barry bonds, he was out in san bruno
8:26 pm
getting back cases that's more important than the hall of fame in fact the barry bonds family foundation donated a. >>nice chunk change to a local food bank today, 15,000 bucks went to the second harvest food bank it. you see in their bonds himself was on not only signed the check but he also rolled up his sleeves and helped load meals for people coming through the drive-up line at the that today second harvest gives out meals all year long. throughout san mateo and santa clara counties, but the need has been especially great during the pandemic. >>what a great thing. and the bay area comes together for those that really need the support. we can not do this work without your help. your donation today, the highest provide 30,000 meals to our community. >>and about the hall of famer sports reporter kylen mills was at this event and you will be hearing more from bonds later in the show about how he feels it's about yet again not being selected to get into the hall of fame. nice to see bonds out there.
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>>all right going go back to the bay bridge toll plaza giving you a live look out there right now light in terms of traffic no rain just the flags blowing but th
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right now you see much of the bay area seeing scattered showers on and off you look at marine right there they had a nice dose mid-afternoon and then a little while ago they got to a soaking in much of the county as well, but it's kind of hit and miss alice going show the video from a earlier today, this is in moran where it was coming down in buckets. >>and everything we're being things are going to continue off and on very much like that for the next couple of days as a matter of fact, yeah unsettled unstable and that is the way it's going to be around the bay area's this atmospheric river which is kind of part just south of us in monterey county. still has a lot of tentacles that are all over the bay area to be terry's that if you're using river analogy do you want large is here to tell us what is coming next you guys are all over tonight. that's certainly what we're looking at now we're going to see this instead of that real steady rain we're going to see the rain come in waves so he'll be
8:31 pm
quiet in your neighborhood for a while and all of a sudden you get more of that rain rolling in and really starts to pick up and here we go. >>looks like still got a chance more flash flooding and look at these winds we had a boy it was really just blustery around the bay area rarely do you see this happen like this especially at the urban areas where we live a lot of times over the mountain tops yeah you get 60 you'll get some 80 mile an hour plus winds that's impressive. but we have a 61 mile an hour gust in richmond amazing 56 in berkeley 54 in half moon bay oakland check in with a 49 mile an hour gust, look at los gatos they had a 63 mile an hour gusts. if you can believe that their san jose a 47 mile an hour you can certainly see why we have the damage to trees coming down in the power outages around the bay area rainfall totals impressive to this going to help with our drought situation over 2 and a half inches of rain in moran to run over an inch and a half napa almost 2 inches of rain, san francisco just under an inch san bruno an inch and a half plus ben lowman check that out the santa cruz mountains the burn area that's
8:32 pm
why we're worried over 4 and a half inches of rain a lot more to come tonight. all right the core the low that is driving this storm system still spinning off the coastline. most the rain and a downpour big server in the early part of the morning then by the afternoon as that low started to sag southward that pull that moisture back up into the bay area so here we go we've got the rain picking up right now we've got another band just off the coastline and entering parts of the north bay that will bring some moderate amounts of rain may be heavy at times as we head through the midnight hour shortly thereafter. more showers continuing on around parts of the south bay to see it there in the east bay more rain continuing in that area as well and now you're just beginning to see the next part of that system come on shore that just sitting off the coastline. flash flood watches are posted until tomorrow as we'll see periods of the rain kind of on and off to that time period you watch it right here you see the main event just south of us now in the monterey bay and then we get that next wave that moves in drops into the santa cruz mountains and certainly keep things on and off wet well into tomorrow before we dry
8:33 pm
things out on friday guys back to you all right lawrence will several parks in the east bay they're closed to thru friday morning due to safety concerns and clean up after the storm you can see. >>a couple of the parks that are listed on your screen there lake chabot tilden operado and claremont canyon they're going to be closed for more details on these closures just go to our website at kron 4 dot com. the heavy winds and rain from this storm system knocked out power to 10's of thousands of people in the bay area in this video you'll see here pg e crews their trucks and heavy machinery. >>we're on sir francis drake boulevard in point reyes station workers out there had to replace a power pole and a downed line. it was taken out by a falling tree last night left about a 140 customers in that area without power during the repairs that lasted into the afternoon today. the overnight combination of wind and rain also did a lot of damage to trees in san francisco. the department of public works spokesperson, says they responded to roughly 3 dozen downed trees and big
8:34 pm
limbs cc images here tree that was taken down by the storm hits down limbs engulfing and denting a car this is on this street in the sunnyside section of the city. it came down overnight. at least 4 inches of rain fell overnight and perhaps more at the higher elevations in the santa cruz there are now threats of the. >>deadly debris flows and mudslides are a flood reports from boulder creek. he says the evacuation orders have been extended. >>and after a brief war all the rain heavy at times resume wednesday here in boulder creek and across the santa cruz mountains as of series debris flows are mudslides were reported in burn scar areas ravaged by last summer's wildfires. >>officials announced evacuation orders for those areas are to remain in effect. but still defying those orders and unimpressed by the storm so far as riverdale road resident william masterson not
8:35 pm
bad at all, i mean. >>no it was pretty normal a normal rain up here, you know what you normally get up here and hard for a while and stop. >>for so long highways 9 into 36 along with alba and other mountain roads are dodging falling rocks and limbs falling from fire-damaged trees swollen creek says steve drainages send water shooting downhill suggest heavier rain at higher elevations where debris flows in those wildfire areas remain a threat, however unpredictable says san jose state civil engineering professor thunder or selling green we we can guess which areas that the floods may happen. >>but pinpointing exactly which locations within that area. >>with we just don't have that kind of the ability to predict. so the safest thing for people to do is heed evacuation orders. get out for a few days intel. but the rain passes busy clearing clog storm drains road crews and other heavy equipment along
8:36 pm
with first responders have been pre staged in areas where the rain has been heaviest. >>some early weather models predicted as much as a half inch per hour. but that has not occurred as yet. william masterson whose home is near one of those burn scars captured what to him isn't an impressive 4 inches of rain overnight you live here you get used to it you're living in a forest through trees fall. >>the road gets blocked. power goes out. i mean i thought lego's has always been that way. >>in other words so far so good and here in nearby fields and a sign offering some encouragement to those weary of all the fire and rain in the santa cruz mountains rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>and take a look at these pictures posted by the chp it's an alameda county, yeah, there's snow sticking to the ground there this is on mines road in dublin officers saying. it looks a lot like lake tahoe to them than it does to us as well and they're also encouraging folks if you're going to the out there to drive safely on the snow and ice and how about this
8:37 pm
little winter wonderland further north folks. >>woke up to snow on the ground. this is in lake they scrub for fewer snapped this picture of their backyard to see that serene scene there at least a few inches stacked on top of the outdoor furniture and on the ground. they're good enough to make a snowman our coverage of the atmospheric river continues on our website there you can find the interactive evacuation map you can get the latest weather alerts. >>find a list of road closures and a lot more just head to kron 4 dot com. >>still ahead the san francisco board of education has voted in favor of moving forward with a plan to rename dozens of schools, but a lot of people are wondering tonight when kids aren't even in the classrooms why do it now. >>and what we're learning about the proud boys leader who was arrested earlier this month before the capitol riots, including the fact that he former united states informant. >>and he is everywhere. bernie
8:38 pm
sanders. yeah, he pops up on the news sometimes as popular. it means featuring the vermont senator have now raised over a million dollars for
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>>the francisco board of education has voted in favor of moving forward with a plan to rename dozens of schools. just some of the schools on that list include dianne feinstein elementary lowell high school and george
8:41 pm
washington high school. more than 40 public schools are on that list. mayor london breed released a not so excited statement after the announcement saying that she cannot understand why the school board is advancing a plan to have all these schools renamed by april when there isn't a plan to have our kids back in the classroom by then a number of supporters and non supporters called in to the school board and echoed the mayor's message. >>and scientists around the world, a badly deadly covid-19. irish we have to battle the virus of racism. the virus of hatred. and tranche of this. that's 82 year-old holocaust survivor tova friedman celebrating international holocaust remembrance day. >>virtually with the jewish community around the world. friedman arrived at the auschwitz death camp when she
8:42 pm
was 5 more than 1 million people were killed there. today marked the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the death camp then. the first time survivors were. not able to gather in person today because of the pandemic instead the day was commemorated online like so many things are and more than 400 holocaust survivors in austria and slovakia went to vienna to get their first covid vaccines today, somewhere brought by shuttle or ambulance, others where taking their thanks to their children. none of them though wanted to be photographed from the front because of a lasting fear being recognized as jews. still to come. words of warning from the department of homeland security about how it's actively working to
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>>and welcome back to our kron 4 coverage of the storm. >>you have a storm that was most fears last night, but it is certainly not done with the bay area this evening. we're looking at vacaville here this is what's going on right now some scattered showers certainly nothing like last night but a lot of people today spent the day, cleaning up or at least making calls about cleanup efforts after it really ripped through there. last night melanie townsend shows us the shock that residents were in when they woke up to some of the destruction that took place overnight. >>it was the calm after the
8:46 pm
storm. when mary rose parsons could gather her thoughts in take a look at what mother nature just did. this is what happened sounds like a train. coming in are like a major earthquake, a tree that's been at this home an owl circles since the 80's proved to be no match for the 60 mile per hour wind gusts that whipped through vacaville tuesday night in came crashing down through mary's living room ceiling because a rumble the house like it should get really well. >>and so and it's kind of scary right now because it settling a bit where the branches are coming out of my seat there the cracks are starting to. >>get longer mary wasn't the only one to have a home battered and bruised from high winds this homeowner off of arcadia and woodstock had her fence completely knocked down and her pool filled with debris and what used to be patio furniture. >>we've had working track my around 02:00am in the morning co owner of valley falls tree
8:47 pm
care company carlos huerta says since the city of vacaville dispatch, there's and other tree companies services the phone has been ringing nonstop something they were not prepared for their bill depending as notifications about the weather looking bad. >>we did not have no idea that it was going to get this bad and with tons of storm damage pictures in video flooding into social media carla and her crew will be busy. but are telling homeowners in the meantime, im not. >>it's anything at all cape might not look at heavy as they are that they really aren't so for people like mary. >>just wait until the tree cavalry arrives. >>now he tells it there reporting for us tonight. >>department of homeland security did something today that it hasn't done in a long time it issued a rare national terrorism warning the ages set says that the january 6th siege on the capital has
8:48 pm
apparently motivated extremist to continue to mobilize with plans to incite or commit more violence doesn't help that rioters made that breach look disturbingly easy on that day. there's information that there are ongoing plans to again target elected officials and government facilities some lawmakers meantime they're renewing their calls for a crackdown on domestic terrorism. >>we need to take the risk very seriously january 6 cape clear evidence to the entire nation to risk we face of domestic terrorism as much not more danger to the security of americans. as any foreign to us today. >>the d h s under president trump did not issue an alert ahead of the january 6th rally despite troubling online chatter. >>and get this a developing story tonight we're learning the leader of the proud boys extremist group previously worked as an undercover informant for the united states. henry enrique tarrio
8:49 pm
was arrested in washington d c shortly before that insurrection at the capitol it's being reported now that he's helped law enforcement in a variety of investigations dating back nearly a decade. the proud boys says a far right male chauvinist extremist group that seized on the trump administration's policies and was a major agitator during the deadly riot at the capitol. the stock market posted its biggest drop since october today because of the decline of several big tech companies. >>after setting a record high just 2 days ago the s and p 500 gave up 2.6% today. most of the sales were in facebook netflix and google's parent company alphabet but struggling video game retailer gamestop more than doubled its stock price after a large group of small investors who met through reddit ganged up against the big hedge funds that made huge bets against game stock. federal regulators are expected to investigate
8:50 pm
what took place just put other to spark the big change. on 4 sports. >>from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >>all righty we start this sports block with the warriors they are hosting the temples right now we have the game won right to the left of me. >>they're currently up 73 to 60. >>we will have highlights of that game when it goes final also have a live report from kate rooney who was out at chase center right now. now the nba g league released it's schedule for their orlando bubble next month game one the g league ignite first the santa cruz warriors so we get a pretty intriguing matchup right out of the gate jalen greene who will likely be matched up against nico mannion or jordan poole who will be in the bubble with the warriors. >>green will likely be an
8:51 pm
early lottery pick but he told me today, he is still trying to prove himself to stout's while mannion and pool already have nba experience what they're looking to improve their game with consistent minutes. >>the plan is for them to to be there the whole but we know that that those plans could change based on injuries protocol anything like that. but it's a good opportunity for all 3 guys to go get a lot of experience we're excited about it or approved that on more than just a scorer. >>and that could and i said no they need when it hits lot of people don't like not go school or out to small play defense like a lot of things sort glad and all america game so was got it. >>college hoops the 6th ranked cardinal taking on washington state stanford ran away with their early here already up 18 years lexi hall for 3 had 17
8:52 pm
points. let's go to the 4th quarter stanford up 16. kianna williams number 23 jab step tray of her own she also had 17 points go along with 5 assists stand 7149, they'll play the cougars again on friday. yesterday baseball hall of fame voters failed to vote barry bonds into the hall of fame for the 9th consecutive season, but apparently he doesn't care all that much and said he hadn't paid attention to the voting. bonds has been vilified by the hall of fame voters for steroid use allegations kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills spoke abbas today during a charity event and he was quite frank with his response to being left out once again. right now with my life to the day when all. i want to something very special for people that >>this is way more important.
8:53 pm
>>i'm going going back back to cali cali shot out biggie smalls. that's the san jose sharks mood right now after being shot arizona since the beginning of training camp, the sharks will return to the shark tank next month, starting on february 13th the team will be back to play home games right here in san jose for the remainder of the season. however, no fans allowed, but hey we'll take what we can get at this point they've been in arizona for about 6, 7 weeks now training camp them play all their games where the coyotes play. >>so it's been a mess but they can come back on february 13th that first game is against the avalanche. i believe so the back home, no fans and like i said they can take what they can get a bill i guess going to arizona to do the news, seriously upper your life,
8:54 pm
it's safe say goodbye to the kids will be home when they allowed back in the studio and bizarre i'll see y'all later and certainly our salaries are in line to italian exact same exact knocking down the thanks jason. >>coming up those famous bernie mittens means they'
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>>bernie sanders was a household name before the
8:57 pm
inauguration, but. >>says that and you can't do anything without seeing the guy and the famous mittens that he was wearing their seated alone common man surgical mask. well, there's been 7 spire callas means of course and they've most importantly help raise 1.8 million dollars in just 5 days for several charities across his home state of vermont, yeah, i really like the little crush a bernie doll that would for $15,000 level crochet. mittens in case, you're interested in were made out of recycled handmade by vermont elementary school teacher so there you go and presumably more money to be raised for the charity. so keep them hymns going. that wraps up kron 4 news today. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour we're continuing to track the second round of this winter storm. our kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will let us know when the next pocket rain could hit and when they will start to taper plus explosive new details about an app a
8:58 pm
businessman's alleged plot to quote. >>go to war to ensure donald trump stayed in fbi investigators say he was targeting with pipe bombs so
8:59 pm
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i just lost my job. with the kids at home and less money coming in, there'd be no way we could afford health insurance. my kids think i'm a superhero. but even superheroes need help sometimes. we found help at covered california. and not just us. 9 out of 10 people who enrolled got financial help. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. >>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>now tonight we are tracking more rain moving through parts


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