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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 28, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>from the bay area's local news stations. watching kron 4 news.
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>>now at 9 we are not done with this storm just yet this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see things have settled down the flags are whipping is ferociously and the ground yes, still wet, but we don't have raindrops inundating our camera lens like we did 2 nights ago. it's a little bit better each night this week, but this is the 3rd night we've been deal with yeah. >>all i'm vicki liviakis welcome everybody to kron 4 news at night, the rain has already caused a a lot of havoc across the bay area from flooding and mudslides to traffic accidents were tracking it all for you tonight on kron 4. so here is a look at stormtracker 4 behind me there you're going to see saturday scattered showers all across the bay area. our kron four's meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with more on where the storm is headed. yeah, you know it's just been one after another as these waves of moisture just come racing on shore we're seeing another one just about to come onshore against the rain is going to
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start to pick up again so taken on off, mainly focused in to the south bay today is that rain was coming down very hard flash flood watch is up for a good part of the day finally brought down by the national weather service later today, but again that rain. >>is about to pick up and you can see the next wave of moisture off the coastline and all the yellows and oranges making their way across the south bay and the monterey bay. so we continue to see the scattered showers out there now you could briefly see some thunderstorms pop up. it's a brief heavy downpours as neck ways begins come on shore along the peninsula. you can see that cell right there near woodside south of san mateo and seems pretty good rain in that area as well that's now beginning stretch across the bay towards hayward and the south even stronger storm system developing here. but are watching the moving across gilroy and morgan hill today that is now sliding eastward up in the mountains but there's still plenty more to come in fact just off the coastline you can see this big batch of moisture all that is beginning to make its way to the northeast be sliding in across the bay area. so there you go about 1018 in the santa cruz in the sunnyvale about 1054 11 '09 in the san jose at
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1154 that holds together all the way in the concord so we're far from done with the storm system yet although it's looking a little s the good news you're not seeing that widespread rain certainly get pockets of some downpours and some heavy rain maybe some localized flooding doesn't look like we'll see major flooding out this now but we're looking at this storm system hopefully winding down overnight tonight and then early tomorrow morning and hopefully things will settle down across the bay area certainly we could use that things to settle down guys speculated break they back to orders have been downgraded to warnings just one areas left with an evacuation order in our region that is near big basin state park you see in red. >>officials in the area are concerned about debris flows in this burn scar area evacuation warnings in san mateo county orange yellow as well as areas in santa cruz county. and that is where we find kron four's gayle ong she is live in. santa cruz county where because of all the rain mudslides have really been a concern the past few days,
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gayle, how are crews responding where you are. >>grant a crew spent the last few days clearing out rocks and tree limbs were knocked out with those high winds. so people can return home i am seeing more vehicles on the roads as they make their way back home. after the last few days but even know they're like you said it's still a downgraded to warnings so. >>if that not another heavy dose of rain returns they will. >>be asked to leave at a moment's notice. >>a steady stream from all the downpour from the ins and this atmospheric river. the santa cruz mountains spared from any month sides or debris flow in neighborhoods near the czu fire burn scars from last summer parts of boulder creek was under mandatory evacuation orders, jeff green stayed behind to deal with the storm himself and if it's pouring i get up at 2 o'clock in the morning and i go out and put a pump. you know in the. in the trough because i can't my our
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dreams wooden handle the water emergency officials say while people are allowed to return home, it's not an all clear for the season to see that this could become somewhat of our new normal of these. >>accelerated events where evacuating folks in in head of a storm the san lorenzo valley is used to getting dumped inches of rain but the recent wildfires last summer wiped out the vegetation resulting in unstable and prone to mudslides we've never really worried about the mud so much before the fires have. >>some cars that worry, but the area has been susceptible to mudslides and many hazards in santa cruz counties 2015 to 2020 local hazard. mitigation plan one of the landslide continue to require a county geologist review development in area suspected of land fighting followed by engineering geology reports. >>geologists and a number of agencies deemed the area safe for people to return home thursday. but the threat remains and just like the
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wildfires residents are urged to have a go bag and to escape routes in case of an emergency i have a go bag in a tool cars and one is in each car ready to go. missouri near you just heard from he also told me that on the first night of the storm when the rain and the winds are at its peak. it calls an hour long traffic jam along highway 9 right over here from boulder creek to felt and that's a drive that usually takes 15 to 20 minutes live in felton gayle ong kron 4 news all right gail to the east bay now kron four's felipe de gaulle reports the morning wind and rain really complicated driving conditions. there. >>and cause some trees to fall. >>and around 11:30am in the morning the california highway patrol responded to an abandoned dodge challenger off highway 4. it appears the driver lost control. between martinez and her team spinning into a tree. >>nearly falling down an embankment. we've got the
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driver the chp says it's unclear what led to the crash. the weather may have played. and the time they arrived. we're still slick. throughout the morning county public works used ended. >>downed tree on tice valley boulevard in walnut creek. >>it toppled over from its base a mix of strong winds and heavily saturated soil from the rain. >>bringing it down. burris space is spending the past 2 days removing limbs leaving redwood tree in alamo. a cable installed 10 years ago the only reason it did not fall a new cable and anchor were installed. the stormy conditions let up at times during a few breaks between systems. >>but the morning and early afternoon, one us. >>shelter-in-place orders being lifted. playgrounds in morocco were empty most people opting to stay indoors. the town making a free sandbag station available to the
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public at commons park after the national weather service predicting up to 4 inches of rain through thursday. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>and as lawrence mention still some storms in our region and you can track the weather in your neighborhood anytime with the kron 4 app there you'll find full forecasts interactive radar and weather alerts sent straight to your device you can download the kron 4 app right now. >>after year of many difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic san francisco mayor london breed she laid out plans for the city's road to recovery during her 2021 state of the city address today, breeds immediate plans for the year include moving forward with opening 3 mass vaccination sites with one side at city college of san francisco already operating on an invitation only basis for now as more vaccine doses are secured. part of the vaccination plan includes ensuring that the sites can serve 10,000 people a day and in addition to that breed says that she hopes to help the
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city's shuttered a cultural and music venues, clubs restaurants, bars and other nightlife venues reopen. >>so we'll show the rest of you how we bounce back and when you get restless and you want to come dance to live music or or see steph curry do his thing on the court that the world's best restaurants drink at the best bars, start your next business. host the convention right here most county center. or just watch the giants from your kayak. we'll be happy to have you. our diversity. our acceptance. our spirit is what makes us strong and no virus whether its name covid or hiv will ever take that away quite the opposite it will only make us stronger. >>meanwhile, there are concerns about how reopening businesses will impact one of the hardest hit communities.
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the latino population which makes up more than 42% of covid cases in the city offers taylor spoke with an epidemiologist and the latino task force today about what reopening could mean for these populations. >>this is the only rapid testing site in the mission district which has been one of the hardest hit neighborhoods during the pandemic now as we continue to reopen more businesses latino task force says that more testing sites like this one in other resources need to be put in place while it's exciting to see san francisco businesses like restaurants reopen. it may come at a cost to the left he next community according to city data as of monday letty next population accounted for more than 42% of covid-19 cases in san francisco. >>and they only make up 14% of the city population, there's a lot of talk about reopening and bringing things back online. >>but there's a complete neglect into what's happening in some of the hardest hit neighborhoods. in the state in our city. the mission
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currently we're doing a project with ucsf over testing practically daily. >>and when i can tell you is that we have infection rates as high as 14%. when the citywide average is 4%. but there's no talk about additional services or support to be able to ensure that as we open we're protecting those that are hardest hit giangiacomo with the latino task force says. >>we're supportive services like the ones available at their 24th and mission streets testing hub are needed to protect these communities and therefore protect the rest of the city at the just janet juice key authored a study supporting the need for more resources to these communities. she found that the latino populations high positivity rates are related to their higher risk jobs as essential workers in their crowded living conditions related to kind of the inequities in terms of poverty right that certain communities prior to covid wright had increased rates of poverty. and because of that they don't
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have an option in terms of where they can live and where they can work and whether they really can shelter-in-place and social distance he says the population is also more likely to have severe reactions to the virus when they are infected. there are more likely to have a severe course including possibly death. >>and some of that is also just related to underlying risk factors, obesity type 2 diabetes, but also just access to medical care the latino task force hopes of the city and state will work together to bring more testing sites like this to the communities hit hardest. this testing site at 24th in mission reopens again on friday and 09:00am to 04:00pm in the mission district killer the psac ii kron 4 news taylor we're learning of more fallout now from a south bay hospital's decision to give covid vaccines. >>to teachers ahead of people who were eligible to get their
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shots amid a vaccine shortage a donde of any whose father is an 88 year-old patient at good samaritan hospital in san jose. >>he was outrage when he requested a vaccination and learned that the hospital may have depleted its supply. a vaccine by giving it to people who he says cut in line. >>i heard on the that was going good sam, how they that a lot of teachers has set me off the deep end. why is that. and 8 years all he's paid his dues in everything he deserves the shot he's on list to actually begin granite school teachers need them. but right at this particular point in time i debt need >>now the law prohibits good samaritan to actually speak about anything concerning its patients. the hospital sent kron 4 a statement and it reads well vaccine, shortage limitations and fluctuating availability of been a
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challenge. we want to reassure our community. we have only positive intentions throughout the vaccination process we regret the mistake we made in our efforts to use all vaccines prior to expiration we continue to offer an vaccinate our colleagues with first and second doses from our existing supply and to administer second doses to our impatience as prescribed by the attending physician. another very it has made it here to the u.s. this one 1st identified in south africa. it was found in 2 cases in south carolina and public health officials are saying that it is almost certain there are more of the same infections which have not yet been identified south african variant as well as the brazilian one in the uk variance they were the subject of an online discussion today sponsored by ucsf our kron four's dan kerman has more. >>during ucsf us weekly online roundtable grand rounds medical experts confirmed that current vaccines may be less effective against the south
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african covid variant, but they caution that does not mean the vaccines offer no help at all the vaccines will almost certainly protect from from serious cases of covid-19 on the other hand medical experts to say the vaccines are effective against the uk variant which is critical considering what experts there have discovered. >>we think it's somewhere between 3070% more transmissible already says fred foster we don't yet know why. and that's being looked at see very actively i mean last we got the first hints michael set up an increased severity and an increased mortality signal associated with it as well. >>uk medical officials implemented strict lockdown measures after the discovery of the very end and they say that's proved to be effective. we find that with a strict now includes the said school closures. we got decreasing numbers say. you know the question we have is how easy it is to get on top of new more transmissible very the
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officers with a live down you would get on top of it and have you look down you do. >>with vaccine doses in limited supply medical experts also discussed how protective a single dose of the vaccine is as opposed to 2 shots while much is not known data from the moderna vaccine trial shows at least in the first 28 days it is effective. this is period of time between the first and the second dose. >>if you say ok, here's a 4 week period. how many people how effective was the vaccine during that four-week period. they have between the placebo group and the vaccinated group and the answer is that 89% effective in preventing clinical disease. and it's about 62 or so percent effective in preventing asymptomatic infection. rutherford says it's likely the single dose will last for some period of time but not indefinitely. >>at ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news another big story we're following for you tonight a
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bay area stock trading and investing app is facing some outrage. >>after users say that they're being treated unfairly today the app robinhood restricted people from buying shares in video game store gamestop and other companies after another wild day in the stock market and maybe you've heard about this all stems from people coming together. >>on social media site reddit and deciding to buy up shares that were being shorted by large hedge wall street. these people short selling on wall street are betting that they'll make a profit when the stock price drops. but what if it goes through the roof kron four's dan door live in san francisco tonight, his reaction to what happened and how robin hood is responding to the backlash. dan. >>grant and vicki like you said it's essentially a david versus goliath situation you have these amateur investors who were taking on the elite of wall street by banding together on social media and
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making deals but then today, robin hood be investing app halted those deals and now there is outrage and also lawsuits. >>users of the investing app robinhood a revolting after the company stops them from buying certain stocks. a small group of protesters gathered outside the company's menlo park headquarters thursday as thousands of others went after them online partners. >>the trading platform was only allowing users to sell stocks in gamestop and a handful of other companies but not to buy them robin hood's ceo addressing the decision to restrict the trading thursday or really unprecedented times in order to protect the and protect our we have limit in these in these talks but users are not seeing it that way the company is accused of shutting out its customers and siding
9:19 pm
with big billion dollar investment firms one class action lawsuit alleges market manipulation to protect the wall street elite who were short selling businesses like gamestop amc movie theaters and former smartphone giant blackberry what had happened was that wall street was betting so hard. >>that gamestop was going to fall so bad that these people online realized there was a way to exploit this pet robin hood's finances have also come into question but the company says it does not take commissions on trades the action to stop users from trading will likely soon lead to regulatory and legal battles washington lawmakers are also weighing in congress is now starting to look into this out in jail cortez and ted cruz, 2 people on very different sides of the aisle agree that something needs to be done and when you of those people you are in trouble.
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>>well the robin hood ap says that they are going to be allowing for some limited buys on company's shares in the companies such as gamestop and some of the others that we've mentioned in that report that will be tomorrow. the company ceo says that there going to continue to monitor this situation and they will make adjustments as they are needed. reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan really faze coming for people rent in california state lawmakers just approved. >>extending eviction protections now through june they were set to expire. this coming sunday state lawmakers also agreed to use nearly 3 billion dollars. in federal stimulus money to pay off up to 80% of some tenants unpaid rent but only if landlords agree to forgive the rest of their debt. governor newsome has said he plans to sign off on the extension. meanwhile taxpayers will have to pay extra special attention this year because filing your 2020 taxes will look very different
9:21 pm
for some because of the pandemic first off tax filing season starts later this year, the irs push the date back to february 12th. another major change is that with so many people working from home these days, some indefinitely, some taxpayers may try to write off their work from home expenses. but experts say the home office tax deduction may not be available to everyone who's working at all. >>if you're an employee and you get a w 2 do you you know a tax reform package that was passed a few years ago, but the next few years up to 2025 employees are not eligible to what are called unreimbursed employee business expenses which includes home office expenses so if you're an employee you're not able to deduct those on your federal return you may be able to deduct them on your state return. >>if you're self employed or a small business owner you may be eligible to deduct to those at home expenses. experts recommend you speak with a tax
9:22 pm
professional or use a do yourself tax program that allows you to reach out to a professional if you have any questions. well is there. >>actual tuna in a subway tuna fish sandwich will tell you about a bay area lawsuit claiming the company is lying about what is really in its food. and despite the deadly pandemic the super bowl will go on drawing thousands of fans to tampa florida. >>but the city's mayor is doing to mitigate the spread of covid.
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>>have a love subway tonight, you're going to want to listen to this to alameda county customers are suing the. >>sandwich chain for what they say is the misrepresentation of the tuna sandwich they go on to say it is quote made from anything but tonight these 2 guys filed the suit in a san francisco federal court last week. they say they performed independent lab tests on tuna from several different locations across the state and they say they found the tuna is actually a mix of various substances, none of which is actually tuna blended together to make it appear like tuna the suit does not say what the substance is actually are subway for its part vehemently denies the claim. meanwhile, the mayor of tampa issued an executive order mandating the use of face coverings during events
9:26 pm
surrounding the upcoming super bowl the order requires masks to be worn outdoors in the event zones in the entertainment venues, including parts of tampa's downtown and the region surrounding raymond james stadium people not wearing masks can be cited with a nominal civil infraction that carries a penalty of up to 500 bucks. >>we have a warning issued by the department of homeland security. why they say the biggest threat to americans is right here in our own backyard. plus a wealthy tries to move ahead of essential workers to get a covid-19 vaccine and following a monthslong investigation. the state auditor finds many ways where the california employment development department made itself an easy target for fraudsters we're going to have the latest on their findings. lots of rain around the bay area it is a turning all the snow blizzard conditions even avalanche trouble by
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9:30 pm
across a mountain peaks there are some places over 7 feet snow if you can believe that so certainly. >>an total showing up across the high country and boy it's been tough getting up there you look toward honor this a live camera donner summit you can see no action there. it's been close right colfax as we've seen that snow coming down too many spinouts shut down i 8050 remains open, but you need change, but it is just a rough night to get up there about some of the snowfall last couple of days 87 inches that's right over 7 feet at the mammoth amount rose 61 inches boreal 54 inches 53 at north star 53 in alpine and heavily 44 inches and counting. there's still plenty more to come in fact we still have winter storm warnings up across a good part of the sierra nevada blizzard warnings to the south there could see another one maybe 2 feet of snow across some of the higher peaks as the system continues to wind through the downside of that avalanche warnings, a real possibility they're up there trying to control it today but certainly
9:31 pm
to get in the back country are doing some skiing you gotta take extra care very dangerous conditions through at least tomorrow. now we're looking outside right now from alive mount tam camisas some cool looking clouds out there some of those cumulus clouds up above little stratus down below. and a couple showers in between we're seeing the snow showers in the high country in the bay area continue to look at the rain and look at that next band of rain that is just about to push on shore that is going to get the rain picking up here in the next few minutes. and well into the night guys back to you. thanks lawrence. asleep at the wheel, you could say following a monthslong investigation. >>the state auditor found many ways in which the california employment development department, the edd meat itself an easy target for fraud. yeah, this says the agency has admitted to paying out billions in fraudulent unemployment benefits. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>the list of issues inside california's employment development department continues to grow following a
9:32 pm
state audit of the agency's fraud prevention policies. the auditor concluded thursday, the underprepared and inefficient edd put a target on its back by removing key fraud prevention safeguards along with not taking enough action against suspicious claims the state auditor says the edd waited several months into the pandemic before bolstering its fraud detection efforts resulting in payments totaling at least 10.4 billion dollars to claimants whose identities cannot be verified lawmakers say it confirmed their worst suspicions that i think demonstrates. >>that edd was in fact a rat's nest of incompetence it's not been a smooth process to department does not. not in response to the audit. edd officials pointed to the unprecedented number of claims filed amid the pandemic as well as issues with the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program opening up its vulnerability to fraud department leaders have agreed to use all of the auditor's recommendations including implementing a fraud detection
9:33 pm
and prevention unit, which the agency does not have been made it easier for the fraudsters and harder. >>for the people of california that needed your help. >>state lawmakers promised to provide more supervision over the edd has it now has a massive months long to do list to improve this point looking to continue to oversight city can do a better delivering. >>the money to millions of californians who needed to pay for rent for just pay their >>if you're having issues with the edd state lawmakers say feel free to reach out to their offices. they've essentially been serving as middlemen between the constituents and the embattled department in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 >>a wealthy canadian couple is only facing a fine after authorities say they posed as motel employees in order to cut line for a vaccine. the casino mogul and his actress wife. reportedly flew their private jet to a small indian reservation in northern canada. that area is home to
9:34 pm
about a 100 people many of whom our elderly. the government sent a team up to that remote area to administer shots by the time authorities found out that the couple. sneak into the clean they had already gotten their shots and then but flown back to vancouver. well they're only facing about $900 in fines of peace the husband was forced to resign his job after the news broke. >>well the department of homeland security issued a warning about the potential for attacks by homegrown terrorists it says the same fear over joe biden's victory in the 2020 election that in part led to this siege at the u.s. capitol could lead to more domestic terror attacks in the coming weeks and months or national correspondent trevor shirley reports on what federal and local law enforcement is doing to try and prevent any more attacks. >>well it's been 3 weeks now since right-wing anti-government rioters attacked the capital and now the department of homeland security says others with similar views may feel
9:35 pm
emboldened the carry out domestic terror attacks elsewhere. the morning didn't reference any specific threat but did say violent ext who are upset over the 2020 election results and covid-19 restrictions pose an ongoing security threat. the warning says that threat will persist at least through early 2021. the fear is some of these extremists will target lawmakers or government buildings across the country, not just here in washington. earlier today. speaker nancy pelosi talked about efforts to keep lawmakers safe, including allowing them to use campaign and congressional money to pay for things like body armor home security systems or protective details. here in washington around 500 national guard troops will stay in the city through at least the end of march has the potential for more violence remains to donald trump's second impeachment trial. and later today, we're expecting an update from congressional security officials on top of that the acting sergeant of arms is expected to release more guidance on how members
9:36 pm
of congress can continue to protect themselves. and those who work for them, reporting in washington, i'm trevor shirley. house minority leader kevin mccarthy met with former president trump today. >>the meeting happened at mister trump's mar-a-lago resort in florida. in a statement mccarthy's press team says that the former president is committed to helping republicans get elected to congress in 2022. they are expected to work together in an effort to give the gop control of the house. it's the first time the 2 have met since congressman mccarthy says that he believes trump was responsible for the capitol riot earlier this month. and florida congressman matt gets rallied in wyoming today against a powerful congresswoman, who voted to impeach then president trump 10 house republicans win against the party line earlier this month. the most prominent of those representative liz cheney of wyoming. cheney, the daughter of former vice president dick cheney faces backlash for that vote
9:37 pm
including the possibility of censure from the wyoming republican party and being stripped of her job as house republican conference chair. >>coming up in sports. the worriers trying for their 3rd straight win in phoenix where they have enough juice on the road. back to back to do it sports director jason dumas says highlights coming up.
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
>>for sports. dozen are
9:40 pm
looking for their first three-game winning streak of the season but they're going to have to keep on looking because it did not come tonight. >>steph curry he was pretty much only guy who showed up for the warriors tonight, let's go to the 2nd quarter. bay's more nice move euro step in into paint the dubs took an early lead in the second 3rd quarter now phoenix took the lead and never looked back this is jae crowder on the wing that makes it a 10 point game. now later in the quarter. curry use the pig gets in the paint he hits the floater staff at 27 get this he outscored the other 4 starters combined 4th quarter. this is a microcosm of the game kelly who great misses the dock that leads to run out. and the trailer macau bridges finishes on the other end he led the suns with 20
9:41 pm
points. stephan dream on on the bench, early they didn't have much to play for early in the 4th quarter final score one 1493. the dubs host the detroit pistons on saturday after the game steve kerr talked about that consistency that this team is trying to fight. so you really establish. >>that you are. something that you are that you have an identity that that you can hang your hat on something every night then you can be a good team. now we just can't really anything that we're doing we can do things well. periodically, but we just haven't put it together that's that's why we're you know just bouncing up and down from one night to the next. >>to the college ranks now stanford in arizona taking on the wildcats and this was a close one throughout second-half arizona to spencer
9:42 pm
jones. nice shot there from the corner later on jadyn declare with the floater he had 21 points and i finished there staring now bench. it's a seven-point game stanford goes on to win 73 to 64 they'll take on arizona state on saturday night. all let's go to the ice sharks taking on the avalanche devin do to make getting the start and for the first 2 plus periods we have some good love for av shots hit off the bar and there was no score midway through the 3rd, but his luck run out right about is hanging out in front of the net. the av get the score. they go on to score 2 more and they win this game 3 to nothing. all righty bay area, soccer fans ears perked up today when it was announced that san francisco has been named one of the finalists to host the 2026 world cup, san
9:43 pm
francisco made the list of 17 us cities identified by fifa the 2026 tournament will be the first work up to include 48 teams in 80 games that makes it the biggest one in history. epa says 60 game will be played in the u.s. likely spread out amongst 10 host cities that means san francisco and more than a 50% chance to host a series of games. although we know the games will likely be in santa clara at levi's stadium. so not exactly san francisco, but we'll take it is still the bay area. the next step entails fee for officials making trips of each of the prospective cities once it's being safe to do so with covid they expect to make a decision later this year. that's your look at
9:44 pm
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>>and the snow is bringing tio to a virtual standstill if you're they're great, but if you have to get there. it's a problem and if you're down at a lower elevation. well there is plenty of rain. yeah tough to drive that heavy rain is causing flooding and landslides in fact all across california. nancy loo reports on the toll that this atmospheric river is taking on us. >>ahead of the rain and snow in southern california tonight sandbagging and road closures many communities near recent burn areas are on alert, including arcadia sierra madre
9:47 pm
and monrovia residents are advised to have a plan and be ready to evacuate so i do expect some some mud flow. >>if they don't expect severe mud flow, but you are preparing for the worst officials say the heavy rainfall could cause flash flooding mudslides and debris flows, especially in the many areas near recent wildfires. >>north of l a dangerous conditions have meant intermittent closures of interstate 5 in the grapevine area further north and early band of the storm toppled big rigs on highway 99 in sacramento county and there were close calls for a number of families as the storm sent large trees crashing into homes i am so grateful. i mean it clipped the roof and that's where our little girl's bedroom is on that ride along the central coast. a significant mudslide damaged about 2 dozen structures in salinas which is near the burn scar of the river fire back in august a woman was treated for broken bones after mud swept right through her home.
9:48 pm
>>but today evacuation orders eased up in the santa cruz mountains where some had ignored them any way you live here you get used to it you're living in a forest through trees fall. >>the road gets blocked. power goes out. >>i mean i thought lego's has always near lake tahoe good samaritan sprang into action to help get a stuck truck out of the snow happens pretty often but with this big storm we haven't had one like this in like 2 years so. >>it's something different for a lot of people. >>that quite a mess that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight they were talking about salinas there now we go to the pride of because ford's chief lawrence my hometown, the apple amount oral there that's where we saw some that damage and the carmel valley also had some flooding there along the carmel river mouth. so all depends on where that atmospheric lines up river. they actually have that the lineup in their neighborhood and that's the unfortunate part they get so much rain in
9:49 pm
such a short amount of time out there tonight a beautiful shot overlooking san francisco you can see a little fog out there up above we've got some mid-level clouds some cumulus you've got some showers out there too so little bit of everything going on right now, and it's just beginning to pick up again we've got another wave of moisture beginning to make its way off the pacific and so here we go again you see that band of showers moving on shore there are some pockets of imbedded heavier downpours with the system that's coming on shore right now so watching that closely along the peninsula begin to see some rain picking up in the half moon bay in the pacific a south san francisco, then stretching the bay to we're seeing that as well as you make your way in los altos hills palo alto we're seeing some rain drops in amount due and then across the bay certainly look at some of those cells moving in right now you can see hayward they're seeing pretty significant downpours right now as we take a closer look at that system and it will continue to slide on quickly that's what kind of nice about these now is there. >>a fast-moving storm systems that continue to move by that means we'll see a move in and
9:50 pm
move out without doing too much in the way of damage or you could see more extensive damage is still up in the santa cruz mountains due to heavy downpour with the ground already so saturated certainly could see some mudslides and some debris debris flows up the coastline you see that pattern now you see more cells sitting out there and more on the way in fact this are going just waves to continue one after the other rotated along the coastline, some that getting a little bit stronger the south you see those more significant cells now further south near pescadero headed for the south toward the santa cruz mountains at some very heavy rainfall that is now moving on shore you can certainly see some thunderstorms embedded in those storms as they come on shore too. how about rainfall totals last couple days but impressive over 7 inches of rain almost 7 app and then gatos almost 5 inches of rain san ramon over 3 inches of rain over 3 inches also in sandra fell somewhat unusual to get more rain in san jose and san francisco that's where the atmospheric river kind of set itself up so we had almost
9:51 pm
a half inches of rain in san jose, san francisco, not bad. but an inch and a half of rain is certainly helping are storm totals so we're not done just yet we've got more on the way we've got this storm system is going to wind i think tomorrow nice dry day after that things begin to change as we get the weekend in fact you just see developing now. the storm system going to come rolling on shore i think that one another powerful storm will bring another round of gusty winds, some heavy rain in the bay area that will keep things gone but not till sunday night monday and tuesday of next week, so we'll get a little bit of a break. >>we need it if this was to come this weekend yeah i think i'm right on top of each other that's where you really start to worry about significant flooding much like ok thank's alerts a next. let's say and as you know lawrence you can check the weather anytime in your neighborhood with the kron 4 app you'll find full forecast there there's interactive radar and you can get weather alerts sent straight to your device you can download the kron 4 app right now. some sad news tonight oscar nominated actress cicely tyson has died she.
9:52 pm
>>is known for her role in sound or where she played as sharecroppers wife. tyson rose to fame. and the 1970's at a time when black women were finally getting starring roles in the movie industry. she won 2 emmys for her role as a former slave, the autobiography of miss jane pittman. >>up next a picture warming. the hearts of thousands of boy and his surprising new findings, sharing a special moment, his mom shares more about the interaction captured, and this now viral captured, and this now viral picture. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed...
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>>this absolutely adorable photo of a virginia boy and this little deer is going viral as you can imagine social media being shared. thousands and thousands of time to get to get out of the way those years are big when you zoom in reporter ben dennis spoke with this kid's mom. the boy about their surprising encounter. >>nothing short of a durable 4 year-old smiling dominic and a new friend caught on camera his mom stephanie brown left stunned on the front porch yesterday morning what went through your mind when you the door. >>and if your son with the deer up. >>i can't even tell you i was like in shock like i was like no and my my mind is playing that make it an wasn't dominic the animal was for maybe it was the pajamas with rudolph
9:56 pm
the red-nosed reindeer attracting at the family was getting ready to return home to the northern neck from a short getaway near shenandoah national park that's when dominic made the discovery. in the woods as mom was packing up in one of my trips i remember i back into the kitchen. >>i was getting something out of the. >>the refrigerator and i keep my head around because i heard him kind of like wiping his little boots on the mat so they're getting come in. so i turned my head and there it is like a little baby deer wasn't anything strange for him it was really weird thousands of shares tonight on facebook and growing thanks to stephanie is quick thinking with her phone did not move my eyes off just like whipping it out slowly and just like down it would move his head and the deer head, the same direction and then here move back in. >>it was just instinct without hesitation dominic picked the name what came to mind a comic book superhero of course know
9:57 pm
bend m us 8 >>you know why that is so cute that is look peaceful there 2 of here we are a bull that was a vendetta serve porting for us and with that we wrap up kron 4 news at night. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. the last stretch of the atmospheric river we've been talking about it's moving across the bay area tonight bringing. >>on off and on showers or from 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking when the storm will finally clear still bit left to go also restaurants in san francisco finally allowed to have outdoor dining again, but there are some concerns about the risk that poses to one community. it's been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic to changes community leaders want to see in order to protect those folks those stories and much more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>>from the bay area's local news station. watching kron 4 news. >>that there's not going to be any weather that could come through create a debris flow, but that doesn't mean that something could happen. >>now attend the worst of the winter storm may be behind us but the danger it's not gone. as crews now begin picking up the pieces to try and mitigate the threat of potentially


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