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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  January 29, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>>now on kron 4 news at 3. new information on another option for a covid-19 vaccine will tell you how johnson and johnson single dose shots compares to the vaccines. already being administered. and a break in there. severe damage is caused from recent storms a pga truck is washed away in part of highway one collapse will have live team coverage for you. and the sun is out and there is hope on the horizon as johnson johnson releases a new report on the effectiveness of their vaccine. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 3. i'm
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tahernia a johnson johnson says its single-shot covid-19 vaccine is 66% effective at preventing moderate symptoms and 85% effective. >>at preventing serious symptoms now earlier i spoke with a local health expert on the vaccine's efficacy and why it's still a good option. despite being less effective now those percentages that i just read off for you. those were findings in the global trials here in the united states. the vaccine is found to be 72% effective against the virus and one of the reasons the numbers are so different specifically so much lower on a global scale is because the virus is less affected in south africa. where there that is that new variants now the reason it's less affected is because part of that that all the vaccines are designed to target his change. so that particular variance of becomes widespread here in the united states.
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johnson johnson's vaccine and potentially the pfizer and moderna vaccines will also be less effective. now while the vaccine will be less effective in its prevention, it is still a 100% effective and preventing hospitalizations and the vaccines overall public health impact is still great. >>this is probably not as protective in. overall infections that's that would be less an official public health. effect on the other hand it can be given to way more people that it's a single vaccine much easier to give so they get the public health benefit actually will be somewhat similar to other vaccines and that it may say less effective but they can given way more broadly. >>now johnson johnson has a 2 vaccine version of being studied right now, but the pharmaceutical companies expected to submit the one dose version to the fda for emergency use authorization
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next week. now we're going to have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5 as well as on our streaming service kron on which you can download for free in your app store. and after today closure because of all the wet weather we saw here in the bay area san francisco's a massive vaccination site is back open kron four's charles clifford a joins us live from city college where people have been rolling in all day truck. >>yeah, hi there well it's a beautiful day and san francisco has reopened its mass vaccination site right behind me here at city college after being closed for 2 days because of the wet weather, let's go and take look at some pictures people get their vaccinations today. now the folks who maybe had to have their vaccinations a postponed because of the weather i'm told by the city they were allowed to come in today to get their vaccinations the city has a goal of vaccinating 10,000 people per day they're currently not at that number because of a short supply of
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the vaccine. they are working on it, but it's going to take time they also are hoping on opening up to more vaccination sites mass vaccination sites, one of the most county center possibly next week and also one at the sf market in the bayview which could happen sometime. in february now the city has a goal of vaccinating all eligible people in san francisco. by the end of june that would be over 753,000 people. currently they've only vaccinated about 8% of that population with at least one dose of the vaccine now currently in order to receive a vaccine you have to qualify as a health care worker or be 65 years or older in order to qualify you have to go online to s f dot gov. sign-up make an appointment and then you'll be given the time to come down and get a vaccine if you need more information you can go to s f dot gov or you can go to kron 4 dot com. we have links there as well. but for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>chuck thank you for that. now the astrazeneca vaccine
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has cleared another hurdle with the european union authorizing it for adults, this is the 3rd covid-19 vaccine, given the green light there. the first one was the pfizer and moderna shots individual countries can still decide how and to whom bill administer doses. and some are indicating they won't give it to older people. and santa clara county is a vaccinating up to 7500 people a day against the coronavirus that's according to county health officials who held a news conference earlier today. currently anyone over the age of 65 is eligible to receive the vaccine and health officials say approximately 8% of adults in the county have received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine and that at the counties that testing and vaccine officer says they have the capacity to vaccinate more people but simply aren't getting enough supply. >>bottom line is. we have the
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ability to give the vaccines what we don't have. >>enough vaccines for money thing. >>more than 1300 people in santa clara county. have died from covid 1980% of those who have died are over the age of 65. >>now governor gavin newsom signed emergency legislation that extends the eviction moratorium through june that moratorium was set to expire sunday. >>the bill. >>says that 25% of renters are renters have to pay 25% of their rent each month to avoid eviction the legislation also provides help for landlords with 2.6 billion dollars in federal funds right now an estimated 900,000 california households are behind on rent
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and that's according to an estimate by the independent legislative analyst's office. take a look at this new drone video shows us the extent of damage over at highway one which is now closed after section of the road collapsed. both the north and southbound lanes washed away during the heavy rainstorms, this is at creek about 15 miles south of big sur. caltrans says crews are on site securing its assessing damage and starting cleanup and repairs. the big sur coastline is prone to mudslides and in 2017 a closed a stretch of the road for more than a year. it's unknown when this new section that vanished will reopen. and now to santa cruz mountains where crews are cleaning up following the recent downpour. kron four's rob fladeboe joins us now live from aptos where teams had to recover apg need truck that rolled off the road. rob was anyone hurt.
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>>well the driver russian was slightly injured in the not treated and then released, but we're told he's going to be okay but this is a a fairly dramatic scenario here let's take a look at the video here this is not too far from the force of icy marks state park in the foothills of the santa cruz mountains actually the app toss hills so that pg crewman was driving valencia school road just after midnight very very early this morning checking out some the reported damage is some utilities when the road literally gave out beneath this truck, it's a bucket ways maybe 20,000 pounds in the right, the truck ended up tumbling unrolling a couple of times down a 300 foot steep embankment. they're finally coming to a stop there again, some redwood trees stopping just short of a neighbor's home hear about as you can imagine this was a a pretty close call here on related though i might add to burn scar areas, it was no burn scar in this area, this was simply too much water coming down too fast. i spoke to a
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neighbor who lives nearby nearby a said that this could just as easily have been her at the bottom of that ravine let's hear from her now. >>i'm glad it wasn't me i'm glad it wasn't because i drove over this about 3 times last night and didn't notice the slip out until my 3rd trip. and so i had no idea that this actually. would be the severe could have been you it could have been me and all my children. i'm glad that it wasn't. >>game and they're the tweeted out this referring to pg and e workers who are driving through the mountains at all hours of the night here to help with the power back on as quote unsung heroes indeed, but this pne worker slightly injured but is going to be doing ok and another night of heavy rain last night we saw downed trees and downed power across the santa cruz mountains nothing major what you saw there was probably the most significant thing that happened.
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>>but that's like we're told is still moving the still water coming out of that crews are out there assessing what they're going to do but it's going to be several days before they get that truck out of there because the hill is still moving in they need things to dry out just a bit that's the latest from here so not back to you. >>well the storm also brought more than 10 feet of snow to parts of lake tahoe, here's a look at donner summit the blizzard and avalanche warnings have been lifted now cars are moving freely. but now the national weather service is warning about freezing fog. >>thank you very much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 we got a little whiplash here today had microphone issues. i think we've got it all worked out going crew of people here we'll we're ready role and it's friday. reese rodriguez. take it away. >>justine it's our friday right so good only go up from here, let's take a live look outside i 80 at donner summit still tracking some light snow showers out there right now throughout the sierra but we're going to notice drier
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and clear conditions by this evening, even into the 1st half of the weekend a lot more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures as well so for all you ski and snowboard enthusiast's you got feet of fresh powder within the last 3 days 2 and a half to 5 feet of snow. thanks to that atmospheric river that really blanketed the sierra making it look like a winter wonderland past snow totals very impressive and that actually helped boost our sierra snow pack from 40% just a week ago now up to 66% of average so hope you head out and enjoy it, let's take a look at what you can expect for your weekend, upper 30's by saturday, turning into the mid 40's by sunday things so that extra sunshine with another round of snow showers set to return to the sierra by monday night enjoy justine back to you thank a breeze a lot more ahead here on kron 4 news at 3 why the governor's news school reopening plan is getting pushback from educators.
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>>meanwhile parents want to let kids play why they say
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>>as the bay against back to outdoor dining doctors at ucsf found that cooks are at the highest risk of death from covid-19 kron 4 sarah stinson tells us health officials say it's important that restaurants to everything they can to protect their workers. >>throughout this pandemic we
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have learned that people of older age are more likely to die of the coronavirus now we're learning from this ucsf study which essential jobs are most at risk of dying during the pandemic and at the top of the list are cooks restaurant workers take a look at the top list of 5 essential jobs. that are most at risk you can see cooks ranked number one followed by machine operators agricultural workers. baker's and construction workers of all essential workers in california in 2020 between the ages of 1865, comparing death rates of essential workers from prior years at the covid diagnosis is there in about 3 quarters of the deaths. >>many people believe that there's an underreporting of covid i sat down for a zoom interview with the chair of ucsf department of epidemiology biostatistics kristin binns domingo explained age in race play large rules and why restaurant
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workers are most at risk. >>of dying during a pandemic which has had the highest. >>risk death. i let you know in the essential work category of food and agriculture african americans is the group that has the second and they're the sector that we find that is most frequently associated with the highest risk, the best is the retail sector. the types of work jobs that are in the retail sector include grocery store generally in person essential work is a place for high transmission and the only thing that deters that is strict enforcement of health protocols like mask wearing and social distancing and we have to think through strategies from the media and in terms of the vaccination to keep those people who are putting their lives on the line essentially in order for the rest of us to be able to see working more safe environments we have to do what we can to keep them safe as well. >>the california department of health says they are prioritizing these essential workers specifically
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restaurant workers and they'll be next in line to get the vaccine. reporting in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>bay area restaurants that are now open for outdoor dining are looking forward to this weekend, especially since we're expected to stay dry in most locations. they're hoping that their customers will be coming back kron four's maureen kelly is in san francisco's north beach with how restaurants are getting ready. >>you know last night when you see the light you know people making his out 8 years of patient i think people really can't wait to and i amazing time with coming soon in the next few days but the owner of 3 restaurants in north beach expects it will take some time before his business is really good as busy as they used to be. >>and he's ok with that what he really wants to see is the city not shut down outdoor dining we off you know this
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opening goal of once again it is a wants we really all we're going to have to close it again in clothes and and this time again. >>i really off the you know wants foot ever opening the new game of the vaccine. rollout it will not everybody knows that the virus. so we can go back to open business open school everything over at soda pop in skis a bar in russian hill that has partnered up. >>with a local restaurant. they were getting ready to take down the chicken wire surrounding their park tonight will be their first night back open since the shelter-in-place order was lifted. >>he says a lot when into opening back up such as rehiring staff and negotiating with vendors and he's hopeful the weather holds and it's a little bit nicer than it has been in the last few days. i think we might get some business, i'm not holding my breath, i think maybe it could take some time just to kind people get back use to it. >>also to out slower time for outdoors cold outside. you know we'll take what we can get at this point.
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>>that san francisco's new rules in effect with outdoor dining in addition to limiting the tables just 6 people there are also limiting them to to households. how that's going to be enforced the restaurant's of talking to say they're going to but there be relying on the honor system. now can see behind me here this restaurant it you know has been. >>you know a little bit a few customers here showed up around the lunch hour with similar to this maybe water to customers so you know obviously they're not nearly as busy as they used to be. but again the owner of pizzeria here tells me that he owns 3 restaurants and he's probably about 250. >>reservations. more classes for all the customers that are going to get because they're going to get so he's hopeful.
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>>and san francisco's north beach and let's talk about the weather for this weekend to see if that will be nice enough to enjoy some outdoor dining as we take a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge blue skies are a welcome sight. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at our forecast for the weekend. trying to see if we can squeeze in some brunch reservations. murray hours it's going to be really nice just seeing warmer and drier weather, especially by the 2nd half of the weekend. >>let's take a look though rain summary because they said that atmospheric river bringing inches to parts of the bay area it's actually boosted up our average 30 to 40% with just a week ago we were down into the 20th to 30th percentile range, so what a difference a week makes tracking drier weather out there right now our storm tracker for getting a little bit of a break from all the wet weather but taking a look at our future cast we're going to notice overall drier pattern with some light scattered showers trying to make its way into the north
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bay by tonight and even through your saturday afternoon as well with another storm tried closer to the north bay but really just bringing traces amount of rain at best for most of us here in the bay area. those of you in the north bay specifically in santa rosa could pick up an additional 10th of an inch of rain or less so enjoy that, but overall warming up into the low 60's by sunday with another round of wet weather bringing widespread rain to the bay area monday into tuesday of this upcoming week. more my full forecast in just a few minutes just seen back to you thank a breeze a much more ahead here kron 4 news 3 will tell you when doctor fauci says kids. >>you can start getting the coronavirus vaccine. and some are arguing that the republican party is at war with itself like never before so yo
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>>as president biden and his first full week in office he continues to plead for unity, but arguably congress is as divided as it's ever been and that includes factions within the republican party. catherine heenan from inside area politics is here with more good afternoon. catherine hi justine yeah, the trump presidency of maybe over including donald trump's failed a gambit to overturn the election. >>but it has left its mark in washington in the form of a fractured republican party political analyst david mckeown says trump is still a
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huge force to be reckoned with. i asked him where is the party had it. >>well or the republican party is headed is that united theme of of everyone is against this that the global economy is against global government is against they're going to use those teams and they're going to deliver them doubt the difficulty is going to going to be what does that look like i mean today yesterday you had one of trump's key allies in the house matt gates from florida in the belly of the beast in some sense in wyoming talking about liz cheney and a massive rally. it's that kind of level of influence of trump isn't that doesn't go away even though donald trump is no longer the president in some ways even without access to twitter without access that the facebook and other social media tools he is hugely relevant and to be worried about if you're democrats, mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy because the future direction of the republican party is tied to donald trump's fate. so while there is a split between with democrats controlling kind of all facets of the government in some ways difficulty there
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to manage all of those mouse is going to be difficult on the democratic side and on the republican side there's going to be a great amount of difficulty for what is the future of the republican party and its that future that donald trump wants to influence and that future one element of that futures also what we saw in january 6. >>mckeown says if there is one thing that does unite republicans it's the belief they are being assaulted by big government big media big business. he says that both senator mitch mcconnell and donald trump will try to leverage that to their advantage against joe biden and headed into 2022. justine they kept the red. >>coming up here on kron 4 news at 3. when does doctor fauci say that kids can get the covid vaccine and what does this mean for when schools could reopen we'll have details plus we'll have reaction from the state teachers on the governor's plan to bring kids back to the classroom. why some still want to wait for in person instruction. and tracking a
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lot more sunshine out there for your end of the workweek forecast but the passing atmospheric river leaving behind a very cool air m
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>>children could soon start getting the covid vaccine as early as late spring or early summer this is according to doctor anthony fauci who says clinical studies to determine whether approved coronavirus
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vaccines are safe for younger children, we'll begin in the next couple of months. the results could influence the debate over how to safely reopen public schools, the pfizer and moderna vaccines currently or given to health care workers and nursing home residents and older americans. but the vaccines were not tested on younger children during clinical trials. president biden has set a goal of reopening most schools in his first 100 days in office. we're near the end of april. governor gavin newsome appearing agitated as his school reopening plan for california is now stalling 2 weeks before he had hoped to get young kids back in school in a live, streamed you event since that has now been taken down the governor reportedly told a group of school administrators. if they're waiting for perfect circumstances to reopen. they might as well be honest with california families and tell them that they will not resume in person instruction for the rest of the academic year. capitol bureau reporter ashley
3:31 pm
zavala joins us with more on this they took down what the governor said. >>yeah just seen him at all relies upon the vaccine plan and i'll get to the video being taken down and actually just put back up in a second. but this was in a conversation virtually over youtube with the association of california school administrators which is basically a big lobbying group that represents thousands of superintendents principals and vice principals now over the last couple of weeks we've heard from teachers school districts and lawmakers who have a long list of concerns about the governor's 2 billion dollar reopening plan that plan targeted in person instruction to start rolling out in the next couple of weeks by mid february for some of california's youngest students. this would have provided to allow for regular testing contact tracing and ppe but analysts have told lawmakers that there just wasn't enough located to local governments and public health departments who would likely
3:32 pm
be relied upon even carried is planned out. so the california teachers association this week sent a letter to governor newsome. >>basically saying that teachers all should be vaccinated before they return back for in person instruction. the governor was asked about this in this live streamed event and he says quote if we wait for the perfect we might as well just pack it up and just be honest with folks that we're not going to open for in person instruction this year. and just in as you mentioned that video which of the slashing to that happened yesterday it was taken off of youtube after the live stream ended and i reached out to the csa about why it was taken down also reached out to governor newsom's office task why this was taken down i haven't heard back from newsom's office but the tsa said i guess when the live stream ended. it was a private link and that it it was taken off that would be put online they ended up putting it online this afternoon. so i will have more from the governor in that's a very candid. and blunt
3:33 pm
conversation about school reopening. but overall i did reach out to newsom's office just for comment clarity in some kind of. explanation on on all of this and i have yet to hear back. reporting live in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 we look forward to your reports at 05:06am, tonight actually. >>let's go to the east bay because teachers are cautioning against reopening schools in the coming weeks kron 4 subject all reports that they say all teachers and staff need to be vaccinated first. >>a report released last week by the centers for disease control and prevention detailing new highly-transmissible variance of covid-19 leading the california teachers association and its members to call on the state to be more aggressive in its fight to stop the spread of the virus. teachers say educators should be prioritized for the vaccine is a situation isn't. >>i'm going to have a happy outcome for any side i think right now in terms of reopening or not be opening in
3:34 pm
a letter written to governor gavin newsome the cta stress that little community transmission rates a strong public health infrastructure and layered prevention measures within schools that are effectively maintained tracked and enforced on the path forward. >>all criteria teachers say have not been fully met to have teachers have to scramble from the distance learning that they really just kind of got the hang of to figure out how to do hybrid for the last month or 2 of the year that would then be likely incredibly sloppy not because anyone not try to do their absolute best, but because we be asking teachers yet again to switch gears and do this alternative hybrid model which nobody here has ever done believed all kron 4 news. california football coaches student athletes and community leaders are making a plea to governor gavin newsom to safely reopen youth sports and to do it now. >>kron four's has it been unit is joining us live with more
3:35 pm
on this call that appears to be gaining momentum. zeke i doing. >>that's right just since the beginning of the year 52,000 people have joined a facebook group dedicated to getting kids back on the playing field. one of the major take away from today's press conference being able to play sports for some young people is more than just recreation. it's a matter of life and death. >>so many young people are struggling right now with the fact that they can't go outside and play just on those pause monday evening, i strolled on instagram and there was a young man holding a gun to his because he just couldn't take it anymore. that is the sense of desperation richmond high school head football coach george jackson junior says some student athletes face but not being able to compete for close to a year due to restrictions placed at the state level because of the covid-19 pandemic his testimony took
3:36 pm
place during a joint press conference held by the california football coaches community. >>and the let them play california organization both making a plea to governor gavin newsome we have a single judge rejected mission. >>and that is to bring you sports back to california immediately safely into a positive environment. we currently have 3 main is on the sideline. they've been been spent march, 1020 20. and we feel that the data and science supporting points return a safe place california student athletes in all sports of all ages now here you see some of the sport's allowed by the california department of health. >>in the purple or widespread tier. it here sports in the red tier. sports like football soccer and volleyball will not resume little bit to lee county reaches the orange tier indicated the spread of covid-19 has reached a moderate level. >>i definitely didn't think that last year's going to my
3:37 pm
last game on my last race or i kind of knowing that all of that is really last year 16 year-old skyline high school football player. aaron pryor was gunned down near his home oakland we had a lot >>things going on with him saying that if he was playing sports. he wouldn't get in shortly after that he was he was gunned down. >>but governor newsome a gym to up please i hope you're listening to what was happening here. >>we need your help to get these young men and women back outside to be high school students be high school athletes. >>i reached out to the governor's office and received this statement from the california department of public health that reads quote like other california department of public health guidance, the sports guidance is mandated pursuant to public health directives all californians are being asked to follow this guide is to
3:38 pm
protect themselves. their families and their communities has it made back to you in the studio, thank you so zeke. >>coming up here 3 what will it take to get the president's nearly 2 trillion dollar relief package passed we'll have a live report from washington with the very latest. and later on we will show you the daring effort from firefighters to
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>>it's time now to check in with news nation on wgn america to see what they're working on this friday night joe donlon joins us live from chicago with a preview. hi, joe. hi justine happy friday tonight on news nation. the covid stimulus package, 1.9 trillion dollars joe khaleel has a look at the fight ahead how did democrats get it through congress also national political correspondent dean h reynolds has a look at the future. >>of the republican party. weather certainly a big story this friday over much of the country, i know right now in california you guys have pretty much said good-bye to this but it sure cause a lot of problems with all the rain and snow and it's heading our way. back east here bringing a of snow lot of wsnow with it for the weekend. albert ramon tracking that for albert ramous n plus thought the whole bernie mitten craze was dying down. get ready for new bernie bobblehead raising money for charity. also a financial expert joins us with the latest on the game's top story r in a 15 year-old who made 7,000 bucks on that stock. i also just talked with actor courtney b vance on the
3:42 pm
passing of sicily tyson sourced act tonight. i know you guys are glad to have that weather in your rearview mirror justine but it's heading our way hope you enjoy the weekend. we'll send it back to you in the bay area will enjoy hope you're ready for this now. >>and news nation there is a wgn america at 8 o'clock our time you can find it on the channel's listed here we have more details on our website kron 4 dot com. coming up next here on kron 4 news at 3 we'll have a live report from washington on the bay area homeowners,
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>>the biden administration wants congress to pass its covid relief package as soon as possible. the president is said to be making calls to republicans to get them on board washington correspondent kellie meyer joins us live now and where the plans stand. this friday on capitol hill. hi kelly. i just know president brought biden was this package to be bipartisan but he is currently struggling to get republican support here on capitol hill. >>the call over past the past. there's no if ands or buts. >>president joe biden is calling on congress to act now on the next coronavirus relief bill. there is an overwhelming consensus to move left right and center. >>this is a unique moment. >>and the oval office friday treasury secretary janet yellen called for the passage of the president's american rescue package, if there's not
3:46 pm
more help. >>many more people will lose their small businesses and nearly 2 trillion dollar legislation that includes a $1400 stimulus check $400 a week in unemployment benefits and a $15 minimum wage congressional democrats are already on board and ready to start work as soon as next week republicans are hung up on the price of the package, south carolina republican lindsey graham calls the national minimum wage increase a recipe for disaster graham tweeted friday now is not the time to increase costs on business president biden is said to be holding calls with republicans working to get them on board with the plan you have to act now. >>and graham hopes the bipartisan group that came up with the last covid relief package can reach an agreement a compromise to the nearly 2 trillion dollar proposal next week president biden is set to scale back on his executive orders and focus solely on covid-19 relief
3:47 pm
kelly couple questions are democrats planning to pass the package without republican support can they do that. well democratic leadership is currently weighing whether to use a special procedure called budget reconciliation which will allow them to pass the package without republican support but president biden wants this to be bipartisan. he did say today that he does want to see this get done soon and do we expect to see movement on this covid package before the next impeachment trial starts. well democratic leadership is looking into you know starting the wheels in motion on that budget reconciliation potentially next week so look for some movement on covid relief happening next week as we mentioned president biden wants to focus on covid relief probably about mid-week next week. but like you mentioned the impeachment trial is set to happen in 2 weeks the week of february 8th, so that could complicate things. well we know that you will keep us posted. thank you. kelly reporting for us live from washington dc.
3:48 pm
>>let's look ahead now towards the weekend as we take a beautiful look here outside this is our camera showing us the bay and downtown san francisco. said so nice the entire bay area got a nice shower an ice bath, the rain came down airs clear just feels like everyone got a good. a good scrub in yeah, everyone streets of us you name it we've all noticed. >>drier conditions from now until then and also a very cool chris forecast out there so fresh air out there's certainly with air quality improving the good territory. thanks to that nice bath that everyone here in the bay area got especially the last 3 days temperatures out there right now widespread low to mid 50's so we are running a few degrees below average in fact we should be in the mid to upper 50's. this time of year and overnight lows going to be slightly chillier see if you are heading out for outdoor danny later tonight, make sure to grab that thicker coat because we're certainly going to need it and use it
3:49 pm
specifically and most of our valleys. santa rosa, 36 degrees for your overnight lows, upper 30's for conquered and livermore but a little bit milder around the bay area shoreline with oakland and downtown san francisco. in the mid 40's and let's take a sneak peek at your saturday outlook we're going to notice a few degrees of warming in with that near average temperatures we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day some still going to remain dry for most of the bay area even for your saturday downtown san francisco 54 degrees as is half moon bay. 55 degrees for those of you in daly city widespread mid 50's from brisbane to burlingame and winds out of the south at around 20 miles per hour less all weekend long, san mateo and san carlos 58 degrees a little bit cooler though along the coast in palo alto at 52 degrees there and widespread upper 50's for most of the south bay cupertino and san jose both at 58 degrees in the east bay tracking widespread mid 50's pleasanton and livermore 57 degrees
3:50 pm
throughout the east bay shoreline mid 50's for berkeley and oakland at 57 degrees both concord and walnut creek also going to warm up in the mid-fifties at 57 degrees but a slightly cooler forecast for those of you in the north bay could see about a 10th of an inch of rain or less this weekend so light scattered showers going to notice a mix of sun and clouds as well low 50's for napa mid 50's for those of you in santa rosa and mill valley, 51 degrees for your saturday afternoon highs and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook warming up on sunday before another storm arrives monday through tuesday bringing us about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area. and we are also going to see higher amounts for the northern sonoma county area as the storm just stalls over that region bringing you 3 to 4 inches of rain monday through tuesday. so very unique microclimate forecast there justine back to you thank a breeze, i'm glad we got a chance to dry out for the next storm. >>much more ahead here 3 video
3:51 pm
you will not want to miss as firefighters from the
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
>>well after this week's rain storm we have new video of crews saving a horse and a pony that were trapped in the mud check this out you can see the crews using heavy machinery to lift the animals out of the mud, this is in salinas the video was from yesterday and was shot by the fremont fire department because firefighters from
3:54 pm
oakland alameda hayward they were also there to help so our local teams are there to make this happen. both rescued animals were taken to the spca for checkup that is incredible heavy horses art have to lift them up out of that and to dealing with animals and just that messi mud. glad the animals are ok and check this out because crews in california also rescued a woman who was stranded by flood waters. she was driving by a beach near santa barbara when her car got stuck behind a submerged road. santa barbara county firefighters and california state beach lifeguards came to her rescue and walked her across that fast moving water to safety. >>it's gonna have to abandon my car. 6 inches of water can take a car off of its wheels can be swayed sweep that car down river. >>and even less water it's
3:55 pm
moving at a good case can take a human trying to walk across it. and take them down the river, so this person the right thing. >>while santa barbara along with parts of southern california remain under winter storm warnings from the national weather service. but it's not something to joke around with. let's turn now to our local forecast as we take a live look outside here at the bay bridge. here comes the sun and so does meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. >>that was the best segway just seen your amazing let's take a live look outside as we head into the weekend of course had to bring the amazing weather for this weekend for us here in the bay area after dealing with the atmospheric river for the last couple of days live look outside from the east bay over berkeley already tracking those changes out there with that extra sunshine and temperatures tonight going to be a degree or 2 cooler than last night's if you do have any plans for an early dinner and outdoor dining just make sure to grab that thicker coat because looks can be deceiving and may look sunny and warm
3:56 pm
outside, but it is noticeably cooler and overnight lows tonight, widespread low to mid 40's and mid to upper 30's for most of our inland valleys in tomorrow's daytime highs we're going to warm up right about where we should be for this time of year mid to upper 50's for your saturday afternoon highs and no rain in sight at least for the 1st half of this upcoming weekend. santa rosa 53 degrees mid 40's for downtown san francisco in half moon bay, widespread 57 degrees for anti l conquered and livermore in san jose very pleasant temperatures for you 40 with 60's but 58 degrees for your saturday afternoon highs in the warm temperatures going to continue through sunday widespread low to mid 60's expected for your sunday afternoon and monday and tuesday cooling down again and then by tuesday we could only just warm up into the mid-fifties as we track another storm set to bring us about a quarter of an inch to 3 quarters of an inch of rain to the bay area. so another round of widespread rain will
3:57 pm
return fortunately not looking to be an atmospheric rivers of that's the good news right there and then by the middle of this upcoming week warming up and drying out we're going to be in the 60's a week from today just seen how does that sound sounds great. thank you. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4 news at 3 and a special gold star goes to a hernia for taking us. >>out of a little technical issue that we had at the beginning of the teamwork makes the dream i write i'm justine waldman and we'll see you right back here next time thank you.
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