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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 13, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when foreign time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> a car and heartbreak in the east bay a 2 car crash that left 2 people dead including a 7 year-old girl. tonight. we're hearing from the family that lost 2 loved or new details tonight in the disturbing 2015 death of maddy middleton. her killer has pleaded guilty. but prosecutors say the sentence he's facing is nowhere near long enough. also some cause of johnson johnson vaccine doses for the bay area. what that means for our supply with eligibility expanded. good
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evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. >> i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne pain for an east bay family tonight after that fatal car crash. >> in. i just know your lie know has to come pick me up now we've got to go to the hospital. >> a family in pittsburgh in mourning mourning the loss of 2 loved ones after police say a drunk driver caused a crash. 2 people, including 7 year-old a ceiling. uh died in that accident. 5 others were hurt, including a 2 year-old 4 year-old and a 10 year-old. >> a growing memorial is happening at the site of that accident. there's been a long line of cars for hours are now people dropping off flowers and balloons and remembering the 2 victims. >> joining us now live with more. michelle kennedy. who is
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standing by with the latest kingston said. >> i guess this is that growing memorial. you can see it right here behind me on leeland road. people up and coming and going for hours now. like you said, dropping off those flowers and balloons. they are here showing their support for the family remembering the victims. >> i got to kiss or. knows the last time i 7 year-old sello was in the back seat of this toyota curl up on the way home from a night out with her family when a drunk driver hit the back of their car on monday night. my was. >> probably one of the artists spunky most energetic. >> cam passion. it. >> little girls you ever meet in your whole entire existence. sell his mother's boyfriend romero castro also died in the crash. pittsburgh. police say he lost control of the car and collided with several trees after being hit
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by the drunk driver. that's when his girlfriend's 3 young children were ejected from the vehicle just devastate the dolores to get a is sell his grandmother, her daughter and her other 2 young grandchildren are recovering in the hospital from serious injuries nico is for in. julian is just 2 years old. the family says romero was a good man who loved his family. >> it was a good guy. you know this. this is just unfair. this should not happen. >> at all. the drunk driver identified by pittsburgh police as 25 year-old christian vargas was on probation for a prior dui conviction. his 2 passengers, one of them just 10 years old or in the hospital with serious injuries. vargas himself was uninjured in arrested at the scene this bottle of alcohol found in his vehicle. kron 4 was with the family when they went to the scene of the accident for the first time. and i feel. >> actually i feel like i want to throw up to be ox. i feel
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nauseated. i want to throw up. i don't feel good. may get a says she knows her granddaughter. stella is now at peace and in heaven and she's grateful she was able to see are just 2 days ago. it's just you know, this is just like a nightmare, a nightmare that i want to wake out of. >> the family members who i spoke to today said that their loved ones who are in the hospital have a long road to recovery and they plan to be with them every step of the way by the pittsburgh, michelle kingston, kron 4 news. >> thank you, michelle. in bay area news 21 year-old adrian gonzalez has pleaded guilty to the 2015 murder of maddy middleton. gonzalez was 15 years old when investigators say he kidnapped raped and killed. then 8 year-old mattie in santa cruz. her body was found hidden in a garbage bin at her apartment complex. prosecutors been arguing that based on the weight of the crime. gonzalez should be
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charged as an adult. but its case was recently moved to juvenile court because of senate bill 1391, which prevents children, 15 or younger from being transferred to adult courts gonzales qualifies because he was just 15 when the crime was committed. it also means he could now be released from prison when he turns 25 gonzales is set to be sentenced on april 27th. new details now in a big story we're following the minnesota police officer who shot and killed dante wright during a traffic stop over the weekend has resigned. kim potter a 26 year veteran with the department. put in her resignation. the city's police chief has done the same thing. potter says she mistakenly grabbed her gun when she was going for her taser as officers were trying to arrest right on an outstanding warrant. the city's mayor says the move will help the community heal after nights of unrest coming up at 8.30. we'll take a closer look at the latest on what's going on with those protests in
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minnesota. san francisco is expanding vaccine eligibility to everybody. 16 and older that move comes a week after the city. first expanded eligibility to people who are in several different zip codes. it marks the 4th bay area county to a low every adult to get a shot allen me to contra, costa santa clara counties are the others. >> and it comes just days before everybody in california. 16 and up will be eligible kron four's terisa stasio reports that despite still facing a shortage of meantime, like other bay area counties san francisco has the highest vaccination rate of any major us city. >> really happy that as of today, we being vaccine eligibility up to anybody. 16 and over. so it's a big move. >> doctor grant colfax san francisco's director of health delivering some good news on how the city by the bay is tackling covid-19 currently
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san francisco celebrating the highest percentage of residents vaccinated and that eligibility opening up to 16 and over time we have done a remarkable job as a community in terms of ensuring that. >> our low barrier access to vaccine system is working. >> right 58% of people 16 and over have received at least one vaccine in san francisco. and among all residents over half of of san francisco residents have have received at least at one shot. >> and also this despite the cdc and fda putting the johnson and johnson vaccine on hold while it examined 6 cases of blood clotting among the millions given the doctor says that they have plenty of pfizer and moderna to keep going without any cancellations. that said, the doctor does offer this dose of reality about the pandemic still surging in some parts of the country. i think it's a time to be hopeful and
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optimistic and also realistic rates are right now in san francisco. we beaten back 3 surges. we certainly don't want to have a 4 surge. so i'm optimistic about that 58% number. we still have to get to that for for hopefully herd immunity. and i watch what's happening in other parts of the country like michigan, prince sense where. >> you know the surge they're having to search said, look, that is fueled by you know, we have a few more months ago, and then we will be in a much better place to reopen our city theresa kron 4 news. >> vaccination sites cross bay area have hoped to the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine federal agencies recommended this after 6 women develop blood clots in their bnains. days after receiving the shots. as of yesterday. more than 6.8 million doses of the j j vaccine have been administered across the country. that is just a small portion of the overall 190 million covid shots given across the u.s.. so what does this mean for the bay. area's vaccine effort. kron four's.
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dan kerman has the story. >> for most bay area counties. there are a lot meant of the single dose johnson and johnson this week with small in comparison to pfizer and moderna and in most cases those scheduled to get will get one of the other vaccines in fact, that's what's happening at the coliseum site where they'll switch to pfizer marin county was using for its mobile clinics and they, too are switching vaccine but say if this pause last a long time. it will have an impact. >> we've had this experience before. there in of a lot of january that the same kind of old was placed to give time to really review the cases to the investigation then get that green light to restart. we're using that product. you know, e confident that we're going to be able to start using the johnson johnson. this is not a recall. this is a hold. they're still on the fridge, the ready to go. but depending on how long that it
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could slow down our overall vaccine distribution plan significantly. this takes more than a week or 2. >> the positive vaccinations is impacting some large and small health care providers differently. well, ucsf is not canceling appointments. kaiser says it will only cancel existing vaccine appointments if no other covid-19 vaccine is available. depending on its duration. we expect this pas de decrease vaccine supply and the number of vaccine appointments we can offer. center health canceled appointment scheduled for today. they say were possible. they will reschedule them with a different vaccine. but due to supply constraints, patients scheduled for the this week may need to be placed on a standby list and rescheduled as additional moderna and pfizer are made available. pharmacies like cvs and walgreens are canceling jnj appointments and rescheduling them with the other vaccines as supply allows. so if you were scheduled for a single dose
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vaccine. you would want to reach out to wherever it's scheduled and make sure that that appointment is still happening otherwise you may want to look elsewhere. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> if you have had the johnson and johnson vaccine there are symptoms to look for. in case you're having a reaction, but as ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong says getting a blood clot is rare. >> kind of acts like a stroke. so some things that people might be feeling in the beginning would be a really different kind of heady that serious and not going away. >> blurry vision. and seizures maybe and then maybe lack of movement of part of your body like a stroke. some of them or symptoms that may mean blood clots and other parts of the body, not like the 6 women by included in the cdc guidance include. being in new york.
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kind you know, indicative of deep venous thrombosis or dvt and then shortness of breath. >> doctor chin-hong says any reactions would probably happen within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine. and again, he's emphasizing how where it would be. he says you're more likely to get hit by a car crossing the road. when it is your time to sign up for a shot. be sure you know how to do that. there are details and links for sites across the bay area on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> coming up on kron 4 news today to break in the cold case of a missing cal poly, san luis obispo student. details on the disappearance of kristin smart. almost a quarter of a century later. >> also where the money and the newly signed fire season bill is going to be spent. >> and the skies. a little hazy outside right now. looks like we've got some changes on the way little
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>> after almost 25 years and arrests has now been made in the disappearance of cal poly, san luis obispo student kristin smart tonight. paul flores is being held on suspicion of murder. and his father has also been arrested as an accessory after the fact. >> a reporter chip yost is live in arroyo, grande and has the latest on this chip. >> yeah. good evening. we're actually outside the home of
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the father of the murder suspect in this case. we're here in arroyo grande. not only did they serve an arrest warrant here, but they also served a search warrant. take a look at this video here as investigators were on the scene here of ruben flores home. he is the father of paul flores. the individual arrested for the murder. they believe his father was an accessory. let's take a look now at a picture of paul for is getting arrested. he was living in southern california in the san pedro area near los angeles. he was arrested around 7.30 this morning. at the same time, his father was arrested up here in arroyo, grande. you're going to see him in a moment in the back of a squad car in 1996. paul flores was a freshman at cal poly san luis obispo at the same time kristen smart was that year memorial day weekend. 1996 kristen smart went to a party and was never seen again after she walked home from that party it's believed that paul flores was the last person to see her alive according to reports at the time he had said that he
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was walking her home from a party there are other reports that she may have been intoxicated. he had told people the time, according to reports at the time that he had seen her go into her dorm and that was the last time he saw her alive. however, sheriff's investigators don't believe him and they have been investigating him for years. he has been a person of interest in a main suspect for years now. the sheriff says they have enough evidence including physical evidence linking him to the crime. and they also say that even in recent years as they're still investigating. they went and got some warrants so that they could monitor his cell phone calls and text messages and they see those cell phone calls and text messages. also yielded evans evidence. so even though they still have not found. kristen smart body. they believe they have enough to make the arrest this morning. they did after the arrest. the sheriff said he made a phone call to kristin smart's parents. >> i have spoken to the smart numerous times, including including this matter of fact, twice today. i think they're feeling. a bit of relief. but
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as you can imagine, until we return kristen, to them. this is not over and we have committed to them that we are not going to stop until person has been recovered no matter what the cost, no matter what the time we're committed to that. >> and now here's a statement from kristin smart's family. it says it is impossible to put into words what this day means for our family. we pray it is the first step to bring our daughter christians. loving spirit will always live in our hearts. our life without her hugs laughs and smiles as a heartache that never abates the knowledge that a father and son despite her desperate pleas for help could have withheld this horrible secret for nearly 25 years denying us the chance to lay or daughter to rest is an unrelenting and unforgiving payne, though, again. paul floors to the son who was a freshman at the time charged with the murder. they believe
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his father help get rid of the body he's been charged as being an accessory. we expect to hear to more tomorrow from the district attorney here in san luis obispo county for now reporting live in rio grande. i'm chip yost. send it back to you. >> a chip. you know that for years they were people criticizing investigators saying that the evidence against paul flores was overwhelming some arguing that they were moving too slowly. have they addressed that in any way. >> yeah, that actually came up today at the news conference, i asked the sheriff about that because yes, it's been big theme of this case. people believe that paul flores should have been in jail just days after liz or excuse smart went missing. but he has asked about that. the sheriff acknowledged that, yes, there were some missteps early that cause some problems and cause the case to the be delayed longer than it should have. but he said, you know, it's easy to look back and say you should have done this should have done that. but he said, you know, having the kind of benefit of being able to look
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back. they were able to do some things. look at some things a little deeper. he also gave credit to a podcast that's out there. there's a podcast that came out on this case. they got a lot more witnesses. you lot of character. witnesses really about paul flores about what his character was. things he was doing even on the night they miss smart went missing. they said he was around. he was acting on that. he had a kind of history of acting on that and threatening around women that came out in the podcast. a lot of other information. so the sheriff actually gave some to the podcast or 4 kind of bringing this to the attention of the public also making it national and international causes. he pointed out a lot of people who are at cal poly in 1996 have moved all around the world by bringing that attention to it. it's been peak gotten people's attention. people who may have thought of things that could help have gotten in contact with them. so they say a lot of things just came together. he called it a puzzle, a lot of little pieces came together to help them put this information together where they quit can make the arrest in the murder of kristin smart. but like i said, the one big thing right now missing is the and we do
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understand that investigators are going to be back out here at the father's house in the morning doing summers more searches trying to get include they can as to where christmas marks body might be. >> yeah. tipper. we're just about out of time. but on that a conviction can be had without a body in a murder case. if there's enough evidence, but it can also be used in leveraging some kind of a plea agreement or deal with prosecutors. if the suspects will reveal to the family where that body is for their peace, but also to get perhaps maybe not a death sentence or life sentence. but some kind of reduced sentence in some way. has there been any discussion of that. and i know that's more of a question for prosecutors. in this case. >> what we have again just said. that's a good point. and just looking back historically, they say that the flores family has not been cooperative, has not talked. and even that podcast. i was mentioning. we talk about a civil lawsuit where though one
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of the floors as was questioned about what they knew about the night kristen smart went missing. and he just kind of complete continually asserted his 5th amendment right not to give any information. so, you know, the question is will they cooperate now the sheriff was asked whether or not either of the floors has said anything today during their arrest and his response was something along the lines of i don't think they said anything. >> all right. chip yost reporting for us live. thank you. chip. all shifting our attention now to the weather with our 4 zone forecast with a live look at the golden gate bridge tonight and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us with a look at the rest of the week. yes, certainly looks like it's going to be a warmer end of the week here. we kind of cool things off a bit around the bay area today. kind of an interesting day, though. we had he's moving into our skies. you can probably see that on the cheers. we're going to see beautiful look out there right now. you see a little haze in the distance here. a couple patches of fog out there as well. that haze well, we're actually in a fire. this one up toward
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ukiah. this was a controlled burn, though, you can see it burning right there and hears or smoke model picking up on some of that smoke working its way back in the parts of the bay area today. so this afternoon you may have seen that maybe even smell that this expected to be near surface smoke and they're going to continue that on and off now least through friday. so be prepared smith's know little more in your neighborhood. but it's ok, it's just a controlled burn, right now. the computer models are picking up on that. nice westerly wind kicking all that smoke out of the bay area. there goes long gone as we head through the night tonight. and it certainly has been a significant wind out there. we've seen some gusts over 35 miles per hour along the coastline right now to 16 the pacifica 16 in oakland also 16 into fairfield 23 right now in the concord. all aight. from fire to ice yeah, we're getting those winds of course, have the smoke. they're seeing some snow and ice snow up in the sierra nevada, a few inches up there the higher peaks of certainly on the site to be had up there. but scary around the bay area to see that smoke out there wondering if there are
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fires out there again today thinking, oh my goodness. the start. way too early. nobody wants to smell smoke. no, they don't. thanks, >> still ahead at 8 celebrating for 20 at home. chances go maryland and breed pleading with the public. we are not yet ready
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>> people hoping to gather together next week for for 20 of celebration. of all things
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marijuana. they're going to have to wait at least another year. mayor london breed says the usual celebration that golden gate park. it has been canceled the second year in a row, kron four's. noelle bellow has details. >> well, things are returning to normal but not that normal just yet. you have to keep your joints and pipes to yourself again this year. a san francisco continues to play it safe against covid-19. >> 2 years ago for 20 landed on a saturday and 10's of thousands gathered for the annual high holiday. but the pandemic forced fences and barricades to go up around robin williams meadow last year and the same will happen next week. the last thing we want to see is san francisco go backwards during a press conference tuesday. mayor london breed doctor grant colfax and recreations and parks. general manager phil ginsburg urged the public to steer clear of hippie hill and celebrate at home a long year for us all.
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>> but our parks all over the city have been places where we've been able to pursue our physical and mental health. we're almost there. but we're just not ready to party. the mayor said they made the decision to cancel this year's event yet again due to concerns over variance and a potential 4th surge of the virus as much as we are tired of the virus. and as much as we are excited about reopening, we are still not. >> at a place. where we can have large scale events large gatherings of people. >> fencing will go up around robin williams meadow on monday and will remain in place through wednesday. police and rangers will disperse any large gatherings and citations may be issued if people don't comply, we will have lots of folks out there just to make sure that everybody is is healthy and safe. consider director buzzkill those looking for a sense of community can, however, head to the website
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hippie hill for 20 dot com, which will provide some virtual entertainment for the day in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> still ahead, a brother grizzly bears at an oklahoma city zoo are playing a protester
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been gathering at a minneapolis suburb for a 3rd straight night following the death of 20 year-old dante wright. wright was shot and killed by a police officer on sunday. >> during a traffic stop. both
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the police chief and the officer who fired her weapon resigns today. >> the mayor there is hoping that those moves will help lead to reconciliation and the community reporter brian entin has the latest on tonight's demonstrations. >> dante wright's family embraces each other outside the minneapolis courthouse before meeting george floyd's family. both men were killed less than 10 miles apart. wright's mother recounting the last moments she saw her son, the girl that he had in the car answered the phone. >> and it was a on a facetime. and she she was crying and screaming into some of the saddam. the 2 point of the phone toward the driver's seat and my son was laying there. unresponsive the right and floyd family are both represented by attorney benjamin crump. >> was trying to get away. he was not. a threat to them. wasn't the best but young
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people don't always make the best decisions as his mother said, he was >> they might or that feel my nephew, the officer who shot right. kim potter resigned from her job this morning. in a resignation letter she wrote resigning was in the best interest of the community the department and her fellow officers. she worked for the department for more than 2 decades. the brooklyn center police chief also resigned. >> after another chaotic night despite the 07:00pm curfew protesters stayed on the streets. some threw water bottles and other objects at officers. several officers were hurt and police say 5 businesses were burglarized. our mobile field force commander actually met with one of the individuals. >> on the scene about 7 o'clock in tried to talk about how we could do this peacefully. tonight without the use of any chemical munitions without the use of
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any enforcement. and unfortunately those efforts were unsuccessful in those organizers weren't able to influence the desires of the crowd to leave. >> and that was reporter. brian entin reporting from brooklyn center, minnesota. the prosecution has rested its case in the derek chauvin murder trial with the defense now calling witnesses to the stand today. a use of force expert testified and said the former officers actions were justified. >> i felt that derek chauvin was justified was acting with objective reasonableness following minneapolis police department policy in current standards of law enforcement. his interactions with mister floyd. >> the george floyd died last may because of his illegal drug use and underlying health problems. prosecutors say the former police officer caused floyd's death by kneeling on his neck, pinning him against the pavement until he stopped
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breathing. it's not known if chauvin himself will take the stand. he is charged with second-degree unintentional murder. 3rd degree murder and second degree mark manslaughter in floyd's death. >> president biden and lawmakers. they -oined the family of capitol police officer william evans today. evan's body is lying in state in the capitol rotunda. he was killed earlier this month when a man rammed his car into evans and another officer that was at capitol complex barricade. the president says evans was defined by his loyalty, his courage, house speaker nancy pelosi says lawmakers are working on a bill to address the needs of capitol police, including increasing the size of the force and bringing back some of the permanent, the perimeter fencing that had been removed. former sebastopol mayor robert jacob was in court today after being arrested over the weekend. jacob is accused of sexually assaulting a minor. >> a bill of $620,000 was
8:36 pm
proposed but has not yet been decided upon the judge ruled that jacob could have no contact with the alleged victim. his plea and bail hearing was pushed back until thursday. police continue to encourage any other potential victims to come forward. >> all right. now to our 4 zone forecast as we take look over san francisco from the mount tam cam. yeah. and lawrence, we see that haze war. you mentioned the smoke earlier, but that looks may be more like a marine kind of like, yeah, we're starting to see some rain influence out there. a little fog developing. >> around the bay area right now. we'll see more of that tomorrow morning. just a little bit. but i think as we head through the morning that is going to go away. we're talking lots of sunshine. looks like some nice weather. in fact, temperatures are going to start to warm up around the bay area. here's that low pressure center that is helping to kick up the wind. you bringing some snow showers up in the sierra nevada for the bay area. fortunately no rain. just the winds blowing in. we'll see that breeze by tomorrow afternoon. it will be a little
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bit warmer 50's 60's in san francisco. cool up toward the water's edge. these temperatures running still chilly right off our coastline. that's keeping those numbers down along the coast. 63 in burlingame should be sunny all day long. little breezy by the afternoon there. 68 in redwood city. lots of 70's into the south bay tomorrow and continuing that trend in the east bay about 74 in pleasanton, 69 in union city. look very nice as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. and this just a sign of things to come. a little hazy get in the north bay. and that's because of some of the smoke from the controlled burn up toward ukiah. the meantime, though, there we go next few days. we're going to warm things up next couple. we're not so much. but as we get to friday, then everything changes saturday, sunday. how about that upper 80's by sunday afternoon. thank you, lawrence. >> still ahead, at 8 o'clock double trouble on the peninsula. family has been targeted twice by criminals over a span of just 14 hours. police are looking for tonight. plus, it's a bare necessity and 2 orphaned grizzlies at an oklahoma zoo
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or. >>
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>> well, for the first time guests got a pretty close look at some of the oklahoma city zoo's most beloved resident. we're talking about grizzly bear brothers will and wiley as lauren daniels tells us they were in for their wellness checkup. >> we're told that will in wylie actually take a big role in their own health care and
8:41 pm
understand that these little checkups or a bare necessity characters went down this morning and they actually have him participate in a voluntary injection. >> and after that he went to sleep very very peacefully with a little teamwork, a very sleepy 900, 15 pound wiley was lifted on the exam table with a captive audience watching above lets us have a much look at them. >> we're going to run radio grass. we're going to draw blood. we're going to check their teeth. make sure they're all and healthy for their age. and this happens again, the wily and will work or send us babies when their mom was killed by a hunter. >> they took a passenger plane ride from alaska to their forever home here at the zoo through the years they've been beloved presidents, especially on groundhog day looking for their shadow. these guys are the animals that are on or oklahoma trails. >> however, this is their first checkup in front of a captive audience during this visit. they are fitted with the equivalent of a fitbit forebears as part of a study
8:42 pm
by a researcher at mississippi state and what that will do is that will give us some information and some research on how interact with each other and how they move about their exhibit. >> 2 brothers working to save their species even in their sleep. they're excellent ambassadors for their species they're very active, very playful. get along great and we're very fortunate to have them. >> and they're very big. that was lauren daniels reporting will and wiley's smart collar study will last 18 weeks. >> next to date. have you seen them. police say these 3 men were involved in a series of crimes over the weekend actually. have you seen one of them because they've caught too. but one person still on the loose who they're accused of targeting. >> and we want to take you back to minnesota. these are live pictures from. >> brooklyn center, minnesota just outside of minneapolis where. a black man was killed
8:43 pm
by police and there have been protests for 3 nights in a row. we're continuing to follow developments there that we know that some pepper gas has been deployed. at least pepper were toward the demonstrators. you can see police there in the parking lot with somebody looks like maybe another person down there. they could be people arrested. hard to say from these pictures, but we're just showing you what we're seeing as police activity continues in the wake of very passionate demonstrations against police conduct, against young unarmed people of color in this country. and this is another example of what we've been
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>> san mateo. police say 2 suspects involved in a weekend crime spree that spanned several cities on the peninsula and in the east bay are now behind bars kron four's maureen kelly says that one family was victimized twice over 2 days. >> these mugshots show the 2 suspects arrested. police say their crimes spanned a dizzying number of cities, south san francisco, san bruno, san mateo millbrae belmont san carlos and hayward over the course of roughly 14 hours. san mateo police say the first victim was an elderly woman whose purse was snatched during an evening stroll along central park on saturday. surveillance cameras caught images of 3 suspects. police say were using the victim's stolen credit cards and several stores. they also showed the gold minivan. they were driving the man in the
8:47 pm
gray hoodie a possible accomplice in the fraud is still on the loose sunday morning. the same victims daughter then became victimized as well. herself. her car was stolen from outside her san mateo home. it turns out her mom kept a spare key in the purse was stolen. police say a private surveillance camera with a license plate reader confirmed the gold minivan was used in the heist. the gold minivan driven by 2 suspects was reported by multiple san mateo law enforcement agencies involved in at least 4 other robberies that morning there was somebody pumping gas and the purse was taken from their car while they wrap >> in another case, there was a person sitting in their car and these guys punched the window and ripped a purse out through the window. then at around 09:30am. sunday, a san mateo police officer spotted the suspect vehicle and chased into a driveway connected to a pair of homes on the 300 block of north idaho street. >> police say search warrants uncovered a ghost gun and a
8:48 pm
short-barreled, a ar 15 multiple purses and burglary tools were also recovered. police say they arrested 18 year-old caucus. the tea note how who was out on bail for a pair of 2019 robberies and 20 year-old richard ferries already out on parole. both are now in jail facing a slew of charges. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> the fda and cdc have hit the pause button on the johnson and johnson vaccine after 6 reports of a rare but severe blood clot in patients. the white house covid cordinator says this is just an example of the fda putting the public safety first and they say they only expect the pause to last just a matter of days. doctor anthony fauci says those who received the j and j vaccine more than a month ago shouldn't worry re the time frame. when this occurs, it's pretty tight. >> from the few days, 6 to 13 days from the time of the vaccination. >> for now, the biden administration says it doesn't
8:49 pm
have any concerns about the other vaccines produced by pfizer and moderna. president biden also says his goal of vaccinating americans is still on schedule despite a pause on the johnson and johnson vaccines. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> started off their season slow. but they've won 4 out of 5 games games coming into today's matchup with the diamondbacks looking for the short two-game sweep today as a fans having a great time in the packing out road stadium already and they treated them to quite a game down 5, nothing but his jed lowry home run ties the game at 5 right there. one inning later, seth brown gives the a's the lead, the fans love it. brown second home run up the season. i sit there bottom of the 9th 7, 5, a's lou trivino. maybe he can
8:50 pm
step into that closer's role for oakland. they've been searching for someone to solidify. he gives kole calhoun the ground into the double play. that ends the game. the a's go on to win 7 to 5. warriors fans can return to chase center for game starting april 23rd and they'll be greeted by a whole new set of covid-19 protocols kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney was at chase center today to learn what's new? by the time april 23rd comes, it will be 407 days. >> 407 days since we've had fans. and again here chase center. it's been a long 400, 7 days now fans can finally return to warriors games in less than 2 weeks. >> but in person gameday will be a far cry from what it was like the last time crowds were in the stands we have spent every single hour of every single one of those 407 days. redesigning and re imagining the experience at chase center with the number one goal of
8:51 pm
making sure we emerge from this is the safest arena in the country. >> when the arena reopens that up to 35% capacity. some of the safety measures will be simple and familiar copious amounts of hand sanitizer and mandatory mask-wearing. others are the result of targeted scientific research. high-tech sanitizing machines and air filters that mimic the effect of masks. that's been a real divide are here. >> with a brand new center like this. it's able to get the kinds of air exchanges that it that we need. >> one of the biggest pieces of the game day puzzle is of course, testing any fans who wish to come to a game at chase center in person will need proof of full vaccination or a negative test result. so anyone who purchases tickets 7 days or more in advance we receive one of these. it's a loose era at home test kit. it comes with a nasal swab, a vial for your sample and a battery operated testing unit that delivers your results right at home in about 30 minutes. the verified results
8:52 pm
will be synched with an app called clear which fans must then show at the door to be granted entry. the ticketing process will also be virtual using your phone as ordering food at the arena, you're going to show them your phone. that has your name. >> one of the will look up the order and fulfill your items. you'll be able to take it and then walked to a designated area your food and beverage. >> there won't be any eating allowed in the bowl seating and once in their seats, fans will be well space to allow for social distancing. additionally, the dub hub golden state's virtual fan experience will still be available. so the new game day is a true blend of the latest in covid safe technology and good old fashion hoops at chase center. kate rooney kron 4 sports. >> fans are back. you gotta love it. april 23rd. all right. that's a look at sports. jayson coming up, gator invader a little guy. how
8:53 pm
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fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. >> so my friend erica lives next door. i was getting ready to leave sam's club and she calls me and says he. i have an alligator in my house. you guys. there's a baby gator in her house. >> yeah, but it's so tiny and cute. i wouldn't be that scared. rainy weather and that it forced a lot of people indoors over the weekend in tampa, florida and some reptiles to they're standing
8:56 pm
up off the floor for a. >> a baby alligator that looks like it's about this big got self into the home. didn't want to be in the rain either the homeowner carter friend to help her get that little baby gator out. yeah, the friend was standing on top of the kitchen counter. >> boxes were set up to keep the little a baby alligator trapper. again. it's too hot. kind of cute. it's only about a foot long. it came in. they think from the draining pond in the backyard and with the help as you saw from little swiffer mop, the they managed to get the guy to go outside the gator it's mating season right there. so maybe use looking for love. we don't know. gator love that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock and i can and i will be back at the top of the hour. maddie middleton's accused killer pleaded guilty to all charges today. >> but he could still get released from prison in just a few years. coming up, a father whose daughter was also kidnapped and killed explains why he believes the controversial law needs to
8:57 pm
change. plus an ambitious plan to how 75% of the bay area's homelesslation by the year 2024 details on this strategy unveiled today and we have been looking at live protests are looking live now to protest in a minneapolis, a suburb we've been following this. there have been several nights of protests. we will bring you all the details. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 9.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news i think they're feeling. >> a bit of relief. but as you can imagine, until we return kristen, to them. this is not over. >> after nearly 25 years a suspect has been arrested in the disappearance of cal poly, san luis obispo student kristen smart. good evening, everyone, and thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne, paul flores is being held on suspicion of murder. his father was also arrested as an accessory after the fact. the news comes about a month after the sheriff name florence. the prime suspect in this case reporter chip yost is live for us in san luis obispo county tonight with more chip. >> yeah. good evening. we're outside the home of the father here in arroyo


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