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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 13, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news i think they're feeling. >> a bit of relief. but as you can imagine, until we return kristen, to them. this is not over. >> after nearly 25 years a suspect has been arrested in the disappearance of cal poly, san luis obispo student kristen smart. good evening, everyone, and thank you for joining us. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne, paul flores is being held on suspicion of murder. his father was also arrested as an accessory after the fact. the news comes about a month after the sheriff name florence. the prime suspect in this case reporter chip yost is live for us in san luis obispo county tonight with more chip. >> yeah. good evening. we're outside the home of the father here in arroyo, grande. let's
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show you some video from a little earlier because not only did they serve an arrest warrant here. they also serve a search warrant. and the reason the father is under investigators say they believe that the father helped the sun, get rid of the body when this son murdered kristen smart about 25 years ago, chris smart was a student at cal poly up here in san luis obispo she disappeared in 1996. now one of her classmates under arrest for her murder. let's show you some video of paul flores, paul flores now 44 years old now living in southern california. this is a picture of him being taken into custody this morning near his home in the los angeles area. his father seen in the back of a cruiser and another picture you'll see there was taken into custody here in arroyo, grande near his home. they also searched the home of paul flores. hey say in 1996. kristen smart went to a party on memorial day weekend when she was coming home. some reports said she may have been intoxicated needed some help
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getting home. paul for as was the last person to be seen with her. and there have been mixed reports about what he told investigators. but some of the report said that he told them he saw her walking to her dorm room and that was the last he saw over investigators don't believe him. the sheriff said today they have evidence linking paul flurries to the crime even though they still have not found. kristin smart body. some of the evidence they have. they say they got when they got a court order to monitor paul floors phone calls and text messages. they say some of that evidence proved valuable. they felt they had enough to make these arrests today. so they did afterwards. the sheriff said he made a phone call to kristin smart's parents. i have spoken to the smart numerous times, including. >> including this matter of fact, twice today. i think they're feeling. a bit of relief. but as you can imagine, until we return kristen, to them. this is not
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over and we have committed to them that we are not going to stop until person has been recovered no matter what the cost, no matter what the time we're committed to that. >> and here's a statement from the smart family. it says in part it is impossible to put into words what this day means for our family. we pray it is the first step to bringing our daughter home. well, christians, loving spirit will always live in our hearts are life without her hugs laps and smiles as a heartache that never abates the knowledge that a father and son despite her desperate pleas for help could have withheld this horrible secret for nearly 25 years, denying us the chance to lay or daughter to rest is an unrelenting and unforgiving pain. so again, paul flores, who was a student back in 1996 with kristen smart under arrest for the murder. his father under arrest as an accessory believe by the sheriff to help or that he helped the sun. get rid of the
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body back in 1996 tomorrow. we're expected to hear from the district attorney and hopefully get more information. the sheriff today said he was limited on what he could release because some of the warrants in this case are still sealed reporting live in a row grundy. i'm chip yost. we'll sent it back to you. a chip in the other details on what happens next. >> well, well, like i tomorrow we expect to hear from the dia. we do understand that paul flores is now up here in san luis obispo county. he was in l a county. as i said when he arrested this morning. they brought him up here. >> it's expected that maybe they'll have their arraignment on thursday. but we'll have to wait and see. we like it. so we're hoping to get a little more details there may be some more charges may be some more information released and a big thing is we're expecting tomorrow that investigators are going to back here outside of the fathers home. this is a big property. i don't if you can tell from some of the video is going to dark now to show you and the property of this is a very big property. we understand they were doing a lot of searches on this
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property still trying to find out if there's any clue about where kristin smart's body might be. >> and chip. real any reaction from the neighbors are standing right outside the father's home. i imagine they have some thoughts about all of this. >> so far we haven't had a chance to talk to many folks right here in the neighborhood. i talked to one of either injured or when a neighbor. and he just kind of a mention you know, this is going what comes with the territory right here or there. but just in this area, though, the kind of there's the sum of describe the family is a bit of rise. they have been kind of a targeted in this case or suspects in this case for quite a long time. paul flores almost from moment she went missing. people were suspecting him of being involved in later, they suspected the father of may be helping him hide the hide. the fact that he was involved so there's been a lot of attention in this case actually been missing billboards missing p person billboards with kristin smart's picture on it, not far from where this home is. the
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purposely put up there to kind of remind people that she still missing that some of the folks you know, the flores family may have some knowledge about where she but the family over the years has really kept kind of silent about what they may or may not know. all right. chip yost reporting for us live in san luis obispo county. thank you. chip. >> a santa cruz man who was facing life in prison for the murder of 8 year-old maddy middleton in 2015 is now going back to the juvenile court system or he could be released in just 4 years. today. now 21 year-old adrian gonzalez who was 15 at the time pleaded guilty to the kidnapping rape and murder of middleton in santa cruz. prosecutors and. >> advocacy groups for laws protective of children have been arguing that based on the seriousness of this crime. gonzales should be charged as an adult kron. 4 states hacking has the story. >> on tuesday. 21 year-old adrian gonzalez pleaded guilty
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to the 2015 murder of an 8 year-old madyson middleton. this comes right after his case was transferred back to the juvenile court system right now. though criminal justice wave. >> is just rushing towards criminal right. smart classes. the founder of klaas kids foundation which works to stop crimes against children in assist in search and rescue operations. >> class started the foundation in 1994 in response to the kidnap and murder of his 12 year-old daughter polly klass, whose killer is currently on death row at san quentin. however, in the case of maddy middleton. her killer could now go free in 40 years when he's 25 years old, due to a series of state juvenile justice system reforms. he february of this year. the california supreme court ruled that minors under the age of 16 cannot be tried in adult criminal court gonzales was 15 years old when he kidnapped raped and murdered middleton and then disposed of her body in a garbage bin at her apartment complex our cameras
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were rolling at the time of his arrest in 2015, they might have some evidence of the car is credible victimization of maddie's family to think that they have to go through this realizing. >> that that he gets leave prison and have his record expunged because i understand that in only 4 more years. all she remains dead. and i think the other concern is a public safety concern. in a statement to kron 4 news gonzalez. his defense attorneys said this isn't a case of whodunit, but a case of whether adrian will receive treatment in an age appropriate facility. >> he goes on to write, quote, the supreme court recently resolved that issue when in a 7 to 0 decision. the upheld sp 1, 3, 9, 1, which bans the transfer of 1415 year-old kids to adult courts. it is in my view, good public policy and promotes public safety kids tried and punished in adult courts, re offend sooner. more often and for more serious crimes and those kept in the juvenile justice system. a meaningful opportunity for reform requires a correctional
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setting which treats in doesn't further traumatize its occupants, although no correctional institution is perfect. adrian. we'll have a better growth change and maturing at the department of juvenile justice compared to san quentin are he's just seems to be able to sweep aside the fact that. >> that his client committed one of the most heinous crimes an individual can commit. and i'd like somebody to tell me or program exist within the juvenile system that is going to take an unrepentant killer slash rapist and then turn him back into a productive citizen. and as little as 4 years and solace is set to be sentenced on april 27th until her key reporting kron 4 news. >> 2 suspects involved in a weekend crime spree spanning several cities on the peninsula and in the east bay, they are now behind bars. a kron four's. maureen. kelly reports on how one family was victimized twice over just 2 days.
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>> police say these are 2 of the suspects arrested in connection with a series of crimes including auto theft purse, snatching and credit card fraud in a dizzying amount of cities south san francisco, san bruno, san mateo millbrae belmont san carlos and hayward over the course of roughly 14 hours this weekend. san mateo police say the first victim was an elderly woman out for an evening stroll along central park on saturday. a car pull that. >> in your purse from her. there's no struggle. she wasn't injured at all. and then they fled when the victim went to cancel her stolen credit cards. she'd found they've been used in several stores which led police to find 3 suspects captured on surveillance cameras and help them narrow the suspect vehicle description to a gold minivan sunday morning between 7 and just after 09:00am several peninsula. law enforcement agencies. >> reported multiple instances of robberies, including 2 suspects in a similar vehicle with somebody pumping gas and the purse was taken from their car while they wrap
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>> in another case, there was a person sitting in their car andthese guys punched the wiow and ripped a purse out through the window. >> in the middle of that. the daughter of the first person victim called to report her car stolen out in front of her san mateo home. it turns out her mom had a copy of her car key in her stolen purse, a private surveillance camera with a license plate reader confirmed the gold minivan was used in the heist around 09:30am, sunday, a san mateo police officer responding to yet another report of a robbery spotted the gold minivan and chase it to a driveway connected to a pair of homes on the 300 block of north idaho streets. police say multiple purses and burglary tools could be seen inside the vehicle and that search warrants on the 2 connected homes uncovered a ghost gun and a short-barreled, a ar 15 police say they arrested 18 year-old aka city note how who was out on bail for a pair of 2019 robberies and 20 year-old
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richard ferries already out on parole. both are facing a slew of charges. the man in the gray hoodie who police call a possible accessory to the credit card fraud has not yet been captured. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> new at 9 bay area leaders have revealed a plan to reduce homelessness by 75% in just 3 years. very ambitious goal. it was put forth today by officials for all bay area counties. kron four's dan thorn is live in san francisco. he joins us with details on. >> what's being discussed. dan. >> well, catherine can use bay area leaders are calling this a regional action plan and they are aiming to provide new housing for people that are currently experiencing homelessness while also trying to reduce the number of people who are at risk of becoming homeless in their main focus is going to be on extremely low income residents in the bay area with racial equity being the main driver. it's no
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secret the bay area has been dealing with the homeless this crisis 2019 data from the u.s. department of housing and urban development shows more than 35,000 people across the region are living on the street. >> local and state leaders aim to drop that number down to 10,000 by 2024. >> this crisis has persisted way too long. where we believe many believe in our communities that we cannot in this problem. >> equal moss is the founder and ceo of all home. a nonprofit working to end homelessness in the bay area. the organization convened the regional action plan also known as rap. the strategy focuses on 2 main parts creating more housing and stopping people from becoming homeless extremely low income residents and racial equity is at the forefront. >> centering racial equity and equity in general at the center of this plan was not a choice. it is how the work needs to be done. we need to get comfortable and familiar
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with folks who are more most impacted by this homelessness crisis. much of this involves more money in the form of sped up cash payments and rental assistance for people affected by covid-19 to address racial issues. the coalition is calling on the state to measure equity levels observe progress and tie funding to that progress. >> rap is also aiming to get more people in interim or permanent housing using a one to 4 framework, meaning for every one unit of interim housing built. it should be followed by 2 units of permanent housing and 4 units of homeless prevention interventions to keep people housed that ratio. according to all home is what's necessary in the bay area. >> it's important to note the racial is not a one size fits all and it will vary from county to county, for example, the homeless as population app is different from san francisco, which is different from san mateo. >> leaders acknowledged these ideas to tackle homelessness are not new but organizing together is new and it can help to address how funding is
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used. what we're really talking about is is rethinking the way we live together. >> well, one of the looming issues going on right now is the state's eviction moratorium which is set to expire at the end of june. so this coalition is hoping that it could be extended for at least another 60 days. this group is made up of leaders in all 9 bay area, counties and also has corporate partners including facebook and sales force reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you, dan. >> now for another look at our forecast and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to explain why some of us know a little smoke in the air a spit a little scary for some folks. you see the haze in the atmosphere and all of a sudden you're smelling that smoke. if you're going oh, no, not the fires again. what is the good news? this was a fire, a controlled burn that was up near ukiah. so certainly we saw some of that haze moving into our skies today. we may see that again, we're not done with the quite
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yet. still some patchy fog has moved in the bay, but it is very patchy out there right now. the winds have been whipping around a good part of the bay area today. right now to 24 at the pier there pier one in san francisco, 16 downtown near beach. but all around. we're seeing some gusty winds. we've had some gusts over 30 miles per hour. in fact, we had a gust of 35 at sfo early on this evening currently 60 mile an hour winds at mcnear certainly calm conditions shell, though tho since i'm 60 mile an hour winds and then you see the breeze right through the delta port. chicago little road. yeah. you get some pretty good win as you make your way through the delta. but it was a concern with some of that smoke making its way into the bay area from this fire. you can see this on one of our computer models are picking up some of that smoke from the controlled burn working its way right back in the bay area. with that north northwesterly wind in the santa rosa petaluma maybe parts of the napa valley started to smell some of that smoke. so the good news is it is moving out of town. we're getting little more westerly component to win. so the
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models in the forecast kicking that really the east and dissipating it moves out of town. but again, these controlled burns likely to go on through friday. so if you smell that smoke again, don't be surprised, but it's not locally coming from the bay area of the high country got a couple things going on. you got some rain and lower all they should get a lightning strike. there you see that the blue that's some snow over the higher peaks above 1007 1000 feet or so, maybe one to 3 inches the higher peaks here up in the sierra nevada. so certainly nice to see this know she's not going to be a whole lot. the winds are going to kick up again. it's a blustery out there now. i think overnight tonight those winks calm down a bit by tomorrow morning, only to begin to pick up again as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. not going to be as windy as today. it will still be blustery at times, though. so expect that sea breeze, keep it cool out along the coastline and it's doing so right now 48 degrees in half moon bay is 50 in san francisco. 50 in nevada right now. by tomorrow afternoon. i think we're looking a little more sunshine, a little warmer weather and that will be a trend that's going to take us. and i think to the weekend, a lot of 70's showing up in the valley. some 60's inside the
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bay and cool 50's along the coastline next couple not bad weather. but we'll start to warm up specially on friday this weekend. we're in the p80's, maybe some upper 80's i the valleys on sunday 60's. maybe some 70's. if we get that offshore wind even out toward the coast recent weekend have been pretty nice or time. he has we will keep that all right. >> san francisco's now the latest bay area county to open its vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 and older before this san francisco already had the highest percentage of vaccinated residents of any major us city despite the encouraging vaccination and case numbers. san francisco's health director says things can still turn around quickly as we're seeing in other parts of the country. >> and we have done a remarkable job as a community in terms of ensuring that our low barrier access to vaccine system is working right 58% of
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people 16 and over have received at least one vaccine in san francisco. and among all residents over half of of san francisco residents have have received every step one shot. >> state of california will open eligibility to everyone. 16 and older on thursday. meantime, the cdc and the fda recommends pausing johnson and johnson vaccinations after 6 women developed blood clots. it's important to put that in context point out almost 7 million jnj shots in total have been given out. so 6 out of 7 million. yes, because of the federal recommendations, a lot of the bay area. nonetheless. >> putting doses of that vaccine on hold. it does beg the question just how much impact will that have on the bay area. kron four's, dan kerman reached out to bay area health departments and has details. >> for most bay area counties. there are a lot meant of the single dose johnson and johnson this week with small
9:20 pm
in comparison to pfizer and moderna and in most cases those scheduled to get will get one of the other vaccines in fact, that's what's happening at the coliseum site where they'll switch to pfizer marin county was using for its mobile clinics and they, too are switching vaccine but say if this pause last a long time. it will have an impact. >> we've had this experience before. there in of a lot of january that the same kind of old was placed to give time to really review the cases to the investigation then get that green light to restart. we're using that product. you know, we're confident that we're going to be able to start using the johnson johnson. this is not a recall. this is a hold. they're still in the fridge, the ready to go. but depending on how long that it could slow down our overall vaccine distribution plan significantly. this takes more than a week or 2.
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>> the positive vaccinations is impacting some large and small health care providers differently. well, ucsf is not canceling appointments. kaiser says it will only cancel existing vaccine appointments if no other covid-19 vaccine is available. depending on its duration. we expect this pas de decrease vaccine supply and the number of vaccine appointments we can offer. center health canceled appointment scheduled for today. they say were possible. they will reschedule them with a different vaccine. but due to supply constraints, patients scheduled for the this week may need to be placed on a standby list and rescheduled as additional moderna and pfizer are made available. pharmacies like cvs and walgreens are canceling jnj appointments and rescheduling them with the other vaccines as supply allows. so if you were scheduled for a single dose vaccine. you would want to reach out to wherever it's scheduled and make sure that that appointment is still happening otherwise you may want to look elsewhere. dan
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kerman, kron 4 news. >> the instances of blood clots are very rare. but ucsf infectious disease. specialist doctor peter chin-hong. he says studies are underway to find out of certain people are more at risk. >> so i think they're investigating the 6 women more thorley right now. so some of the things they'll be looking for other reasons that give increased risk of getting blood clots. so they include having a malignancy or having, you know, being on birth control. but these are very small incremental wrists. so i think it's too soon to really say that one group is at high other when they looked in europe, there wasn't any really one singular group. that was a much higher risk than others because it's so rare to begin with. >> the doctor says that any reactions would probably happen within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine. pfizer
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says its promising to deliver more doses of its covid vaccine pfizer's ceo albert bourla tweeted that. >> his companies ramped up production and can deliver 10% more doses to the u.s. by the end of may that would be a total of 220 million doses. he also said pfizer will supply the full 300 million doses agreed on for the end of july. that's 2 weeks ahead of schedule. >> now to another big story we've been following tonight. there are new developments in the claims of assault against the mayor of windsor today. town leaders admitted they knew about alleged incidents, including rape as far back as 2017 so far at least 6 women, including a windsor councilwoman claim that the poli assaulted them kron 4 shots of the call talk with a former city council member about. >> why more wasn't done at the time and he joins us now live. jonathan. yeah, according to a post from the city. ken and catherine leaders were notified about these alleged
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incidents first in 2017. that council member at the time says that's when they learned about them. and then again. they were they learned about them again in february. this time when for poli was mayor and both of these instances foppoli has denied the claims police and the council said there was nothing there. so those cases were dropped. but now a former council member wishes that he could turn back the hands of time. >> he's adamant about not resign. but he needs to step down. bruce okrepkie is among the many in windsor now calling for mayor dominic foppoli to step down us claims of assault continue to swirl around him in the last week alone. 6 women have come forward claiming they were attacked by 4 poli on tuesday. the city of windsor admitted that they knew about alleged incidents as early as november 2017 with a pulley was a council member okrepkie also on the council at the time after time. >> you end up he said she said situation. and. was unsettling
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to us that were on the council in a message posted on its web site. the city said in 2017. >> a woman sent an email to then mayor debra who's currently a councilwoman accusing foppoli of inappropriate behavior at his winery in 2013 in february of 2020. the council received another email about the police alleged actions. this one accused him of rape in both instances. letters were shared with both council members, city leaders and police for poli denied the allegations and no action was ever taken. >> now. you would say god would we been nice investigate everything and found out all the truce and everything else but back then there was no other indication of anything among the alleged victims, current windsor city councilwoman esterly months who claims that she was victimized by foppoli on 2 occasions in which she claims
9:26 pm
she was drugged and assaulted. >> for pulling also claiming that limits forced him into a situation threatening to expose him. >> very obviously traumatized. she is she's been receiving a lot of theresa creo represents lemus and says that the 6 are just the beginning. what is clear is 6 people have come forward publicly. there are others out there and we expect there are more to come. >> kron 4 reaching out to dominic off lee's attorney for comment on the claims today. but so far we have yet to hear back for. poli has says that he is innocent of all of the claims against him and that he never violated any of the women tomorrow, the council there in windsor will need for a special session hoping that poli will step down from office in the studio tonight jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> thank you, jonathan. coming up, more fallout tonight over the shooting death of dawn write why the officer who
9:27 pm
pulled the trigger and the police chief have both decided to resign cannabis connoisseurs will help celebrate for 20. >> in their homes, at least not in golden gate park by san francisco has canceled the outdoor festival for second year in a row, even though vaccinations are going up and hospitalizations are going down. also a pittsburgh man is facing serious charges after causing an accident that killed 2 people and injured 5.
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>> a heartbreaking story out of pittsburgh tonight. a family is grieving the loss of 2 of their loved ones. they were hit and killed by a drunk driver while heading home from dinner monday night kron four's michelle kingston is on west leeland road where that accident happened. she has more of the story. >> i got to hug and kiss or. knows the a and 7 year-old sello was in the back seat of this toyota curl up on the way home from a night out with her family when a drunk driver hit the back of their car on monday night. my was. >> probably one of the most martis spunky most energetic. >> cam passion. it. >> little girls you ever meet in your whole entire existence. sell his mother's boyfriend romero castro also died in the crash. pittsburgh. police say he lost control of the car and collided with several trees after being hit
9:31 pm
by the drunk driver. that's when his girlfriend's 3 young children were ejected from the vehicle just devastate the dolores to is still his grandmother, her daughter and her other 2 young grandchildren are recovering in the hospital from serious injuries nico is for in. julian is just 2 years old. the family says romero was a good man who loved his family. >> it was a good guy. you know this. this is just unfair. this should not happen. >> at all. the drunk driver identified by pittsburgh police as 25 year-old christian vargas was on probation for a prior dui conviction. his 2 passengers, one of them just 10 years old or in the hospital with serious injuries. vargas himself was uninjured in arrested at the scene. this bottle of alcohol found in his vehicle. kron 4 was with the family when they went to the scene of the accident for the first time. and i feel. >> actually i feel like i want to throw up to be ox. i feel
9:32 pm
nauseated. i want to throw up. i don't feel good. may get a says she knows her granddaughter cell is now at peace and in heaven and she's grateful she was able to see are just 2 days ago. it's just you know, this is just like a nightmare, a nightmare that i want to wake out of. >> the family members who i spoke to say everyone who is in the hospital has a very long road to recovery. they plan to be with them every step of the way. and they say they will need all the help and support they can get from the community right now. >> in pittsburgh, michelle kingston, kron 4 news. >> coming up next. at governor newsome signs, new fire prevention bill where all the money is going to try to prevent another devastating fire season. plus, when parents can expect the new child tax credit payments to hit their bank accounts and then mobile lovers. you know that tapioca product. that's and drinks while they're going to quench their thirst with something different. explain how shipping containers off the california coast be linked
9:33 pm
to a looming boba shortage.
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>> night. 3 of protests in brooklyn center, minnesota. suburb of minneapolis. this over the shooting death of dante wright, the crowds which have appeared to be a peaceful again, defied a curfew tonight. they rallied outside
9:36 pm
the police department. that protest comes after 2 officers resigned today. one of them is kim potter. she is the officer who killed right after claiming she mistook her handgun for her stun gun also stepping down today with the brooklyn center. police chief tim gannon. resignations were meant to try to bring some calm to the community. but it clearly doesn't ease the pain of wright's family in today. victim's mother described the final moments when she saw her son. >> the girl that he had in the car answered the phone and it was a on a facetime. and she she was crying and screaming into some of the saddam. the 2 point of the phone toward the driver's seat and my son was laying there. unresponsive. >> a decision on whether or not to charge officer partner. former officer potter could come down as soon as tomorrow. >> president biden and lawmakers. they joined the family of capitol police officer william evans today. evan's body us lying in state
9:37 pm
in the capitol rotunda. he was killed earlier this month when a man rammed his car into evans and another officer at a capitol complex barricade. the president says officer evans was defined by his loyalty and courage. house speaker nancy pelosi says lawmakers are working working on a bill to address the needs of capitol police that would include increasing the size of the force and bringing back some of the perimeter fencing that's been removed classes at austin east magnet school in knoxville, tennessee were canceled today after a shooting that left one student dead. >> and an officer injured. authorities say police responded to a report of a possible gunman at the school yesterday. officers say they found the student in a bathroom ordered him to come out the student reportedly opened fire hitting an officer in the leg. police and returned fire and killed the student. no one else was hurt and then officer is expected to recover. investigators are still trying to figure out a motive for the shooting.
9:38 pm
president biden says he's decided to leave american troops in afghanistan beyond the may first deadline that was negotiated with the taliban by the trump administration. according to us officials, us threat level in afghanistan is low enough to be addressed without a persistent military presence. the president has set the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks as the new goal for withdrawal. >> government same fence. some say the island is now running out of water. this after the eruption of a volcano last week. been falling ash lava flows and they've destroyed crops contaminated water reservoirs as many as 20,000 people have been evacuated from the islands. northern region. the area around the volcano, the island's prime minister says the island will need hundreds of millions of dollars to recover. >> one of the biggest aspects of president biden stimulus deal is about to start hitting family bank accounts to that's
9:39 pm
the irs saying this. they're on pace to start sending out monthly stimulus in has child tax credits starting on july 1st, the new process of getting monthly payments rather than a yearly lump sum was a key selling point to biden's one-point-nine trillion dollars stimulus deal families that still want the one time payment can opt out of the new program. you can find out what to do, how to do that. and a whole bunch more information on the program on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> still ahead, drought conditions. they calfire very concerned about the potential for another devastating wildfire season. why governor newsome, though, is not ready to declare a state of emergency. >> time now to prepare, that's for sure. but outside we've got some winds blowing around the bay area. when will those back up? we'll talk about that next. >> and as far as the a's had quite a show in arizona today. sports director jason dumas has the highlights. plus a new
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> started off slow this season. but they've won 4 out of their last 5 games coming into today's matchup with the diamondbacks looking to sweep the short two-game series today. a fan having a good time in the desert taking over that stadium and their team
9:43 pm
treated them to quite a game. oakland was down 5 to nothing but this jed lowry home run. tied the game at 5, one ending later, seth brown. he gets a hold of this one. that's a moon shot. good shot there. brown, second home run of the season and the a's take the lead bottom of the 9th 7, 5, a's lou trivino. maybe he can step into closer's role that oakland has been looking for. well, he makes kole calhoun it into the double play to end it trevino's first save of the season. a's win 7 to 5. the warriors named rick welts. his replacement today brandon schneider will be the next president and ceo of the organization. >> snyder grew up right here in the bay area. he was raised on the peninsula. he's a graduate of the menlo school. he also told me he still remembers attending his first warriors game. it was a for overtime win over the nets in
9:44 pm
1987 this job is certainly a dream come true. >> it was quite quite a morning. you you can tell, something, i'll never forget but yeah, i think jason year what you are the implication of your question is right. this is that it's a dream come true. and i couldn't be more excited to be in this role and and work with all great people to get to work with. what's ahead. >> after 407 days, believe it not, has been that long warriors fans can finally return to the chase center. that's starting april 23rd chase will open up to 35% capacity in the warriors have implemented new protocols for the fans. they will receive a covid-19 at home. test kit and the verified results will be sync with an app called clear with fans must then show at the door to be granted entry. i've been using clear to go cover the games. it's simple as pie. people. the ticketing process will is also all virtual using your phone as ordering food at the arena and
9:45 pm
chase center general manager kim stone spoke about what they've been doing to make everyone's experience that chase as safe as possible. >> we have spent every single hour of every single one of those 407 days. redesigning and re imagining the experience at chase center with the number one goal of making sure we emerge from this is the safest arena in the country. >> i believe we've been the only media members getting tested. every game we go to. it's a center. so they have been on top of all of it. i feel safe every time i step in, can't wait to all of you guys get back into arena
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
>> well, depending on where they shot bobo lovers might have to quench their thirst with a different drink. there's a lot of mobile lovers out there, by the way. and that's because the ingredients ship from asia are getting here later than usual. it's just one example of the many products that are stalled outside of california ports. kron four's, ella sogomonian here to explain what the heck is going on with boba and everything else out there. yeah. it's more than just pope, of course. and i've got some boats behind me in a picture. so let me connect the dots for those of you watching at home. why we're discussing this picture here. >> if you take a look out in ahe ocean. this is off the california coast. these are boats shipping containers that are floating thete waiting for the green light to dock and deliver much needed goods to us, including that beloved boba.
9:49 pm
>> probably like 5 times a week. like all the time. we love this place. >> boba is a popular tapioca. topping for flavored iced drinks. the first gained popularity in asian-american communities and has since expanded. so the bay area is home to many shops that sell it but suppliers like lead way international in hayward are worried they might not have enough shipments of the sweet treat to meet the demand for nearly 100 shops. they alone work with definitely be >> i think that's very sad for asian american community and the basic world like me happen inch. but the ball is just a tiny tapioca example of a massive problem. >> senior sales manager tommy wong explains covid related worker shortages at the oakland and los angeles sports. >> have created a backup that is delaying shipments of many products. these containers seen floating off the california coast a few weeks ago. we're waiting to be allowed to dock in la. some of them are being redirected to
9:50 pm
oakland to help unload all the goods in march. the oakland port processed about 30,000 more full containers compared to march of 2019 before the pandemic. says that they would normally get 2 to 3 containers per week and now only received one container in the last 3 weeks, which means placing orders for months in advance compared with 2, but owner of urban ritual. david zhao is confident they're stocked up through july. the product is a fairly long shelf life and they caught wind of a shortage early on through their distributor. i bet who's helped place big orders in advance. we have seen or and user customers trying to order. >> mass amounts of the tapioca because they're hearing about the shortages and getting concerns that are trying to. >> get as much as they can so that they're not going out. lynn says their companies trying to combat hoarding by a logging shipments for each store based on how much they were selling. >> so businesses are seeing things pick up again now as people are getting more shots
9:51 pm
and there continue to shop abroad so that in mind first, the demand for shipments. catherine can has shot up as we have just seen. >> so is there any hope the full bush supply chain will get back in. the 2 were supposed to be so that we people love yeah. to say the least, especially here in the bay area. the alarming thing with these said distributors that are spoke with. they said there is no end in sight and nobody can predict. >> when things will return to normal. enjoyable. but now i all right. thank like yelling. >> well, people hoping together on for 20 to celebrate all things marijuana. they're going to have to wait at one more year. mayor london breed saying today the usual gathering at golden gate park is canceled for the second year in a row, the mayor says they're still some concern about large gatherings because of covid, california will immediately start spending emergency money for wildfire prevention projects. the governor signed off on the. >> 536 million dollar
9:52 pm
emergency spending plan today as most of the state experiences abnormally dry conditions. but the governor said he's not yet ready to declare a drought related state of emergency say the administration has the flexibility to deal with current conditions without it. >> all right. weather time we are looking partly cloudy skies around the bay area. now some patchy fog is beginning to move in along the coast of course, without the winds into the afternoon really kicking up. they continue to blow in spots out there tonight. but overnight tonight, those winds going to calm down. i think we've got a pretty nice day coming our way for tomorrow. we've got low pressure that is bringing some snow showers over the sierra nevada that is going to kick isis. that moves out of town. those winds will begin to subside a little bit still breeze in the afternoon, but not as windy as today. 63 degrees downtown san francisco about 55 in daly city, cool that as with can stay along the coastline. you see some cool temperatures there 60's inside the bay 68 in redwood city in nice and mild warm in
9:53 pm
the south. a lot of 70's by tomorrow afternoon. maybe some mid 70's warmest interior spots in the east bay about 66 degrees in leander 67 enrichment. 70 degrees in the napa valley. maybe a little haze there, too, with some smoke in your skies from that controlled burn in ukiah about 53 and breezy. it's it's a beach next couple days. looks like we're going to see those temperatures warm up the tab, but much warmer weather is expected over the weekend. if y
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
planning a first trip back to disneyland when it opens at the end of the month. >> expect some changes and not only the new safety measures in place. you will also see changes in how the employees some cases disney says it's making changes to be more inclusive. meaning redesigning the jungle cruise and space mountain allowing employees to dress, quote, in a manner that better expresses their individuality. that means for the first time the park is allowing gender and close of hair styles, jewelry visible tattoos and more as a big change for disney know it is not deja vu, star mary carey officially announced today she plans on running for governor again. >> in the ongoing effort to recall governor newsome, you may remember she ran for office back in 2000, 3. she came in tents that year out of a field of more than a 130 candidates including arnold schwarzenegger who came in
9:57 pm
first sheath 8. she says she thinks she's better prepared this time to run for governor adding that she has big plans for the state and that an outsider, somebody outside of politics way outside of politics is needed right now. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour. why maddie middleton's killer could be released in just 4 years after pleading guilty to all charges today. >> also details on a very ambitious plan to try to reduce homelessness in the bay area. by 75% by 2024. >> they have those stories an bring on spring with the home depot's spring savings event.
9:58 pm
with low prices right now... you can spend less than you imagined, and do way more than you thought. this is doing like never before. the home depot. how doers get more done.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10, a guilty plea in the horrific death of an 8 year-old girl. while why the accused killer is now going back to the juvenile court system where he could be released in just 4 years. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. today 21 year-old adrian gonzalez pleaded guilty to the 2015 kidnapping rape and murder of 8 year-old maddy middleton and santa cruz gonzales was 15 years old at that time. and even though he was legally a child prosecutors, an advocacy groups have long argued that based on the severity of this crime. gonzalez should be


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