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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 2, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon on its heart. turns out well for have left family. >> now at 9. a family demanding justice and a community is still mourning nearly a month after police killed a daly city man. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 9. i'm justine waldman. i'm jonathan mccall. 44 year-old. roger allen was shot during what investigators say was a struggle over a fake
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gun. >> kron four's. amanda hari live tonight in daly city with why his sister says that she will see not stop fighting for police accountability and her brothers death. amanda. >> jonathan, while she says that she's heartbroken over the loss of her brother. she says it's not just about him. it's about causing change. so doesn't happen to anyone else right next to me. here is a mural for her brother says roger allen's name on the ground here to remember his life. >> the true well. >> come out to leak of fletcher's says after her brother roger allen was shot and killed by daly city police on april 7th. she feels alone or other work. make that out by part of all it. our all. >> daly city police officers are not equipped with body-worn cameras. so it's hard for fletcher to know exactly what happened in the moments leading up to his death. investigators say allen
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was killed after a struggle over a fake gun at cops should know. >> the from a police released the names of the 4 police officers involved on thursday nearly 3 weeks after the killing. >> you can see the names on your screen. fletcher says even without body cameras. she believes there will be video. >> and that area people have lakes. they had cameras are on epouts of its video. the truth will come out. city officials have said an administrative investigation will happen. >> fletcher says the support from the community is helping her to continue to search for answers on her own. >> i am so thankful. and the support that they've it. keep me fighting. >> police to not release which of those officers was the one that shot allen, but they say the officer shot allen because he pointed the fake gun at
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police officers. >> there any push now to gain body cameras for the police officers in the daly city police department. >> justine city councilors say that it's a top priority for the next budget. live in daly city. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> thank you so much. amanda. now at 9, several bay area organizations have sent an open letter to the alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley demanding justice for mario gonzales gonzales was killed while in custody of alameda police. they say he died from a medical condition. but his family and several organizations say that he was murdered saying that they believe that after seeing this video that was really showing officers kneeling on his back neck and shoulder in the letter they demand that o'malley charge the officers involved with murder. no later than tomorrow. and now to an update on a story we first
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brought you last night here on kron 4 news in prime time. the may day demonstrations yesterday in oakland and it up with 7 people being arrested. oakland. police say 2 officers were injured saturday night after some people started throwing bottles and cans, adding that a group of about 70 demonstrators marched from frank ogawa plaza downtown. no word on how the injured officers are doing this evening. no property damage was reported. >> let's focus on wildfires tonight. firefighters are now cleaning up a big fire at basin. redwoods state park. that's an area that burned during last summer's czu lightning complex fires kron four's gayle ong takes us there today. >> firefighters had to navigate through a steep unpaved road to reach the base and fire sunday afternoon a pg and e camera captured the plume of smoke out of the santa cruz mountains. the fire burning in the czu fire burn scars. this is kind like when those unusual things because it's a burning inside a burned. it's an old burned that's there. so it doesn't
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have a lot. >> of a vertical fuels on the floor. so we just kind smolders and moves around the aerial. so full of dead vegetation on the forest floor for the kohl story. you know what? >> fire starts. what we typically friday. >> this comes from the fire was reported just before 1215 in the afternoon in a remote area near the han hammond truck trail in big basin. redwoods state park. one of the challenges is having access to water this water tender is position here to refill the engines as they head back to the fire line. >> captain douglas on mac with the santa cruz county fire department refill this cal fire engine with water. at least 4 engines and an inmate crew worked to put out the fire. a helicopter made several water drops. firefighters eventually stop the spread but a fire like this likely or rekindle from last summer's fire. we have to do an investigation as we always do. but it is a strong possibility. >> this was a smoldering spot
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under the ground that was kicked up by wind which we've been warning people we could be seeing this. the even throughout the summer. no structures were threatened, but assigned fire season is here california is experiencing an extremely dry. >> so the expectation is probably a pretty significant fire season for california. all the firefighters aware that and we ask everybody to do whatever they can to be safe and to report anything that looks like a fire. it's a lot easier to fight a small fire. then a big fire, a reminder to be fire safe and aware in santa cruz county. gayle ong kron 4 news cal fire has banned backyard burns in santa cruz county effective immediately. the stops backyard burning for the county and bands. all folks from. >> outdoor burning of landscape debris without a permit from cal fire. the agency says it's also asking folks to make sure that there is about 100 feet of defensible space around homes in buildings on their property and to be prepared to evacuate if flames get too close to
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your home. the suspension of the backyard. burns do not apply to camp fires within organized campgrounds or on private property. but the camp fires must be permit may be permitted if the fire is maintained to prevent spreading in the east bay fire crews quickly contained a small fire this morning near the pittsburg bay point bart station. >> the fire burned about 3 and a half acres and it was put under control quickly after that's according to contra costa county fire officials no injuries reported from this fire. and despite slowing down traffic on highway 4. no bart schedules were affected and in el dorado county, the salmon fire is now 60% contained. it's burning northeast of el dorado hills. it started yesterday and calfire work today to strengthen containment lines and mop up hot spots. it has burned about 32 acres so far as we track the several small fires here at home are also keeping an eye on a blaze burning near san diego tonight. >> here's a look at some horses left behind in the
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fire. the san diego humane society says that its emergency response team rushed to the scene and along with the county's department of animal services managed to save those horses to get them out. cal fire says this blaze has scorched more than 2900 acres at this point and is still at 0% containment. >> we're talking about fires a few months too early fire season is getting a jump start on as we take a live look outside here at downtown san francisco. this is our camera on top of mount tam and looks like my sparkly sunday night dup, but we are tracking those fire threats that are still lingering as we move into the workweek. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what's on the way for the start of your monday yeah. and the biggest area of concern just cnn jonathan for the coming days even tonight will be for solano county just because. >> we did see above average daytime highs tracking breezy winds going to continue through tuesday for the north bay mountains in east bay
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hills relative humidity could drop into the single digits near 0 because of wind gusts, upwards of 50 miles per hour or less in the coming days. now winds are going to peak in the early morning hours monday and tuesday. so just keep that in mind. but we still have that threat even during the overnight hours with that relative humidity. only seeing recovery levels as high as 30 to 50%. how range so still very minimal at best. even during the overnight hours when they should be near that 88 to 90th percentile range. let's take a look at how gusty it's going to get specifically for vacaville and fairfield. >> as i fast forward throughout tonight, still going to be breezy in that 20 to 30 mile per hour range. but then look at how those winds really ramp up by monday morning. mid morning at 9.30, back a bill could see gusts easily up to 50 miles per hour. and that's what's going to start dropping the relative
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humidity as the daylight hours continue. we are going to see above average daytime highs even warmer tomorrow than today. and that's just going to dry out the vegetation even more. let's see how dry it's going to get relative humidity tonight only going to get as high as around 53%. but then by tomorrow morning into the early afternoon. it's going to be in the single digits as low as 5% for fairfield and conquered in the single digits for most north bay valleys and east bay valleys with little relief and recovery by monday night as those winds continue to howl in those highest peaks. so take a live look outside marine layer nonexistent. in fact, the warmer air mass and those northerly winds pushing away a great that we would typically see around this time of year. if you love today's forecast, it's only going to get warmer tomorrow. but fortunately tracking calmer winds for lower valleys as well. full details in my full forecast coming up in just a few
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minutes to and jonathan, back to you. >> thank you. california's top law enforcement officer back here in the bay area to kick off asian pacific american heritage month. why attorney general rob bonta believes that promoting the asian american culture is important. >> and then we will let you know about the next bay area county expected to move into the less restrictive yellow tier. that is expected to happen. plus, we're following breaking news out of san diego tonight. we've now learned that 4th person has died after. >> a boat believed to be carrying immigrants from mexico. capsized off the coast of san diego. the latest details on the way.
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>> tonight. we're following another major story tonight out of san diego. we've now learned at least 4 people have died after a boat capsized off the coast of san diego. more than 20 others on board that vessel injured and taken to nearby hospitals. >> we'll get the latest now from kelsey christensen. >> it was on real. i've never seen anything like that. and then the reality hit them. that we might lose somebody. >> officials say 3 people have died and 27 were brought to local hospitals after an apparent smuggling boat capsized. you can bring national monument sunday morning. the video shows waves battering the vessel as it drifts in. you can see the boat tipped sideways. people
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aboard try to climb to the other side of the railing. others are tossed overboard, life jackets and debris are scattered throughout the water. the boat eventually breaks into pieces. >> than 3 minutes. this voted then turned rubble. >> multiple agencies responded more than 100 emergency workers rushed to the scene ground water and air. >> most people really walking some the shoreline, but there's 6, 7, people were discussed, out the rip. and we're just. >> getting pulled out to sea. that's a lifeguard. it just he's us as people on board the vessel. >> before first responders arrived around 1030, witnesses say around 10 people jumped into the water to help anita beckman is one of them. >> just feel real y bad for them they're all scared hungry thirsty. >> and their own in and in danger. they were afraid for their lives. she spoke to the
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victims aboard about their journey. they've been on the boat for a day. >> they left from tijuana and island right off of tijuana, though border patrol says they can't confirm where the boat came from and say they were not aware of it like that is they're trying to blend in with commercial traffic in the area. border patrol says they've seen an increase in smuggler boats within the last few years. >> he says the captain of this boat is in custody. >> that was kelsey christensen reporting for us tonight. >> the switch gears. now let's talk weather this sunday night into sunday night at 9 o'clock. >> 9.16 to be exact. and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge windy out there today and much warmer and warmer weather is on the way this week. so says our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah, we're going to see even warmer temperatures tomorrow to start your workweek forecast compared to today already toasty with everyone in the bay area above average downtown san francisco warming up into the mid 60's after
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being in the mid-fifties yesterday. >> high cabin. now my weather forecast. great to see you. it is for coach gruden him santa rosa so easily 10 degrees above average there and we are even noticing that may gray like we saw earlier this week when we actually we're seeing clouds and blankets of fog, low and high enveloping the bay area. but instead crystal clear skies a very starlet night out there in the bay area with that fog bank nonexistent for the next couple of mornings, not only because of the warmer air mass. but those northerly winds as well. a little bit. breezy still for downtown san francisco, 23 miles per hour. but we're going to continue to see those northwesterly winds even for your monday afternoon forecast but gusts only around 20 miles per hour less. so that's really going to help out our fire danger threat for most of the bay area but still tracking this warm air mass at this 9 o'clock sunday night.
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our here with nevado and conquered 11 degrees warmer than worry. we're around this time last night with temperatures still quite the spread low 50's for pacific and half moon bay and flirting with 70's for those of you in concord and pittsburgh still about a 20 degree difference there between our inland valleys and our coolest coastal cities upper 50's for oakland and mid 50's. for those of you in downtown san francisco, thanks to that cool sea breeze. there. san jose haven't forgotten about you. 58 degrees with low 60's. for those of you in vallejo a nap as we head into the north bay. but santa rosa 67 degrees and check out saint helene. because of those warm northerly winds 71 degrees out there right now. that should be around your average daytime high for today. and let's take a look at overnight lows still going to be fairly mild with that warm air mass in place today. warm overnight lows, low 50's and daytime highs tomorrow flirting with 90's. the warmest temperatures novato and santa rosa. but
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even check out san francisco 71 degrees and flirting with 80's for oakland and san jose going hit that low 80 degree mark in middle change in the days to come. so enjoy the warm weather be safe out there. bay area. back to you. jonathan just seen. >> thank you so much of now, california democrats rallied around governor gavin newsome during the state's annual democratic convention and it's coming us. the governor is facing a recall vote. newsome took the time on saturday to insist now is the time to unify as the state. >> national republicans and extreme right-wingers mayor not sitting back that point everything they can and they're recall power grab this is our moment to create the california. we all want to live in to extend the dream of prosperity equity and progress to each and every one of us. >> the state's delicate also heard from vice president kamala harris and senator alex padilla, the special election is expected to be held in november. republicans now
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railing against president biden's to latest multitrillion-dollar spending bills. >> calling it a big government cradle to grave approach kron 4 washington correspondent raquel martin brings us more. >> we'll debate over president biden's multi trillion dollar spending plan is definitely heating up on capitol hill. democrats and republicans remain split on just about everything outside of basic infrastructure spending. but both sides say they're willing to stick it out to strike a compromise. >> republicans are slamming president biden's agenda after hearing his pitch for 2 massive spending plan staggering amount of spending like someone with a new credit card on abc's this week. wyoming senator john barrasso said the president hould stick with traditional infrastructure because the country can't afford things like free childcare and community college trillions and trillions of dollars of reckless spending on nbc's meet the press ohio senator
9:21 pm
rob portman one of the biden administration's push to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy will backfire. you can hurt workers. portman says there's room for negotiation on basic infrastructure. if the white house is going to work with us. this is a deal we can do and said instead of raising taxes, there should be increased fees on electric hybrid driver myself. my hybrid truck should pay something to use, you know, roads and bridges. some plans are extremely. important and necessary. but treasury secretary janet yellen defended ministries in spending and tax proposals calling them investments for the working class. there will be a big return might expect productivity to rise what's really important is that we act now to steal your al's top economic adviser with the biden administration on fox news sunday would not say if the president is willing to break up the bills in order to strike a deal. he's open to many ideas, but he believes fundamentally we need to be making these kinds of investments in our country.
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>> right now. bipartisan negotiations over infrastructure plan are ongoing on capitol hill today. senator rob portman says he does believe there is a path forward. the republican plan, though, is just a fraction of what democrats are asking for for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9 attorney general rob bonta in san francisco today to kick off asian pacific american heritage month. why he believes it's important to support and promote asian-american culture.
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>> happening tomorrow. the livermore city council work and will consider expelling john stein from the city's planning commission over his comment about a low income housing project at the commission's meeting last week. the former council member refer to the project is quote, ghetto. he then said to some extent he was misinterpreted. the city council voted unanimously to consider stein's removal at its meeting happening tomorrow. >> in the north bay drink speech at point reyes national seashore will be closed for about 4 months starting tomorrow. the popular destination is set to undergo wetland western rest ration along with road repairs and construction access to the beach from drink speech road via sir francis drake
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boulevard off of highway one near inverness will be closed to the public monday from starting monday until august 31st. >> and if you thought it was warm today. wait until you see the start of your workweek forecast. details that on your microclimate monday outlook after the break.
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>> newly appointed california attorney general rob bonta
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making a visit back here to the bay area to cook off asian pacific american heritage month state and city leaders also met at the gene friend rec center to celebrate the. >> filipino and asian american communities all in the wake of the violent attacks that we've seen against them recently. kron four's taylor second has more from today's event. >> together with state and city leaders. a general rob bonta gathered in san francisco on sunday to celebrate the asian pacific american communities because it found her heritage month. it's the month of may. we're kicking it off stronger coming together. >> that is strong community supporting one another and celebrating our beautiful diversity after his first full week as california's attorney general. >> bonta says his office will work to address hate crimes and encourage more people to come forward. one of the things we're going to be doing is making sure that working with law enforcement to make sure they know how to identify and investigate. i hate crimes. so that perpetrators i can be held accountable. and to make sure victims have
9:30 pm
support to we're also helping build relationships between law enforcement and communities so that community will feel confident and trustworthy when they come forward to report hate violence. we know that there's been almost 4,000 terrible incidents violence around this nation. and that is under reported. we need to get that done. fully reported san francisco supervisor matt haney in senator scott wiener also joined the crowd on sunday celebrate asian pacific american heritage month. he condemned the recent violence against this community. so much heat in this country right now. you again, sir. a >> against 100 jewish against communities of color so we have to just lock arms because a time when many of our prison attack. whatever your any who throughout this entire month. san francisco has many events both virtual and in person for asian pacific american heritage month to find a link to those events on our web site in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news.
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>> tonight. we're learning new details about a deadly shooting at a casino just outside of green bay, wisconsin. this was breaking news last night here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. the shooting ended with 3 people dead among the dead. the gunman after that shooting. investigators believe the shooter was trying to target a specific person. but that person was not at the casino at the time. investigators say the gunman then shot some of the intended victims, co-workers and friends. instead, the gunman was then shot and killed by officers on the scene. >> another protest in elizabeth city, north carolina over the death of andrew brown junior. the 42 year-old black man was shot last month by deputies family members loved ones and supporters marched to a museum for a public viewing of brown's body. and meantime, brown's private funeral is set to take place tomorrow. the
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reverend al sharpton will give the eulogy. brown died outside of his home on april 21st deputies say they opened fire after he hit them with his car. we're trying to run away. family members who have seen some of the police body camera video say brown had both of his hands on the steering wheel when he was shot in the back of the head. brown was not armed. >> let's talk weather again this sunday night at 9.30 a live look at san francisco courtesy of these sutro tower camera. >> i'm meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with a look at the weather for the week ahead. fire danger is a concern. yes, especially for those of you in solano county. but really are all north bay mountains in east bay hills. >> going to see concerning fire weather conditions. gusty winds dropping relative humidity to bone dry conditions for vegetation. and we are also tracking a warmer air mass, which is just going to dry us out even more solano county are currently under red
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flag warning that's going to remain in effect through tuesday night because of wind gusts, upwards of 50 miles per hour. dropping moisture content to as low as 5%. so little to no moisture heading our way really going to see diminished relative humidity by monday afternoon and then again tuesday afternoon because of these above average temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above normal today. we weren't as warm as what we're going to see tomorrow, but still enough to really clear out that cloud cover that low and high fog bank nonexistent when we should be a gray around this time of year. instead tracking sunshine with temperatures above average about 10 degrees above normal for downtown san francisco. we should be in the mid 60's instead warming up into the low 70's as the mission district. the one thing that's really going to work in our favor as we head towards the coastline is we're going to see calmer winds still going to be out of the
9:34 pm
northwest a little bit of that northerly flow. but around 20 miles per hour or less elgar not in half moon. bay warming up into the low 60's with widespread mid 70's from brisbane to burlingame, millbrae and burlingame warming up to 76 degrees. toasty temperatures for those of you in san mateo 78 degrees with low 80's for san carlos at 82 degrees. mountain view in the low 80's as well with widespread mid to upper 80's for most of the south bay 82 degrees for san jose and milpitas, but check out campbell flirting with 90's. wouldn't be surprised if you hit that ninety-degree mark to start out your work week monday with livermore at 87 degrees hayward in the low 80's and we're tracking widespread upper 70's for berkeley and oakland with the mid 80's for concord and walnut creek at 87 degrees. but even orinda and moraga going to see those warm temperatures at 85 degrees nap and the 87 degrees. but that
9:35 pm
bill and fairfield low 90's. and that's why you're going to be under that red flag warning with imminent fire danger. they are in solano county all day tomorrow and santa rosa and avato flirting with the 90's but warming up to 89 degrees. little relief in land that won't arrive until thursday. but for coastal cities going to see that cool sea breeze arriving midweek with a widespread cooling on thursday. but then a nice bump in temperatures just in time for mother's day. you're welcome. justine, back to you. thank a out of san francisco. and based on the city's covid numbers. san francisco is eligible to move to the less restrictive yellow tier. >> health officials say they're assessing the situation and will decide on tuesday in the yellow tier capacity limits that most businesses goes up. this includes fitness centers, card rooms wineries and breweries bars would be able to open up indoors at 25%. capacity indoor venues could increase capacity to 67% and amusement parks. colao capacity at 35%.
9:36 pm
but as we're making progress on reopening health officials in downtown los angeles are monitoring a concerning trend as erin myers explains, there are seeing a sharp decrease in demand for vaccines. >> a new troubling trend on the vaccine front. la county is seeing its first major decline in vaccinations with some sites reporting a 50% decrease in appointments leaving many slots unfilled. we've seen a significant drop here in la county of people getting vaccinated and it's very worrisome, very worrisome. >> the decline is leading to one of the nation's largest mass vaccination sites dodger stadium to close at the end of may months ago. it was a busy site. but now the site run by the city sees little traffic day today. a problem seen county wide as great as the medic there make up by the been impact
9:37 pm
>> one of the glove back. there the from people. and then for a time. >> and another concern is what appears to be a lack of people returning for their second dose. a percentage of the cases are attributed to computing errors in the database. but some people do appear to be skipping the second shot. doctor barber for air says it will start bringing the shots to people. it might be better to do a lot more pop ups to set up vaccination and shopping centers. >> near grocery stores. near post offices by using appointment, free mobile, vaccination sites brought directly to the community. hello, how are i did to get vaccinated today. yes, and the catcher in community care clinic is already on the move popping up at bars churches, schools in various places of employment. >> primarily in south la neighborhoods. but often going to other areas as well today.
9:38 pm
we're here. >> because we're vaccinating workers where they work, including here at the riviera country club. >> doctor jerry abraham vaccinated. several employees at the country club, including eva cast a anos who approves of the mobile sites. i think sometimes people are rated bc like got their jobs. so it's really perfect for them to come to the dumps. but today their workers there. so yeah, that's pretty amazing. doctor abraham says they're just getting started with the mobile van and plan to bring it outside of la county to the pandemic doesn't end until we're all. >> vaccinated and safe. so while i see the end of the tunnel here in l a here in this nation. the work is not done. >> that was erin myers reporting for us tonight. >> changes to california's correctional systems. good conduct credit program went into effect on saturday. now thousands of california inmates are set to be released early. felicia bolden has more on why this move was being made and what comes next.
9:39 pm
>> the thousands of california prison inmates suddenly found their prison sentences shortened this weekend. thanks to a change in good behavior. credits. the shift in how those credits are calculated stems from proposition 57 which california residents voted for overwhelmingly and 2016 and upheld in november. 63,000 california inmates have been convicted of violent crimes as of may. first, the rate of good conduct credits for those inmates increase from 20% to just over 33%. in other words, they will receive one day of credit for every 2 days served previously one day of credit with equal 4 days served this change includes nearly 20,000 inmates who are serving life sentences with the possibility of parole jennifer volin katz is the executive director of john howard association, an independent citizen correction oversight group that monitors
9:40 pm
prisons for conditions and treatment of people who are incarcerated people have this idea that if we let people out of prison. >> any sooner than their original sentence super going to compromise public safety. and i think it's really important to understand that both research and experience show us that that's not true. more than 13,000 inmates are serving time for nonviolent crimes for a second or 3rd offense under the state's 3 strikes law. they will now be awarded one day of credit for every one day served allowing them to be eligible for release after serving half their sentences. also all minimum security inmates in work camps, including firefighting camps will be eligible for one month of early release. >> for every one month they spend in camp regardless of the severity of their crime. the changes were approved this week by the state office of administrative law with little public notice and they were submitted and approved within a three-week span because they're considered emergency
9:41 pm
regulations. a corrections department spokesperson released this statement saying the goal is to increase incentives for the incarcerated population to practice good behavior and follow the rules while serving their time and participate in rehabilitation and educational programs which will lead to safer prisons. the department may no other public announcements on the changes bill and cats as a key part of this process is preparing the inmates for reentry, the way the state of california has done this. they will have time to make sure that people. >> you get their state id and can enroll in medicaid and find affordable housing meanwhile to prisons are closing because the inmate population has dropped from about 117,000. >> before the covid-19 pandemic to about 96,000. but part of that reduction is because about 10,000 people were being held in county jails propositions. 57 is emergency regulations went into effect yesterday. but the department must submit
9:42 pm
permanent regulations next year. that's when there will be a public hearing with an opportunity for public comments. felicia bolton reporting tonight. still to come in sports, the a's writing the laser as they host
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9:44 pm
>> all right. here's a story for you tonight. imagine you are pregnant. you're on a plane thinking you have a few more weeks until baby arrives.
9:45 pm
but baby has other plans said this is what happened on board a flight that was going to oahu earlier this week. and jen bone easa has the story. >> the identity of the mother and her son have not yet been released. but i'm told that they're both doing very well. the little boy is still here at p a lot medical center for women and children. >> as he was born several weeks. premature. >> a delta flight from salt lake city, utah landed in honolulu, wednesday with an unexpected passenger on board after a woman gave birth to a baby boy in mid-flight. i'm told these are the nurses and doctors who are traveling to hawaii the desist id with the birth in a facebook post kansas city nurse lonnie summer banfield wrote if anyone would like to know how trip to hawaii is going. here's how it started. we delivered a 26 27 weaker in the airplane bathroom in the middle of the ocean with 3 and icu nurses, a physician's assistant and a family
9:46 pm
medicine. doctor, we were able to make it 3 hours before we could finally land. but the baby and mom did great. god was definitely with us up there. the pilot and crew alerted hawaii, department of transportation prior to landing. it was a medical assistant wasn't deemed a medical emergency so that. >> sort of notifies you both mom and baby were in good shape. then the crew emerging. medical services group that met them are able to transport them to a nearby hospital. >> a spokesperson from kapiolani medical center confirms the pair was taken there. she says both are doing well. mom has been discharged already. but baby is still in the icu as he was born early. it's not that common for for obviously because most of the times. once women get kind of. >> pretty far along the pregnancy. a lot of times doctors kind of advise him against doing such things because you're on a plane for 5, 6, 7, hours. >> in a statement, delta says the safety of our crew and
9:47 pm
customers is our top priority. our crews are well trained to manage a number of on-board medical scenarios. every aircraft is equipped with medical equipment and crews have access to expert counsel during flight when it issue occurs. >> gym reporting for us tonight. >> the baby's name is raymond baby raymond v raymond 27 weeks old. his definitely got story to tell you no kidding. >> all right. and the story want to talk about right now is our weather forecast for this week. here is our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah. unfortunately, tracking high fire danger concerns for the month of may. usually we don't start to see high fire concerns until later into the summer. even during the early months of september and october. but instead we're tracking very warm, dry and windy conditions after lackluster april showers. >> pretty nonexistent for us here in the bay area. that's
9:48 pm
what we are under extreme drought conditions. and with that, a red flag warning is currently in place for those of you in solano county could see wind gusts upwards of about 50 miles per hour or less dropping relative humidity at or near 0. so let's track these winds out there right now. the breezy us for those of you in downtown san francisco. noticeably calmer, though compared to last night when we were still noticing gust in that 30 to 40 miles per hour range along the coast, sustained winds, though, thanks to that cool sea breeze influence even extending into the east bay shoreline and we're going to see that change in wind direction into more of a northerly flow. textbook offshore flow. example. heading our way specifically in the north bay mountains and east bay hills. so going to have to keep an eye on those areas even though we are tracking calmer winds to start your workweek forecast in the lower valleys higher peaks could see gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour. let's take a look at vacaville and even
9:49 pm
fear field near or at 50 miles per hour winds by monday morning. that's when those wind gusts are really going to peak in the early morning hours monday and tuesday in the upcoming days still going to be breezy though, throughout the day and evening, though. so don't let your guard down. we're going to see sustained winds at around 30 to maybe even 40 miles per hour. fortunately below advisory level, though, for the highest peaks. what it is going to have a huge impact on a relative humidity dropping moisture content to single digit numbers mainly for the north bay valleys and east bay hills. that's when we're going to see the gusty us more widespread offshore flow winds out of the north and east with little recovery during the overnight hours could see relative humidity bump up to 30 maybe as high as 55% but still going to remain dry even during the overnight hours taking a live look outside east bay over berkeley. we should be seeing that fog bank out there a
9:50 pm
gray. but karla not exist in out there tonight. thanks to that warmer and drier air mass concord seeing double digit warming with 68 degrees as you're outside temperature, low 50's as you make your way inland. so near 20 degree, temperature spread with widespread 50's and 60's for everyone else in the bay area and only going to get harder from here. in fact, monday. it is going to peak little changed tuesday and wednesday, though stay cool and hydrated bay area. here's kylen with sports with her animal print or >> kron 4 sports. >> first of all, got it right. and toss to me instead of jonathan just very proud of you theresa. the a's. we're looking to bounce back today. they've had quite a roller coaster of a season. they want to avoid the sweep in charm city. so let's head out to baltimore for game 3 against the orioles. >> ramon loriano. his back is got to be sore from carrying the team. this game case in
9:51 pm
point. coming up here, 8th inning tie ballgame dj. stuart drives one deep to center loriano with the leaping catch against the wall. let's look at that again. what a grab been in the bottom of the frame. loriano at work again. he goes opposite field for 2 run shot that gives the a's the lead for good on his 5th homer of the season. oakland winds 7, 5, they avoid the 3 game sweep and they host the blue jays tomorrow. and despite the win, the a's got some bad news today regarding starting pitcher jesus luzardo the lefty has a hairline fracture on the pinky finger of his pitching hand and is now on the aisle. there was some confusion when it was announced today because luzardo pitch just yesterday. but bob melvin confirmed the injury happened before the game. apparently he bumped his hand on a desk while playing video games. >> yes, that's right. but he did warm up and felt good
9:52 pm
enough to play in that game yesterday and x right after the game showed the fracture. hopefully he gets well soon. but come on, man playing a video game. you hate to hear that. well, like the a's and giants looking to avoid a sweep today. they were in san diego. top of the 3rd mike tauchman at the plate. he rakes this one and it is gone for a three-run shot. san francisco takes a 41 lead. that's talk wins first home run as a giant and the giants got another stellar performance from their pitching staff today with a little help from alex dickerson. the diving backhanded grab of off the sinking liner. what a play. let's look at that one. again. that's a one a solo homer was the only run the giants gave up san francisco in 71. they travel to colorado for 3 games against the rockies starting tomorrow with sadly. we don't get to chat. you guys. we just got to go to break. i know you guys are both great paying attention very proud of you,
9:53 pm
too as well. we'll be right
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>> here's a question for you tonight. do you like to gossip if so, there may be a scientific benefit that because turns out the conversations about other folks can help us feel more connected to one another through. maybe their trials and tribulations that you find out the bad stuff about someone according to officials
9:56 pm
from dartmouth researchers say that having conversations about others with a 3rd party and learning about their experiences helps cement social connections and even broadens the mind. still the tea spill. the >> the way splashdown, everything nominal aboard crew dragon resilience returning to earth. >> here's some you can gossip about at the water cooler tomorrow. nasa space x crew one landed safely overnight. i don't think you could but you can do those anymore. you're right. >> and doctor, maybe with the water bottle. you just sit and that's going to undocked from the international space station yesterday to begin their return back to earth. the crew of 4, including 3 nasa astronauts and one from japan. >> splashing down the gulf of mexico this morning just after midnight.
9:57 pm
>> today is easter sunday for the world's orthodox christians. this is look at services at an armenian orthodox church in the romanian capital of bucharest. gossip about it. >> well, can cause of about the weather. it's going to be crazy over the next few days. >> yeah, we're certainly going to warm up 5 to 15 degrees above average for the coming days. cooling down, though, by the end of your workweek forecast and then rebounding very nicely just in time for mother's day. so justine hope the kids and grand have a great brunch planned for you or dinner. >> don't forget to call your mom. yes. and anyone who feels like your mom. that's true. all right. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. don't go anywhere. though.
9:58 pm
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to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> turns out, for that. i have left >> right now on kron 4 news attend the family members of a daly city man are still looking for answers. nearly a month after police shot and killed him. thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. 44 year-old. roger allen was shot by police.


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