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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  May 4, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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early in the year. ready to burn. >> now. it's 6 firefighters are pushing homeowners to protect their properties in advance of an early fire season. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. kron four's, maureen kelly, talk to the contra costa fire protection district. they are warning of heightened wildfire dangers all across the county as dry conditions continue across the bay area. >> just days into may and scorched hillsides can already be seen in the eastern contra costa county off highway 4. the grasses are looking as dry as they do in the summer time reflecting the scant rainfall we've had so far this year. very dry conditions. >> obviously very warm early in the season and it's on top of that, it's windy as well. when put all those together that spells high hightened fire danger. the contra costa county fire protection district has already had a fire that came uncomfortably close to homes and pittsburgh off kercher pass road last
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thursday. you can see ring camera video that shows a resident hosing off his home as a precaution. the department's p i o says the fire is a good example of why homeowners should get moving on protecting their properties from the threat of wildfires. >> take a look at this drone shot that shows how close the fire came to the homes. the home's numbered 3, 6, that have been marked in green are the properties where weed abatement was already completed those homes were not touched by the fire weed. abatement was partially completed at home. number 4. and you can see how it burned into the yard and got right up to house number 5, the firefighters were able to stop the fire just a few feet away. we debate. works. the fence will. >> a space creation works both of those things together by the homeowner. the time for our firefighters to get there and to get that fire out before impacts their home. the p i o says this also shows the importance of everybody doing
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their part because of one of the unabated homes had caught fire. >> that could have resulted in one of the homes with defensible space going up in flames. the weed abatement deadline for property owners here in eastern contra. costa county is may 16th. >> those who live in the western or central part of the county have until may 26 maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with a look at the fire danger that just seems to stay with us. earlier and earlier. yeah, it's going to be here with us right through october, whenever the next rains really come around. so we'll be dealing with us all summer long. but yeah, we're just getting into it now. and you can see a red flag warnings have come down and slama county. that's some good news, actually brought down early, but models are starting to pick up on the winds kicking in again. there you go. you start to see a lot of yellow, some orange that's going to be some >> fire activity, possibly as we head in toward the next 48 hours. some are going to watch out very closely in the coming
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days here, especially in parts of the east bay. let's really through time here as we head through the next couple of days. not too bad to begin with. as we get into tomorrow, there's going up of the sea breeze that onshore breeze will bring a the elevated moisture in the atmosphere. but the winds they're concerned. you know, you get things brown out there right now as we start to see some gusty winds developing in the afternoon hours that means fire danger will be elevated during that period. i think that will be more so the case, especially by thursday afternoon you watch the colors on the increase here. you look toward tracy. right there. some very gusty winds likely to develop on thursday afternoon. so not one of those real fire snares. we bills offshore winds and extremely dry conditions but humidity likely to drop in that period, probably down to about the 30 to 40% island. some of the fire forecast. i've been looking at. so certainly elevated fire conditions during that period. something to watch out for right now that sea breeze kicking in around the bay area 20 miles per hour. some the strongest winds out there. but thursday afternoon, we're expecting stronger gusts than that. maybe 30, maybe some 40 mile an hour gusts, like that
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should fired again of course, that fire will spread very, very fast in those kind of conditions. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, you get your phone ready to scan this qr code kron 4 has a special section on our website just. >> for wildfire resources. you can scan the code with your camera on your phone and it will take you directly to our web page with evacuation checklist, wildfire preparedness tips how to create a defensible space. really important and what to do after a wild fire. >> we have an update now on our breaking news. we've just learned that 2 asian women have been stabbed in san francisco. it happened just before 5 o'clock this evening at market and 4 streets right near the westfield shopping center. of course, a very busy part of san francisco when police arrived on the scene, they say they found 2 adult asian women with stab wounds. police say they searched the area for a suspect, but they were not able to find him. now police are asking anyone in the area. who knows anything about the stabbings to remain on the scene. contact police
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traffic is being affected in that area. we have a reporter headed to the scene and we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. but again, 2 asian women stabbed in downtown san francisco and forth and market right across from the westfield centre right near the cable turnaround at powell street. very popular and busy area. we're continuing to monitor the story. we'll bring you the latest developments as they come in marin county will decide tonight whether or not to annex for their water. use restrictions as reservoirs reached historic lows. the marine water board of directors are meeting at 07:30pm tonight to make a final decision. the county is already under some mandatory restrictions. all in efforts to try to reduce overall district water consumption by 40%. the public is allowed to voice its opinion on the possible restrictions by attending via zoom or by telephone details can be found on our website. kron 4 dot com. governor newsome and his republican opponents are ramping up their campaigns with the recall election
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likely happening. >> later this year, newsome and john kicked off campaign events in sacramento today. and caitlyn jenner released a new ad. kron four's. ashley zavala has details. >> governor newsome officially kicked off his anti recall campaign here in sacramento with firefighter groups even though we're in this window where those who signed the recall petition could have their signatures removed. the governor says he still treating the recall is if it will officially be on the ballot later this year. we are no on the recall. governor gavin newsome getting elbow bumps and endorsements from the california professional firefighters and international association of firefighters tuesday. this recall is ridiculous. simply put. it's a travesty. the anti recall event in sacramento kicking off what will be months worth of events to convince californians to keep newsome in office and we look forward to defeating this thing. >> this year and getting back to the important work. the governor maintains the recall is a republican led effort and a waste of millions in
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taxpayer dollars. so folks don't believe in science panel on climate science. and only in the science behind this pandemic. there's a lot at stake for california. it's an affordable and livable life. >> also in sacramento. but standing next to a live bear republican candidate for governor john kicking off his own statewide tour. fox comparing himself to a bear and newsome apparent claiming the governor talks with little action. mister newsome fees and checks all the boxes on politics. >> you know, he talks a good game about diversity and equality. that, you know, really and truly has made life worse for people has made life more in many ways compassionate. this trucker. >> another republican candidate caitlyn jenner releasing her own 3 minute ad on social media tuesday. the former olympian and reality star has yet to put out her proposed policies. enter a different kind of arguably my most important one yet. newsom says he's not focused on what his opponents are doing. but
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on vaccine distribution and economic recovery. so that's where our focus is on my focus is our campaign. >> is focused on defeating this recall. >> the governor would not say if he has a preferred date or month that he'd like to see this recall election. we're still months away from knowing exactly when it will be reporting in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news, another big story we're following tonight, california health department updated its face coverings guidance to align with the latest cdc rules face coverings. >> are not required outdoors except when attending crowded outdoor events when physical distancing is not possible for small outdoor gatherings fully backs. it vaccinated. people are not required to wear face coverings while unvaccinated people still are and face coverings are still required indoors regardless of your vaccination status. san francisco mayor london breed. also relaxed mask guidelines. she tweeted this message saying to quote, use your best judgment when you're outdoors, adding you especially need
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wear a mask when inside when you're with people you don't know because they may not be vaccinated. san francisco has officially become the first bay area county to inter the yellow reopening tier. it is the least restrictive tier and it comes with greater capacity limits and allow some businesses that hadn't been open at all to reopen these new guidelines begin on thursday morning kron four's dan kerman has been talking to those affected by the changes and he joins us now live from union square with more on all to happy people out there, dan. >> absolutely. lot of people have been waiting for. the san francisco has been very close to yellow for several weeks now, just not close enough. finally, we are close enough. they also talked to the health officer today about why now and why only san francisco she says it has to do with the after being on the cusp for week. state officials announced tuesday, san francisco. >> could finally move to yellow reopening tier. today
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is a hopeful day and a very positive day. san francisco's health officer says the move to yellow is tied to the fact the more than 70% of san franciscans eligible have received at least one dose of the vaccine. >> that scenes or what has gotten us there and prior to vaccine that's been really the willingness of san franciscans and businesses and everyone together to do that asking to do the distancing. that's enabled us to get to this point. but now back scenes are to get to get out among the changes up to 8 people can now dine indoors and it's no longer limited to 3 households per table. also bars that don't serve food can now open indoors at 25% capacity. >> not enough to break even. but a start fills us with hope. >> it means we're on the right track. looks like that the virus waning in san francisco. and so, you technically it's it will help around the margins. it has a lot bigger impact than that. >> the yellow tier also means concrete and symbolic changes for the leisure and business
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travel business. >> symbolism is important because when people travel, they want to feel safe and to know that san francisco is one of the elise restricted safest cities to travel to is more than just symbolism alone. but what also does is allow greater capacity. so plan a was to have a meeting indoors and san the capacity versus orange is as great you can have more people you have more flexibility on everything from your meals to to your reception. >> again. these changes go into effect here in san francisco. on thursday live in union square. dan kerman kron 4 news, dan, thank you very much. coming up, the oakland city council voted unanimously to fund community alternatives to policing how the city says it's re imagining public safety us police cruisers collide in a violent crash. but these officers were not racing after a suspect, a blunder that cost one coffee shop, a bad weather and
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lawmakers on capitol hill are holding a hearing to try to find ways to lower the cost of prescription drugs up next, we'll hear from palo alto. congresswoman anna eshoo.
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officials say this this grass fire actually started from a car fire. we're working to get more information and we will certainly bring it to you as well bring updates when they come into the newsroom. >> the house of representatives had a hearing today aimed at trying to lower the cost of prescription drugs. several bills trying to tackle the subject been introduced recently. always a similar goal allowing medicare to negotiate with drug companies to get a lower price so that is actually illegal right now. california congresswoman anna eshoo said it's time for the drug companies to stop putting profits over people's health and livelihood. >> well, a large truck company saw profit margins. 20% on average. these price hikes have cost americans to choose between buying their prescriptions, paying rent and buying food americans are page 3 to 4 times more for prescription drugs than other countries. >> but republicans say they don't believe the bill has the
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right focus and they say they plan to introduce a counter offer. video tonight at 6 in washington, dc probationary police officer has been fired after his caught on bali. police body camera video participating. look at this in a drag race and it totaled 2 police cars, 3 other officers were involved. all of them are being investigated internally and they may face charges. this race happened on april 22nd when authorities say 2 police cruisers were traveling at a high rate of speed and one of the cruisers cut off the other vehicle as they were turning a corner. in total. 4 officers were taken to hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. developing news tonight. attorney for former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin has filed a motion for new trial. >> in the death of george floyd eric nelson. he filed the motion on the grounds of juror misconduct and that the court abused its discretion for failing to agree that the defense's request for a change of venue and sequestering. the jury. the filing comes in the
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midst of a controversy surrounding a photo of a cure at the march on washington last august which included speeches from george floyd's family members. he is seen wearing a t-shirt that says get your knee off our necks last month, the jury at chauvin's trial found him guilty on all 3 counts of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter to the east bay. now re imagining public safety in oakland is one step closer to reality now that the oakland city council approved funding for community alternatives to policing kron four's has it by the talks with the council member behind the resolution. >> in a unanimous vote. the oakland city council approves funding community alternatives to policing and resolution introduced by oakland city council member carol, fight the policing alternatives i recommendations put together by the re imagining public safety task force which the council member says focuses on proactive crime reduction funding the things that. >> with stop crime from happening in first place. it
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is being proactive on the front in investing in things like early childhood education. health care services affordable housing homelessness gender based violence restorative justice, things that people need on the front to deter crime from happening on the back in. >> well, any of this funding come from for its diverted from the oakland police department. that is the whole obviously these programs strike me as something that is positive. >> the question is, is it going to be at expense all public safety and be part of that defund the police. russia. now the president of the oakland police officers association barry donelan suggest instead of reducing opd is budget to fund the policing alternatives. the council uses federal dollars to fund the programs. i think the american rescue.
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>> provided by the administration has given a unique opportunity, not just to hold on but other communities to fund public safety and also alternative strategies for doing what which are significant day today. problems here in open of homelessness and mental health which need to be addressed. so our neighborhoods have to come together. >> the funding sources and the costs are yet to be determined, but they will inform the city's budget for the upcoming fiscal year. has it made you kron. 4 news. i gears. now to our 4 zone forecast as we get a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge warm and toasty much of the bay area. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now feels like the middle of summer real. yeah, it really does. so we're going to feel that again. the fog come back. and that's what we see. >> a lot of this and that will o cool things down along the coastline before warm weather around much of the bay area out toward the beaches. half moon bay still looking very nice out there. some folks enjoying some sunshine even along the coastline right
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now is 2 days there in the distance that will soon turn into fog and begin to move on. shore temperatures today came down actually a little more stronger sea breeze today that drop the numbers around the bay area's much as 11 degrees cooler in palo alto still, these numbers running above the average in most spots 69 downtown san francisco, beautiful 74 in oakland san jose warm at 83 89 degrees in livermore and hit 90 getting hot in concord. 86 degrees in santa rosa. now we're sitting under high that's why it's going to be for at least another day. that ridge is going to move right overhead for tomorrow. that means more sunshine. and again, some warm temperatures, just some patchy right down below along the coastline. you see it forming there for tonight and into tomorrow temperatures much cooler. even at the beach is now 55 degrees in half moon bay. see the fog kind lurking there 71 over the hill and san mateo still 80 degrees in dublin. it is 87 degrees. very warm in concord this hour. 77 of layoffs 78 in the napa valley and 79 degrees in the bottle. so certainly some almost summer like
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temperatures out there right now that sea breeze starting to kick in to see breeze blowing in the wind. there's blowing in the wind. there's we're going to see more of and tomorrow that will carry with it. some low clouds and fog probably inside the bay tomorrow becoming mostly senate again, warm a little bit cooler, though, right along the coastline with that patchy fog and much cooler weather is expected as we get into thursday temperatures tomorrow. yes, still toasty inland. you're in the 80's again ia many spots in the valleys. 87 little more. but 87 in concord, much cooler in the san francisco, though, about 63 degrees. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. the entire west coast now has access to early earthquake warning. coming up. >> we'll show you how it all works. the entire west coast
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now has a leg up on earthquakes. the shake alert earthquake early warning system is now available here in california. also oregon and washington state. >> i 4 is noelle bellow has more on how it works. >> if you get word what alerts better than did not. all right. as of tuesday, the more than 50 million people living along the west coast now have access to shake alert. it's an earthquake early warning system that's been in development by the u.s. geological survey for the last 15 years and we have 50 earthquakes today. california, most of them are very small. >> what we want people to do is to integrate shake aware into very existing tool. box of of preparedness tools,
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shake alert launched back in 20 19 here in california. and now it's expanded to washington and oregon. >> usgs says shake alert works because an alert can be transmitted almost instantaneously as it relies on sensor data from hundreds of us. yes, seismic stations. people just want to know what's going on and we want people to take that action either if they get the alert, they feel shaking the drop cover and hold on action here in california. there are 4 ways for you to receive a shake alert on your mobile phone. i shake app developed by u c berkeley and quake alert. ap are both available on any smartphone alerts can also come through the wireless emergency alert system similar to an amber alert and google has developed a system for android users as well so that the apps themselves require. >> one to download you install them and you go through a little bit of the education about it. the other 2 up a delivery traces through and right on through. we are pretty much automatic. but i'm
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depending on the model and the making of a phone and how old the phone is. you need to make sure that those alerts are turned on whether or not you get an alert depends on the earthquake's magnitude and your vicinity to the epicenter of the quake. >> usgs is also working with other entities like bart to bring early warnings to as many places as possible in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. if you're looking for up to date earthquake information. this qr code on your screen. it's going to take you directly to earthquake page. >> just scanned the image with your phone's camera and it will take you there. still ahead on kron 4 news at 6. we'll go live to the nation's capital for more details on. >> president biden's new vaccine goal that's gaining some support from an unlikely group of powerful people. plus, authorities are promising a full investigation after that devastating subway collapse in mexico city. the new video that shows the moment it happened. and a new proposal in congress could mean more protection for california's forests and more
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well, top right there. >> we're following 2 breaking news stories tonight at 6.32, asian women have been stabbed in san francisco and there's a fast-moving grass fire in fairfield. yeah. busy evening. proffers grant lotus is here with the latest developments just into the newsroom grant busy night. vicki and can we'll start with the attack in san francisco. the stabbing really one of the busiest spots in the city. >> and these attacks and the
6:30 pm
asian american community are seemingly unrelenting. it's unclear what motivated this specific violence police are not saying if it was or was not a hate crime at this early stage. but it happened just before 5 o'clock tonight near market stockton and 4th streets right near the westfield mall. we have new video here from the citizen app. police just told us within the past 5 minutes or so that the scene is now clear. they're still investigating trying to find the attacker. traffic definitely impacted as they tried to sort all of this out. the women attacked have been hospitalized. no word on their exact condition. by the way, anybody who might have pictures or video or who was there when this happened. police are urging you to contact them so they can further investigate. we do have a reporter working the story on the ground will be updating you throughout the night on air and on kron 4 dot com that other breaking news tonight takes us to fairfield where a grass fire is spreading its happening along


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