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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 14, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> yet. a happy friday to you. i'm darya we'll trend in for james fletcher who is resting this morning that poor guy under the and i guess when everybody's on or some sort of weather, especially last couple days. we've had a lot of fog right. we have and we were warm at the start of the week. you might remember. so i'm in for john stable this morning. good morning. if you're just waking up with us and you have some plans for the weekend. so here's what you need to know. we're going to see cooler temperatures over the next few days. let's start with a live look outside right now. if you're just waking up this is a berkeley can. and as you can see, can't really see much just a couple of trees scattered there in the distance. visibility is low in some areas are going to see some areas of low cloud coverage and live a more down in san jose in some areas up in napa and nevada and santa rosa specially along the coast here. we're looking at our satellite and radar right now showing us no sign of rain currently, however overnight
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into early saturday morning we might see a little coastal drizzle there. looking at your temperatures currently if you're leaving your house you definitely want to walk out the door with the jackets along the coast. half moon bay the upper 40's sam, a tail redwood city palo alto mid to lower 50's hayward alameda 51 down in oakland. 52 in berkeley. we have to hit the roads this morning as you're heading out your house. let's go ahead and get a look at things, the air headed into the city right now. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time. i do have a hot spot early this morning that 6.80 southbound south of mount acute expressway in milpitas. so again, at least a few lanes. there are blocked. we'll keep a close eye on that as you head across towards the peninsula. let's look at the san mateo bridge. a little under a 15 minutes for your drive time as conditions. their pickup. we're also looking at things along the richmond, sandra fell or the golden gate bridge rather you can see as the fog really starts to build their. we do have a fog advisory and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge
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about 10 minutes head at a richmond bus traffic picks up. we'll have more on that as the morning goes on. but daria and we'll send it over to you. thanks a lot of rain at 7. oh, one and the cdc. >> says if you've been fully vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask outdoors and even in most indoor settings, you know, thank you. my mask is like my wall at the states. i don't go anywhere without i know in in which california has not changed the rules yet, but as they have changed nationwide will see dc correspondent raquel martin has more on why they've decided this nationwide. >> we'll raquel. good morning. well, after weeks of putting this off. the cdc director says the science is in and it shows that people who are fully vaccinated are at low risk of getting infected with covid-19 they're also looking at the trends and for weeks now we've seen the number of infections and number of deaths go down. >> we have all long for this
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moment. the cdc is giving the green light to millions of vaccinated americans to go maskless anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activity large or small without wearing or physical distancing great milestone. president joe biden says the announcement proves the country is making significant strides to beat the pandemic. this is a product to prompt action thursday. thanked americans for their patients and applauded the more than a 3rd of americans now fully vaccinated for more than a year. >> you have endured so much you've earned the right to do something. americans are known for all around the world. grieving others a smile. >> but there are some limitations the cdc that americans should still use mass well in health care settings on public transportation or when aboard an airplane. the announcement was immediately celebrate by republicans who met with the president thursday >> did. we heard all about guidance is purely a
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recommendation and not a mandate. while a handful ofb democratic governors immediately embrace the new guidelines. great news from the cdc. other state and business leaders are holding off the first review. the data, the united food and commercial workers union representing thousands of grocery store workers is also criticizing the decision. >> in a statement, the union's president calls the guidance confusing and inconsiderate to workers and able to decipher who is or is not fully vaccinated. the union is now calling on the biden administration to clarify its new guidance in the meantime, the president says we're still a long shot from where we want to be in the number of vaccinations and they're still more than 60%. a country that remains unvaccinated. he's urging those individuals either to get vaccinated or to mask up. >> for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. ok. thank you. raquel. as we said, california is not there yet. while we're waiting in the bay area for those guidelines on masks.
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>> more kids are able to get vaccinated younger. we've been vaccinated. but we believe in masks, right. that's what my policy yes, and a lot of 12 to 15 that's been their only way to protect from this point. but now they could start getting shots conference or stinson explains. >> there seems to be a lot of excitement across the bay area to get kids and teens ages 12 through 17 that shot in the arm. but where should you go. well, take a look at your screen roads all out for use. you can see some of the options, including walgreens where i'm at right now. walgreens accepting people with appointments or without you can do that online over the phone. we came in just walk-in safe ways. also taking kids on a walk-in basis at pharmacies. you can make appointments online to keep secure shot. if you get the vaccine at safeway, they will give you a 10% off coupon for your grocery shopping up to $200 of groceries. that's pretty good deal. and then starting tomorrow. this age group can also receive the vaccine at the city college in san francisco on monday. ucsf
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benioff children's hospital in oakland will start accepting kids as well. and so that's a lot of different optionsp you can choose from the chief pharmacy executive at ucsf says that there shouldn't be an issue with supply at this time. so all the places we told you about earlier. those places should have plenty of shots for you. and if you need more information, we have on our website kron 4 dot com. you can always head to the states. my turn website as well to see what's available reporting in san francisco. sarah stinson, back to you. >> local doctors are reacting to to this decide not to wear this decision not to wear masks outside conference. theresa talk to doctor peter chin-hong from ucsf. >> here now. i mean, as i'm outside and i'm able to socially distance. i don't have to wear a mask. however, if i go inside to one of the stores here and shop, then i need to be wearing a mask, but that all may change,
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especially now with the cdc making those changes. >> is this now a sign of the past rather than the president. it appears to be self according to the cdc wearing a face mask, not required indoors anymore. if a person is vaccinated. >> it's in the right direction for the vaccine folks for more than a year. infectious disease specialists like doctor peter chin hong with ucsf spoke about the science behind the mask, how it could best protect people from picking up sars covid 2 or covid-19 when outdoors in especially indoors at grocery stores. retail space or restaurants. and now once again he says the science is dictating changes. >> and as you point out, the science is clear. if you're vaccinated, you're less likely to both get sick. and you know, less likely to transmit. so and in countries where they looked at that like party. you can't center. i all those true
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and in health care workers in the united states in a big study. however, there is also this part of the equation. according to the data. >> only half of the eligible california residents are vaccinated. >> but the question is who figures out who is vaccine and who is not vaccinated and that's where problem it's this year is, of course, you know, i know the science psychologically. are we ready to just throw a on mask up in the air. and i think what will happen is people of gradually get used to the idea, but it would be something that people suddenly do all of a sudden and he adds that leads to another dynamic that other reasons to wear masks as well. so if people see people wearing a mask. i hope that people don't look at them strangely do any might reverse mask shaming. >> i contacted each county in the bay area as cain representatives. if they plan to make any kind of changes after what happened with the cdc and they said that they're all dictated by the california department of public health
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and they haven't made any kind of changes. so everyone is looking to the california agency before and the thing can change and that could actually happen sooner rather than later. here in alameda. theresa kron 4 news. >> 2 women they are working to educate working together to educate spanish speaking youth about the vaccine and encourage them to get the shot through the san francisco zion a 100 guzman and kimberly cabrera. they are providing get this virtual vaccine. informational sessions for parents and teenagers. this comes after the deo noticed a lot of vaccine hesitation in the latino community because of the fear vaccinations and also just the lack of information going around. now they're breaking down language barriers and misinformation through these educational sessions. >> now with different emphasis information sessions we've been able just educate a little bit more we've been
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able to see a increase of people, you know, when you can say key senate committee. i beat more open. >> the women. they are currently working on their own website to reach more parents and kids for those wanting to participate. we have that information on our website. kron 4 dot com. kron 4 has a special section on our website. if you go there just for a coronavirus resources. so right now, get out your phone away for about 2 seconds. okay. 1, 2, hold it up to the code on your screen and then you take it took a shot of that and it will take you directly to our web page which has resources, including how to get a vaccine where you live for you and your child as well. it's the latest covid headlines around the world. so very easy to get it. >> 7.10 right now in the east bay, a man is arrested and charged with sexually assaulting 2 asian women in fremont. the first attack happened early yesterday morning near fremont boulevard and auto mall parkway. a
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woman. there was punched and pushed to the ground and the attacker tried to sexually assault her, but he was scared off by a passer by later in that same morning, another woman was assaulted in front of her own home near grimmer boulevard and road police got there in time to stop the assault and they arrested alexander lomax. they think he's the same suspect behind both attacks. so far police are not considering this to be a hate crime. pittsburgh police are investigating 2 drive-by shootings caught on surveillance video. listen. shots fired in broad daylight. people run. and i jumped out of the car with a gun shootings happened at the el pueblo housing complex. first one on may 5th several men in one car fired at 2 people sitting in another car and
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then this past monday night there was another shooting somebody fired from a car into a group of victims and both times the shooters got away. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a rare apology from the san francisco police department after one of their officers. >> that officer shot an unarmed man. we'll have reaction coming up. and after the break, and north bay neighborhood on alert after a bear bear spotted in a tree. hear from neighbors who were the first to see it will give tips on how to stay safe.
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>> 17 right now. creamy from safeway. i just i didn't have time to cook today from my breakfast to have some carrots and some peanut butter. those great snacks to have highlight enough. yeah. right to get us to the 6 hours so that you can snack on you should see what she's like so healthy all the time. love i yeah. this is the creamy not the kind mister with oily and that it's good for your stuff and you don't like you like the chunky. i do. anything, including expired foods, as you know, all you have to stop from doing that. it's a sine. all right. but there is an expiration date on the hot
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weather. yes, and that was like yesterday, as you can is going to be cool, guy and expired already. but the good news is if you're storing your peanut butter like there. it's not going to melt. i know all my chocolate, my car because i carry a buffet. it's all melted. is getting better, by the way, at your house in the covered or in the refrigerator, you don't refrigerated be hard as a rock hall. >> i i put it own. i know. when you scoop, it builds character. okay. i got it there looking at our food weather for today. we'll start with that. a live look outside right now. >> this is san francisco. you can see the gray. it looks like it's here to stay. >> just for the next few days, at least put the high temperatures at the start of the week. they're out of here. we do see a lot of that coastal great moving off the coast. it's going to be inland. what happened at the start a week. so we have that high pressure system that's going out of the bay area. we have that low pressure system a lot of that coastal air and fog moving inland. we also have with it a lot of wind so up in fairfield, you see just how windy you are right now conquer down a little more oakland is pretty calm up in a
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bottle. and the santa rosa area. looking at your highs. if you're heading out for today, the sunset district golden gate park mid to upper 50's for you here along the coast. half moon bay pacifica. you're in the mid to lower 50's. south san francisco san bruno millbrae all upper 50's for using carlos redwood city palo alto, low 60's upper 50's for you looking at cupertino. morgan hill escanos upper 60's, low 70's dublin at 64 livermore at 72 now looking at oakland san leandro castro valley moraga berkeley all lower to mid 60's up in sonoma about 71 napa. 67 their santa rosa petaluma, low 70's. we're going to look at your seven-day forecast as you continue to plan, we're starting to cool down a bit. you can see here and the inland areas. you're in the upper 70's at the start of the weekend and he's such a gradually dip there. the bay in coastal areas 60's throughout the week and here we are in the low 50's the air for your coastal areas. now let's also get a look at our traffic as you're heading out
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the door this morning starting at the bay bridge to the fremont street exit you go a little under 9 minutes. no major delays there. we do, however, have a hot spot. this is down in milpitas. this is going to be 6.80 southbound just south of montague expressway. lanes are blocked there. we're keeping a close eye on that. looking at our san mateo bridge. you had a cross towards the peninsula. traffic is really picking up. some looks about 16 minutes for you as you're heading across towards the peninsula. looking at the golden gate bridge. there is currently a fog advisory in place. definitely not as bad as it was middle of the week. we could see things across the golden gate bridge here as we head into the city a little under 20 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge slowing down here about 13 minutes for you. heading out of richmond. so we'll have more throughout the morning. daria i'll send it over to you. thanks, ray at 7.18 and for your money this morning. disney is slowly starting to recover the theme parks and. >> extreme heat could again threaten california electricity supplies this year. jane king is live in new
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york with those stories and more. hi, jane. heidari a good morning. happy friday will california's energy system is in better shape than it was last that's according to the energy experts there in the state. now they say it could still, though electricity supply shortages. if there's another severe heat wave in the western us the california independent system operator which manages most of the state's grid said in his annual summer assessment that it expects a state will be better prepared to meet the demand this year. will target has nelson will temporarily stop selling trading partner says those sports and the pokemon cards in stores following a recent violent dispute at one of its locations. >> last week. a target was ponson was locked down after a man was physically assaulted by 4 people over sports trading cards and disney theme parks took another big hit from the pandemic in the 2nd quarter. but easing covid restrictions could help things turn around. disney did report about a 104 million disney
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plus subscribers that the streaming service they had projected a 109 million. so little bit short there. but the streaming service really help the company last year just about everything else and disney was shut down and talk banks in the u.s. are nearing a deal to share information about customers bank accounts. this is a bid to extend credit to customers who historically haven't qualified chase wells fargo us bancorp among the financial institutions that are considering an applicant history at other banks whep deciding whether to approve someone for a loan or credit card. live from new york, i'm jane king. back to you. thank you, jane. 7.20 right now and the bear in san anselmo has finally come out of the tree and he wandered back into. >> so this field and open space below mount tam and then people nearby. they could barely handle this pair because there is so free will in attack them. it's not the normal thing is he walking down the streets of downtown san anselmo covers yulia 7 is there live this morning with an update. hi, julie.
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>> hi there, yeah. you asked what to do when you sue. oh no. the best thing to do is not to. confront want to kind of stay away from him. at least 100 yards away and they get a little close. you should. >> raise your harms very slowly. >> and kind of identify yourself. so they they know you're a human because they all apparently like to eat humans. but in any case, police are saying the bear should be frolicking in the wilderness away from this neighborhood. but just in case he isn't they are asking residents is a secure, their trash and some of their pet food indoors for the next 24 to 48 hours just in case the bear wanders back. now he was perched up in a tree in the backyard of a of a home. and according to police, the bear finally came down the tree just about 8 o'clock last night and he encouraged by first responders to leave the neighborhood and walk into the wilderness as we mentioned, mount tam. so we spoke to a
7:22 am
woman who saw the bear here in the neighborhood. and it was pretty let's hear what she had to say. >> i saw a galloping but it was ever far. but it could tell was running towards running away because i hesitate i thought should i be running over a people should around here. >> that plea for the police also explain that the bear population is growing and it's pretty common to see. there are sightings in the north bay, but it still unusual to see it here in marin county of fact, they said there's only been like 2 or 3 bear sightings here. marine county since 2003. so this could be added to the list. so if you do see it come around. you should call 911, again. try to stay away from it for about a 100 yards just call call the authorities have this way they could possibly try to shoot back into its proper home in the wilderness away from us in a safe. you know, i'm say for
7:23 am
him say for us. in fact, yeah, guys. >> and just the bare i knew was coming. we couldn't go the morning without a dad joke. thank you, lee. i've been waiting for that by the way, i'm sure 7.22. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news california's attorney general makes a major announcement about an east bay. police shooting will tell you what he says. oh, i've traveled all over the country. talking about saving with geico. but that's the important bit, innit? showing up, saying “hello! fancy a nice chat?” then we talk like two old friends about sticky buns and all the savings you could get by bundling your home and car insurance.
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but here's the real secret. eye contact. you feel that? we just had a moment. [chuckles] who would've thought it? geico. save even more when you bundle home and car insurance.
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>> 7.25 and state attorney general rob bonta says his office is going to investigate the shooting death of 22 year-old sean monterrosa who was shot and killed by vallejo police last june. the police department claims that an officer opened fire after mistaking a hammer and monterrosa's pocket for a gun, a job is launching this new probe after the solano county da refused to examine the police department's investigation. bonta says an independent review will decide if criminal charges are warranted. >> we will not be bringing him back. but the action today. but the action states critical. we must have complete. impartial there. reviews of officer involved shootings lay specific lacks accountability, especially to their fate of 14 in the police department over all that we hoped. >> sean's patients lie a
7:27 am
little bit more on the help that let the city of orlando has been crying out for so many >> solano county d a christian abrams recused herself from the case and delivered the monterrosa file to the state attorney general's office last july. bonta says that decision was not justified. >> and coming up, fremont parents are taking the local school district to court. i'm camila barco live with their latest efforts to get students back in the classroom.
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>> 7.29 right now and we are checking out sfo. it's gray again 3 days in a row. and you know what that probably means. probably a few delays, right. >> you always used to be a sneeze and it's a slow flight, you know, are some got a troubled. >> but lately with covid and everything that was going anywhere. i'm going to go exactly do mean, you know, when you go outside today. on you that don't know that was a he just said why some fire the but don't say they don't tell because with like you know, volcanoes is of all i think it's but it's not that we mean it's and you're traveling there. we'll tell you some places you could travel today. daria william. that's hit the streets today. the we're seeing a cooling trend at the start of the week. really warm. but if you're looking at temperatures outside right actually, we're going to show that cameraman. pull it up here. this is our berkeley
7:31 am
cam. and you can see how foggy it is. you can barely see anything a couple of trees there in the forecast. but again, we're seeing low visibility because of low clouds this morning. look at areas napa livermore concord as i was driving from the east bay into the city this morning. there are pockets of fog that you may encounter. we have a fog advisory along the golden gate bridge. so if you are driving their you want to take your time. we see a lot of that great move on inland and making visibility a little difficult for some folks out there. look at your temperatures currently right now along the coast. look at that upper 40's pacifica half moon bay oakland-alameda hayward fremont, mid-fifties out of pittsburgh. 55 51 and the bottle 52, we're also hit the roads this morning to show you what your commute looks like if you're heading out. i was tracking a hot spot out to milpitas. that's now cleared off of the role that some good news as you're heading into the city. no major delays fc all throughout the morning. a little under 10 minutes to get to that free much exit from
7:32 am
the maze. also looking at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. we look like traffic is starting to thin out a little bit. it was much busier earlier, a little under 40 minutes to make that drive. there. looking at the golden gate bridge. like i mentioned, there is a fog advisory in place. so be mindful of patches of fog as you're driving now living with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute heading out of richmond under 9 we'll have more on your traffic and your weather. but daria and we'll send it over to you. thank you, ray is 7.30 to a new this morning. some parents are so fed up that they are now suing the fremont unified school district for not reopening campuses this year and they're mad at the school district claiming that they don't even have a plan for this fall. this lawsuit comes after parents say the school district not listening to their demands. duryea camila barco is live in fremont with more on this story. hi, camila. >> haidar a hi will. so, yeah, parents are taking the school district to court. they made many attempts to get the school district district to reopen its doors to students
7:33 am
and they're still learning from home. so we're still trying to figure out what exactly it exactly. that lawsuit states and what comes next. but we do know that the group fremont parents for reopening is the one suing the school district parents say that students are not only suffering academically but emotionally this sickly and socially so a we and dylan is the one that represents the group he warned the school district about the possibility of a lawsuit and lee and allen sent a letter to the school leaders demanding they allow students back in the classroom by april 26 and that has not happened. so the superintendent respondents saying that they will allow students back in the classroom 5 days a week. but starting this fall. the school will also offer in-person instruction options this summer. but if you take a look at this video. kids are chanting holding up signs demanding the school district to let them back in the classroom. the situation reached a boiling point when parents and students protested
7:34 am
at one of the local schools. it happened in april before the lawsuit was filed and the protest was another attempt from the group to get the school district to listen to them. and as will said earlier, this is ongoing battle between the group fremont for reopening and the school district. we have reached out to the group, the attorney and also the school district to find out what happens next with this lawsuit right now we have not heard back all right. well, back to you. thanks, camila for that report. >> stay in the east bay with the mayor of the city of antioch. he is calling for changes after at least 3 people under the age of 18 years old that they were killed in shootings in the past month. now 12 year-old girl was killed in the latest shooting kron forcefully to call has reaction from any >> and name haley a day. this charles and brenda davis do not know the people who live in this home on the 1200 block of oak haven way in antioch. they just know this is where
7:35 am
their 12 year-old granddaughter took her last breath wednesday night to get all the in the world. >> this 4 and still cool. but everybody is just kind of confusing right now. the couple says kalea davis lived in oakland. but has run away from home a few times in the past. >> and did so again recently leading her to this house. brenda wishes kalea would have reached out to family when she felt the need to take off. it is important for to stay with family. children. >> and if you have a problem, if you can stay home. well, maybe this day when or grandparents police say when officers responded to the home at around 7 o'clock at night. >> the girl was already suffering from at least one gunshot wound in an upstairs bedroom. she died in the house. investigators say the suspect left the scene. >> and has not been found suez crisis does not only is depend in killing us. >> and the killed in now with killing each other. something
7:36 am
has to be done. mayor lamar thorpe says change starts at the federal and state levels. any of these types of killings is too much. we had one on fridey, an 18 year-old woman. >> who was here from oakland got shot and killed. and so until we get these types of weapons off of our streets and to the federal government decides to act and act with courage and stop being afraid, then we're going to continue to see this type of nonsense split for 8 on our streets, meaning more innocent lives will be lost in all kron 4 news. >> in the south bay. 2 men are behind bars in connection with a series of armed robberies at jewelry stores in san jose cairo chatter and side were arrested for robberies. that happened in march. one at a jewelry and clothing store where one of the men in that case hit play with a gun and the other ransacked the business and there was a second robbery, a plaza jewelers on east santa clara street on march 21st and kron 4 obtained this exclusive
7:37 am
surveillance video of the robbers in action. smashing display cases breaking a cash register and they took more $40,000 worth of cash and jewelry and police say a 3rd man who drove the getaway car was also arrested. he has since been released on bail. >> san francisco's police chief he is apologizing for an unintentional shooting of a burglary suspect by an officer. this happened last friday. here's video of it after several calls came in about a series of car break-ins officers in this particular case, they were in plain clothes and they were seen on surveillance video closing in on the suspects. now an officer tried to cuff. one of the suspects. his name is yves. you're pittman the officers in the process of trying to cut cut. this man. well, the gun went off and hit pittman in the wrist pittman did not have a weapon on him at the time and he's recovering from that shooting. the officer has since apologized for that shooting along with police chief bill scott, who says that should never have happened.
7:38 am
>> we have not educated this case shed and. you know, the reason that i apologize to you and your family and your son with because, you know, we believe it should at this point investigation that shouldn't happen. >> there is no body camera from the shooting because plainclothes officers are not required to wear those cameras. chief scott for now has paused all operations by plainclothes officers while they reveal irene the look at the protocols once again, time now 7.38. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news after having to close down for 24 hours because they wanted. >> to ensure the safety of the food for the customers. a san francisco famous restaurant plans to reopen and welcome back. diners will have the latest on that. plus governor newsome announcing a billion dollar plan to help small businesses. more on who can apply in the pandemic. a lot of people decide to get a pep
7:39 am
and now apparently some are saying we don't want anymore. how is this trend impacting local shelters. governor
7:40 am
7:41 am
newsome has announced a plan to provide billions of dollars for small businesses hit hard by the pandemic. it's. >> part of his 100 billion dollars. california comeback plan.
7:42 am
>> we're talking about making investments historic investments across the spectrum to solve some of the stubborn and vaccine challenges. >> the relief program includes another one and a half billion dollars in grants for small businesses and also a billion dollars in payroll tax credits. this is part of the governor's weeklong statewide tour touting the historic budget surplus. governor newsom is expected to give his formal budget presentation today. >> happening today san francisco's famed house of prime real. it's back open to diners. the restaurant shut down for health department inspection. the department stopped by after some customers reported getting sick after eating there. the health department says there was nothing linking the illnesses with the restaurant's food. so you are good to go. drought conditions
7:43 am
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7:45 am
interstate they've gotten worse over the past week. this is the latest drought monitor map. and it does not look a look at that and dark red areas they're classified as exceptionally drought or drought conditions right now. and it's just that the highest level and you can possibly get most of the state, however, is classified in extreme or severe drought. and it's only main probably will get even worse. meanwhile, the organization responsible for
7:46 am
operating or state's power grid says it will be better this summer because they're better prepared. you may recall last year. cal iso. they were forced to implement rolling power outages not was blame because of the extreme heat and that caused a lot of people to use their a c and just really tax the system. well, they say this year there is an extra 2000 megawatts of energy available to take on days are are very hot. but behind us at least for this week. it no a c this week. a look what's passing by a big ship to. >> it's set in sales force. how did you see kevin. tell me so i know it's just reminiscing as you were talking about the heat thinking about how last i guess it's last summer. >> tonight we ate dinner in the car with lacy on in front of our house because it because it remember i've that before. and remember we were
7:47 am
likes sleep middle separately the sleeping on our couches. yeah. on the floor. yeah. this weekend. be nice and cool, right. and cool. you know, the key has just don't move put the fan on you and don't move. okay. just put ice on top of you. will you want to do any of those snow this weekend because it's pretty beautiful out there. >> well, in terms of the weather we're looking at for the fall cover out here is pretty foggy looking at a shot out in san francisco basically at the top of the week. we were really warm. and now we're finally starting to cool down just a bit. get a look at our satellite and radar, which is seen right now is a bunch of grey moving in on the coast. a lot of that fog and moving inland. we have that high pressure system that's already moved in the bay out of the bay long gone. and now we're seeing those cooling trends. you can see a lot of fog moving inland with that. we're seeing a lot of winds, right. so out of fairfield wind gusts are pretty strong conquered livermore on an oakland is pretty calm down in mountain view for us looking at your highs today. you see what i mean. when i talk about that sunset district, golden gate park all in the mid to
7:48 am
upper 50's el grande, a melbourne on a half moon bay pacifica along the coast. all low to mid 50's here. south san francisco, san bruno millbrae. but burlingame all upper 50's. we're looking at what side now to view. you're in the upper 70's there. cupertino 69 san jose. the war miss 81 down there. look at hayward union city fremont, all upper 60's looking at oakland berkeley richmond silly angle down there low to mid 60's for you up in sonoma, napa 7167 their fairfield. you're at 75 in stinson beach point reyes, 6149. we're checking your 4 day forecast, 7 day forecast. brothers your planning your next few days. look at this. if you're inland today's going to be the warmest for you start to dramatically jet down and get cooler the air on saturday. 72 degrees. look at bay temperatures here along the coast. there mid to upper 50's 64 throughout the week and we're going continue planning we're going continue planning that for you. but you have to you're wondering traffic looks
7:49 am
like we had an early-morning hot spot out of milpitas that has already been cleared off of the road. so that's some good news for you. there. but as you head into the city to that fremont street exit under 10 minutes for your drive time. the air we do have a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge is telling you about that. now as you're headed across towards the peninsula view, the san mateo bridge a little under 10 minutes for you. there. also head over look at the golden gate bridge. not as bad in terms of fog as we were middle of the week. remember, we couldn't see anything. we can see. there are areas of patchy fog that fog advisory is still in place for an undetermined amount of time. 20 minutes for you. the richmond center fell commute starting to pick up about 12 minutes as you head into richmond. so have more throughout the morning. that area and we'll send it over to you. thanks a lot. some 49 and around the country. shelters. animal shelters are seeing a lot more people return pets. this noise me. i got to tell you because their family you don't just give up your pet after it's not convenient for you anymore. and now it is a nationwide trend but not here
7:50 am
in the bay area. so that is a good thing. kron four's amanda hari takes a look. both shelters say, well, they did experience more adoptions during shelter in place and that still continues right now. >> they're not seeing a larger number of animals returned than usual in the keep hearing this narrative. totally not experience that we're having both the peninsula humane society and the east bay spca say they believe that's because of their matchmaking process that we held create really good gave a good all and a good fit for the family. we try to make forever matches, but martin tar box with peninsula humane society and spca. >> says they do that by behavior testing animals getting to know their adopters we have a very thorough adoption process at the east bay spca. they don't just try to put the animals in the right homes. but keep them there. >> they have programs to help families going through hardships this thing is we've
7:51 am
been able to provide resources that will keep it with the family and help keep potential to like their pet food program to ensure no pet goes hungry vice president of operations carolyn air penn says many people were taking advantage of the program over the last year or just say i think that we've been able to make so many families. but if a pet is not going to work in its current home there are options. if you are unable to re on your animal, on your own need to other family or friends. you know, look at your shelters. but one thing you should never do is release a pet into the wild. these are domesticated animals. they're not meant to fend for themselves. i asked both shelters if they're concerned about an uptick in the future. >> they say they truly believe their processes and programs will prevent that. >> amanda hari kron 4 news. okay. so the oakland a's fans. they're hoping that the team has 9 lives and then stay right here in the bay area. but unfortunately the las vegas mayor. >> she might tip the hand
7:52 am
saying that that major league baseball, they're encouraging the athletics to look for an alternative place to call home base calling the coliseum site not viable and happy with the progress that the a's are making at the howard terminal off ground with the city of oakland, an organizer of a group that wants to keep the a's in oakland. he believes the team will not move away. >> i take these there were getting trying to keep the teen oakland's whole time. and i believe they really are. what keep the team and i believe is definitely there. the primary option. you know, it's just it, you know, i'm assuming it's because after the raiders moved you know that said, hey, we need. you know, that's days minor league teams. there's they figure they can try to get him as well. >> so las vegas's mayor said that they've been talking to oakland a's for the past 2 years now despite the team's both time and 10's of millions of dollars on this project. the team has had their sights set on moving on. the a's want the city council to vote on the waterfront stadium let them know no later than july 7.52 lots more ahead. don't go
7:53 am
away. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> some of the divide and conquer people gathered to fight hunger and raise money. the nourish gala normally in a ballroom. but this time at a drive-in and it was kind of outdoor event with music. as
7:56 am
you can see, the proceeds help to fill a semi truck with food to distribute to the community and it allows the food banks of contra, costa county and solano should expand their programs since the pandemic. the food banks have served about 270,000 people each month. it's time to get back in touch with your creative side the exploratorium in san francisco is reopening to the public on july 1st. >> along with new museum additions. it's also bringing back its after-dark event for visitors, 18 years and older tickets are now available for reservations coming up on the next hour, the kron 00:00am morning news america amassed that cdc is now no longer recommending is now recommending that you don't have to wear your mask if you're fully vaccinated and you're outdoors or in most indoor settings will explain. >> plus, overcoming vaccine hesitancy. how 2 bay area women are trying to dispel misinformation and encourage
7:57 am
parents to sign their kids up to get their shots. also shocking surveillance video from the east bay of 2 separate drive-by shootings where it happened.
7:58 am
someday, looking back on the pandemic, you'll want to be proud to say i did everything i could. i found the strength. i looked out for everyone. i did what i could to keep my family safe. i will say, i did my part. while covid-19 is in the air, please, protect yourself and others. wear a mask, keep your distance, and get vaccinated when it's your turn. santa clara county. stay strong. spread hope.
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when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online. >> from the bay area's local
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news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us and our youthful will tran in for james fletcher who is resting this morning for guys. yeah. under the weather. and we're actually going to talk about everybody under a little bit of weather this weekend going to be as hot. sunny is. i'm filling in for john stable this morning. if talking about whether under the weather over the weather. >> number at the start of the weed or how will were super hot. i keep cool by plugging up all my fans. how do you guys keep cool over there. do not open up your windows. some are in that, too. it is smart and it's counterintuitive. you like getting here. know breezes as we get all the great yeah. you got to worry about any of that as you're planning your weekend were actually show you a live look outside right now and you can see pretty foggy in certain areas. this is in the berkeley hills. visibility has been pretty low for the most part. there. also look foch asked it looks like visibility is improving in certain areas like conquered hayward but still have little patches of fog


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