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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 17, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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watching at the maze to that fremont street exit tracking any major accidents. let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula under 10 minutes for your drive time. there are no major delays. also look at the golden gate bridge for you. you can see no major fog slowing down about 20 minutes and a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute heading out of richmond. a little under 10 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up next. for now, back to the news. yeah, let's get to one of our big stories this morning. a bit of confusion here in california and across the country for that matter over the cdc's new mask guidelines. exactly why the cdc says fully vaccinated people can take off their mask. >> in most outdoor and indoor settings states can ultimately decide their own rules. kind of depends on where you live. we have anna wiernicki joining us live from dc with more on this. good morning, anna. >> good morning. that's right. well, the cdc's decision caught many states by surprise. a number of states announced plans to fall in line with the cdc guidance
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either effective immediately or in the next few weeks. but other states like you said, are still trying to figure out right now. how exactly to respond. >> the cdc says it's ok for vaccinated americans to unmask indoors. people who have are vaccinated are protected, that they are the vaccine is working. cdc. director doctor rochelle walensky said on nbc's meet the press that the sign shows the risk of infection is low. thanks to the vaccines and the number of deaths and infections are decreasing each week. this was not permission to shed masks nor everybody everywhere. this was really science. driven individual assessment of your risk after cdc's announcement on thursday states, cities and businesses quickly scrambled to decide how or if they would embrace the new guidelines. maryland governor larry hogan said on cnn's state of the union that the decision to lift maryland, statewide mask mandate over the weekend was an easy. there's no way to differentiate between.
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>> vaccinated and unvaccinated from a legal requirement based coogan says they are giving businesses in maryland. the flexibility to do what they think is right. i think there's going to side. >> everyone wears a mask or everyone doesn't wear a mask rather than trying to pick and choose winners and losers and doctor anthony fauci said on cbs face the nation that any confusion on what this means for schools travels, summer camps and businesses. >> we'll be addressed soon. i would imagine. >> within a period of just a couple of weeks you'll start to see significant clarification. >> and the cdc says they want to get very clear that this does not mean that the pandemic is over there's still encouraging americans who are not yet vaccinated to go ahead and get the shot live in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, anna. >> a lot confusion around mass forces. the cdc says schools should continue using face masks until the end of the school year. the agency updated its guidance over the weekend saying all students won't be fully vaccinated by
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the end of the current school year children under the age of 12 or not yet eligible for the vaccine here in the united states. >> meanwhile, here in california, governor newsome says the new guidelines for masks are being discussed and they will be announced at some point here in the coming days. he says there's a lot of things that health officials still have to consider. how do you enforce. >> what does it look like in the schools. the teachers wear them. but the kids wear teachers don't. what happens when you starbucks is we're going to continue doing better. you can acquire forsman and businesses are not. i mean, there's a whole host of complexities that we all have to work through. >> tough to sift through at this point. local health departments are still recommending of people do wear masks, but they say they will ultimately follow the state's recommendations when they're announced and retail stores have announced different mask policies to in fact, you just heard the governor talk a little bit about that. some stores will now allow fully vaccinated people to shop without their masks. and of course we made it easy for you
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to find the different policies for the different stores. the different jurisdictions on our website. kron 4 dot com and just use the qr code that you see on your screen there. we'll take it directly to that covid section of our website. and that's where you can find that list. so check it out. and starting this week contra costa county is going to be hosting a free vaccine clinic for students, aged 12 a-d older clinics will be rotating to new campuses weekly. later returning to provide second dose appointments as well. so this week clinics are going to be held at antioch middle school and concord high school from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. not every school will be hosting a clinic. but all campus clinics will welcome anyone as long as you're eligible, you can come and get a shot even if your student from another school, if you're a family member, if your community member all are welcome. the mass vaccination clinic at the open coliseum, by the way, is closing next sunday due to low demand the alameda county area has been in charge of that site in recent weeks after the state and fema both pulled out the
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site has been open since february. and at one point provided up to 6,000 covid-19 shots per day. >> san francisco is working to get more vaccines to underserved communities. the samoan community development center in visitation valley hosted a clinic over the weekend of the area was hard hit by the pandemic. the clinic has the capacity to vaccinate at least 100 people per day. >> this is our 3rd site in visitation valley. and this is due to the work of community and for folks understanding that we need to prioritize people who need the vaccine. the most. >> well, the site will be open saturdays 09:30am, to 03:00pm for anyone 12 and older. no appointment. there is necessary. >> well, happening today. we have san francisco's largest employer welcoming their workers back to the sales force tower and it sells for says things won't be the same as they were before the pandemic understandable will be some capacity concerns but
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proper sarah stinson is live for us in the city this morning with more on what workers can expect. good morning, sarah. >> especially when you have such a large, you know, office we're talking sales force tower. the tallest building in san francisco and they have several other buildings as well. so they've got to have some precautions in place, including testing twice a week and the people coming back their old volunteering to do so. and they're fully vaccinated. so these are going to be the people who are most eager to get back into the office. those who are ready to do so. otherwise employees can still choose to work from home through the end of 2021 sales force as the office will be open to fully vaccinate employees who wish to volunteer employees will be put into groups of 100 or fewer. >> working on doesn't need floors in certain offices. there are a ton of safety protocols, including required covid testing twice per week which is available on site. sales were sour in san francisco will be the first u.s. office to reopen for this company. eventually sales
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force plans to reopen to full capacity like pre dem prepandemic times only when their own data shows less than one percent positivity rates from in office testing. the company says lobbies conference rooms elevators and other spaces will be redesigned to make sure it's as safe as possible, including signage touch free handles and sensors plexiglas between desks temperature screening stations and air purifiers sales for says going forward work life is going to be flexible and people like that. the people going back in the office. i'm sure excited to do so again, they'll be fully vaccinted. that means at least 2 weeks out from that second shot and they will be here getting tested twice a week. it will be interesting to see what their data shows. it think it will be a really good set of data that we can all learn from because everyone be fully vaccinated. so will there be any positivity in the office at all. we'll have to see for now. i think there's just a lot of excitement for people who did choose to come back to the office. still early. so not seeing a lot of
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people downtown san francisco. for now. i'll send it back to you in the studio. all right. good enough. thank you very much, sara. >> well, breaking overnight in the east bay, a charge and conquer that caught on fire last week has sparked up again we're talking about the church of the nazarene on ashbery dry. proffers yulia 7 has covered the story for us when it first broke out last week. she's out there once again this morning morning, early. yeah. good morning, james. well, it's actually on a completely other building them from what it was last week. you can see right over there. the 2 story building that caught on fire last week this morning. >> it was this building over here and you can still see some of the chardon us right there. not as big as last week's of fire. but still a significant one at that. so the complex does is known as the first church of nazarene. this is the second time it caught on fire within a week's time now, firefighters.
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>> got the call at midnight saying a single story building was on fire it wasn't as big like. i mentioned as last week, but they were able to put it out fairly quickly. now the video you're going to see now that was from last this fire ripped through the 2 story building within 40 minutes, fire investigators said that last thursday's fire caused was caused by human incidentally, the has a ring complexes in transition is being sold to a developer who was going to knock down all these anyways to make room for low income housing. so that is still actually happening even with these 2 incidents that happen now, as far as a fire this morning, it's still unclear what caused that fire. we are expecting investigators to come back out here at around to kind of explore the area and see that was caused by the same reason why the
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other fire happened which is basically human activity. i know that the pastor of this church. when i spoke to her last week. she had mentioned that there are a lot of homeless people. a lot of times they've been broken into because these buildings have been vacant for a while and it's pretty easy to break into cars are old buildings aluminum type windows that can open up pretty easily. so that might be a factor in this, but we still don't know. and of course, i'll try to talk to investigators when they come back out here try to figure out what caused this midnight fire. back to you guys. thank you for that. you only sad to hear the church has been going to that >> 6.10, is the time. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news family and friends are honoring a man who was killed in a violent attack over the weekend in san francisco will explain more about what happened in this case. plus, as we move deeper into the wildfire season. several counties across the bay area are taking steps to
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better prepare. we're going to talk about a fire that broke out over the weekend that had folks in the east bay pretty worried for a moment. we'll talk more about that. and coming up after the break. of course, we're going to share highlights from steph curry's, a magnificent performances reaches another milestone in his leading the warriors into the postseason. pretty credible performance to talk more about that coming up. and today we're going to be in for some sunshine eventually we got to wait for it. we still got the low gray hanging out overhead. >> it's also going to be another cold one today with highs only in the 60's to 70's the details in your forecast.
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this academic year has been, um, challenging. but i think there's so much success to celebrate. woman: it's been a year like no other. man: yet, for educators across california, the care, compassion, and teaching has never stopped. woman: addressing their unique needs... man: ...and providing a safe learning environment students could count on. woman: join us in honoring the work of educators. together, we will build a better california for all of us.
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>> well, now to the warriors, steph curry had another career milestone as he left the warriors to clinch the 8 seed in the playoffs. yeah. it was a pretty nice performers warriors capping off the season with a 3933 record. >> brating the memphis grizzlies yesterday at the chase center in front of a hometown crowd final score. one, 13 to one. the one steph curry scored 46 points and earning his second career scoring title at an average of 32 points per game for the season at 33 years old. steph curry now becoming the oldest scoring champ since michael jordan did so at the age of 35, that's not old. but in sports, it is steph curry now praising the team for all that. everybody did.
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>> everybody stepped up everybody's understood how they can impact the game on both ends of the floor and everybody has. created that edge of, you know, you don't want to mess this out there. so. i love that you know, we're in a good spot right there's a lot of work to do and no matter how the season goes. i'm really proud of the way we've. given ourselves a chance to make the season matter. >> a look at first data warriors taking on the lakers. now in la that will be wednesday night. it's the first postseason play in game tipoff for that will be 07:00pm go warriors. exactly. we talked about staff. you know, 33 to meet that. so >> and he's accomplished so much. i was telling rate, it makes everybody look at themselves going at haha, we're super proud you saw will bounce that well done to the entire team. exactly. alright, let's get over to the weather center. we've got john. take a look at the forecast as we look at gray skies outside my john. good morning, guys. yeah, a little gray to start.
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but we do get the sunshine tapping back into that this afternoon. >> after what is this this morning, which is berkeley looking at some cloud cover. now we are seeing visibility holding up well for most areas. a bit of good news as you make your way out the door on into work. but as you can see what you had in those hillsides like the berkeley hills. that's where you're running into the lower visibility. so just be mindful of that skies are going to be dry today. yesterday due to that lol pressure area that skirted through the state. we actually saw some shower activity for southern california. some brief showers, but actually very helpful rainfall for the los angeles area bay area. we stay dry. we are looking at some drizzle, though, as you make your way out this morning. that may be evident on roadways as you do make your way on to them now we are going to see this cool coastal breeze continuing. well through the day. in fact, only intensifying towards the finish of the day that sea breeze will kick up helping to keep temperatures cooled again tomorrow and we're going to keep that trajectory going all week long with temperatures
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below average 50's 60's for your highs. and san francisco and right along the coastline today. well, 60's and 70's will be our highs elsewhere in the bay area. none of us. they're going to be getting warmer than the mid 70's. so we're keeping the cooler feel around san jose. campbell cupertino each at 72 east bay daytime highs anywhere from the 60's to 70's with concord at 72 danville. a cool 68 oakland jacket where the at 63. well, warmest day time highs today. youngsville in vacaville for this to inland. still hanging on to the 70's tomorrow's temperatures will be right around the same as today's and it's actually going to be the warmest of the workweek tomorrow. believe it or not. that's only mid 70's that our warmest wednesday, thursday and friday we get a little bit cooler before weekend warm up by saturday. we're back to some seasonable conditions highs back in the upper 70's inland low 70's by the bay and warming just a bit further into the low 80's inland by sunday. john, thank you for that. we are tracking your commute for you this morning as you see.
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>> pretty busy right here at the bay bridge. they just tunnels metering lights on a little over hour ago. still a little under 12 minutes. once you reach the maze to get to that fremont street exit. there's also a traffic collision to tell you about in the east bay. this is on southbound north of west. a street in hayward at least one of those lanes are affected. they are slowing things down. let's head over and get a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. look at that traffic starts to pick up steel light a little bit under 14 minutes for you to make your drive there. let's head on over look at the golden gate bridge heading into the city. 20 minutes for you and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute at a richmond under 10 minutes. we'll have more throughout the morning before. now let's get back to the news. >> well, a violent weekend in san francisco. police investigating 3 homicides that happened within just a 24 hour period. the first shooting happened saturday at around 12:30pm in the afternoon. officers were called to dakota street in fort hill. that's where 2 men ages 49 at 54 were taken to the hospital. one of
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them died. the other still has life threatening injuries. just an hour few hours before that, a 50 year-old man was shot near 25th and connecticut. that was around 10 in the morning. medics rushed him to the hospital where he also later died. now the first fatal shooting happened last friday night along vienna and persia and with a 17 year-old has been arrested apparently connection with this shooting that person now facing murder charges. on sunday, family and friends of vergara held a memorial to remember him. he was a 31 mix. they say he was a good y e- man and there was no knowing what positive things he could have accomplished if he were still alive. the family obviously heartbroken by the loss. >> it feels like stole a piece of my heart. he was really positive thing. he really like to help other people. >> although there's been an arrest in the shooting. police are still investigating. if you have any information that could give more clarity to
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investigators call san francisco police. >> hillsborough police are looking for surveillance video after 2 homes were burglarized. 2 others had their windows shattered over the weekend there. one of the burglaries happened on astor avenue sometime between saturday afternoon and sunday afternoon. now in that case 3 bedrooms or ransacked another burglary happened around 10 saturday night on sky farm drive. now in that case a back window was smashed and items were stolen from inside. also saturday night. there were 2 attempted burglaries. both on denise road and in both cases windows were shattered while the homeowners. we're still inside. nobody entered the house. is there. >> we'll take a break here at 6.20. but coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news gas stations across the country are returning to normal following a massive hack of the colonial pipeline will tell you why the cyber attack is prompting lawmakers now to push for tougher security regulations. we'll be right back.
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♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> well, national news 5 days after the colonial pipeline resume operations gas is returning to stations across the east coast. many questions still surround how the heck happened and the u.s. and can they stop it from happening again. washington correspondent kellie meyer
6:24 am
reports for us. >> how do you want to protect companies and others from this happening again. yeah. i mean, this is such an important question. energy secretary jennifer granholm wants to strengthen the country's cyber security. >> following days of confusion and chaos after the colonial pipeline was compromised. we have to make sure that the systems themselves, the operators of the systems. we have what we need to ensure that their cyber defenses are strong. the attack has both current and former administrations calling for action. we've got to do a better job in terms of closing out boehner abilities. chris krebs served as director of the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency during the trump administration and says private companies must begin to think of this as not only a technical risk but as a business risk, he says president joe biden's moves this week to tighten security should help. i think it's a really plan.
6:25 am
>> i think it should effective if implemented properly. the hack as officials from both parties calling for action from here in congress. and to include cyber security improvements in the infrastructure bill cyber security. >> is a huge issue that we're going continue to deal with these problems. but the showed the vulnerability. >> maryland republican governor larry hogan is working with lawmakers from both the house and the senate to reach a bipartisan deal on infrastructure democrats and republicans from capitol hill met with the president this week but still haven't reached a compromise reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> 6.25 the time new this morning. the irs plans to send out child tax credit payments to families in less than 2 months. so look for that in the mailbox. this all part of president biden's american rescue plan to help families in need. the payments will begin on july 15th and then on the 15th day of each month. thereafter eligible families will receive $300 for each
6:26 am
child under the age of 6 and up to $250 for each child older than 6. the payments will stop at the end of the year unless congress reauthorizes them. >> and james, in 90 minutes from now, public officials will do what they have been telling homeowners to do for a long time. create defensible space in this particular case, it will be most of the city over rendon. i'll explain what's going to happen along this stretch of road in a live report.
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>> we are back. 6.28. is the time. and we're looking outside once again at this time the golden gate bridge. yeah. but thankfully it's not as foggy is normally we see see the bridge. yeah, he can see if you're driving, though. this is true. yeah, but it low clouds overhead. we've got john tracking that for us this morning. hey, john. yeah, thankful that the low clouds are sitting right above most of our bridges. so that means you're bridge travel is okay, but there are a couple of pockets out there on those hillsides, right above the bay. we're actually running into some of that cloud cover. so just forewarning in that regard skies are a little gray this morning. temperatures are certainly cool. so do not forget the jacket as you venture out on this monday, start timber on just a bit of a different perspective. you can see the golden gate. if
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you look really close there in the distance also can see that there's plenty of go around all across the bay area, not just near the coast but well inland this morning. so we're all sitting under the gray areas like livermore, especially the hillsides above the tri valley have been in the midst of some of that wer visibility. so please take it slower out there in those inland valleys radar shows you are dry skies. we're going to be under dry skies for another day. aside from some drizzle that you're seeing along the coastline. 40's and 50's for current temperatures alameda at 52 degrees berkeley and san francisco egypt. 49 cooler for the jacket for sure. don't fear about this afternoon. we're in for another comfortable one and all the cloud cover we've got we'll clear out by late morning reyna. tom, thank you for that as you're waking up this morning and hitting the roads. let's get a look at your traffic for you. >> heading into the city and you can see traffic is bumper to bumper here at the bay bridge. it's a little under 15 minutes. once you reach the maze to get to that fremont street exit. no major hot spots across the bridge. let's
6:31 am
also an overlooksat the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. look at that. a little under 10 minutes for you to make your way towards the peninsula. we'll head over and look at the golden gate bridge. check on that. we just showed you there. there's no major fog, a slow you down. so it's 20 minutes this morning into the city. we'll leave you with a look at the richmond sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond traffic picking up there a little under 10 minutes. so we'll have more on that throughout the morning for now. got to get back to this news. we do have breaking news overnight in the east bay church property in concord that caught fire last week has now. >> caught fire again. unfortunately kron four's julius evans covered that story when the first fire broke out last week. she's there again this morning. ellie, what are you learning? >> well, it's you know, it's pretty interesting that it only happened 5 days after that first effective broke out about midnight. they seem to got a handle on it pretty quickly because i don't see any firefighters out here
6:32 am
right now. they basically boarded up the area. but you can see this some of the charred this right there. it's still unclear what cause this fire. but you know, is just building right next door to the one that caught fire last week thursday. in fact, let's just show you some video of that fire now that fire was really big it like within 40 minutes of the 2 story building basically burned right from the first and second all way through the roof. now that one was avesta gators said that was caused by human fact they're saying that maybe somebody was basically sleeping in the crawl space of the church area still unclear whether it was intentional or by accident. but it was definitely being, you know, done by human activity. now, this one that happened this morning. we still don't know what caused did of vesta gators are expected to come out here in about an hour to take a look at it. something
6:33 am
to know about this whole the nas arena church it's basically in transition. so most of these buildings are completely empty. that's why no one has gotten hurt because it's being a developer has just purchased this area and they're going to be knocking down these buildings so they can build a income housing. it's definitely in transition. nobody's were nobody was in the bill or i should say no authorized people were in the building. like i said, we don't know what caused this one last night and now hopefully i'll be able to talk to some investigators that maybe they really give me an idea what actually caused this fire. back to you guys. for that report. you >> 6.33 on the clock. another big story this morning. grass and brush across the bay area. so dry the fires obviously can easily spark and spread temperatures don't even have to be extremely hot at this point, san jose fire crews, in fact, had to bring this 10
6:34 am
acre brush fire under control yesterday after it broke out near canyon creek area right along singleton road, fire crews blamed the dry conditions on the fires ability to spread the wind didn't help. no homes were damaged. thankfully nobody was hurt either. but obviously another reminder with really careful now as we're getting deeper and fire season. exactly. james now over in the east bay contra costa counties. >> taking a proactive approach to their fire season. they are there cutting down trees and brush to help get rid of all that fuel that can easily offer. as we know, parts of the east bay covered in steep hills and thick brush and part of that is in orinda where will tran is this morning in the effort today will to try and cut some of that back. good morning. >> good morning, james and rain. a look at the hills next to me is starting to dry out and we know that we're still approaching the heart a fire season. so the best way they're thinking is try to start a fire as best as possible. fish ranch road. you can see right behind me with the side here. they will begin
6:35 am
in about 90 minutes from now. this a go fund fish ranch. road. >> through auld tunnel road. it's a few miles of area that they want to clear. so take a look at your screen. this is important for you to now. yes, this is not a major thoroughfare, but there are a lot of people who still uses. and if you happened to be caught up during work. you could be backed up for about 20 minutes or so. so keep that in mind because it will begin at 8 o'clock this morning and goes all the way 4.30 this afternoon. what they will be doing is to try to remove all that dry vegetation on the ground there because it's not a matter of if, but when a wildfire will happen. so with that dry vegetation, acre really spark up and then raced through the hillside, get to the homes. in our end to the businesses. so there are thought is star of a wildfire removed things on the ground and high up in the air. they
6:36 am
will also have crews to try to clear as much space between the power lines and then the skies. so maybe create about 3 to 4 feet. room above the power lies in case those lines sparked that there's nothing above it for it to go on fire. and then if it happens to fall on the ground. james and and we've seen this in the north bay. if it happens to fall on the ground. hopefully it won't fall in an area where there's dry vegetation so they want to remove that as well. they will have a lot of equipment and manpower in this area. so be mindful of that 20 minutes is not a lot. but when in this area remote when you're used to going through that could back you up. so keep that in mind once it begins, i will bring you live pictures. but this is what basically the public works department is doing that. they've been telling homeowners to do to try to create that defensible space in this particular case, it's for the city over render release in this section of the
6:37 am
perimeter for the city of a rundown. back to you guys. all right. thank you very much, william. hopefully they can get that cut back without any. >> issues today. thank a lot has been going on today, especially alameda county. firefighters were out early. you can see chip in. >> fallen tree limbs to try and cut down potential wildfire fuel in that area. now it's all part of the bay area wide program for while higher risk. they need to find out if your property qualifies for free shipping service. you can just head over to our web site. we put that up for you on kron 4 dot com. >> well, happening today in the north bay. the santa rosa fire department is declaring the start of its wildfire season for the city and this follows several days of red flag warnings that we've seen issued up in sonoma county. and you can see in the video there on the screen just how dry the hills or there's a lot of fuel out there. the fire department is asking people not to create defensible space around their homes by removing dry bruch and other flammable material from at least 30 feet
6:38 am
around your property. well, some young firefighters are getting a firsthand lesson in fire defense this weekend. we had these girls taking part in nor cal women in the fire service training, the group learned first hand just what it takes to fight fire the event took place out of the livermore pleasanton fire department organizers are hoping that events like this will encourage more girls to consider a career in firefighting. >> well, in southern california. mandatory evacuations remain in effect at this hour as fire crews near los angeles try to contain that masses palisades fire. there. the flames have already scorched nearly 1400 acres. it's still just at 0% containment. investigators are now calling that fire suspicious. the crews have had to fight the flames from the air because of the rugged terrain. now witnesses describe just how fast the flames came over a nearby hill. take a listen. >> the hours that i've been up here has been roaring. want to peak the ridge. it just blew up the just something got
6:39 am
least 30 feet high. >> so far no injuries thankfully have been reported or structures damaged. well, that was john or right. but we also have a section on our website. kron 4 on our website just for wildfire resources. you can use your camera. few go ahead and hold that up to the screen right now. scan that qr code. it's going to take you directly to our web page where we have tips for you on creating defensible space around your home. we've got some evacuation checklists for you over the air and also fire preparedness tips again. you can just scan the code on your screen right now. it's going to take you to our wildfire resources page. >> the latest now from overseas. israeli warplanes attacked gaza again overnight as the conflict there enters a second week. you can see the blasts, the united nation met to discuss the crisis
6:40 am
yesterday, although took no action yet to resolve the issue hamas the palestinian militant group that rules. gaza has also increased its attacks as well firing nearly 3,000 rockets into israeli cities and towns in israel. hamas rockets have killed at last count. 10 people in gaza. nearly 200 people have been killed by israeli air strikes. the last war between the sides was back in 2014 and that would lasted more than 7 weeks. unclear how long this one will last. but here in the bay area, thousands took to the streets of san francisco demanding an end to the violence a long has more. >> there are at least thousands taking to the streets here in san francisco marching down 16 street here in the mission district. this is one of several demonstrations around the world. >> they waved flags and signs that read free palestine demonstrators gathered at the intersection of 16th street in valencia saturday calling for an end to israeli airstrikes over the gaza strip. the crowd
6:41 am
made their way through city streets, stopping traffic as they chant francisco police monitored a demonstration and shut down the area to vehicles. supporters are calling on lawmakers to put restrictions on how israel can spend aid from the united states. we want to sure i want to administration biden administration that the pen is seen in people. >> one you need p one people and we need to ask him to stop sending aid to the apartheid to say the fear is that right. >> enough is enough. a lot of people have been suffering for the last 70 years. saturday's event marks 73rd anniversary of what palestinians call their catastrophe. the uprooting of hundreds of thousands in the mideast war over israelis in 1948 creation here to support. >> all people and all weather in the united states or not internationally abroad who
6:42 am
suffer from imperialism and colonization. this is a beautiful showing of solidarity with the struggle of the palestinian people who have been fighting against apartheid colonization dispossession for the last 73 years. so this is the the most beautiful example of solidarity of standing with an oppressed people in their struggle for liberation and organizers say we can expect more of these demonstrations in the near future. >> in san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news at east bay. native drafted in the second round by the forty-niners. >> we talked with the family and former coach of aaron banks about what coming home means to him. plus, the forty-niners new rookie quarterback is at work card at mini-camp, we're going to hear from trey lance after the break. a good day for bay area. baseball. we have highlights from the a's and the giants wins. that's coming up next. >> not a lot sunshine out there just yet. but we will be looking coming out later today. so just hold on for
6:43 am
that daytime highs will rise back into the 60's and 70's cooler than average for this time of year it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will shake up sacramento, cut taxes. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at
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it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at >> and we're back at 6.45 i'm james fletcher. and i'm reyna harvey in for darya folsom today and we're checking on the weather. we are. good morning, john. hey, guys. good morning. it's a little gray out there this morning. it's also pretty cool this morning. so we're kicking off a monday kind of feel like early spring
6:46 am
rather than the later part of the season and we're going to keep that feel around through the afternoon and on into the of us. one thing we're not keeping around, though, is this cloud cover that is shrouding the entirety of the bay area right now you're berkeley. cam is showing some of those low clouds that pushed into the east bay hills. you're starting to get a little hints of u c berkeley down below but still pretty socked in up in those east bay hills. watch out for lower visibility as you head up into higher elevations across the bay bridges and bayside cities hanging out pretty good as far as visibility goes. that low through this weekend helping to result in the dip in %% temperatures. also resulted in some light showers down in southern california yesterday. we do have some drizzle in the bay area. that's not going to amount to much, though. just keeping roadways a touch wet, especially closer to the coast and on hillsides over in towards towards the east and north base. winds will continue to push in from the coastline today. this is going to have a cooling impact on our temperatures not just today but really the rest of
6:47 am
the week keeping temperatures below average through the workweek and winds will pick up tonight that sea breeze going to ensure that temperatures tomorrow remain just as comfortable as 2 days now near the coastline. obviously that's we're cooler temperatures will be only in the 50's right up and down the shore. well 60's for most of our bayside cities and then a few 70's popping up further inland areas. san jose. you'll be up to 72 today. santa clara 71 over into the tri valley. a mix of mid 60's in dublin to low 70's over towards livermore right along the bayshore oakland berkeley and richmond hanging out mostly in the low to mid 60's. keep the jacket on hand in these spots concord. you'll be at 72 with yacht. bill in vacaville are warmest areas and still not even in the low 80's. now, tomorrow daytime highs will actually be the warmest that they're going to be during the workweek, which is only one to 2 degrees warmer than today for most spots we cool down just a touch. even further come wednesday thursday and friday. it will also be pretty
6:48 am
windy. come wednesday and thursday. so that's going to make for a cool brisk feel to it saturday. we start to see temperatures rising that at least takes us back up to seasonable weather for saturday. and by sunday, starting to feel the warmth building again as highs inland reach the low 80's reyna. john, thank you for that. we're checking on your commute. i and not seeing any major hot spots. however, we do have an accident. >> 80 westbound at ellport how does look like it's bumper to bumper year. but you're still under 15 minutes for your drive time as you travel in from the east bay into the city. there. let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula there. that a little under 11 minutes for your drive time. and as you are driving in heavy across. yes, towards the golden gate bridge. no fog advisories in place for easier to travel into the city. a little under 20 minutes and we'll get a look at the richmond center fell bridge heading out of richmond that starting to slow down a bit
6:49 am
under 30 minutes for your drive time. we're going to stay on top of that. we'll have more coming up next. but for now, james back to the news. all right. let's talk a little bit about 49 ers. >> football getting closer and closer. the niners getting their first look at rookie quarterback trey lance, the team's number one or number 3 overall draft well, he was on the field for the first time at mini-camp areas throw the ball. number 5, he completed 20 of 24 passes in this limited work out last week, the rookie started showing up 14 meeting. so they start learning the playbook. lance says he is looking forward to learning the offense and to getting to work with his new teammates and we'll see how well they click. >> looking forward to to learn a new playbook and obviously senator playbook. so it's going to be a but for me, i mean, i've been waiting to learn a new playbook for the last, you know, 7, 8, months. so that unfunded to to finally be able to get into school doesn't mean my teammates. you know, it's thing that i've been looking forward to. like i said, for the last 6 months. >> they predict side of the forty-niners are set to begin their season on september
6:50 am
12th. that will be a way in detroit. they'll be taking on the lions. and in addition to. trey lance, we also got our first glimpse to at the bay area's own aaron banks. the offensive guard. he was a 4 star recruit out of l street. a high school. exactly. live now after several years in college. >> he's back home. i don't know if he's happy about that kron 4 sports reporter kylen mills has that story for us. there wasn't a louder crowd on nfl draft night. then the one in aaron banks east bay living room may come back to the bay >> you know, as soon as he picked up his own. >> is it me and my dad sitting right next to me in and made his and it screaming and to our allies is super intense. the el serino high school notre dame grad was selected 48th overall by the san francisco forty-niners. >> aaron's younger brother. franklin says his rise to the nfl hasn't been surprising to those who know him best. we
6:51 am
wake at 00:00am in the morning before school just to go to the gym workout, then go to school. you know, high school and just like his drive to just be better >> you know what he is the day before the you know, at that point i was like there's no doubt in my mind that this guy's going bring frank says they both grew up playing basketball. but once aaron started playing football in high school. the offers came pouring in. >> it became normal. you know, schools coming up to schools, talking to him every day on the you know, meetings going up having business and stuff like that is just. >> all crazy experience. but at the same time. we always knew of being at at notre dame. aaron worked his way up to a 2020, all acc selection will anchoring one of the strongest offensive lines in the nation and lhen he declared for the nfl draft i was i please everybody else was to force in the the san francisco forty-niners select.
6:52 am
>> family, friends and former coaches like jacob rink home were elated when aaron was chosen by the forty-niners. we've we've been seeing aaron. >> be a professional since high school. >> so, you know, its says it was definitely a special moment and exciting for the house community to see him get drafted. but for his family there is one catch greatest. and it kind of i was like, you look. >> we had at first. you know, wherever you, it didn't matter to me still, they say it will be special for aaron to launch his professional career so close to home and it won't be hard to find the bank's cheering section come the forty-niners opener at levi stadium this fall everybody's going to be. i know all of our coaches friends family is it's going to be wild because i had i'll tell you what, i will and i will lose my voice in the 1st and so we'll mom, i'm sure. >> all right. now to bury baseball to sepsis. good giants, clinging to first
6:53 am
place in the national league west. they were taking on the pirates sunday. let's show you some of the highlights here will jump to the top of the 9th giants up by one. we've got mike yastremski here at the plate and check this out that is a home run to right field. extending the giants lead fact they go on to win by final 4 to one johnson now be in cincinnati. that will be today taking on the reds and the first place a's were in minnesota taking on the twins. and here we are jump into the top of the 7th a's up byron bases loaded matt chapman at the plate and here is tapping one to 3rd base. that's good enough to drive in a run oakland wins this one by a final of 76, they'll be coming home next to take on the astros and that'll be tomorrow. >> we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
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>> we are back at 6.56. and here's a quick live look at the golden gate bridge were engineers still scratching their heads, trying to figure out a way to quiet the iconic landmark. but i mean, well, the bridge apparently has been humming since crews retrofitted sidewalk safety rails on the west side not too long ago. drivers on the bridge have posted audio recordings of the noise and in some cases people as far away as daly city have reported hearing it in the win.
6:57 am
>> coming up in the next hour of the kron 00:00am morning news. new guidelines from the cdc on face masks. it's causing all types of confusion and who can make that ultimate decision will find out ahead in a live report. plus, it's back to work for employees that sells force. more details and a live report and fire crews are working to put out another fire at a church building in concord and less than a week. we'll have a live report on that coming up after the break.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 7. >> all right. welcome, everybody. to the 07:00am hour. thank you for joining us. i'm james fletcher. i'm reyna harvey in for darya folsom this weekend was really cold. it was a little windy. make sure experience that at home, i don't know. we'll see how chilly it is out there this morning. if you have to step out in the near future. john, what temperatures we looking at. this is one of those mornings if you are working from home, maybe you could be grateful for that because if you are stepping outside, it is chilly. it is gray and you're going to be driving to work in the midst of some heavier traffic out there to us things start to get closer to normal. >> now, right now it's definitely jacket where the and even into the afternoon as temperatures remain cool like they did this weekend. keep the jacket on hand. you look outside right now from your temper on cam does show the low clouha


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