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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 22, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news we don't hate in union city. we just one. >> the send a message that we that we need to love each other. >> no update coming together to stop violence against asian americans mall continuing and ongoing conversation. welcome to kron 4 news at 8 o'clock this saturday. 9. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm just involved and police officers and members of the alameda county district attorney's office answered questions about hate crimes today. >> community members stop by the marina food market in union city to hear what resources are available. the deputy district attorney of
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alameda county wants people to know there is help whether or not a crime is charged. it can be very traumatic experiences for each victim. specially when. >> there's some hate crime or bias. that's a reason as to why the crime is, cause. why the crime is done and so sometimes it's because there's a stranger that's a perpetrator of the crime and sometimes people are a little timid or scared to actually report it. we have a big asian community in union city and we felt that if we held events to bring awareness to what's been happening. >> what we've been seeing in the media. to start a conversation about make bring solutions and encouraging involvement to help curb these activities. >> both agencies are reminding people to be extra vigilant. union city police say while crimes have not been as violent like we've seen in other bigger cities. there have been reported incidents of hate speech and vandalism. alameda county has a hotline for hate crimes and a
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dedicated unit who prosecute these types of crimes. we posted information on kron 4 dot com. it is harvey milk day honoring the late san francisco supervisor who was california's first openly elected official until he was assassinated at city hall along with mayor george moscone. e 43 years ago. governor gavin newsom issued this proclamation today saying, quote, today we honor a hero not for just his own community but for every californian fighting for freedom and equality adding, quote, we must carry on his fearless advocacy as we work towards a california for all. >> house speaker nancy pelosi also releasing a statement reading in part today over the last 4 decades, the movement for full equality has made tremendous progress in honor of his indomitable spirit. let us renew our vow to finish the work that harvey milk begin live up to our nation's founding promise of full equity and build a brighter future for all americans. no matter who they are or who they love. in the north bay
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tonight the brown county sheriff's department are arresting 2 people who allegedly involved in catalytic converter thefts. it comes after police say they noticed a car with expired registration during a fic stop while talking with 2 people inside that car. the deputy noticed several tools that are commonly used for catalytic converter thefts scattered across the car. we're told the driver of that car on pole of the time and the passenger had a warrant out for his arrest after searching that car officers discovered a number of tools and catalytic converters that had been cut off of cars. a driver trying to avoid hitting a raccoon now being blamed for a deadly crash that killed a passenger early this morning. it happened around midnight on the west lanes of i 80 near the san pablo dam. road exit oakland police investigating that crash after it happened. according to chp, the driver of that car once again, a ford expedition suv tried to avoid hitting an animal in the road when they lost control hitting up concrete pillar that suv
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then caught fire leaving the driver and passengers trapped inside of that suv. the driver, though, was able to escape with minor injuries. but the passenger unable to as the car went up in flames pronounced dead at the scene. a fast moving grass fire destroying a vacant home in sonoma county this afternoon. the milk fire tonight. now, contained firefighters remain on the scene to monitor for hot spots kron four's, gayle ong reports now from windsor. >> i'm here on old redwood highway near east side road and winds are this is about where the fire broke out. i can tell you one residential home that is bacon was destroyed in this fire. it burned about 10 acres and broke out about one 45 in the afternoon. cal fire had to drop several water drops to put out this place. the wind and dry fuel did not help at all. at one point highway one oh, one was impacting traffic. it was closed for about 2 hours. a fire did jump in the medium, but it was put out quickly. crews are starting to
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leave the scene. but we'll be here to monitor hot spots. firefighters just want to remind people fire season is here. take >> appropriate precautions. to you know, be aware the dry fuels that are out there. the current conditions conducive to fire spread. >> there were no injuries reported in this fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation in windsor. gayle ong kron 4 news. right now at kron 4 dot com. we have a section dedicated to drought and wildfire resources. just use your mobile device to scan the qr code that's on your screen right now and you'll be taken right to our website. >> kron 4 dot com. >> now to our 4 zone forecast. this saturday night. hopefully everyone got a chance to get out. enjoy the gorgeous weather. the weather has been quite perfect. not too hot, not too cold, though. there are some concerns about fire danger. let's check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah. and we're going to have the concerns not
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just through mid spring but all summer long justine and jonathan. we're tracking extreme to exceptional drought conditions. >> in the bay area extremely dry out there. one thing that is really going to help us, a grey and also our drizzle, believe it or not, dung the overnight hours and even into your early morning hours. that's actually going to help mitigate that fire threat, especially along the coast bringing us some much needed moisture to the bay area starting to see the return a gray out there from or sfo camera and radar for. we are tracking drier conditions and even for those of you in the sierra a mix of snow and rain showers. we have been noticing some much needed rain and snow there for the last couple of days. and today it's going to start to dry out tonight through the overnight hours as well. sierra snowpack just about 2 to 5% of average. so extremely dry out there as well. let's take a look, though, at temperatures as you
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head out the door for your saturday night, widespread 50's 60's. so we are noticing low 50's along the coast pacific and half moon bay starting to see that fog been creeping closer towards downtown san francisco. 54 degrees, low 60's for those of you in san jose. and we are tracking some mid 50's for oakland with dublin and conquered in the low to mid 60's and widespread mid 50's for most of the north bay. but in the inner most valleys of saint helena and cloverdale low to mid 70's there. even at this 8 o'clock hour, believe it or not, when trucker for though. we are tracking calmer winds along the coast did see gusts upwards of 30 miles per hour or less now in the single digits. but some breezy double digit winds for those of you in land as you make your way into the east and north bay with fairfield currently seeing the gusty us winds at 22 miles per hour or less and a gradual warming trend with seasonal temperatures returning for the 2nd half of your weekend and above average highs arriving monday of this
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upcoming workweek. details on that. in my full forecast in just a few minutes to cnn. jonathan, back to you. thank you so much. now deputies in solano county have had an increase in calls from mountain lion attacks. they posted this picture and said livestock and pets. >> have been killed by these wild animals. adding you can protect your pets by keeping them indoors at night and protect livestock by having heard protection dog. it is also against the law to hunt mountain lions without a permit. every year. there are at least 20 billion shoes produced worldwide. and more than 300 million of them end up in landfills. now a company named sneaker impact is working to change that fate. one shoe at a time. the company collects your unwanted choose to give those in need across the world. in addition, the company also donates to a charity of your choice for every issue that you donate. >> in these countries that received the sneakers. this is their form of transportation. this is their vehicle. this is the difference between getting to school, getting to work,
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not contracting any kind of soil borne diseases. these are this is, you know, pretty much life or death and it's life changing to these people because they would not be able to afford a pair of well, engineer sneakers unless they get them on the second hand market, which is what we provide to them. >> this story first ran on our streaming news app kron on sneaker impact is a nationwide program. >> still much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock police in los angeles arrested the man they believed to be resronsible for
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a lot of people spent the afternoon in the castro district today celebrating what would have been harvey milk's 91st birthday milk. as we mentioned, the first openly elected official in the california history assassinated. >> in 1978 kron four's. harding live tonight with a look at the celebrations in honor. >> of milk this and. >> good evening. the annual event. it was entirely virtual last year. this year. they did do some things virtually, but
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they also had people come in person. they want to ease people back into a sense of normalcy and have some social events and they used harvey milk's birthday as a chance to do that. >> 100%. one harvey would have wanted to see people back on the streets of the celebrating life. hundreds of people gathered in the castro district. remember the life and legacy of harvey milk on what would have been his 91st rtant that can. >> but they're saying that see you visibility is important for everyone was the first openly elected official in california history. >> he served on the san francisco board of supervisors. he was assassinated while in office at the age of 48 party's legacy extends to the entire world. the event was hosted by the castro lgbtq cultural district and several other local organizations organizer steven torres says along with celebrating milk. >> they ware also trying to help the community of the
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pandemic. >> we had like 200 vaccinations that were being given out by the department public health. he says even decades later milks passage of unity is still needed. we understood the importance of bringing multiple to the table and in san francisco, we've all lost. we've lost a little bit that g b t q cultural district program associate samuel for bella says he was grateful to see so many people back in person to see will face it been a nice day. and very like the celtics ball. >> organizers. tell me milk's birthday is often a soft kickoff to pride month, which is the month of june and they say they hope to see even more people gathering for that while doing it safely live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> thank you so much, amanda.
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and coming up later on this hour, we'll be talking with harvey milk's nephew about his uncles like the sea and also how they're continuing on the fight for lgbtq equality. that's coming up little bit later on here. that's right. but before then, we are talking weather this saturday night. we're going to get you ready for the start of your sunday. hopefully it >> carbon copy of what we saw today. reversed a yeah near carbon copy. if you love today's forecast, jonathan. and just seen you're going to love tomorrow's. >> a degree or 2 warmer and that's going to bring us right about where we should be for this time of year near seasonal temperatures. thanks to today's slight warm-up. we're at or slightly below normal where we should be for this time of year. and by tomorrow we're going to be exactly average for mid-may. let's take a look though, at temperatures out there right now. and we are tracking radar for seeing the return of that marine layer and also drier conditions out there. so no threat of showers or thunderstorms for inland valleys today. but the one
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thing we are going to see according to future cast for will be the return of a grey and also drizzle fest. let's take a look hour by hour, by 11 o'clock tonight, specifically for those of you at half moon bay, you're going to notice some light steady drizzle in your area during the overnight hours and that's going to continue a little bit more spotty, though, by around your sunday morning and even impacting those of you in the east bay shoreline like fremont. but then we're going to dry out clear out and warm up to near average highs for the 2nd half of the weekend. so if you have an outdoor plans, you're like it's going to be a beautiful weekend forecast in the bay area. rain totals could see traces amount for those of you in the east bay shoreline. but a few hundredths of an inch of rain for those of you at half moon bay. so drier for the north bay. but temperatures right now we're starting to cool down into the 50's and 60's widespread low to mid 50's around the bay area shoreline. but conquered and antioch. very pleasant temperatures out
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there right now currently in the mid 60's nevado trying to flirt with 60's. but 59 degrees, as you step outside for your saturday night and overnight lows tonight, mid to upper 40's. but for those of you in oakland, in antioch, little bit milder in the low to mid 50's with antioch. only cooling down to 53 degrees and daytime highs tomorrow exactly where we should be for this time of year. mid 60's for downtown san francisco. upper 60's. for those of you in oakland with mid 70's for san jose and livermore santa rosa and avato flirting with 80's warming up into the upper 70. so taking a look ahead at your next 7 day outlook. a little bit of a roller coaster ride warming up monda a bit on tuesday until we warm up again on wednesday. but beautiful weather in store. pleasant temperatures near average highs after our midweek warm-up heading our way and then in our 10 at 10 outlook. we have a sizzle coming up where it's going to be hot next weekend for
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memorial day. more on that at 10 o'clock duties that can't believe that's also next weekend. i know. and really rolling on the official start of summer. here we go. >> thanks for recent storms. now to a tragic story we're following out of orange county where a 6 year-old boy was killed in an apparent road rage shooting on friday morning. >> and tonight police in the city of orange are still looking for the shooter. tracy bloom spoke to the boys devastated family. >> i just want them to know what they took from the world today. what they took from my family. a little child of happiness. >> alexis clune is angered and heartbroken that someone would shoot into her mother's car and the 55 freeway killing her 6 year-old brother adan leo's a teen was sitting in his booster seat in the back of the family's silver chevy sedan. alexis says her mom is beside herself with grief. she's not doing well because it's every mother's worst nightmare. she had to hold him
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while he was dying. >> you know like no mother should have to go through that. alexa says her mother was driving her brother to kindergarten at calvary chapel in yorba linda. >> what a white sedan cut her mom off on the 55 freeway near chapman in orange as she tried to switch lanes. another family member m made a gesture and that the suspect's car pulled behind them and shot into the back of their car around 08:00am she heard something? but she didn't identify as a gun shocked because no one would think that someone just shot a bullet into my car. >> so it wasn't until the she grabbed him in. there was blood all over her clothes. alexa says the suspect's car was a white volkswagen jetta. she says her mom told her that a woman was driving at a man was in the passenger seat. >> police scour the freeway for hours for any clues today and are now searching for a little aiden's killer for never going to be full again. >> he was. he was amazing. >> and i hope that they know what they took today. that's a
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tough one. those tracy bloom reporting for us tonight. i can't even begin to imagine what what's going to tonight. that terrible. >> meanwhile, in los angeles all along with that investigation. police there have also made an arrest in connection with the anti semitic attack on a jewish man outside of a hollywood restaurant on tuesday. a group of men carrying a palestinian flag attacked jewish people who are dining outdoors that suspect currently charged with assault with a deadly weapon. but hate crime charges now pending. in fact, los angeles police now requesting the suspects bill be enhanced because his alleged crime was motivated by hate. police say they are not releasing his name but they do believe that he was one of just several suspects involved in that incident tonight, they're still working to identify and locate and arrest the other suspects involved. a 19 month pause on federal student loan payments finally coming to an end. if you have them.
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>> we'll let you know when you have to start sending those checks back into the government as more states reopen the need for workers continues to grow. >> how state leaders plan to solve the issue by ending covid-19 unemployment benefits.
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you want me to shut the life you want me to shut the lights behind me. >> about a half million folks have been vaccinated that the covid-19 vaccine mega site at the oakland coliseum. the site is set to close tomorrow. the
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state's office of emergency services and fema opened in back in february. but for the last few weeks it's been run by alameda and contra. costa county officials, the alameda county health leaders say that now that the site is closing they will focus on other areas across the county that have been hit hard by the pandemic. >> and because the numbers are improving so much here and across the country. a growing number of lawmakers are moving forward with plans to end covid-19 unemployment benefits. they're blaming them for keeping people out of work starting next month. at least 22 states will slash that extra $300 a week. benefit which is currently being added to the standard unemployment check new numbers show unemployment levels have hit a new pandemic. low, but many employers say they're struggling to fill openings. the extra $300 unemployment check will officially end for every state september 6th. >> we need to have the government incentivize people to come back to work. we literally do not have staff to be able to operate 5 days a week anymore.
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>> the extra $300 unemployment check will officially end. as i said for every state september 6, something else that will be coming to an end very soon. federal student loan payments will set to resume starting on october 1st marking the end of a 19 month pause put in place because of the pandemic. no payments have been required on federal slowing since march of last year. interest stop adding up during that time as well. saving the average borrower roughly $2000 in the first 12 months. the pause on pavements in the payments, i should say. and the interest waiver only applies to federally held loans which accounts for about 85% of all federal student loans. if you have your phone handy right now and want to learn more about vaccinations in the state's reopening. you can scan the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you directly to our covid-19 section a kron 4 dot com there you can find more covid news and even ways on how you can schedule your vaccine appointments.
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>> welcome back, everyone. today is harvey milk day san francisco. a lot of folks taking the time to honor the late san francisco supervisor assassinated 43 years ago this year on november 27th 1978 and today would have been his 91st birthday. >> and there have been so many
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celebrations not only here in the bay area. in san francisco but also across the country really. >> to honor him and we are honored right now to be joined by his nephew. stuart milk is joining us now to talk a little bit about his uncle's legacy. thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4. >> it's great to be with you both. >> so can you tell us what your uncle would think if you could put yourself in his position. since you're sort of leading the the charge now. what would he think of everything that's going on now with rights. >> well, i mean, i think the first thing my uncle would say is that there's more work to be done and that the lgbt community represents asian americans and african americans and in any of those communities are under attack and there's hatred towards them. that's hatred towards the lgbtq communities. we have a long way to go in terms of of of fully accepting the lgbtq community. but we really
8:30 pm
have a tremendous amount of intersectionality with other marginalized and diminish communities not only in the u.s. but around the world. so he would be reminding us that there's still a lot more work to be done. to be done what does that say? that's that. obviously your your uncle. >> you know, breaking barriers having this unfortunate tragedy that ensues life. but so many around so many people around the world come together to celebrate his legacy that has to be a tremendous honor for not only you but for the rest of your family as well. talk a little bit about what that means for you and the rest of your family. >> yeah. well, for me ous the only person that i could talk he died when i was a he was the only person that i could say i so different. i didn't tell him that i was, but but i told him that i felt different and he told me that that's a gift that are differences is ae
8:31 pm
gift and that don't ever let the power and medicine that that difference can bring to the world. and so i think for me it's always his birthday is a joyous time he came into the world in 1930. he was very impacted on what was happening in europe when he was a what when he was in school school and the division that happened months communities in europe. and so for it's it's a time where can celebrate my own goal and his prophetic message. you know, it was it really was prophetic. didn't know who we didn't know when. but he really thought that he would be assassinated. he didn't want that assassination to go. and not be remembered from his famous quote that the bullets that's national my brains. destroy every closet door jonathan and just seeing that was a message for every community, not just the lgbt
8:32 pm
community any community that is that people feel that they have to hide who they are, their the color of their skin, their religion. it's a message that no, we should be taking off those masks. we should be and the world should celebrate our authenticity. >> he had a great quote that said hope well, never be silent and i wonder with the hope that is out there today as we celebrate your uncles birthday. there are so many other ways that he's being honored not only here in san francisco in the bay area, but across the country were mentioning before to us about something in miami and in san diego. can you touch a little bit on those. >> sure. those city of miami beach where actually to have spent some had both the city council and the mayor voted for the street eating up to the to them. sorry to the convention center as harvey milk boulevard, montpelier france has renamed their convention this past week as
8:33 pm
harvey convention center and i was on the u.s. navy ship harvey milk on tuesday in san diego. it's only half done, but it's really to me it's so inspiring that the men and women will serve on the ship. and it's the first ship. obviously for an lgbtq activist or or openly lgbtq person. but it's also the first need because every name after someone who was not decide who is not honorably discharge. my uncle was forced to resign and had a less than honorable discharge. and it's really important that people learned that we that that we made mistakes that are institutions made mistakes and that we are now not just including everyone but we celebrate everyone. >> jonathan's a navy that i am. and it's you know, i it's it's incredible to know that, you know, i didn't know that at first. it's it's incredible because you are right. typically ships are named after president cities and obviously that that is something very special for the
8:34 pm
men and women, the united states navy to serve on board that ship. so it will be a very, very special honor for for them and i'm sure a lot of folks definitely looking forward to taking to the high seas as well. >> absolutely. it's come it will be commission in november. >> all right. stuart milk, thank you so much for your time and. sharing some incredible information about your late uncle who is still having an impact all across the globe literally every corner of the earth years after his death. thank you so much for spending time with us tonight to talk about it. >> we'll switch it up now to talk about our weather forecast. it was actually a picture perfect day to day, by the way. welcome back. justine, it's been a while since i saw since i sat next to you so happy that you're back. >> i'm glad someone miss me. i mean, i'm just saying it's been a by the way. is here with a can go back to a recent.
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>> you go back to she was celebrating mother's day with her family. she deserve that time off, right. she was happy i love great. i felt that she just needed a mental break from me. >> i think she knew that mental break. haha. let's take a look your sierra forecast because we've been noticing a winter wonderland. >> now starting to see more rain than snow showers out there. i 80 at castle peak. so it is going to make for a slick commute. >> for your saturday night. so please drive safely we're noticing drier conditions, especially farther north and east bay valleys. we saw some thunderstorms and showers just a few days ago. but we're starting to see still some pretty active weather for those of you in the sierra in the form of rain showers continuing throughout tonight. this is going to be the pattern that we're going to see also during the overnight hours as well with right now they're valley seeing some snow showers out there a
8:36 pm
little bit drier for south lake tahoe. but you're going to start to see some bands of rain arriving in your area within just a few let's take a look at futurecast for we're still going to notice some rain and snow showers lingering during the early morning hours of sunday until we finally start to dry out by sunrise and then warming up as well by your sunday afternoon. so we are heading in the right direction. we've been below average for the last couple of days spoiled with all these rain and snow showers certainly helping out the sierra snowpack. but these warmer temperatures heading your way in this year in the coming days going to help with snow melt. unfortunately. so enjoy it while it lasts. we're going to see by sunday afternoon mid 50's turning into mid 60's by monday and low 60's by your tuesday afternoon close to home for us here in the bay area dairy perfect spring-like weather near average temperatures for
8:37 pm
mid-may standards arriving for the 2nd half of your weekend. so hopefully you have some fun outdoor plans for your sunday afternoon. temperatures warming up into the mid 70's for conquered and livermore mid 70's as well for san jose. but check out nevado and santa rosa low 80's for your sunday afternoon for the 2nd half of the weekend. seasonal temperatures finally arriving for downtown san francisco saw slight bump in temperatures today but warming up into the mid 60's to 63 degrees by tomorrow and upper 60's for oakland at 68 degrees and taking a look ahead at your next 3 day forecast. we're going to continue that warming trend through monday, slight dip on tuesday thanks to some breezy winds and a stronger marine layer with temperatures warming up again, midweek. but it's a memorial day weekend where things are really going to heat up details on that at your 10 at 10 outlook. a sneak peek coming up in just a few minutes after your break. back to you. just jonathan, thank you so much. still ahead
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tonight, the search is on for a $10,000 prize. >> how you can get in on the quest for this hidden treasure. >> leader says are demanding more from safeway grocery stores in san francisco's castro district. why they say the store to apologize for an incident involving a young african-american boy. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it_ all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you... and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible.
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>> apologize that was the demand made by civil rights activists and community organizers today outside a safeway store in san francisco's castro district. >> this comes after what demonstrators have been calling, what they believe is a lackluster explanation from the company issued last month after an 11 year-old african-american boy on his way to school was allegedly racially profiled after getting a sandwich from that storm. kron 4 google has more tonight about safely issuing yet another response. >> members of the naacp san francisco city leaders and a supports a safe ways. initial explanation of the april 26 incident fell flat and the author of the $25 gift certificate to make up for it was disrespectful. i'm just 17 right now. >> and i can not believe going through that trauma at 11 years old. jamari and his family did not attend this event, but at a rally on may 5th. he said he was racially
8:42 pm
profiled last month. 3rd party security guards at the safeway store in san francisco's castro district. >> falsely accused the africa. it's stealing a sandwich and paid for almost a month later community leaders and organizers are still demanding an apology, but there's going to come you have say. minutes later, the colts later took the mike is president of safe ways. northern california and says the company has apologized to and his family directly. we're going to with every single employee and make sure they understand. >> the incident here. how it came across, how it doesn't match our values and get everybody's commitments to better job safely adds the security guards involved no longer in the school. >> in >> still to come tonight, we will take you to the peninsula and to great america as the
8:43 pm
gates finally reopen for guests for the first time in more than a year. >> and how having a vaccine could give you a boost in the dating world. what dating after
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
>> theme parks are reopening across the state and across the bay area, especially here. >> people just love them. some roller coasters and they're
8:46 pm
rolling again at california's great america. you can join me in one of those who love the roller coasters. some has been park. >> the guy we're dry due on one of you don't want to see, you know. i bet it's a lot of fun. the park today reopening at 25% capacity. also opening today. hurricane harbor over in the in the east bay in conquered as well. kron four's camila barco was there at great america and has a look at the turnout. >> nothing has physically changed here at california's great america. all of the roller coasters are running the park's characters are ready to greet people and you can munch on the same food. but people will have to do a few things differently relief. but it has definitely excited. plan to write everything behind the face mask is happiness. visitors can once again enjoy some roller coaster. luncheon park food at california's great america. i love news in part that i love sneyland universal whatnot. so i'm just really excited to back in environment again, a few 1000 people reserve a spot for saturday's reopening
8:47 pm
making a reservation is now the only way to be able to walk through the gates, put them a year since i've been in my like this. so i'm really excited to be here. this kind of like kind of have sense of normalcy make like normal sea. i guess some took the opportunity to celebrate. i miss my little brother's birthday. their birthday. others wanted to leave quarantine behind that planted even in our every day in the park requires visitors to wear face coverings and have their temperature checked before entering visitors like gabby camacho says the request is no problem. i'm actually nervous to not have a any more because i'm so used to like having them on, you know, hand sanitizers replace that almost every right workers are wiping down the attractions after each use and markers are placed on the floor to remind people to stay 6 feet apart even snoopy social distancing. >> that starting open up an organ is opportunity to have more fun. all you need is. >> a face mask a reservation
8:48 pm
and be prepared to have a good time. and california's great america committee barco. >> kron 4 news due to camila to get a lot of those rides to check it out. yeah, you can all right. here's a look at where her vaccination numbers stand tonight here in california you can see the state reporting fewer than 1200 new cases in just the last 24 hours over that same time there have been 15 new deaths to covid-19 and today the state has given out 36 million doses of the vaccine was 16 and a half million californians. >> now fully vaccinated. so we just have to keep improving on those numbers in order for more things to. >> open back up. but the state has now said june 15th as the day that they will eliminate a lot of the social distancing and indoor requirements and some mask rules are also >> also for the folks down in santa clara county, more than a million folks there now fully vaccinated, which is an incredible milestone has once again as we continue to move forward with easing the
8:49 pm
restrictions from the pandemic and new cases are also dropping across the united states experts say new cases are at their lowest level since last june. >> as cases hospitalizations and deaths steadily dropped this week. life in america has largely resumed health experts credit the rollout of vaccines to this dramatic turnaround that really started in january. but they also caution that not enough americans have been. vaccinated to completely extinguish the virus. president biden is trying to convince people to sign up for shots by hitting an upbeat message that the vaccines offer a return to normal life. >> and among those normal things in life dating as part of an effort to get more americans vaccinated. today the white house announced that it is now teaming up with some of the most popular dating apps to allow users to highlight their vaccination status. our washington correspondent raquel martin reports the announcement comes as the. >> president biden's administration aims to get 70% of adults. at least one shot
8:50 pm
of the vaccine by the 4th of july. >> we have finally found. the one thing that makes us all more vaccination. the white house hopes the country swipes right on vaccination will get free. you're pree super lakes 14% more likely to get a match if you're vaccinated friday, the white house covid response team announced the most popular dating apps like tinder hinge, ok cupid and bumble will now allow users to easily show. they're vaccinated and have access to premium content. he called them and told them our push to get to 70% by july 4th and to their credit, they said yes on the spot. they said we want to help then work on a with the white house covid response team says with restrictions lifting they want to incentivize younger americans to get vaccinated. but we're trying to do is make it as easy as possible. making a little bit fun to get vaccinated. so pight now there are 80,000 locations for some can get back to ghana tells me while the majority of seniors are fully vaccinated roughly 60 million adults under the age of 40 or not. the bottom
8:51 pm
line is we're all saying get vaccinated. doctor anthony fauci says it's 70% of the country gets at least one shot by july 4th the chances of another surge would be extremely low us surgeon general vivek murthy says the biggest hurdle remains access and information that overall vaccine confidence but country remains high murthy hopes with the help of businesses and tech groups including lyft and uber who've already announced free rides vaccination sites progress will continue in washington. raquel martin. >> we go now to our 4 zone forecast from meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what's on tap for the rest of the night. if you have some plans, if you're headed out and first thing in the morning. yeah. and we're going to notice even warmer temperatures for your sunday afternoon. so if you love today's forecast. >> you're like it's going to continue for the 2nd half of your weekend. we did see some pretty dense fog earlier today
8:52 pm
we're treating back to the coast. but now they gray is making a comeback to our bay area coastline. the good news is we can make out the golden gate bridge which we could to just a few hours ago because it was just covered with that low and high cloud cover. but temperatures out there tomorrow. clearing up just in time for your sunday afternoon. a lot of sunshine with temperatures for golden gate park and downtown san francisco warming up into the mid 60's and not going to see as strong of a sea breeze like we saw today, 20 miles per hour or less by your sunday afternoon. half moon bay holding steady at 58 degrees just like today warming up into the upper 50. so i hope you enjoyed that it half moon bay with mid 60's from brisbane all the way into burlingame and san mateo and san carlos also seeing mid 60's 66 degrees for your sunday afternoon with redwood city warming up into the low 70's. so very pleasant temperatures there continuing with the low to mid 70's. for
8:53 pm
those of you in the south bay san jose 73 degrees, as is cupertino santa clear, though degree warmer at 74 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs with mid 70's for most of the inner most east bay valleys 76 degrees for livermore hayward warming up into the low 70's as our berkeley and richmond 76 degrees of peace for concord and walnut creek. and for those of you in the north bay. we're also going to see warmer temperatures, even some low 80's for parts of solano county vacaville 81 degrees with mid 70's for napa and sonoma at 76 degrees in santa rosa and avato trying to flirt with 80's. but upper 70's for your afternoon highs and for the next 7 days, we're going to see a slight change temperature wise warming up to start your work week monday. slight dip on tuesday with the return of some breezy winds and also a great thanks to that on shore flow pushing in that low and high cloud cover. but then slightly warmer temperatures on wednesday and
8:54 pm
it looks like wednesday is going to be the warmest day of the next 7 days before we really warm up by next weekend. just cnn jonathan memorial day weekend. hope you have outdoor plans find some shade stay cool because it's going to be hot. going to have another mini heatwave heading our way just in time to find a friend with the pool. >> i'll be here got nothing worry. got. what about before? i'll probably still be here. will still be here. limit the risk. go get a trouble of smart move. stay with ac so it's a right back.
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well, that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock, but we still have a lot more news ahead tonight. and the hour went by really fast. i'm glad we're having fun. that's true. all right. we'
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
>> when foreign time from the bay area's local news station.
9:00 pm
you're watching kron. 4 news at noon on. >> no o'clock fire crews busy today and winds are battling a grass fire that sparked eventually burning 10 acres even stopping traffic on one. oh, one for a while and destroying at least one building. that's where we start to saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. welcome it. i'm jonathan mccall. and i'm justine waldman. crews are still on the scene right now. monitoring for hot spots. but as our gayle ong reports. >> they do have the fire contained. >> i'm here on old redwood highway near east side road and winds are this is about where the fire broke out. i can tell you one residential home that is bacon was destroyed in this fire. it burned about 10 acres and broke out about one 45 in the afternoon. cal fire had to drop several water drops to


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