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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 22, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you're going down! down to the recycling center! >>hey, thanks martins! yeah, you're welcome. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news we go. one case in union city, just one. >> the send a message that we that we need to love each other. >> no at 10 coming together to stop violence against asian americans while also continuing to have an ongoing conversation. good evening and welcome to kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock this saturday night. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. police officers and members of the alameda county district attorney's office answered questions about hate crimes today. community members stop by the marina food market in
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union city. >> to hear about the resources that are available, the deputy to shut of alameda county wants people to know there is help whether or not a crime is charged. >> it can be very traumatic experiences for each victim. specially when there's some hate crime or bias. that's a reason as to why the crime is, cause. why the crime is done and so sometimes it's because there's a stranger that's a perpetrator of the crime and sometimes people are a little timid or scared to actually report it. we have a big asian community in union city and we felt that if we held events to bring awareness to what's been happening. >> what we've been seeing in the media. to start a conversation about make bring solutions and encouraging involvement to help curb these activities. >> both agencies are reminding people to be extra vigilant. union city police say while the crimes have not been violence like we've seen another bigger cities. there have been reports says reports
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of hate speech and vandalism. alameda county has a hotline for hate crimes and a dedicated unit units to prosecute these types of crimes. posted that information on kron 4 dot com and people spent the afternoon in the castro district celebrating what would have been harvey milk's 91st birthday milk. the first openly elected official in california history. >> was assassinated in 1978 can force them into heart live tonight with a look at the celebrations held today and weather for the first time since last year, folks were actually able to attend some of these in ended. >> yeah, jonathan, last year it was entirely virtual this year. they brought people back in person. organizers said they want to give people some sense of normalcy and ease them back into the idea of being in person. it was less of a party than years past. but people were still able to celebrate harvey milk. >> 100%. one harvey would have
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wanted to see people back on the streets of the celebrating life. hundreds of people gathered in the castro district. remember the life and legacy of harvey milk on what would have been his 91st birthday. whet he's done for the community very important that >> but they're saying that we see you visibility is important for everyone was the first openly elected official in california history. >> he served on the san francisco board of supervisors. he was assassinated while in office at the age of 48 party's legacy extends to the entire world. the event was hosted by the castro lgbtq cultural district and several other local organizations organizer steven torres says along with celebrating milk. >> they were also trying to help the community take its next steps out of the pandemic. >> we had like 200 vaccinations that were being given out by the department of public health. he says even decades later milks passage of unity is still needed. we
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understood the importance of bringing multiple to the table and in san francisco, we've all lost. we've lost a little bit of that g b t q cultural district program associate samuel for bella says he was grateful to see so many people back in person to see will face it been a nice day. and very like the celtics ball. >> organizers. tell me milk's birthday is often a soft kickoff to pride month, which is the month of june. they hope to see even more people out gathering safely next month. live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news, thank you so much, amanda. >> now governor newsom issued this proclamation today saying, quote, today we honor not just for his own community but for every californian fighting for freedom and equality adding, quote, we must carry on his fearless advocacy as we work toward a california for all.
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>> house speaker nancy pelosi also releasing a statement today saying in part, quote, over the last 4 years, 40 decades for decades. i should say the movement for full equality has made tremendous progress in honor of his indomitable spirit. let us renew our vow to finish the work that harvey milk begin live up to our nation's founding promise of full equality and build a brighter future for all americans. no matter who they are or who they love. in the north bay tonight, the marin county sheriff's office arrested 2 people who they say may have been involved in catalytic converter thefts. it comes after police say they pulled over a car for an expired. registration while talking with 2 people inside the deputy on scene. notice several tools that are commonly used for those catalytic converter thefts. they were scattered all across the vehicle. the driver of that car on parole. the passenger wanted for his arrest had a warrant out for his arrest after searching the car officers discovered
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deputies, i should say discovered burglary tools along with kaleta converters that had been cut off of a number of vehicles. san bruno police are looking for whoever shot at a moving car this morning. investigators say it happened in the area of cherry and genevieve avenues when officers got to the scene, they say the man who owned the car says an unknown person fired a single shot at his car hitting the rear window. luckily the driver was not injured but tonight investigators believe this may have been a targeted attack so far no arrests have been made. >> we'll switch it up down, talk about our 4 zone forecast on the saturday night, blue skies, plenty of them on this saturday. will we see the same on sunday. here's mabrisa with the answers yet. and we had beautiful weather on tap today warming trend continuing in the bay area lasting all weekend long near average today one to 2 degrees below normal, though. but we're tracking low 60's today for downtown san francisco. >> mid 70's for san jose. take a look at concordd78 degrees
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when you should be at 79. so i'd say we're pretty spot on taking a live look, though we're seeing the return a gray. she's back fog. carla out in full force city hall lit up in gold and purple this evening. and we're also tracking some light showers arriving. for those of you at mount hamilton. pretty dry, though, for everyone else in the bay area in future cast for going to see some measurable amounts of drizzle. we have another round of drizzle fest heading our way during the overnight hours. impacting your sunday morning commute. so make sure to drive safely could see some slick spots on the road. specifically those of you at half moon bay and along the southern portion of the east bay shoreline right around fremont. so just keep that in mind could see a few hundredths of an inch of eain, measurable amounts of rain thanks to that deeper marine layer made great is back in the forecast. temperatures tomorrow and for right now going to be near seasonable factor tracking average temperatures not just for overnight lows but even for
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tomorrow's daytime highs right now in the low to mid and even upper 50's 2 santa rosa 49 degrees. so noticeably cooler there already thanks to that cool and strong sea breeze with antioch in the low 60's at 62 degrees. only city right now in the bay area in the low 60's overnight lows tonight though widespread upper 40's. so going to see a slight bump in our overnight temperatures. thanks. today's warm-up, even cooling down to 53 degrees with temperatures tomorrow. exactly where we should be for this time of year as our warming trend continues. widespread mid to upper 70's for most of our inland valleys conquered 76 degrees upper 70's for those of you in santa rosa and avato with novato flirting with 80's at 79 degrees. so enjoy that san jose very pleasant afternoon highs for the 2nd half of your weekend. so i hope you have an amazing outdoor plans 73 degrees for you with hayward at 71 degrees in downtown san
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francisco, right where we should be in the mid 60's at 63 degrees. but it's next weekend that we really need to keep an eye on because don't forget it is going to be memorial day weekend and we're tracking low 90's for hottest inland valleys could see mid 80's by monday. but then the following day of memorial day. the unofficial start of summer already warming up into the 90's, not temperatures that we want to see, especially in mid-may when we're already under extreme to exceptional drought conditions. more on that in a few minutes. back to you. jonathan justine. >> thank you so much. coming up here at 10, how the federal government in tinder are teaming up to get people vaccinated. >> plus, why states across america have decided to stop issuing those extra $300 unemployment checks. they're
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the latest covid numbers across california the saturday night. as you can see, the state reporting fewer than 1200 new cases in the past 24 hours. yes, over that same time period, though there have been 15 new deaths to covid-19 and to date. the state has given out. >> 36 million doses of the vaccine was 16 and a half million. californians us the number there in the bottom that are now fully vaccinated. a new covid cases are dropping across the united states. experts say new cases are at their lowest level since last june as cases and hospitalizations and deaths.
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steadily dropped this week. life in america has largely resumed health experts credit the rollout of the vaccines to the dramatic turnaround that has happened since january. but they also caution that not enough americans have been vaccinated to completely extinguish the virus. president biden is trying to convince people to sign up for shots by hitting an upbeat message that the vaccines offer a return to normal life as part of that effort to encourage more folks to get vaccinated. >> to yesterday. the white house announcing that it is now teaming up with a number of the most popular dating apps to allow users to highlight their vaccination status on the profile. our washington, dc correspondent raquel martin reports the announcement comes as president biden aims to get. >> 70% of adults at least one shot of the vaccine by the 4th of july. >> we have finally found. the one thing that makes us all more vaccination. the white house hopes the country swipes
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right on vaccination will get free boost pre super lakes 14% more likely to get a match. if your vaccine friday, the white house covid response team announced the most popular dating apps like tinder hinge, ok cupid and bumble will now allow users to easily show. they're vaccinated and have access to premium content. he called them and told them push to get to 70% by july 4th to their credit. they said yes on the spot. they said we want to help then work on a with the white house covid response team says with restrictions lifting they want to incentivize younger americans to get vaccinated. but we're trying to do is make it as easy as possible. make it a little bit fun to get vaccinated. so right now there are 80,000 locations for some can get back to ghana tells me while the majority of seniors are fully vaccinated roughly 60 million adults under the age of 40 or not. the bottom line is we're all saying get vaccinated. doctor anthony fauci says it's 70% of the country gives at least one shot by july 4th the chances
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of another surge would be extremely low us surgeon general vivek murthy says the biggest hurdle remains access and information that reduce their overall vaccine confidence in the country remains high murthy hopes with the help of businesses and tech groups including lyft and uber who've already announced free rides vaccination sites progress will continue in washington. raquel martin. >> now to our 4 zone forecast. saturday night. if you have plans heading down, going somewhere. swiping right. we've got your backs of addiction guard radio all right. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here a look at why can suspect if you got a hot day tonight. >> backs and right. justine shock girl summer here we let's take a look at radar for. we're tracking some showers trying to make its way into the east bay. and even for those of you in the south bay still dry from in fremont. but mount hamilton has been
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tracking showers. now starting to spread inland into livermore. so please let me know if you're seeing any showers in your neighborhood drier for the rest of the bay area. but we are tracking the return a gray out there fog carla is back, in fact, tracking dense low and high cloud covers. >> reducing visibility along the san francisco peninsula coastline at or near 0 visibility for downtown san francisco, half moon bay. not that far behind. just up to 2 miles visibility and also tracking poor visibility along the east bay shoreline even along the coast for those of you in the north bay as well. so but we are expecting to see it. a lot of sunshine by your sunday afternoon. hopefully have some outdoor plans for the 2nd half of your weekend low 60's for mission district mid 60's for downtown san francisco calmer on shore flow as well for your sunday afternoon winds out of the west at 20 miles per hour. less than half moon. bay 58
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degrees. mid 60's for millbrae and burlingame pretty uniform numbers as well from brisbane to san bruno at 63 degrees. foster city in the mid 60's with low 70's of peace for mountain view and redwood city and those of you in the south bay also tracking near seasonable temperatures there with santa clara and san jose warming up into the mid 70's at 73 degrees and mookie does in the low 70's for the 2nd half of your weekend and mid 70's for livermore overall pleasant temperatures from coastal valleys hayward 71 degrees with oakland in the upper 60's and concord and walnut creek 76 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs benicia in the mid 70's. but take a look at vacaville low 80's and that's where you should be for this time of year. 81 degrees with santa rosa warming up into the upper 70's at 78 degrees and taking a look ahead at your next 10 at 10 outlook. slight change for the next 7 days. but then the heat is on. in fact, we're really going to crank up the
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heat starting for your memorial day weekend and it's going to peak on tuesday 10 days from now when we could reach low 90's for inland valleys should be in the upper 70's this time of year. so quite the jump temperature wise. so that's monday 2 days. and this is monday, 10 days. that memorial day. that's going to warm. >> have a pool beach shorts for you, sir. got your uniform ready. >> every day, every day. shorts weather so murray. so we're also getting a tweet now into our newsroom about the lights that are moving across the sky. the people are seeing it all across the bay area. so we know it's clear enough out there that people can see it. and we think it's that thus the satellites, the sky >> the starlink or sky link. satellites. i believe those are like space x satellites that are being launched look like you they're not they're not u f o. so if you're watching in, we are starting to get folks. >> calming about it some
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independents day any pictures or video of you can see it. >> we would to see that is really a lot of folks talking about tonight. so. we'll stay on top of that. you know, figure out what's going on. but look at some video shortly. stay with us for that. >> but get this after giving out about 500,000 shots tomorrow. the covid-19 vaccine mega site at the oakland coliseum. it's going to close the state office of emergency services and fema open that site back up in february. the alameda county health care services agency. it's not going to focus on areas that have been hit hard by the pandemic instead of having this big site, they're going to be more mobile now. and because the numbers are improving so much here and across the country. a growing number of lawmakers are moving forward with plans to end covid-19 unemployment benefits. they're blaming them for keeping people out of work starting next month. at least 22 states will slash that
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extra $300 week benefit, which is currently being added to the standard unemployment checks. new numbers show unemployment levels have hit a new pandemic. low, but many employers say they're struggling to fill openings. >> we need to have the government incentivize people to come back to work. we literally do not have staff to be able to operate 5 days a week anymore. >> the extra $300 unemployment check will officially end for every state september 6th federal student loan payments are set to resume on october first, which means you have to give the money again. it will mark the end of a 19 month suspension put in place because of the pandemic. >> no payments have been required on federal loan since march of last year. interest also stop adding up during that time as well. saving the average borrower nearly $2000 in the first 12 months. the pause on payments along with the interest waiver only applies to federally held loans which accounts for about
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85%. valse federal student loans. if you have your phone handy and want more information about vaccinations in california's reopening. all you have to do is use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen that will take you directly to the covid-19 section a kron 4 there. you can find more news and even ways to schedule your vaccine appointments. much more to come tonight on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock, including why san francisco community leaders say that safeway. >> needs to do more to make right by an 11 year-old boy accused of shoplifting inside one of their stops.
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>> take a look at this. san francisco fire department tweeting out this video picture today of what they say is a month-old baby falcon that somehow got stuck out here in the bay after getting a checkup. they say the baby bird is perfectly healthy and preparing to release it to a nesting area. >> deputies in solano county have had an increase in calls for mountain lion attacks and they posted this picture saying that livestock and pets have been killed recently by these wild animals. adding you could protect your pets by keeping them indoors at night. protect livestock by having a herd protection dog. it is against the law to hunt mountain lions without a permit. >> is dead. well to wash up on shore in the linda mar beach and pacific on friday now
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being investigated by the marine mammal center. first found. but some folks walking along the beach yesterday morning so far there's no word on exactly the cause of death by the marine mammal center. but we have learned in recent weeks that many of these wells have been killed by ship strikes. >> every year. there are at least 20 billion shoes that are produced across the world. and about 300 million of them end up in landfills. that's according to a company named sneaker impact and it is now working to change that fate. one shoe at a time. the company collects urine wanted choose to give them to those in need across the world. in addition, the company also donates to a charity of your choice for every issue that you donate. >> in these countries that received the sneakers. this is their form of transportation. this is their vehicle. this is the difference between getting to school, getting to work, not contracting any kind of soil, borne diseases. these are this is, you know, pretty much life or death and it's life changing to these people because they would not be able
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to afford a pair of well, engineer sneakers unless they get them on the second hand market, which is what we provide to them. >> the story first ran on our streaming news app kron on sneaker impact is a nationwide program. >> and coming up for your bay area forecast tracking some much-needed showers making its way into parts of the bay area. details on that and our current drought conditions after the break.
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>> a fast moving grass fire destroying a vacant home in sonoma county. the milk fire now contained tonight firefighters are still staying on the scene, though, to monitor any hot spots get the latest now from kron four's, gayle ong. she's in windsor. >> i'm here on old redwood highway near east side road and winds are this is about where the fire broke out. i can tell you one residential home that is bacon was destroyed in this fire. it burned about 10 acres and broke out about one 45 in the afternoon. cal fire had to drop several water drops to put out this plays the wind and dry fuel did not help at all. at one point highway one oh, one was impacting traffic. it was closed for about 2 hours. a fire did jump in the medium, but it was put out quickly. crews are starting to leave the scene. but we'll be here to monitor hot spots. firefighters just want to remind people fire season is
10:30 pm
here. take >> appropriate precautions. to, you know, be aware the dry fuels that are out there. the current conditions conducive the fire spread. >> there were no injuries reported in this fire. the cause of the fire is under investigation in windsor. gayle ong kron 4 news right now on kron 4 dot com. we have a special section dedicated specifically for wildfire resources. >> just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen and you'll be taken directly there. now we go to our 4 zone forecast. we're getting more pictures and videos, though into our newsroom of the strange lights across the sky. so it's we know it's clear out there. but recent and very dry. >> yeah, we are noticing quite the unique microclimate forecast in the bay area. pretty dry and clear from most of our inland valleys except for those of you in livermore tracking some light showers out there. first, though, let's take a look at our
10:31 pm
drought monitor map because we're under exceptional to extreme drought. the worst drought conditions right now impacting the east bay shoreline and even most of the north bay, including solano sonoma, napa. and yes, even marine county. that's that darker maroon color that you're seeing with everyone else in the bay area currently under and remaining in extreme drought. and we're just in mid-may and these are conditions that we weren't expecting to see until later on in the summer when we get our hottest and driest weather in the bay area. but after 2 years in a row of near 0 rain for parts of our winter season. we are tracking extreme drought conditions now heading into the exceptional drought category because we've got less than half the amount of rain that we should have gotten within the last 2 years. but we are tracking some changes, especially for those of you in the inland valleys of the east bay. we're
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seeing some light scattered showers they were over mount hamilton now starting to shift a little bit westward into livermore trying to inch closer to fremont and san jose dry for you right now. but conquered seeing some very light scattered drizzle out there with rain and snow showers continuing for those of you into this but temperatures, we are cooling down double digit cooling right now for those of you in santa rosa. little change, though, for everyone else in the bay area. so a mix of widespread low to mid and upper 50's low 50's for pacific and half moon bay mid 50's as you make your way inland into san jose and oakland with upper 50's for conquered. but take a look at santa rosa 49 degrees in pittsburgh currently in the low 60's. and when tracker for getting a stronger sea breeze out there this evening with with fairfield seeing sustained winds at 22 miles per hour, but a gradual warming trend going to continue on sunday. pleasant afternoon highs turning into
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slightly above average temperatures on monday before we see the return a gray giving us cooler temperatures and that breezy sea breeze cooling down temperatures once again to seasonable averages by tuesday of this upcoming week. jonathan justine, back to you. >> risa, thank you. in the east bay tonight. oakland police are investigating a deadly crash that happened just after midnight. according to police, the driver of an suv try to avoid hitting an animal in the road. i should say chp is investigating this on the west lanes of i 80 at san pablo dam road when they lost control. the suv then caught fire leaving the driver and passengers trapped in the car. the driver was able to escape the car with minor injuries. but that passenger unable to escape and died at the same. >> a santa rosa police officer went to the hospital after this crash last night. that's being blamed on a distracted driver. you can see here the patrol car is crushed. the officer was parked on the shoulder of ludwig avenue in
10:34 pm
was hit from behind a small sedan. police say the driver of the sedan was delivering food in the area then went to check a map before he crashed into the back of the patrol car. the sedan was traveling between 3540 miles per hour in did not break prior to hitting the patrol car. the officer has minor injuries. the driver of the sedan was uninjured. and that to a tragic story we're following out of orange county where a 6 year-old boy was killed in an apparent road rage shooting on friday morning and tonight police in the city of orange are still searching for the shooter reporter chased tracy bloom spoke to the boys devastated family. >> i just want them to know what they took from the world today. what they took from my family. little child of happiness. >> alexis clune is angered and heartbroken that someone would shoot into her mother's car and the 55 freeway killing her 6 year-old brother adan leo's
10:35 pm
a teen was sitting in his booster seat in the back of the family's silver chevy sedan. alexis says her mom is beside herself with grief. she's not doing well because it's every mother's worst nightmare. she had to hold him while he was dying. you know, like no mother should have to go through that alexa says her mother was driving her brother to kindergarten at calvary chapel in yorba linda, what a white sedan cut her mom off on the 55 freeway near chapman in orange as sheutried to switch lanes. another family member says aiden's mom made a gesture and that the suspect's car pulled behind them and shot into the back of their car around 08:00am she heard something? but she didn't identify as a gun shocked because no one would think that someone just shot a bullet into my car. >> so wasn't until the she grabbed him in. there was blood all over her clothes. alexa says the suspect's car was a white volkswagen jetta. she says her mom told her that a woman was driving. a man was in the passenger seat. >> police scour the freeway for hours for any clues today
10:36 pm
and are now searching for a little aiden's killer for never going to be full again. >> he was. he was amazing. >> and i hope that they know what they took today. that was tracy bloom reporting for us tonight. i apologize that the demand made by civil rights activists and community organizers outside of a safeway store in san francisco's castro district. this all comes after demonstrators say a lackluster explanation was given by safely last month. >> about why a security guard allegedly racially profiled 11 year-old black student who is buying a sandwich in that store. kron forcefully to call has more about safe ways. latest response. >> members of the naacp san francisco city leaders and a safe ways. initial explanation of the april 26 incident fell flat and the author of the $25 gift certificate to make up
10:37 pm
for it was disrespectful. i'm just 17 right now. >> and i can not believe going through that trauma at 11 years old. jamari and his family did not attend this event, but at a rally on may 5th. he said he was racially profiled last month. 3rd party security guards at the safeway store in san francisco's castro district. >> falsely accused the africa. of stealing a sandwich and paid for almost a month later community leaders and organizers are still demanding an apology, but there's going to come you have say. minutes later the colts later took the mike is president of safe ways. northern california and says the company has apologized to and his family directly. we're going to with every single employee and make sure they understand. >> the incident here. how it came across, how it doesn't match our values and get everybody's commitments to better job safely adds the
10:38 pm
security guards involved no longer in the school. >> police in los angeles say they have arrested a man believed to be responsible for recent hate crime by the department says they're not releasing his name or his information. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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angeles tonight have arrested a man who they say attacked someone during a pro-palestinian rally earlier this month. erin myers reports that while he has been charged with assault. prosecutors are also pursuing hate crime charges. >> los angeles police say they have made an arrest in a brutal beating caught on cell phone footage. the lapd says tips from the public were crucial. the man was arrested in connection with assault with a deadly weapon however, authorities are seeking hate crime enhancements. he's accused of being part of a group of pro palestinians who attacked jewish diners outside of beverly grove restaurant may 18. the arrest comes amid growing tensions in the ripple effect of the conflict in the
10:42 pm
middle all the way to southern california protests and demonstrations in the los angeles area have been frequent. israeli and palestinian forces both claim victory after 11 days of fighting. but humanitarian officials warned the damage to gaza. a palestinian territory. could take years to rebuild the white house says both sides are committed to the cease-fire. >> if you our expect resistance still. >> and activists in southern california are leveling their demands and say they see similarities between the struggle overseas and racial tension in the united states just like the palestinians will never the he is for the >> and thats when he understand the struggle sleep
10:43 pm
and because we want to look into all of white supremacy, not just now but always, always, always oppressed people across the world have been very likely to their struggles. and have always mobilize together. >> activists gathered at 2 separate demonstrations in macarthur park and hollywood on saturday. erin myers reporting for us tonight. >> a judge has ordered that 70 show actor danny masterson to stand trial on 3 counts of rape. the ruling comes after days of emotional testimony from 3 womec who say masterson rape them in 2000, one and 2003, the 45 year-old denies the charges saying he had consensual with the women. his attorney has suggested prosecutors are tainted by anti-religious bias against the church of scientology.
10:44 pm
masterson is a prominent scientologist in all 3 women are former members of the church. now people in a small alabama town along the gulf coast have been seeing kilos kilos of cocaine wash up on their beaches this entire week as debbie williams shows us both local and federal investigators still trying to figure out. >> where the dope that's coming from. >> anotherlday, another key low of cocaine found on baldwin county beaches that makes 36 so far. the question remains, where are they coming from? >> wrap tightly in plastic in with the now familiar markings. the 36 kilos of cocaine found friday morning in fort morgan. the cocaine washing up all week on the beaches from gulf shores. >> to fort morgan they're spread out over miles and miles. >> different markings. all of it turned over to federal investigators to determine where it came from. the caribbean may be a good starting place earlier this month, us customs and border
10:45 pm
protection agents intercepted a 25 foot boat near puerto rico and recovered 24 bales of cocaine from the water. the 618 kilos. they confiscated have similar markings as the ones washing up on alabama beaches, including a photo of pablo escobar which even seasoned law enforcement officers say is i've seen it with the letters and numbers. but not the photo. it started monday evening. 31 kilos were found on west beach in gulf shores. >> wednesday. similar packages started showing up along the fort morgan peninsula. the final key low found this morning at the point of fort morgan federal investigators are willing to make the jump that the cocaine washing up on alabama beaches is connected to the ones in puerto rico. they say it's just too early to tell in the investigation. >> where it's coming from on the ball. the county beating gulf shores, debbie williams wkrg news 5 as the weather heats up. >> pj pg any issuing a cold water warning for swimmers,
10:46 pm
meaning anyone thinking about cooling off in state rivers. rising temperatures caused the snow in the sierras to melt faster and that runoff leads right into the rivers making the water dangerously cold pg and e taking advantage of the melting snow by releasing water from a series of reservoirs to make electricity. but that leads to fast changing water levels combined with icy temperatures. both can prove deadly. >> spring is our peak drowned in season because the water is running so cold and fast people are unprepared we tend to have cold water water drownings as a starts think you are cold water hit you. >> it could just get to >> earlier this week, a 17 year-old drowned in the american river in rancho ca door cordova near sacramento. authorities say the cold water may have been a does sneak up on you really quickly. first responders say you should always wear a life vest even if you even if it is bulky and
10:47 pm
uncomfortable, you do have a 95% chance of surviving a potential drowning. >> amazon says it's pulling the plug on its 2 our grocery delivery app. the company says prime now service will be incorporated into the main platform by the end of the year that way customers can buy groceries and other items track the orders and contact customer service from one site. amazon launched the prime now app and website in 2014 for speedy deliveries of groceries household essential items and other good stuff. >> meanwhile, the search is on tonight for a $2000 prize in malibu. we'll show you how you can get your hands on this quest for hidden treasure. that guy likely, though, will that guy likely, though, will not help you out. at chewy, we know walks are made better with our furry friends. and we're here to make those walks easy. from tasty treats on the go, to toys that keep them moving. get everything they need, even prescriptions - delivered right to your door. get fast, free, 1-2 day shipping. visit today. at chewy you can shop america's #1 pet pharmacy anytime, anywhere.
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10:51 pm
most beautiful california outdoor like hiking and the like. >> haha. >> now, if you want to get in on this hunt. go to treasure hunt epic quest dot com. you can use the code ktla 5. but that info is on our website as well. all right. this is pretty cool. we've getting a lot of videos and to the kron 4 news room tonight and people tweeting us about what we're looking at here. i know this looks like a dark screen, but what people are seeing moving across the sky. are these white lights in the line and people are thinking in is the u.s. i would being invaded are the stars moving what's going on we've seen a couple videos coming into the newsroom. and i i know it's hard to tell from this. but that's what's happening. and this happened a couple weeks ago to where people were reported seeing this like anywhere from bike across california, even into arizona and what we believe that's actually happening
10:52 pm
right now as that they are elon musk's space x starlink satellites that are moving across the sky tonight. so 54 of them are being deployed. >> according according to the twitter site. for the space x starlink 54 of them are being tonight. they're being launched you know, do their thing up in up in the atmosphere and. >> collect some internet make it easier for do our thing here on the ground. so that's what's happening tonight. that's our thing. we're doing on the ground. >> tweeted. netting you know, they're pretty cool. you know what? they were. it's a little unnerving. yeah, but thanks to everyone that sentence videos and pictures and tuned in to find out what was going you know, a lot of folks have been, you know, worried about that because now in recent weeks, the government has talked about the potential of. >> foes saying that that may
10:53 pm
be a real thing. so a lot of folks, you know, a little cautious little worried. so. >> but keep sending in the pictures or videos. if you have them are putting a whole section together on our website, kron 4 dot com. a recent school that it's pretty clear out there tonight. the fog has really settled in so people can see what's going on. yeah, well, we are noticing dense low clouds and fog along the coast in the east bay shoreline. >> but as you make your way inland. we are noticing better clearing even for those of you in the south bay, but just to your east. we're tracking some showers out there, especially for some of our inland valleys, including livermore in the east bay seeing some light drizzle out of this. we were tracking showers over mount hamilton. but now some cells have formed just near altamonte and also north and south of it. we're tracking some cells that have formed gusty winds possible hail. let me know if you see any heavy
10:54 pm
downpours in your neighborhood. but for livermore and even for those of you in pleasanton steady light showers. but just keep that in mind to your east, we're tracking some cells right to your east that could head into your direction and also seeing some widespread light rain in pleasanton, spotty scattered showers, though, as you start shift to the south. but for those of you in milpitas fremont and san jose dry, at least for now, but mount hamilton tracking some widespread light rain out there this evening with spotty scattered showers for concord and walnut creek, even valais as well. most of it evaporated before it hits the ground. also known as a virgo. but if you do hear any rain right outside your door. this is what we're tracking out there this evening as our weather pattern continues to shift very dynamic atmosphere out there in the bay area and we're noticing marine layer with a gray pattern returning tonight already well under way along the coast and east bay shoreline dropping visibility to add or near 0. so make sure
10:55 pm
to turn on your low beams because it is going to make for pretty dangerous saturday night commute. slick roads on top of that as well. so all the more reason to be cautious out there. we're tracking some spotty scattered showers along the san francisco peninsula coastline and even throughout the east bay shoreline. but we're going to see better clearing and drier conditions with the exception of those of you at half moon bay still tracking some spotty drizzle could bring a few 1. 100's of an inch of rain for you. but lesser amounts throughout the east bay as we noticed with that future cast for just starting to dry out by the afternoon hours. but temperatures out there. we're seeing widespread low to mid and upper 50's. but santa rosa and avato over cooling down into the upper 40's. so make sure to bundle up there, but still mild temperatures in antioch. 63 degrees for your saturday night with overnight lows tonight, a little bit warmer than last night instead of seeing widespread mid 40's
10:56 pm
tracking widespread upper 40's low 50's for oakland and mid 50's. for those of you in antioch with daytime highs tomorrow exactly where we should be for this time of year. so we're going to see a lot of sunshine for the 2nd half of the weekend low 70's and upper 60's throughout the east bay shoreline mid 60's for downtown san francisco in half moon bay going to stay on the cooler side at 58 degrees. but seasonable temperatures there. nonetheless livermore unconquered 76 degrees with santa rosa and avato warming up into the upper 70's and mid 70's for those of you in san jose. and as we take a look ahead at our next 10 at 10 outlook going to see a little bit of a roller coaster ride warming up on monday. cooling down on tuesday. thanks to the return of that cool see reasoned. a grey over ready, returning with wednesday. more sunshine warmer temperatures back in the low 80's for inland valleys, then we're going to be on cruise control as we head into memorial day
10:57 pm
weekend with warmer temperatures starting sunday through monday about 10 days from now. and low 90's after memorial day, the unofficial start of summer already tracking low 90's can't believe that we're in may not july or august or thanks for bringing the houston weather to the bay area as try to do what i can. thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news in prime time. we'll be back here tomorrow night. yeah. >> again, i'm not a via phone. said just satellite okay.
10:58 pm
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