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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 24, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here at 08:00am on the kron. 4 morning news. i'm james fletcher. and i'm reyna harvey in for darya folsom this morning. your weekend. how was it was good. yeah, boy, it was sunny. it was blue. i was in the city on saturday. enjoying the day it was fantastic. weather could have been better. very nice. and over the next few days, it's supposed to be just equally as nice. erica. you've got is covered in that apartment right. >> yeah. but the fog has returned as you can seal if you're along the coast, it's looking really with those low clouds. >> temperatures, though, will be warming up a little higher than yesterday and then
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tomorrow actually going to see our temperatures dip again. but let's take a look at what we're seeing out in berkeley at fog the conditions out there. but should burn off by this afternoon. visibility is already getting that are in some places such as hayward, we're down to 2 miles right now for visibility. as for satellite and radar southwest looking very dry as you can see, because of a ridge of high pressure north of us getting some showers in those states. here's a look at our temperatures this morning. so by 11. we'll have that fog clearing out temperatures along the bay will be in the 60's in our inland areas up to the 70's and then we'll warm up towards the afternoon. we had our daytime high temperatures which will actually in the 80's from many inland places as well as the down in san jose today. i'll have more on the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. for now house the roads looking you know what? things are pretty busy out there, erica. and if you're taking
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bart, there's still a 10 minute delay between various and south hayward in the richmond direction. >> due to equipment problem on the trade. as you can see here at the bay bridge traffic is bumper to bumper. so we have a high wind advisory in place as soon as you reach the maze, if you're heading to the fremont street exit will take you a little under 15 minutes to make that drive. it's still pretty slow along 5, 8080. let's head over to the san mateo bridge. and check on things. there heading across towards the peninsula looks pretty dark. so again, there's some clouds and a little fog. take your time as you're driving still a solid 9 minutes to make it across towards the peninsula. let's get a look at the golden gate bridge heading into the city where there is a high wind advisory in a fog advisory in place. 20 minutes for your commute for you this morning and a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge has been pretty busy throughout the morning back down under 12 minutes for your drive time. we'll stay on top of this. but now we've got to get to this breaking news. we do yeah. following it out of the east bay right now. grass fire burning in fremont broke out earlier this morning and firefighters want to get this.
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>> stamped out real quick. exactly. kron four's. julius evans is live at the scene this morning. >> with the details you only given out there all throughout the morning. what are you learning? >> well, the firefighters have contained this 2 acre fire. but they're saying the start of it is suspicious. now let's take a look at the map. so you know exactly where i'm at. i mean, the fremont hills and this fire is just off of peak metal trail now the call came in at 4.30 because a hiker on the main trail saw smoke and flames and of course, reported it immediately. now the 2 acre fire is in a canyon or in a drainage area. and that's what kind of made a little difficult at first for them to fight it because of the terrain. they it was so steep, but they were able to to contain the fire. and at this point they're just trying to mop up and get all the hot spots out take down 2 trees that damaged by the fire. now they think it's suspicious because there's no wires. if you come out live to me, you
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can see that is just there's no wires, no intent is around here is just basically hillside and dry and that's why they say there's no no conditions that would have naturally cause for this fire to come bus on its own. so they're still investigating what really started this fire and they really can't do that until they have all hot spots out completely. now they said they were. we were very lucky because the conditions are very moist this morning. one firefighter checks. the other firefighter down on the main floor up on the main ground. that because it was moist because it was foggy. they said if it was hot or windy this. 2 acre fire could easily went to 10 acres. and i got to tell you, it's less than a mile away from housing and in a neighborhood just down the hill. so very lucky they jumped on this quickly. they put in a lot of resources. they have like 39 firefighters on this 2 acre fire. and like i said, a couple of your years
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ago. you wouldn't have seen that many firefighters on on a on a grass fire. but because we're in a drought. they know they are against a really tough fire they're trying to put out every fire as quickly as possible. back to you guys. thank you for that. you only. >> so to piggyback on what you know, he was talking about those dry conditions and now firefighters are really worried about this upcoming fire season. we have kron 4. sarah stinson picking up that part of the story for showing us just how dry it is in other parts of the east bay. good morning. >> yes, dry here in contra costa county. it's dry up in the north bay, even in the south bay really all over the bay area. this is what we're seeing that dry fuel and then we've had a lot of low humidity coupled with very strong winds at least in the last week and that's caused a lot of grass fires to pop up across the bay area in the last couple of weeks. take a look. just yesterday, a fire sparked in pittsburgh on john henry johnson parkway and it grew to about 5 acres is under
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control this morning. but then there's another fire on saturday in windsor. that burned 3 structures in at least 5 acres. and that's what happens when you see when you have these dry fuels, the fire takes off and takes out anything in its path. hopefully it's just landing on structures, but you never know. and that's why we always say have a go bag. you can see that heavy smoke in the north bay that fires under control as well. this morning. both of those fires in very dry areas. and we've seen dryers across our state. we've seen major wildfire sparking in southern california as well. this is only the beginning. so governor gavin newsom today we'll be talking about new firefighter equipment and a proposed 2 billion dollar investment in wildfire preparedness. this is the largest investment in wildfires. we've seen in state history. it's called the california comeback plan and it will be. enabling the state to take immediate action in improving forest health in wildfire suppression supporting that. and
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protecting vulnerable communities from these catastrophic fires that we've seen in years passed just last year we had a horrific fires raging across the bay area and we expect to see that again. unfortunately, because we're already seeing all of these conditions that cause the perfect recipe. unfortunately for wildfire. so governor newsome will be speaking today at 1130 about this proposed plan and it's going to be a plan. we all want to stay tuned for because it affects all of us. so 1130 tune into our app kron on for now i'm live in concord. sarah stinson, back to you all right. >> thank you very much, sara. now we'll be taking the governor's press conference on wildfire preparedness starting at 1130 this morning. you can see it live on kron on. you can also download our 24 7 new streaming app with our qr code. it's on your screen. just point your camera at that cold. it's going to allow you to download that app, you'll be able to get the latest updates on that. over the north, a sonoma county has
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released evacuation zone maps for unincorporated areas to help neighbors be ready for any emergency. kron four's. gayle ong has the details. there. close to 200,000 people. >> we're forced to flee their homes during the kincade fire in twenty-nineteen, including here in the town of windsor with an early start to fire season. emergency officials are urging people to know their evacuation zones. >> and to have a plan they can gade fire caused widespread evacuations throughout sonoma county. it broke out. 9.30 in the evening on october 23rd 2019 bill herrick was one of 10's of thousands of residents who had to flee their home. >> and he's been evacuated 4 times over the last 2 years. don't the. >> reason i mean, i know a lot of people when i lived in florida, there's like we're not going like, all right. and then they end up having to leave when it's too late in the you know, the roads are packed and i know people are like that with fires too. so. >> the be safe sorry, eric lived through hurricanes in florida. it helped him prepare
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for wildfires in california have food have a comfy to wear case. it gets cold. you know, at night, which it does sometimes. because, you know, the kincade fire was in october and it was cold at night and i did not prepare for so i was a little chilly at night. it's exactly what sonoma county officials are urging every resident to do. >> the county released evacuation maps ahead of peak fire season maps can be found on sonoma county's website. you type in your address zip code or click on your town or city county emergency officials say residents need to write down. there's oh number to help better understand the level of risk to their property when emergency arises they county has experienced back to back devastating wildfires since the temps fire in 2017, the fountain grove neighborhood in santa rosa was virtually wiped out and still rebuilding herrick learned a few lessons along the way. even before they come knocking on your door and telling you you've got to go, just go. you know,
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when you hear there's a fire just you know, don't risk it. >> sonoma county deputies passed out these evacuation tags over the weekend. residents are instructed to place the tag in a highly visible location to help first responders evacuate neighborhoods quickly during a disaster. >> the evacuation tags are available at sonoma county sheriff's office stations during business hours and emergency officials are reminding people you haven't already sign up for text alerts, whether it's nick soul and or with the county in windsor, gayle ong kron 4 news. >> well, still ahead, nearly 2 dozen cars towed after sideshows break out in several east bay cities over the weekend. we'll have that story coming up. >> and the worst part of pandemic might be in the rearview mirror but high gas prices straight ahead. coming up, i'll tell you why we're up, i'll tell you why we're pa so you just scored amazing savings at ross? mmm-hmm. on brands that take you from me time...
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get your spring on at ross. yes! with brand-name looks at prices that say it's on. yeah, it is! get this season's styles for you... ...and you... and you... with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! >> for your money this morning. gas prices are on the rise as we get closer to the holiday weekend. at can i help $5 like and i got to get back. need to his millions of people are expected to hit the road for memorial day weekend. crawford's will trend is live in burlingame with the details that are going to affect your pocket. good morning. well. >> good morning, james and if you're hitting the road for memorial day weekend. you might want to consider starting to because these prices could be a bargain and
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just a few days are now because the gas prices are going in the wrong direction. >> don't need to tell you. but i want to say to any way we are paying the highest gas prices in the country and it has nothing to do. but the colonial pipeline that was hacked a few days ago, a few weeks ago. now that effects texas and the east coast for our situation is just because of supply and demand. more people heading back to work. going to school the pandemic, at least the worst part seems to be behind us and that means more people are hitting the road way and that means the supply level is going down and supply down demand up, you get a horrible recipe for high gas prices. so many people. they are feeling it. every time they go to fill er up. >> it's kind of it's could be spending that money on other things for me, for my family and instead of spending it on
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gas a little so it's. >> boy. >> at my current location. it's $4 and $0.39 at the chevron right behind me in burlingame. but there are, of course, gas stations all over the bay area in oakland. the average gas price over there is $4.20 more sense in san francisco for 30 bounced down to the south bay. $4 and $0.23. and in the north bay in sandra fell. you're looking at $4.32. 34 million americans will travel at least 50 miles or more from their home for memorial day weekend. yes, it's not what it was from 2019, but it's better than 2021 at that particular time we were told to stay home unless you're an essential worker and now more people hitting the road way. that means you might want to stop by bank to get a loan because it's going to cost you a pretty penny to fill up at the gas station. back to you. wow.
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so we just discovered that $5. ask bill for long. >> we'll only get me home. maybe 23 miles to the gallon. well. >> i've got to tell you, i want to h one h myself. james. you know, when i first started driving gas price was $0.73 a gallon. i asked remembered that i feel the bill for $8. yeah. >> that was back in 1960 forget which 60 it was well thank you very much. real. definitely gone up over the years. no doubt about that. and also a aaa, by the way, saying that if you are going to be heading out for memorial day weekend. there is a window that you want to avoid. >> specifically thursday. may 27th. that's just thursday. coming up between 5 45 7.45. traffic's going to be about twice the normal volume. so it's going take it probably to get where you're going. >> so maybe travel outside of that window. they also say the worst commute will be
8:17 am
northbound 1, 1, from the golden gate bridge up to 5.80. so that stretch going to be particularly bad according to past data. >> and you can get those up to traffic updates on your phone is going ahead and grab your phone will you've been able to. james, you've been able to get this down, telling people how to do this when they take a picture. the up. you just scan that qr code with your phone. that's going to take you right to the kron 4 traffic page. then just book markets. you can bring it up at any as you're planning your trip out this coming weekend. >> especially if there's a hot spot out there that you want to avoid. maybe you're thinking on take this route out that where i'm going not knowing that there's an accident there. so that be a great way for you to find out how to get around whatever is out there exactly what i asked if that a notorious as she has a lot of little qr codes and or follow you instead of just figured it out. now, thankfully they got it. you did too. >> erica down in terms of what we can expect as you're heading out and hitting the roads. yeah. well, right now little gray out there along the coast of fog. still with
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us. >> and those low clouds a shot into. ron. you can see that marine layer in the distance. it should clear up this afternoon from most of the bay. if you are along the coast in places like pacifica expect those low clouds to stay up through the afternoon but temperatures for the east bay and south bay. it's going to be little above normal. even in san francisco. normally we're 60 for this time of year. a couple degrees warmer there and then along the coast, we're looking at 50's for daytime highs 60. >> in half moon bay on the peninsula 62 in san bruno. millbrae burlingame looking at 70 today, mostly sunny out here in the afternoon for redwood city in the south bay. warm 80 in san jose 81 in los gatos and 81 for a high in morgan help today. learn more is also looking at the 80's hayward to union city lower 70's. so fremont 74 degrees 80 in walnut creek down to
8:19 am
danville, 70 in san leandro and oakland today 86 in vacaville lower 80's and sonoma and napa as well as santa rosa and valley looking at mid 70's for daytime highs other 7 day extended forecast in just a bit. for now, how's the traffic looking at traffic is picking up out there. we've been tracking a 10 minute delay between berryessa at south hayward in the richmond direction. but look at the bay bridge as you're heading into the city a little under 11 minutes for your drive time there. >> let's have look at the san mateo bridge where things are pretty dark. it's been a little foggy over this area as you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 12 minutes to make your drive and then let's get a look at the golden gate bridge as you're heading into the city. there is a fog advisory and a high wind advisory in place as well. so just take your time as you're driving and we'll get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. look at this. we're finally starting to see some improvement there. a little under 8 minutes. we'll have more on your drive times coming up. but for now, let's get back to the news.
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well happening this week. the oakland a's are going to visit las vegas as they explore the possibility of leaving the bay. not a lot of people are happy about that. james officials with the a's, including a president. dave leval will be making that trip with them. now the team will tour possible stadium sites in and around las vegas and major league baseball gave the a's the green light to explore new homes while the team tries to secure the new waterfront ballpark in oakland. the oakland city council needs to vote on the proposal. that vote is slated to happen sometime in mid july sands know how they want the council to vote. we'll see if they do. >> meanwhile in the world of golf, there's a new pga champion in gulf this morning and. he's a familiar face actually. now the oldest to ever win a major at the age of 50 case you haven't heard of phil mickelson. >> there is a large gallery fans around him for the final round of the pga championship there in south carolina. he
8:21 am
was smashing the ball at the team. he was making the putts the laser focused in in the end he finished 6 under par. with a 2 stroke again, he's the oldest golfer to win a major age of 15, you talk a bit about that afterwards. >> it's going to take some time. that love to compete. i love playing the game. i love having opportunities play against the best at the highest level. and so that's what what drives me and i think that's what the belief that i could still do it. >> inspired me to work harder and i just didn't see why it couldn't be done. it just took a little bit more effort. >> for mickelson. it's the 6th major win in his career 45th pga tour win. he's won the pga championship. 4. you'll remember he did it back in 2005.
8:22 am
>> lot of flipping factly. what i saw. at same thing unbelievable. simone biles makes history yet again. she competed for the first time yesterday since 2019 and she pulled off of all. no woman has ever landed in. >> competition. there it is in slow motion. it's called the your double pike. this was at the u.s. classic. she went on to win the all around competition and on earth. you can notice it, but somewhere on her leotard. we're told she had an image of a goat. obviously a reference to the fact is he's the greatest all time and pulling off that vault. sealed it in everybody's minds i came. i you do it. know lot on my back. how she spends around like that finds where the floor is and lands. that's amazing. >> all right. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news it's 8.22 and safeway apologizing profusely. >> after an 11 year-old african-american boy was accused of shoplifting. told he stole a sandwich when he
8:23 am
paid for it even had the receipt that they would believe him at first. we'll explain what they're doing to try and make it right.
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>> well, new this morning, pg and e has agreed to sell its san francisco headquarters for 800 million dollars. that deal was announced just a short time ago. we're going to show you video people protesting and fun of the pga new building last year. a complex
8:26 am
being sold includes buildings on beale street and market street. it was sold to a delaware company to california. public utilities commission will need to approve the sale before it's finalized. pg moving its headquarters to oakland by the 1st half of next year. >> well, the one year remembrance of george floyd's death is tomorrow at floyd you may remember was murdered after being pinned under the knee of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin last year floyd's brother terrence spoke in brookland ahead of tomorrow's event. he's asking that his brother and the other victims of police violence not be forgotten. >> i want my coach the state will, but i want the other coaches that's supporting us to stay woke. to keep this movement. float edition. to keep my brother's name ringing. is of everyone. because you can't my brother's
8:27 am
name ring. it will keep everybody else's name reagan. briana taylor's song, bell. are we you can go through the whole list. >> president biden will be hosting the floyd family at the white house tomorrow is his administration marks the one year rememberance of his death. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a victim of a hit and run in san francisco is in the hospital fighting for his life. his mother now speaks out her please. drivers to help make roads safer. we'll have that coming up next.
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>> all right. we are back. coming up on 8.30 and you can see the live look there at sfo behind reyna it is a a little little foggy out there this morning. it does look really foggy. you know, we've got some fog advisories in place right now across one of our bridges. so how many is is really foggy all across the bay area. we it's closer. you are the water right now and we're seeing the fog starting to burn off in the east bay right now we're seeing visibility improving as we're getting closer to about noon time. >> the afternoon, most of the bay area should be mostly sunny for us. but if you're in places like pacific along the coast. those low clouds will stay with us now. you see it clears in the afternoon. the marine layer does return, later tonight as for winds. it does pick up in the afternoon.
8:31 am
if you're along the coast and here in san francisco, we see death around 30 miles per hour as well as up and bring county for rain. now it looks like we're not going to get any these next couple of days here. we see future cast to the north of us, oregon, washington. you're going to get some rain up there. but here in the bay area, you can see that system to the north of this weekend's those upcoming days when they get rain. and for us here. we'll just see clouds coming in and out of the bay area. so far. this is friday before 1 o'clock. little bit of cloud cover there along the coast sunday afternoon here. you see a thick cloud cover moving through the bay area and then monday. now, of course, monday that 7 days from now. so things could change. this isn't a 100%. but so far looking dry, especially for the next few days of more on 7 day coming up in a bit. for an hour and i'm going to send it to you for a check on traffic. erica, thank you for that. if you are taking the bar a couple of new things to tell you about. there's a 10 minute delay aniak line in social
8:32 am
direction due to equipment problem on the train. >> we also have a 2 minute delay between the various and south. hey, we're in richmond direction due to equipment problem. there. >> as you're heading into the city. you can definitely see traffic building bumper to bumper here we have a high wind advisory in place. >> there's also a traffic collision. 80 westbound just west of san pablo dam road now in san pablo. at least one of the lanes are blocked making things really slow and 5.80. but as you reach the maze heading to the fremont street exit will take a little under about 12 minutes to make that drive. let's a look at the san mateo bridge where i have seen no major delays just looks a little cloudy and foggy like erica was talking about there. it will still take you. just under 9 minutes to make it across towards the peninsula. let's head over. look at the golden gate bridge where we do have a fog advisory in place as well as a high wind advisory. so that's going to be a little under 20 minutes to make it into the city on this. and just take your time as you drive in the air and we'll look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge this one definitely picking up much better than we were earlier
8:33 am
under 9 minutes to make it out of richmond. so we'll have more on this coming up. but for now, james's get back to the news. all right. and make 32 want to keep you updated quickly on side shows that took place. >> the streets of for bay area counties. well, specifically, i should say, in 4 areas of contra, costa county. these are pictures of what we saw this was by any out police lee tweeted out these images and they really show the chaos that erupted at the intersection there of auto center drive and west 10th street. several 100 people showed up. police eventually broke up that sideshow. but at least 20 people were ticketed in nearly 2 dozen cars were towed. i was a massive gathering and then we saw just a few hours later smaller side shows pop up in places like brentwood and oakley pittsburgh to fact one in oakley people threw bottles at police. one person arrested there and the side show that broke out of pittsburgh shots were actually fired by people in their cars. no reports of anybody being hurt, though. we'll keep you updated on that investigation. >> man is fighting for his life after a driver crashed
8:34 am
into him and his girlfriend. this all happening here in san francisco. daniel ramos and his girlfriend were walking along polk and hayes. when a chevy avalanche in an audi a 6 crashed into each other. this happened on may 18th of the driver of the avalanche hit. the couple then took off. but has since been arrested. his girlfriend died on the scene. and daniel remains in the hospital. his mother visited the crash site and she believes it could be dangerous and a dangerous area for pedestrians are walking there. she also has a message for other drivers this morning. take a listen. >> he shuns 5 minutes roll. you're not going to get their money faster. you're not going to get 30 that it truly is nightmares that you you want to wake up because. >> you understand why would happen to 2 beautifu people that are just so full of life. >> although police made an arrest. this still remains an open investigation.
8:35 am
>> american canyon. police are looking into a string of overnight car break ins police say they received calls for about 15 incidents of car break-ins. they all happened on on if you know, are in the mon of, you know, neighborhood yesterday between 5 6 o'clock in the morning. police are asking homeowners to check their surveillance cameras and you may have some footage that would help solve some of these cases report. anything you have. police say they plan to step up patrols in the area. meanwhile, police in san francisco are investigating a deadly shooting. we have video from the citizens app which shows the scene here on mission street. this was saturday night between 7th and 8th in soma. police say a man was found in a vehicle with a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. police haven't made any arrests yet. but we're staying on this and we'll update you as the investigation unfolds. >> civil rights activists are demanding an apology from the safeway store in san francisco's castro district. this comes after an 11 year-old african-american boy claims he was racially profiled at that store kron
8:36 am
forcefully chagall was the air. he brings us that story. >> members of the naacp san francisco grants city leaders and a supports a safe ways. initial explanation. april 26 incident fell flat and the author of the $25 gift certificate to make up for it was disrespectful. i'm just 17 right now. >> and i cannot believe going through that trauma at 11 years old. jamari and his family did not attend this event, but at a rally on may 5th. he said he was racially profiled. >> last month. 3rd party security guards at the safeway store in san francisco's castro district. >> falsely accused the african american of stealing a sandwich and paid for almost a month later community leaders and organizers are still demanding an apology, but there's going to come that you have say. minutes later, the colts later took the mike is president of safe ways.
8:37 am
northern california and says the company has apologized marry and his family directly. we're going to be with every single employee and make sure they understand. >> the incident here. how it came across, how it doesn't match our values and get everybody's commitments to better job safely adds the security guards involved no longer in the school. >> in >> she just keeps crying for him. my baby. my baby and then keeps yelling for him. >> grief and heartbroken, a family desperate for answers. now after a 6 year-old boy was killed in a road rage shooting on a southern california roadway. now reward is being offered to help find that shooter. plus an east bay community coming together now to call for an end to violence against asian americans tell you what local officials are doing to help.
8:38 am
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>> well, community members all came together in the east bay to call for a stop to violence against asian americans. the union city police along with the alameda county district attorney's office answer questions about hate crimes happening. >> it can be very traumatic experience for victims, especially when there's some hate crime or bias. that's a
8:41 am
reason as to why the crime is, cause. why the crime is done and so sometimes it's because there's a stranger that's a perpetrator of the crime and sometimes people are a little timid or scared to. >> actually reported. we have a big asian community in union city and we felt that if we held events to bring awareness to what's been happening. what we've been seeing in the media. to start a conversation about make bring solutions in encouraging involvement to help curb these activities. >> alameda county has a special department for hate crimes and a dedicated union to prosecute those types of crimes. >> we'll take a break and a 41. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back in a 44 as the weather heats up, genie is issuing a cold water warning for swimmers, meaning that anyone thinking about cooling off in state rivers has to be aware of how dangerous cold water can be. warm weather causes the snow pack up in the sierra to melt little faster. and that's now causing runoff into the rivers and streams making the water not only extremely cold but also fast pg e is taking advantage of the mel to try and release some water from some of the reservoirs use that to make electricity. but again, the downstream effect is that water levels are changing rapidly. the temperatures also
8:45 am
dropping a bit and the combination could be deadly. >> spring is our peak drowned in season because the water's running so cold and fast people are unprepared we tend to have cold water water drownings as a stops think you are cold. water had to. >> it could just get to >> your body just seizes up in some cases. fact. earlier this week a 17 year-old drowned in the american river right up nerr sacramento. authorities think cold water may have been a factor responders advised to always wear a life vest. they say other bulky. yes, they can be uncomfortable, but they say wearing a life vest gives you a 95% chance of surviving a potential drowning. so. don't be one of the statistics. this coming memorial day weekend oh, yeah, it's very important to keep all those things in mind. a lot of folks probably be out the air in water. join all of that sunshine we warm weather. hopefully some warm weather will somebody knows there's going to good morning, guys. all right. now we are seeing some great especially.
8:46 am
>> they're closer to the water. we are still seeing a little bit of that fog. but. >> should continue to burn off as we get closer to this afternoon. we have the shot out over the phone. you can see how great along the coast. expect those clouds to stay with us for the afternoon. but the rest of the bay should see mostly sunny skies inland areas above normal temperatures today because of that ridge of high pressure that is building. so right now we're seeing 50's in oakland and alameda athlon media. 54 in valais hope 53 right now in napa and 54 currently in petaluma that ridge of high pressure is keeping us dry. we do see some action to the north of us. some rain in those states, but it shouldn't be trickling down to us anytime soon. in fact, here's a look at our high temperatures for today. we do see a lot of 80's there for santa rosa napa antioch 81 in livermore, san jose. 80 for daytime highs today and
8:47 am
normally we're in the mid 70's for our average out there and the south bay san francisco couple degrees above normal 66 and half moon bay expected to hit 60 degrees. winds will pick up a little bit along the coast this afternoon as well as in san francisco. if you're going to be outdoors in oakland should be mostly sunny and calm. this afternoon. this is just before 7 o'clock. we have the eve game temperatures going to be 65 degrees out there. if you happen to be heading out of town notice the difference out in tahoe and reno that area looking dry compared to what we saw over the weekend with that snow and rain temperatures actually a little below normal out there in tahoe as well as in reno. as for here in the bay area. this upcoming week. here's a look at those temperatures. we will see a little dip of air for inland areas as you notice, we dipped down to the 70's for daytime highs tomorrow sun the meantime, enjoy those 80's. now it does return on wednesday, which is
8:48 am
about where we should be for this time of year in terms of our temperatures so far not picking up rain these next few days. reyna house. the roads looking for. erica, thank you for that. we're tracking an accident along 80 outs and pavel that has since been cleared. but as you can see. >> traffic is bumper to bumper year at the tolls and traffic definitely moving a little beyond the maze, the air in terms of backup. once you reach the maze to the fremont street exit. it will take about 15 minutes to make that commute. there's also a high wind advisory in place. let's head over to the san mateo bridge to check on things there heading across towards the peninsula a little under 10 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling, we're heading over to the golden gate bridge to check on conditions. still a fog advisory in place along with a high wind advisory. so things are pretty gusty out that way. look at the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're traveling at a richmond nice and light under 9 minutes for us. also bart recovering from an earlier problem. there's a 10 minute delay on the antioch line and the sfo direction duty equipment problem. also a
8:49 am
10 minute delay between berryessa and south hayward in the richmond direction. same due to equipment problem. so keep a close eye on your roadways. we'll have more coming up. let's get back to the news. >> well, police in southern california are still looking for the person who shot and killed a 6 year-old boy in an apparent road rage shooting. it happened in the city of orange. the boy's family is now offering a reward to help find the shooter. john familiar has the story. >> these were happier times 6 year-old aiden laos writing in his booster seat, his mom and big sister blaring. the radio upfront aiden's mother joanna clone. it was taking her son to school friday morning driving northbound on the 55 freeway a done in the back seat. like so many trips before northbound. >> 55 freeway shut down for about 2 have filed. authorities say the road rage incident unfolded after a white sedan cut off cloonan near the chapman off-ramp in the city of orange. clinton says a woman was driving the white car. a man in the passenger seat. >> moments later, someone
8:50 am
opened fire a single bullet went through the trunk striking a ton in the back. by the time help arrived. it was too late. >> she's not well either. >> she just keeps crying for him. my baby. my baby then keeps yelling for him. >> family now offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect or suspects in this case. >> we don't really have a number yet. we're hoping maybe 15,000 the start. we want to make sure that we have enough funds for all the healing of the families need with the trauma or anything else. thank you so much from the bottom our hearts. you are grieving as well. and joanna realizes that and joey, the father. >> john ktla 5 news. >> take a look at this. a party got a hand with thousands of people attending in southern california and many breaking covid rules. this happened saturday night at huntington beach. the party was promoted on a tiktok video that went viral about 2500 people showed up with the
8:51 am
party flowing into the downtown area. people were seen climbing up polls and hurling objects at police. a curfew went into effect to calm things down in the in a 149 people were arrested business owners fit sunday morning cleaning up the mess that was left behind. >> kids you. >> no remorse. >> therefore all day long say yeah, we did this all we seeing kids driving by like. also funny, you know. >> it's not funny, guys. it's not him. >> well. the arrest included vandalism failure to disperse and firing off illegal fireworks. many of those arrested. miners. >> we'll take a 51 is the time. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news rattlesnake season starting early this year. what do you do if you come across one and we'll have some tips for you coming up.
8:52 am
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and a top pick, this exclusive new line of flex power tools. to see what else made the lowe's visit lowe' lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. >> it's a rattlesnake season here in california and they're often found at parks in the east bay among other places. and thankfully there and that screen and not close to us. experts are now reminding people how to stay safe with the weather warming up to take a listen. experts say snakes are emerging from hibernation also drought-like conditions are also forcing them to move to areas with more moisture and water, including neighborhoods are our neighborhoods. experts say it's always best to call a professional to remove a rattlesnake from your home or
8:55 am
property, but that's not always an option for a lot of people. >> should you spot a rattlesnake? i try to spot it from the greatest distance possible. be a good idea. defreeze and make sure that that snake is not close proximity to use here, not bitten. >> that is scary. experts also say to keep a close eye on your pets and always check your yacht for anything that doesn't belong. all right. coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news dry bay area weather conditions. if you're going to be hiking. >> yes, watch out for snakes but also watch out for the possibility of sparking a wildfire. you want to do that. we'll talk more about governor newsom's plan to combat wildfires. we'll have details coming up in a live report. plus an east bay mass vaccination site closing down for good. we're talking about the o co coliseum. we'll tell you what health officials plan to do to get the vaccine in the communities. plus, gas prices are on the rise with memorial day weekend right around the corner. how much will you be paying at the pump. we'll take a closer look
8:56 am
at the current crisis.
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8:58 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at known.
8:59 am
>> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us here at 09:00am, the finest hour. >> on a monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm james fletcher and i'm reyna harvey in for daryn. a >> like you mentioned the finest hour finest weekend weather. hopefully you have some fine plan. that's right. we've got memorial day weekend coming up. so enjoy that we've got erica in the weather center talking about the kind temperatures we're expecting for the week ahead. good morning. >> good right now we're actually starting to feel a little more of that blue coming out compared to what we saw just about an hour ago with that marine more inland compared to where it's at right now. in fact, we'll see. >> the shot over berkeley can actually see the view. about half an hour was all half hour ago was all covered in fog. but starting to burn off as we get closer to the afternoon and it does return, though, later tonight i'm talking about around 9 o'clock tonight. so tomorrow morning could expect to see that fog again. a satellite and radar.
9:00 am
the southwest is looking dry. we have a ridge of high pressure that's building. and you've seen some rain up there in the northern state. here's a look at our temperatures for this morning around 11 o'clock will be up to the 60's in the bay and inland areas. we'll be up to the 70's will slowly warm up and then get into the 80's for areas like livermore and san jose. a few degrees above normal temperatures today. in fact, for now i'm going to send it over to you. rain with a check in on traffic. erica, thank you for that. we are keeping a close eye on your traffic and the bar commute barr is recovering from an earlier problem. there's a 10 minute delay on the any acline and the s f o direction and also a 10 minute delay. >> between various and south hayward in the richmond direction due to an equipment problem as we head into the city. you can see traffic is bumper to bumper here at the bay bridge. there's a high wind advisory in place. you're going want to take your time. it's really slow long. 18 5.80, as well leading up to this heading into the city a little under 2 minutes for your dr


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