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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 24, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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we have a ridge of high pressure that's building. and you've seen some rain up there in the northern state. here's a look at our temperatures for this morning around 11 o'clock will be up to the 60's in the bay and inland areas. we'll be up to the 70's will slowly warm up and then get into the 80's for areas like livermore and san jose. a few degrees above normal temperatures today. in fact, for now i'm going to send it over to you. rain with a check in on traffic. erica, thank you for that. we are keeping a close eye on your traffic and the bar commute barr is recovering from an earlier problem. there's a 10 minute delay on the any acline and the s f o direction and also a 10 minute delay. >> between various and south hayward in the richmond direction due to an equipment problem as we head into the city. you can see traffic is bumper to bumper here at the bay bridge. there's a high wind advisory in place. you're going want to take your time. it's really slow long. 18 5.80, as well leading up to this heading into the city a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. the san mateo
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bridge and across towards the peninsula. no major delays we've been tracking all throughout the morning. a little under 12 minutes. this also had over. look at the golden gate bridge. we there's a fog advisory. so there's some patchy fog. also, there is a high wind advisory here as well. so 20 minutes for you to drive into the city and we leave you with a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge that comey finally very light for us. a little under 8 minutes to drive out of richmond. so we'll have more throughout the morning. let's get back to the news ok. and in the headlines this morning at 9. oh, one, we want to talk a bit about the grass fire that was burning in fremont broke out earlier this morning. >> luckily it's contained, but firefighters saying it looks suspicious. yeah, exactly. kron four's yulia 7. >> is live at the scene. she's been there all morning. you only what are the latest details in this fire. yeah. well. >> yes, right at this point right that to 2 acre fire is out and they're just mopping up at this point. they do think it's suspicious because there wasn't really anything that could cause it to like
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just you know, income bus on its own. the show you a map where this is so you have an idea where in the freeman hills. it is located now. >> it just right off of peak metal trail. and the call came in at 4.30 with a hiker who was on the main trail saw the smoke and flames, of course they immediately reported it to a fire department now several crews from fremont fire department. cal fire and the regional park fire department quickly combat at the flames. >> it was in a canyon ended or drainage area which made it difficult to fight. but they were able to contain it and prevent it from spreading to nearby neighborhoods. now they said if it was any other conditions because they they were they. so we really actually looked out that it was so moist this morning you know, even if you come back to me live right now. the sun is out basically burnt-out. >> all that fog. and you can see it's starting to heat up and get warm out here and
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they're just saying if it was warmer or if it was windy that 2 acre fire could quickly went into a 10 acre fire. and this is why they have gotten so many units on it. there was like 4 units. like i said from the fa of fremont fire department for units from from cal fire and also from the regional park which made it a total like 39 firefighters just combating the 2 acre fire. they even admit they don't usually do that. all right in the past. but because we're in a drought because fire season is longer and is more threatening than ever. they try to pounce on these small fires as quickly as possible so they don't get out of hand back to you guys. get them all their small. we can see annually shot there just how the hills are. >> all right. so that was just one example of conditions and why firefighters are so concerned. we're seeing drought dry a really high fire danger conditions all around the bay area. exactly. >> so we have concerns, as you can see, only has been out
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there as we get closer and closer to memorial day weekend. firefighters had their hands full. we're also going go out there live right now to sarah stinson who has been covering fires with the dry brush conditions. how are things out there right now. sarah. >> well, there's just a lot of dry fuel and low humidity. high winds in the last couple of weeks in the bay area and that is the perfect recipe for wildfires. unfortunately, you can see here in concord. there's a lot of dry fuels in it's a great hiking area. but you can really see just how dry the fuels are. this has caused a fire season to begin already with small grass fires popping up all over the bay area in the last couple of weeks. just yesterday afternoon. a fire sparked in pittsburgh on john henry johnson parkway and that grew to about 5 acres. it's under control. now. but then on saturday, a fire also sparked in windsor up in the north bay burning 3 structures in at
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least 5 acres. and that shows you how quickly it can all happen in the fires are destructive. they take out anything in their way. and that's why we always remind people to have that go bag. there was a heavy plume of smoke in the north bay. while this fire was going on it under control. now. now, both of those fires over the weekend there in dry areas we've seen this all over the state, including southern california where major wildfires have already sparked in this is just the beginning. so governor gavin newsome today we'll be talking about new firefighter equipment and a proposed 2 billion dollar preparedness. this is the largest investment in wildfires in state history. it's called the california comeback plan and it will enable the state to take immediate action to support wildfire suppression, improve forest health, which is so important and help protect vulnerable communities from these catastrophic fires that we've seen in years past. we've so many communities up here in the bay area that are vulnerable to fire. so we
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should all be paying attention to this new plan from governor newsome is going to be talking about it at 1130. you're going to want to tune into our app kron on for this. it will be live. so make sure you tune in. we want to know more about this and he'll be releasing all of the details reporting conquered sarah stinson, back to you. >> thank you for that report out there said yeah. and as sara mention with the governor speaking at just another reminder, an easy way to download the kron on app so you can watch it is to scan the qr code that you see on your screen that will take you right to the app store or you can download kron on for free. and again, governor newsom's address starting at 1130. and we'll carry that live on kron on. in other headlines this morning. nearly half of eligible people in california are now fully vaccinated. so that's great news. according to california's department of health. 49% of people are now fully vaccinated with 13% of californians partially vaccinated. however, there continues to be a racial
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divide when it comes to who's getting the vaccine. the majority of people who have come out to get vaccinated or white and latin x while just only 4% of all vaccines have actually gone to the african-american community, which is something that needs to be corrected. we need more people vaccinated. >> and over in the east bay, the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site is now closed because they have a slump in demand over there. yeah, they did. i don't county health officials say that they're now moving resources to the areas hardest hit by the pandemic instead of asking people to come to them. they're getting it out there to the people in crawford's taylor sackey tells us how. >> this mass vaccination site has been open since february and now after vaccinating over half of a million people say will give its last doses on sunday after 3 months in vaccinating more than half a million residents oakland coliseum mass vaccination site closes on sunday evening. it's time to stop here. >> the people who. to get me. they wanted vaccine. we're
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ready for it have gotten their vaccine. so it's time to stop here. it's not time to stop. people need who need a little more time in order to make a decision. we're going to be there for them, just not on the site medical director of alameda county health care services agency doctor kathleen clinton says the closing the site because it's being underutilized. >> the last couple of weeks we've seen a sharp decrease in demand peak 8,000 doses in one day. in the past couple of days. it's been more like 500 as of sunday evening. the coliseum site will have vaccinated about 512,000 people. that's not including those vaccinated at the mobile pop-up sites. this closure comes after the site opened in february as part of an effort to establish 100 mass vaccination sites nationwide. >> can president joe biden's first 100 days in office. the site was originally planned to close april 11th after the federal government said it
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concluded its work here. but alameda and contra costa counties decided to operate the center together with callow. yes, to continue vaccination efforts at the coliseum doctor clinton says alameda county will now pivot its resources to other vaccination sites. 60% and alameda county residents are now fully vaccinated and that is a really proud of that. and we want to get even higher while this site will close on sunday. the county will continue. operating in creating new mobile pop-up sites in harder hit neighborhoods. >> in oakland. taylor kron 4 news. >> 9. '09, is the time happening tomorrow. the one year remembrance of george floyd's death. floyd was murdered after being pinned under the knee of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin last year floyd's brother terrence spoken brooklyn ahead of tomorrow's event. and he's asking that his brother and other victims of police violence never be forgotten. >> i want my coach the state will, but i want the other coaches that's supporting us to stay woke. to keep this
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movement. float edition. to keep my brother's name ring in. is of everyone. because you can't my brother's name ring. it will keep everybody else's name reagan. briana taylor's song, bell. are we you can go through the whole list. >> president biden will be hosting the floyd family at the white house tomorrow as his administration marks the one year remembrance of his death. >> still ahead, nearly 2 dozen cars towed after sideshows broke out over several east bay cities over the weekend. we'll have more on that story coming up. >> and if you plan to hit the road for memorial day weekend. it's going to cost you a lot more than last year. for sure. all tell you how much more on why gas prices are exploding in a live report.
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i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> all right. we're back at 9.13. we've got a check of the weather here at the quarter hour looks pretty good. so far. looks nice feels you have any plans for the next couple of not so much probably used
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to close to home. but that's fine by me and the weather is going to be. well as find out. erica, you say temperatures after today probably cool down just a little bit yet tomorrow actually for our inland areas will see our temperatures drop about maybe 8 degrees compared to where we're going to be out for our daytime highs today will be in the mid to upper 80's and some inland places. >> as for what we're seeing right now kind of depends where you live like out to probably have the shot here. you can see the marine layer still looking dry up there in marin county and gray. and as for other parts of the bay area, the south bay. we're seeing blue skies now the fog is burned off and a lot of places compared to what we sae about an hour ago, san francisco starting to see the blue coming out feed the marine layer out in the distance. >> temperatures in the city's going to be in the mid 60's for daytime highs today. >> along the coast looking at mainly 50's. but 60 out in half moon bay today. 70 in millbrae down to burlingame peninsula is going to see mostly sunny skies today. a lot of blue palo alto. 77 san
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jose normals mid 70's this time of year. but you see we're in the 80's for campbell los gatos morgan health san jose out in pleasanton upper 70's, livermore looking to hit about 81 today down to danville lower. 80's 82 in sonoma delay 76 degrees for daytime highs today and up in santa rosa, 82 today. it will be a little breezy up along the coast and in marin county today about our east area in the south bay should be a pretty mild. i'll have a look at your 7 day extended forecast in just a bit. but for now, i'm going to send it off to to give us a look and check in on traffic conditions. erica, thank you for that. all right. if you are leaving the east bay heading into the city. we've got a couple of issues here at the bay bridge. there is a disabled vehicle. so there's a hazard. >> 80 westbound just east of the bay bridge. so right at the toll plaza, the air on that could potentially be slowing us down the air.
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there's also a high wind advisory in place. it's also pretty slow. a long 5, 1880. so it's backed up at least i'm looking past berkeley in terms of slower traffic. there as you head into the city once he finally reached the maze of take a little under 15 minutes to make that drive. let's head over. look at the san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula there. little under 11 minutes for the drive time we have any major accidents. again, we've been seeing a lot of traffic at the bay bridge over the past couple of weeks. looks like traffic is getting back to normal head over getting a look at the golden gate bridge and into the city where there's a fog advisory in place and a high wind advisory. so drive, say 20 minutes and looking at your richmond, sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond under 11 minutes. so we'll have more on that coming up next. but for now, james, let's go back to the news. >> and time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us as always to help us understand what we're seeing in the markets. rob, good morning. looks like the numbers are positive across the board. what are you seeing?
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>> yeah. a little bit of a rebound last week. there is a lot of concern about inflation or the big sell off a little bit of a buy on the dip little too early to say that were confirmed on going lower because a lot of volatility came in last week. a lot of reopening stocks are doing quite well today. bitcoin had a rough weekend tumbling to $30,000 per coin up 1815% today. 38,000. but still well off its 60,000 recent high. virgin galactic had a virgin galactic had a successful flight over the step closer to space tourism. the stocks are doing well or american airlines. delta carnival norwegian norwegian said they're going to be back sailing. excuse me in august and phil mickelson won the big tournament this weekend as a 50 year-old man making me feel old. there was an he's an old man like haha. >> but it is a reminder or in comes. james have kind of longevity that starts to run out at some point in time. even you and i will be replaced by younger beautiful
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smarter and faster down the road. that's all right. just in time for me to retire and go on vacation. >> speaking of which i guess we'll have to dig a little deeper to plan that next vacation home. >> not big surprise. me little shocking and some of the numbers. summer bonus here which is great theme parks. resorts are starting open up, which is great destinations that we want to go but can cooling back in $2,860 for hotel room last year. this time during the pandemic $45 a night. wow. now it's $205. so 160 prepandemic 205 post-pandemic hawaii is done the same thing going for 263 prepandemic to one 22 during the pandemic for a to 69 to record highs there like the man airlines or something. but that is alec demand pricing why is it more expensive than prepandemic. >> it will demand pricing, but
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also i want to enjoy game this weekend and another try to make up for revenue all by jacking up prices on some other things because not everyone's back. okay. like the airlines are saying we're not much to change back fees. change flights bag fees are back. >> it's all happening and gassing want to sneak away to get a car. that's about $3. a gallon. so it's the highest since 2014 james yikes. all right. >> and you say summer is here. we know it's just a little while away. and the last topic to talk about today. i was intrigued by the the subject can vin diesel save movie theaters. are we talking about another fast and furious. can he save the movie industry type thing. >> yeah. i think kind of summer blockbusters here now it's memorial day weekend. coming up. and vin diesels after 9, which i didn't know there was ford f been i know about the other on the out. but they put in a 162 million dollars internationally 135 million in china. that's a big number. and the f 9 can
9:20 am
open up june 25th in the united states. but this weekend we're going to it a quiet place to and we're going to summer is up 40% of the movie industry's business. and in 2020, the only plan 176 million which was down 96%. so fingers crossed. we'll be enjoying cold movie theaters and warm buttered popcorn sooner than later. as that is an industry that needs a little help. >> and i will be there to help any way i love going to movies. i'm glad they're starting to come back. rob, thank you as always. we'll chat with rob again tomorrow. get your topic suggestions in now so that he can chat about what you're interested in facebook, twitter, you can reach out to him on those platforms. you can e-mail your ideas directly to him robber a black dot com. and don't forget, you can always catch is past episodes on our website at kron 4 dot com. all
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right. so let's talk a bit more about your money this morning. gas prices wouldn't you know it just in time for the memorial day weekend. they're going up. are they going a little thought need them to stay down. >> millions of people are expected to hit the road for memorial day weekend. so i feel like everybody is going to fill in. and yeah, no doubt we're crawford's will trend live out burlingame with more on how much you'll probably be paying if you need to fill the tank. hey, will you know, you don't have a happy face on this morning. >> well, let's put it this way. you'll be paying north of $4. and i was just thinking about last year. yes, we have
9:24 am
the pandemic and that was horrible. and the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us. but houses sound james arena last year at this time we were paying about $2 and $0.76 flat out compared to what we're paying now. so many people. >> you it's your fault. you're hitting the road way you're doing it too often because of that. you're dipping into the supply. and with supply going down demand going up. that means prices are going up as well. so, you know what? with the memorial day weekend is going to cost you a pretty penny, probably a lot more than in previous years. for sure. definitely from last year because they expect about 34 million americans to drive 50 miles or more when they leave their house. there are those rain and james lucky enough to not to leave their house. they get to work from home and for them, they are enjoying these times. >> we start remotely so we're not really doing much commuting right now. i think
9:25 am
we would notice it more when we go back to work right now. but my husband and i are our companies are working from home. >> if you're not lucky like her and you have to head into work or what just do a lot of deliveries. this is a much you can expect as far as gas prices in open. you're waking up at $4.24 in san francisco for 30 san jose for 23. and then in sandra fell $4.32. the reason why other you know, we talked about supply and demand but also when they switch from the summer blend skews me from the winter blend to the summer blend that drives the gas prices up and no, it has nothing to do with the colonial pipeline that was hacked just a few weeks ago that impacted more of the east coast and texas, not but the bottom line is the moment memorial day weekend. we tend to see the prices go up. but this year i got to tell you, the gas prices. they stepped
9:26 am
on the gas and their foot is through the bottom floor for sure. james and it keeps on going. >> back to you. yeah. sky's the limit. it seems when it comes to increase price and that it for ever to drop just the way it works. exactly. have to start carpooling with all of you guys to get here just to get in. thank you very much. we'll take a break. still ahead, safeway now apologizing profusely after an 11 year-old african-american boy was accused of shoplifting a sandwich even though we pay for it had the receipt still given a hard time now. we'll tell you what safely is doing to try and make it better.
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we're back. 9.30. is the time and time now check in on weather before back in headlines. exactly looks great outside. >> right behind them is going to stay this way. erica. >> the blues going to continue to start to come out and some of the shots that we'll see here. you can see it already clearing that 5 that we saw the dense fog early early. this morning's burning off. you watch the thing in some places along the coast, though. but look at that berkeley. it has ileared up. you can even see of the water out there because of the fog earlier today. as for our winds, it's looking pretty calm right now. but it increases a little more come
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this afternoon and you see there and a marine county along the coast and numbers increased to about 30 miles per hour gusts. especially here in san francisco. but really not too bad. like what we saw last week and here we have our futurecast that shows it does remain dry these next couple of days. we do have a system to the north of us that will bring some rain up to oregon and del norte county. there. kind of weekends. as you can see, it will bring some cloud cover tomorrow morning. it should not hit us here in the bay area. as you can see, and we have another system moving wednesday thursday there to the north, bringing some cloud cover up to the medford area. the bay area looks right now is try but course by memorial day weekend here that 7 days from now. could changes than a 100% convinced too far in advance to predict. but so far models these next few days don't show any rain on our end of more on the 7 day coming up in a bit.
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for now. going to send it over to you or a now with a check in on traffic. erica, thank you for that. we had a couple issues at the bay bridge earlier. looks like they have been able to remove that hazard off of the bridge. so as you're traveling into the city wants to get so that free mustard x. it'll take you a little under. >> 10 minutes to make that drive. its we're starting to level out here at the bridge. we still do have a highway advwsory there. you can see our flags going back and forth. take look at the san mateo bridge where we've had no major delays all this morning. this is been pretty great commute for you. about 10 minutes as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. it's also had over get a look at the golden gate bridge traveling into the city where they're pockets of fog fog advisory still in place that high wind advisory as well. again, gusty conditions about 20 minutes. just take your time as you're driving. leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute. this is also been pretty light weaver. only up to about 12 minutes or so. earlier now back down to 9. so we'll have more on this coming up. for now, let's get back to the news. >> all right. at 9.31 in san
9:32 am
francisco man is fighting for his life. now after a driver crashed into him and his girlfriend girlfriend died at the scene. kron four's amanda howard now spoke with that man's mother who is pleading now for safer driving. >> his mother tells me his whole life changed in the blink of an eye. he and his girlfriend just moved to the bay area. >> in march. now he's in the hospital sedated and fighting for his life. >> he is a fighter. daniel ramos his mother of laurie says she could never imagine anything like this happening. it truly is nightmares that you just you want wake up because. >> you understand why would happen to 2 beautiful people that are just so full of life. >> daniel and his girlfriend love issa rae at the intersection of polk and hayes street on may 18th when they were hit by a car during an accident. the chevy avalanche and audi a 6 crashed. the driver of the avalanche hit
9:33 am
the couple who are walking and then ran. >> he obviously. knew what he had done because he got out of the and away. that scene without giving to care. >> or thought about her children. >> you know, he could have caused. looks like it could be said died on the scene. >> there's a memorial for her at the intersection. police arrested the driver of the avalanche. 57 year-old virgil woods on friday eve already says she flew in from denver to be by her son side as soon as she could. she's being patient and staying positive 40 started take every injuries. >> one other time. >> right now. they're really trying really hard to work his lungs to get to you know, be able to do what they need to do on their own. >> he's still in the hospital and sedated of ari says she visited the crash site. she says she sees how it could be a dangerous area and has a
9:34 am
message for drivers patients being 5 minutes. >> you're not going to get their money faster. you're not going to get 30 better. daniel's mother says she won't leave his side until he can open his eyes and tell her he's going to be okay. >> in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> and speaking of dangerous driving sideshows took over the streets in 4 cities in contra, costa county. and these are some images sent out by antioch police showing the massive crowds here. that came. this was particularly at the intersection of auto center drive and west 10th street. several 100 people were there. police eventually got the crowd to disperse. but in the end, at least 20 people were ticketed. nearly 2 dozen cars had to be towed and then in the wake of this, we had just a few hours later smaller sideshows popping up in brentwood in oakley, in nearby pittsburgh in oakley, for instance, they threw bottles at police. one person was arrested there. and then in
9:35 am
pittsburgh apparently somebody fired shots from one of the cars. no reports of anybody being hurt by that but the investigation is still ongoing. american canyon. police are looking into a string of overnight car break. ins police say they receive calls. >> for 15 incidents of car break-ins that happened in the months of vino neighborhood yesterday between 5 6 o'clock in the morning. so police are asking homeowners to check your surveillance cameras. if you have any and report any incidents. you may have thought suspicious. police say they plan to step up patrols in that area. community members in the east bay came together to call for a stop to violence against asian americans. union city police along with the alameda county district attorney's office answer questions about hate crimes. >> it can be very traumatic experience for victims, especially when there's some hate crime or bias. that's a reason as to why the crime is, cause. why the crime is done and so sometimes it's because
9:36 am
there's a stranger that's a perpetrator of the crime and sometimes people are a little timid or scared to. >> actually reported. we have a big asian community in union city and we felt that if we held events to bring awareness to what's been happening. what about make bring solutions and encouraging involvement to help curb these activities. >> alameda county has a special department for hate crimes and a dedicated unit to prosecute thess types of crimes. >> well, safeway has issued an apology now to the family of an 11 year-old boy who says he was racially profiled and falsely accused of stealing a sandwich. the sandwich he had a receipt for and still the security guard would believe them. this was last month that the safely in castro, castro. video of the rally. as you can see here, held yesterday as members of the naacp, san francisco branch joined city leaders and community members to say that safe ways. initial response. an explanation of the incident fell flat and the
9:37 am
offer of a $25 gift certificate to make up for it all. that was disrespectful. >> it's going to come that you have say. >> with every single employee and make sure the understand the incident here. how it came across, how it doesn't match our values and get everybody's commitments to better job. yes, safely says that security guard is no longer working at that store. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news president biden agrees to shrink his infrastructure plan. the republicans say it's still too big. we're going to have. >> the latest on where the negotiations stand this morning. plus pg e has sold its san francisco headquarters. we'll tell you how much they got in the deal and where the headquarters goes from here. we'll be right back.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm.
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i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ new this morning. pg e has agreed to sell its san francisco headquarters for 800 million dollars. the deal was announced just a short time ago. >> we have video of that headquarters. this was last year. people protesting out front the complex we're told is being includes the buildings on beale street and market street was sold to a company out of delaware. the california public utilities commission, though, will still need to approve the sale before it's finalized. as for where they're going from here. p g says it's moving its headquarters across the bay to
9:41 am
oakland by the 1st half of next year. they say that should say the company a lot of money. >> happening this week. the oakland a's are going to visit las vegas as they explore the possibility of leaving the bay area officials with the a's, including us president dave leval will be making that trip. the team will tour possible stadium sites in and around las vegas. now major league baseball gave a's the green light to explore new homes while the team tries to secure the new waterfront ballpark in oakland. the oakland city council needs to vote on the proposal and the vote is slated to happen in mid july. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> we're back at 9.45 grace cathedral in san francisco. welcome people back inside the sanctuary for services this past sunday. it's a beautiful sanctuary. now is the first time the cathedral health services indoors since the pandemic forced him to shut their doors. last kron four's camila barco has the story. >> sunday service at grace cathedral was completely booked. people will now have to reserve their spot in order to attend mass. >> on pentecost sunday. the message of faith. >> code inside the grease
9:45 am
cathedral. 200 people sat down for the first in-person service in over a year. it feels very familiar at this moment. the pandemic caused bob whites weekly ritual. he's been worshiping at the church since 2008, something that had become very important on a weekly and sometimes daily bases was suddenly removed white and many others have spent the last year connecting with god online the church live streamed its services to stay connected with its members has been. >> a really, really great program. >> it's been a lifesaver to have this sunday service but being back at grace cathedral is a different feeling. for dohy kim and peter get their surroundings do so no one give maze a plea at a typical sunday service would include 500 people. but the church is limiting its capacity to keep in line with covid regulations. just a sign of
9:46 am
the way things are those looking to attend in person will have to book their spot online ahead of each service face masks are required at all times and the congregation won't be singing is more dangerous state officials gave churches the green might operate back in early april. bishop mark andrews says they're keeping everyone safety in mind you're waiting till we made sure that people are as safe as possible, though it was a challenge. bishop andrus believes the pandemic gave them new ideas on how to spread the scripture of old despite the mask despite the differences. it would be a now in order for you to attend next week's sunday service. you will have to sign up online. we have that link for you at kron 4 dot com at grace cathedral. camila barco kron 4 news. >> all right. well, let's check in on weather here before we get back to the stories this morning. we've got erica in the weather center with an eye on what we're seeing out there looks like guys. yeah, you're right about that. the sun is
9:47 am
starting to come out and we see our shot here over to brown. we see the blue now is really great earlier and foggy as well. but that fog. >> we'll continue to burn off. >> the rest of this morning. as for our temperatures it well, actually be a little above normal in some places, even some places could see temperatures about 8 degrees above the normal along the coast today. we can expect a low clouds to stick with you. a breezy conditions in the afternoon as well. as here in san francisco will get a little breezy if you live in the east bay and the south bay. it will be mostly sunny with temperatures. of course, above normal. like i was mentioning so currently we're at 56 in san jose, 60 already out in concord, 62 now in fairfield, 65 in pittsburgh and 63 in saint helene are starting to warm up because we have this high pressure that is building. and that's why we're seeing dry conditions. now, of course, to the north of us. they do have a system
9:48 am
up there putting them some rain, but it shouldn't be. trickling over to our area. so here's a look at those high temperotures notice san francisco, a little above normal at 66 today. san jose. 5 degrees above normal at 80 degrees and out in concord. our highs going to be 82 78 in nevado and santa rosa 82 for daytime high this evening. if you're going to be out in oakland. so you're seeing the a's game. the temperature is going to be 65 degrees just before 7 o'clock when the game starts against the mariners. mostly sunny conditions out there. you happen to be hitting the road heading off to say reno. it's going to be dry. and what a difference in the conditions compared to over the weekend when they had of rain and snow out there. it's going to be sunny temperatures and the lower 60's in south lake tahoe, which is actually that is a little below normal as live reno. normally the normal temperatures, mid 70's. i believe out there. bring it back home. here's a look at our 7 day extended forecast for the upcoming week. so
9:49 am
today's going to be warm. but tomorrow see how our temperatures are going to dip down there almost 10 degrees for inland areas. them by wednesday. temperatures bump back up to the 80's in the meantime, enjoy those conditions. if you live out in the east and the south bay should be pretty nice today in the afternoon and then just along the coast breezy conditions and those low clouds rain. and how are the roads looking. erica, thank you for that much, much better as you're heading into the city. we're finally down backed under 12 minutes for your drive time. once you get to so that fremont street exit, things are still %retty slow along 8580. >> and there is a high wind advisory still in place along the bay bridge to take your time as you're driving. let's have a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. we've definitely been at nice light limits all throughout the morning for san mateo peninsula commute under 10 minutes for you as you're traveling. let's have look at the golden gate bridge where there are still some pockets of fog in this area and the winds are still pretty gusty.
9:50 am
you want to take your time to drive into the city 20 minutes for you. there. we'll leave you with a look at the richmond center fell commute headed out of richmond under 9 minutes. that's your traffic update. let's get back to the news. >> so national headlines this morning with republicans and the white house once again butting heads on the infrastructure deal. the white house lowered the price of its original plan to now one 0.7 trillion dollars. but republicans say the white house still hasn't come down far enough. exactly. in washington correspondent kellie meyer has that report. >> president joe biden is looking for a bridge to bipartisanship on his infrastructure plan. i think the president coming down 550 billion dollars off of his an proposal. i think shows, though willingness to negotiating good face. fay. and in a serious manner on friday. the white house dropped the price of the plan from 2 and a quarter trillion to 1.7 trillion to get more
9:51 am
gop lawmakers on board. republicans rejected the offer. the number is too big because the scope. >> of what the white house staff once tribal infrastructure. >> is way too big right now. republicans are suggesting a nearly 600 billion counteroffer focusing on what they believe represents infrastructure funding for roads, bridges and broadband president biden's new slim down proposal. each gop lawmakers on broadband spending. but the next 10 days will show if the new pitch. well, we're visits will determine whether or not we can work together. there's discussion of splitting the package into 2. but if the 2 sides can find common ground. democrats are prepared to pass it on their own they're not coming forward. we've got to go forward alone, be. >> reporting here in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> well, take a look at this. a party got way out of hand in southern california as thousands of people showed up a lot of them breaking covid
9:52 am
rules. by the way, this was saturday night at huntington beach. the party was promoted on a tiktok video that went viral about 2500 people ended up showing up for this party which as you can see flowed out into the downtown area. streets. people were seen climbing up polls. some were hurling objects at police. the curfew had to be put into effect to try and calm things down in the end, the 149 people were arrested and a lot of the business owners up and down the streets. we're left to clean up the mess. >> kids are out too. >> no remorse. >> therefore, all day long say yeah, we did this all we seeing kids driving by like. also funny, you know. >> it's not funny, guys. it's not. >> the arrests included vandalism failure to disperse and firing off illegal fireworks. many of those arrested turns out were miners. 9.52 is the time. >> we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
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well, we're just about done here on the kron 00:00am morning news, but they never stop on kron on. >> labello standing by in the newsroom with the preview and looks like we'll match. and we got the monday motivation near to where that right now-a we've seen a couple of fires pop up over the weekend and this morning. even so if you have any question fire season.
9:56 am
definitely underway in just a little bit, though. we're going to be hearing from governor newsom about some funds for new firefighting equipment and other preparedness plans that's all coming up at 1130. so to see that and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone and scan. this qr code. it will take you straight to your app store so you can download kron-on for free and then spend the rest of your day with me. back to you guys. >> my son didn't exactly unbelievable that simone biles making history completing for their competing for the first time since 2019 bush came back just a show stopper. amazing pulled off a fault. but no woman has ever actually landed in competition. it's called the yurchenko double pike. this was at the u.s. classic. yeah. with that. she went on to win the all around
9:57 am
competition and hard to make out spin so fast. but somewhere on her leotard. we're told she has a picture of a goat in reference to the fact that she is the greatest of all time. there wasn't any question will a very appropriate holy cow. little bit anyway. all right. >> second daily do a handstand. so what does that haha to you. all right. that's it for the kron 4 morning news. thank you so much for joining us on a monday morning. >> we'll see you back tomorrow.
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