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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 26, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this wednesday may 26th. i'm james fletcher and we are starting off with a live look this morning of a supermoon. plus a total lunar eclipse all combining this morning in front of our eyes. live kron four's yulia 7 is giving us this shot of what's expected to be a pretty cool looking. lunar eclipse, total lunar eclipse doesn't happen all that often. but it's happening this morning john. it's really cool to see it for early
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risers. yes, good chance to get out. >> you can see the earth's shadow being cast on the moon right now. james, just that little sliver of light there on the right making its way through the reddish glow that rusty red colors actually cast as light passes past the earth's atmosphere and the blue light in our atmosphere filters. all that out. so you get is the red landing on the moon there and you'll see less and less of that sliver here over the next 9 minutes before totality is reached. for 10:00am so i'm glad you're here super early, james because i know eou're living for this >> as a fellow science men this is pretty cool to see because i think the last time we had of total lunar eclipse was back in january 2019. if my records are right and it's pretty cool to see it with their own eyes on a clear enough night so we can see it here in the bay. exactly. because yesterday at the same time, especially this view that you're looking at right now. the transamerica pyramid there. it was kind of cloudy.
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but this morninh we are getting a clear view of the moon. so good chance to maybe look out your window while keeping us here on a crime now for viewers that have been watching all night long. the eclipse actually technically began at one 47 am, but viewers at that time really weren't seeing much. it was around 2.45 or you're really started to notice. >> that shadow cast on the moon itself. now to tally. the only last 15 minutes. so starting at 4.10 is when you're really going to see that rusty red glow that will last for 15 minutes beyond that point. so towards around 04:25am. you'll start to see the moon brightening up on the opposite side as the shadow of the earth cast little bit on the other side of it from that point forward. it's going to gradually get brighter and brighter and tell the moon actually falls over the western horizon that won't be until just before 06:00am this morning. so we got a good chance to look at it here, of course, for viewers right now. you're really getting the best
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of it because you're getting it before totality. and when looking at it all the way through as well, which is for stargazers, the best part of all yes, as you are stepping outside this morning. it is definitely little chilly out there as you do, take your view of the moon right now. we're hanging out in the 50's across the bay area. so maybe you're planning on venturing out here in the next couple of minutes. if you are doing so, the light jacket is going to come in handy skies. as i mentioned, though, are mostly clear. this is definitely good right now all that means is it's orbiting a little bit closer to the earth. that means it's casting just a bit of a brighter glow which makes the event all the more nice to
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see visibility is good across the bay area just a couple of spots. a low cloud cover out there really has been cooperating as far as lunar eclipse viewing goes radar shows these dry conditions and we are looking at a breeze this morning, but not as windy as yesterday. so really all in all mother nature is cooperating for an early morning to step outside. as i mentioned, most of our temperatures right now are in the 50's with alameda at 54 degrees oakland at 52 berkeley and san mateo each at 51. while some 40's and double in petaluma and santa rosa upper 40's in these spots a little bit cooler than yesterday. but no big deal were already off to a pretty mild start yesterday was just especially mild towards the afternoon. we're actually going to be sunnier and warmer than we were yesterday. highs climbing well into the 60's and 70's right along the bay shore with more and more 80's being seen for inland valleys back over to you, james. all right, john, thank you watching the progress of that. a lunar eclipse in the headlines this morning. nationwide, fewer
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peo le are actually getting vaccinated and that has led some state and local governments offer incentives. in fact, california leaders. >> are also expected to announce some sort of statewide incentive program. some point soon. governor newsome, you may remember hinted at that possibility last week. >> looking at state overlays of incentives very we were ready to do that couple weeks ago. but our numbers were holding pretty family. >> yes. so since the cdc no longer requires masks for vaccinated americans in many situations. there's been a drop in california is actually wanting to get the shot. but the state says it's going to be following the cdc's mask guidance on june 15th. that's when they plan to drop pandemic-related restrictions for most businesses. so for now, state leaders want to get as many people vaccinated as possible before that june 15th time frame. meanwhile in the east bay alameda county is marking a major vaccination milestone. take a look at your at your screen there. more than 75% of residents 16 and
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older have had at least one dose of the covid vaccine to partially vaccinated and 4.65 and older. the numbers actually up towards 80% more than 1.8 million vaccines have been distributed across the county. well, more help is on the way for san franciscans, struggling with housing insecurity starting friday. the city will start accepting applications for its new emergency rental assistance program that fund can help with your rent for up to 6 months, including 3 months of future rent now to qualify for this assistance. you need to meet one of 4 criteria either you're experiencing income reduction because of the pandemic you're eligible for unemployment benefits. you're at risk of becoming homeless or you are currently experiencing housing insecurity, people applying for this assistance, though, have to make less than 80% of the city's median income. the city says people with 30 to 50% of the median income will be prioritized. and if you're interested in applying, we have a link on our website. kron 4 dot com to make it easier for you. temperatures.
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the mayor london breed is proposing spending 9 and a half million dollars from the city's budget to make san francisco's downtown a more inviting place for all the proposal calls for 50 community ambassadors stationed throughout the city. mainly a transit and tourist hubs across the city to try and keep those areas clean plazas across the city will host art exhibits and performances on wednesdays. plus additional events at the temporary transbay terminal location on main street as well. and along the embarcadero. so that is something so residents can look forward to. >> and that's how we're going to bring san francisco back. the arts getting rid of bureaucracy making the right investments people keeping people safe cleaning up our city and coming together just like we did to fight this pandemic. >> mayor breed also criticized the city's board of supervisors, accusing them of watering down her proposals. she went on to suggest that she may bypass the board all together and take her proposals directly to the
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voters. in the north bay marin county has already set a goal of reducing water use this summer by 40%. and now we're learning that the county's reservoirs or less than half full the last 2 years have been the driest in more than a 100 years. the county has already declared a drought emergency. but yesterday the marin municipal water district revealed that water levels in the district's reservoirs are exceptionally low. and in addition to this sonoma county has said that because its reservoirs like sonoma, like lake sonoma and lake mendocino or low. they will also reduce water deliveries to marin county by 20% that starting in july. the water district says the moving forward, they'll be monitoring the water supply and further restrictions are possible. >> we've been closely monitoring our reservoir levels and we are reacting to current events making operational changes, taking water shortage, response actions analyzing the the efficacy of park conservation mandates.
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>> well, because marin county declared a drought emergency that could now free up financial aid from the state and federal governments to help with the problem. it could also allow the county to reduce mandatory water releases from the reservoir which are normally required to protect fish and wildlife. well, much of the bay area, as we know is facing a drought emergency, but for some communities with an economic disadvantage. the impact could be far worse. jonathan london, a professor at u c davis who specializes in environmental justice is concerned about neighborhoods who rely on shallow wells. he says communities like livermore valley and parts of contra. costa county don't have the resources to dig further into the ground. they also run the risk of being exposed to contaminated water. >> with the residents just don't have income enough wealth to be able to pay. for additional, you know, water bonds could you know, biological contamination. some
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bacteria and that kind of thing. you can you can boil to get safe water but other things like which is often from agriculture common or or fertilizer runoff has a lot of major health problems, things like arsenic that leach out from rocks in the in the underlying soils bedrock, though, those kinds of things. you can't boil there just in the water and they take massive investments to clean. >> london says the governor gavin newsom's office has made one 0.3 billion dollars available in the budget to make long-term improvements to the water system. and happening right now. again, a quick update on the total lunar eclipse. we're getting real close right now to seeing it completely in the earth's shadow. john has been following this in the weather center and he says that we should see totality happened around. well, any time now and should last about 15 minutes. >> so i think what we'll
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probably do is take a quick break. that will be about 2 minutes. when we come back, we should see the moon fully in earth's shadow. so keep it to the crowd for for that. and again, if you want take photos and send it to us what the moon looks like in your neighborhood. do it just use the kron 4 mobile app use the reported tab and upload those photos straight to us. if you don't have it down low to get a scan that qr code. it will take you right to your app store. load up the app for you to download its free and a great way for us to see what the moon is going to look like in your neighborhood. this morning. >> we'll take a break. we'll be right back.
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>> we are back here at 4.14, watching the total lunar eclipse happening outside right now are live pictures here coming to us from crawford. who staked out and is on lunar watch for us this morning. john's been keeping us updated. we are in totality now, right, john. yes. so this is to it started at 04:10am. >> and it will last around 15 minutes. so right in the heart of it. you can still see that sliver of light there at the edge of the to of the clips is going to be short. the moon seems to grow very this
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reddish color right now. you still got some light from around the corners of the earth passing there right at the edge of the men, which is why it's a little bit brighter. if you're looking at the right side of it currently one of the reasons its reddish right now is because the earth is smack dab between the sun and the moon. so any light that's passing on to at least what we see them in right now is passing right past the earth. and that's that light is passing through the earth's atmosphere itself. the blue light in our atmosphere is reflecting it. so all you're getting that's passing through our atmosphere is that reddish glow. that's eventually cast directly up on the moon itself. so i know a lot of you getting up a little bit extra early this morning so you can have a few minutes to maybe start your day on the calmer side. get your view of the total lunar eclipse this morning. it's a lunar eclipse and a supermoon only because the earth, the earth and the moon are a little bit closer in passing towards each other right now, which happens quite often it's called perigee when
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the moon just cast a little bit more light on the earth because it's a little closer to us. it just happened so that moon is in that phase currently. and we're looking at a lunar eclipse which here at the west coast. james, we are lucky this your morning than it was yesterday at a lot of things they had to go right for us to experience this this morning he said not only is it in the super moon phase, but it's also in a lunar eclipse in that super moon phase. plus, we've got clear skies here in the bay area. >> in north america. we can actually watch it. so, yeah, pretty cool. i don't know when the next one is going to line like this for us to be able to see this nicely. but boy, if you've got a moment, maybe step outside right now. so you can see with your own eyes works for perfect leigh for early rise everyone else is going to have to look at people's of. but yeah, i kind of cool to take a minute to look at it, especially since we are in totality right now are you really a 7 is out there in the 50's getting the video of it. hold the camera nice and still and.
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>> we certainly appreciate her for that. i mean, you are getting a great view of it across the bay area. again, we've got about 10 more minutes of totality left to the last and tell around 4.25. and after that point you're going to start to see the moon getting just a little bit brighter and a little bit brighter as what's going on. we're gradually going to be working our way out of the middle of the moon and the sun seal start to get that sunlight passing just right on to the moon itself without having to push its way around the the light itself. so really cool to be getting a chance to check this out this morning and just take a moment to to look at it out there and you can definitely see that reddish glow to it kind of looks a little bit 3 d this morning. it's just a cool view of it. like james and i were talking about. it's really nice. better weather here in the bay area. is cooperating with that this morning as you are stepping outside to get a look at the moon here in the
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50's currently seeing just want that jacket ready to go. we are looking at as windy of a start to this morning as we did yesterday at this time which is certainly a nice little change of pace to has a few more of us are going to be outside for a bit of a longer period of time over these next few minutes, the moon is about to descend into the western horizon seal. get to see a bit more of that view here from our view from berkeley skies are clear. then yesterday. nice little change of pace from yesterday's cloud cover. high pressure is building back in. we are a bit breezy today. not as much as yesterday. still a sea breeze that's going to try to push inland, try to help to moderate temperatures and will successfully do so. but our inland areas are going to be a touch warmer than they were yesterday. daytime highs along the coastline in the 50's to 60's much like yesterday's word. well, looking at our bayshore highs today anywhere from the 60's to 70's burlingame at 70 degrees. redwood city in palo alto each at 75 today. south bay daytime highs reaching the low 80's
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again for areas like morgan hill. campbell saratoga in los gatos also seeing a couple of low 80's back for areas like pleasanton and livermore. well, we'll be staying with the 60's for oakland and berkeley back to the low 70's for san leandro in castro valley, tomorrow's temperatures will be a bit cooler sea breeze kicks back up after today's increase sunshine and drier conditions overall, we are going to be looking at temperatures come the weekend a little bit warmer, especially towards the latter part of the weekend climbing back into the mid 80's for inland areas into early next week, monday and tuesday, we'll be back to the 90's. we go for inland spots. so enjoy are moderated weather while we've got it because heat is going to be building just around the corner. james. all right, john, thank you very much. back to some news now. national headlines. a grand jury has been convened by manhattan's district attorney. >> to decide if former president donald trump should be indicted for his business dealings. now, this comes after new york state's attorney general said that she
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assigned 2 lawyers to work with the manhattan da's office on this case, a case which she says has gone from civil to criminal in nature. now, according to the washington post, the panel was recently convened. and we'll sit 3 days a week for the next 6 months to sift through the evidence. the grand jury is likely to hear several matters not just the trump case during its term. the report says that this 6 month time frame would be longer than a traditional new york state grand jury assignment. but again, this could bring criminal charges against former president trump manhattan's dia says its office has been investigating the former president for up to 2 years now. and we spoke our political analyst michael yaki to better understand how the former president's tax returns plays a role in office. >> the way that she defied congress, the way he refuses to allow his tax returns to be released for various reasons, which those things i think all together has led to where we are today and especially when the supreme court finally, you
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know, weeks after the president. if i left office. lot of those tax returns to be. by by the new york state attorney general and the d a that's where we are today. they're looking at this paper that paperwork. they've hired a forensic expert. they're they're at a stage right now where they believe this could lead to criminal charges. >> as michael said, this could bring criminal charges against former president trump. it could be 6 months before we learn what that decision is a spokesperson for the former president and an attorney for the trump organization did not respond to requests for comment. again, according to the washington post. so we'll be keeping an eye on the story for you. also in the news comedian jon stewart and veteran advocates are fighting for benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits while they were in service. a new bill would stop veterans from having to prove to the government that they were exposed to the substance is this could help them get faster access to care. we have our washington, dc correspondent kelli meyer joining us live with the very
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latest on this story. kelly. >> good morning, james. well, there are several bills here on capitol hill working to address this issue and what lawmakers are trying to do here is bring those bills together in an effort to get this done much quicker because for veterans suffering from this exposure. time isn't on their side. >> to another exciting episode. when is america going to start acting like the great country. we keep telling ourselves we are comedian. jon stewart has spent the last year urging lawmakers to pass comprehensive legislation. >> that ensures veterans who are exposed to toxic substances while serving the country get help when they returned their voices deserve to be heard on wednesday, stewart 9.11 first responder john feal and other veterans groups will join house lawmakers in unveiling a bill that would remove the veterans burden of proof so they don't
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have to prove they were exposed to a toxic substance while serving. we are on them to not repeat the mistakes of agent orange. there are several bills moving through the senate to address the issue. north carolina republican thom tillis is leading one of them. we talked about how all these pieces of the puzzle fit together. but we've also got to be judicious so that we don't reach a point where we lose support. >> currently on the financial impact. >> now stewart lawmakers in veteran advocates will be here on capitol hill at 11:00am eastern this morning. i will be there and continue following this story to see if they get this passed some time in 2021 reporting live in washington. i'm kelly meyer. all right. >> thank you very much, kelly. we'll take a break at 4.23. we'll be right back. as we take another live look here at our supermoon total lunar eclipse, a combination of 2 pretty cool events. and we're watching it live here over the skies of san francisco. we'll be right back. we're back at
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4.26. it's been 5 years since of low teenager pearl pinson vanished while on her way to school. >> she was last seen at the overpass above interstate 7.80, in vallejo police tracked down 19 year-old fernando castro who they believe kidnapped her in
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southern california will be tracking down a southern california. but before they could get any answers from him. he was killed in a shootout with police henson family held a vigil in yesterday as they do every may. 25th to mark her disappearance, her sister tells us that even after 5 years, the loss never gets easier. >> i still don't feel the same who don't feel right. it's a like it happened >> we miss most about your sister finding water. in that is everyday thing. and like never happens. it's hard. you know who's now it's like what if what if she doesn't come home. you know, you get those 2030, years later they come home. but it's late. it's 5. they didn't think we'd make tough. i you know. >> family members are now pushing to rename the overpass where she was last seen as pearl pinson bridge. still ahead on the kron 4 morning
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news rallies took place over the country, too. honor the life of george floyd. we're going take a look at some of those rallies took place here. >> in the bay area.
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>> for 30 is the time and happening right now, total eclipse of now total but we've had fun here over the last half hour. taking a look at this. pretty cool sight. not only is it a supermoon out


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