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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 1, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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thank you so much. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> from the bay. area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> the violence right in front of a church bullet holes piercing the building to people. one of them a young child in critical condition tonight after a shooting that happened overnight. thank you for joining us this evening on kron 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis that shooting happened at about 1045 last night. >> kron four's phillipe djegal has the latest.
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>> bullet holes which seemed to have been fired from 2 different guns mark up, the evangelist temple fellowship center in vallejo. police say some of those gunshots hit a 30 year-old woman and an 8 year-old girl wednesday night. shawny williams believes or family members. both are in critical condition. but the child has been stabilized. i can say this is a senseless act of violence. we don't know what the motive is. it's currently an active investigation. church members say the city has been plagued by gun violence and chief williams agrees gun violence is a public health crisis about 2 hours after a man was shot to death in vallejo. police responded to the wounded woman and child at around 1045 wednesday night. >> neighbor marco sandoval says the sports car speeding down sonoma boulevard. >> turned around and returned to the church corner. his surveillance camera captured the vehicle. >> he says once the driver reached the church, the shooter opened fire on the maybe we. >> with the child, but it's.
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>> it's quite ready. blair got married in this church. she says she is on in light of recent shootings i try to my my i go the store search and hope. but i've heard a lot of retaliation is going on in between some young people. so. >> i don't know. it needs to stop mid june. we're had about a 116 shootings last year. we had 269 that's shootings and many of them remain unsold in valais. hopefully all kron 4 news. >> another big story 4th of july fast approaching, right. and it's going to be a big one here in the bay. a lot of fireworks. and now that so many people are vaccinated. folks are ready to get out and socialize. so everybody's trying to get ready. san francisco getting set to host its first fireworks show since the pandemic kron four's, maureen kelly talked to police leaders who are warning that all other fireworks are illegal in the city.
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>> this is video of an illegal fireworks display going off the patrol hill. it's been a semi regular occurrence for the past month, even more so as we get closer to the 4th of july holiday. the booming of the explosives. scaring pets and concerning some residents, especially as this is happening in a densely packed neighborhood not far from the dry grasses of the star king open-space sfpd public information officer robert says they're doing the best they can to respond to these types of calls for service we will respond to those incidents where a caller can provide the exact location. >> and the actual observation of a person lighting or discharging those fireworks. if it's just a mere complaint of noise. we will respond to the area. however, if you want to speed up our response. we will need information such as a description of a suspect and the exact location of where
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the fireworks are being laid off and even though safe and sane fireworks are being sold in some bay area cities. even those are off-limits with in san francisco city limits. we know that safe and sane fireworks or burn at a temperature. that's hot enough to melt gold. and so in hands of a child that can certainly cause injury that can certainly light up other areas like dry grass and that can spread to structures and can cause millions of dollars worth of damage. but for the first time since the pandemic, the city will be holding its own perfectly legal fireworks display down by the waterfront. but a reminder treasure island should stay off the list of vantage points to watch the official fireworks display. >> because of the ongoing construction there, which is causing parking and access to the island to be extremely limited. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> we are still a few days away from the 4th of july but injuries related to fireworks are already skyrocketing
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across the country. injuries can range from somewhat minor injuries that could be cared for at home to more severe life altering injuries that do require hospitalization. according to a report by the u.s. consumer product safety commission on occupational firework deaths have doubled in this past year. and there are fears that this year the numbers will increase even more. >> so there are going to say fireworks. >> we really recommend people, you know, enjoy fireworks from professional. exhibitions and not trying to have their own fireworks shows. >> doctor karen us who we just heard from says that she has seeing patients lose fingers and euen their vision. >> other bay area news now pg and e wants to jack up our rates, increasing monthly bills 5% a year. >> for 4 years. a lot. they say that it's all about reducing the wildfire risk. but this increase could amount
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to hundreds of dollars for customers. kron four's. dan kerman live for us in san francisco to break it all down. dan. >> well in that first year what we're talking about is an increase of about a dollar day. but remember that compounds because we're going up 5%. one year in 2023 than another 5% twenty-twenty for another 5%. 2025 another 5% in 2026 she can imagine some rate payers not excited about this proposal. pacific gas and electric is proposing to raise rates. 5% in 2023 and then another 5% in each of the 3 subsequent years absolutely. outrageous. >> that pg and me is asking for a record breaking. >> increased martone is with turn the utility reform network. >> pg and me. >> is asking for. >> for years increase. not just one year and each year
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the increase gets bigger and bigger so that by the time we're in 2026, the 4th year of the increse people will be paying over $650 more per year. >> pg and e would not go on camera but in a news release indicated the increase is to further reduce wildfire risk and deliver safe, reliable and clean energy service. the proposal calls for and are grounding of power lines, removing trees that could strike power lines and updating technology to pinpoint down power lines within minutes when they start getting through wildfire season without burning down communities. they come back and talk to us about reading increases. will abrams lost his home in the 2017 tubbs fire. >> he says any talk of a rate increase must come after this fire season and it must include specifics not generalities about what pg e is going to do to reduce
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wildfire risk. we need to make sure that every dollar that pg gets its took tied to a very specific metric in safety performance. >> and the new wildfire safety division needs to be put in a position to go out there and verify that. >> now these rate hikes are a done deal. it has to be approved first by the california public utilities commission. and before that happens, that will be hearings at which time the public will get to comment live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, dan. >> taking a live look outside right now from our mount tam cam. >> a bunch of clouds, kind like snow capped mountains. kind of hate crime. it's a beautiful thing. so much fog out there and the 4th of july is coming up and lawrence karnow joins us now. we always want to cleared out for the 4th. but with all the fire danger this year. yeah, it really would be so bad if if we had fog persist for the
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next what we're going for 5 months. ad said we've been talking about right. i was hoping for a really foggy summer. looks like that fog socked in for now, but not to be around forever. but tonight, again, here we go. that fog is already marching back on shore. >> it's going to be very thick. it was very damp along the coastline. some places up toward the coast. 300, even 600 s of an inch of precipitation. all due to that drizzle out there. they can see more of that overnight tonight and really in the coming days. i think that fog is still going to camp out and be a factor in your 4th of july. you can see it already on shore right now along the coastline start to make its way just inside the bay. it's going to surge well inland again tonight. so be prepared very damp along the coastline, maybe enough to have some puddles out there. the same times here firing up again with more thunderstorms. they're going to continue until that low kind of just begins to move out of town. so he paired up in the high country there. the temperatures not bad. you've got some 80's inland. they've got a lot of 60's 70's inside the bay along the coastline. we're in the 50's and the 60's
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right now. but here comes the fog and low clouds surging on shore pushing all the way to the valleys. and again, it looks like make its way all the way into the central valley. maybe the sacramento valley as we'll see that deck early on tomorrow morning. healy back, leaving some sunshine in the afternoon. but temperatures may just be a tad cooler tomorrow. again. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence e didn't want to hear this, but commute is going to get more expensive. >> with an increase in the state's gas tax going into effect today. you can expect to pay $0.12 more for regular and $0.20. more for diesel with the 4th of july coming up, this is going to make a road trips even more expensive back in 2017 lawmakers passed senate bill one allowing for taxes at the pump to go up annually by pennies to pay for road and bridge repairs. the taxes are expected to generate 5.4 million dollars for the state. this will be pretty frustrating for california instance or gas prices are already some of the highest in the country. in the bay area. according to triple a an gas
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per gallon cost about 4.35 in oakland for samara fell in san francisco. i seen prices at 4.43. >> and as of today, tolls at the golden gate bridge went up to see a live look. there it is now $8.5 to cross if use fast track it was 7.70 just yesterday drivers to zip through the toll plaza without fast track. but who have an account and credit card on file and pay as they go can expect the bill now for $8.60, a trip that was $0.20, cheaper yesterday. and if you don't have an account, lots of out of towners fall into this category toll invoices went from $8 and $0.70 up to $9.5. a trip. the toll hike was approved in 2019. it is part of a 5 year program that will help maintain the bridge. they say in sustained bus transit and ferry services. >> there are a lot of new changes taking effect today. several bay area counties and
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cities are seeing a sales tax up on kron 4 news dot com. we've got a full breakdown of these new increases and how much they're going up by for the full list and to check individual city tax hikes. just use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code. >> still to come on the news at 5 the reopening in san francisco continues. new announcements today from the mayor bringing back more activities that we lost during the pandemic and we now have a date for the recall election of governor gavin newsome. when the vote is scheduled to happen and how much it's expected to cost. and new pressure to close one of the bay area's largest homeless encampments. why agency in charge of airplane safety is charge of airplane safety is getting involved. when a truck hit my car, charge of airplane safety is gthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> pressure is mounting for more action to be taken in connection with what may be the bay area's largest homeless camp in san jose and the sprawling camp near the airport has ruffled the feathers of the federal aviation administration which says. >> airport funding might be in jeopardy if the camp is not cleared sooner rather than later. prefers rob fladeboe brings us up to date on this story. >> the hundreds of people camping here beneath the flight path in san jose are being put at risk. so says the federal aviation administration citing noise in his latest communication in demanding the city step up action to clear the camp.
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>> which is grown to more than 200 people since the beginning of the pandemic. the faa is dissatisfied with the progress so far in dismantling the 40 acre camp. in a statement to kron 4 news. the faa said, quote. >> airports that receive federal funds must ensure airport property is used for its intended purpose. >> the city of san jose designated the area as incompatible for holmes due to noise impacts. >> the f a a provided roughly 97 million dollars for noise mitigation and approach project in the vicinity of sjc further federal funding of airport projects may be withheld until the camp is cleared. the city has undertaken a gradual approach with the goal of clearing the camp by next spring. the faa wants it done sooner, but that is easier said than done. say advocates for the homeless like sean card. right. when you clear one camp like one large camp. >> and the jungle is the prime example. you clear one camp
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and then you create all these other scattered camps because not that one large camp moves and mask to another large camp. they just move in, create a bunch of smaller camps. the vacant land bordered by west hedding street coleman avenue and taylor street. >> was set aside as a buffer zone should aircraft have trouble landing and taking off. now just below people are camped here with tents trucks and our he's lining the streets aside from the noise and suspect air quality is the planes fly overhead. there are implications related to the relaxing of guidelines about sweeping camps. >> amid the easing of the pandemic. the eye house people in. camps as well as shelters are the least vaccinated group of people right now phone calls and emails to both city hall and the airport were not immediately returned, but the city has reportedly told the it needs more time to develop a strategy for clearing the camp is san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> recent data shows a record
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increase in legal handgun sales in california in 2020 during a virtual press conference state attorney general rob bonta discussed newly released data that in 2020 handgun sales in the state increased 65% over the year before the sales of long guns increased about 50% during that time. bonta is calling on californians to use the state's red flag laws dealing with gun violence and domestic violence. restraining orders which require the person who is the subject of an order to give up their firearms within 24 to 48 hours of the order. he says they can be a proactive tool to help prevent gun violence here in the state. >> this is not about taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. this is about a wife who hears her husband repeatedly threatened to kill himself or others or about the employee whose co-worker makes comments about violent retribution against other colleagues. it's about paying
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attention. i loved ones and the people we work and go to school with and making a decision that could they not only that person's life but the lives of others as well. >> a as urging californians to obtain a restraining order if they know a gun owner that exhibits behavior suggesting that they may harm themselves or others. >> in the east bay freemont police are investigating a hit and run that seriously injured a 69 year-old man. police say the crash happened about 1030, last night at the intersection of dust are very way and peralta boulevard. that is where officers found a man lying in the roadway preliminary investigations revealed that the man was pushing a cart full of recyclables and personal items when he was hit by a car. the driver fled the scene. the man is being treated at a local trauma center. >> a live look outside right now san francisco's embarcadero. yeah. it is a beautiful day here in the bay kind of windy. but it getting
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active in the tropics. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow with us now. seeing some action out there. yes, seems like every day now we're talking about a new tropical storm in this one. this is just put itself together here now. so we're still early in the season, but. >> here we go. got things going on now. watch this storm begins to put itself together. you see it kind of wrapping around here just beginning to form a line of thunderstorms and now starting really get going this is l so this is now a tropical storm system. sustained winds of 45 miles per hour moving west northwest at 28 miles an hour. that is moving at a very, very rapid rate. you can martinique saint lucia also barbados grenada they're also under watches and for tropical storm force winds headed their way. the latest track. watch this passes right through straight to barbados, possibly near haiti and then right across cuba in. there you go. as we get into next week. maybe by next tuesday we
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could be talking about a tropical storm, maybe a hurricane knockwng on the door near florida by the beginning of next week. so we'll keep our eyes on that as that storm system gets closer, they're going change the forecast track outside this evening. we've got some patchy fog moving in. you see the breeze in the trees out there as well. looking over san francisco and the transamerica building looks like we've got to change the weather coming our way, but just subtle changes the next couple of days. i think tomorrow going to be a warm day in la, but maybe the numbers come down a degree or so instead of a mid 80's. see your back down to about 84 degrees. in cochran. so pretty close to mid 80's there 70's around the bay and plan on some 60's and some fog at the coast. thank you, lawrence. the delta variant is getting closer to becoming the dominant strain of covid here in the u.s. it's now been detected. >> in all 50 states, including washington, d c south dakota was the last state to report the variant this week, the variant currently makes up about 20% of all cases in the country. doctor anthony fauci says that communities with low vaccination numbers could see
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a spike in cases. >> the parents are being asked to take extra precautions as the delta variant continues to spread federal health officials say parents should encourage kids to keep wearing masks. that's because it is still unknown how the delta variant affects younger populations. the cdc says it is important for families to be fully vaccinated around children. everybody is eligible to get the vaccine that is and this is especially true for kids under the age of 12 since they cannot receive the covid vaccine. >> still ahead, new details from a recall candidates policy proposals here. caitlyn jenner's vision for the future of california. >> and from fireworks to fleet week, san francisco is opening back up more and more, which summer and fall events are on the books again.
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>> we're >> coming back and san francisco, some of the city's most popular summer and fall events are returning now after having to be canceled last year because of covid prince charles clifford has some details. here in san francisco, the pandemic is easing and city officials are working very hard to try to attract. >> tourists and visitors back to the city now. what's new today is that the exploratorium right behind me there on the embarcadero pier 15 is reopened its very popular with kids and families and tourists. it is back open. you can go inside there and
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also this weekend on 4th of july. the city will host its annual 4th of july fireworks display off a pier. 39 that's 4th of july evening. sunday didn't happen last year, but it is happening this year. and also the really big news today. >> is that fleet week is going to happen here in san francisco. that will be october 3rd through 11th. the navy's blue angels will return along the parade of ships and all the usual stuff. >> that comes with fleet week now cheerleading all of this is san francisco mayor london breed tourism is very big here in san francisco bringing in billions of dollars every year is very important to the city. >> to try to attract people back as we come out of this pandemic. we celebrate our resilience to survive yet another situation that could have knocked us down. it set us back just a tad bit. and as a result of that, we're coming back stronger. >> now. another popular san francisco traction that we know will be returning soon or the cable cars. they are set to start some testing and
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training with the cable car operators in july. some test runs in august and then regular services set to resume in september. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> another way to commute in the bay area is by water san francisco bay ferry relaunching its service today with more schedules and lower fares. there's also a new terminal in alameda. it allows or direct trip between alameda and the city instead of stopping in oakland on the way. >> still to come, new details for the upcoming recall election when you'll be asked to head to the polls and how many hundreds of millions of dollars. this thing is costing the state. plus president biden visiting that site of the building collapse in florida. it's full week now since it fell the latest on the efforts to recover victims from the rubble and did you get a shot. well, now if you did, you might also have a trip. the is winning big in the latest vaccine incentive giveaway where the winners are
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>> our top story tonight at 5.30, mark your calendars. governor gavin newsom's recall election date is set fish alina. now for september 14, random election date, but it is a unique circumstance. kron four's ashley zavala explains what led to today's announcement and she has the reaction now coming in. >> lieutenant governor i


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