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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 1, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> our top story tonight at 5.30, mark your calendars. governor gavin newsom's recall election date is set fish alina. now for september 14, random election date, but it is a unique circumstance. kron four's ashley zavala explains what led to today's announcement and she has the reaction now coming in. >> lieutenant governor eleni
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kounalakis making governor gavin newsom's recall election date official. it's set for september 14th lockett's released a statement thursday saying, quote, although the window of time from which i could select a date was narrow. i believe we've chosen a fair and reasonable date for this election to take place. it's always been my intention to choose an election day that gives election officials and the public ample time to ensure a smooth election with broad participation september 14th is the day local elections officials pointed to as the earliest possible date. they could handle noting because this will be an all vote by mail election ballots need to be printed and sent meanwhile, polling places need to be set up and staffed lock us is announcement is the end of a domino effect that began thursday morning. the department of finance finalized its cost analysis of the election at 276 million dollars. total hours later, the secretary of state certified the election in handed the baton off to the governor. this with timeline was made possible by the legislature that passed a rule this week to help speed up the process, allowing lawmakers to
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skip it typically required 30 day review of the election. newsom's republican opponents like kevin faulkner and john are already released statement saying they're ready made a stop in sacramento thursday. i'm ready to go. >> i think people will see what's going and it will backfire on him. >> and that was our ashley zavala reporting for us tonight. one of the republican candidates running in the recall election of governor newsome made stop by the state capitol in his first trip to sacramento this year. john, if you remember, he brought up live bear this time. as you can see behind me there a big ball of trash. here's his explanation for today's prop. >> just garbage. everywhere. this is the last of all of the problem. you know, cities have been turned in the trash piles start this. >> lost the 2018 gubernatorial election to governor newsome alongside the ball of trash he
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promises to solve california's homelessness problem fellows have been a candidate, caitlyn jenner sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with inside california politics, which of course is a weekly kron 4 program. >> yeah. she been fending off criticism that she's not offering enough detail on some of her policy proposals. kron four's catherine heenan is here with us. i was some details the 71 year-old republican really has been having some trouble getting her message across to voters inside california politics asked her about the new state budget sent to governor newsome this weekend. here's part of that conversation. >> i have had meetings on the budget. and that would more be determined. i mean, it's a very large budget. 260 million dollars. but is there anything in that the jumps out at you that that you say no, i don't agree with that. number one thing that's killing the state is taxes and regulations. that would be my focus. but there's nothing in nothing in the
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budget that you've checked id to that. that was just on place where yes, i just i saw it i have not gone into it. deeply just kind a overview looked at it. but the bigger problem is regulations. but but you're you're running to be the governor of a state of 40 million people and the world's 5th largest economy. and you're saying that you haven't looked and i have tail at the budget. i have been working so hard. i have had i started this campaign about 2 months ago and i haven't stopped working. i would put together a committee to go through every regulations that we have in this state because they're killing us. evaluate every regulation. see if it's worth it or not get rid of that. you haven't done that yourself yet. i have had meetings on that, but i haven't personally. yes, gone through you're you're the one running for governor. i i'm not going to sit there for 3 years and read all the
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regulations i to meeting the other day on labor regulations and the book in 2021 with us 3,000 pages long of small print. >> jenner will be kicking off a bus tour next month to attract more attention and polls suggest that she needs it with only 6% of voters in a recent poll saying they are willing to support her grant. >> thank you, catherine. and you can catch the full interview with caitlyn jenner. this weekend on inside california politics. the show runs every saturday and sunday here on kron 4 saturdays at 06:30pm and sundays at 6.30 in the morning. >> in a 6 to 3 opinion today. the supreme court struck down california's that requirement for charities and nonprofits to disclose the names of their top donors, conservative and liberal groups opposed california's law and the supreme court agreed with california's requirement violated donors first amendment right. >> these are organizations that are operating the public
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domain. there are actually advocating for public policy and in some cases actually certain us. >> michael cohen, ceo of cohen research group says that this case now opens the door for other lawsuits to directly challenge campaign finance laws. >> if you work in san francisco, your pay grade may just have gone up the city of san francisco announcing today. it has raise the minimum wage should is now set at $6.32 per hour. the news comes after unemployment in san francisco fell from 13% last year to 5% this year currently california's minimum wage stands between $1314 an hour depending on the workplace federal minimum wage is $7 and $0.25 an hour. it has remained unchanged since 2000, 9. whether time as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge it has
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remained unchanged since we first met was at 10 after 5. socked right. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here couldn't be happier. yeah. all that fog. that is good news that's going to suppress the fire danger. he was on the meteorologist online from the talk about that but not everywhere you get in spots away from the coastline. >> you know, get the effect of all that fog. but they you get away forecast planning out your holiday weekend the boss friday headed out of town. you'll find some of that fog in the monterey bay 64 degrees. moderate about 69 inslee. the 70 carmel valley. >> southern california enjoying some sunshine 74 degrees in long beach about 81 in los angeles. a 91 getting hot in pasadena. all right. word to the wise. if you head of the high country be extra careful, beautiful up there. but we've had a round of thunderstorms will be back again for tomorrow. expect some lightning strike developing around 2 33 o'clock in the afternoon and last until about 7. so pretty active in the afternoon. still the temperatures 87 degrees in truckee about 82 in south lake
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95 and hot in reno. so yeah, you get around the state looks like it'll be pretty nice. watch out for the thunderstorms. the high country don't have to worry about that here. temperatures running a little bit below the average tomorrow 80's in the lots of 70's inside the bay and the wonderful fog and 60's out the coast. thank you, out the coast. thank you, lawrence. coming up, a deadly northwest. >> how many lives officials fear could be lost. >> planning to visit yosemite sometime soon you better make plans now, why space could be very limited this summer. and you could be a winner. new vaccine incentive drawings today. find out which bay area counties have a winner.
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>> or looking people here in the bay area about to take their family and friends on a dream vacation for free and it's all because they got their covid-19 vaccine less than half hour ago, the california officials drew winners for 6 vacation packages is some of the most popular spots in the state, including disneyland. barry winners are in san mateo contra costa alameda and san francisco counties. the other 2 winners live in orange county and santa cruz county. all the vacation packages. they are paid for by the state winners. also get to 1000 bucks in mad money. >> the need for masks is once again more in focus. is that delta variant continues to spread the world health organization and los angeles county. warns that even
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vaccinated americans should wear masks indoors. but the president's chief medical adviser and bay area. doctors are sticking to the current cdc recommendations. >> you have a high degree for protection. so you need not wear a mask either indoor or outdoor. >> that's if you're fully vaccinated fauci says local health officials like those in l a county can make different recommendations depending on there situation in their communities if they like. but he says he stands by the protection that comes with the vaccine. >> search efforts continuing in south florida as president biden visits the site of the deadly condo collapse has
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>> rescue efforts have now resumed at the site of the collapsed building in surfside, florida, after being halted earlier today due to instability concerns rescuers stop work this morning went on site engineers identified that one column on the part of the building that still standing. it had shifted and the cracks were expanding right now more than a 140 people are still missing. 18 people are confirmed dead. president biden and first lady jill biden travel to surfside today to visit the scene of that deadly collapse. kron four's reshad hudson joins us live now from washington with more on the president's visit was shot. >> what did mister biden have to say. >> good evening. grand vicki
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president biden in florida today announced that the federal government, we'll cover the cost of 100% due to that. a search and rescue effort for the first 30 days. >> the whole nation is reporting with these families. they see every day on television. going through. >> one week after the devastating building collapse in surfside, florida. president biden and first lady jill biden met with survivors and first responders. >> she doing here is incredible. >> during a briefing with florida governor ron desantis and local leaders. the president pledged the full response from the federal government. >> that's why we decided to cover. for example, 100%. the search and rescue costs for the first 3 days. governor desantis praised the federal government for its cooperation in assisting with we've had no bureaucracy descent us as first responders will also need help in the weeks to come for anything mental health support for some of the folks have been in that rubble in
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miami, dade county mayor daniella cava says they are working around the clock to get answers for families impacted by the collapse. we are going to be examining every inch of this catastrophe. with the full might of the government to do so. >> the white house believes an investigation is needed to determine how to improve structures and prevent future catastrophic failures late this afternoon. the president and first lady visited a surfside wall of hope and memorial near the collapsed condominium. >> search efforts were paul's today due to fears that the of the building could collapse reporting in washington rashad hudson back to you. can't rush shot. how exactly does the federal government plan on assisting in the search effort. >> the president announced that fema sending a team of 500 people down to florida to help relieve some of the crews on the ground when it comes to those search and rescue
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efforts. he also announced that fema will provide temporary housing for those who need it. >> all right. kron four's reshad hudson live for us tonight in washington. reshad, thank you for that. the record high temperatures and washington, oregon and even into canada are now being blamed as the probable cause for hundreds of deaths. so far. officials in oregon and washington state say at least 80 combined deaths are linked to the hot weather and medical crews in the canadian province of british columbia are investigating close to 500 potential heat related deaths. the preliminary cause of death. this hyperthermia when the body gets so hot, it cannot cool itself off anymore. health officials are crediting cooling centers and outreach for saving lives. >> california, the combination of heat and drought like conditions have officials on alert as several fires are burning cross the state. the lava fire burning in siskiyou county. it has so far burned. nearly 20,000 acres and it continues to force thousands of people to evacuate and that
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fire is only 19% contained. firefighters are battling the flames from the air and on the ground. they say a steep end rocky terrain. it's making their battle very challenging as well as limited water resources where that fire is burning and that was a live look right there at the smoke from that fire. we're looking. >> at a holiday weekend. it knocking on the door. and i just. >> hope that more fires don't start in the fireworks. don't start more fires. yeah. yeah. what we were hoping for is not getting a major heat wave before all day. looks like that is going to hold true. we've got that fog out there. it's bringing a lot of drizzle along the coastline. fact. we'll show you a model that showed a whole lot of his love for the beaches. but that fog sweeping on shore today and again, keep your numbers cooler. co side 60's in the san francisco oakland 70's 79 degrees in san jose. you have some temperatures running in the 80's in livermore caulker. but you see a below normal. >> around most of the bay area
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outside right now. 80 degrees still a little more. why at 57 and foggy in pacifica at 0. 68 in oakland, 71 in the napa valley and 73 degrees in petaluma. that big dome of high pressure that record breaker continues to slowly churn its way northward. these don't move very quickly what these get set up in this type of little may go pattern. so we've got that area of low pressure just tories. that's going to kick back some more thunderstorms across the sierra nevada. well, we've got that cool fog. now that is moving along the coastline more that all the way. we're going to see plenty of fog. you see even 7 northwest are seeing the fog creep on shore in a place like portland that had those blistering hot record temperatures sierra nevada continue to see thunderstorms there. and again, if you head up there this weekend. be prepared likely going to see plenty of thunderstorms up there as well. but tonight it's all about the fog again in the bay area that fog is going to surge well inland into the valleys. maybe all the way to the central valley overnight tonight and then slowly break way toward the coastline. but
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leaving behind a whole lot of moisture. fact. watch. this is a preset model showing the amount of precipitation we make. have this one's forecasting almost a 10th of an inch of precipitation. the form of drizzle along the coastline. but even a few 100 says you make yourself around the rest, the bay area, too. so looks like a damp night ahead. that's good news is fire. fire suppression, maybe not as far be able to see the fireworks this weekend. i think that's probably something that we'd like to have any way, guys. we like to 5. we need the fog. we're in a drought. all right. thanks, lourdes. well, no matter where you are on the for us no matter what's the weather kron 4 has you covered. we'll be bringing you. >> celebrations live from across the bay area and throughout california, we have the best views of the fireworks from san francisco concord n and in san diego join us for kron four's, july 4th live this sunday and 09:00pm. >> and it out to you 70, you might want to your tri
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summer. >> while conditions are improving covid-19 is still with us. not only will the reservation system help everyone keep their social distance from people outside their group. it will also help you decide what opportunities you'll want to take advantage of ahead of time. so there's really something for this is why trip planning is key. take time to connect with your family. find out what activities for families interested in be prepared to do a lot of walking the shuttle service inside yosemite valley this year has been suspended due to covid-19 it is just so beautiful. and i think. >> everybody he's in once in lifetime should come in this. if you send after flying across the country for several hours. a kansas city family couldn't believe this national treasure is only a short drive away for people living in the golden state. >> i do think it's amazing for all the california and that this is in their backyard and it really is amazing national
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park. >> now, if you want to catch the waterfall such as this one yosemite falls behind me. you better make a reservations quick. the waterfalls are at their peak by the end of july. they start to run dry. reuben contreras destination, california. >> if you scan this qr code with your phone. it will take you to our destination. california section on our website. kron 4 dot com. you will find several stories on really fun things to do across the entire state all summer long. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us this hour. keep it here, though. a lot more ahead tonight on kron 4 news at 6 pam moore and ken wayne are here with a look ahead. grant and vicki, thank you both so much. coming up at 6 o'clock tonight, the 4th of july quickly approaching and is going to be a big one here in the bay area. the local city. that's taking no chances with they are all illegal, even the ones labeled safe and say plus the cost filling up just went up even more. and tow fees are also up for one bay area bridge. take a look at what is more expensive today.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at
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>> now it's 6. the booming of illegal fireworks becoming too common sight and sound in the city of san francisco and other cities around the bay area as we approach the 4th of july holiday. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. i pale more. san francisco is getting set to host his first official fireworks show since the pandemic four's, maureen kelly talked sfpd and police are warning the public that all other fireworks outside the official show. >> our illegal in the city. even the ones called safe and say. >> this is video of an illegal fireworks display going off the patrol hill. it's been a semi regular occurrence for the past month, even more so as we get closer to the 4th of july holiday. the booming of the explosives. scaring pets and concerning some residents, especially as this is happening in a densely packed neighborhood not far from the dry grasses of the star king


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