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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 1, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> now it's 6. the booming of illegal fireworks becoming too common sight and sound in the city of san francisco and other cities around the bay area as we approach the 4th of july holiday. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. i pale more. san francisco is getting set to host his first official fireworks show since the pandemic four's, maureen kelly talked sfpd and police are warning the public that all other fireworks outside the official show. >> our illegal in the city. even the ones called safe and say. >> this is video of an illegal fireworks display going off the patrol hill. it's been a semi regular occurrence for the past month, even more so as we get closer to the 4th of july holiday. the booming of the explosives. scaring pets and concerning some residents, especially as this is happening in a densely packed neighborhood not far from the dry grasses of the star king open-space sfpd public
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information officer robert says they're doing the best they can to respond to these types of calls for service we will respond to those incidents where a caller can provide the exact location. >> and the actual observation of a person lighting or discharging those fireworks. if it's just a mere complaint of noise. we will respond to the area. however, if you want to speed up our response. we will need information such as a description of a suspect and the exact location of where the fireworks are being laid off and even though safe and sane fireworks are being sold in some bay area cities. even those are off-limits with in san francisco city limits. we know that safe and sane fireworks or burn at a temperature. that's hot enough to melt gold. and so in hands of a child that can certainly cause injury that can certainly light up other areas
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like dry grass and that can spread to structures and can cause millions of dollars worth of damage. but for the first time since the pandemic, the city will be holding its own perfectly legal fireworks display down by the waterfront. but a reminder treasure island should stay off the list of vantage points to watch the official fireworks display. >> because of the ongoing construction there, which is causing parking and access to the island to be extremely limited. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> cal fire announced that it has seized nearly 80,000 pounds of illegal fireworks throughout the months of may and june calfire law enforcement personnel conducted targeted large sees mitt operations along the california border. in addition to the 80,000 pounds of illegal fireworks discovered police also issued more than 200 citations for dangerous fireworks and additional violations. cal fire says this is a preemptive operation to limit the amount of thought of
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wildfires starting from the use of illegal fireworks. we are still a few days away from the 4th of july but injuries related fireworks already on the rise across the country. >> those injuries can range from minor ones that can be cared for at home to more severe life threatening and life altering injuries that require hospitalizations, according to a report by the u.s. consumer product safety commission non occupational firework deaths have doubled in the last year and there are fears that this year the numbers will increase even more. >> so there are going to say fireworks. >> we really recommend people, you know, enjoy fireworks from professional. exhibitions and not trying to have their own fireworks shows. >> the doctors says she has seen patients lose fingers and even their vision. >> oakland is also getting ready for the holiday weekend. oakland. it's implementing temporary safety measures and shutting down grizzly peak boulevard to cars. the closure starts at 05:00am on july 4
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than it was for 24 hours. the road will be closed between skyline boulevard and centennial drive. if you happen to be in the area electronics eyes at personnel will be on hand to help you navigate kron four's. dan thorn is covering this story for us tonight and he's going to have more doing a primetime newscast starting at 9. the m. and this reminder kron 4 and kron on. we'll bring you the fireworks celebrations live from across the bay area and california. we will have the best views in san francisco conquered and san diego join us for cloud forced to live for us live this sunday night at 09:00pm. >> another big story we're following tonight, pacific gas and electric wants to raise customer rates to 2 to 5% a year for 4 years. the company says it is all about reducing the wildfire risk. but this increase could amount to hundreds of dollars for customers. kron four's dan kerman is live in san francisco tonight with more on that end. well advocates for
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ratepayers seem to be against this at least some of those that we've spoken with as well as those impacted by wildfires that pg and e has been held. >> responsible for. pg. e is proposing to raise rates. 5% 4 years in a row beginning in 2023. >> this mind boggling increase if the flap and the face to millions residents were just trying to make ends meet. >> mark toney with turn the utility reform network says this will cost customers more than $400 more a year. >> you cannot solve the problem simply by throwing money at the problem. you have to be able to spend the money. you have in the most cost-efficient matter and we don't see that happening right now. >> pg and e would not go on camera but in a news release indicated the increase is to further reduce wildfire risk and deliver safe, reliable and clean energy service. the
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proposal calls for and are grounding of power lines, removing trees that could strike power lines and updating technology to pinpoint down power lines within minutes. >> i suggest that they put forward this proposal after wildfire season and based on their performance during wildfire season. we should consider whether they've made improvements. >> well, abrams lost his home in the 2017 tubbs fire. he says any talk of a rate increase. most include specifics, not generalities about what pg e is going to do to reduce wildfire risk. we need to make sure that the trimming occurs in the right way. >> not just the number of trees. others say a rate hike could be legitimate to underground utilities. >> but not to pay for vegetation management that should have been done years ago. >> that would be not a legitimate request to raise money for the type of work such as tree trimming that they should have done years ago. in fact, that they charge repairs 4 years ago.
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>> these rate hike proposals are just that proposals at this point. they still have to be approved by the california public utilities commission. before that happens, there will be a series of hearings where the public will be able to comment live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news, thank you, dan. today is the first of the month. july first in a number of new laws and tax hikes are now in effect. yes, they are. those hikes apply to several bay area, cities and counties. our grant lodes joins us now to break it down for another thing coming out of our we never pay and here we go. a lot of different. >> tax increases. a lot of people talking about the gas tax because so expensive already. >> these days. it is going up 6 tense of a cent bringing the tax to 51.1 cents per gallon. that is the gas tax. it is the highest in the country back in 2017 lawmakers passed senate bill one allowing for taxes at
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the pump to go up annually by pennies to pay for road and bridge repairs. the gas tax combined with an annual vehicle fee that was part of that legislation. a combined to expected to generate more than 5 billion dollars a year for this state. the expensive gas gets more expensive and in the bay area. according to triple a the average for a gallon of regular here in oakland for 35 in san jose. 4.34 in sandra fell. it's 4.43 in san francisco pricey as of today, tulsa, the golden gate bridge went out. that's now $8 and $0.5. if you use fast track and that's the cheapest. it was 7.70, just yesterday drivers to zip through the toll plaza without fast track. but who have an account and credit card on file and pay as they go can expect a bill for $8 and $0.60. a trip. it was $0.20 cheaper yesterday. and if you don't have an account, lots of out of towners fall into this category toll
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invoices went from 8.70, a trip up to $9.5 sets the toll hikes were approved in 2019. they're part of a 5 year program that officials there say will help maintain the bridge and sustained bus transit and ferry services. meanwhile, in the east bay alameda, residents and businesses will pay 3.1% more for the pick up of garbage. recyclables compostable ce. this comes after an agreement between the city and the provider. for most people, the rate increase will amount to the dollar and $0.8 to a dollar and $0.37. more on their monthly bill sales tax in certain cities and counties also went up today. this applies to all retail sales of goods and merchandise except those that are specifically exempted by law. here's a breakdown of where some of the increases are coming and by how much alameda county will see a one percent rate increase, meanwhile, sales taxes in san francisco, san mateo and santa clara counties
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are all going up by less than one percent and a lot of changes are happening around the bay area and the state we've touched on some of them. the crowd for has you covered with everything you need to know on our website right now. we have a full breakdown of the new increases and by how much they're increasing for the full list. you can check out individual city tax hikes. just use the camera on your phone. hold it up to this qr code scattered. it will take you right to kron 4 dot com ken pam, for now back to you. all right. thank you very much. grant now to our 4 zone forecast as we show you the fog hanging over the city right now. yes, it is. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with a look at what to expect and the force taking his right through the holidays. yeah, it looks like more of that fog is on the way. we'll see plenty of clouds out there again tonight, more drizzle likely around the bay area, especially near the coastline. but you probably can see couple batches. >> of drizzle even inside the bay. very wet up toward the beaches this morning. they had between 300 600 us inch of
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drizzle out there that's coming down pretty heavily enough to make some puddles out there near the coastline. golden gate bridge filling up with some fog right now as headed out about the temperatures today as you might expect, cooler up toward the beaches with the fog 65 degrees in san francisco. 72 in oakland, 78 degrees in san jose 83 degrees in livermore warm but below the average 83 in concord and 79 in santa rosa. they're low clouds and fog. very latest satellite image. you see socked in along the coastline right now started to move inside the golden gate. more of that to come overnight tonight as we've seen the fog really along the entire western half the u.s. as the clouds moving in here. also up into portland seattle where they have those blistering hot temperatures. other get some nice cool fog moving in there and some storms up in the sierra nevada this holiday weekend. we've got some more fog on the way. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. back to you guys. thank you, lawrence. coming up on kron 4 news at 6 gubernatorial candidate caitlyn jenner gives inside
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california politics an exclusive one-on-one interview. why her comments on homelessness are raising some eyebrows. mark calendars, governor newsom's recall election date is now set when voters will likely see those ballots in the mail and an investigation underway in the north bay after a woman and a young child or shot. last night. the latest on their conditions and the search for conditions and the search for the suspect. at worksman cycles, conditions and the search for the suspect. we've been building bikes for a hundred years. but our customers' needs have changed, so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® .
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>> a 30 year-old woman and an 8 year-old girl are in critical condition after they were shot in the la overnight kron 4 sleep reports. the incident happened in front of a church. >> it's devastating. it really is ready blair in shock to see the evangelist temple fellowship center in vallejo, riddled with bullet it's where she exchanged her wedding bow. now it's associated with the double shooting of a 30 year-old woman and 8 year-old girl is all this could soon be going on in vallejo period is heartbreaking grew up in we were born and raised here. police responded to the 800 block of sonoma boulevard at around 1045. wednesday night and found the wounded victims neighbor. marco sandoval says he heard 2 sets of gunshots before officers arrived thinking at first. the loud noises were fireworks a lower sewn soon to likable. my you
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could clearly up, up, up, up, up, up in the second of the 2 nations. sandoval says prior to the shooting. his surveillance camera. >> captured what he believes was the suspect's car speeding down the roadway and turning back around to track down and fire at the victims in their car. >> give me a little each will feel a woman and the child really hope police chief shawny williams says the shooting followed another about 2 hours earlier in town which resulted in the murder of a man at this time. he says it's unclear if the 2 incidents are related motives also still under investigation, but he believes the woman and the child or family members. we should all be outraged. >> to see. i'm a father. and when you have a 8 year-old victim that's a victim of gun violence it's it's a tragedy. chief. william says both the woman and child are in critical condition, adding that the child has been stabilized.
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>> williams says gun violence is a public health crisis sharing his department has seen a 23% increase in the number of guns being taken off the streets in vallejo phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> recent data show a record increase in legal handgun sales in california in 2020 during a virtual news conference. state attorney general rob bonta discuss newly released data showing in 2020 handgun sale sales in the state. increased 65% from the year before the sales of long guns, rifles and shotguns increased about 50% during that time. aunt is calling on californians to use the state's red flag laws dealing with gun violence and domestic violence. restraining orders which require the person who was subject of the order to give up their farms within 24 to 48 hours of that order. he says they can be a proactive tool to try to help prevent gun violence in the state. >> this is not about taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. this is about a wife
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who hears her husband repeatedly threatened to kill himself or others or about the employee whose co-worker makes comments about violent retribution against other colleagues. it's about paying attention. i loved ones and the people we work and go to school with and making a decision that could they not only that person's life but the lives of others as well. >> the attorney general urges californians to obtain that restraining order. if they know a gun owner that exhibits behavior suggesting they may harm themselves or others. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters. and tonight we have a date for the recall election against democratic governor gavin newsome. it is september 14th. the date was set by lieutenant governor eleni kounalakis after election officials certified that enough valid petition signatures had been turned into qualified the election for the ballot. actually the fallout has the latest.
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>> governor gavin newsom's campaign quickly came out to say they look forward to voters rejecting this recall. meanwhile, his opponents say they're ready. >> lieutenant governor eleni kounalakis making governor gavin newsom's recall election date official. it's set for september 14th lockett's released a statement thursday saying, quote, although the window of time from which i could select a date was narrow. i believe we've chosen a fair and reasonable date for this election to take place. it's always been my intention to choose an election day that gives election officials and the public ample time to ensure a smooth election with broad participation september 14th is the day local elections officials pointed to as the earliest possible date. they could handle noting because this will be an all vote by mail election ballots need to be printed and sent meanwhile, polling places need to be set up and staffed lock us is announcement is the end of a domino effect that began thursday morning. the department of finance finalized its cost analysis of the election at 276 million dollars. total hours later, the secretary of state certified the election in
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handed the baton off to the governor. this with timeline was made possible by the legislature that pastor ruled this week to help speed up the process. allowing lawmakers to skip it typically required 30 day review of the election. newsom's republican opponents like kevin faulkner and john are already released statement saying they're ready made a stop in sacramento thursday. i'm ready to go. >> i think people will see what's going and it will backfire on him. >> now it's off to the races for candidates hoping to replace newsome. they have about 2 weeks to file official paperwork to run. meanwhile, voters will see those ballots sometime in august. but exactly one is to be determined at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> gubernatorial candidate caitlyn jenner is talking about california's homeless crisis. see set down with this week for an exclusive one-on-one interview with inside california politics. well, moyes catherine heenan is here with details on that the 71 year-old republican has not managed to gain much
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traction in the recall race. one recent poll says only 6% of voters are willing to support her. a frequent criticism. she has not detailed or fully thought through. >> her policy proposals. here's part of the conversation with inside california politics when she was asked about homelessness. >> just the other day i went to venice beach just this kind of see my bike drove down there rode my bike down. we have to clean those places up. we have to provide some place for those people took out whether it's an open field out someplace or if you've noticed at veterans there's these big open feels a lot of places there. we have to be able to get them off or it's just not fair. finish. specious destroyed. so you suggesting that those people would camp in some of these open so. >> we're going to find some place if they're going to be campaign, they can't >> they're destroying venice
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beach. they're just trying all the businesses down there. they don't need to be there. the crime rate is going up. it was just another murder. i think it was yesterday. another murder and it's mostly homeless on homeless murders. we have. we can't have that in our streets. we have to clean that up. but also we have to provide. >> here's a place where you can go. where fort maybe we can find some open land. this is where you can pitch your tent. not right down there in the center so that businesses can you know, open up. people who go enjoy our wonderful southern california now. >> jenner has raised eyebrows for those comments suggesting homeless people be moved to open feels you can catch the full interview with caitlyn jenner this weekend on inside california politics. the show runs every saturday and sunday on kron 4 saturday, 06:30pm, sunday. 6.30 in the morning. pam and ken. >> thank you very much, catherine. now to our 4 zone
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forecast as we show you a very foggy golden gate bridge. foresee meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by. he's looking at our weather, of course, but also some tropical storm activity. yeah, another day, another storm. here we go. this one could affect the united states. we get into early next week. still got a ways to go. but it's just beginning to put itself together. you can see the storm system winding around just a series of thunderstorms and all the sudden it begins to organize right there. so right now that's the very latest. this is elsa sustained winds now. 45 miles an hour making it a tropical storm. it is moving very, very rapidly. it's headed west northwest at 28 miles per hour. that is really scooting across the watch the latest track here. you can see barbados. you see grenada. you see there currently tropical storm warnings right now on the track takes it right across there, possibly getting near cuba as we head in toward sunday by the evening hours you see the cayman islands and then maybe moving right across near havana and then getting off the coastline of florida
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by tuesday with sustained winds of 60 miles per hour. that is well out in the forecast. that certainly concern possibly getting close to tropical storm strength, maybe even hurricane strength as we get in the beginning of this next week. so we'll be watching that right now things are all quiet around the bay area. we've got the fog, low clouds kind of streaming back on shore again, i think that may bring down the temperatures just a little bit again for tomorrow afternoon will still be warm inland. you'll find mid 80's there. some sunshine and some of the valley's lot of 70's inside the bay. then as you get along the coastline that fog is going to hug the coast and probably a very damp start your morning 2 is you're going to see a lot of that drizzle overnight again into early tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to continue stay rather mild for this time of year as we head into the 4th of july weekend. we've got more fog on the way and fairly cool right about the average, but a lot of fog out toward the coast. thank you, lawrence. big news from the city of san francisco. a number of waterfront activities are returning this year, including. year, including. >> fleet week. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema,
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if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. >> some of san francisco's most popular summer and fall events are after being canceled last year because of covid as of today, the exploratorium at pier 15 is now open. and we also learned that fleet week is returning this year. the dates are set for october. the 3rd through the 11th, the navy blue angels will return along with the parade of ships and all of the usual fleet week activities cheerleading. all of this. of course, the san francisco mayor london breed. >> as we come out of this
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pandemic. we celebrate our resilience to survive yet another situation that could have knocked us down. it set us back just a tad bit. and as a result of that, we're coming back stronger. >> another san francisco attraction that will return soon. the cable cars. they are set for test runs in july. and august. full-service is slated to resume in september. >> coming up next on kron 4 news at 6, a bay area city is getting a wage increase and a bay area lawmaker. now on the january 6 investigation committee in washington. but first, president biden traveled to florida today to meet with first responders and families of the victims so families of the victims so week after that deadly when a truck hit my car, families of the victims so wthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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