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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 1, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news, heavy. >> nowadays. it's probably not a surprise. but with the reopenings we are seeing a rise in covid infections, health officials citing 2 main reasons, adding that one of them could easily taken care of. >> it's devastating. if you really is. >> the north bay community hurting tonight after another senseless shooting leaves 2 people including an 8 year-old fighting for their lives. >> we always expect the unexpected. was not expecting taylor swift. >> plus an alameda county
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sheriff's sergeant under investigation tonight after he is caught on camera appearing to play a taylor swift song to interfere with the video recorder. >> good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore in the 2 weeks since the state fully reopen. there has been a noticeable rise in covid cases. let's take a look back. according to the california department of public health back on june. first there were less than 1200 new cases reported when the state reopen fully on the 15th. there are fewer than a 1000 cases. a week later that number rose to 1100. and yesterday the final day of the month and 2 weeks after the reopening that number has jumped to nearly 1700 cases. that spike is also being felt here in the bay area. health officials say it is largely the unvaccinated population testing positive while the delta variant is mostly to blame for michelle kingston has more. >> i think as as we continue
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to reopen cases of covid-19 increasing somewhat many counties across the state of california are seeing a rise in covid-19 cases, several bay area counties have seen an increase since the reopening of the state, including san francisco and alameda county officials there say with more businesses and activities open and more people socializing with other households. these increases are not unexpected and reinforce the urgent need to continue vaccinating and for continued masking among unvaccinated residents in indoor public settings and outdoor crowded spaces. covid-19 is still circulating in our communities and i'm vaccinated residents are susceptible to severe illness hospitalization in death. >> if you're unvaccinated to need to be careful. you need to wear masks. you need to appoint indoor crowds. you need to avoid situations in which there might be transmission because there's nothing. there. if you're unvaccinated there's nothing new, it's just that there are fewer people who are
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susceptible. but if you congregate vaccinate people congregate together. there's nothing to say that we can't have that kind of super spreader events that we had last year. >> doctor grant colfax the director of health for the city and county of san francisco says it's the delta variant that is concerning especially heading into the holiday weekend with the delta, which is basically covid on steroids. >> this is not a good time in san francisco. even with our high vaccine rates to not be vaccinated. it's hard to predict the future. but i would say that i think it's a combination of more activating and this delta variant. it's about accounts for about 30% of that we have examples. right now it's doubling. every 2 weeks. so i would expect to continue to see cases increased michelle kingston kron 4 news the need for masks is again in focus as the delta variant continues to spread
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rapidly the world health organization and los angeles county, one that even vaccinated americans should still wear masks indoors. >> but doctor anthony fauci, the president's chief medical adviser is sticking to the current cdc recommendation that says that is not necessary. doctor fauci says local health officials can make different recommendations depending on the situation in their various communities. but he says by the protection that comes with a vaccine. >> with back to school. now just a month away from any school districts in the states. the california department of public health is encouraging families to make a plan to get students vaccinated the agency says since the vaccination process takes about 5 weeks to reach immunity, families and schools. it start in mid august or early september should begin the vaccination process as soon as possible. so they are covid safe before the first day of school. other news tonight a 30 year-old woman and an 8 year-old girl are in critical condition after 2 of them were shot in that happened in front of a church last night around 1045.
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the police chief says he believes the 2 are family members. he along with members of the evangelist temple fellowship say the city has been plagued by gun violence. >> it's devastating. really is all this could soon be going on and period is heartbreaking grew up in we were born and raised here. >> well, police chief shawny williams says this shooting followed another about 2 hours earlier in the city which resulted in the murder of a man at this time. he says it's unclear if the 2 incidents are related motives are also still under investigation. the woman and the child right now are in critical condition. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating after a sergeant is believed to have interfered with a video recording of at all to interaction. >> in the video. the officer says that he is playing a taylor swift song to prevent the video from being uploaded to youtube. >> he believed that play the song would cause a copyright issue. for some and harry is
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live after talking with the sheriff's office about what's next. and and anxious to hear what this is really all about. >> yeah. the sergeant i spoke to wanted to emphasize that this kind of behavior is not something they ever told anyone with the sheriff's department or sheriff's office to ever do i just checked on youtube website that video now has 67,000 views. it was just published today and that number just keeps going up. >> we always expect the unexpected. i was not expecting taylor swift the anti-police terror project has had many interactions with law nforcement but nothing like this really but will dirt. you can see in the video published to youtube the policy director ptp james talking with the sergeant. the group is outside the alameda courthouse in oakland. listen to the pretrial hearing of san leandro police officer jason
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fletcher. >> fletcher is accused of wrongfully shooting and killing steven taylor, a man that was having a mental health crisis at walmart. the sergeant asked the group to move their banners hurts said they did. but the sergeant came back unfortunately was not the end of that and less than a minute later, the officers came back and told us that banners couldn't be on the stairs while burch is trying to talk with the sergeant. you can see him pull out his phone start playing music and then put the phone in his shirt. one of our fundamentals of our job is to protect free speech to protect the right to protest. and i think that is not a good look at this video for us sergeant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office says people are allowed to video their interactions with law enforcement like this group did. the sheriff's office is investigating the incident supervisors will be going to all shift briefings. let everyone know what they see in this video. >> can not be done that this is not our practice not something that we do and this is not part of any type of
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subculture law enforcement to do this. the sergeant shows his name tag to the camera it says the shelby. he also says to the camera that he's playing the music so the video is not posted to of. this is a one-time issue and will not be a problem >> i asked the group what they hoped would come of making this all public. they say they hope that more people will be aware about steven taylor's death. that's why they were even there in the first place. live. amanda hari kron 4 and so did the sheriff's office give you any indication of something will happen to the sergeant because of this. >> they tell me that this is going to be handled internally ultimately will be up to the sheriff's decide what happens this specific sergeant. but the sergeant i spoke to doesn't believe it will result in administrative leave. >> all and harry reporting live. thank you. >> a national guard aircraft assisting ground crews today in battling the lava fire in siskiyou county near mount
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shasta aerial video released by the california national guard shows fire retardant lines. you see there in red allowed firefighters to build a perimeter around the blaze so far the wildfires burned almost 20,000 acres and is 25% contained pg wants to raise customer rates to the tune about 5% a year for 4 years. the company says it's all about reducing wildfire risk. but the increase could amount to hundreds of dollars for your typical customer. kron four's dan kerman explains. >> pacific gas and electric is proposing to raise rates. 5% in 2023 and then another 5% in each of the 3 subsequent years absolutely. outrageous. >> that pg and me is asking for a record breaking. >> increase. martone is with turn the utility reform network. >> pg and me. >> is asking for.
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>> for years increase. not just one year and each year the increase gets bigger and bigger so that by the time we're in 2026, the 4th year of the increse people will be paying over $650 more per year. >> pg and e would not go on camera but in a news release indicated the increase is to further reduce wildfire risk and deliver safe. reliable and clean energy service. the proposal calls for and are grounding of power lines, removing trees that could strike power lines and updating technology to pinpoint down power lines within minutes when they start getting through wildfire season without burning down communities. they come back and talk to us about reading increases. will abrams lost his home in the 2017 tubbs fire. he says any talk of a rate increase must come after this fire season and it must include specifics not generalities about what pg e
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is going to do to reduce wildfire risk. >> we need to make sure that every dollar that pg gets. he's took tied to a very specific metric in safety performance and the new wildfire safety division needs to be put in a position to go out there and verify that. >> now this rate hike is hardly a done deal. it has to be approved by the california public utilities commission. and before that happens, there will be a series of hearings where the public will get to comment in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news meanwhile, pg and e is pledging to its investors. the future will get, quote, easier and brighter. >> those words pledge to shareholders by the utilities 5th ceo in just 3 years. but after filing for bankruptcy for the second time in less than 20 years. the nation's largest utility is still facing very familiar and disturbing problems pg and e is still fighting charges connected to the 2019 kincade
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fire. meantime, state regulators and a federal judge have both chest eyes peas in a breaking promises to reduce the dangers posed by trees near power lines and most of the roughly 70,000 victims of pg and e's misty's still awaiting payment of a 13 and a half billion dollar trust. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 8, 10's of thousands of illegal fireworks confiscated hundreds of citations. cal fire says it's not messing around when it comes to illegal fireworks this season. what you need to know to avoid a run-in with the law. a major bay area transit system sparking a social media kerfuffle. what that means for oakland a's fans wanted to watch the to the person to mount a. >> plus for bay area received the covid vaccine of just one. a dream vacation. >> we have the backs for the win. details. >> and fog is flowing on shore again. lot of drizzle in parts of the bay area. we'll te
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>> almost 80,000 pounds of illegal fireworks have been confiscated by cal fire. the agency says throughout the months of may and june cal fire law enforcement personnel conducted targeted marge and operations along the california border. in addition to the 80,000 pounds of illegal fireworks uncovered police also issued more than 200 citations for dangerous fireworks and additional
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violations. cal fire dmc operation as a preemptive measure to limit the amount of wildfires starting from the use of illegal fireworks a san francisco is getting set to host its first official fireworks show since the pandemic. >> however, officials say those illegal fireworks displays are becoming all too common and seems like they're everywhere. kron four's. maureen kelly talked to san francisco police and they are warning the public that all other fireworks outside of the official show are illegal in the city, even those that are labeled safe and sane. this is video of an illegal fireworks display going off the patrol hill. it's been a semi regular occurrence for the past month. >> even more so as we get closer to the 4th of july holiday. the booming of the explosives. scaring pets and concerning some residents, especially as this is happening in a densely packed neighborhood not far from the dry grasses of the star king open-space sfpd public information officer robert says they're doing the best they can to respond to these types of calls for service we
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will respond to those incidents where a caller can provide the exact location. >> and the actual observation of a person lighting or discharging those fireworks. if it's just a mere complaint of noise. we will respond to the area. however, if you want to speed up our response. we will need information such as a description of a suspect and the exact location of where the fireworks are being laid off and even though safe and sane fireworks are being sold in some bay area cities. even those are off-limits with in san francisco city limits. we know that safe and sane fireworks or burn at a temperature. that's hot enough to melt gold. and so in hands of a child that can certainly cause injury that can certainly light up other areas like dry grass and that can spread to structures and can
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cause millions of dollars worth of damage. but for the first time since the pandemic, the city will be holding its own perfectly legal fireworks display down by the waterfront. but a reminder treasure island should stay off the list of vantage points to watch the official fireworks display. >> because of the ongoing construction there, which is causing parking and access to the island to be extremely limited. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> to these fay now where the few continues between the oakland a's and bart the a's just stop selling tickets for tomorrow's game because there's no bar service expected the social media feud started last night. bart said it won't be running late night trains from the oakland coliseum to accommodate tomorrow night's postgame fireworks show the agency cited staffing shortages saying they simply don't have enough employees to keep all 50 stations open late for the fireworks. but a's president dave campbell called out bart on twitter pointing out that bartram trains for the san francisco giants fireworks
8:19 pm
show. he also tweeted, quote, we should not receive lower service levels here in the east bay. the a's announced the suspension of ticket sales with this statement but also added fans who already bought tickets and plan to stay for the postgame fireworks show are encouraged to purchase a parking pass before arriving at the coliseum. >> well, let's check on our 4 zone forecast. this is a live look out at walnut creek and there's interstate interstate 6.80, and boy, look at health or as the hills sun is setting in the foreground. and >> looks like a people be heading out to the games in oakland. what's the weather to be like. yeah, it looks like it will be a nice evening for the game. hope for pitchers duel so they get done early and get on the bar before being. >> kind of goes away. but looks like a weather wise. the weather should cooperate. probably starting out mostly clear in the first part of the game. it will be breezy out there. so you want to grab a jacket if you're headed out to the park and yeah, those temperatures going to be a little bit cool as we head
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through the night as well. the clouds going to start to creep in. as you head toward lot of part of the innings game time. first pitch 6.40, if you head out to the game. all right. we've got a lot of this coming on shore right now. look at the fog. you see the bridge, the golden gate, the towers they're disappearing in that fog right now. we're getting ready for an on shore flow. a lot of clouds and drizzle out kind of rolling in along the - coastline all day long. keep things pretty damp up toward the beaches of numerous thunderstorms up over the sierra nevada. once again. we'll see that play out over the next couple days and over all day as well. temperatures right now. still warm in concord at 7368 live more 57 cool. the fog into san francisco on 60 right now. oakland low clouds and fog going stretch back on shore tonight and you'll see a lot of drizzle again along the coastline varied and maybe enough that we could see some puddles tomorrow morning when you wake up. so maybe a little slick for the roads. if you're commuting early on tomorrow, temperature wise numbers. not bad. you'll see these numbers probably a little bit below the average 80's inland. a lot of 60's and 70's around the bay and then some 60's along
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the coastline. but head of the holiday weekend. probably good news. we've got a lot of clouds. lot of fog coming our way keep the fire danger down just a little bit coach side. anyway. so i thank you. 4 lucky people in the bay area are about to take their family and friends on a dream vacation for free. >> it's all because they got their covid shot. california officials drew winners for 6 vacation packages today to some of the most popular spots in the state, including disneyland bay area winners are in san mateo contra, costa alameda and san francisco counties. all of the vacation packages are paid for by the state. winter is also get $2000 spending money. >> still ahead tonight at a pressure mounting on south bay officials to speed up the shutdown of one of the bay area's largest homeless
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>> the city of san jose has started dismantling one of the bay area's largest homeless camps. it is and that a san jose international airport and now is kron four's. rob fladeboe reports that kim take down is not happening fast enough for the f a a. >> the hundreds of people camping here beneath the flight path in san jose are being put at risk. so says the federal aviation administration citing noise in his latest communication in demanding the city step up action to clear the camp. >> which has grown to more than 200 people since the beginning of the pandemic. the
8:25 pm
faa is dissatisfied with the progress so far in dismantling the 40 acre camp. in a statement to kron 4 news. the faa said, quote. >> airports that receive federal funds must ensure airport property is used for its intended purpose. >> the city of san jose designated the area as incompatible for holmes due to noise impacts. >> the f a a provided roughly 97 million dollars for noise mitigation and approach project in the vicinity of sjc further federal funding of airport projects may be withheld until the camp is cleared. the city has undertaken a gradual approach with the goal of clearing the camp by next spring. the faa wants it done sooner, but that is easier said than done. say advocates for the homeless like sean card. right. when you clear one camp like one large camp. >> and the jungle is the prime example. you clear one camp and then you create all these other scattered camps because not that one large camp moves and mask to another large
8:26 pm
camp. they just move in, create a bunch of smaller camps. the vacant land bordered by west hedding street coleman avenue and taylor street. >> was set aside as a buffer zone should aircraft have trouble landing and taking off. now just below people are camped here with tents trucks and our he's lining the streets aside from the noise and suspect air quality is the planes fly overhead. there are implications related to the relaxing of guidelines about sweeping camps. >> amid the easing of the pandemic. the house people in. camps as well as shelters are the least vaccinated group of people right now. card, right for one would like to see a sanction camp on the airport site. >> but neither the city or the is likely to be on board with that. but the city has reportedly told the f a a it needs more time to find a solution in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> next. 2 dates. the date is set details on when the recall
8:27 pm
race will get under way and how much that election is going to cost taxpayers. plus the nation's top court making a major donor decision. what it means for california's campaign finance laws and the safety measures oakland is putting in place to get re tonig
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date for the recall election against democratic governor gavin newsome september 14th and it comes at a cost of
8:30 pm
276 million dollars. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has details on what to expect now. >> governor gavin newsom's campaign quickly came out to say they look forward to voters rejecting this recall. meanwhile, his opponents say they're ready. >> lieutenant governor eleni kounalakis making governor gavin newsom's recall election date official. it's set for september 14th lockett's released a statement thursday saying, quote, although the window of time from which i could select a date was narrow. i believe we've chosen a fair and reasonable date for this election to take place. it's always been my intention to choose an election day that gives election officials and the public ample time to ensure a smooth election with broad participation september 14th is the day local elections officials pointed to as the earliest possible date. they could handle noting because this will be an all vote by mail election ballots need to be printed and sent meanwhile, polling places need to be set up and staffed lock us is announcement is the end of a domino effect that began thursday morning. the
8:31 pm
department of finance finalized its cost analysis of the election at 276 million dollars. total hours later, the secretary of state certified the election in handed the baton off to the governor. this with timeline was made possible by the legislature that pastor ruled this week to help speed up the process. allowing lawmakers to skip it typically required 30 day review of the election. newsom's republican opponents like kevin faulkner and john are already released statement saying they're ready made a stop in sacramento thursday. i'm ready to go. >> i think people will see what's going and it will backfire on him. >> now it's off to the races for candidates hoping to replace newsome. they have about 2 weeks to file official paperwork to run. meanwhile, voters will see those ballots sometime in august. but exactly one is to be determined at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 meantime, the candidate caitlyn jenner is talking about california's homeless crisis as she hopes to pick up steam in the recall race. a
8:32 pm
recent poll showed only 6% of voters support her right now. >> she sat down this week for an exclusive one-on-one interview with inside california politics. >> just the other day i went to venice beach just this kind of see my bike drove down there rode my bike down. we have to clean those places up. we have to provide some place for those people took out whether it's an open field out someplace or if you've noticed at veterans there's these big open feels lot of places there. we have to be able to get them offers just not fair. finish species destroyed. so you suggesting that those people would camp in some of these open so. >> we're going to find some place if they're going to be campaign, they can't they're destroying venice beach. they're just trying all the businesses down there. they don't need to be there. the crime raty is going up. it was just another murder. i think it was yesterday. another
8:33 pm
murder and it's mostly homeless on homeless murders. >> center has raised some eyebrows for some of those comments suggesting that homeless people be moved to the open field. you can catch the entire interview with caitlyn jenner this weekend on inside california politics, the sovereign's every saturday and sunday right here on kron 4 saturdays at 06:30pm sundays at 6.30, in the morning. >> in a 6 to 3 opinion today. the supreme court struck down california's requirement for charities and nonprofits to disclose the names of their top donors conservative and liberal groups opposed california's law and supreme court agreed california's requirement violated donors. first amendment rights. these are. >> organizations that are operating the public domain. there are actually advocating for public policy and in some cases actually certain and it's. >> michael cohen, ceo of cohen
8:34 pm
research group says this case now opens the door for other lawsuits to directly challenge campaign finance laws. >> in the east bay oakland getting ready for the holiday weekend. the city is implementing temporary safety measures as shutting down grizzly peak boulevard to cause the closure starts at 05:00am on sunday and runs for 24 hours. the road will be closed between skyline, boulevard and centennial jive. if you happen to be in that area. there will be electronic signs and personnel to help you navigate the area kron four's, dan thorn. we'll have more details on this coming up on kron 4 news tonight at 9 o'clock and the big fireworks shows are 4 and kron on. we'll bring you the celebrations live from all across the bay area and california will have the best views of the fireworks in san francisco conquered and san diego join us for kron four's, july 4th love this sunday at 09:00pm starting today tolls. the golden gate bridge have increased. here's a live look
8:35 pm
at the bridge and barely see the towers in the fog will now cost you $8.5. >> to cross into san francisco if use fast track it was $7.70, before the toll hike was approved in 2019 as part of a five-year program that will help maintain the bridge and sustained bus transit and ferry services. all right. we want to check our 4 zone forecast looking out like dan says you can't really see the frisson of all the get a discount. can pending on how much the bridge you can see him make said there you they would be a lot of fog out there right now and you're going to see plenty of that. i think the next couple days that fog really kind of moving into san francisco along the coastline. stretching inside the bay. now. >> and here comes that drizzle. it's going to be very damp in place, especially along the coastline. the computer models are picking up on that moisture. look at that. almost a 10th of an inch of drizzle along the coastline and a half moon bay very damp in the on tara. get a daily city even inside the bay. the models trying to paint at
8:36 pm
least some light drizzle in other parts, too. so pretty damp out there early on tomorrow morning and then giving way to some sunshine inland so that patchy fog lingering in san francisco put on some 60's there now toward the coastline. about 6, 7 degrees with some sunshine in millbrae. but breezy in the afternoon, 74 in redwood city. the south bay some 70's and some 80's. and in the east bay where we've had some of those temperatures much warmer going to hang out the mid 80's for tomorrow afternoon about 7 in oakland and san leandro 78 in benicia and then back toward the coastline that fog kind of hugging the coast temperatures there in the 50's instance, a beach about 74 in san anselmo. still warm 82 degrees in petaluma next few taking us into the holiday weekend. more low clouds and fog looks like to play right through the weekend. it's going to plan the fireworks forecast on sunday marine they're probably coming in at about 700 to 800 feet. so, yeah, it looks like it will be along the golden gate and into the bay about fireworks time. guys, back to you. >> thank you, lauren. still ahead tonight, at 8, the president and the first lady visiting south florida today
8:37 pm
to pay their respects to the victims of that condominium collapse. the president says the federal government will help in the recovery efforts. >> plus to a powerful blast shaking a southern california neighborhood. details on what neighborhood. details on what went wrong i i was hit by a car and needed help. neighborhood. details on what went wrong i i called the barnes firm. that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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the los angeles police department led to a major explosion leaving 17 people hurt cent of the victims were members of the police department. mark mester has the story. >> local and federal officials remain on scene in south los angeles investigating how the legal fireworks that nation to go. so horribly wrong. this was the post to be another controlled detonation. you might hear a small sound, maybe a little smoke. not the case this time. there was catastrophic failure of that containment unit. authorities first arrived yesterday morning to seize 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks that were transported here from out of state for resale. the bomb squad wanted to detonate them in this iron chamber with a vetting system because they said moving the explosives out of the area were too dangerous. authorities say fewer than 10 pounds of explosives were inside a piece of that chamber which weighed about one time ended up being sent a quarter mile from the
8:41 pm
blast site. least 12 homes here were and that about half a block here behind us. the explosion led to 17 injuries, including 10 lapd officers ktla photographer is among those still recovering. now. many asking why an act initially intended to protect people injuring so many. there's a criminal investigation that we still have to do, but an administrative mitigation internally to determine what exactly happened here. again, that was mark mester reporting from los angeles is suspected owner of those fireworks has been arrested. >> as for the injured police officers, all but one of them have been released from the hospital. one is still being monitored next. today, gunshots and suspicious garbage bags leading police to an illegal grow. house. details on the major bust in the east bay in sports. this type the starters, rather for major league baseball all-star game around 10. one familiar face is back. >> representing the bay area areas for stretche on the penins
8:42 pm
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8:44 pm
city man is behind bars for suspicion of possession of child san mateo county sheriff's office says 25 year-old moises goes was arrested after they found. >> numerous photographs of child. his brother and his girlfriend were also arrested for allegedly trying to hide or destroy evidence of the case. >> the sheriff's office received a tip from the silicon valley internet crimes
8:45 pm
against children task force. that was back in october and that's when they launched the investigation. anyone with additional information is asked to call police in the east bay union city police officers say they found an illegal marijuana grow inside a warehouse after responding to a report of a commercial burglary. >> this was uncovered on tuesday. we're looking at close to 6,000 plants in various stages of growth. a security guard said he'd heard gunshots and he saw 8 men coming out of the warehouse carrying garbage bags. investigators estimated the value of the recovered plants as being between 7 11 million dollars. investigation is ongoing. one of the convicted zebra killers in san francisco has died. officials say 76 year-old jessie lee cook's was in san francisco in 1976 to serve life with the
8:46 pm
possibility of parole for first-degree murder. >> kidnapping and first-degree robbery. he was convicted with 3 other men following a string of killings in san francisco back in 1973 74 all 4 were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. >> the whole nation is reporting with these families. they see every day on television. they're going through. >> president biden in the first lady travel to surfside, florida today meeting with survivors and first responders on the scene of that deadly condo collapse during a briefing with governor ron desantis and local leaders. president pledged the federal government will cover a 100% of the costs related to rescue efforts. those search efforts have been paused over fears the remainder of the structure could collapse, but they were resumed again later in the day. meanwhile, rescue effort was underway in washington, dc today after a building under construction there collapsed dc fire and ems shared video of emergency workers on the scene this afternoon. several
8:47 pm
workers. several workers rather were rescued according to the agency, several people were taken to hospital, but all of them are expected to be okay. in other national news now the trump organization and its longtime finance. she each pleaded not guilty today to tax crimes charges. those charges stem from a 2 year investigation into former president trump's company. according to the indictment unveiled today from 2005 through this year. cfo allen weisselberg and the company allegedly cheated new york state and city out of taxes by conspiring to pay senior executives off the books. >> in a statement today the trump organization defended weisselberg, the former president is not expected to be charged in this case, south bay congresswoman zoe lofgren is one of 8 lawmakers who have been selected to be in charge of investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. >> house speaker nancy pelosi proposed the committee after
8:48 pm
senate republicans objected to a bipartisan commission to investigate the riot. the house approved the panel and members met for the first time this afternoon for an informal discussion. representative lofgren says she's honored to serve on the committee. she released a statement that reads in part, the fact that there were deficiencies in the management of the capitol police did not cause the insurrection, the select committee will investigate the causes and circumstances leading up to the events of that day. the american people deserve answers to these questions and plans to protect our institutions. speaker pelosi appointed representative bennie thompson of mississippi as a committee chair, other him point appointees include california congressman adam schiff and republican congresswoman liz cheney of wyoming. she had representative kinzinger of illinois were the only 2 republicans who voted in favor of forming that committee. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk.
8:49 pm
>> the a's have been slumping and 2. on the organization just announced they have stopped selling tickets for the much awaited fireworks game this weekend against the red sox. they placed blame on bart for not having service past 10:00pm a whole lot of twitter drama. you might want to check it out online. but in the meantime, let's go to the coliseum. kids, enjoying some treats look like some chicken fingers made fun. take on start to top of the 5th. the rangers up by 2, one on for joey gallo and. joey gallo goes the other way to 2 run shot extend the lead to 4 top of the a low gives the rangers to war with another 2 run shot. texas. just piling it on fall 8 to 3. host the red sox tomorrow after the game. thanks camp that that's what on that. when you john, tell me mike ahlers up. let's hear
8:50 pm
from bob melvin after the game. tough one for days. i'm sorry. i'm all over the place. this coat s francisco buster posey has been named an all-star starter this is the 5th time posey will start in the all-star game. he's been to 7 of them. this year's game is in denver on july 13th. it was supposed to be in atlanta. but it was moved due to georgia's voter suppression laws. good for buster. but talks game 5 of the eastern conference finals. trae young and yonnis were ruled out with injuries. so the stanford product he stepped up grew up in fresno. there is brooke lopez catches the alley oop from drew out day. 33 points. 7 boards for blocks for lopez 4th quarter bucks up 15 khris middleton. nice little cherry on top 2613 for middleton bucks win one 23 1.12. they take a 3, 2 series lead in
8:51 pm
game 6. back in atlanta on saturday night a couple of red in gold greats are being recognized wide receiver john taylor and linebacker patrick willis. they are the newest members of the forty-niners hall of fame taylor the 3 time super bowl champ with san francisco. he caught the game winning touchdown pass in super bowl 23 it played for the niners from 86 to 95. meanwhile, willis. he retired after 8 seasons, he was the 2007 defensive rookie of the year. the 6 time all pro 7 time. pro bowler today, both of them talked about what joining vaunted group. means to the both of them. >> can't explain to be on its own. just to be associated. or like you said, be put in that category with those players. probably won't see again all the way into and >> everything. but, you know, i'm just truly and grateful to. >> you know, get that
8:52 pm
>> you know, >> great stuff there. patrick willis. i just remember watching him play growing up. he was intimidating 9. i'm watching through my screen and i'm the guys that the run, patrick willis. he's one of those borderline cases. he might make the real hall of fame. one day he had such a tremendous career and john taylor made some amazing catches career. so you something to both of them. well, 49 hall of fame. they've had so many good players just like walking through the giants are losing right now to the diamondbacks, 5 to 3. hopefully they can make a run. his top. and a 3rd innings certainly hope so. yeah, i thank you, jason. coming fireworks the fleet week. >> there are more reopenings in the city by the bay.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> show you a live look a very fun and educational attraction in the city. the exploratorium reopens today. this comes as some of city's most popular summer and fall events return after along shut down due to covid dam. mayor london breed. of course, helping celebrate the big accomplishment with the reopenings kron 4 shells. clifford shows us. >> well here in san francisco, the pandemic is easing and city officials are working very hard to try to attract tourists and visitors back to the city now. what's new today is that the exploratorium right behind me there on the embarcadero pier 15 is
8:56 pm
reopened its very popular with kids and families and tourists. it is back open. you can go inside there and also this weekend on 4th of july. the city will host its annual 4th of july fireworks display off a pier. 39 that's 4th of july evening. sunday didn't happen last year, but it is happening this year. and also the really big news today. >> is that fleet week is going to happen here in san francisco. that will be october 3rd through 11th. the navy's blue angels will return along the parade of ships and all the usual stuff. >> that comes with fleet week now cheerleading all of this is san francisco mayor london breed tourism is very big here in san francisco bringing in billions of dollars every year is very important to the city. >> to try to attract people back as we come out of this pandemic. we celebrate our resilience to survive yet another situation that could have knocked us down. it set us back. just a tad bit. and as a result of that, we're coming back stronger.
8:57 pm
>> now. another popular san francisco traction that we know will be returning soon or the cable cars. they are set to start some testing and training with the cable car operators in july. some test runs in august and then regular services set to resume in september. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. you know what they call those navy skydivers flatly week. >> leapfrogs this cullman very maybe like is yes. and you're in a course, victim. couple wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. but our primetime coverage, of course, continues at the top of the hour with grant lodes and vicki liviakis who are you like guys, money and then they pay back with interest or something. there's a long story behind was in the navy and he did the same thing we'll get into it some other starting cast or something. >> all right. >> thanks, ken. thanks, pam. here's what we're working on
8:58 pm
for 9. if you want to head up to say grizzly peak for the of july. great vantage point there for you might need to make some new plans. why police are shutting down the popular lookout spot and the south bay health official is urging parents to sign up. they're teenagers. >> for vaccines so that they're fully protected. once school starts in the fall. >> how many eligible students have yet to be vaccinated. those stories and much more. it was legal, by the way, to lend the money. com
8:59 pm
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